Saturday 29 January 2011

Only the churlish would say it…..

…and I won’t disappoint.

Told you so. Told you so!!!!!!

From a year ago.

Just up in the past 24hrs or so.

Is there nothing in the administration of the West that isn’t RICO, murderous or of criminal in intent?


Friday 28 January 2011

Another Utter Nutter’s Further Mutterings

Today is just a bit of a brain enema, so don’t get your hopes up anyone who despairs of there ever being anything coherent here ever, those of you who keep turning up in hope of something to get your teeth into here. What follows is just a metaphorical flush of this duffer’s mental buffer.

As part of the ongoing psyops programme to destroy our faith in rational investigation the GGT here in UKplc has started to use it’s “flagship” programme Horizon to discredit science I feel. Why? Well the only measure of success in the coming world, now that the last religiotechnical war has been fought and won, is blind faith.

Now that to a rational, logical and trained scientist is scarey. However I now know that all of the stuff we’ve been fed in science is effemeral, a kind of holding pattern for society, a stasis until the conditions are ready again for something totally weird to reemerge.

The creation through collective belief of a limiting future. Using the power of the collective human mind to bring into being a RISC’d reality.

Now the tools to prove this assertion are unavailable. I cannot wander up the leaning tower of Pisa and drop a cannonball and an apple and expect Isaac to survice the impact of one or both on his scone, can I? This stuff is not subject to experimientation, though it may be observable, just. Isaac, Hooker, Leibnitz et al would not be able to help us much in the coming world of the phantasmagorical. On second thought, Isaac would, but he’s long dead.

The real danger to those of us who wish to inhabit a rational and sane world is that the centrality of our every day lives, our raison d’etre, our unthinking 9-to-5 is irrational finance. A philosophy of money that is antithetical to human life hidden in what we are supposed to believe are the three great religions of the world. The three great scams devoted to killing off human beings and creating selfish demi-gods.

So what am I banging on about today? Well a while back I wandered through Suraci & HHQ’s shop. HHQ had given us a run down on what happened to Bruce and Brandon Lee and the following episode came back to mind as I read through some of the comments there.

It reminded me of a tale I heard when I worked with a load of Bulgarian lads who were working in the property refurb business here in UKplc. Good lads, well educated, well travelled, not prone to exaggeration. They never stopped telling me what a commie dump UKplc was, much worse than the country they'd legged it from. No work there though.

So they are in the business of replacing the leky, gas, utilities and general refurbishing of properties and the one property they will never forget is the flat that changed dimensions. Everyday they went back to do more work they had to remeasure everything. Nothing stayed the same. All angles, all the runs, everything changed. And new plaster/sealant/grouting wouldn't dry out. They finished PDQ. They learned later that the guy who lived there, absent during refurb, was voodoo.

Now that may be a tall tale, dunno. Other things have come to mind recently. I’ve read many times that ancient peoples talked of the Sun, our Sun, being a gateway. Not a source of light but an honest to goodness portal going somewhere not manfest in our three dimensions. That of course leads one to consider the many views held by the Rebels of the Electric Universe.

Do you remember the old tale of Nebuchadnezzar and the three Hebrew priests. I believe Neb had constucted a chamber of gold and within the chamber god was present. I think two hebrews entered and three came out.

Gold is also supposed to drive men wild, gold fever etc. I’ve always wondered just what is it about gold? It isn’t really valuable. Only the guys that set up the gold carry trade thousands of years ago said it was so. It is like diamonds, worthless really but clever people have told human beings that compressed carbon stones are very, very valuable and so they cost a fortune.

And yet I’ve always suspected that their really is something very precious about gold, gold in large quantities that is. Did you listen to the monatomic gold story from David Hudson, 4/9ths of the mass of the gold left our reality!!!!

Back to the GGT and their so called science programming. I mentioned this before. A guy whon looked like he’d been left behind when Ultravox were recording Vienna three decades ago decided to banboozle us with the diffraction grating magic by firing single quanta of light and giving us the old particle/wave duality bollox. Well you and me, well if you’ve read at the other shop, know that certain clever Germans have proposed a theoretical model of a hyper reality, of which we are a subset, that might cast some light on the conundrum. Sorry couldn’t resist that one. Tsk tsk.

What if the quanta of light was the mearest vestage, of something existing in 4,5, and 6 dimensions, in our 3D world. Then in 4,5 and 6 dimensions there is a wave like diffraction grate pattern and we only get a puzzle and duality weirdness in 3D. I think I am correct in saying that there is a scientist here in London, whose name escapes me, that proposes a solution to the Heisenberg uncertainity principle. The old you cannot know where the particle is when you know its momentum, or if you know its location you have no idea about the speed. He theorises that the random quantum malarky is just a smidgen of chaotic behaviour manifest in our 3D of a system that is acting quite classically in 4,5 and 6D.

Zohhh,…. I can see your scratching your head. Well this is my blog and if I want to be as mad as a collection of steam driven crack parrots I shall be.

Now if we follow my madness that means that the diffraction grating itself must exist in some 4,5 or 6D form to produce a higher dimensional diffraction pattern as the 4,5 or 6D wave forms, of which we only witness a quanta, produce the classic pattern. Now you’ll notice we’ve just destroyed time. Which is cool because that is what Heim does when killing off gravity as discussed over at the other shop earlier. It also allows us to break causality which if you’ve read through any of the Kozyrev site is a given. Yes it is possible to influence the future, K experimented and showed it is so.

And that at last brings me to gold. It is so inert. And I don’t mean you can leave it alone out in your garden and it won’t rust like say Iron. No it is INERT, inert.

OK lets go back into my madness garden again.

Have you ever thought that the actual passage of time, moving through the universe, could fatigue a substance subject to a toally inert medium. No gases, total vacuum, no light, totally shielded deep down a mine shaft? Well I have and usually in the context of gold. I reckon it is not only inert in 3D, I’ll bet it is gifted with hyperdimensional stability. I’ll bet it is inert in 4,5 and 6D. I’ll bet it has gating and channeling properties. That is the real preciousnessesssss. No wonder Neb had a shed load of the stuff hammered together.

When I was rambling earlier in the week I mentioned Tesla and The Last Train from Hiroshima. When Tesla got belted by a million volt jolt he is reported to have said that he could see everything past, present and future. Some of the survivors of the A-Bombs reported that they had left reality and reached the ends of the universe.

We know that when a big stick goes off it cracks reality and gates in energy from the Zero Point. The clever bods with the telemetry worked that out over half a century ago.

I think you know where this is going because there is no time or distance where we really exist. The human brain. Upload/download point for a hyperdimensional consciouness? Is that where our mind really is?

If so we are being deceived with a view to furthering evil intent which seeks to cut us off from our true potential and wellbeing. The origin of this evil is to be found working full out in the religioKriminalbankstering world today.

That is why this rambling has stayed on this shop not in the other one where it belongs really, because if Blankfein of GoldmanSucks thinks he’s doing the work of his god then he is quite literally and ritualistically putting it out in clear sight.

He and his collection of Abrahamic religious nutters, Djinn bitchboys and boybitches, are collecting all the gold and shitting on humanity guided by their so called holy book. Enjoying every minute of it. Loving the killing. Wallowing in the premeditated slaughter and setting the world up for a real holocaust.

