Thursday 31 March 2011

Art School Interview

I understand that you would like a turn key position within My existence.

What are your credentials?

Show me your recent portfolio.

Chertianly, We present for Your delectation.

Millions and millions of odd fools.

More possed offal.

Removed and remembered by numbers.

Unhindered tolerance of unexistence.

Our most recent gallery of the best, finessed art.

Remember that the behavioral interview is based on the logic that past behavior predicts future behavior I that am I possesses.

Can you, canyou handle that?

our understated art work shall become world renowned.

“On Monday,Raed al-Batsh, 16, and his brother Mahmoud, eight, were killed along with 14-year-old Ahmed Sweisi by a missile that also killed two Palestinian militants on a crowded Gaza City street on Monday afternoon.The two brothers were helping out in their dad's welding shop when an Israeli missile slammed into an ice cream truck carrying Islamic Jihad gunmen.

The Israeli military confirmed the attack, saying the target was one of the dead men, Islamic Jihad operatives Munir Sukar andAshraf Shaluf who had carried out rocket attacks against Israel.

The Israeli military continued to shell areas of the Gaza Strip, and conducted twenty-nine incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank this week. Houses were raided and thirty-eight Palestinian civilians were arrested. At least one house was occupied by Israeli soldiers and turned into a military post.”

we love our menstrual art….and blooded, bloddied,sanguinous sassoon to be sooned unart. however we do not understand…our drugg…


we accept our doom.

To know the postman is to know that he always rings the bell twice.

Don’t get me wrong.

I cannot stand any of you sand shuffling donkey driving fools no matter how much unedited silence time you get against the raging tyde..

Any of you repetitive OCD’d muppets. On knees, off knees, steal, thieve. Wall wailing defrokeduckedwitz, bricklayingmuppets, concreted immured and unhinged gangrenous effluenties..All of you can burn in your own desired outcome.

You are all a great big distraction.

So fuck off and die all together in one great big sad heap with your various artistic impliments, secret signs, occulted phukkwittery and colours shuvved up your arses.



“Count Zero”

"They will"

A bit of Babelbolloxphish....

..."• we need to increase defense spending significantly if we are to carry out our global
responsibilities today and modernize our armed forces for the future;
• we need to strengthen our ties to democratic allies and to challenge regimes hostile to our interests and values;
• we need to promote the cause of political and economic freedom abroad;
• we need to accept responsibility for America's unique role in preserving and extending an international order friendly to our security, our prosperity, and our principles.
Such a Reaganite policy of military strength and moral clarity may not be fashionable today. But it is necessary if the United States is to build on the successes of this past century and to ensure our security and our greatness in the next.
Elliott Abrams Gary Bauer William J. Bennett Jeb Bush

Dick Cheney Eliot A. Cohen Midge Decter Paula Dobriansky Steve Forbes

Aaron Friedberg Francis Fukuyama Frank Gaffney Fred C. Ikle

Donald Kagan Zalmay Khalilzad I. Lewis Libby Norman Podhoretz

Dan Quayle Peter W. Rodman Stephen P. Rosen Henry S. Rowen

Donald Rumsfeld Vin Weber George Weigel Paul Wolfowitz

...and out of the piscene arse...."we come to destroy you and leave you destitute in the night. Again. Fools."

Tuesday 29 March 2011

2 tsp coriander seeds, 1 tsp cumin seeds, 1 tsp szechuan pepper corns, 1 tsp tumeric…

….ground and grind.

Proportions of lime, ginger, galangal, garlic, paprika and 10million candle power chillies I leave up to the individual beneficent.

Found myself welding together another curry round my mate's shop Sat. so not having seen her for a couple of weeks she kindly took upon herself the role of tortured martyr and listened to another round of right unhinged ranting.

Well I was invited, though I did drop strong hints, either way invite the nosferatu in and you get bitten. We started off on the so called working environment. She was supposed to have gone into zentral RCE/GGT for a bit of a protest Saturday but instead found herself dealing with criminaldamageauto. So no getting kettled for her. I remarked that it didn’t seem to be any use anyway since on the occassion of there being a really massive protest in 2003 the religioKriminalrats ignored us completely and slaughtered and toxified millions of Iraqis. Just as they’d planned all along. Sandbox shufflers already weakend by years and years of controlled no-fly zones and random missile impacts. It was all in the purest sense a load of bollox. BTW did you catch Wesley Clark talking about the Pentagon memo he’d seen in early 2001, with Iran the last on the list, of seven middle-east states to get trashed?

I decided to do my best Jack Welsh imitation. If you remember the crap that Zuboff, Handy, Porter et al and all the other spreadsheeet muppets came out with, that ensured the destruction of the west’s commercial intercourse. All the Savage, Johnson & Scholls, Hussein and Hussein from the business school curricula and required reading lists. All the shit from the NOAHide business warschools of utter specious species of worthless MBA verbiage. Then you will know that we are supposed to believe that the CEOs and assorted shipwreckers were told by the academics that their workforces were composed of massively creative individuals of boundless energy and unlimited vision and imagination outwith the work environment. Only when these paragons of humanity entered within the workhouse did they transmogrophy into convert, covert, all of a sudden zombies and automata.

We are supposed to believe that the assembled bigwiggage had a collective Damscene moment and did verily decree that from that moment fun and laughter and the unbinding of the creative spirit was hence forth to be promulagated throughout their industries, arts and sciences.

Yeah. Here’s a litle vignette of what I really think happened. Jack and the lads kept schtumm. They kept it PDQ. They buttoned their lips until the very next Bilderburger meeting and then the following most likely occurred.

GE Bod “Have you heard what those fucks in the foundation shitholes have unleashed?”

HSBC Bodette “Yeah, the clowns. Who do they think they are?”

Lockheed Lad “ They’ve gone native. Typical quackafemics. Too much dope and screwing.”

GE Bod “Well I’ve got a plan to 6 Sigma the lot up the ass. I’m not having any of my people, using my money, to feed their songbirds, research family lineages and amateur dramatics and then allowing them time to think dangerous thoughts using company money!”

Maoist Theologofisttrice “ No way are we going to let them wonder about why there are dead people everywhere. The creation of the number of dead directly proportional to the creation of fractional reserve currency”

Top Bilderberger. “Right time to make them idle and dead, or slaves. Get to it.”

