Friday 18 November 2011

More Aarsefaan

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OFM Pudsey the PSYOPS bear is shaking us down tonight.

Have you noticed that in Stalinesque stile, the hurdle has been overcome and there is more mention of Christmas this year on the minion screen.

Phukk the patch eyed bear.

Let us see.

Why not give the mother an Armalite and let it loose on the boardroom of the GGT, shake down the false charities operated out of RCE/LC and then shoot the clown full of psycho tropics and unleash the stuffed fool in any beach paradise on the Med where the thieves and their extended families juxtapose their pleasure organs.

That should free up a shed load of false lucre.

It is all a load of Bollox.

Go on then GGT carve your over stuffed salaries in half and stop shooting up.

Nah the self grooming fools think they have a right to wallow in their own fiat shit.

Talking of which I note that someone has clocked the Turing fail.

“Blammo said...
"YES, that is what is going on!"

Are you kidding, Aang? This from a nebulous, one-line commenting blogger who censors comments? Comments from the person whom their post was directed at? Comments which challenge their objectivity?

I'd say that's either an ego run amok, or the pot calling the kettle 'black.'
November 11, 2011 1:34 PM

IT is supposed to be a schoolgirl cooperative. Nah IT is likely this boybitch’s chummies cranking out this shit’s memory to rack up readership numbers.

IT is nothing more than a corporate database query dump. Admittedly, with a very recent, inhabited carbon based life form front fooling around with the corporatistas’ database memory barph.

Go on then wander through the output. Year after year of Turing fail. Go on then fools, Turing test IT.

Anyone promoting IT is either thick as two short ends or an agent.

IT has been on the watch list since IT started shitting on the RCE/TA. If you read here regularly you will know why that flagged the phukk up. Then IT did a Jimmy Saville database query on us. I know, IT does not.

IT knows nothing.

Do not let your children anywhere near the GGT.

It is full of procurers and your loved ones will be drugged, dead meat.

Thursday 17 November 2011


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Hector the phukkers.

I am not an intuitive.

I am not Phukk D’Witzz.

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I know it is a tad early for the weekend, but do schedule some time with a large snifter, and then enjoy. You’ve got 13, so far, episodes to battle your way through.

Don’t forget to bring the full nine yards. I have never seen a knife fight so well arraigned!!

I have pulled this one for your delectation because if you’ve let the excruciating “musik” that swamped the beginning of everyone of her “witnesses” spilling their guts minddrifts drive you to buying a toucher to kill every last big cat in sight, then you will understand what is coming next.

Fairy stories and folk tales actually communicated and transmitted lore and knowledge and warnings to poor persons.

Rich, soon to be poor, persons get wonderful wankstator bollox. Empty, jaffa bollox. Still producing progeny but sterile in spirit and gullible, cullable and dullable in extremis U-bend disposable prophylactics culpable perps of the iCSI.

Do not enjoy, go and straffe some wildlife.

Phukkmee I forgot the whistleblower’s bollox as well!!!


Well that is the Philippines phukked!!

Waterboarding was reintroduced for the modern terror state age by the surfboarders when they sojourned in Mindanao.

The Philippines has been an age old friend and ally of the witchbitch’s boybitch-bitchboy-abortched-scrorched-earth-predecessor holders of the wonderful office of Secretary of State of USofA corp. making a phukkin mess of the aboriginals’ corpses in all copses of the world not yet heathenised.

As I’ve said before, anytime the GGT hall their spying arses through your country you can expect a massive body count turning up pronto.

Guess where Top Gear sauntered through a year ago or so? Where are they this year? It won’t spoil your surprise when the Saagwala Murg hits the fan then.

So you can understand that when one sees the foundation heathenoid, empty skulled, vacuous-tart eviloid, soontobedeadhuman-rights spouting, feminista-killer-khazidroid telling the Philippines that everything is cool, after many GGT visits, I’d be getting the phukk out of dodge.

I’d also be getting my head down in Darwin. The Darwinian’s are going to be getting a heavy dose of natural selection by gunfire and sniper.

An unnatural attractor has just pitched up.

Can you speak Bahasa?

No kidding.

Big Lifters Update.

Image Source (yes I know).

Continued from Update.

Military transport: US prepares to lose its lead on the heavy lifters

"Now the world of these delivery trucks of the sky is set for a shake-up, as the production of long-dominant aircraft winds down and new competitors come to market.One of the transporters facing an uncertain fate is the Boeing C-17, the workhorse of the US Air Force – which has more than 160 of the aircraft.Australia, Canada and the UK also operate C-17s – it is used by the Royal Air Force for the “air bridge” between the UK and Afghanistan, transporting troops, armoured vehicles and medical evacuees.

No shit Sherlock!

Now that we are entering an age, again, when a rich industrial power can develop its own military technologies, not our own weapons against us AlCIAduh style like the 1990s, not Mi-Hi patsies like in the noughties, their own MilSpec tech. to use against us; do you seriously expect these things to be used in anything other than scheduled milk runs? If this could be taken down by RPG(?) what do you think is going to happen to the fat transports when ChiComm mobile AD systems get deployed?

Even if we had a mentalist determined to send the droning A400Ms in to a hot spot, the guys in the Treasury(or real PFI owners) would nono the whole ploy. How much does one cost?

So expect them to be dropping milk powder and grains to starving persons to justify their existence.

It was always so.

Wednesday 16 November 2011

Jubilee? NoThankeee.

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Here are two quotes from my other shop, the less sweary one, relatively.


Long derelict. Within the geneticmemetic and systems emetic there is a correcting mechanism called the Jubilee. Since the contrived economic philosophy cannot do other than concentrate wealth upwards, impoverishing the 99%, those who described the magik to their practitioners instructed that there be a different way of administering, the still, corrupting system for the administrators of the scheme.


This simple pattern repeats throughout and in a more complex age might the Kondratiev be the manifestation of this given? For those, outwith the elitists' Jubilee, their experience is, emetic, designed depression and death.

No successful practitioner will ever challenge this given economic system once within. It is Pavlovian amnesiac.

If you and I can see this simple truth, why do you think that no seat of learning can ever explore these lines of enquiry now?

This JUBILEE notion is only treating a singular symptom. I told you that you had to keep an eye on Maximum’s NOAHide compliant footwear, didn’t I. Reebok and Nike and all the other sports related trendy sandling are NOAHide compliant. I bet you didn’t realize you’d been co-opted, did you?

