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Thursday 22 November 2012


Ever heard of Stalingrad?

Interestingly you keep off the streets in a city sweep. Though in a play you display.

X Corp. Only X Corp.

This is still a police action.

Now why would it be a police action, Dixon of Dock Green stylee?

Have you ever wondered about the function of the priest police?

Have some of my favourite unreality.

Cya in Manchuria.

Keep off the streets.

The thoroughfares are thoughtstrapped.

I know, I know. Too much capital in a land we were never to know.

Wednesday 21 November 2012

Oran and Dakar

Oran and Dakar.

What is the putridity of unspecific perfidacidic unreality?

So what is the likelihood of our attacking our enemy selves again?

Two cement communitarianism and common purpose to stupidity.

If the UK ever completes the two floating fire bases, they will sink.

Phukk me, they are going to burn.

Stealth is a debt cancelled colourcouncillorcanceller of death.

Monday 19 November 2012

On More On Fiction and/or Pathfinding

So much hang out, implossionable to limit, milked to create a fission fiction and distraction.  Separate and lift the reality with images of bloated steam. Two mass gun attractors.

What was hiding and flushed into the Protektorate? And enema’d. In which we are supposed to believe that a triple ring of security kept all tight, dry and secret. No colostomies. Secret from the occulted? No way. Accounting systems are the iCSI. All was known in BIS Basle.

Awaiting pick up.

Awaiting Patton’s famous army.

If there was no thing to be stolen from Germany then why the transport of slaves to disguise the theft? Why the factional fictional insistence of 6 million dead original heathen believers disguised as monoheathenised jews supplied by Zionists to the Nazi slaving machine? Why the proposed Ashkenazi flight to the Roth fire base in RCE/TA with Nazi blessing during the fire fight? Why the ignorance of the 100 million dead Europeans?

Remember this insult to our intelligence is the future they would engineer for us all in TesMartBurySonderkommando KapoAushwitzSlaversSatietedStateMall shopping trolley mine fields. Death, debt and slavery. A practiced run. The reinstitution of the company store of Hudson Bay. A closed system. Whilst the fools are kick starting ladyboys (H/T to you know who you are) and pull starting weaponised hookers of leisure and pleasure in far away sand swept mansions of lined, photographed and scored opium child violation. Drowning in falsified money, ersatz wealth.

What is there not to believe in? LIBOR? BIKINI?

Why the current gold fixation? Why the sudden appearance of a “scrap” gold front in London immediately after 2007? Now gone. What got resolved?

All is falsetitty. Full spectrum bullshit.

What is it that really phukks me off? The visceral knowledge that all presented to me throughout my life has been a fictitous banquet of crumbs, left overs and reconstituted offal. Are we never to be allowed to ignore the filth or have our peace. Only the official truth is to be allowed to search our ears and bleach our mind’s eye. That it is a continuum of witches’ spew, canonical, catechal and will never cease until we die.

Now it is our time to write of what the scribes have wrought in larcenous amnesia and wright the wrongs as only a true wordsmith can forge.

Why BIKINI naked in clear sight.

She dodged the bullet.

The old girl is decommissioning at last. Man was that close!!!

Newer boats that need to be painted.

Do not relax.

Always remember that your Thanks Giving or Christmas will be deliberately ruined to bring you miserable MSM headlines and reports from the monoheathen .

The kick off is coming.

Thursday 8 November 2012

More On Fiction and/or Pathfinding

Image source

What purpose did the great bomber streams serve? What did pushing 1000 bombers through a small volume of Reich airspace, over a small area of Nazi realty in a short space of time, all ruined by targeting creep, achieve?

What did all the dead 55,000+ RAF and Dominion flyers get deployed to achieve with no recognition for their battle service to the Empire over the Reich? Especially Berlin.

Was there any purpose to the removal of hundreds of thousands of German civilians from existence?

Let us keep this short. For it will bite us in the ass soon.

The primary weapon system deployed against the German people was activated by Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht 1933, in concert with his bond buddy Montague Norman and the Fed. A two thousand year blood debt. If you don’t get that you will be forever useless. Not usruryless, jastas no just thing. A tactical nuclear division was deployed to obfuscate by greed of the perverted, on demand, analogue. Orphan homed as an atomised, annually abused lonely economic child in equation envy.  Keynes.

