Tuesday 28 February 2012

History never repeats itself, however….

…..the heathenoids’ play book is a Reduced Instruction Set of Criminality.

Basically if you are part of a non compliant society you get vaped. This meme repeats over and over again throughout history where ever the monoheathenoid religiokriminalslavergoldthieves and lifetakers pitch up.

Two things bugging me today and they really ought to hit the other shop; however they apply to the present/immediatude so they’ll stay here.

The ZGR posted a nice piece from, admittedly on my watch list, Makow which chimes with my lifelong feeling that what I have been taught or expected to believe is bollox.

Got that, the indefatigable struggle against those licensed to occupy my attention space. That especially goes for those pointing out the obvious regarding stooges and banksters. What I’m looking for are folks not seeking to have me attend ritual and worship but just to put it out there and hang the consequences. Those peeps are few and far between.

I mean if you don’t know by now that the dialectic is all staged in every part of human reason then you ain’t going to be getting into the nitty gritty are you. You will spend all your days heads stuck in the ovens or praying that the RCE/TA fire base gets it.


Reason and justice has never been part of the human condition in the aggregate, that level of abstraction only exists in the world of the lamplighter. We need to focus on the very long plan that the foe’s agent is engaged in for the past 7000 years at least.

So forget the banksters, mass murderers, social engineers and assorted lazy fools that are the tools of the foe’s agent and concentrate on the guys who created all the killing machines, from Brian to Zion it is all a false toxic construct and most of those seeking to bring “lost” or “hidden” knowledge into our ken are playthings and programmes of the foe’s agent’s media enforcers. If anyone has listened to, and I include Tsarion in this, any of our so called dangerous men trying to get all etymological with us then you know you are being piss taken in this regard. If you have read any of David Rohl’s early stuff you will know even he shies clear of this deliberately obfuscated subject and he’s a frikkin’ expert. The reason I say deliberately is because the study of all those papyri and cuneiform tablets is behind a CSI tape, we are not to get in. So to expect Marrs et al, USofA corp. mainly mind, to be doing anything other than licensed show boating is a fools’ realm.

So what is pissing me off that no one else mentions?


Consider the heathenoid agent; spaghetti boy Polo (What was your real handle china?). We are supposed to believe he went walk about for a bit of fun. Nah. Consider the Admirals of the Imperial Chinese Navy who mapped the world without aid of chronometers. Consider the arrival of geezers in Middle and South America fulfilling prophecy about white beardies turning up. Consider the unlikelihood of that roll over happening if our Chink eunuchs had heaved into view.


(Couldn’t resist this. BWAHAHAHAHAAA  H/T ZGR.  If you got what I was getting at about the failure of the NATO missile shield with all its 6 Sigma shit and counterfeited ChiComm parts run through a RICO industrial base and heathenoid accounting system then get ready to be terrified. The missile shield is not meant to work, it is stage scenery in a scary movie which we will be forced to watch soon from the darkness.)

So there I was out last Saturday night and got to meet my new Peruvian drinking buddy for the second time since he arrived last Dec. He’s got his own ideas about the Nasca plain and who were really the gods of Peru, all of which I got at our first meeting, when I had left him with a shed load of things to research before our next meeting. One of those things being the ideas of Matthew DeloozeMatthew Delooze/ Dr Dee. Noting that your correspondent seemed to be just as off planet on the ayhawasca scale as himself he promised to have a swaatch.

Well the lad had been busy in the real world this last 12 weeks or so since we had first met and had not had the time to even scratch the surface of the malarkey. To make amends, since he’s from Cusco, he’d gone down the Old Kent Road and sourced all sorts of good Peruvian stuff at Sol Andino. So when yours truly and Mrs INCOMING!!!!!!! arrived at their gaff Mr Cusco y esposa Ingles made us welcome with what was fantastico trenching and swilling. Other guests arrived and then two interesting things occurred.

Whilst asking if mein host had managed to get any CorrieEndersTOWIE time in, to destroy his hard work studying English before arriving in this open prison, we found out that most other South Americans, Columbians etc. spend their time speaking Spanish, so he doesn’t tend to spend much time with the amigos, he said. Then referring to the Spanish, as I necked another shot of piso, and I paraphrase he let forth “The mokker phuther genocidal psychonaughts who killed my people, wiped us out the Phukk D’Wittz”

(Just a little note here about the structure of this here mindbarph, everything up to and including the lone word “Spain” up there was written around last Thur/Fri when I then got tore into a couple of new books, tried to finish something mega overdue for the other shop, as well as reading other folks blogs, so this here drivelling stalled. En boca as it were. Everything after has been hammered onto the pixels since Sunday evening when I got back from setting the secretive squirrel’s back garden on fire again. Isn’t synchronicity funny in it’s non local way?)

Now yours truly warms to this kind of real politique, here is a geezer who knows what is what, I thought.

So I proffered my shot glass for another neck of piso and stated one word to see what reaction I was going to get.

I know what you are thinking, you are thinking I’m going to start raving about the Ba’al Hammon bishop of Rome or Carthaginians or Phoenicians or Babylon. No.

I said.


Which brought a smile from my Andean co swiller and before we could get ripped into the history of Iberia, members of the Alinskyite tribe arrived. Mein host left me to it whilst he welcomed them indoors.