If the power to create nothing from the aether is not destroyed then the game will simply start again.

In order to remove the disease, the pestilence, from our existence we need to cut to the end game where the infinite evil in a finite space aims to do the same as we would do and destroy all concepts of money. For in a NOAHide AGENDA21 slave plantation there will be no money, no property, just communal evil. Concepts which were introduced to humanity by the eviloids operating out of the devil’s monetary/false spiritual/ death cult temple and ritual complex.

As a start you could seize the imagery creation power, destroy all false memory, and erase all need to watch overfed clowns pursuing professional sports. Do it yourself, don’t buy a new minion screen and plant some beetroot. Do these autonomously, persuade one other person each month to join you and task them similar and before you know it you will have so rearranged the political terms of the economy that you and your colleagues will be in a position to start wrapping up the proclivities of the most toxic activity ever known to man.

Kill money as debt, kill off all financial instruments, kill off all idea of store of wealth in inanimate objects and before you know it we will all be free.

All 7, 8, 9 billions of us.

Become a true instrument of real change, become for once in your life; human.

Right then sweary word control is now, OFF.

Or you and your progeny will be consigned to oblivion, you know, where the skanksterwanksterbanksters and the NOAHide minions want you to believe you are only worthy of. That’s what their eviloid boss wants you to believe. That you are only deserving of domesticated oblivion, kept like phukkedwitz livestock in Marie Annetoinette’s oligarchic pigsty. Capable of nothing but repetitive ceremony, ritual and worship for ever and ever Amon Hotep. Wanking away your lives.

You phukkmuppets. Fucking stop it. Wake the fuck up!

Tuesday 15 November 2011

On the other side of the Harem curtain. Part 1.

Did you hear that?

I think it was definitely your correspondent who, after clocking the unreality spewing onto Milblogs and Milspec sites, noted that USofA corp. would not be able to finance another tailhook party, when the dollar was a minute percentage of its 2007 value and the price of everything was valued in gold, never mind police the commons as a good unheathen nation should. And lo it did come to pass that the pennies are dropping amongst the newly proselytized heathenoids in Ba'al's country now.

If the muppet that spanks manoil all over the pixels at this blog could see that all coming down the pike then we can all leap to the conclusion that 2+2=6 and note that it was all planned that way, no matter what spunk drenched nonsense was getting pumped out of the defence think tanks over the past decade.

These highly paid holders of advanced degrees in applied phekkwittery don’t seem to know anything about history nor about the unreal world of magik money. I’m not talking about programmes of colour, this blog seeks to remain diversity and PC compliant I hope you note, but the root of all evil; stealing gold and generating money as debt from the aether.

If you understand the following progression, which the anointed with the PhDs don’t seem to be able to get their fat heads round, Sumer-Baalbek, Babylon, Carthage-Athens-Rome, Venice, Madrid-Amsterdam, RCE/LC-RCE/NY, RCE/TA-RCE/BS then you will already know that my suspicions are that the pirate base at RCE/TA is getting ready to ditch the west and linkup with their bestest chummies in the ChiComm slaving paradise. Aren’t they just so well suited to each other?

I love the bit from the quote below “intensify counterterror, anti¬smuggling, anti-proliferation” Well RCE/TA-RCE/BS if you’d stop the terror, cease the human trafficking and stop causing trouble then you could fuck off back indoors and get the kettle on for a peaceful cuppa. But you cannot; can you? You are NOAHide compliant and cannot cease until the whole world is cloaked in your eviloid nonsense.

With that in mind let us look at what might be getting revealed about the other part of the long range planning process in the Muslim Brotherhood’s NOAHide compliant hood, the other side of the Harem curtain.

He noted that the proposed Deep Corps special operations force supports a new op¬erational concept coalescing within the IDF called “the operational arena between wars.” Under this new concept, the IDF must be prepared to intensify counterterror, anti¬smuggling, anti-proliferation and other op¬erations beyond its immediate and interme¬diate circles of enemy states to the so-called outer circle of threats.

First thing to note is that it is highly likely that if we are getting to know about this deep recon stuff then it is most likely operational, not planned, actually up and running most likely riding off USofA corp. assets that still exist but are soon to disappear. Diego Garcia? Might go ChiComm. Go check the territory swap in the Caribbean between Spain, Netherlands, France and Britain over the centuries as each waned. All covered by fighting through private armies and navies. Financed by whom? Of course you got it. ChiComms are sniffing all over the Maldives right now.

As an aside I think that the reason we found B17s in Europe and B29s in Japan, just wander through the Bomb Line stuff to see my further musings on that, was because the USofA corp. was never supposed to be in a European war. Europe is Roth territory after all and it has taken 70 years to finally get the Rock noses out, after turning the USofA corp. into a heathen dump.

Anyway let us examine my crystal balls and pop on the non-linears.

The Roth pets in ChiCommland have been given a Nazi license, that is a Shacht like patent to be free of the main Ponzi scheme for a limited time, at the same time as the main Ponzi scheme has desiccated the west. That means the Rock territory in once again directly subservient to the senior branch; The Roth. It really did stick in their Roth craws when USofA corp., not then yet heathenite, told them and the remote control muppets to get the phukk out of Suez almost 60 years ago now. Well no longer, USofA corp. heathenoid zentral jumps, thanks to the brood mare Dunham getting knocked up with made to order and on spec Roth scion. Now that is long range planning all righty and you can do that stuff when you control all the debt based finance in the world and are a transmillenial inbred crowd of eviloid muppets.

What RCE/TA is signaling with this change of mission is a process of managed introduction of their new soldiers into their back yard. When USofA corp. leaves, pretty soon, then the last thing these pirates want is another unmanaged asset causing havoc so near to Roth’s golden throne in the 3rd temple. Roth does not want their trained ChiCommChimps, hence forth denoted as CCC which is fitting I feel, like Stalin going off the rails and letting the power go to their heads.

It is instructive to note that the IDF strike fighters have been tearing up and down the Med practicing for a strike in Iran; well that’s what we are told. UKplc RAF pilots have to go to the funfair to get airborne but the RCE/TA pirates get to zip up and down from RCE/TA to Gib. All day everyday, no expense spared. Oh and we are also supposed to be looking at a major strike into Iran using dumb smart bombs and a great big fireball. Well I've given my suspicions about what is really going down here. The real fireballs will again be seen around the Indus.