GE Bod “Not 3 in a million will survive, I’ll 6 Sigma the lot”

Just as an aside here, I’ve briefly touched on this before, but have you noticed that no one in Iraq has manifested any symptom that C4 bum investigators, C5 crystal farters and GGT1 dietrycarbonconditioners could get their claws into to earn a buck and a half doing sod all? No one has camel’s milk intolerance, or unidentifiable rashes from fabric conditioner or alien abduction fabrications. They are too phucking dead to carp about that crap. Just saying. They also don’t seem overly burdened by the need to chop off their cock and balls or build new ones from their flaps. Just saying. It should be obvious by now that when the first LGTSBS BS transdimenstrual unisex monstered lesbian aquarian intolerant, butt welding derigiste, nonspecific targetted diversified, exclusive and marginalised analised Legion of the Damned wipe out millions of un-denormaliased-renormalised and caramelised souls using the latest robots of death tech., there will still be a claim that it was all in an as yet undetermined way institutionally biased towards some as yet unidentified, dedentured, untenured, insecure silicon based group of out of body experienced, boric acid blood grouped, necromincers. Though I think that is being a bit too specifically unspecifically inaccurately verified. Perhaps.

Either way you’ll get phukked over by the Dalekalectic.

Now that I got that off my chest on with the tale of my hammering together another curry whilst torturing my long suffering soul sister. She noticed a little while back that I’d gone quite quiet on the conspratorial bollox front roughly about the time of my first putting fingertip to keyboard all of two years ago out here on the rausphart. Once she’d noticed that she was doomed. For yours truly took it as an invite to bore her to death with the latest going on out here on the rausphart.

One of the things that always interests me about the coverage of the GGT when it comes to riots in London, a fine tradition, like pantos, staged every year in the capital for centuries, is that from the obligatory overhead camera shot of property, Santander (religioKriminalrat ratrun money launderer to the Nazis) in this case, getting its windows booted in. When you look closely a the melee what seems like 100 stormin’ looters and nutjobs is most likely 85 photo-opsters and 15 agent provocateurs actually putting into play what they’ve been rehearsing for months at a well secret base somewhere top secret that no one knows about, hush-hush and totally Area51’d like…..this.

You see, pun intended, the more I think about it ALL, the more obvious it becomes that the whole thing is a production. If you take a look at the number of war correspondents, camera men and assorted memory formers that accompany all this stuff the more unreal it reveals itself to be. All the world is a stage.

Take this and his special patented guncameras or any of the assorted GGT output from RCE/Zentral during the 19??-19?? war. I’m not surprised there was a man power shortage during the war years. They were all recording or staging stuff for the soon to be written false history of what occurred and why. Last week’s photo I posted of the two Libyan(Al Quaeda/Royalist/Racist/Elitist) blokes firing rockets surrounded by geezers with Nikons and the footage of blokes’ footage going through plate glass windows on Saturday surrounded by flashing paparazzi just tell me that the whole damned dump has gone Hector's House and Lady Gaga. Every minute of our lives is to be Watch With Mother or Adulultation.

Anyway she soon concurred that actually doing something is part of their ritual and ceremony, so don’t bother. Really do something yourself with those you care about that will affect real personal history and real personal events both here and, most importantly, in the future.

Now unlike the rest of polite society my long suffering friend can actually understand what is going on when I open up, she is immune to the blast damage and witness to too many 2iC moments. You lot who still come here though can take the hit. So you’ll understand why I didn’t give it the full Montague when discussing Fukushima and tickled quakes, by explaining the sacramantal nature of patents. Patents are licenses to kill. I did however explain that one of the claimed applications of pumping gigwatts of power into the ionosphere is quake generation. Now that is just closed system claims.

So I broached the idea that Japan was getting it in the neck for not going down quietly after the magic money lads torpedoed the society twenty years ago. Hence the carnage recently. I had already done a bit of digging to see just who the Clockwork Orange lad was that turned up in Fulford’s video last weekend when he was giving it large on the Ninja front.. So I mentioned that there had been a discussion a little while back that Japan had been threatened by just such an ground shaking outcome if it didn’t hand over it’s loot, Fulford’s second claim to fame. Indeed I remember being in sunny Kanagawa, 2005, right in the middle of the national debate about whether the Japanese postal savings were to be handed over and quietly hoping that the natives would see sense and keep their hard earned loot out of the gangsterbankster and religioKriminalrats’ hands. Their PM at the time was cheerleading the theft from his people!!!

For those of you reading here in blighted Blighty all I’d say to remind you of what is going on is Trustee Savings Bank.

So having touched on the idea that nothing out there is what it seems because there is a major out break of Keystone Coppery I fired up the stove and set about filling the house with the smell of frying dried spices and herbs.

As she emptied our first bottle of wine, yep that is one of the side effects of letting me into your house, you hit the bottle, I ran the concept of Keystone Coppery past her. DIcke very clearly explains the process when exploring the McCann case. Essentially one of the key indicators of some sort of operation having taken place is the total bollockification of the crime scene, CSI and finally trial by the plod and legal eagles.

Keystone Coppery is all over Fukushima. Well she got the idea but didn’t really go with the flow. I cracked open a Magners. I let it rest and dropped the subject, we ended up giving it a bit of a cud chewing session on the total swindle, outlined here, of the 30 minute kid’s latest piss take on the poor masses of UKplc. How can a country that has no aspirations other than harlotry, larceny and espionage possibly be serious about educating its spawn? She concurred, it is a nation of spies and inn keepers of ill repute, a vessel of the evil ignorant.

Which brings me nicely to the Easyjet council and the following day. The following day round my chum’s place with the huge cider cellar. One of the things I hadn’t run past my hostess of the previous evening was that the libraries here are to be merged and decanted into the Soviet inspired edifice at Tally Ho corner, now that the subsidy to keep the place afloat has gone west. Of course the tasty pieces of real estate, formerly occupied by book shelves of learning, released onto the market will have nothing to do with the move either. Tasty real estate where high packing density hovels will be erected and flogged off at a fortune. Flogged off to people who cannot afford to buy the dumps and so will get a government/tax payer sponsored shared equity scheme/scam to pay for something they will never, ever own. All in line with the NOAHide AGENDA 21 edicts from the UN.