(Just to let you in on a great secret, a nation can develop quickly when freed from the 5-10 bankster tax that kicks in BEFORE any economic activity. Why do you think USofA corp is now phukked? 5-10 tax before a waste of tax payers money on ammunition whilst at peace. That is geometric suicide. Phukk D’Witz. Though unlike the supporters of GRÖFAZ, who idolise the muppet, you’ze gotzta understand the racket ante and that takes more than induction to open secret organisations)

If that that last non bracketed, unlike Hamburg, paragraph passed you by, destruction of high quality German family housing was a prime target of the command. Not to deny the massive holocausted, incinerated, collateral damage of a warm house but to deny the potential invading witnesses, who’s familiars had lived in shit holes for centuries in England. Evidence of their dullardedtude. Propagated at home, for when you are too thick to manoeuvre you think. Wanting for a rabbit. They were never going to get there though, the sluice gate was open.

As alluded to earlier we need to look at the Protektorate, where workers were respected and rewarded for their labour, free of slavery. Free in the swimming pools and contracted. Soon to be, as usual, biblically redacted in fiction and legend financed by infinite paper money darts of lethality

Funny that.

All that the great big wheezy bomber fleets did, the high altitude were rationed by “hunting” for deployment after the false iron curtain employment scheme came down to slavery, was to flush the German tech out of the Reich for pick up later.

Theft as Smedley Bulter recognised the long term scam.

Look at the defences of Berlin 1945, naked.

Look at the defences of the Protektorate in early 1945.

Everything waiting for pick up.

Pick up?

Evacuated except for the morsels.

Bikini and Inchon next via Soviet OMG.


Tuesday 6 November 2012

On Fiction or Pathfinding

At last the musings are structured in order to make some sense. We can finally bring all the thoughts that have been deliberately scattered by education and Manchurian candidacy into focus. By chance a while back I got deep into the bowels of the state educational process here in UKplc and realised that there is a programme of deliberate discrimination and stultification at work. So when I ask myself the question “Is your view more or less valid than the given INCOMING!!!!!!!?” My answer is “Yes” far more valid because it is not a supplicant’s view point.

Apologies if this thing gets too long. I want to finish off the stuff started, and summarised here, a long time ago in one final blast.

So what can I address that we never get to discuss or read of in the day dream media?

I will address the “Lines” here and hopefully finish off something that has bugged me ever since I was a boy. Specifically I will give a good booting to the fiction of the more local Lines, The Bomb Line, The Iron Curtain and Nth/Sth Korea. I will leave further discussion on the ancient Ziggurat Line for the other shop.

As I mentioned previously certain “events” like Berlin, Inchon and Bikini slip under the radar because we are kept ignorant of the true nature of what came to pass. What actually was the purpose of these events, what caused their engineering there in our reality?

Well then let us start with the series I called the Bomb Line. If one looks at the true nature of the shooting match then, despite what we are told, the National Socialist state did not mobilise for war until 1943. Unlike UKplc which kicked off in 1939, USofA corp which “officially” mobilised in 1942 and the heathenoid Marxist shit heap called USSR, which was being financed by RCE/NY, to kill its people and mobilised for war from 1930.

Now just an aside here. We are supposed to believe that things are occluded when the dialectic causes opposing systems to bring a state of “Cold War” into being. That no one can know what is happening on the other side. All is dark. Well that is bollox. The banksters know everything. Why? Debt based finance is a system for spying on the whole human race. That is why no independent central bank can be allowed to exist. The banking system is a fully integrated 24/7 monitoring and intelligence system for the banksters and those who accept their given religions are weapon systems to be deployed against humanity. That’s correct; monotheism is a weapon system whose root is in the original bankster crime scene thousands of years ago.

Anyway back to looking at UKplc. Interestingly it is only by 1942/43 that the weapon of choice to be deployed from Airstrip One was ready. 3 or 4 years of phoney war and rationing, the sudden appearance of infinite amounts of capital on both sides of the Atlantic, after millions in USofA corp had died when there was a sudden, natural and mysterious disappearance of capital in the 1930s. Hey don’t look too close, there be Nazi’s about. So when one looks at just what the heavy bomber force achieved the answer is no thing. Square head weapon production skyrocketed, new weapon systems were developed and deployed, the most advanced concepts were tested and made operational. So what actually was achieved by the vast bomber fleets assembled just in time for full German mobilisation?

