Sunday, 22 August 2010

Total Xenobollox Paradox

I yakked and Tibeted with an old china today, long time no speak.

And he introduced into our conversation, which ranged through tube strikes, air strikes, Fartjet and Easyflug, traitorous union leaders and complicit captains of industry, UKplc being taken out by the monotheist phekkwitz. The lazy current of the universe and the devious cunning of the perverse. All the dangers to humanities decent intercourse. To humanity’s peace.

Heathrow as a deer park. Fucking the queen. Ziggurats in the park.

Go on; check out control towers at airports.

He referenced ……

The untitled.

As he said, and I hope he is reading, “If I got out of my seat I could never get to the room’s doorway”.

Now this is one of the items that I’ve spotted since childhood as a great example of,

“Well fed, lazy bastard, inbred, workshy, too fucking smart for their own good fuckedwitz, unquote. Human beings, trenching fat fuckedwits being too lead for their own good. No wonder TPTB takes us down. Though we never give them a clue.

Zeno you muppet. What is your real handle? When I’ve got to the room doorway I could never get back into my seat. Fuckedwitz!!!!

Xind you I have no trouble getting to the fridge to pull another chilled Zube.

Now if you’ve stayed with that so far, you will get a flavour of what is to come at the other shop.

All the above resonant out farting has brought me to something I realised last evening.

Last evening I had a great time watching fart factor over at another friend’s place. Her daughter had come back from a week long weapons camp and we wanted to mark her very recent birthday by letting her have her way.

Her recollections of the great week reminded me of an old, old mukkha who spent his holidays tearing around the fast lanes of Pakistan in fast cars, and then pissing off the UKplc cops when he got back here. Forgetting the world is not his.

Speedboy spent time at weapons camp in Pak, went on pilgrimage to Sicily and Bosnia in his whites, on recon.

Now how do you spell that?

The rumble is going to have dead women in uniform everywhere…

Heads up.