This ship of fools just do not get it. Why do you continue to work in a system that cannot let you acquire property of any sort any longer? That is all that the least worst system of human organisation actually had going for it.

Well that took a few Magners to sort out. Then late in the evening I got a call from my Bulgarian mate.

So Monday evening heaved into view and he haled alongside for a short while to get some documents plastered with INCOMING!!!!!!!’s X. Now as you know this had been fomenting since curry time 2 days previously.

So even though we didn’t have much time I thought I’d wind him up and see what happened. See what a fully fledged nuke power engineer had to say.

I simply said “What kind of fools were present at the meeting 40 or 50 years ago when they decided to park the plants on the shore over fault lines?”

Well off he went. I’m meeting up with him on Thursday for some beer and to catch up on some boxing matches.

On your behalf, oh dedicated and sorely tried readership at this shop, I will explore further the following.

Why he has banned his wife from taking their children on their usual summer break to Japan even though they would visit friends and family way to the south of MC1.

What possessed the Japanese engineers to not do what they would have done in Bulgaria, “Even in Bulgaria” direct quote. Even in Bulgaria he said the plants would have been parked 10km from the nearest beach and 20km of coolant channels dug, at vast expense in ‘crete and rebar, into and out of the reactor site. From the river and down to the sea.

I told you the Keystone Coppery and down right fuckwittery was plain to see and I reckon it goes way back.

Henry VIII is the guy who started our own episode of fukkwittery I’d say.

It all has the stink of NOAHide around him and his court.

Smells like teenspirit, smells like Cleopatra.

Masons. Illuminati. Rosie Red Cross. Rock/Roth. Cross of Malta. Vatican. Babylon. Templars.

All the young bitchboys and green boybitches kowtowing to the ancient religioKriminalrats.

Sunday 27 March 2011

Some of my favourites.

Image Source

HMS Ark Royal

Smooothee with a Kapital SMOOOO. That is a good looking bird. Almost as good as an F23.Though TSR2 knocks it into a crocookedoo hat.

If you will design Spitfireslikes from your Soviet cell, then the Liar’sboxviewers will need more than their remote!!

What would I like?

I’d like to see the look on the faces of all the muppets, hanging in one huge all encompassing traitors’ gallery, all the muppets who served. When they realise they were undone by their own evil intent and negligence.

Malfeasance requires closed systems.

The universe is an open system.


Imagine Non Entity

(Don’t even bother. Yes, we are off to Lalaland again. No, I’ve no idea where we’ll end up.)

As I remarked at the other shop. When all else lies ruined there it stands, alone and original, larcenous death is the fundamental commercial intercourse in iCSI. Like rape as love. From that bastard union all misery issues.

Even the least offensive and repugnant of our free contracts and liberating transactions still has the taint of sacrificial blood on the promissary note. And what a shrill defence of that freedom our murderous, in on the kill, MSM and madrassa’d intellectual whores play to keep us ignorant of that very simple, very plain fact.

In a corporate entity like UKplc anyone breaking health and saferty rules, even if allowing people to die, will get slung in debtors gaol or handed a stiff fixed penalty. Yet the land is a base of terrorist operations and homicide against the defenceless who believe in anything other than the sterile monoculture of the Afflicted.


Imagine yourself gone. Blinked out in the twinkle of the eye. Vamoosed. Would you be missed? Would your removal from the time lines cause any discernable ripple in the fabric of space crime.

I suppose you might try and evaluate your life, in that all knowing pico second, before the darkness came. And repent. However you won’t get away with it that easily. Perhaps you would say “OK I’m a worthless bum but I have my family, they’ll notice I’m gone”.

So we move out into the first degree of separation.

Did any of your immediate family do anything other than mimic your own behaviour? Your own obeisance to ritual, ceremony and worship? Or did they follow you round and round and round the aisles, always the aisles. Ever decreasing circles of stupification. Week after week, month after month, decade after decade, lifetime after lifetime of doing the same thing, punctuated by acting out something supposedly exciting to your jaded senses, that everyone else was doing, in your own unique, cloned, mirrored, replicated, same as every other muppet, way? Were your kin, were they, Afflicted like you?

Oh dear, out we go to the second degree then.

Perhaps your colleagues and fellow professionals, highly educated and trained, the crème de la crème, all the bright lads and lassies who went to the top scholastic gulags and comintenured compounds to earn their spastic degrees, perhaps they will notice. Intimates and inmates. Pale limmitators of the intellectual archipelagos like Habs, Rugby, PoxBridge and Henge. Perhaps all those straight A students with double firsts in politics and crumhornothology, maths and necromancy, religioKriminal practice, fisting and lawerlying, perhaps they miss you. You know the people who have made this wonderful world what it is by their meritocratic gangsterism, through the simple application of their massive intellectual horsepower.

My erse!!

Ooops a daisy! They didn’t even notice you existed as they stroked their way through their onanistic remission. Third degree then? Have any of your alters noticed you are missing? Your chummies from the lads’ or ladies’ lodges? You know the goons that will cover your back when you are in the ordure because you made the mistake of getting caught by the blinded? Nah, didn’t think so.

No one really misses you because you’ve spent your whole life in inreality and unsanity. You have been Afflicted and smitten your family and society. You are contagious. Toxic and a lethality space. By your existence you have ensured the continuation of the lineage of death.

Are you beginning to understand the tension? Do you get the conflict? Can you sense the turmoil of those who hate you and love you? Wish you dead because you make their joyous existence untidy, yet cannot live outwith your adoration? Can you?

Even going out to the full 6 degrees we aren’t going to find m(any) who aren’t immersed, slipping away, molar, in the great spiritual solvent of the Affliction. Are you catalytic or precipitate? Are you actions leeched out into nothing? Do you auction your inviolate spirit unknowing?

The wealthier in terminal nature you are the purer your Afflictation. How rich are you in the accretions and acquisitions of your slavery? Even the innocent affected cannot escape your lethal kiss.

We need not worry though because the seeds of your doom are contained within your ignorant action.

So let us just cut to the chase and eavesdrop on a little conversation that might be going on around now.

Auld Nick to Gabriel “When?”

Gabriel to Auld Nick “Soon.”

AN2G “Great. It is my right to let them divine”

G2AN “You really enjoy special ops. Don’t you?”

“Yes. They’ve forgotten who we are.”