I’d met the Alinskyites once before, friends of esposa Ingles, and was intrigued by their ability to be trendily ensconced in the charity/public sectors. Each having achieved a state of blissful minority diversity compliance and fulfilment. Now if you clocked my ref to the Chink Muslim eunuch almirantes you will get a partial answer to the question," Is he/she tactically, operationally, day-to-day, strategically, biologically, opportunistically or mentally gay?" I mean if a monoheathenist will have his own balls ripped off so he can join the Chink civil service then a lifetime’s mash seam or butt welding is piggy heaven in comparison. They are all without issue for me.

Anyway this time the great band of communitarians all ended up in the kitchen, then they phucked off outdoors, then they hit the kitchen and then fukked off outdoors again. In out in out. Emperor Cusco had rejoined us on several occasions by now and had knocked off so much piso he was chachachaing, so no converso los conquistadores then I thought.

Anyway my eating irons had been silent for a while now so I decided to saunter into the kitchen and load up with some more Andean delicacies. There they were all numpty discussing their various visits to the krim family Frank’s hovel in Dutchland, the novels of various fakirs from the work camps and the usual brain washed bollox. Oh and they skipped outside again to schmoke some more gear and quaff a load more Champers. Oh yes ‘twas the real McCoy as I found out when one was sent back into the kitchen to retrieve yet another bottle from the fridge shortly thereafter. Typical, just like their kin parked in the Soviet Union cities and towns whilst the Kulaks starved in their millions. Ever so PC. They are all conversant with the holohoaxbollox but have no idea what really was going on. Anyway they tooled back inside as I was shuvveling a load of dead chicken Cusco stylee down my yap and I had to listen to some more crap about the fear of receiving parcels through your letter box in the 3rd Reich. Red Cross parcels perhaps? No such thing for the Kulaks. Oh and no heathenoid bankster from RCE/NY or RCE/LC ever got a geezer to smuggle out a shed load of Christians from the Ukraine did they? We don’t hear about their trials and tribulations because they really were all slaughtered by the heathenoid khazidriods. They really were killed in an industrial scale, exterminated, removed from existence.

Anyway I was about to pile into the mokker phuthers by taking them on the flank, where their Alinskyite training would not have prepared them, after being given an intro when they mentioned the Red Army in Germany, where all these so called survivors were awaiting liberation. Yeah like phukk they were, by that time the word was out that they were going to get it as well.

I was about to remark that history is not written by the victors, it is script written long before the shooting ever starts and that the novellas and tales of tragedy simply fulfilled the script writers requirements in getting the whole story suppressed by amnesia on the part of those stranded behind the hermitic curtain called IRON and the delusional imaginings of the scribes on this side of the crime scene. Why else did Patton stay in the US Army, he was off long before the first shot but was  told that a big one was in the planning so he stayed in, if the whole thing hadn’t been gamed long before hand.

At that point the good woman who looks after the life form scribbling here hauled me off into the night, she saw the look, and she didn’t want anyone’s first wedding anniversary ruined no matter the company they keep.

So off I went to set the secretive squirrel's back garden on fire. It was midnight.

So Spain.

Do you seriously think I am going to fall for the old “There is no connection between Polo swanning around out East, China getting trashed by monoheathenoids, the sabotage of the Chinese great voyages of discovery and all their knowledge, the sudden appearance of geezers from Iberia fulfilling blonde, white prophecy in NovaSina?” Do you really expect me to believe that the imaginings of a bunch of Sabbateans is anything other than scriptwritten again?


More later on Patton and script written history.

Just wanted to crack a quick one off.

Image source.

Bob Chapman was asked this past week if Vlad was an independent operator, i.e. was he like Barry and The Chimhemeroid Coalition und Herr Uberstrudell's Tochter; Roth dollymopps?

Bob said he had no data to make a pronouncement.

Well if that map is a true reflection of Vlad's World then he's revealed his true Wayne's World view colours at the UN.

More BEWHAREHAHAHAAAA later today hopefully.

Wednesday 22 February 2012

NLoveOd aAnd hHatedide.

The real world hosts a potentially infinite number of unrealities in their hyperdimensionalmind. A very old mind with strong foundations. Though not theireal.

Our foolish mind is stunreal.

Do not conflate them.

The clowns destroying the system always throw up jesters,……and others.

Just ask yourself what hyperdimensional property of gold makes inhabited carbon based life forms crazy?

Money lender rabinous madness.

Always slaves with gold, false gold and fiat.

Gold, slaves, trade, god....death and food.

No Fed then gold. No gold, then Fed. Dialectic whilst the thievery goes on silently into the city scape and architected night of geometry, geomancy and alchemical fooling.

I know it is early in the week, so.


Tuesday 21 February 2012

The Stepford Kinder 2

Finally both BBQs were up to speed and the warmest place to be on that freezing Sat evening was right between them stirring the coals.

Overhead, in the black, an A380 heaved around an invisible waypoint and headed into the city. The secretive squirrel popped out from the kitchen with a load of minted lamb chops, Chinese pork ribs, Richmond Irish sausages, BBQ flavour pork loins and corn on the cob. Then he disappeared back indoors to give an estimated ETA for the first load of carbonised produce from the Qs. I watched the A380’s vast shadow black in black with the tail light up so night owls know what airline is about to pass them through the fan casing. A likely false flag target mused I, not for the first time, and then for some weird reason, as I exercised my chiller chit again, I wondered just what can be gleaned about the likely mental and spiritual state of the UKplc peasantry from the adverts that infest the idiot’s mirror? For those of you not subjected to travel restrictions let me give you a brief synopsis.