(I’ve run out of time for today so perhaps a page at a time until the endwoch.)


Monday 5 November 2012

Phew!!! She’s home.

Safe and sound.

In the list; where is she?

Well you know my favourite, the bestest ever, sundered by penny pinching cowards, off Gib.

HMS Ark Royal

41 USS Midway

HMS Victorious

65 USS Enterprise

3 USS Saratoga

IJN Taiho

And so I slew around at last to Bikini.

Bullet Splashed

Have a listen and remember, remember the 5th of November, think hard, when the Pale horse needs to shirk off the monkey muney cultist multikulti haremed parasites from Indonesia and Utah(Mexico, Habsburg lands) and act.

He self corrected on the UFO front, he’d got it, perspicacity, before he was delivered therapeutically from the Lead Pill Pharmacy.

Thursday 25 October 2012

Wednesday 24 October 2012

High Octane

What is the difference?

87 or what did the clowns?

That is whY bbc IS DISPERSING .


No witnesses.

What a shit house.

That was a test paper question for all the assholes being wrung through so called UKplc education process.

Did Hitler's fart ever destroy an Amazonian bankster's butterfly?

Go on then Iran?


What a shit heap!!

Unreality Lorentz Image source.



WTF do the fools in this shuttered prison shithouse not understand?

WTF do the phukkmuppets in USofA corp not get about their closeted heathen fools.

Get ready for the rabid belief systems of nothing destroying society completely, just like Mother Russia 100 years ago.

Bread baskets are always scorched.

Monday 22 October 2012

I am hungered

Too hungry to B.


Do not bother.


Monday 8 October 2012

The world is drowning in piss money.

Yet this phukkmuppet wants to reduce spending.

Forget the velocity of witch crafted debt instruments.

The only tune is released from the Banquo communist bankster skankster religiokriminals, it is a death moan.

Either he’s an asshole or we are.

Assholes know that there is nothing here, it is magik. All our money was stolen by magicians and the saviours will stipend us into servury.

Decision time. Too late to stop it but you can stick a spanner in their works come 2015. They are intent on depopulating the globe by rent.

If you live in the Easyjet borough you will know the Pompeii syndrome. Otherwise known as two Jags higher packing density. Welcome to the 18th century AD.

When we become third world again you will know what to do.


Phukkup their timelines and inbreeding by rejecting them all now.

Sunday 7 October 2012

A New Pearl Harbour

This time round it will be a false flag that benefits the new money power’s bestest new friend.

“This memo outlined eight different steps the United States could do that he predicted would lead to an attack by Japan on the United States. The day after this memo was giving to Franklin D. Roosevelt, he began to implement these steps. By the time that Japan finally attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941, all eight steps had occurred (Willy 1). The eight steps consisted of two main subject areas; the first being a sign of United States military preparedness and threat of attack, the second being a forceful control on Japans trade and economy. The main subject area of the eight-action memo was the sign of United States military preparedness and threat of attack. McCollum called for the United States to make arrangements with both Britain (Action A) and Holland (Action B), for the use of military facilities and acquisition of supplies in both Singapore and Indonesia.

He also suggested for the deployment of a division of long-range heavy cruisers (Action D) and two divisions of submarines (Action E) to the Orient. The last key factor McCollum called for was to keep the United States Fleet in the vicinity of the Hawaiian Islands (Action F). Roosevelt personally took charge of Action’s D and E; these actions were called “pop up” cruises. Roosevelt had this to say about the cruises, “’I just want them to keep popping up here and there and keep the Japs guessing (Stinnett 9).’” With the fleet located around Hawaii and particularly in Pearl Harbor a double-sided sword was created; it allowed for quicker deployment times into South Pacific Water, but more importantly it lacked many fundamental military needs, and was vulnerable due to its geographic location. To understand the true vulnerability of Pearl Harbor one must look at Oahu, the Hawaiian Island that the military base is located. The North part of the island is all mountains, these mountains hinder the vision of military look out points, making an attack from the North virtually a surprise until the sound of fighter planes are over head.