(I know those of you waiting for the latest at the other shop might be wondering where the mind drip has gone. Well strange though typing these words would look to my young self. They will appear when the time is right. The above muse barph is part one of something later.)

Saturday 26 March 2011

Non Sequitur

Now that he’s back from holiday you’ll get tincture. BIM that ZGR has the concept footfall remarqued. Then enjoy.

Full nine yards . And a Bowie knife. You are keeping lists? Aren’t you?

What could

OZ weigh Li the ChiComm wight of the dead?

I Awass Slavers.

Friday 25 March 2011

My Erse!

Image Source

It has all been lifted.

Half inched. Specs and tech. sent to the ChiComms, via RCE/TA, commie wean killers who have a nice over night stop in NATO territory.

That was the whole purpose of the thing. Spreadsheet spying and impoverishment.

If you remember TSR2.

Then you will know that this ended up looking like this because the double entry, double agents killed our beautiful, beautiful bird.

Look at UKplc now, the whole robbed out dump couldn’t organise an orgy in a brewery without importing slaves.

The copywrite killers’ cat will kill you and now the west is a dead cat.

Thursday 24 March 2011

Turn it the phukk up….


Welcome to the garden again.

I remember Iwass.

In the cool English green.

If ever.

Here .

In the nut house.

Never realised out with the great green lanes.


Nigger crystals

Image Source.

Did you see them fall?

Not one to be scene.

Not a nigger flake in sight scaling the walls of glass ceilingdom.

Time stealing update.

Image Source

As I remarked “I dropped this on you a little while back. The story has it that a Russian national, but of what ethnicity, stole some proprietary GS tech that allowed them to intercept their clients’, and others, buy/sell signals to give them pico seconds of advantage in the rigged markets. The whole theft being parked in a German server farm I think. The secrets of Goldman Sachs High Frequency Trading half inched.

That’s the story.

However I noticed that the US commerce secretary tooled on over to ChiComm land as I detailed here in on November 5th 2009 AND a US Coast Guard cutter berthed at Shanghai, just afterwards.

Kill and rape as many people as you want but do not try and set up your own thieving system.

That is proprietory, predatory and protected by patent law(Admirality). That should be patently clear.

The last time a patent, that is sacramental IP, war started it resulted in big sticks being thrown.


Watch the IP briefs.

Mmmmmmm….let me see now…with extra T

…what’s wrong here?


I didn't think T would write it all up. But he did. Good man.

Wednesday 23 March 2011

The world’s first rate dipstick state.

“Which one of you Rothbitches has been using my soapyboy again?”

Image Source

Frikkin’ A, it is more Maximum Max at his maximum maximumist!! Though he's talking out his arse when it comes to nuclear power. It isn't the tech. Max, it is the religioKriminalrats. More on that later.

Listen to the LSE bitchboy talking about how his daddy financed Sarko the Rothboybitch.

As I said a couple of posts ago. When the garlic swilling swine start poking their big nebs in, you know the nest of double/triple Rothagents permanently parked there know it is time to start fomenting trouble. They are at last getting over their minimus dickus moment. USofA corp is getting out of the Med.

So that means confusion all round as Sarko bends over the great big golden altar in Roth’s great big golden temple and takes it up the alter.

France, which launched the initial air strikes on Libya on Saturday, has argued against giving the U.S.-led NATO political control over an operation in an Arab country, while Turkey has called for limits to any alliance involvement.

Now don’t be losing heart it is always darkest and coldest before the dawn.

Though I still advise “keeping the lists up to date”.

Tuesday 22 March 2011

Groom for Doom and KABOOOM!!

I don’t want to scare you too much.

However if you take a look at the trends, there should be no surprise when Turkey re-establishes its Caliphate under cover of NATO invite as proxi. Israel: The De Facto Arm of NATO.

There is an attack coming. Guess who is treaty bound to defend Rothschild’s temple of pure gold? However this will only be a, fully deserved, final act in the destruction of the west started over a century ago. Not the main play.

THE NEW PEARL HARBOUR will not be recognisable unless viewed from the religioKriminal view point of global integration under NOAHide.

TNPH involves these guys and the normalisation of the Hindhi.

The last great common repository of humanity’s true memory before the Affliction came.

I am not talking about popular culture, build up to pull down.

Ordo ad chao.

Monday 21 March 2011

Calvados and clear honey?

Image Source

I would like to thank you for allowing my unreasonable rant at your wonderful feast. To allow me back again and again after such a vitriolic diatribe says a great deal about your forbearance. Not to say down right saintly disposition.

Make that a very large glass of a true Briton’s spirit.

I’ll tell you …oh that’s warmed me cockles…another? Ta, mukkle. I‘ll tell you what has been annoying me today…No.. Not the robot bombing of weans and the infirm again. They’ve been doing that for over a century now to the innocent. It isn’t the turning of this nation into a stew of spys and harlots. It isn’t even that the natives are so stupid that they fell for it whilst simultaneously thinking themselves somehow….set apart. No it has been this. Now if you get round to watching the native full Monty version of it you’ll find a geezer togged up like an extra from A Clockwork Orange. You’ll also find that they get down and dirty. One of the gems from Fulford is that the MSM sewer pipes are MKUltra’d and scared of losing their comfy pensions.

Well he’s on the money there. Very, very recently this doughty vessel found herself cutting, all unknown, across the majestic progress of an agent. I wasn’t even at action stations, indeed from the pennants flying it was obvious I was at a regatta. But oh no, HMS Skrypto went all MKU on me.

As you no doubt can tell this boat plots her own course and there is nothing but the spectre of the secret charts and maps to guide our headway. We are vitteled and fueled for the long haul, self sufficient. No need for Heston to teach granny how to suck eggs and we aren’t a semihemidemi pirate ship and slaver, afraid to shell out for lemons, cheap limey bastards.

If you want to make your own way along side on the same heading we’ve set, for whatever duration, you are more than welcome, just don’t expect to be piped aboard or receive any official ceremony bollox.