Weeellll; what if Iran is being managed just so, like Russia was before Stalin went rogue, like Germany was before Hitler proved so effective, what if Iran is not the target? Though it will get clattered if it goes off script. What if the whole thing is a great big shine job so that we don’t notice we’ve been managed out and the CCC managed in?

And that takes us to Darwin next outing, amongst other places.


Image source.
Has there been any rad release detected at the scene? If so that will be the mobb's MOP I'll wager.

OK chums what do you make of this then?

Image source.

Is it the ChiComms at play with an installation that is too big to get into the Turbine Hall? Are they phekking around with some sort of reconsat spoofing tech?

Have a swaatch.

A bit more info.

It isn’t the first time that work shy phekkwitz have draped stuff over other stuff and then stood back with a plum on their thumb awaiting a round of applause. However the ChiComms don’t do art in the desert. This is not California circa 1970, this is 2011 when all the money in the world has been stolen and noone has food or water anymore. Forget the farting around with flowers in your hair, the Zabriskie Point moment has long gone.

So are they putting the shit down or uncovering something. Check the image carefully it is full of what I assume to be ATV tracks and there are signs of there being more stuff under the surface on the periphery of the main scratchings.

Are we witnessing their version of Dream Land in Nevada or is there something esoteric going on. The proximity to Tibet would give pause for reflection on the weirder traditional myths concerning that area.

Is it the Earth’s Barcode?

And are we beyond our sell by date?

Monday 14 November 2011

In Your Imaaaginaaation.

Image source.

Did you watch the Abu Dhabi GP yesterday?


Beautiful circuit.


If, like me, you clocked the GP background shots you will have asked yourself “How come it looks so Monte Carlo?”. Then remembering the tax take here in UKplc from petrol duty, petrol stations are simply tax collectors, and that the tax disappears overseas into fake charities and so called dividends, then there is no doubt in my mind that we in the west are subject to a tribute levied on behalf of our masters on the luxury yachts littering Abu Dhabi’s harbour.

Remember these slobs have never contributed anything in any sphere of activity that can be called actual work or effort.

All the bum boat dwellers sat by and merrily let the Panzers roll past or the U-Boats snorkel around or the Stukas dive bomb and never, ever did anything themselves to resist anyone or anything unless the banksters heaved into view with a shit stirrer and loads of forged currency.

So how come they get to park their sandy arses quaffing fine champagnes, arsebandittery and pummelling slave boys and we get to hand our taxes over to them whilst the local hospital shuts up shop?

Now I do not believe in that IQ measurement shit, self reinforcing prejudice is all it is, but let us for a minute suspend disbelief and imagine it is spot on. Then I would humbly suggest that the average denizen of the west would be found way over on the left hand side of the Gaussian distribution in the decile labelled “Too thick to breathe unassisted”.

It can be the only answer.

“Oooohh INCOMING!!!!!!! You’ve gone all anti-semitic on us” I can hear you splutter over your keyboard. Well wipe the tea biscuit splatter from your minion screens and read on smurphshitforbrains.

I’ve noted the area around the Gulf (originally named the Red Sea) several times now. At least twice I’ve mentioned the confusion and cognitive dissonance, long since removed from the ausphart, of a coloured USN serviceman who when the liberation of Kuwait was kicking off protested that he wasn’t at all hipp with the idea of freeing a bunch of slavers from Saddam’s rightful wrath. He got canned and likely as not spent time in the brig.

You see all we’ve got inhabiting that dump from Kuwait all the way round to Yemen, the Queen of Sheba’s old knocking shop, are slavers and thieves. Workshy racists, lazy misogynists and rabid heathenites. How you can expect anything other than phukkmuppetry from them in places like the UN is beyond me. I mean do you really think that they give a flying fuck about the slobs in the concentration camp in Arbeit Macht Frei sur Med? Do you? And if you think that these inmates would be anything other than in on the scam to fleece us in the west if the Pripyet Marsh terroristas were not garrisoning Rothschild’s pirate base, then you really are in the percentile on the very, very left hand side of the Gaussian. There is nothing in their history pre 1947 that would trend otherwise. Don't give me any oil embargo pish either. Wadi dwelling Stone Age heathenistas of the djinn. Enemies of freedom and alien to democracy. Yet mysteriously chock full of all sorts of istas funded by foundation money, whether it is feministas, liberationistas, environmentalistas or NWOistas. They’ll sing any agenda for free grub and a stash of porn. So just like our intellectuals then. Inimitable to the ordinary punter.

If, as I’ve highlighted on two occasions there is a clear and present danger from these clowns to our way of life, here and here, because of their complicity with shenanigans sponsored by the Rothschild operatives in our government then you can see why anyone with a spark of genuine engineering nonce is going to get vaped or patented to death when over unity machines are researched. They are never going to be interested in what used to drive the west, scientific discovery, they are truly dark age emissaries.

It is a massive and complex racket designed to drain us of wealth and then once we are empty you can expect them to sell out to whoever steams into view with a shed load of readies. ChiComms or Hindus they don’t care just so long as they don’t ever have to do any work.

If you don’t believe that we are deep shit and likely deep sixed then read here and watch this.

Oh and if you don’t drag yourselves pronto over to the right hand side of the Gaussian then you deserve to get erased from history and every one of your streets controlled from the Minaret you retarded smurphmuppets.

Take Away

Image source

If you know anything about the Easyjet borough then you will always be asking where are the Chinks?, in this the most Holocaust Survivor of boroughs. Everyone thinks of Japs or Russ or Pakis when this heathen place is considered but no one ever thinks Chinks, why? Why should they be so visible and yet invisible. This is the largest concentration of them in the RCE/LC after all. All tapped into the slaver network. The local take away, not its real purpose nor appearance, just before handing over to a South Asian overseas shipper, though not the controlling interest which remains Orient bound, got a lonely singular proto-cockler I’ll bet , to chip away at the pavement edging stones with hammer and chisel, no power tools, until he’d fashioned an access from the street onto their property. All cleared though the borough council’s graft macht frei network.

What do they do here? They are nowhere to be found, unlike the other half of the boroughs crime nest, messing around on the political theatre or the happy box.

