Sunday, 15 August 2010

Ohh pkekk me......

I was going to leave it alone today but….

..although I am letting my thoughts foment, these beauties heaved into view.

Now I do not know why but I see this joining the cobra. It just fits some how.

And there is the strange hangerings . USS Bonne Homme Richard? WTF?

As usual my love of the turners and burners will not be quiet.

This big beauty is in development. What has that great mile long bomber hall in Texas that pumped out so much weaponry for shipment out to Uncle Joe and the ChiKai شيخ‎, got to offer.

It killed off its greatest achievement over 20 years ago. It is going back in time, seemingly. Like steam giving wind to sail.

It bought out the Corps. And moved the headquarters to Soetoros’ Alinskyist mobster zentral.

Just like we did in the 1960s. Anyone reading from either MiG or Su bureaus will know the irony, in that. I see our original work. TSR 2.

What is left to us? Flogging off the old stuff like F16, F15 and F18?

F15 1960s

F16 1960s

F18 the swollen steroid enhanced bastard of Jack Northrop’s 1950s vision. 50 fucking years of flogging shit. It is like the French Air force before 1940!!!

What is going on? Are we retarding?

The Darwinian dynamic requires de-humanization and that means this inhabited flying stuff is out the window in the wind. The real lethality space requires uninhabitation.

However uninhabitation has its own greater dangers for you and me and our children.

England for fucks sake get up. Rab? England you schooled the roost but never were allowed the whip hand, we saw to that, as did your innate decency.

Don’t chuckle brothers for the open flank has allowed a great danger to us all. How to square the circle of freedom and unity. I hope that everyone realizes that we are being forced into a great tumult.

Stop pissing on the English.

I think they are great. I love their bye ways and their deep dark green lanes. Their quiet ways.

Just like the Gael. I love the bleak deep green outlook.

It is the Floating City that poisons all our wells.

Finally some of the best music to get our ears round.


Heads up.