So imagine finding out, as others of our ilk rendezvoused for a bit of a chin wag this Frigtag, that not long ago as I was shuvveling down the haggis and swilling the whiskey I had caused ruffling of feathers and hauling down of moonrakers simply by stating the obvious, and indeed obviously an understatment from this vessel’s loudhailer, that Soetoro an illegal alien POTUS. Indeed I was in such a jolly mood, what with it being a regatta and all, that I didn’t even start down the route of the Phoenician whore breeding bitch Cleopatra and the sullying of the noble Roman houses and final destruction of the Republic. You see it has all been done before, many, many times by the same crowned of Afflicted reduced instruction set thievers. Now if I’d used such intemperate language in my hemidemisemiinebriated condition then I would have understood the fair Colleen’s subsequent reaction. What with her being a pogrommed programmed de-glass ceilinged post-post Glass Steagall pop sister and all. However all I said was that Soetoro should not be POTUS. No sweary words. No rude gestures. Nothing.

As I said I was in my best revue bib and tucker. I’d had me bottom scraped, the decks washed and the cannons burnished until you could see your reflection on the gunmetal. I do scrub up well. The really interesting thing is that, as related last year, this regatta occurs every year in January and the other guests are international. Widely so. They didn’t demure at my remark. Why is it that only the aboriginal fools inhabiting the Babelspace in UKplc and USofA corp are dumb as fungus brained ants?

Anyway I have subsequently found out that the reason for the sudden state changing display of quantum INCOMING!!!!!!!disenchuffedness is put down to a certain individual character trait. It isn’t just this barge that HMS S is touchy with. It is par for the course. So it is just as well that I got on with further yakking and quaffing, with the other guests, along several lines of swill induced nincompoopery that evening. Great fun was had by, almost, all.

So when the Canadian lad from Nihon, as I said at the other shop “Why is always Canadians”, was giving it some left hand drive on the MKU front I kind of got to wondering about the need to be MKU if you want the lucre and power. For the one thing that can be said about HMS Skrypto is that there is no lacking for secure tenure or filthy pieces of 8 there. Has the initial selection process and continual career grooming taken an inevitable toll. Or do they select for the mentally fragile to start with. Is HMS S the modern equivalent of the eunuch. Something needs to be sacrificed to gain entry to and tenure in the comfy system? Life within the eternal crime scene.

If the current hourly output of the GGT is anything to go by then there is a correllary for us muppets putting up with this shit, we of the Herd.

There are some give aways in their use of language and key words on the GGT that always tell you when they are covering up for a crime. Here are some examples from recent so called news items.

Pot. Usually rolled out to hide the theft, larceny, stealing, looting of your pocket. Typically involving pensions. E.g. “Compenstion will be awarded from a pot of money”

Compound. Usually applied to smearing people. If used in UKplc then Sandringham would be a compound. E.g. “Day three at the Branch Davidian compound”

Punishment. Usually rolled out to hide theft, blah, blah de blah. “Energy companies will be punished by having their cases reviewed by another blah, blah de blah….”

Got it?

Their closed world assumption is that we are thick as mince. Ergo they can take the piss and laugh up their sleeves at us during/after the show and as they slope back towards the week day shagging pad or the weekend listed breeding pen in the Cotswolds. The Herd just gaze with that dead bovine stare and low gently.

So if you spend every day of your so called professional career talking utter arse bark then I would politely suggest that your reality gyros and moral compass are phukked! Only on the GGT, MSM and SRI’d Tavistokian cauldron of poison can a straight face talk about strikes on civilians as justified and in the same breath give us the football scores. You are living the commiefascistoid dream alrighty. It cannot be long until you actually start promoting gulagging and concentrating of the noncompliant. Well that goes without saying since you've been schooled in Malthus at the best madrassas.

Can you imagine any of the concrete blondes, astro afros or turds in tux quipping after uttering the immoral and immortal words “Violations of universal rights” (When foundation chimera like that thing turn up telling you they are going to defend your rights you know the reaper is just around the corner.) “Bwahahahaha yeah and everything Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Pot and Mao did was entirely legal, upholding rights. Innit?” Mind you since Soetoro’s admistration and it’s travelling circus is full of Maoist disciples and Alinskyist fuckturd law makin’, law givin’, lawyer lyin’, ever takin’, tazer fizzin’, legalisin’, death dealin’ STASI. USofA corp should be getting ready to chase sparrows and starve.

Everywhere you look bitchboybitches with no gonads talking shit. Casting spells over the lifeforms in the Herd Attention Space. They could not care if Turkey is going to be used as a ChiComm agent fronting for RCE/TA. The new Caliphate can have the Med because the guys calling the shots in RCE/TA are not freedom lovers, they are reduced instruction set NaZoviets. Go one then. Where is all the money coming from for these swine killing operations in the world? It is all done on credit and when Rothschild calls in his old lines of credit he'll extend the new credit lines to the young guns who will do his bidding.

Have you got your head round what the demographic bulge of young people in the Arab world really means to you? Europe is dog meat when the USN retreats back to the Carribean.

Got any gold or silver to barter for food? Want a new 3D liar’s box? OK UKplc what can you trade for goods then? Real estate of course and that’s why the borders will remain porous in the PariahParaquat isles to international theives, cloaked in ermine, and their extended tribe. Bringing slavery to a Big Society neighbourhood near you.

Another glass?.. Go on then.

No more casting pearls before swine.

H/T Spooked.

Saturday 19 March 2011

New Phoenicia further rollout.

Image Source

As I asked a few weeks ago. Where R the Big E and the Jimmy C?

Also note that when the French get involved you know there will be a Rothschild double/triple agent nest at work to make sure there is no obvious winner. Think Vietnam Paris peace talks. Everyone will know they are a loser but the winner will not be apparent for many, many years.

Is this the civil power grid going down? BTW CamClegCoagulation where did the money come from for this illegal attack? Are we all in this together as well? Fuck off!!!!

If any of this infrastructure is still up and functioning in two weeks there will be champagne all round in RCE/TA.

This all stinks of 1930s League of Nations sabotage.

Rationing and extreme restrictions on movement cannot be far away. They always close the factories and call centres before a big one.

Friday 18 March 2011

Mobility Kill and Overstretch. Pt 2.

Image Source

The mobility kill for UKplc has been administered by the dualist, not duelist, scum that the foundation grooming process has stuffed into out attention space. Indeed our attention space has become the all encompassing lethality space for all future generations. A bunch of gangsterbankster bitchboybitches stealing everything that can be considered ours for their religioKriminalrat masters over the generations. Right now the clowns are intent on killing off a shed more teatowel wearing slobs to distract the attention of the dullards reading the Daily Mail in the social immobility capital of the world.