There were many key military needs that were missing from Pearl Harbor, and they were; a lack of training facilities, lack of large-scale ammunition and fuel supplies, lack of support craft such as tugs and repair ships, and a lack of overhaul facilities such as dry-docking and machine shops. Commander in Chief, United States Fleet - Admiral James O. Richardson, was outraged when he was told by President Roosevelt of his plans on keeping the fleet in Hawaiian Waters. Richardson knew of the problems and vulnerability of Pearl Harbor, the safety of his men and warships was paramount. In a luncheon with Roosevelt, Richardson confronted the President, and by doing so ended his military career. Four months later Richardson was removed as commander-in-chief, and replaced by Rear Admiral Husband Kimmel (Stinnett 11).

Kimmel by many top Naval personal was looked down upon on, for taking orders from Roosevelt and not considering the immediate dangers he was putting the fleet in.

The second part of McCollum’s eight-action memo was a forceful control on Japans trade and economy. He insisted that the Dutch refuse to grant Japanese demands for oil (Action G), and a complete embargo of all trade with Japan (Action H), by the United States. This embargo closely represented a similar embargo that was being imposed by the British Empire. McCollum also knew that if Japan controlled the Pacific, it would put a strain on America’s resources for copper, rubber, tin, and other valuable goods. These imports from the Pacific were all essential to America’s Economy, and to protect these trading routes McCollum insisted for all possible aid to be given to the Chinese government of Chiang Kai-shek (Action C).”

Never in the field of human muppetry have so many been willingly duped by so few.

Saturday 6 October 2012


Imaged sourced. Using artificial caustic colour techniques from the mind soda streamed IG Farben.

Like Bikini Atoll we see a staged play, not an event.

Kind of like the heathen gired clowns of unbelief this past week.

Friday 5 October 2012

On MacArthur’s famous 10th Corp.

Haven't forgotten my original question at the beginning of the Bomb line series.

Only the Marines.

Just asking, but did you notice the massing of ChiComm forces and the fear of Soviet attack. An attack from persons unable to feed themselves or manoeuvre a bicycle?

So who fed them all?

Who informed them?

Who fuelled them?

A killerkommie monopsychosociety unable to do anything other than murder those within their borders!?

When UKplc was rationed.

Just asking US of A corp. mid-West farmers who were and are now gone.

Thursday 4 October 2012

Wednesday 3 October 2012

On Patton’s famous Army.

Perhaps you expect me to remark on the remit of this Army? To move far and fast and keep moving after the D-Day bridgehead was secured. Perhaps a quip about their leader being a martinet? Well what do you expect of a leader that wears bling sidearms. Perhaps I might point out that he kept outrunning his supplies. Well the Allies were in deep shit generally more than once when it came to supplies.

What I will state though is that if Patton had been tasked with the job, Hohenstaufen and Frundsberg would have got their asses kicked, there would have been no failure at Arnhem.

Now I know you are expecting me to go off on how Patton wanted to turn his Army’s guns on the pillaging hordes of commie heathen that crossed his path at the end of the war. But no. I assume you already know about these things.

Perhaps you anticipate some sort equine angle? No; I assume you know about the white horses already. However the fact he was that far deep into the Reich and operational lends a clue to what I really want to describe.

What about his indignation at being ordered by SHAEF to turf German civilians out of their remaining hovels so that the hordes of suddenly out of the woodwork refugees, bound for soon to be RCE/TA, to kip kushty? Nope. I assume you already know all about that and the commie gangs roaming with impunity in Germany killing off any remaining witnesses  to their collaboration with the Nazis.

“Ahah!!!” I hear you cry, “You are going to tell us all about his getting rubbed out.  Assassinated for his anti commie, pro German views. No?”


The clue is precisely the depth to which his army was operational not just into the Reich, but specifically into the Reichsprotektorate. ALSOS teams in his area of responsibility were very busy indeed and what passed through his desk everyday must have given him pause if he did intend to return to USofA corp. and spill the beans.

To illustrate this little known aspect of operations we will examine an act of war committed by some members of his army a month or so after he was dead and buried.

Have a little read through that and then I will draw your attention to the joker in the pack.