Payday loans, agents reclaiming missold insurance, car insurance, banks that stole our money and property trying to get us to take more debt.

What a racket. The Fed lends out money at zero percent and the payday loan scammers take around 2000% interest from the poor slobs that cannot afford to feed themselves. Of course the obvious answer, pay people a living wage, can never be entertained because we do not live in an economy any more, we live in a curse.

The banksters curse has infected all areas of life on the part of the planet known as the west.

According to the latest crafted magic wordy words from the mediawhores, persons in this country are going without meals, regularly, so their children are not hungry. Just to take this astonishing fact out of the public consciousness the newstrolloppes then scare the phekk out of us today by pointing out that border controls in this island of restricted knowledge lost control of over half a million persons entering this open prison. More evidence that the whole GWOT is a fake if ever it was needed. Is nothing in this dump of a borstal fit for purpose? I’d love to see all the investors in people awards, all the 6 Sigma bollox and all the ISO9000 awards these so called corporations and businesses have awarded themselves. Did anyone catch the Top Gear Christmas special when they tooled through India? The charwallahs in Bombay must be damned near 7 Sigma and I’ll bet you not one of the lads has ever read a so called business text book. Business as an academic pursuit is just this societies version of Mao’s little Red Book or the Spouting of the sayings of Lenin. All are Reduced Instruction Set Clowning for the restricted mentalists.

There can be no doubt that the main play has nothing to do with the societies represented by NATO. They’ve all be denatured and turned into self policing clone camps. There is no chance of an uprising. As I quipped to my ChiComm buddy last week the people in the west will soon be so dumbed down that they will be economically useless, other than as walking spare body part depots.
So I pulled on the brew, fired the chops and good things onto the Qs and wondered about whether we are getting set up for the next false flag attack which, as I’ve mused on before, would be the shooting down of a packed Chinese A380. The aerospace press is full of stories about the A380’s wings cracking up and the RR motors going bang. What do we find heaving intoview? Too much A380 news on the MSM grooming us.

It is not a matter of IF, but WHEN the next big one gets kicked off by the heathenoid banksters operating out of RCE/NY and RCE/LC. This is what they do, they are not concerned with money, they are religious zealots determined to kill of all non compliant believers on earth.

The two parts of the dialectic, which as per operational necessity, are heaving with the heathenoids’ agents are India and ChiCommland, with their disputed border areas just waiting to be used as part of the casus belli. The maximum impact, like the sinking of the Lusitania, must be clear with no ambiguity. In clear sight, not like Fukushima or WTC with the agents all over the shop laying false trails and muddying the waters from even before the event. This one needs to be clear and for all to see, especially the target audience. The Chinese middle classes and the fall guys the Indians, likely turncoats really operated by the ISI. Just as in the phoney war started by RCE/LC in Sept 1939 it may take years to get all the parts arranged before the real war kicked off  like in 1942.

It is coming, India is non compliant and its society needs to be denormalised. The banksters’ favourite model society is tooled up for a fight and the timetable is set.

This kind of activity is a definite marker that something is going to be done quite soon and if this is a war of stasis like WW1 we can expect the full panoply of weaponry to be unleashed to kill of the young. Look at the place it is full of worshippers who have the audacity to worship something that Roth/Rock are not in charge of or have not destroyed and corrupted yet. The Roth/Rock hate that. They hate not being the centre of attention, the monomaniacal clowns!

With that thought in mind I trundled into something I’d been kicking around in my noddle for a little while.

When I gave you a swatch at the 20 quaternions that represented the conception of JCM of electromagnetism, a while back, I didn’t mention that Maxwell opined that in order to fully resolve the details of this concept one needed to think in hyperdimensionality. You cannot get your head round this in 3D I’m afraid. The reason I’m repeating myself here is to do two things.

Firstly to get 4 and 5 dimensions into your noodle AND to raise the interesting spectre of an all seeing entity which works nonstop to destroy advanced conceptions of reality. As was done with JCM’s work quite quickly after his death. Oh and the corollary of that is the promotion of thick as mince scientific superstar wankstators for the consumption of the herd in the parklands. Thinking like a bankster yet?

So when we get the bollox spoon fed to us by Darwin’s modern proponents and we don’t get allowed to consider Lamarckian selection, do we? Why? Well perhaps Lamarckian ideas would give the game way about those who worship in secret, whilst telling us to get all atheistic and live in gated communities breeding amongst their kin.

Isn’t that so Rothschild?

It might, along with quantum ideas of DNA, explain intergeneration consistency in the pursuit of all independent wealth and its replacement with debt and serfs. The psychopathy of banking and the corruption of everything it touches.

Just think on that, the transmission of selected for characteristics of elitism and sociopathy through the living circumstances of the self selected few. In this we see the genius of the Watchers at work and now you’ve got an answer as to why cities suddenly made an appearance. They are carefully designed vessels for Lamarckian selection.

The minted lamb chops were fantastic BTW.

More later, perhaps at the other shop now that I'm getting into this Dar/Lam/DNA stuff which I reckon gives a little glimpse into the moneychangers' madness.