The crypto Scots bitchboy that is currently polluting the MSM liar’s box is, as usual with his type, talking bollox. The question is not are we the generation upon whose watch the West was eclipsed, you muppet. The west was eclipsed just before Christmas 1913 when the USofA corp was betrayed and you, you tartanned over laurelled quackademic will not dare endanger your tenured position or your chance to appear on the intellectual equivalent of the MSM X-Farter by even hinting at that, will you? The question is why are we still paying attention to an obvious ChiComm loving internationalist agent of the religioKriminals?

The die is cast for UKplc. No one is going to move there unless they are a lacky. A lick spittle. No social dynamism. A nation dead in the iGREEN waters.

However my real interest is in the mobility kill in N.E. Asia.

So what is a mobility kill? It is one’s inability to influence through maneuvre within or to project military power into, a battle space.

I can hear you asking right now. “WTF battle space?”

Well the life we lead is viewed by the guys in charge just so. They run a funny money scam, build up and tear down nations, civilisations and kingdoms, move around technology and weapons, human traffic and slave and all the time we don’t get it.

Right now, at last, N.E. Asia cannot project surplus military power into S.E. Asia and I include USofA corp forces in that. Those wondering why the Koreans have appeared at the other shop should be getting it by now.

If you have asked yourself why there is no looting in Japan, you might want to consider that Japan is currently more civilised in general and more peaceful in the main than the pirate ships bearthed in RCE/LC, RCE/NY or RCE/TA. Too civilised and time to be brought down to the AGENDA 21 level of subsistance.

That brings me nicely to RCE/BS and who’d be wanting to knock N.E. Asia out of the game to come.

Taiwan is tied up tight by party politicing and USofA corp fannying around on the weapons front. South Korea has been super absorbed by the stupid Rothschild muppet with the funny hair, stupid shades and anti-Gok’d clothes for the past year or so. So no troopers shipping out from there to Vietnam or S.E Asia, unlike the 60s then. Japan has Russo/French farting around to its North and ChiComm spy trawlers causing trouble to the south. It also has a shed load of internal political instability not the least of which stems from its Imperial legacy.

Now is the time to restate a few things that have been put out here before.

Do you know the true order of big stick malarky? No?

Rügen, New Mexico, Konan=Hungnam=North Korea.

As I’ve asked many times before. Why do we currently have a problem with missiles and nukes from North Korea? Well the Nazi’s gave the Japanese the tech in 1944 that’s why. It remains active there in Hungnam to this day.

Another thing that needs revisiting is the use of scalar weaponry. If you’ve read Bearden’s appreciation of why we got Chernobyl then you’ll have a handle on Fukushima.

No one bothers to think this through. The boys in Alaska or Jindalee may have been trying to shield their ally from attack. Public source magnetometry isn’t going to tell you much other than that there was a microwave oven on. Not who was waiting for the ping? Who was attacking, who was defending? Attacking what, defending what?

If my Roth detectors are working properly then I smell a tactical scalar platform somewhere in Yakusa country north of Panmunjom. Pulling a local attack on Japan. Alaska/Alice Springs defending.

The guys with the long range plans wait for these confluences and ease them into being before the main long planned act. Remember they are star gazers and know the stellar long wave alignments perfectly.

No matter how you look at it S.E. Asia is wide open. The west and its nominal allies are overstretched.

Which brings me back to Clark AFB.

One of the things I could never get my head round was the idea that USofA corp was going to get a comfy new billet for its firepower on Raffles’ rock. I mean Changi is and always will be a prison. A high tech. prison but never the less a goal just the same. A goal in the midst of the ChiComm’s exit to the oil. Even if you’ve had a puff of weed overseas long before your return the lads at Changi customs will slap you in irons once the detectors start flashing. There is no way this large scale hi tech urban experiment in high packing density is going to fail or be allowed to founder on the rock of freedom. The model is to rolled out throughout ChiComm land. Those that do not make the successful transition will be removed. How do you remove people and engineer social change? Iron Mountain Report Mandarin style of course.

When the supremacist clown Lee Kwan YU got the go ahead to put together the prototype for ChiComm cities way back in the 60s then the sudden emergence of the Panda squeezer and Nixon on ChiComm territory and the subsequent marginalisation of the Taiwanese should not have come as a surprise.

The only question the ChiComms needed to ask themselves in 2008 was through Myanmar or Spratlys first? We know there will be no one around to stop us apart from the bad publicity. Ah fuck it we’ll do a Rove. We’ll create the history and write about it our way.

So watch out India the string of pearls is centred on Singapore alrighty and don’t be fooled by their mastery of English and no spitting in the street. They are Rothschild’s Mandarin slavers. Their message is NOAHide.

Mobility Kill and Overstretch. Pt 1.

When the good old USofA corp. pulled out of Clark AFB, so soon after the stand down of the yacht club (A big shiney cat shot to anyone who gets who might have been responsible for all this damage), I looked at my map and knew that someone was being given a come on. Just as the Spanish had left the area after a good beating once their society had attrophied completely i.e. made poor, then I knew that the USofA corp was about to be made penniless or rather their credit was about to be destroyed and another’s inflated in phantom value.

You see just as there is no such thing as money there is absolutely no such thing as profit. Indeed profit as currently understood is a fevered insane measure of the inefficiency of any system’s unsanity and insanitary utility, judged by such methods. UKplc is about to find that out pronto as it bends over to take a recyprocating steam driven pepperdildo up it’s rectum again. Oh yes, last time when all the money got stolen and public sanitation got trashed, Europe got the Black Death. BWAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!

How dumb can a nation be?

Well UKplc has to be in the lead, just ahead of USofA corp, in the collectivley thick as shit in the aggregate stakes. Who else could be so in debt and yet have absolutely nothing to show for it. Absolutely everything, the whole kit and caboodle, the complete enchilada is going to be handed over to charities, foundations and off shore patsy party pirate bases.

I was inside another school, newly built, at the weekend and was witness again to the wonders and richness of the built environment, of debt based thievery. As I gazed up at the bared ceiling, marvelled at the cattle shed qualities, of the best that UKplc can dish up to its peasants’ foalings and foulings. Without exception everywhere in the UKplc built environment, a bona fide discipline of study, we are treated like cattle. Just look. Hypermarkets where we do the work. Transport hubs where we are processed like livestock by the Kapos. Any so called mall where we are spied upon 24/7. Our places of indoctrination where we have to sign a contract to learn our ABCs, or not more likely. Every last edifice is just a chattel shed. I know, I’ve chased the beasts into and out of many cattle sheds.