However the fools forget that in their Reduced Instruction Set Criminality they can only operate in 1D, there is no depth to their empty existence, and the universe will fry the lot of them as she has done many times in the past, soon.

Right I hope that ties up the loose ends caused by too much haggis and Talisker earlier in the week.

I anticipate I’ll be off air for a couple of days because your correspondent will be giving it more of puddin’ and whiskey as well as reciting amongst others the following tomorrow night.

As I wrote last year.

Always remember that when "they" heave into view, no matter what title they have, what deeds they claim, what they say they can do for us. No matter how much power seems to rest with them and the philosophies that move them. No matter what violence acclaims them, they never will be, never were and are not our betters. We know that our fight is, always has been and always will be with their masters. That's the bitter twist they deny always.

A Man's A Man For A' That

Is there for honesty poverty
That hings his head, an' a' that;
The coward slave - we pass him by,
We dare be poor for a' that!
For a' that, an' a' that,
Our toils obscure an' a' that,
The rank is but the guinea's stamp,
The man's the gowd for a' that.

What though on hamely fare we dine,
Wear hoddin grey, an' a' that?
Gie fools their silks, and knaves their wine,
A man's a man for a' that.
For a' that, an' a' that,
Their tinsel show, an' a' that,
The honest man, tho' e'er sae poor,
Is king o' men for a' that.

Ye see yon birkie ca'd a lord,
Wha struts, an' stares, an' a' that;
Tho' hundreds worship at his word,
He's but a coof for a' that.
For a' that, an' a' that,
His ribband, star, an' a' that,
The man o' independent mind
He looks an' laughs at a' that.

A prince can mak a belted knight,
A marquise, duke, an' a' that;
But an honest man's aboon his might,
Gude faith, he maunna fa' that!
For a' that, an' a' that,
Their dignities an' a' that,
The pith o' sense, an' pride o' worth,
Are higher rank than a' that.

Then let us pray that come it may,
(As come it will for a' that,)
That Sense and Worth, o'er a' the earth,
Shall bear the gree, an' a' that.
For a' that, an' a' that,
It's comin yet for a' that
That man to man, the world o'er,
Shall brithers be for a' that.”

Thursday 27 January 2011


That brings us back to GOLD, the power of the human mind and diffraction gratings.

TBC, yes I know.

Don’t complain.


Area 51

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Wednesday 26 January 2011

A Blast From the Past.

Recognise much of this?

“The arena for this debate and the basis for our charges of subversion is the evidence provided by the revisionist historian. Slowly, over decades, book by book, almost line by line, the truth of recent history has emerged as documents are released, probed, analyzed, and set within a more valid historical framework.

Let us consider a few examples. American entry into World War II was supposedly precipitated, according to the Establishment version, by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Revisionists have established that Franklin D. Roosevelt and General Marshall knew of the impending Japanese attack and did nothing to warn the Pearl Harbor military authorities. The Establishment wanted war with Japan. Subsequently, the Establishment made certain that Congressional investigation of Pearl Harbor would fit the Roosevelt whitewash. In the words of Percy Greaves, chief research expert for the Republican minority on the Joint Congressional Committee investigating Pearl Harbor:

The complete facts will never be known. Most of the so-called investigations have been attempts to suppress, mislead, or confuse those who seek the truth. From the beginning to the end, facts and files have been withheld so as to reveal only those items of information which benefit the administration under investigation. Those seeking the truth are told that other facts or documents cannot be revealed because they are intermingled in personal diaries, pertain to our relations with foreign countries, or are sworn to contain no information of value.3
But this was not the first attempt to bring the United States into war, or the last. The Morgan interests, in concert with Winston Churchill, tried to bring the U.S. into World War I as early as 1915 and succeeded in doing so in 1917. Colin Thompson's Lusitania implicates President Woodrow Wilson in the sinking of the Lusitania — a horror device to generate a public backlash to draw the United States into war with Germany. Thompson demonstrates that Woodrow Wilson knew four darts beforehand that the Lusitania was carrying six-million rounds of ammunition plus explosives, and therefore, "passengers who proposed to sail on that vessel were sailing in violation of statute of this country."4

The British Board of Inquiry under Lord Mersey was instructed by the British Government "that it is considered politically expedient that Captain Turner, the master of the Lusitania, be most prominently blamed for the disaster."

In retrospect, given Colin Thompson's evidence, the blame is more fairly to be attributed to President Wilson, "Colonel" House, J.P. Morgan, and Winston Churchill; this conspiratorial elite should have been brought to trial for willful negligence, if not treason. It is to Lord Mersey's eternal credit that after performing his "duty" under instructions from His Majesty's government, and placing the blame on Captain Turner, he resigned, rejected his fee, and from that date on refused to handle British government commissions. To his friends Lord Mersey would only say about the Lusitania case that it was a "dirty business."

Then in 1933-4 came the attempt by the Morgan firm to install a fascist dictatorship in the United States. In the words of Jules Archer, it was planned to be a Fascist putsch to take over the government and "run it under a dictator on behalf of America's bankers and industrialists."5 Again, a single courageous individual emerged — General Smedley Darlington Butler, who blew the whistle on the Wall Street conspiracy. And once again Congress stands out, particularly Congressmen Dickstein and MacCormack, by its gutless refusal to do no more than conduct a token whitewash investigation.

Since World War II we have seen the Korean War and the Vietnamese War — meaningless, meandering no-win wars costly in dollars and lives, with no other major purpose but to generate multibillion-dollar armaments contracts. Certainly these wars were not fought to restrain communism, because for fifty years the Establishment has been nurturing and subsidizing the Soviet Union which supplied armaments to the other sides in both wars — Korea and Vietnam. So our revisionist history will show that the United States directly or indirectly armed both sides in at least Korea and Vietnam.

In the assassination of President Kennedy, to take a domestic example, it is difficult to find anyone who today accepts the findings of the Warren Commission — except perhaps the members of that Commission. Yet key evidence is still hidden from public eyes for 50 to 75 years. The Watergate affair demonstrated even to the man in the street that the White House can be a vicious nest of intrigue and deception.

Of all recent history the story of Operation Keelhaul6 is perhaps the most disgusting. Operation Keelhaul was the forced repatriation of millions of Russians at the orders of President (then General) Dwight D. Eisenhower, in direct violation of the Geneva Convention of 1929 and the long-standing American tradition of political refuge. Operation Keelhaul, which contravenes all our ideas of elementary decency and individual freedom, was undertaken at the direct orders of General Eisenhower and, we may now presume, was a part of a long-range program of nurturing collectivism, whether it be Soviet communism' Hitler's Naziism, or FDR's New Deal. Yet until recent publication of documentary evidence by Julius Epstein, anyone who dared to suggest Eisenhower would betray millions of innocent individuals for political purposes was viciously and mercilessly attacked.7

What this revisionist history really teaches us is that our willingness as individual citizens to surrender political power to an elite has cost the world approximately two-hundred-million persons killed from 1820 to 1975. Add to that untold misery the concentration camps, the political prisoners, the suppression and oppression of those who try to bring the truth to light.
When will it all stop? It will not stop until we act upon one simple axiom: that the power system continues only so long as individuals want it to continue, and it will continue only so long as individuals try to get something for nothing. The day when a majority of individuals declares or acts as if it wants nothing from government, declares it will look after its own welfare and interests, then on that day power elites are doomed. The attraction to"go along" with power elites is the attraction of something for nothing. That is the bait. The Establishment always offers something for nothing; but the something is taken from someone else, as taxes or plunder, and awarded elsewhere in exchange for political support.