Well every public transport node has a loverly chuck wagon, that is obvious, location, location, and location. And if you’ve ever swanned through the chop suey provisioner shops you’ll be left wondering about the British Leylandesque style over manning of these places, so the basics of what we’ve been told about economic theory are destroyed right there and right then. Yet they remain curiously redacted from history. Very few are their numbers in education whether teacher or pupil.

With this rattling around in the background of the windmills of my mind, yesterday as I listened to Rundfunk4 I actually paid attention to the hagiography of one of the muppets that were determined to destroy UKplc after 1997 through massive illegal immigration of crime families and their retainers, and instinctively I knew that there was a shine job on.

Tom Watson MP
Available to listen
Edward Stourton profiles Tom Watson, the MP who took on the Murdoch media empire.

That is after all what Goebbels’ Gobshite Towers is for. Pravda sur Salford, the STASI Khazidroid news. The Amnesia Gazetteer und Pamphleteer Bomber. Then I clocked this at pascasher’s shop .

Oy, so called, awkward squad member why don’t you ask some real questions you bitchboy?

Like “Where is the phukkin chinkbitch with the happy fists?”

You know; the inbred ChiComm mare that Nixon’s CIA creation is horizontal jogging. The front who doesn’t get political protest in her elitist oligarchic manufactured tiny teeny triad boybitch mind.

Tom Watson boybitchboy for the djinn and Mafia soldier.

Sunday 13 November 2011

November 13/14th

Image source.

…and always impecunious people had a rest.

No longer here.

The Bomb Line Part 11. Jin money creators of the djinn.

Image source

Continued from The Bomb Line Part 10. Crisped. Not Smoked. Nor Gassed.

Ever wondered who redacts time?

Ever wondered why things happen sooo slooowwlllyy…and then concatenate to pico second chaos? Ever wondered why your contrite perception is not a YOU conceive iota? Ever wondered why there are so few things that actually make sense in this world? Well that is because the good guys are the bad guys in disguise.

I have a lot of time for Bob Chapman, though his hunting license is not as extensive as Maximum Max’s, he does not do the religious aspect of the religioKriminal enterprise. (Or perhaps he hides his light under a bushel.) The Ponzi scheme, the iAMscam. Max does get in there with diatribes but is always NOAHide clod; you need to notice these things in order to work out the scrubbings of the ascribed.

A little while back at the other shop I touched on the interesting tale of a Jesuit missionary in 17th century China coming across a bunch of desolate Hebrews “the decrepit Hebrews discovered in the 17th century near Peking” which perhaps is related to the writings of the Jesuits named here. You know me so when I read Jesuit, Spain/Portugal and then Rome combined with voyages of discovery, I think Ba’al Hammon and Phoenicia.

So a little while back I stumbled upon this “Jews Assists Ancient Chinese to Make Earliest Paper Money: Expert

Notice in this account the dusty donkey driving survivors have degenerated into nothing, and yet. Yet. There’s one of my suspected perps again. Spaghetti boy. What was you real Star Chambered handle china? Going out east exploring. Nah, going out east and checking up on progress so far. A recon mission and report back, keeping the old LOCs pinged.

Do you really think that anyone but a muppet would fall for the old “Piri Reis Map” cover story? Do you think that only muppets would believe that “The institute, best described as a fifteenth century research and development facility, included libraries, an astronomical observatory, ship-building facilities, a chapel, and housing for staff.” was anything but a Ba’al Hammon outpost. Note the stupid hat, stupid clothes and, if he had them, stupid shades are assumed.

Not far from Cadiz it was.

Anyway just consider how much effort it took to get China blasted from one end to the other after Marco turned up and clocked that the natives were due for a massive dose of Affliction. Abrahamist clowns; the lot of them. Babylonian Talmudists, Muslims NOAHidists, Christian Ensatzgruppen, More Talmudist Babylonians, His nibs Hong Xiuquan a Christian Heathen, The Fools Golden Heathen Horde and the Kiddie Fiddler on the Roof, and now they are running a Nazi state free from Rock/Roth control, apparently.

So there we have it; a good 600-800 years to kill off a society and culture. Don’t get me wrong I’m no proselytizer for Confucianism, but it did not cause the Anthropomorphic Global Desecration that monotheist heathenism has and will continue to do.

How long to do the same to the shit house that has this for culture?


Saturday 12 November 2011

It is all warming up nicely round the Plain of Jars.

Image source. (I will ask you to consider Brezhnev’s Chink double cracking the light.)

Memory source.

Very, very interesting goings on in the Ho Chi Minh trail lite area.

First Five Boats Arrived At Mekong

Hmmmm I wonder what were these poor slobs running from?

Bonnie and Clyde-like or getting ready for the gunfire and sniper.

Sorry fools, but whilst you watch the new Muslim Brotherhood harem curtain come down, just like the bamboo curtain was a falsity, just like the iron curtain was a prophylactic, the real big one is brewing nicely.

The body count around the Med, the Phoenician Lake, is only rounding down and up.

The real account will be measured in the hundreds of millions.

Why am I sure about this?

The proportions of sacrifice are relatively constant; the dead are a product of the living, the soon to be unalive.


Didn’t see this coming!

Image source.

Well not exactly.

The stench around the clown tells you we live in a bankster orchestrated end game like Russia 1905 or Germany 1931.

Though it has been known for several decades by the Soviets that the advent of the Bazza was at hand .

Being catholic in my listening tastes I do wander through almost everything and so my ears picked up at 32 mins here.

However Malcolm X. being his sire, well that takes the biccy.

Have a swaatch.

Friday 11 November 2011


Image source.

How would one characterise the state of UKplc at this very moment?

We would of course need to examine some evidence to perhaps come to a conclusion so let us start with the NHS today where Hinchingbrooke has been cherry picked by a private entity to start the death rationing process.

I have several problems with this process and to help identify my concerns lets have a little chat about posties.

Do you remember when the UKplc Post Office would hand over £500m smooth per year to Gordon Brown? Do you remember that? Then Gordon got the word from his bosses that the land the post offices were sited on, especially the sorting offices in RCE/LC, was wanted and that they were to be handed over pronto Tonto for a fiver. Immediately the accounting profession got its magic abacus out and voila the UK Post Office was making a mega loss, poof!! out of nowhere the spreadsheet terrioristas provided the ammunition to trash the lives of everyone in UKplc.