However you try and get a peek into the places outwith the built environment, into their temples. You won’t get past their security infesting their stark lobbies and occulted receptions. Not because of their pretend terrorist threat, not because of some existentialist risk to their survivial. No. If we got a swaatch at the luxuriant drapings, finery, shinery and gilt fittings of their corporate environments, if we gazed upon Babylon’s roofing then we’d realise why they chase the profit motive in their sham markets. All they want is the contract and then use the smallest portion of it possible to deliver the so called services and goods to the rigged market place. If that means slavery by other means then so be it.

To believe otherwise is in to be in need of an increased violence and thrust frequency of the steaming member applied to oneself.

If there is one thing that is certain it is the absolutely irrefutable case that we are going back in time.

It takes a bit of effort and globalised larceny to achieve it but it is possible to take the most advanced nations from mastery to misery. USofA corp has gone from landing on the moon, to retiring the shuttles, to bankruptcy in 40 years. Look at UKplc. 50 years ago we could conceive of and execute the finest in aerospace engineering. In 2011 we can’t even sell tickets to the great occult ceremony in 2012 without distorting and rigging the fake market. What a load of bollox!

So after my daughter’s graduation and after dropping her off at her mate’s place for a party I headed for a nose bag and a swill and as I was trundling past the Co-op near the old Friern Barnet town hall, Saturn’s day, on the way to hammer together a high lethality curry at my mate’s place, I espied the uniformed security within. I wondered about what the overhead of a standing patrol over the tampons cost. I wondered about the security protected tagged food in Tesco. I wondered about what a sham the whole economic pony show is. The wonder of free markets is that they should deliver food, water, heat and shelter to the whole people in the most efficient way known. Yet they never, ever have, ever in the whole history of markets, free or otherwise.

These marked trinity markets are there for another reason entirely. Which we’ve discussed at the the other shop, they are eternal crime scenes and we are our own iCSI.

So on with my tales of shopping in London in 2011. Everywhere you go there is the overhead of security to pay for at the checkout. I think it is called free market cover for the coming NWO, NOAHide, AGENDA 21 crack down. Think Globalised Free Trade Peterloo Engels stylee. When you need security to protect food then you know that there is a deliberate systemic breakdown in the rationing scam. Think Irish Famine. These store security guys are ubiquitous so they must be part of the high earner flood into UKplc that we need to fill our skills gap. Nothing of course to do with sustaining an over priced property market with looted lucre. Oh yes I’m sure that our border patrol is rigourous when you, the prospective 10Million Pound POM, pitch up in RCE/LC airport with a squillion pounds you need laundering through the intellectual property capital of the capital markets. Just ask the Russian Khazi oligarchs. You can be sure that not one of the thick as pig shit, big men in pyjamas, that kick inflated bladders around an empty sponsored field ever wonder how many dead people financed their inflated paypackets as they spread STDs around their breeding mares.

And people wonder why the modern Japanese do not loot. Well I love going into the COOP in my neck of Yokohama where a good steak is worth it’s weight in Platinum. There is no security. Inhabited or tagged. It is called not being Afflicted.

So as I was rivetting the ingredients for our tonkatsu kurry together rapido, I had run out of time and everyone was starving, so the Krakatoa hot lava Java special was put on the back burner for another day, my chum and her son regaled me with a recount of their pleasant trip to one of North London’s top Nazi FLA flat packed emporia. I’ll give you a clue, it wasn’t near Wembley.

They witnessed the glory of the full rich roast that is our diversity, inclusivity and quota compliant commercial wonderland. All the so called private enterprise corporates sucking at the public tit. Communists. Barriers free entry to the paradise on earth for those desperately needed to fill the myriad of high paid, high skill and rewarding positions offered by the free market here in UKplc.

They witnessed a customer getting the shit kicked out of him because he had enquired of a non glass ceilinged employee if a particular item was on sale.

This was skrypto, no mere assault. After other staff members had peeled their colleague, very ASDA (No it wasn’t, gotcha, think again), off the prostrate body of the guy with the credit card, after his wife had kneeled down beside him, after the instore security had stroked their non internventionist passive tickboxes, the colleague launched into another GBH frenzy by booting the geezers head in.

My chum and her son differ on this last part in that the lad thinks it was mainly bootmarks to the body that was involved.

Police statements were taken.

Now the guy that got assaulted might have never wondered if he’d need a blood transfusion that day. However if he did I’m sure that he wouldn’t have thought anything of the adverts bothering us from the radio urging us to donate blood. Indeed since your correspondent for various reasons has defected to Sunrise Radio on AM, I now know that there is a shortage of donor organs in the Muslim and Hindhu communities here in the Big Smoke.

Why would the clowns that spend all day working out how not to deliver anything to us whilst pocketing the maximum amount of lucre or even better dishing out fixed penalty fines for our being allowed to breath, using their latest off-the-boat-train labour force, why would they want us to give blood or organs?

More peoples’generosity and kind hearted cover for knighted corprate plunder and enobled phoney philanthropist charity theft, that is why.

You see in this chemical toilet of a corporate charity state surely their perfect market must be delivering for them. Well of course not. However only in the thickest nation on the planet could the serfs still handover the priceless to a bunch of gangster goons that intend delivering the populace into slavery. Only in a nation whose hospitals kill them systematically and then get handed over free of charge to corporations to continue the AGENDA 21 cull, only in that nation could there be such an attack of the mentalist weed killing crop sprayers encouraged by emancipation, suffrage and participation the foundation corprate sponsored electoral process.

Just like the starving peasants gazing on full fields in Ireland, just like the dead eyes of the Kulaks staring at the pot bellied Commies, just like the vampire attacked diseased UKplc clowns standing outside the gates of their long gone hospital. It is a free market in misery but a miser’s rigged market in reality.

I know, I know some of you reading here are looking back to other parts of this rant and thinking it is a bit unbalanced.

You are thinking that recently I’ve called all UKplc weans and by extension their sires, thick as mince. I’ve dissed anyone newly arrived on these shores and holding down a job. I’ve even suggested that the poor slobs that have fallen into the clutches of the NHS deserve to die.