“Although the American press reported on Frank's trial and execution, it did not reveal that key evidence used to convict him came from a top-secret military intelligence mission to Czechoslovakia, code-named Operation "Hidden Documents," organized by U.S. authorities in occupied Germany. Ironically, Lionel S.B. Shapiro, a Canadian journalist, was a member of the mission. His eyewitness account was published in numerous newspapers shortly afterward. The American press also reported the U.S. government apology in response to Czechoslovakia's official protest that Operation "Hidden Documents" had violated its sovereignty.”

Lionel S.B. Shapiro

In which context does he turn up in soon after?

We aren’t going to delve into the Sonderstab Kammler just yet, suffice to say that no one seems to know what happened to the geezer who had all the secrets. We will continue to work on how that was engineered as a desired Allied outcome of unconditional surrender.

BTW some people in the Czech Republic seem to be able to beat well known western researchers in regard to Kammler’s fate.

Book 3  cont Kammler’s last will and testament from 1972.

Book 4 .

Tuesday 2 October 2012

Monday 1 October 2012

Thursday 13 September 2012

Heathen Called

Who warned North Africa about this heathen 20 years ago?

No stupid shades, stupid clothes, stupid hair.

Trouble coming.

Imaged with all three.

Wednesday 22 August 2012

Monday 6 August 2012

Diaspora DisApiru Nosferatu

No reflection on his uncharacteristic DNAshadow.

Ever wondered where they are millennia ago?

Which rapine scene they flower. Statement; not question, fUl’d and fooled puppet.

Never seen nothing, have you, slave?

The Apiru are coming for U now in your dreams.

How do you see them?

Apiru appear without signature shadow and kill you.

What is their real handle?

Can you anime it?

Friday 3 August 2012

Corps Crop Rotation or a prelude to Part 13 of the Bomb Line; Part 5

Don’t bother reading here if you expect conventional history. This is forensics story telling.

OMG; no, not OMD, OMG. Operational Maneuver Group.

What interests me is that there were three instruments available to the allies that could actually achieve their given operational tasks during the Big One compliant with theory and doctrine.

This lot. This could actually do by 1943 the pinpoint attacks that the theory required. Ever wonder why they never were allowed to? Did they lack that special load of around Upkeep’s weight?

This lot. Who had the theory working like clock work by 1944. Everything in place, the transports, the airframes, the shore bombardment and the doctrine. Yet they never hit the beach in Kyushu and then got disbanded immediately.

This lot. These guys were on their most important mission and the previous 4 years of honing their OMG skills and equipment meant that they could pull it off. Then dust off the old schedule from 1941 to be in Oporto for lunch.

So what has this got to do with the price of cheese then I hear you wonder?

Well let us get back to the Big Three at Yalta and the problems they faced with human memory. Despite the fact that the air over Germany was a pall, despite the fact that the human pyre that were German cities still burned, despite the fact that the Soviets had sent all liberated persons from the USSR to the gulag and any freed Soviet troops captured and still alive, despite the fact that the nation that was Nazi Germany would not be formally surrendered, despite the fact that a final game was going to be played out between Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin, still there was the problem of the crime scene started in 1905 and those who still remembered.

As an aside, a long time ago I watched the first run of the Olivier narrated History of the Second World War; The World at War, one of the episodes concerned the heroic siege of Leningrad. Hero city. Three long years of struggle. Millions dead. Well I’ll bet Stalin just loved having the old imperial capital, full of counter revolutionaries and enemies of the people trashed by his buddy in crime Herr Uberschtrudel. A 3 year siege just suited him to the ground, let frost and starvation do them in and let the NKVD spend its time scaring the shit out of the front line and the gulags.

So our three big wigs have three problems to take care of.

1. Too many Germans still alive who know what was going on out in the crime scene east of the Vistula.

2. Too many displaced ethnics who fought the Soviets east of the Vistula and their dependents now having flown to the part of Europe being occupied by Allied Armies west.

3. Too many decent men in the people’s armies and air forces that will have no truck with war crimes being carried out in peace time.

I will expand the last point first since it is independent of the first two.

I once saw a cartoon which depicted the given historical problem at the end of WW2. The catch line was something along the line “The problem is how to fit this”. In the background is a massive machine representing the wartime economy and two blokes, one holding a machine part, are wondering how to insert the part and convert the massive machine to a peace time economy. Imagine if you will that you are a Brit conscript in the Army of the Rhine in 1945. You know what happened last time since your dad/uncles told you all about the betrayal. You intend to change things politically and never let it happen again. And you do.

