Sunday, 29 August 2010


I don’t know why but I have the funny feeling that the next big one will be a return to stasis.

Unlike the last one which was a massive war of manoeuvre designed to introduce, post bellum, the logistics needed to move massive numbers of people around the planet. Not troopers, get that, people, families.

Specifically into the West.

Look at all the fuel that was consumed as millions of tonnes of weaponry steamed, burned and banged its way across the planet. Look at all the millions of troopers deployed. Look at all the dead people reduced to pulp and ashes. All by manoeuvre.


The predatory fat boys and girls sitting in great big “built environment” sheds in the Nevada desert, near the gangster town, are laying back directing death onto unsuspecting persons going about their lawful business.

No one moves apart from the robots. And the dead, jerking their 30mm way down the highway in graduated bits.

So why do I think there will be no movement.

As I’ve said before the lethality space is universal now. No longer can it be contained and jarred. No longer can non combatants be slaughtered without combatant loss. No longer can combatants decide the level of lethality enforced on the opposition. No longer can innocents be protected. All space is now lethal to all. Where can one flee when the robo-fleas are swarming?

Therefore I reckon that the burger and Dr Pepper fans reclining in their Eazeeboys deep in Nevada will have to be secreted in sterile wafer fab standard facilities when the next big one kicks off.



To clear the land and commit the living into mega cities protected by scalar shields.


Go on, who could use a scalar shield right here, right now in the holy desert?