Monday 20 February 2012


The sky was azure, deep, deep, brightest light blue. A blue to drink yourself into. Mount Florida I believe.

We buried him.

The sun shone.

The sky was anime, deep, deepest see blue. An azure to fly in without end. Ayr I believe.

She was born.

The stars shines.

Blue sky, deepest dark sky, I watched the sea of stars and wondered why?

Anime sky.

Where thoughts lived .

Ever thought without ayawastika?


The Stepford Kinder

Half term last week so ended up taking the girls to Ally Pally for a little skating. I sat and read a book; I and ice do not mix. As luck would have it half the girls were hauled over by my ChiComm buddy, who I haven’t seen for a little while, and of course he hit me with the burning question, although why a bloke form the badlands of NE ChiCommland, where I think I mentioned earlier, his parents were banished during the mentalist Mao the wean molester’s cultural revolution or whatever his bankster bosses had suggested to him would be a good way of denormalising the population further before the kriegsverbrecher panda squeezer und Nobel laureate, heaved into view after causing a total bollox in Cochin China with his protégé Holbrooke, what’s your real handle einsatzgruppenfuhrer?, is beyond me.

So without realising what he was letting himself in for, over the bombing booming disco strang blasting out over the frozen H2O, he asked.

“What do you recon on the Scottish independence malarkey?” or words to that effect.

I admit that it may have been wishful thinking on my part because I have, unusually, been giving a bit more thought and high quality bonce time than normal to the old turf recently. Perhaps he asked “Special fried rice or noodles with dumplings the next time you guys come over?” There was, as always at Ally Pally, some distortion caused by the weapons grade flared trouser musik sweeping clear the barren surface of all but the deaf. Kind of like a clear fire zone that the machine gun corp. used to specialise in a century ago.

Always the unexpected must be entertained. Kind of like when I was knocking back a load of perry this Sat evening, the secretive squirrel had given me a chit to his open air booze fridge as I set about firing up a winter barbeque. The rain had cleared, the sky was pitch black, the stars were out, the big birds were strobing their way through the LTMA, I had my winter BBQ hat, hoody, boots and gloves on, nothing else, and I had a whale of a time. The funny thing about organic cider is that it is weak tasting after your taste buds have been stomped on by the Bow. Mind you the perry did kick at 8%ABV, so although my taste buds might have been underperforming my brain cells were happy as Larry. I was astonished to find that Van Rumpoi the Eloy and Baroness Ashton are unknown to my hostess even though we were both enjoying a bit of Nigel Farage lambasting the dump he serves in. So why would my esteemed orientalist want me to sally forth and opine on the Barnett funding matter. I much prefer to listen to him giving it a bit of right hand drive on what is going down, and soon to be going down, in the slaver state.

So I did opine and as I did so I once again came to the conclusion that the long term plan that is being realised north of the wall is the same old same old.

Each nation, state, belief system or entity gets the same fracturing treatment, the same moral solvent applied, on a time scale tailored to the subject of the attack.

If the stooges, and man have they stooged for a long while, only foundation bitchboys and boybitches could possibly have fannied around for so long doing nothing, were really independent they would pass the litmus test. Oh and don’t giver me any of the false theatrics that they are being given a special license to peddle from their Rock/Roth masters. Specifically I am talking about the “sudden” appearance of this heap of crap.

It is now 40 years since Heinrich the Roth agent went over the Great Wall to squeeze pandas and give the operatives in the CCP the green light once the mass murderer and child molester Mao had gone belly up. If you are savvy to the purpose of the RCE/TA fire base then the turn towards the ChiComm slaver state and away from the west needs to have a concomitant narrative in the west to disguise the long planned move. I mean what is the firebase more comfortable with, NOAHide slavers or free west? Anything that hits the MSM which appears anti RCE/TA is part of the cover storey. Proof, well no one is dead yet. If they weren’t given a license and it was not part of the plan they’d be disappeared whilst climbing a Torr. Sound familiar?

The litmus test for any so called nationalists is the demand for Rock/Roth free banking system. Real money, not credit/debt. You will never get that because they’ve had the limits of their license clearly spelled out to them when first recruited. Can you imagine what would happen if any topic surrounding the RCE/TA firebase mission, Roth thievery disguised as banking and the plan to destroy the Hindus was ever aired at an SNP conference? Can you?

Ergo, traitors. Bought and paid for. Can you imagine what a dump the place is going to be if independent? There will be no oil revenues to feather their nests. Do you know what a banana republic is oh betartaned ones? Do you seriously think that when the likes of the IMF or Buffet decides that the oil is getting shipped out to Brazil or ChiCommland that you will see a red cent? Do you seriously think that any Scottish government is going to do anymore for the people there than the Irish administration did for the aboriginals there who starved when the place was knee deep in food, food that got shipped out the country because the rigged market decided that it was so? Do you seriously think that Rock or Roth will give a flying one when they ship out all the oats and Aberdeen Angus to top restaurants in Dubai and Macao? Do you seriously think that you will fare any better than the millions of starved to death, in what is now Bangladesh, 200 years ago when the same families as run the show now made rational decisions?