Periodic crises and wars are used to whip up support for other plunder-reward cycles which in effect tighten the noose around our individual liberties. And of course we have hordes of academic sponges, amoral businessmen, and just plain hangers-on, to act as non-productive recipients for the plunder.

Stop the circle of plunder and immoral reward and elitist structures collapse. But not until a majority finds the moral courage and the internal fortitude to reject the something-for-nothing con game and replace it by voluntary associations, voluntary communes, or local rule and decentralized societies, will the killing and the plunder cease.” Authored by Anthony Sutton and Published in 1976 from Chapter 12 WALL STREET AND

If nothing else we should be certain that the game of catchup we play with TPTB is never ending.

Most of us love and accept the prison. We suffer our Darwinian selection for servitude. They hate our constant break for freedom and deselect for the free through a regular kill. They fear us but love our worship.

It seems like symbiosis, not parasitism. If they wanted us all dead we’d be all dead by now. If we really wanted to be free we’d all be free by now.

Strange but true, the whole relationship does seem like a cruel and unusual punishment for all involved.

Tuesday 25 January 2011

A quick run through the babelbolloxphish

The only thing we need to concern ourselves with, apparently, righteous peoples reclaiming their streets from corrupt North African dictators. Well I don't wish to piss on their parade and good luck to them, but I smell Roth putting in place iGREEN bitchboys and boybitches who will bow to RCE/TA and the new religion. What we are witnessing, and party to, is the consolidation of the Mediterranean under Phoenician power again. If you don’t connect PIIGS and North African turmoil you still won’t get it when you’ve been cleared from the land by imported NOAHide loving, big society drones working for HMG and its proxy agencies

Other really important items, see here , we are being instructed to pay attention to are.

“King says pay squeeze necessary.”Ever since I was a lad all I’ve heard is this refrain. King is really saying rationing for the peasants as always disguised in bolloxtalk.
“Bank of England Governor Mervyn King says the squeeze on UK take-home pay is necessary, and rising wages will be resisted.”What the banksters bitchboy is saying is that we have no intention of controlling inflation, or fractional bank theiving because our whole raison d’etre is to stiff you proles in public and you don’t even get it fucked d'witz.

“Shock contraction in UK economy.”Just wait until the civil service cuts really kick in, then you’ll see a real contraction alrighty.

“Stephanomics Lessons from latest growth figures Will pay catch up with prices?” Any GGT boybitch or bitchboy who won’t tell you that credit is debt, that there is no real money and that the preferred status for the proles is servitude is a courtesan and enemy of you and me.

“UK inflation rate rises to 3.7%” My big fat gypsy arse!!!!!

“Expenses peer Taylor found guilty” Woopeefuckindoo, what about getting a few criminal business persons up in front of the beak. Like the guys who stole all our money and wealth by deliberatley wrecking our lives using the gangster bankstering system.
“Former Tory peer Lord Taylor is found guilty of making £11,277 in false parliamentary expenses claims.”Guess who didn’t get full establishment cover then?

“Sky sacks ‘offensive’ pundit Gray” Rupert's massive propaganda organ for spunking on the proles did what?

“Sky sack football presenter Andy Gray after further allegations of sexist behaviour come to light.” What kind of behaviour? From a purveyor of rumour, innuendo, falsity, lies, doublespeak and down right looney toon unreality? Get real satellite muppets.

“Gray sacked over unguarded moment (UK only)Watch” Who really gives a fuck in the real world?

“Blast kills UK soldier in Helmand” The only real news of the day and it is hardly mentioned.

“Major cuts to BBC World Service” That means the propaganda centre has moved to RCE/TA.

Meanwhile GV has a little item about UKplc being left wide open to this little guy if he decided to invade. As I remarked yesterday and on other occassions, all that defence spending over the past 10 years and there is nothing, absolutely nothing, to show for it except bankrupted and dead peoples.

They’ve torched the Nimrods pronto because they are a RICO crime scene. There is a load of bollox being talked about one of our boomers shadowing ChiComm arms shipments to Mugabe. The carriers will have no UK escorts and will probably hit the water as EUSSR Naval assets. The latest SSN is just as big a money squandering disaster area as the previous one, i.e RICO and make-work.

All that money spent, all those troopers dead. All that security put in place, all those citizens of USofA corp, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Russia, Poland and Subjects of UKplc all fucking dead.

Don’t tell me that we need to spend more on security because you and I know, we are beyond being suspicious, that it is the investment in security that facilitates the terrorist incidents. From 9/11, through 7/7 to 24/1 it is the security systems that allow the killing of the proles in massive numbers.

Go on then prove me wrong.

Monday 24 January 2011

Ever wonder why we’ve been ratted out?

If you’ve ever read or listened to Karl B Schwartz then it shouldn’t take too much head scratching to work out who we’ve got here pissing around. Hapsburgs.

Only well after the incident is under investigation does further investigation find that many of the 16 civilians on board the submarine are highly placed members of the oil and energy industries, and many well connected to the Republican Party and the Bush family.
One passenger, Helen Cullen, owns Houston’s Quintana Petroleum and is a heavy donor to the GOP and the Bush campaign; her family has contributed tens of thousands of dollars to the GOP. [SALON, 2/21/2001]
Three other passengers head the Houston-based Aquila Energy, which has financial ties to the GOP. [WASHINGTON POST, 3/26/2002]
Another passenger, Mike Mitchell, is the managing director of EnCap Energy Advisors, a Dallas firm with ties to the Bush business family. [HOUSTON CHRONICLE, 9/16/2002]
John Hall is a well-known and well-connected Texas oilman who is a major player in a number of multimillion-dollar oil deals, many involving business cronies of the Bush family. And the honorary chairman of the USS Missouri Restoration Fund, the sponsor of the entire contingent of civilians, is former president and Texas oil billionaire George H.W. Bush. [HONOLULU ADVERTISER, 2/18/2001; AMERICAN POLITICS JOURNAL, 2/19/2001]
It is also discovered during the investigation that the Greeneville would not have sailed that day if not for the contingent of what the Navy terms “distinguished visitors” who wanted to take a ride on a submarine. Vice-Admiral John Nathman, who will head the Navy’s board of inquiry, will say of the Greeneville’s voyage, “In my view this doesn’t fit the criteria. It doesn’t come close.…I would never get a carrier underway to support a DV (distinguished-visitor) embark. We’re going to disagree on that.” [CNN, 3/16/2001; HONOLULU STAR-BULLETIN, 3/17/2001] An e-mail sent to the Navy’s public relations office says that the Greenville was slated to play host to “/10 or 12 high-rolling CEOs” finishing a golf tournament. Nathman will call it “Disneyland on a submarine.” [HONOLULU STAR-BULLETIN, 3/17/2001; ASSOCIATED PRESS, 3/22/2001]”

A bunch of degenerates fucking around with tech. they do not understand, magic. Demanding at their whim, pleasure and thrills.

No wonder the towers came down.

WTF is it with USofA corp and UKplc? The voters in those two countries are the most dangerous imbeciles on the planet. They give their executives, without interuption, license to trash the world. To kill and maim millions. To starve billions. Yet these same voters cannot actually do anything about anything. Totally useless. Not fit for purpose.