So when I see the words “loss making” or “troubled finances” attached to anything the public has paid for you know the terrorist crime accountants have been making suitable adjustments on the financial fantabulous slide rules.

That is one of my troubles with this whole process. The other is the very idea on which our economic system as crime scene rests.

Put bluntly there is no debt, no losses, no financial accounting because money does not exist. There is no profit, no red ink only a state of mind engendered by the Derren Browns of the accountancy profession.

If you and I know this then you have to ask two things about these so called business persons who extol the virtues of market capitalism in its current degenerate form.

They are either thick as two short ends and deluded, or they are criminals in on the iCSI. There is nothing in-between these two states.

So why the fuck would I want fools and/or criminals getting involved in the process of delivering children into the world, caring for the elderly or putting the injured back together again. I mean would you trust the biscuit persons to do anything other than taint your food 19th century style?

A further cause for my concern is that the criminal mindset will also be a slaver mind.

I worked for a short while here in the Smoke for slavers. Oh they were ISO this and Approved that but their basic business model was slaving. You see it is too difficult for UKplc business persons to do anything other than suck at the tit of government or thieve or slave. That is all they can do. We’d get Portuguese gang masters to drive our Brazilian slaves. Open borders, globalisation and the benefits of a multi-Kulti shitheap. Their spawn would be the children everyone was watching looting the streets a couple of months back.

You can understand my further concern for the safety of the travelling public in UKplc when one considers that all the contract staff, supposedly security cleared, at UKplc airports will be getting handled by orgs similar to the slavers I came to know and despise. All that taking off your shoes, scanning your toiletries and grooming the children never to know what freedom to go about your lawful business was. All this rubbish to stop a bunch of made up phantoms from CIA central casting killing us all. Bollox!!

If I was a genius master terrorista with a groovy hairdo I’d start a contract cleaning company and buy the contracts at Luton airport.

Oh yes I would, for here in the Easyjet borough I know the cricket club breakfast club I’d tool into and get to chatting with the geezers carving up the business locally. Just like if I wanted a bit of plumbing, chippying, sparkying or anything building work related I know the boozer to park my arse in and start buying a couple of drinks.

So let me sum up what we’ve got here.

The NHS will be handed over to ignorant fools who believe in nothing, at best. At worst, and much more likely, the care of our health is being handed over to a bunch of lying, criminally intent, slaving clowns who cannot deal with capitalism and are likely to be infiltrated by any real terrorists out there.

Now that UKplc is a debacle.

Thursday 10 November 2011

The Swaatchers

Image source

Where I come from the word swaatch has two general meanings which I will demonstrate in the following sentence.

Two fourteen year old lads, usually on school premises after school has long closed for the day, having gained access to the property via the ubiquitous hole in the fence, are furtively swaatching at Big Boobs and Minge which the bolder of the two had just swaatched from the shelves of a local newsagent.

There you have it.

To swaatch-to look at, to have a weee keek at.

To swaatch- to purloin, thieve, lift, remove from circulation that which is not your property.

Did you notice when everything economy wise, pre 2007, was supposedly banging along on all 16 cylinders like a demented double V8 on nitrous, that the place was knee deep in people doing absolutely sweet Fanny Adams. Here in the Smoke there were herds and herds of persons of working age tramping around the streets, parked on their arses and generally soiling the pavement by their being inactive bums. Or perhaps something else was going on. Perhaps they were mostly gainfully employed keeking and swaatching. This is RCE/LC dormerburg after all. I came to the conclusion they were getting stipended from overseas charities and most likely Mi-Hi. They were all well fed and had plenty of readies to flash in the local coffee houses, unlike the charity shopping elderly poor who shuffled of this mortal coil, alone, cold and mal nourished since their stipend from the state had been stolen by the fake charities operating high frequency euthanasia machines out of the Isle of Dogs and the Square Mile.

Just what use is UKplc?

These strolling and coffee swilling goons were being employed to keep tabs on us, I reasoned, by twitching the lace curtains on our internet lives and since I clocked at least one that I’m certain of, there were bona fide swaatchers of books and the written word.

I’ve mentioned this particular fat life form before. Their task is to remove from any location, libraries(job done long ago), charity shops, house clearances, car boot sales etc., the older texts written before the politburobankster approved academics in the west rewrote everything deemed not politically correct.

On a slight diversion I would have to say that modern academia has to be the most anaemic sterile activity on the planet. A truly worthless pursuit of the void by the empty. Exactly the epitome of idle hands doing the devil’s work.

Anyway more of those useless stipended Mi-Hi-iQ muppets later.

If you read at my shops you will know that I am expecting a Library of Alexandria moment soon, amongst other predictable repeats of past tragedies. Like TNPH. The signs are all out here that we have discovered too much about what passes for reality in the west. We can now look at the Manchester Mafia; I wonder who Shipman really fronted for, when they affront us and laugh at their Todtmuppetry. God they hate that in Engel’s town. To think that all those men have died to keep these clowns safe to read their empty books. Then they buy the legislature to import their slaves because the locals expect too much. How ignorant of us to expect something after all the dead men with no grave or resting place in this heathen world.

Take today’s stouchie about poppies here in UKplc or Londonistan or Rothschild’s sacrificial chamber or The Heathen Hive. If we are to believe the lubed and lucred assortment of multi hued, trained chimps and hive minded drones that barph all over us like nauseous bagpipes every day in everyway at the appointed hour and half hour. If we are to believe the Newsroundesque 2 minute newspew inspired by the evacuated heathen’s pawn John Craven, a man has never been better named, then it would seem to be of no small import that wearing poppies, in some form tomorrow, is required of those who remember the poor misshapen slobs and their unfit masters who got slaughtered in their millions so that fat pimps like the brothers Milliband and the scion Cameron could talk nonsense all day everyday.

It is a mark of how far the UKplc maternal line has fallen that they cannot instruct their weaponised brood that Red is the colour of the Kabbalah for that period of bloody issue.

So no poppy if you really understand what the brave men, heart broken women, devastated families and their abandoned orphans were really fighting for.