Nah all this localism bollox is a cover for further atomisation of the individual so that nothing can stand in the way of the nicely networked, and all covering each other’s backs, banksters and their inbred psychopaths. Oh ginger haired persons and remaining Picts your lovely real estate is coveted by criminal families who live in the diseased shit heaps of the world. You will get cleared out if you don’t WTFU. Go on then why do you think that the old girl who will celebrate 60 years on your throne has done nothing for her subjects, ever? Go on then, name me one thing?

This thought on the nature of these subjects caused me to remark to my ChiComm buddy that the subjects infesting this realm are willingly going back into serfdom. Unlike in ChiCommland where there is a definite head of steam building that will require the current governing gang to loosen up or face the piano wire, UKplc aboriginals have gone into fluorine torpor.

You could tell the muppets resident here anything and they would have no means of challenging it. Tell them they live in a thriving market based economy, not a pirate base, and they’ll swallow it. Tell them that they will get nothing from government and they will swallow any excuse that is given. So much tax take and so little actually delivered. Tell them that their corporations cannot deliver anything they’ve paid for, pensions anyone, and they’ll roll over and die. What I wrote a little while back about the whole world being like England one day is not far off. Imaging it an NWO with people more concerned about X-Farter or Big Muppet’s House than why their NHS is now just a body partsharvesting scam for the elite. How come the UKplc serf gets nothing from these so called health trusts and yet hands over so much tax, so much blood and so many organs?

I’ll tell you why, it is all RICO.

There is a great couple of adverts playing on Sunshine Radio here in the Smoke. The first one wants you to join Mi-Hi and walk around spying on people. Imagine that; it is 2012 and the career moves open to the natives are the same as 100 years ago. Pavement pounding in STASI UK.

The other advert has a bloke complaining that he’s outstayed his visa and what to do now. He’s an illegal alien. Do we fling him out arse first from Stansted? Do we phukk. The UKplc tax payer will set him up in business back home for all his trouble in getting into UKplc and staying as an illegal. I remember my mate Ram the putative porn star, giving me the skinny on what these lads were doing in UKplc. They lived 12 to a room, sent all their cash back home, invested in prawn farms that killed off the shore line, kind of slash and burn aquaculture, and then left after ten years to live in the marble floored villa that their hard earned had built them and their families back home. Ten years parked in a room or slaving in a kitchen, investing in quick return poisoned prawn farms, so much for enriching us with the diversity of their presence.

Quite soon it was time to clear the ice as a junior ice hockey match was on the cards. My ChiComm chum remarked that he’d always been concerned over the ability of the slaver state to pay for all the high tech whizzbangery that was getting rolled out throughout the country and that just for once he now reckoned that the lads back home might actually pull it off, not because of any miracle in economics but because the social engineering signed off by Roth has not finished yet. There are still hundreds of millions on the land that need cleared. Kind of like UKplc 200 years ago. All that happens in UKplc these days is theft of land under cover of an Olympic scam. Go on fluorodated wonders who owns the Olympic real estate? Told you the clearance of UKplc abos is not an illusion.

So there I was sat Sat evening, clear black star spangled sky, chucking accelerant on the charcoal watching the Heathrow bound birds and the odd highflyer, checking out the stars and knocking down another brew when I asked myself the question “Would it really matter if the inbred goons got their NWO as planned? Are the likes of those reading here and at other places where we rant wasting our time?”

I mean are we a right pain in the arse to those who do not care who or what Baroness Ashton is, what the creep Strong and his AGENDA21 buddies are up to or give a flying one that the greatest office in the free world has now been discredited, by design, with a succession of bought and paid for satraps. 50 years usurping the USofA corp.

Is UKplc a shit heap? Like Weimar Germany? Or USofA corp? Why does no one care? If so, why?

Anyway more thoughts from the secretive squirrel’s deep winter BBQ later.

Sunday 19 February 2012

Casting a lazy eye over....

....BIG Pink Dexs.

Imaged source.

What is missing?

This is crowded.

What is missing?

Just asking.


If you are awake the you will know that there are three wars working their way into your consciousness now. How many wars in WW1? How many in WW2?

Are you getting this?

We are in the midst of a MULTI kulted fronted numpty war of plunder.

Get the phukk up and pick the weapon of your choice.


Imagineered sauce, purveyors of lightly pickled spunk to the masstered

This lot get to peel, and boss hawg bananas dressed in twin christian names get to rip off free money. For the world is flooded with free money. Not for you and me though.

The lack of free markets in talent is now an open sewer.

Burn them all.

They do not know that they are simply goods being money laundered by master criminals and shaman societal solvent serial specialists.They are toxic vacuums of nonentity.


Saturday 18 February 2012

Unless you no knot what you are looking forr...

you will find it.



The constant turd in the punch bowel.

Phukk D'Witzz lying bar stweard. Hic..

...the harem curtain is coming down.

Go on then, try applying Hague/Nuremberg to RCE/TA now.

Soon to be dead.

Monday 13 February 2012

Saturday 11 February 2012


Reduced Instruction Set Criminality

Racketeering Influenced Kriminal Organisation

Is toaday.



No Names pixilated meme sourxe.

No one named, what is your hANDLE ANONYMOUSE car number plate?