And there is the rub, the petri dish that is the so called society of the west is sterile. There is no purpose. Just instant gratification and thrill seeking, never mind the consequences or the body count.

10 years ago now.

There was some weird shit was going down around that time. Always enough smoke and MSM/nonMSM sleight of hand to totally muddy the waters.

So whilst baby Bush and his mates were allowed to play with the grown up toys like the muppets thay are as a class, there was some more malarky about to kick off which weirdly, though understandably, has been in abeyance for 10 years.

Remember this? West of the Phillipines. (This I believe is related though much later. South of Guam, North of Indonesia, East of the Phillipines)

What is on Hainan? Big submarines. Anything else? Ohhh signals. Anything else? A shit load of very recent activity now that the Tonkin Gulf yacht club has long gone. What else?

Big supersonic fighters. That’s where the Su 27s were based specifically to cover the coming big fight on the sothern part of the first island chain of defence.

However before the ChiComms go toe to toe with USofA corp on the islands a great deal of state sponsored terrorism is/was/will be carried out by their clients in ISI and VEVAK. Now that suites the suits in Karachi and Tehran. Oodles of cash, weapons tech, training, logistics, free passes and a license to kill infidel. All of it playing into the ChiComms game plan of becoming the A-numero-UNO player in the area.

Here’s a little snippet of what has been going on. Here’s a little glance at the MILF activity that took all the Phillipine Navy and Marine forces out of area so the ChiComms could stroll onto Mischief Reef in 1995.

All this was planned over 20 years ago in Beijing and what have we in the west had in that time? A POTUS that couldn’t keep his cock in his slacks. A POTUS that was a draft dodging chimp. And a POTUS from the neck of the woods where ChiComm sponsored ISI and VEVAK trained Abdurajak Abubakar Janjalani & HizbAllah cells are destabilising the nations around the South China Sea and beyond.

We’ve been sitting on our arses doing sweet fanny adams. 20 years ago the ChiComms couls just about get a J-8II into the air. 10 years ago one of them protecting Hainan got jiggy with USofA corp intel flights in international airspace. This year the ChiComms have got the kind of crate into the air that I’ve always dreamed of seeing in RAF colours. No pissing around, they hammered it together and got it flying in less time than it takes UKplc to swap the plug on a kettle. What have the RAF got? A load of flying cement. Again!

So let us get back to the ChiComms. Have they been busy during the 10 years that we’ve been wasting our treasure and young people in a diversion? Bali bombing?

Well let’s look at what has happened since 2001.

The USofA corp economy is a crime scene.

The USofA corp has gone bankrupt and in hock to the ChiComms (Who likely sabotaged the derivatives market through their agent Li).

The USofA corp has worn out its military.

The USofA corp has spent a fortune on defence and taken delivery of nothing.

The USofA corp has thrown away its freedom and rule of law.

The USofA corp has lost millions and millions of jobs to ChiCommland

The USofA corp now has VEVAK trained Phillipine originated HizbAllah cells in spanish speaking South America.

All the time the ChiComms have been quiet. They got WTO, MFN and the Olympics amongst other goodies.

Yet under the surface something has been fizzling. Subs without doubt. Weather wars, most probable. Earthquakes, could be.

However it is time to break out and the ChiComms have known the big fight is inevitable. Their peak manpower of military age is now.

Something is going to kick off. I can smell the Roth at work and true to form they will kill lots of Christians first.

Either Phillipines or Russia.

If there is one thing that they have never stopped doing to is to kill the Greek mind. A Greek would never have given us Relativity.

I was pondering whether the winter Olympics in Sochi would still go ahead if Moscow was nuked when this heaved into view.

Roth pulling their ChiComm puppets strings, pulling their VEVAK/ISI strings, pulling their HizbAllah and Taliban strings?. I know, I know, but I don’t believe that Mao chucked the Roth out in the 1960s. They are in there somewhere, their signature is millenia old and if you look you can see it in slavery central.

Saturday 22 January 2011

Gold Part 3

This past week the GGT got one of its ersatz science programmes to fire up the bamboozletron, keeping the scum in the dark.

You must know the bamboozletron and its many ways. The many ways it loves us and leaves us fucked.

The foul machine was at work this afternoon on R4 Question Time, which should really be No Real Questions Please, when a faux minister of the Venetian Crown was trying to convince us that everything was cool in Higher Education because the poor (that’s how the Moribund Brothers did it) would always be given a great big helping hand into the Madrassas. For poor, read smuggled-in interlopers who seek to undermine the aboriginals, furthered through use of the blued internationalist crowned.

Well did anyone ask the only question that should have been asked then and there? No.

As always the education debate never gets to the nitty gritty. The real question. The bearer of the poisoned chalice is never challenged on the fundamental matter pertaining to groomation. Why after all that money spent on groomation are 99% of the cremeducated so dumb? Including you oh QC waffler and pestle’s vessel bearer. Why are there no whistle blowers even though it is obvious to a blanded and blinded begger that there is nothing to be gained in the current political settlement but the putrid leperous lucre.

It isn’t just the fact that there is no money anywhere at any time. It isn’t just the fact that accountancy methods are like body count numbers of the cremated, unbeleivable, off balance, totally psychotic, truly bicameral if not downwrite chimerical and untrue. It isn’t just that there is no such thing as economics, just a great big ever rolling 24/7 Charlie Bookeresque liquidity crime scene. It isn’t just that cooption is the preferred state of the rentboy. It isn’t just the fact that all this sickness has a well fed wellspring.

It is deliberate human delusion after the killing stops. A kind of honeyed dressing that the universe wraps the, otherwise gaping, wound. Ignored to soothe for a period of quietude. Soma after trauma.

A state that can be engineered by the 1% who do not need the madrassas.

The 1% who need the Poor to always be here. Always no matter what, where when, or how.

If all of humanity were suddenly to wake upto a magnificent and munificent tomorrow and end destitution, despair, poverty, starvation and ill health, that 1% would immediately plot the sabotage of humanity’s efforts.

That is what happened so long ago that no one credits it. Never ending sabotage.

That is why the poor are a much sought after trinket. The cloak of invisibility, the garment of ostentatious self congratulatory cloaked wealth.

That is why the ignorant are so welcome in the mansions.

That is why the hopeless are fed false succour.

If the carbon fart print of that 1% were to be measured and its integral evaluated we would quickly see that they, and they alone, have despoiled the earth, killed its fauna, destroyed its flora and murdered its peoples.

No one else. Ever.

So minister of the crown, Venetian puppet, Pharoah’s ghillie, groom your poor and set them selectively in your madrassas if you like, bitchboy. I’ll ask the question you never get asked bitchboy.

Are you so poor in humanity that you hate us so, unthinking, draped in your crafted, designer spoor? In your well educated grooming are you so thick as to have never questioned? Are you too stulted to realise that there is no wealth, no poverty, just engineered malnutrition of every facet of the human diamond?

Turned to coal on the degenestrated lathe.

Of course not, you love the groomed comfort of the coopted and intend that isolationists club to remain discrete in every way.

