Monday, 23 August 2010

Boring Part 12 of ?


Here is the great man again.

And what a century it was.

All the dead people everywhere, except. Where?

More souls are alive now than have ever been, more to die now than ever was, but that is for another day.

As you’ve no doubt noticed there is little action at my shops. That is for two reasons. I’m visiting chinas to keep my mind stilled. And I’ve got to try and make some sense for those who read "Is your tea oot? Part one.", at the other shop.

As you know I’ve also taken to walking a great deal.

I strolled up to a good, in fact very important to me, family’s home on request and invite, to chew the cud. I also got by accident one of my favourite treats. Large donner kebab, all relish, heavy on the chilli sauce and freedom to the beer chiller. Loverly.

As I wandered back from my mate’s place late this evening I gazed up, as is my want. And the fulled moon shone like a great phase conjugate mirror in the silky obsidian stilled night sky.

Aircraft striving their highway through the cool air.

Cars made their way down the secret short cut paralleling the Great North Road.

I gazed into the empty filled blackness.

My thoughts returned to a conversation I had with my pal, Tim the tube driver, on Sunday. In part of our wide ramblings, details yesterday, he remarked that the future seemed bright. That we would not fail. The knowledge is out now. I concurred, though I did wonder if our spirit needs refired and that the control of the bad guys being removed might mean annihilation, again.

Will all the great treasures of the past be gifted to us?


Can we remember?


Can we save our memory of what we can be?


We are and always will be.

As DL remarked today.

Yes DL we did it all before many, many years ago.

James Clerk Maxwell got no Nobel recognition, how could he? He got Heavysided. That is what Nobel is about, Heavysiding all human thought.

Ever wondered why?

E=what? Nobel muppet.

We are in charge. We are TPTB. All of us, no matter how many there are. The more the better.

That is what they hate. Us.

Bring it on. I cannot wait for the, at last, New World Order where we can create everything we love.

That kebab was loverly.