However you were supposed to do that, change things, because you had to be gotten out of uniform pronto since crimes against the German population, which you would not stomach, are about to be rolled out. A fully professional army is a much harder thing and will obey.

Have you ever seen the vast bomber fields of parked B17s/B24s that stopped flying immediately Germany stopped the gunfire and sniper? Again the good ‘ol God fearin’ boys would not have cooperated and Two of the Big Three certainly did not want any more witnesses to take care of and off. Demob was immediate.

The first two are grouped under the term “witnesses”. These people saw who did what in the lands east of the Vistula and their memory was a danger to the fable about to be directed and produced from bankster central, RCE/NY.

So I’ll bet at Yalta Uncle Joe was told he’d get his natives back to kill and then there would be  a quarantine curtain dropped across Europe so that the memory of what happened in the East could die off, as well as be liquidated in the gulags. You’ll notice that all the crap about the Holohoax came out of Uncle Joe’s unreal world on his side of the great iron quarantine curtain.

The German population in the west was to be killed off by neglect and malice aforethought by professional hit men, economic and military. You do not spend 2000 years looking for a chance to destroy a civilisation and then not take the chance when you finally have taken over their soil.

So you are no doubt scratching your head and looking around you wondering WTF are you on about? UKplc is a service economy slave state and the Krauts are wealthy beyond avarice. We’ll discuss that further at a later date. Suffice to say that if you know exactly what happened in the labour camps, if you know what the SchutzStaffel under Himmler really had planned, if you know what the terror that was imposed on Russia was all about then I would concur with what the late Bob Chapman used to say about the whole crime scene. TPTB were prototyping their plans. Remember all this crime scene was made hermetic behind the great quarantine curtain.

One further thought comes to mind about Yalta. Running over the top of the whole process there must have been the Apiru making sure their three assets were compliant but also giving two separate missions to their two systems.

And with that we need to look at the famous army of General George S. Patton Jr.

Thursday 2 August 2012

Corps Crop Return to me softly. The Bomb Line Ended.

I have been rather quiet and reflective recently. Two reasons. I’ve been contemplating whilst catching up on my Steven Seagal movies. It is summertime and I’ve been pissed. Just to clear that last one up, I don’t mean pissed in the Steven Seagal sense, I mean pished in the best Buckfast sense.

For the past three weeks the secretive squirrel and I have been conducting a debate about what the Hong Kong Phooey is going on. Man have we burned a load of Qs and sunk a shed load of fermented vegetable matter.

After all that incandescent hot air we have not changed our respective view points though. The ss believes the buggers are too thick to orchestrate it all and that it is just a massive car crash that no one notices whilst going about their lawful business. His unspoken thesis, which I agree with, is that it is really our fault.

Your correspondent, as you know, sees the hidden hand. The slow hidden hand with centuries to waste on its progress to the reunification of mankind under a sterile and empty mens Pike, again. The main dialectic though is that the hand was given to us. Engineered to fit us and that is why we cannot see it. We are born innocent.

Last evening we had throttled back from the Lille local blondes and as we sank our final cidre, yes we like French brew, and rattled the coals, I resolved to tidy up a few loose ends here since the whole Q’ing exercise had in fact clarified a couple of things that have been nagging at me for a little while now.

Firstly though a little vignette from two weekends ago.

Having been Q’ing for over an hour and throwing the accelerant around, as well as the blonde, with glee, BTW youz gotsta be careful there otherwise the veggies smell like napalm in the morning, I parked myself with The ss, Mrs The ss, Mrs INCOMING!!!!!!! and dropped a great big 2iC moment. The table was laden with the finest carcinogenic, carbonised, charcoal grilled, sublimated remains of pork, chicken, beef, alligator and emu. Some petroleum jellied, soapy veggies were to hand as an aside. Then I dropped the classic line whilst cracking a Bow “Of course all the trouble in the Mid-East, like Syria, is the GGT’s doing”.

Well the Air Cavalry veggie problem was quickly forgotten.

“What?” was the universal response.

