Monday, 2 August 2010

Assistance to whom?

As you know the UKplc cannot help but shovel loads a’ money at other countries. The DFID kindly shows us where the money we don’t actually have goes. So the needs of the countries named in these documents must be so dire that even a bankrupt Christian nation like good old UKplc reaches deep into usury and hands over the sponds to the poor guys lying in the mud and obvious death dealing squalor of the autochthonic regions of the world.

That has to be the case isn’t it? I mean if you heard that a family member was knee deep in the sucking swamp of misfortune, up to their neck in the oozing pestilence of the shit creek then even though you were stony broke you would send them every penny you could scrimp together. Yes?

So how do you explain this then? Trade accord with Egypt and Customs code main issues of Mercosur summit. From which this tasty morsel reveals itself. “As to the trade agreement with Egypt, that country’s Trade minister, Rachid Mohamed Rachid, on a Latinamerican tour said he was very optimistic about signing with Mercosur.”

Mmmmm Egypt what do I know about Egypt and this.

Looks like we ought to be slapping travel restrictions and sanctions on the muppets until they get themselves dragged into the 21st century. They shouldn’t be swanking all over the shop with stupid crypto names now should they?

At least I don’t see Egypt in the DFID info. Do I?

Where are you Germain et al and the evil entity known as Bernadine Dorhn? Oh yes one a GGT and youngspunk flying addicted professor the other a trouble stirring Chicago professor who was deep in the Sinai last year stirring the shit for the peace convoys earlier this year. All deep cover operatives. Why haven’t you got a mass burkha burning demo organized for Cairo in the middle of Ramadan then? Because you are all a bunch of fakes.

Then we have Lula da Silva/Mrs. Kirchner bilateral meeting following the summit.

As you know doubt have picked up from my scrabbling I’m watching the vast ceremonial site at Brasilia closely. Watching to see it flicker into life and assume its intended role of leadership in that part of the world. It will take about a century to get it sorted so 2050-2060 is the target date for Brasilia calling the shots. This meeting tells us that we are indeed on track. Having trashed the Argentineans ten years ago their front men will be synching the business plans. Assuring strategic commercial alignment. Their commie handlers working in the background will be ensuring Argentina remains mainly agricultural in order to feed the guys getting the tech feed. Go on then name me a soon to be mega civil aircraft manufacturing behemoth, go on. Where did the tech come from?

Damn I forgot one thing.

UKplc we are not a righteous and Christian nation, never have been, we are a lost nation lead by soulless Beelzebub worshipping shaman. We are lead by a sham Govt. of stooges and the money that we don’t have that we give away goes to their RICO gangster mates overseas. Our whole body politic and civil society is enslaved to the Pirate Ship operating out of St Catherine’s dock in the Floating City. They’d rather line the pockets of their criminal crypto buddies in far off eternally accursed shit holes than make the ordinary punters life here in the slave state a little more free or comfortable. What’s the point of keeping someone in UKplc fed and warm this winter, it is better to have a comfy oligarch’s bolt hole in Tierra del Fuego stocked and ready to visit at public expense anytime.

Damn I must remember that before I get on my high horse again.