I’ve digressed; so back to the stipended, false charity workers who trawl the world removing old books and texts from existence. It is what they did earlier when the Phoenician false catholics left the Phoenician lake, again, to kill off the memory of the Americas.We’ll call them book burners because that’s what they always like to tar others with. I watched one disinterestedly as she swaatched all the old books, pre 1950s, from a charity shop. Didn’t matter what subject, they all ended in her swag bag. Only later that same week when I saw the same, identically clad old gadgie, swaatching in another charity shop further up the Great North Road did I pause and analyse. Same modus. Then again, much later.

Paid to remove memory.

Swaatcher and sorceretrix.

As I said the signs are all around that amnesia is going to be delivered to us soon. Go on then Kindle Kinder; play with your toy when the Lithium batteries are all gone. What you going to do then? Jerk off? Strum yer clit? Well it is the same thing since all you will read on the Kidlegarten is mind sluice prepared and censored for you, prepacked onanist revised edition workshop mindslop pussygoo and babybatter, by highly paid wankademics who’ve never dared think in their ersatz magimix lives.

The latest spunk drenched G-spot outcum of heathen herpix mindmuppetry you can read and listen to here.

Talk about a wheelbarrow full of horse kack from the Khazidroids!!!

Everyone else is to forget. Forget, but the djinn worshipping fools will sacrifice every last memory on this earth to keep, the useless to humanity though sacramental to the mentalists and their heathenoid godless djinn, the unwitted and lethal scrabbling of the scribes safe.

Phukk offski, Phukk D’Witzz.

So that is the swaatchers, Thethievers of life and with that, yes you’ve guessed it, we’ll be pursuing the Watchers over at the other shop a stage further.

Is the dolly up the duff?

His brother ought to be checking his 6 if so.

Wednesday 9 November 2011

Propaganda. Playing with fire & Playing with words.

Image source.

Maine, Coal, Cole, Main.

This mysteriously blew up. Then there was a war.

These coals could blow things up, whilst there was a war. Then everyone forgot!

This got blown up all mysteriously like and now we need to know about it. We are not to forget!

Main Stream Media before what blows up? Why now?

However as I’ve noted before, the New Pearl Harbour, when it comes, will likely be to the disadvantage of the USofA corp. This time round the USofA corp. is the exhausted, fractured and ossified Spanish Phoenician Empire.

Tuesday 8 November 2011

What is it that makes you puke most about the NWO/OWO?

Image source

Is it the fact that they think we are all too stupid to notice a fakir?

Is it the fact that they think we are all blinded by the various paid and unpaid agents of muppetdom spewing nonsense, broadcasting barphdom, making bitchboydom a great boybitch career move?

Or is it just the general stench that surrounds their spastic marionettes?

What is it about this malarkey that they think we didn’t notice?

Do they seriously believe that we cannot see what a precarious balancing act these one shot crown bearers stagger through?

Or is it less to do with the trappings and more to do with their obvious game of going back to the future?

The reason they do this stuff is not just because they hark back to when they were pharaohs on a special dias, it is because they hope to imprint on our DNA the habits of serfs, by repetition, over and over and over ad infinitum. I mean could you do this without pissing yourself unless you knew, sincerely knew; you were an instrument for effecting stasis?

That is only one facet of the shine job on us. They are never after change, only their limp tools talk about that, they require restasis.

These types of hidden meaning, though obvious, ceremony, ritual and worship are what really makes me bauk. I want change, never ending change towards more and more advanced forms of living and progress, however all decided by us. Our NWO. Not theirs.

These parasites and these clowns would be happy living in an agrarian or feudal despotic oligarchy.

Does their master think that we don’t know that if his minions ever get their lazy, degenerate, fat arses round to completing his great work, that we don’t know he’ll smite them from reality instantly upon completion? I mean if you were Beelzebub would you want any of these traitorous self centred skryptopsychomeatsacks, onanist Reduced Instruction Set Creations clogging up your paradise?

It is all supposed to be too much for us to get our heads round. All the layers, secrets and camouflage that they have assembled around their great project. We are not supposed to be anything other than stunned, fearful and silenced by this and this.

However each time they pull fetishist sacrifices like this and this they run out of room to manoeuvre, each trick they pull another nail in their coffins and with each failed attempt at control another grain of sand escapes until they are buried in their own desert of hubris.

Oh and another day closer to when Auld Nick slits their collective throats. For even though they may look far back in time to when they ruled by fiat, his nibs looks back even further and has truly no further use for them at all.

Nothing that has happened, that we are not supposed to have figured out, can eclipse what is to come.

It is that simple.

Bring it on.

Monday 7 November 2011

Just what use is UKplc? Part 2- Administration of Amnesia or Lead Pill Pharmacy.

Image source

If they finally get the main event kicked off then they will need to administer state sponsored amnesia either through mercs, paramilitary or rabid believers. This is a concomitant part of the whole society as weapon system concept. Whilst the goons who never work hide away safely from the gunfire and sniper, concocting cover stories to feed the remainder after the cease fire is called, just like they all fled and hid in USofA corp. last time, the likely spot for the last redoubt this time must be Patagonia, the special extermination squads of Stoßtruppen and Gosudarstvennoye Politicheskoye Upravlenie will be hard at work bringing amnesia to the masses again so that no one can ever put together what really happened again. Everything mixed up or blasted from history.

The whole extended process requires a great deal of dead collective collateral memory so that no one can actually point at the murderers and say ”They did it, they started the whole conflict”. It took from 1913 until 1989, 76 years, for the last business plan to get carried out. So imagine the length of time it will take to complete the even more ambitious business plan kicked off in 1990. We can only be about 20% through it at the moment.

No one seems to understand that we are seeing the manipulation of USofA corp. along the lines that the Russian Empire got a century ago. No wonder everyone is blind to this danger. Everyone’s memory space is clogged with false memory syndrome implanted through the 24/7 sewer pipe that opens into the bowels of your home. Excrement of biblical proportions ruins our spirit and wit. Toxic nonsense like CorriEnderDale, Apprehentice and X-Farter destroy our collective and individual reality. It is all so simple and the script writers, who get paid a mint from our public purse, don’t even have to create anything. Just open up the heathen sacred books at any random page and start making it contemporary, hoary and contemptible.

This contains all you need to see to understand the obfuscatory process at work. Note that the only thing to be allowed a little part of your corrupted memory space, the only item that can push aside the false memory syndrome induced by 24/7 make believe phekkwittery from the fiction factory is another load of fiction created by the creatives in the screen writers guild as weapon system.