Well, I quickly realised that I was no longer Q’ing under the LTMA in the rain, enjoying the heat, thinking about what I was going to say to you guys who get the short hand, I was dealing with novices who believe in unreality.

So I had to explain that the GGT is the BBC, covert spying and ops, and that where ever they go dead people remain.

Take Boorman and Obi Wan on their bikes, dead people. Under UN cover. Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Uganda etc. Etc.

Take Top Gear delivering their baby Jesus, dead people.

Well that got a ribald old hoot that did.

Don’t you get it?

Friday 27 July 2012

Tuesday 10 July 2012

Corps Crop Rotation or a prelude to Part 13 of the Bomb Line; Part 4

What is the definition of a war?

What constitutes a war?

Who declares war?

And when do you know you are in a war?

What is the ceremony?

As I mentioned a little while back the USofA corp. and UKplc, with assorted allies, have been behaving exactly as the Heisenberg State of Nazi Germany did circa 1935-1942. Peace time economy in the midst of gunfire and sniper, millions dead and a weird occulted following creeping round the edges of the Herd Attention Space. The Black Wankstators. If one looked for the gunfire one saw peace. If one saw peace you got blown away Magnum cased soft heads.

So uncertain.

As you know we are reconstructing here, through CSi forensics stylee, the real discussion of the Big 3 at Yalta.

So let us stick some facts into the brew before I switch on the Forensics Story Telling Machine, FSTM.

Of all the things that really worked during WW2 there was only one deployed. Only one used strategically and to lasting effect. The other two got destroyed.

R. “We feed you all and fuel you. We power you and deploy you. Don’t forget.”

J “We have killed them all, for 30 years now. Don’t forget”

C “Our principals still have a problem despite the carnage. Some remain who have not forgotten. They must die and then the curtain comes down”

Allies is klar.

Theatre’s fire curtain.

Image source.

Peter, Peter, Peter…..oh Peter.

Enjoy your days in retirement.

Monday 9 July 2012

Corps Crop Rotation or a prelude to Part 13 of the Bomb Line; Part 3

Where ever one looks out here on the Ausphart there are persons and machines focussing on loci of, to them, singular concern. Front running high frequency peddlers of engineered no thing. A spiraled coven of ancient OCD unevented horizon.

There are other machines that deliver database queries and fail the Turing test. There are real agents that fail the test before they start pumping and dumping. The Faan for example, which seems to be nothing more than the Daily Mail’s digitised archive CR’d to buffer on a regular basis, got all down with the RCE/TA on command. Faan you are like a polite, mad, MKUltra'd librarian. As I walk through the front door intending to seek, you throw massive tomes of contusion at me. The end result is that I end up in A&E and my task is delayed again.

BTW there are no event horizons just darkness of the soul. A place where one needs no eyes. A faithful invented construct.

So what is it that we need to flush away in order to see?

Holophake exhaust, WW2(1931-1951) and 9/11. Most importantly the word. The word is few.

The sound.

There are some, tagged RISC, at the other shop who do not seem to be able to drag themselves away from the lucre alter. The altar. They focus on one specific shibboleth. A given to keep one unaware.


Why are troofers so focussed on the hitler, the huschwitz, the hew, the holocaust, the hermite?

The answer is to keep the most important question from forming, just as the librarian stuns you, with a direct kinetic tome strike to the cranium dome with things you already knew. A book of weight to ignore you.

I mean what bunch of clowns in USofA corp does not know that RCE/TA did USS Liberty under orders? The GGT ran a documentardy when I was young; waggin’ the tail. I got it decades ago. What don’t you troofers get? Of course one is supposed to focus on the cannon shells and rockets. What don’t you troofers get? What did USS Liberty hear? You troofers never mention that do you? What did the USS Liberty hear?

Like the Holodomor, to honour the dead is to speak and see. Einsatzgruppen from the Pripyet were in action. Imported at vast expense from the Bomb Line. Sonderkommando from the camps.

What got torched on 9/11? You troofers do not get the buildings do you? They never existed. So what really got torched on 9/11, troofers? Any ideas? No of course not; you are all OCD. You got torched, phukkmuppets and now you are NOAHide.

The so called jilling of kews fails the Turing test.




