Saturday, 7 August 2010

Pre-Disposition of Forces. Ante Bellum. Before the Wall.

King Sejong the Great class destroyer

What is the throw weight of a Zumwalt?


There is a divergence at work here. The planners in the peninsula and the archipelago put their platforms on steroids.

Have the ROK guys read the runes and got a blown in half corvette for their troubles?

The Europeans are expecting not to fight anything!!!! Go on launch a Chinese carrier killing ICBM at them and see what happens. In fact Vampire them and watch the floats.

The answer is of course to be found in Rothschild’s Corporate Enmity run out of Tel Aviv.

That is Fort Apache now.

And before you start anything about the stupid hair styled, fanny eye geared, couch caster child shagger in ritually starved Nothing Korea. A Rock/Roth trading outpost operating out of Pyong Yang.


He’s spawn of drug running Sassoon/Roth just like Mao’s fat Major General grandson, the youngest, fattest, faux Niall Forgotten (What’s your real handle?).

Holding carrier killing joint maneouvers in a fast food outlet, with a big bog, near you, fuckwitz. Most likely in an Ivy League Leaved stealth Madrassa.

I’ll bet they both have a chummy meeting at Davos soon.

Go on then which of the bitch boys is most compromised?