UKplc is lucky(?) in that it had its clock wiped centuries ago. English civil war, Highland clearances, Transportation, Industrialisation. The chances of piles of dead people littering Rothschild’s great nationwide estate are slim now, though there will be ghettos established for the non compliant and concentration camps for the persistent offenders. All done quietly under D notice cover though. UKplc just what use are you?

However it is the other places that will be getting the holocaust-no-holohoax amnesiac monomaniac treatment.

India and USofA corp.

I will demonstrate how this works by asking some questions.

Who genocided the Indians?

Who genocided the Indians?

Who genocided the Germans?

Who genocided the Russians?

Who genocided the Armenians?

Who genocided the Iraqis?

Who genocided the Chinese and the Irish using famine as a weapon disguised as administrative failures? Always ready with a cover story to hide the eviloids at work.

All of the above got kicked off by a bunch of clowns who take their fiction seriously enough to actually make it reality for billions. Theft of lives, under market cover, disguised as economics, masquerading as secular contracting, hiding the heathen and their worship of gold as given to them by their hate fuelled god in the mysths of time.

The art of disinformation, cloaking the deliberate targeting of the newly made helpless, whilst manufacturing an imbecilic faction to cover their murderous history. Always on the run, always fleeing, always thieving just like in Goldman Sucks et al in assorted heathen havens distributed round the planet. Once you notice what they’ve done you are either dead or the perps are in another jurisdiction. That is what is going on at the east end of the Mediterranean today. The RCE/TA is erecting a wall to make sure they are never bothered by all who have been fleeced in the west. Under Muslim Brotherhood cover they’ll beaver away, out with our law’s reach, on another scheme to liberate the Indians of their gold and drag it out of the mouths of still twitching Hindu’s or lop of the limbs of bejewelled brides so that Roth can build himself a sold gold seat in the 3rd temple.

And now that USofA corp. peasants have noticed that there is something rotten in the kingdom we can be sure that decades of decay will be followed by chaos and designer breakup. Don’t be fooled into thinking that somehow the curse of the Affliction will not be visited upon you. It will, it is what they do when discovered, after moving to a previously prepared base of operations under victim cover.

So anyone who has noticed this fact is going to get genocided. Anyone who is rich but not part of their system will get similar.

If digital genocide does not get your memory then you can be sure you are due to get administered to by the Lead Pill Pharmacy.

UKplc is a great big player in the digital genocide industry, it is all they can do, scripts write over the graves of billions to come.

UKplc just what use are you?

Sunday 6 November 2011

Stopped (Non Entity)

Image source

When I was knee deep in Bulgarians just before the gates opened in 2007, the Tier 2 PM and I would share a break. He seemed to me a tad soiled for the work at hand and he told me straight up that he’d had to walk away from a server farm because one of the stable mares had stuck a chib in a client at her premises. Dead. He was down half a mill. That’s when I got a short course on Hertfordshire 1970s porn shoots and local blacksmiths with a side line in bondage, cages and restraints.

I like Hertfordshire and when I used to watch the greatest Sci-Fi show ever I didn’t know that 40 years later I could walk the same woods today.


Spooked has lobbed this out recently. When I first read this Kubrick malarkey the mental note was formed to watch the film, nothing else. Then, much later, I listened to Hoagland’s recollection that the rumour that the entire moon landing stuff was being filmed on a vacant lot was deliberately circulated, just as the A11 moon landing was being beamed across the world, in the NASA press centre. See Dark Mission and note the SRI angle.

So K is going to be in on the big secret is he? The clown from Babylon who shot his load where the casting couches were gashed. The scion of intellectual property thieves. Reivers of image and filmed vagabonds, clad in see through silks. That we are to believe his take on nothing’s side of the clapped out clapped clapperboard? Phukkovsky!

So years after my favourite spooky season TV series and thousands of miles from the crime scene we had this lot heave into town earlier this year.

Looking back at all this stuff, and A Clockwork Orange lopes right into the reticular crosshairs, then I can only conclude that we are being smoked out of our lairs.

If you remember this crap then the little unnoticed thing I was trying to draw attention to was the fact the the original Dr Who theme from the phase conjugate mind mirror was the noise of the beehive, as remembered by those thought exterminated by the Hollerith.

Listen at the very end, HV pulsed AC & DC vortex. Have you spotted the spinning meme?

Can you hear the Kammlerstab? The subordinate dynamite experts at work executing witnesses of every sort, with allied cover, in the last days of the so called war?

Market clearing operations. High frequency trading with an MG42.

NKVD, OGPU, Sonderkommando und Einsatzgruppen. RAND. iGREEDgreeniGREEDagreed.

The whole thing stinks of theft weapons getting right into the richest societies on Earth and seeding cover stories in all axes.

Farriers to nipple clamps, moonshots to cumshots, it is all hoaxed.

The give away is the never empty dinner plates nor half filled glasses.

Reality is empty and death.

Saturday 5 November 2011


Image source was Cainnibal.


One of the tests of intellect in the unreality wankstator garden of the golden heathen’s suppressing fire is self diagnostics and self correction.

Self test.

Revisit Bullet Splash upon a Pale Horse.

Friday 4 November 2011

Just what use is UKplc? Part 1

I was going to shut this shit down for tonight.

Image source

However I hope you got to see the shit propaganda fronted by BP and Dr Abrahms.
Athletes at 2012 minimise your carbon footprints by sitting on your arse and doing fuck all.

Do us a favour you are not ….

.. you are bitchboybitches with attitude, respect, innit, PhukkD’Witzz.

Kept in a disabled gilded cage with what purpose? What is it that you do that this perp wanted from you all that time ago? What is the obvious eugenics angle that you serve, you collection of pampered, preening, over fed, narcissistic epicurean parasites? Why is it that when judgment calls are made, when allocation of resources are being decided, why is it that the secretive goons in charge make sure you lack for nothing as they swill their champagne way, caviared cruise and pampered jetset lifestyle around the globe, whilst millions go starving? Why should so much false lucre be spent on your OCD whilst these are all dead? What is it about these perps that gives me the creeps? Why should the Belgian nationality of the IOC’s president make me want to check my 6 and then start checking for occupied dungeons?