Isn’t that so boybitch? “ She has received over a million dollars in grants, $814,000 from the US government’s “National Science Foundation”.
Her career is a perfect example of how so-called “non-state actors” affect global politics. She and her publishers and faculty are not considered representatives of the US government, but the majority of her funding comes from US taxpayers, via the Congress & President (who are controlled by Jews).
 In 2007, she received a $647,000 award from the National Science Foundation through their “Human and Social Dynamics Program”. This a form of psychopolitics; psychological warfare.
 In 2007 she received a $67,463 National Science Foundation Law and Social Sciences grant, to study international criminal law norm creation.
 In 2004 she received a $99,397 National Science Foundation Human and Social Dynamics Exploratory Grant
 In 2003, she received a $73,000 John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Research and Writing Grant ($73,000), to conduct research in the Balkans.
The National Science Foundation & Its “Human and Social Dynamics Program”

Finest bamboozletron at work. Designed to keep your eye off the ball. Engineered to make sure your well conditioned mind and groomed intellect never forms the question. Diffused from your whimsey. Whispered away to the softened zephyr cumulo nimbus. Fluffed away to lithium’s balm.

Where was I?

The question is.

Why are you always living your lives in life and consigning our lives to death? What are you to eat the most and best, drink the sweetest and divine, breathe all without want. Who are you fools? That live in the finest mansions, always. While away your days plotting in the plotted vine’s sewings. Slaughter by right, sweet meats and herd to bloat your corpse. Voted and vetoed, venal and vain. On high ground your view occults us that demain. Who are you? Reduced in your construction. Differentialed and smelted to Ceasar’s count.

You are a singularity and reduced instuction set. Compounded ignorance and primitive.

A primitive primative.

Baboozletron’s Jim was out at work last week and looked like these Venetian lads had left him time vaulted. A pity because his pubic mind is defaulted. Primitive and Freudian. No knowledge to no man.

If I fired a quanta of light, then I would not be here.

Diffraction gate to Gold. Where did the rest go? Into a load of off balance sheet weightings in the fields

If that has no gravitas with you then weight until the radiation blasts you to meet Tesla.


It has no value, pecuniary, numismatic, transaction, criminal. It is precious to….did you listen? 4/9ths of it has disappeared.

Just like all of us.

Thursday 20 January 2011

Gold Part 2

I was going to try and take you through my random walk of the other day, and bearing in mind that the Bard’s birthday is heaving into view and yours truly will be giving it some of the dram, puddin’ and wee beastie amongst others starting from Sunday and that means I will not be compissed mentis until Monday 31st at the earliest I really should make a start on it.

However Maximum Max heaved into view today and I listened to MT kicking in the burners.

What can one say?

Well close to home the Easyjet, shitheap theiving borough, of the Corporate Pirate Ship City in the world’s, recently demoted, 6th largest shit heap has decided to charge residents £100 quid to park their cars in the clip joints known as Controlled Parking Zones. Also the flag ship cultural centre at the Talley Ho is going tits up because the borough’s subsidy of squillions of squid a year is to stop. I checked with my chums at the weekend and asked them if they remembered me saying that this situation would occur all those years ago when we heard that the Old Bull Theatre, great place, was to be abandoned. Yes they remembered me predicting that the programme of events offered at the new shop would be so multiculti politically correct up it’s arse that noone would pay to see the gigs unless at vast public subsidy.


The place is a desert. A spiritless vacuum in the midst of a mini Pater Noster Sq like concrete lined wind tunnel giving off the correct faux Hollywood vibes with a Paddy Power glowing in all its verdant spendour night and day. These days if I want to see Mark Thomas I’ll travel out to Enfield or St Albans, anywhere, other than that souless rip off just round the corner.

Typical UKplc. The NHS is being destroyed again before we have time to get proof that the last round of destruction was a failure. Our libraries are going to be sold off to property developers through a so called consultitative process where a hope of saving the day will be held out only to be dashed against the rocks of theivery. Totteridge and Whetstone library anyone?

Get this clear UKplc everything that we paid for is to be stolen, that hasn’t already been stolen, including the Post Office. How come it handed Gordon a smooth half billion cool a year until he decided to cook the books to make it look like shit in preparation for flogging off to the New Rachmans? The hospitals are to be removed, renamed and offered to foreign clients and patients. Any native going near a UKplc hospital will be culled. That is why they intend putting nurses through a university qualification, brain washing them, just like doctors. Talking off which, the new GP driven businesses break Adam Smith’s economic tenets. Whenever you get LSE spokespersons telling us that the new NHS is a great idea you better get ready for rickets and scabies returning.

So am I going to get back to the GOLD yet? No.

UKplc have you considered that what CoL did to the Irish, Highlanders, Indians, North Americans, Chinese, Russians, Japanese, Ukranians, Koreans, Khmer, Karen, Germans and most recently the Iraqis, CoL might be going to do to us?

Oh that cannot happen say you? Well you weren’t listening to Maximum Max and his guest or MT. The oligarchs are clearing us out, subtley but surely, especially in RCE/LC. Why? Rock/Roth cannot stand us and the Roth ops are now running out through the RCE/TA.

As Celente says current events etc. So looking back at the Roth Entity’s hench men’s operations in the early twentieth century we find the plan to destroy Russia and Germany being executed. Once the operation was completed the entity’s troopers were transferred to the new theatre of operations RCE/TA. Anyone notice a correlation between dead Ukranians and dead Iraqies. All done legally. More to come. Current events etc. Or. By their works shall ye know them.

The question is will Roth use the sacred weapons out there? I think they will, the Kennybunkport warning just spoiled things. It didn’t stop the op. Persia/AfPak might get toasted.

USofA corp, if the gig has gone to Shanghai, is being set up along the lines of Russia a century ago. Why else have you got an alien as POTUS? Discredit POTUS as the Tsar was discredited and the French King was discredited as King James was discredited. In the background the religioKriminals were hard at work, just like today.

Every deal is a crime scene in this economic system. Every POS event a full stop in a murder trail. Never forget.

At last.


When the U235 handed over the U-235 (did you know that uranium penetrators, not many I admit, were issued as antitank ammo to the Wermacht?) along with the IR fuses and personnel, the U-235 was encased in gold. It must have looked akin to gazing into the Ark of the Covenant.

TBC. Aren’t I a pain in the arse?!!!

Wednesday 19 January 2011

Come on Lads. Green, White & GOLD.

Third time lucky?

As I remarked a while back there is nothing to lose.

Remember it is planned this way. It is planned that you arrive at this point. This point of betrayal.

Remember that their wealth is a crime scene.

Remember noone is coming to your aid. Why? You are not afflicted.

So grasp their plan and take charge of it.

Do not riot or resort to mob violence. They hope you descend to their methods and modus.

Use the Rigorous Voting Method, capture your freedom, and apply it at all times.

So fourth time lucky.

Come on the Phekkin’ Irish.

Gold Part 1. Wanna puke?

Then read more of this.

Why don't you like gold?

"That is a sensitive personal matter. Trading in gold has the feeling of something from the past. I know our family used to trade in gold, and as a trader or the owner of a business that trades in gold I actually like it. But to hold gold as an investment, in a safe - for me that is like holding government bonds. Both bonds and gold pay close to zero interest and for me that is untenable. Maybe it's an approach I adopted because the family had the good fortune not to get entangled in the failure of Russian government bonds in the early 20th century. My grandfather went to Russia and decided to sell all his holdings there. It was sheer luck that the family did not lose money in the wake of the Russian Revolution. Personally, I no longer trade, so I am less involved in what is happening in the market."

