Thursday 31 December 2015

HWW: SNAFU!: China building 2nd aircraft carrier...

SNAFU!: China building 2nd aircraft carrier...: via Defense Ministry Affairs, Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun Colonel A reporter asked. China Military Online rep...

50,000 tons in the Hyperlittoral seems about right. It will be tough as hell, all lessons from UK, IJ and US carrier ops since 1940 related to damage control, hull construction, (MilSpec no commercial rubbish like UKplc since 1945) and operational continuity will have been absorbed.

What this ship really needs is not a VSTOL muppetry analogue but a shed load of hyperlittoral tilt rotors/fans. 350knots on the deck, 3hrs duration, shit load of payload and built like Sturmoviks.


Wednesday 30 December 2015

HWW ChiCommland

China Defense Blog: And the honor of being the operational J-10B unit ...: The 2nd PLAAF Air Division at Shanghai.  Yet another Chinese internet rumor confirmed.  Now a new rumor suggests that the PLAAF has the inte...
"Mainland scientists are developing the world’s most powerful supercapacitor that could make Star Wars weapons a reality.
Prototypes of directed-energy weapons such as laser cannons and railguns have been developed in many countries, but few have made it out of their laboratories due to their size and weight."

All the things that were imagined by the western democracies and declared too expensive for the defence of the west are being rolled out by the banksters latest tools. Just as tank armies were too expensive for the west, so New York financed the Soviets to build tens of thousands of tanks and hundreds of paratroop carriers in the late 1930s, for use against the made naked, bankrupted west.

The sand box and gaming stage has to have been completed by now. All this stuff goes off PDQ unless used and operational knowledge absorbed by the corps d'elite.

Thursday 24 December 2015

HWW: Just as it made no sense to have Germany too weak... the 1930s, hence they got the NASDP, so it makes no sense to make the beautiful island too weak if it is to take part in igniting the HW.

BTW look at these lads in the UN blue skulking around Lebanon.

Look closely at that.

The survivors of UN Rock sponsored mass infanticide are running around saving lives.

Ooooh doesn't the UN make you feel all cosy and warm.

Anyway you and I know that these ChiComms are only there to enable more UN fomented trouble.

Tuesday 22 December 2015

HWW:Pacific Sentinel: Editorial: Chile and the Southeast Pacific

Pacific Sentinel: Editorial: Chile and the Southeast Pacific: The Chilean Navy ship CS Almirante Blanco Encalada (Image: Wiki Commons ) By Balaji Chandramohan The South American country has...

A measure of how far TPP integration of the Eastern end of the Hyperlittoral War will need to be. Expect the Patagonian issue to be decided whilst the HW is distracting attention.

Wednesday 16 December 2015

HWW:That Polish/Czech complex again.

To everyone's absolute surprise, shock, horror, probe; all the people living in Poland/Czechland Jan 1939 , absolutely ALL, were either dead or non persons after the gunfire and sniper ceased in May 1945. Just as had been plotted in New York in 1935 and BIS 1930.

Senang Diri: Forging Sabre 2015 XFS 15 is proof of concept for ...: Six moving targets - the same number found in a typical rocket artillery battery - were destroyed at the same time by the Singapore Armed Fo...

Now I am not going to suggest that we are looking at a rerun of the Polish experience on a small island. However I would draw the promise of a tech transfer by roll over a la Czech experience. Singapore is after all not British, not western, not SEATO not anything opther than a cultivated entity awaiting its owner.

All in concordance with local leadership of course again.

BTW the image of Backfire Cs in one of the post's recent links reminds me of some things from 50 years ago.

Always remember that the commies, stooges and revolutionaries never live amongst the people. They always hang out in billionaires' stolen property or holiday with the azure zillionaires. That is where they get their marching orders and ideas.

Monday 14 December 2015

HWW:SNAFU!: Saudi Arabia is getting smashed in Yemen...what do...

Everything is heating up nicely in the western end of the HW.

SNAFU!: Saudi Arabia is getting smashed in Yemen...what do...: Thanks to Eric @ Eric Palmer Blog! via Press TV Yemeni forces have managed to kill over 80 Saudi-led troops, including 42 Blackwater mer...

Any satellite imaginings? If not why not? A discrete ICBM prep. out of Arabia Felix, targeting Mumbai or Birmingham, would surely be top priority for detection these days?

Who do we know that could enjoy dropping ballistic missiles onto freighters at the southern part of the Suez/Aden corridor?

Saturday 12 December 2015

HWW:Pakistan Tests Nuclear Capable Shaheen- III Ballistic Missile

If the boys in Riyadh and Islamabad are twitchy about what is going on with Turkey getting carved up, then this should give them some comfort as they try and keep their hoods intact.