"12/13 February 1944
10 Lancasters of No 617 Squadron attempted to bomb the Anthéor Viaduct, an important railway link between France and Italy but, as on two earlier raids, were not successful despite low-level runs by Wing Commander Cheshire and Squadron Leader Martin. The sides of the valley were very steep and the target was defended by guns which damaged both of the low-level aircraft. Flight Lieutenant RC Hay, the bomb aimer in Martin's aircraft and the Squadron Bombing Leader since No 617's formation, was killed.
8 Mosquitos to Elberfeld and 4 to Duisburg, 3 Serrate patrols, 25 Halifaxes and Stirlings minelaying in the Frisians and off Cherbourg. 1 Halifax minelayer lost."

One day you will be helpless before the addaided attack.

Thursday 9 February 2012



No captain. No manager. No schooling. No nation. No nothing.

Lots of non jobs though.

England, the non existent shit heap.

Wednesday 8 February 2012

Icy blast from the past.

Don’t bother, head off else where, this is just for my own pleasure.

Tam heaved into view when I was parked on a bleak Scottish moor being blitzed by Siberian blizzards.

I’ve never forgotten the cold, the ice, the frozen radio batteries, Lord of the Rings, nor the sounds and always wondered where he went.

Good fun from Scotland.

Won ton soup, slavery and theft.

Here in the EasyJet borough the UKplc’s largest concentration of Chinese can be found in residence. This is a good thing since your correspondent loves wandering around their food shops smelling the great smells only to be found in such emporia. Compare and contrast with the Japanese speciality shops which tend to be much more antiseptic. However something struck me when I was wandering around in a trance within a really big Chinese speciality supermarket and restaurant at the nexus of the Edgware Rd and Nth Circular not long ago. I was struck by the number of staff in the shop, compare and contrast with ALDI/Lidl. As always on these occasions the programming I was subject to when younger aimed at destroying all forms of business that employed the UK abos comes to the fore. How can such over manning and womanning be economically viable? How can so many inhabited carbon based life forms possibly be keeping themselves in rice, roof and rags? From 1975, for a whole generation, all forms of work within UKplc were proven to be unviable by crooked ideologued economists and religiokriminal accountants.

Well of course the answer is that the Chinese community steers well clear of getting government involved in their business affairs. As soon as RICO big government gets involved in any industry you can kiss your living good bye. Everything they do is now larcenous and crooked. O2 CENTRE anyone? Olympic village and surrounding redevelopment? All the land stolen under guise of redevelopment and so called free enterprise. Free booting more like!

Another feature of the RICO borough is the fleets of geezers imported because UKplc has some sort of skills shortage in the area of thieving from the motorist. The geniuses here have decided to jack up parking rates by multiples of hundreds of percent over night and then removed the use of the expensive, almost brand new, solar power parking meters. The result is empty parking lots, deserted high street and local businesses and traders gasping for trade! Phukkin’ Einsteins at the EasyJet RICO borough alrighty.

Now the tale does not end there. Just as when the so called banking industry introduced chip and PIN, under the guise of increased security for us the abo customer, when in fact the scheme was introduced just as the country was getting flooded by criminal gangs disguised as refugees. One asks qui bono? We know that banking is just s front for international criminal activity; I contend that chip and PIN was introduced to facilitate the movement of massive numbers of illegals and criminals into and within UKplc. They could never have done it with the old signature system.

Anyway here we have gangs of so called parking attendants, a rare skill that can only be found in Africa or South America apparently, fitting up the motorist. They’ve all got their targets, as we always suspected, and the whole system is a RICO fest. The icing on the cake is that credit card and debit card details are now flooding the aether around every car park in Barmey RICOborough as the pay your parking fee by mobile phone scam kicks into gear. You can be sure that all these details are getting scammed no matter how much they insist the system is secure. You see the clowns that believe them to be in business in this shit heap of a country always, always going for the cheapest, lowest bid crappiest solution. I cite the case of Casio mentioned yesterday. There is nothing secure in this criminal’s paradise of a failed RICO state.

As a final hurrah today let us raise our eyes towards one of the world’s major criminal nexus. Talk about Kafkaesque pantomime. This lot are an absurdity. When did the perps infesting that dump ever do anything that was for the benefit of the aboriginals in these isles. Aboriginals who live on average, within the smallest houses in Europe. Aboriginals who do not work but serf. Aboriginals who pay through the nose for goods and services that are provided to a better standard and/or less expensively in most other European countries. Aboriginals who pay for great schools of medicine but never get within their doors because the places a chocka with Arab medicine tourists. Aboriginals who will not be getting anywhere near a higher education yet the sons of terrorists and psychopaths get their PhD written for them by an Mi-Hi handler!!!

Border controls, that is a non sequitor. Everyone can wander in with a suitcase full of lucre and get the London IP crowd to keep their overseas victims from getting restitution, the abos cannot leave the country because a Berlinwallesque tax on travel is being erected to keep everyone in and ignorant of the outside world.

Oh and if you don’t believe me then just have a good look at USofA corp. Two UK aboriginals got barred from entry because they were naughty tweeting or twittering and the border guards sent them back. Exactly what happened if you wrote an article criticising Honeker or Brezhnev when the Berlin Wall was up.

Tuesday 7 February 2012

It is the weekend however there is no music yet, just……Part 2

…..the realisation that the weekend has long gone.

I left you with the thought that all orthodox priests in the CCCP were KGB. I’ll leave that thought parked there for a while as we wander around the so called missile shield donated for our defence by the shilled.