Tuesday 18 January 2011

Saturday 15 January 2011

Flag Falls i.

No one absolutely, no one actually comes out and says the obvious.

Forget the falling shit, just stand back and look.

i9/11 was an iSNUFF movie.

So the next one will pass us Ibye.

What are we looking for next?

Here and here .

The next one is the real one and will demonstrate to us if the funny money PONZI press has relocated to take the piss out of young men and women.

Military set backs are OK if the money is there to dump on the soon to be dead.

No money and soon to be dead means the special still of fiat lucre has gone from us.

Just looking, at the center of ops in RCE/TA.

The signature has been always unwise the same.

Betrayal after betrayal after betrayal.

Expect nothing but betrayal, that is what a human resources, little red book, manager reviewing that CV would say.

We must understand that action is not the antidote to the mallaisse. Minute applied thought is.

Listen hard and listen long. The infinite wailing of all dead that were and are to come matches the printing of counterfiet everything. Even death is a fraud in the perpetual theft of life.

All you legions….

The new Jerusalem has not misdirected Rome. Look closely at the return to Rome’s, today, fools.

The Affliction awaits, again. In iBabylon.

Are you not getting the Icyclic yet?

The Icyclic harvests the pigs and kills them in their luxury. The Icyclic is derived from our hate. It is iProdded from us in our envy. The poor fools elevated to be in Icharge do not understand the power they release from us.

That is because the, our wII, is us and not subject to iCSI.

If they can get their heads together and perturb causality? Cause fiat money to fart its disturbance. Emit a great stain on humanity. Bewitch the ignorant and fool the stulted. Soil every minute of every day with crime and grime.

To sour our soul and every action into a murder.

Imagine what WE, all the beautiful free billions of us. could do.

Game on.

They are NOT.

Anathema and welcomed to it.


Friday 14 January 2011

Magik and Technology

As I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion the guys in charge would laugh at us if we developed a stargate and warp drive. We need to under stand that. That is why we get a taylored view of human progress such that we stand back in amazement and wonder saying to each other “We did all this!”

What no one ever comments on is how transient all the tech. is.

In the West we are supposed to fall for the Euclid, Archimedes, Pythagoras/DARK-AGES/Renaissance, Steam, Flight, Nukes, De-industrialisation, Servitude/DARK-AGES.

There is only one technology that matters. The perpetual tech. The immortal meme creation.

The influencing of the human herd. Not just influencing but delineating it’s assigned course. Not predicting but assuring the chosen path is plod, they are in no hurry.

Causality is in peril when these clowns get their heads together. Whatever they are putting in place can wait for the local planetary alignments to synch with the stellar.

Meanwhile Catherine Austin Fitts has been thinking about what the goons are up to now.

Wednesday 12 January 2011



The Diary of Eyevyl Phekker aged 33.666 non ISO units.

This was intercepted today by our scrying network, forgive the bad quality of the transmission and swearywordyness. Something seems to be going wrong on the dark side. Tsk tsk.

“Dear Diary,

A most discouraging day. The human subjects show no signs of submitting to our will. Indeed they show more and more resistance to our machinations every day. No matter how we knive there are still those who keep pointing at us and laughing, the ungrateful, jumped up, soon to be under my lash and submiTTING TO MY EEEVIL WILL…....oohh I got all expectorant there. Must calm down.

Some of the subjects are onto us, our dark divinations have been….well divinated. There is no end in sight to their resourcefulness the dogooding swine wiLL FEEL THE STING OF MY VENGE…ooh MUST calm down. Deep breath.

I WILL SMITE THEM FROM THE SURFACE OF THIS……..oohhh, ooohh I almost said the word there. Must remain calm. Deep breaths.

There, that’s better. The ingrates and useless collections of skin and bone think they’ve had it bad. I’m doing my best!!!!!

This one in particular. Listen to this will you.

Eventually the Truthers in the bleachers look to each other, shrug, and say, "Well, the losing team must WANT to lose - that's the only way it makes sense." Is that it? Are you folks happy in this abusive relationship, a relationship where a government that you fund with your very own tax dollars ends up being your Big Brother and controlling every aspect of your lives? Hell, you must enjoy it on some level - maybe it makes you feel safe, or maybe you're a masochist, but you sure seem to enjoy getting hit. If you like it so much, fine, just stand there with your thumb in your mouth while the elite keep setting up these problem, reaction, solution scenarios where the solution is always to take more of your freedom away.

How does he think I feel. I’ve been flogging the life out the clowns night and day for millenia. My claws are calcified and petrified with the weilding of chains. Balrog’s have it easy. I’ve battered the clowns into submission century after century and still I’m not King of the World. “Look at me”, hasn’t had a chance to escape my splintered lips EVER!. Disheartened, he’s only a beginner.

I’ve invented sweary words and blasphemy that make Beelzebub’s soul stealers shrink. He’s worried about…..well hark unto his own words.

So now of course they are trying to push restrictions on "incendiary speech". Okay, let's look at it logically without all the bullshit and see what happens. Should violent speech against politicians be outlawed? That depends. Is it satire, or is the speaker actually wanting to harm someone physically? What if it is satire, but someone else misunderstands it and carries out a violent act? Those are good questions, but the first thing we should clear up is that if violent speech against politicians is bad, that means it's bad for everyone, even us sheeple pee-ons (politicians are so arrogant - their elitist roots are really beginning to show). How dare these snobs act as if they are the only ones important enough to be protected from violent speech - THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO WORK FOR US (yeah, it doesn't really work that way, obviously, but that's what the rulebook says), and they're also supposed to (gasp) care about our well being.

HE thinks he’s got it bad. I’ve got legions of the damned working for me and a damned good portion of the infestation currently billeted down there and still, still I don’t get the kow towing or the down right crapping of pants my labours deserve. What do I have to do to get them to finally give up? What have I not done to them in the past that would have turned other mortals into quivering wrecks? Why do I always get the difficult ones? Why meeeeeeee…I’M GOING TO SMASH THEIR PUNY LITTLE…….calm, deep breaths, a sip of lemon tea, deep breaths…. Ahhhhhh.

Diary would you believe it? He goes and rubs salt in the wound, the cruelty of it all. After all I’ve done for them. Listen, though my tears blind me.

This article I'm about to link to has these politicians talking about how they "prayed" after the shooting. When I hear these people mention prayer, I have to wonder - who did they pray to? Did the entity in question have pointy ears, and was he holding a pitchfork?

Of course they prayed to me, and by the way I have been told that I’m rather good looking. Pointy ears indeed!! However because of you nosey parkers and stikkybeaks always getting in the way, something has gone wrong with the evilnet. By Satan’s seemless trouserings I’ve been doing my darnedest to envelope these spawn in a cloak of hopeless darkness but some of them don’t get it. The ungrateful Mother FUCKING……”

After this the scrying goes haywire. Sweary words are used that even we hadn’t thought of and an endless series of smashings and crashings ensues, punctuated by a solitary “oh my tea..” then a…click….brrrr.

H/T Bryan at Rate of Dissent. The Worst Football Team Ever.

So let us all take heart. No matter how bad it is for us and our team. The opposition are even more phekked over. Team Omega sucks.


Tuesday 11 January 2011

Question Time.

Are you a bitchboy or a boybitch? Have a second or two to decide. OK then what is it to be?

