Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Navigators, salt of the earth.

Non sequitor?

I’m going to have some fun today because the future will be harder than we can imagine and the race can never be won. It is ours to lose though, make no mistake. Anyone awake will be targeted for unawake. No mistake.

Non sequitor, my arse!!!

I’m the black sheep though. I never Navvied but I have cut the peat and ditched. I spent one summer high in Argyll over Loch Fyne, never seeing the sun, cooling my Alloa ale in the pools of the burns, deep in the forest and the peat.

I’ve been so cold on Scottish moors that I had to wrap myself round the machine’s exhaust to get some heat. I know what hard work is and I know what drives the fools in the current. I know they fear a sweated brow.

So it is with great pleasure that I found the Navigators are hard at work, though with bigger wheel barrows, picks and shovels.

Come on the Navigators of Korea, Formosa and all points east. We know you are awake give us some feedback.

Bring it on.

Adam Cathcart

Michael Turton

The Sweet Potato

ROK Drop

The Western Confucian

Shu flies


And one of my very favourites.

Let's slip this one under the wire before Clinton's secret ChiComm police swaatch us.

We are all Navigators.

We all sweat.

We need you.

The fight is on.

Heads up.