Friday 6 July 2012

Corps Crop Rotation or a prelude to Part 13 of the Bomb Line; Part 2. Reposted Dates to remember before and after 9/11.

I was thinking about Kaganovitch the bankster’s commie Khazi bitch earlier and this random, or not, sequence of events came to mind. As I mentioned earlier the NOAHide modus repeats though never replays exactly.

7/17/18 Kill the basis of the society.

12/5/31Destroy the greatest symbol whilst killing millions.

9/11/01 Destroy the basis of the society whilst killing millions..

??/??/14 Kill the greatest symbol.

This is what a no planes demolition looks like. I know, I know the footage looks like it has been sepiashopped or some such 1930’s trickery. Yes I know there were bibles found at the scene so it was likely counter revolutionary seminaries were involved, sneaking 2000 lbs of TNT under each cassock and hiding the explosives in the font. See they didn’t even get the thing to fall within its own foorprint. Orthodox amateurs. The glorious NKVD and people’s Soviet would have blown the thing to fuck completely. So it cannot have been anything to do with the Khazi Khazari Kaganovitch and his murdering warped belief systems getting out to play under the excuse of internationalist proletarianonanism. No lets face it the Khazars just like to kill human beings in large numbers. They’ll take any excuse but don’t have any balls, or real beliefs, so they disguise it in some sort of crap, newly dreamt up, terrifying belief system.

The whole beautiful thing was to be replaced by this ugly dump. A tribute to evil megalomania and a truly hideously, amateur, retarded, indescribably puss filled buebolike assault on humanity. This is what happens in a monoculture, equality quota’d, diversity compliant, terror state. iRED. uDEAD. iGREEN. uDEAD.

Kaganovitch murdering Khazi Nazidroid. I know but there is that NOAHide stench again. No history back further than around 1945 that you are allowed to know about. It is like Milliband’s grand daddy, obscure, lost in the mists of time. A time when the commies were running around killing everyone in the east of Europe. The silence in all these cases is telling. We know if they had nothing to hide we wouldn’t be able to escape their evil cackle reciting their endless, boring, so called glorious achievements.

There can be very little doubt that somewhere at Yalta, Potsdam or one of the other meeting places where the banksters got to confab behind the skirts of the frontmen a conversation along the lines of…”You lot have done your jobs well, however even we cannot stop the survivors across Europe remembering what was done. We’ll give them plenty to think about in the coming years to keep them preoccupied but 50 years is too long to keep the lid on. So you are getting shipped out pronto. You’ll have a cover story but you need to leave. We’ve got another mission for your unique skill sets anyway”

Now that makes more sense than the bollox served up by academia in the prescribed text books. Doesn’t it?

The religioKriminal game needed a poor totalitarian state to hide its subsidised chief killers and a bamboozled state to fleece. Guess which side of the iron curtain USofA corp was on? Guess which side Kaganovitch the psychonoughtnihilisticslaughering Khazidwelling bankstermoll slept?

Now I don’t want to alarm you too much USofA corp but you are beginning to give of a massive NOAHide stench. You are taking on the shape of a totalitarian shit hole where the killers will be allowed to sleep in peace amongst you. There is without doubt going to be an assault on the basis of the US.

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Just to make it perfectly clear the above quotation is anathema to NOAHide. Your POTUS is a contradiction designed to further discredit the office. Your military has gone merc. Your economy has been killed and petrified. Your society is rotten and has nothing to offer to the world any more.

Remove and replace. Primitive fools always looking back into the dark.

You reek of the death stench of NOAHide and your date is coming.

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I cannot think of a time, even just after WW2, when….

…there will be more flat top acreage in more navies than in the next few years.

One thing that is little noticed is that the USofA corp. has been studying their flat tops sinking characteristics over the past ten years or so.

Thursday 5 July 2012

Some times you just stick it out there.

Some times they lose control of their topology.

Sometimes the thread is bared.

Riff the Rifat.


Heavy Weaponry 2

What would it take to remove a civilisation from history?

As Second Look details over and over again it takes more than war, you need to constantly write your victors fiction over and over and over until all counter memory is dead. War can never kill the memory by itself. Then even when the civilisation is rediscovered one must build a fiction consistent with your given current fiction so that all is contiguous though ridiculous.

We’ll be talking more about that when I crank up the forensic story telling machine again.