Friday, 20 August 2010

Heading home

Went to visit a china last evening, he and his family are off to the sunshine, sand and sea. So it was the last chance before school starts again to get some gaming time in. Nazi Death Zombie Uberwagen ParaFlakTurm 7 or something. Anyway it was just an excuse for his son to show the old gits how it should be done and for us two to have a good swalley.

One of the things that got me really intrigued was the level of detail in these games. Although the Yanks never got near a flakturm the detailing was incredible, just like The Bocage in another of these PC games. It got me to thinking that the remote warriors of the uninhabited battlefields are already trained and are aged even less than teens.

I did warn you that the fuckers are planning to put our children out to work again. Chimchimcheroo.

So after slaughtering god knows how many cans of the amber nectar and knocking off Nazi Zombies it was time to hit the highway.

Much later than the previous evening when I had a great curry and finally got to watch Hancock.

No this was after 1 am. It was gently drizzling, in fact even lighter, a mild precipitation. That last stroll had been mainly north to south. This one went essentially west to east and the funniest thought struck me.

There seems to be a structured darkness to the street lighting in Barnet. Now I know there is a selective cutting out of the street lighting planned/initiated in UKplc since we have been robbed. However this if you know where it is, Northiam/Southover, cutting over the Northern Line at Woodside Park and then up to the Great North road, is a wealthy part of UKplc. Yet there it was as I strolled home in the deep night. Individual street lights out in a pattern, deliberate?

What is going on? There is no shortage of guys to maintain the street furniture. Woodside Park Station was heaving with white hard hats and orange fluorovests as I trundled on over the tracks.