If you know anything about the application of military power you will understand that any military force that stays in barracks gets its arse handed to it on a platter by the forces that have been out exercising in the field. Especially when the religiokriminlacomplex is handing out magic behavioural vouchers nonstop.

If I may mix my metaphors, have you ever considered what it was that determined England’s finest hour? Unrelenting seamanship. The garlic swilling swine were banged up in harbour. Nelson’s lads had chased over the Atlantic and back and then sunk the Frogs and sombrero wearers.

Oh and the money to keep the lines of battle ships at sea month after month was printed out of, soon to be, RCE/LC AFTER the banksters had made the judgement that UKplc was a better investment for debt than FroglandAG because we had better prospects at servicing debts. I.e. our economy was judged to be a better prospect for social engineering than an exhausted France.

If you’ve got your head round that then simply ask the question, who is out exercising non stop at the moment and whose kit is worn out and confined to barracks?

One of the warning signs of eclipse is kit that is ancient, if you’ve read about the knackered old warships, full of worm, that were flogged round the various European navies in the 18th century, many 50 years old or more, then the fact that the Big E and B52s are still on the front line, decades after their replacements have been scuppered on the drawing board or the programmes fleeced by thieving contractors being run from RCE/NY banksters, is a great big warning sign that more social engineering via the Lead Pill Pharmacy is upon us.

There can be no other conclusion than that Truman’s handlers needed the USofA corp. to enter a century long period of stagnation. Remember what I said about the difference between Greece and Rome. USofA corp. is the new Rome, so no surprise on the debauchery and perversion front then!!

The incarcerationindustrialcomplex that has been established within the USofA corp. will soon be feeding inmates into a religiokriminalentertainmentcomplex, just watch.

Though history never fully repeats itself it does have memes that one cannot ever break free from when one is trapped within the original crime scene. Expect the usual Ba’al Hammon suspects to be feeding the non compliant to the chimeras soon.

Calculators, Wembley and missileshields.

Does anyone remember that case of the Casios that were smarter than advertised? When you bought the bogo cheapo calculator the graphics and maths script only gave you bogo standard functionality, even thought the hardware was capable of doing the same tricks as the more expensively marketed up market models. The clever bods at marketing had ruled that the only thing the scum needed to know was what they decreed. Sound familiar?

When the clowns that contracted out the destruction of Wembley were half way through the disaster centre of football in UKplc, notice that despite the fact that everyone in UKplc is now in debtdeath, the well fed, red nobbed; disease vectors in big pajamas are still knee deep in lucre. This is bread and circuses. In a real economy operating along capitalist rules these fools would be in the gutter and starving, their pimped bitches hanging from the arm of an arms dealer in Dubai. Wembley 'crete was suddenly discovered to be crap, so it was all dug out from the dugout and repoured. What was wrong with the project management here? Looking from third hand, though I’ve got first hand tittle tattle from the re-insurance business,  the usual UKplc project managment skills are to be found here. The, let us say, 100million contract gets signed, the monies transferred, the geezer who owns the contract then sends 50% overseas to his offshore account, the remaining 50millions is now tendered for by the cheapest bidders. Rememeber UKplc this is how your health service, education service and public services, keeping the untouched elderly from the reaper, are now funded. UKplc project management, accountants, then try to erect a facsimile of what the illumined architect envisioned in his prize winning fevered mind.

The result was a so called cost overrun, translation=crime scene. Lots of free money for Lott in the hidden banking system=global religiokriminal complex.

If you doubt what I am describing just wander through the farce that is Olympic London 2012. Not just a siphon for public wealth, the theft of land and the occultist in your face bonbombing of the tube system immediately after the announcement and the war kriminals were safely out of London in Templar lands, but a grooming of the abos to expect Zil lanes and oligarchy just like CCCP 1950. You only achieve this type of malarkey when the abos are distracted and deliberately made dumb by a rich seam of idiotpaedagogues ensconced in classrooms and MSM.

So here we are back in the credibility gap/space. Do you really expect me to believe that a religiokriminalegislativemilitaryindustrial complex is going to deliver anything useable? Do you really expect me to believe that the missile shilled is anything other than a cipher to engineer a further realignment of the Darwinian/Lamarckian human model space?

If you need a little proding on that thought consider a “ghetto”, another little secret we are not supposed to think about. Gated community anyone?

Let us have a look at the wonders that the complex has never delivered whilst being iced.


This is part of the total waste of resources that only a soon to be poor nation carries out in its ignorance, whilst the vermin undermine the whole society. I mean how do you explain the total arsebark that we are supposed to swallow about 7/7 in the CCTV capital of the world? All those grainy images and speculative execution of terror. Then they blow away a Brazilian as part of the obfuscatory cover story. Mob hit.

9/11 is now designed to keep us way off the crime trail, 11 years later and no one is following the real narrative. Never mind tagging the upcoming atrocity.

As an example of what I mean we shall retread our steppes to another massive crime scene. Just as there are many who cannot get their heads out of the thermite, there are so many who cannot get their heads out of the ovens.

Thermite, ovens.

All designed to keep one off the scent. Instead of looking at the bigger picture everyone gets into nano detail and argues the irrefutable  non existent third hand evidence.

Instead of looking at the, age old pattern, theft, dead persons and tech exchange, the memed fools stare at nothing. A pleased and pleasant phekkwittery draped over the Roth altar.