Well you have not been paying heed. I think you will find that I’ve been trying to call attention to the fact that we keep on joining in their stupid reduced instruction set game. As I looked at the security guy guarding the carrots in the store I asked myself what he’d bought into when he had started out on his journey to live here. I wondered about his cell in the great big universal terrorist spreadsheet of all that is, was and yet to come. I wondered if his cell was red or black. Black and he could continue to exist until the next refresh. Red and he’d be shown the door. Onto the street in the ultimate paradigm of paradise on earth.

As Celente would ask,”Would he lose it?”

As I stared further and waited for the traffic light scheduling to arrange for more fixed penalties to be dished out automatically, like some sort of disinterested deus ex machina, I was reminded of a conversation I’d had the previous weekend whilst swilling with my mate the secretive squirrel.

Upon our nth cider we got into a right rant about the theft from the desperate, bleeding and bereaved at the local infirmary, soon to be liberated into charity space and out of common space by the Coagulation, where the RICO worthies we vote into power have taken a bung for fleecing the car parker there.

As I staggered my way home later I thought to myself, “Yes Gerald, that is one instance where the person losing everything would definitley lose it.”

Imagine losing your loved one and on returning to the parking bay to find yourself dished the insult of a parking ticket.

You may lose it like the poor slob in IKEA did and flip into kill mode. You might decide that after holding vigil on the Shiraz and cornflakes and being curtly dismissed, as the great big universal spreadsheet gives you the red card, that it was time to do something, just for once.

That is what is happening globally and TPTB cannot stop it. However they can influence the process to their advantage and as I’ve said previously, welcome it. How? Well I’ve touched on this before. Their main instrument is magik as practiced through their zentral banksters. What they know, and we are not to know, is that the alignments of celestial bodies affects human beings in their aggregate behaviour. Oh yes it does. We haven’t moved on that far from dancing round a naked fire, naked, at the equinox. So imagine. The alignments are good, you flood credit. When they are bad you remove credit. The herd is traumatised but not TPTB. Then onto the next cycle. This is what is termed human progress. However since human behaviour never changes it is actually an engineerred form of retardation aimed at the universal adoption of the reduced instruction set.

Otherwise known as NOAHide.

Again you think I jest. OK. Check your footwear and the footware of the decanted fools on the MSM. Is there a lack of animal hide there? Got it?

As I said I’ve been trying to call attention to the fact that we keep on joining in their stupid reduced instruction set game.

Fucking STOP IT!!!

Stop voting in their goons. Where I come from they used to say that if you pinned a red rosette on a monkey that simian would be in parliament pronto. STOP IT!!!

Don’t you get it yet? Every one of the phekkers that are proferred to us HATE US!! They despise us. Stop voting for the machines of the foundations.

Once you start voting using the Rigorous Voting Method, as detailed many times at these swilling holes before the last general election, then stop watching men in pyjamas on the GGT. Women near ovens. Geezers in auctions and bints in frocks. Stop it.

If you stop all that crap you might be able to do something about the shit coming down the pike. It is always rolling towards us because the guys in charge are on a sacred mission. You cannot dodge it yet. However you can stop yourself dying with a stupid look on your face.

So pay attention.

What is the mobility kill?

Cognac and cigar?

Image Source

If anyone doubts that the great big petri dish is replete with primitive, motiveless and motorless life forms, muribund & barren spermatazoon, then look no further than the latest wheeze spread upon the fauna therein by the GGT crop sprayers. Aspartame aspirants, you’ll get more than you bargained for and less than ever, like good little serfs. Eugenics throughout your sterile, stipended, sty pen. Packing dencytied, in cheap bonded warehouses. Like mentalist Agent Orange jaffas. Defoliant flowing forever o’er your salad days. Only the fools participating in this sham feifdom, freed of freedom, could fall for mouth watering nauseous spreads like AGENDA 21, NOAHide and Sharia all dressed in a cage fighter’s frock.

Phukk D’Witz.

There is nothing in the Madrassas to learn anymore. Only the artistry of the filth croppers and soul stealers, indulging like their ancestors. Schooling Kriegsverbrecher scion. They are full of tenured bitchboys and boybitches cowering in the rigorously policed lethality spaces throughout their academic gulags, just like the dispossessed proles in their homicidal Stalinist Soviet factories, like the corralled stunned beasts in the Maoist Chicago rail heads.

Welcome to your gorey beds. As always you’ll never taste victory.

Do you know the sound of the beehive?

It is the sound of the free thinker.

Where are the free bees now?

Calvados and clear honey?

Firstly sexy, I’ll explain the Mobility Kill and Overstretch. The final hit of which I believe N.E. Asia has just taken.

1 Taiwan

2 Korea

Where are those who have not rolled over and taken the steam driven pile?

Who hasn’t taken the mark?

As I said, Mobility Kill and Overstretch. The Calvados and clear honey can wait.

Monday 14 March 2011

Friday 11 March 2011

Remember when Ike reminded us of the dangers of the….

Image Source

….Military/Industrial/Congressional complex?

So when this week Paul Craig Roberts was discussing the Pentagon taking down Goldman Sucks, I couldn’t help thinking about one of my favourite movies.

Now I am not going to denigrate PCR or Ike, however those who read at my three swilling sites know by now that the real power has always resided with the religioKriminals. Always has done, always will do. To paraphrase Von Clausewitz. “War is the seemless continuation of, religioKriminal, ritual and ceremony by other means”

It is the creation of nothing from the transubstantiative medium that is the high magik. Not the gunfire and sniper. Generation trumps death.

The movie I was thinking about starred one of my favourites, first H/T’d here as bar staff in Thief and then psychotrauma’d Manhunter. The movie left me thinking deep thoughts, not just about Dafoe’s girlfriend and her girlfriend heading of with the lucre at the end, but about the whole enchilada.

So read Foundations, Depopulation & the Taxpayer.

And IRS THE BIGGEST LIE AND SCAM IN WORLD HISTORY--IRS LIENS AND LEVYS. Fuck me he could only be called Rico!!!!

One of the clues that screams at us until it is red in the face is that, just as Tsarion says the truth stands solitary and unsupported, pure crime unerringly attracts further crime waves.

Then go watch To Live and Die in L.A.

Man was it really over a quarter of a century ago? Sweet.