"Pakistan has tested Shaheen-III, a nuclear capable surface-to-surface ballistic missile with a maximum range of 2,750 km.

The missile test was aimed at validating design and technical
parameters of the weapon system, Pakistani Army said in a statement

"The successful flight test with its impact point in the Arabian Sea,
validating all the desired parameters," the statement from the army's
Inter-Services Public Relations said."
 Pakistan Tests Nuclear Capable Shaheen- III Ballistic Missile

Mind you all of it depends on the ChiComms still playing ball. Once the word is given that it is open season on stone age settlements then all bets are off.

Friday 11 December 2015

HWW:Pacific Sentinel: News Report: N. Korean Leader Claims Country Has B...

"It is 31minutes now. I can't see anyone out there. The dear leader's free pizza better not be cold"

More govt. pixelation of your Korean manufactured expensive HD tellybollox. As I said at the other shop, stop buying expensive hectare eye care screens and simply switch on the radio and get someone to piss in your eyes. In this case the mentallly barnetted swiss schooled scion of fable propaganda myth, allegedly, is pissing in our faces. I mean would you expect a cheese grater to work in that dump? It couldn't get a Dyson to give you a blow job so how are the cloned muppetfaced, massive hatted hoons going to assemble the material, engineers and support unless the whole thing was sub contracted to the creepzoids that gave us ISIS and other fake crisis actors of the scare the shit out of the scum insecurty establishment. GGTF!!!

If he is allowed to play with himself it will be under warranty and with a special needs assistant always present FFS!

Pacific Sentinel: News Report: N. Korean Leader Claims Country Has B...: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is suggesting his isolated regime has developed a hydrogen bomb. Kim was quoted Thursday by the offic...

Tuesday 8 December 2015

HWW:Lumut Naval Town, Malaysia: AIR DEFENCE SYSTEM IN ASIA

Lumut Naval Town, Malaysia: AIR DEFENCE SYSTEM IN ASIA: New STARStreak Missiles Delivery to ROYAL THAI ARMY from 2017 24 November 2015 Defence Studies Thales will start delivering the ad...

Just as the Viets found themselves outmatched by an extensively externally provisioned grass roots people's army, the new weapons here will not be of any use when the old Maoist approach reasserts itself in the geography around Singapore.

Monday 7 December 2015

HWW:Senang Diri: China-US tift over the South China Sea will demand...

Ah the dance begins in earnest. The debate to cover an already, when it was founded, taken decision to facilitate the ChiComms on their way through.

Senang Diri: China-US tift over the South China Sea will demand...: There will be no winner if China and the United States clash in the South China Sea, only losers, victims and targets among regional count...

Now don't be getting all upset and pointing out how weird the "you will breed bitch", shiny supremacist, fascist mini-Gattaca is and how unwerstern traditioned the little Rothisland is. You would  be all modern PrisonMax too with all that money run through you in prep for the big day. If you do raise an eyebrow then you will land in Changi where the UK kept its dregs and droogs who wouldn't play drugs.

Thursday 3 December 2015

HWW:More Maps

So many points to really kick off a good exchange of high velocity pharmacy.

Pacific Sentinel: Editorial: Sino-Indian Border Talks Not Enough to ...: India's Arunachal Pradesh (orange box) is claimed by China By Sarah Watson and John Chen Unless India and China can take...

The two big sandboxes which will achieve the primary aim after all the geostrategic bollox has been swept away is NW India and the Indonesian Archipelago. Only in these two regions will the evidence of civilisation be eradicated through massive exchange of ordnance and starvation of the population. Glaciers and the high altitude wars will be side shows and/or casus belli in this The Big One.

Always remember that every and all peace negs are suffered by the guys who own the money and wealth. They would not possess this wealth if it were not to cause death. They are de facto and de jure merchants.

Which bit of that do you not get?

Wednesday 2 December 2015

HWW: Good Morning....

.....nice map.

I do love the false uselessness of insincere intention.

Whilst the goons that be, get all iGREEN in an attempt to destroy all the smithies, except theirs, by getting all Paris ecoterrorista after a ZOMO false flag and intISISMafia hit on us, everyone forgets about the amount of CO2 expended out on Yankee/Dixie to stop commies getting their fighters all over Cochinchina.

Here we are and you can bet that any Viet nationalist will be getting creamed by the ChiComms soon because they are nationalist and not iDRONE, iUN and iROTH.

Long live the iWAR because it is iGREEN and iGOOD for miGOD and no polar bears were harmed in the making of this iFORCEfarce.