Sunday, 1 August 2010

Go on lads.

There is so much wrong with this shit I cannot be bothered.

USofA corp mind stun at its most gold plated and best.

Infested with traitors and spies selling off others know how.

Don't get too expectorant UKplc I've been watching Eurofighter for 30 years now. Just like you betrayed your bomber crews by fitting .303s you'll make sure these guys don't have a gun.

Gordon you rank internationalist traitor. These realTyphoons and the best of the lot( Go on I dare you) had 4 cannon you tight fisted, globalist vacuous sellout turncoat traitorous sleekity spinless stuckup fool couldn't get one cannon on board. However you could get millions of your fucktarded money burning mates into the country.

Just where were you born again? Scotland or Shitland?

T50 has the look if you now what I mean.

That starved and spare but feral stare.