Neither! Good; you’ve broken with your Rotchschild Pavlovian programming. Not for you selling out your fellows for a fist full of fiat lucre and a plasma screen brain washing device.

However things are not as simple as all that.

As you know your correspondent has for some time now been entertaining the idea that we heroes in the West, you know the Capri, jaffa, shitheap place, are going to sell out, nay may already have done so, the beautiful island.

What does it say about the orange squashed Turdistan that is STASIland that such a thought can be entertained?

Well first things first. The current occupants, soon to be displaced or cleared, have no idea where they came from nor from where their ideas sprang.

Just as the Scots cannot quite handle the fact that all their historical saltired heroes are catholic. Just as the English cannot get their heads round the fact that there are no Angles or Saxons around, so the concept of democracy has confounded the UKplc electorate. We never got round to asking ourselves and answering the following. Who are we? Though to be fair to us we were never allowed the opportunity because we are constantly manipulated 24/7 by the Statan.

Secondly because of this uncertainty we have been wide open to attack and infiltration from long established religioKriminal networks. In our case the one operating out of Babylon. Just as the British cannot conceive of themselves as being anything other than the guys in the white hats so the realisation that we’ve deliberately tried to trash everything we came into contact with on behalf of CoL doesn’t register. And on behalf of CoL we are now trashing ourselves.


French, ruled England, we trashed them after centuries.
German, ruled England, we trashed them after a couple of centuries.
Russian, our buddies agains the French, we trashed them from mid 19th century or so.
USofA corp, constantly shooting their presidents, fomenting war, burning their Whitehouse and stealing their cash, trashed them after 235 years or so.
Chinese, trashed the dump from end to end, our PM’s family was part of that. Now the slavers are our bestest buddies. We’ll trash them again if and only if the Ponzi sheme stays centred in CoL.

Now the question UKplc needs to ask is simple; are we bitchboys and boybitches who will go along with the Rothschild Corporate Entity/Londonistan City? Do we look forward to St Pauls growing four Ziggurats like Hagia Sophia did last millenium. Or knowing the clusterfucked clowns that seek to dominate our attention space in the UKplc they will have a rigged competition, the end result of which will be the GREENing of the dome in astroturf!!!

So what is the deal UKplc? Backbone or no backbone?

We need to decide quickly because there are disturbing indications that the always victorious funny money machine has abondoned UKplc for a billet in Shanghai. That should scare us shitless because as we cast our gaze out over the past centuries the guys who were not home to Helicopter Ben’s fiat currency inflato all got trashed from one end to the other. Dead people everywhere, except CoL. An unbroken lineage of Rugby, OxBridge, CoL, Rugby. No death squads chasing the reactionaries around the quadrangle there. Oh no. Group think par excellence for export all over the world. However if the religioKriminals have gone east then the quadrangles of England will run red with blood first.

Then I stepped out to do some errands and chores and stuff………

…….and came back to sit down and stuff my face for din-dins time. Again C4 snooze was chuntering away in the background and what do I get first thing after the fire extinguisher business is some dozy propagandist reporting from USofA corp. reinforcing the message we’ve been getting since the latest phase of gun control and internet censoring cranked into gear with the shootings in Az. Message from our C4 chums? USofA corp is politically seething and rent down the middle. Gun possession by law abiding citizens is BAAADDDD.

Well I’ve got news for you newsboybitch, this all smells Menshevik and Imperial Russia circa 1905AD, designer chaos spurred on by our death dealing religioKriminalsbanksters and their bitchboy in the Whitehouse. I also find it interesting that the deed was carried out on Hapsburg lands. Oh yes, Serbia anyone?

Another thing C4 fool. Apart from USofA corp, I could be wrong but don’t quote me, everywhere else on the planet has guns in the possession of criminals or ZOMO, not free citizenry. What is wrong with law abiding citizenry bearing arms boybitch? Oh I know, you’ve been vetted as a true internationalist so that’s the line you kow tow. If you don’t you’ll get your career shot away.

After that mindbarph C4 News really hit the afterburners. It was Goebbles Gobshite Towers time. Oh yes some bint from Country File, another John Craven (the name says it all) Tavistokian mindbleaching for the masses, complained that she’d been discriminated against.

Oh wail, oh woe is me and there shall be a great wailing and gnashing of teeth.Let me rend my sackclothing and cast ashes upon the ground.

Let me put this into perspective. If you choose to run with the propaganda arm of Pirates Direct then don’t give me any crap when the pirate ship makes you walk the plank, you fucking plank. If you want to be taken seriously in any matter boybitch then you’ve got to stop taking the piss and drowning in Champagne in the Cotswolds at the BBC licence payer's expense. Choose to devote you life to something meaningful, then if you get dissed we’ll all storm round and deliver some of Dip Ing Herr Doktor Stahl Toekapp’s tincture of Justice. Otherwise we do not fucking care.

Well hammer home a radish and debagg me if we didn’t end up looking at what a dump Bristol is next. Our heroine was suddenly knee deep in heroin and she thought street walkers were like Mata Hari. This is a successful 50 year old business person. Well that tells you how little the average business person, successful or not, knows about anything other than spreadsheet terrorism.

I’ll bet they all think that “THEIR” money is real!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA, ignorant fucks.

Which landed me nicely with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall after 9pm and the EU fisheries policy which seems, in true double speak totalitarian communistbankster style, to be eradicating fish under the guise of protecting the stocks. Then we get a Professor of fisheries telling us that the fishermen who are knee deep in dead cod are imagining it all. He’s got graphs you see, you’ve got piles of dead fish.

Oh yes you know where this is going, don’t you? Stalin, Maurice Strong’s cousin Anna Louise Strong, Soviet agronomists and millions of dead people. These clowns never change. Scientists, all bought by the foundations.

Mrs INCOMING!!!!!!! could see that the idiot box was about to head out the window on a parabolic trajectory, so she enquired about what I thought about the whole prog. bearing in mind that I am and always have been a HF-W fan (his alcoholic ginger beer recipe has been road tested here many a time, hic!). I replied that the EU was intent on killing off anyone who knew how to feed us. Fishermen, farmers etc., when you cast your mind back to how many outbreaks of this, that and the other have caused massive culls of live stock over the past decade or so that is the only conclusion, collusion.

Public administration has been co-opted in the West today just like in the East a century ago by the bankster toadies.

Then I remembered what I was originally banging on about.

If we let the beautiful isle fall to ChiComm slavers then the answer is that UKplc is, as I have always maintained, an amphibian gazing enviously from the watermargin at the vertibrates out in the grasslands. That USofA corp. has de-developed into a simpler life form from the magnificent vertibrate it once was and has decided to join us in the slime and ooze.

Munitions and Minions

H/T Combat Fleets of the World RUSI thinks we are going to have to get the Home Guard out in rowing boats soon. Doesn’t it really piss you off UKplc to find that we are assigned the role of propagandists and conjurers in the coming NWO. That our children are to become peddlers of lying fancy, even though they will get to live their lives, the successful ones that is, with Ziggurat builders in the Cotswolds?

If the Abos here in UKplc start to burn the listed buildings where our overlords intend billeting themselves then this will kick off. H/T War News Update

If we don’t riot then the riches down there will be handed over to Brasilia’s control. The ground has been prepared. Rothschild’s Big Pink Propaganda Organ made it plain that there should be no desire on the part of anyone, look away nothing to see here, to get jiggy in the geology down there. We know different.