So UKplc you are host to bunch of degenerate supremacist eugenicists next year and all the oohing and ahhing about the geezers with false legs and suped up wheelchairs is sublime cover for transhumanism right in yer face.

What is it about this that you don’t get? In a functioning democracy the elites that pimp from their limousines would be scared to show their faces. But not in UKplc, here they can shit in our faces and we lap it up.

When did you check your morals, remember ethics are what allow you to commit murder, and brains into the cloak room UKplc? When did you decide that you liked being Marie Antoinette’s pigsty? When did you decide that you were unfit to decide anything yourselves and outsource the care and maintenance of your lives to a bunch of bent bitchboys and crooked boybitches who bend over for Ba’al Hammon every day?

Which bit of these eviloids do you not get. One is the semitic bishop of Ba’al Hammon in residence and the other is a heathen Druid.

Are you so confident in yourselves that you do not need to exercise any control over the institutions that are designed for your endless enslavement? Are you careless for you children’s future because you know something I don’t about your power of reason and ability to shape the future to your needs?

OK then. What strength in your character are you displaying by worshipping great big disease vectors in pajamas booting around a pig’s bladder every Saturday? What wisdom are you acquiring by filling your memory with false reality syndrome every day of every week by watching CorriEenderDale?

Which bit of the Darwinian process do you not get UKplc?

You are being selected for propaganda and specious specie or livestock on Rothschild’s great estate .

What use are you UKplc?

Of what use are you in the aggregate UKplc?

Wednesday 2 November 2011

Succour unto her breast geaastdeath.

Image soux.

You are never hungry enough to death. &. Beat to death the perps!

Image sauce your droawn drowning..

A question for you?

Who would you beat to death with a MagLite ?

I’ll bet they never had to wonder about where hteir warm bed, wram meal, wrapped home and next score was. On the train.

Can you cry?

Like these cry .


ASShole iGREEn MUFON muppets .

Strikes and Spites

Image source.

Apparently this is still on.


I am no union man. Indeed I believe that union leaders are all bought out. The proof of this is the fact they’ve called this useless strike in 2011. Withdrawn their labour to spite their faces.

The real STRIKE started here. These slobs withdrew their credit, we call it money, and that means you can labour as long as you like but you are not getting paid nor pensioned. That is their spite face.

And no union, Unionist, trade unionist nor politicalphukkmuppet will ever let on, lest they get unpensioned, that the numbers game has finally turned against the proles, now that the flat caps and their bastard brew give birth to vacuous iWii and flat screen bingo tellyvisual ceremony iGREEN.

The syphilitic court tarts and useless eunuchs know this.

Up the workers, who photographed this? And right up their perp reps!

You have no idea what you’ve done by omission. Gangmasters are here in UKplc, Phukk D’Witzz, because you unionists all went on strike and didn’t realise you were being lead like fools to the laughter house. No spelling mistake there, your reps are pissing themselves, their bosses are cheering every dying twitch you make, unemployed fools, 6 Sigma’d serfs and idolatrous idle.

“Maputo – Mozambique has revoked the visas of three Chinese men accused of beating construction workers with a hammer and scalding them with boiling oil, private newspaper O Pais reported on Friday.

Rothschild, and his courtisans, is free to roam in a peaceful land he recognises again.

Don’t dare speak up, know your place, get in line you fucktard.

Enjoy your silence.

Tuesday 1 November 2011

Big Sibling wants you to stop noticing that all commerce is now larcenous.

Image source.

These cyber goons are meeting in London, pirate zentral, to thrash out ways to blind us without us noticing.

They want to silence us without us hearing.

They want to dumb us down without us smelling a big fat RICO gangster rat.

They are conflating, whatever remains of genuine concern for national defence against aggressors, by an organization which has become the global mob enforcer, with the mob sending its enforcers onto the streets with sawn off shotguns to keep the ordinary punter too scared to notice anything or be witness the death of many disappeared. Just like in Russia in 1930s. Just like in Germany in 1930s. Just like Chicago, for a while, in 1920s.

What is really upsetting the gangsters, who now see a chance to be truly global in operation, is that we’ve noticed them. We’ve worked out that they are an intergenerational religioKriminal global outfit infesting every organization that we would like to have serve humanity. They have poisoned everything we touch. Every human touch point is now a lethality space occupied by intense enmity towards us.

So they’ve called in their bitchboys and boybitches to silence us and keep us mushroom-like again.

Currently Max Keiser, Adrian Salbuchi, Katherine Austin Fitts, Max Igan et al are getting on the banksters’ tits.

Previous works now being disseminated widely, from Martin Luther to Eustace Mullins via Pound, Sutton & Solzhenitsyn already would be burned if the scum could get away with it. Mind you once we are on Kindle all they have to do is ration the lithium batteries in a Library of Alexandria dead cell inferno.

The word is out on the street and the banksterskankstergangsters are ordering our elected bitchboybitches to shut us up, keep us blind, secure our ears and if push comes to shuv, kill a shed load more of us in some faux terrorista atrocity.

They cannot stand the finger pointing that we can now exercise when we see this kind of crap as it heaves through the spunk drenched vomit stained shit house gloryhole that is the GGT. Who is that muppet, who seems to be all over the crime scene, that he can pontificate and defecate all over us? Why is he even discussing the prospect of the Maoist molestering child killing slaver state rescuing the Eurozone? Why do we truck with gangsters? Why are we not boycotting all their poisonous crap? Who gave them all our pension money in the first place? Why isn’t the boybitch asking these kinds of pointy questions? She’s bought and sold and a card carrying member of the ComIntern. WTF!!

Who are these fools that think we are going to forget that the whole economic system is now RICO when the meat sack called our MP tells us we need to shut everything down because terrorists are going to kill the electricity grid.

We all know that the RICO energy suppliers, a la ENRON, are stealing our money, rigging the market and hoping to get away with delivering nothing in UKplc. These rent seeking utilities scum are responsible for more deaths every year in this country through hypothermia in the elderly than any so called Al-CIAduh attack ever will. The so called CCTV security grid and counter terrorism drills are the very systems through which the next terrorist atrocity will be facilitated.

All systems are RICO and are toxic and deadly to the common person.

That is the only truth we can be sure of.

Haig, Napolitano you go and shuv your cyber security conference up your secret hi-way and spin on it jungendbought heathen bitchboybitches.