I know, I know, I know. You’d rather give credit where credit is due so you’ll be sticking the big pink one in your face rather than this little rag. Well tell me this, who’s been spot on about the carriers then?

I told you the RN would never get them. They are going to be home ported in Brest or Toulouse and the whole farce, long ago conceived, will become apparent when the costs are made clear by inference. Not because we’ll get a shufty at the books, they are to be kept secret, but when someone gets round to costing the mods which have somehow got to be coming from European funding, then we’ll see that the EU navy’s surface core was built in UKplc.

Oh and who else has been correct about RICO and the F35?

Gates did not cancel the F-35B STOVL for the USMC. Although the following could be a representation of what Gate’s replacement will do to the F-35B if not the whole F-35 program once he tires of the fraud.

As I said UKplc we are to become a dumb nation of spooks, spies and propagandists.

Tokyo Rose ring a bell? Lord Haw Haw? Bagdad Ali?

Now you’ve got it, do you feel insulted?

Monday 10 January 2011

Davos 2011

No not him, though there is more going on there than meets the eye.

You know where Niall, the weirdly named forgotten Scotch ├╝berbitchboy propagandist, hangs out with the religioKriminalrats.

So lets get the bolloxbabelphish to work then.

They've got some issues “The Annual Meeting 2011 will convene under the theme Shared Norms for the New Reality. This theme reflects the foremost concern of many leaders today - namely, living in a world that is becoming increasingly complex and interconnected and, at the same time, experiencing an erosion of common values and principles that undermines public trust in leadership as well as future economic growth and political stability.”

Lets get with the translation for us, the vulgar and unwashed.

The Annual Meeting 2011

[Noone lacks for a square meal, cosey bedlinen and pneumatic ladyboys at the end of January then unlike 90 percent of the rest of humanity]

will convene under the theme Shared Norms for the New Reality

[Oh fuck me, are we going to prop up the bar in CHEERS? What a load of arsebark. There never is a new reality just never ending death being dished out year after year like always. Jumped up fuckedwitz].

This theme reflects the foremost concern of many leaders

[Check out that word “leader”. Examine it, rotate it and view it from as many angles as you want. Gaze upon it. As usual with these fools the word conotes the opposite. Lets do a double bolloxbabelphish on this word especialy for this occasion.]

[[LEADER. I especially like

2. a guiding or directing head, as of an army, movement, or political group.

Well if you’ve read my little note about wankstators you know what a directing head is! What these guys mean by leaders and leadership is a bitchboy or boybitch who will do what they are told, basically. So from that we can deduce that we, you and me the great heaving mass are lower than whale shit and even thicker.]]

today - namely, living in a world that is becoming increasingly complex and interconnected

[bollox to that, the world is getting simpler and more monocultural with each passing day. The diversity is being eradicated. Everything is to be reduced to a cell in the great big universal spreadsheet within which red means delection from exisistence. What they are really moaning about is how hard it is to keep the pony show on the road without the great unwashed twigging to the fact that it is all a religioKriminal Ponzi scheme.]

and, at the same time, experiencing an erosion of common values and principles

[well fucking stop it then you goons, you are the clowns that are up to the turning everything to complete shit]

that undermines public trust in leadership

[ you’ve got that correct, we don’t trust you and your operatives as far as we can throw you]

as well as future economic growth and political stability.

[Awwwww diddums, no political stablility. Every family has been undermined by your so called chosen “leaders”, every family faces chaos and yet you slobs cannot handle a bit of instability. Go fuck yourselves.]

Look at their partners, look at their co-chairs. Spreadsheet terrorists every last one. You wouldn’t leave them in charge of a nursery would you?

Today one of these so called leaders met with the representatives of human organ & body part thieves and slavers.

Now remember these Davos slobs hunted high and low, chose the scion of an old wealthy family with ties way back into the murky past of dealing death to the Imperial Chinese, and then this leader of ours sits down to do what. Get Tatra, an Indian High Masonic company, more access into the slavers so called market.

Two things this tells us.

1. The leaders they want us to accept are just plausible front guys with religioKriminal family backgrounds.

2. Most of UKplc doesn’t realise that it is soon to become adherents to this religioKriminal belief system no matter what faith or otherwise they follow at this moment.

Oh, I almost forgot. I wonder how many children got an invite they couldn’t refuse to this year's Davos? (Late H/T VERITAS6464)

Sunday 9 January 2011

You still do not.

…get it.

You clowns in the 9th largest shit hole are going Roth/ChiComm.

Old people leave and die no matter what they believe.

And then it goes blanc.

There is no Winter coming.

I dare you.

This is a random walk.

A lott of unconnected stuff coming together today. Well the only connection is your correspondent. Let me Monte Carlo you through some of my favourite reading places, dropped by on, during the last 24hrs.

I don’t think anyone remembers what a USoA corp farce looks like. Instinctively McArthur was correct, Truman didn’t know what was going on. Not really. You need to stand back millions of miles and thousands of years to see.

Go on then how many of your forefathers were sheltering or dead 60 years ago tonight? Somewhere frost bitten on the island .

So where to next?

Spooked of course.

The Mysterious Death of the Baghdad Airport Commander
This is a posts that got oddly deleted. I had held onto this post for a long time, because I wanted to more research, but at this point, I’m not really finding much more and I’ll just write up what I have.

My original interest was the strange death of the Baghdad airport commander:
“Donald P. Christy, Lt. Col, USAF, passed away April 21, 2008 in Colorado Springs after an extended bout of anxiety and depression.”
It’s not clear what happened; how he died. There is strangely little about Christy on the net, except the Greg Mitchell article linked above which asks if he committed suicide.

What I do know is that there are plenty of stories about a horrible fight at the airport and about the use of unconventional weapons, such as a neutron bomb, during the fight for the airport in 2003. See also here.

My main thought here was that these two things were connected and that Christy was “suicided” as part of a cover-up of what happened at the airport. While suicides are pretty high for returning soldiers, I have never heard of a senior officer like Christy committing suicide. So there is something odd about this death.

I should point out that I am well aware that Captain Eric May, one of the purveyors of the neutron bomb at the airport stories, while sounding reasonable in the linked pieces here, is a questionable character in my previous dealings with him on a message board, and is a complete “Israel is the root of evil” shill.

Nonetheless, it may well be true about a neutron bomb being used at the Baghdad airport (a small one, perhaps in the underground tunnels that were supposedly used by the Iraqis) and that Lt. Col. Christy’s death is connected to it. We certainly know the US regime is capable of it.

Listing like ArkRoyal, no MILSPEC tugs, just gangster bankster refusegees out of Gib.

6000 year old ausphart Phoeneicians.

How many.

Did you get that?

Space…Environment, Environment….Habitat, Habitat…Earth..iGREEN.

Using the old what the fuck it means switcharoo….iGREEN= silent earth.

Death. More death.

Beleef iszz is whet oo arbt


Concorde fuel fire in an inside leg measurement.

All smiles.

Astradyne and Heterodyne.

Repeating. To speak unrelating. To wander.

Back to…Forward to…Stilled and stunned.

Fuck me this shit has gone Lalaland.

The shooter was all, go vetch, Churchill.

Black shirted and loving it.


Getting it yet? Getting ready to ditch the ersatzaboriginal?

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Have some smooth smother until you do.

Slave century awaits the alive.

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