No one seems to ask the question, why are the forces arraigned against the USofA corp so subtle? What is it about USofA corp.’s persons that was so hated by the fools in the big room? Why is capitalism so stupid? Why are humans so gullable? Can you feed the average person industrial waste?

To partially answer that little conundrum we will wander over to two of my favourite researchers, not as good a Brian Akira was, but still topping.

Here is the real problem with all nonMSM, they are stuck staring at the beautiful wankstators in the speculum park. All shiney and glistening, all mind muse and eye shine. All false lubed.

No one that I have wandered through, and I’ve wandered far and wide, ever asks. Just what were so many people, from so many countries, from so many beliefs doing, assembled in the Reichsprotectorate with free money and slave labour? What did they do and who wanted this solution? Why did the magic number turn up to distract one's attention away from the real crime scene. And just what was achieved to whomever's benefit within that crime scene?

This is where it gets interesting. No matter how many football pitches, how many whore houses, how many swimming pools, how many orchestras, how many kapos with fiat money are uncovered no one asks the question.

Just what were these unhappy, contented people doing all that time?

I hope you get the perspective when I point out that the west is now in just such a slave camp, all happy, all committing war crimes as depicted in fiction at Nuremberg during a peace time economy.

Go on then swimming, cinema’d fools, how many dead people have you paid for this past twenty years of Cheeky Girl peace?

Just to balance things up I will pick on a big noise. Although I love the wide ranging discussions he has, the fact that he hails from a colony panicked, on cue, when Orson scared the shit out of them always puts them on the watch list. Anything USofA corp is default fantasy. And sure enough when you read his most famous outpouring SRI heave into view.

So what has this got to do with the KGB priests?

Let me just drop a little of something I wrote earlier on you.

So they told their Western cousins, “We’re coming over”. “Hold on a minute” the lads in the butt tight disco flares said “you can’t just pitch up”. WTF we need a narrative to keep the story unbroken and the scum in the dark or TPTB will verily fuck us up.

I shall modify that sentiment to include the phrase….

“They’ve rumbled us and we need to evacuate pronto”….

….as the seminaries pumped priests into the KGB I’ll wager our last khazikillerpsychopaths found themselves slowly outnumbered. Not a position they care for, they’d much rather outnumber and mob the individual, since they are hive minded communialists and cummunitardist at base. When the thieving retarded scum got all outmanoeuvered what did they do? The CCCP was going nonheathenoid. USofA corp, beware if you wake up you’ll get it as well, what do you think the reconquista is and why your south west states are full of Habsburg monoheathenoid agents with no holes in their gunshot heads?

Well lots of heathenoid got a free false refugee pass out to heathen central, some got a free pass to RCE/TA, many got a plan together to scorch the earth after they’d left. That’s what so called heathenoid Russian oligarchs are. Bitches for the RCE/NY banksters who did verily not like the idea of the Russian persons excluding their monoheathenoid bretheren from the choice positions of power and influence in the hot house closed system ecology of their empty conception. Notice that no one else got a free pass, only the child molesters coaching the girls’ gymnastics team and their familial co-monoheathenists.

That brings us to the crux.

If you believe Doland’s contention that there is a break away civilisation utilising black budget monies then I’m afraid, much though I like the chap, you are deluded. If these clowns have a choice of constructing something magnificent or pissing the money up the wall on drugs, champagne and ladyboy blood guess which degenerate path they will choose? Ever been to Capri?

That’s correct, degenerate debauchery and lazy slaughter.

Do not expect anything to work in the ABM shield, except in RCE/TA, that will work alrighty, the European shield is nothing but a make work RICO infested theft bin. Go on then how much have you read recently about ChiComm parts in USofA corp weapon systems? Dumbed down populace using business school madrassa encantations to destroy their society. Go on then name me one prescribed business author who is not NOAHide. Go on. I’ve read so many of the turgid volumes over the years that I have formed an immutable opinion on the pulp faction. It is written by NOAHide complain retards for retards. ISO9001 compliant fairy tales and dullard vomit inducing nonsense muppetry.

So do you expect the mesmeric labour of these clowns to down an ICBM headed for your neck of town?

Nah, of course not.

But then the ICBM itself is illusory, the creation of diseases of minds increduled by the Phukk D’Witzz.


My Saints Are Down

So blind I cannot see (Snow blind I cannot see)
You are so warm to me

I am not there
And you are here
Please take me

Yeh the saints are down


The saints are down

The saints are down
The saints are down

Life is so long
Or short should I say
I am here to get it on with you today
Hell you should know that I love you more than I can say
Sometimes I feel all those things that come down on us anyway

But I got to tell you that my, my saints are down.
That my saints are down

Let me tell you why,
Saints are down

The saints are down

Hey pretty girl what you got to say
Who’s fuckin hell is it anyway
Don’t you know anything about any body else
Your so wrapped up in your pretty self (mental health)

Hey let me tell you
The saints are down
Yes they are

The saints are down

The saints are down

The saints are down

So alive I’ve killed myself
You  give me breath
Where are you?
I’ve departed
Come and find me

Smart bitch what you got to say
It’s so easy to sit back and fuck over the poor
Poor bitches that come came across your border.

 Their saints are not down

You have no saints

You are without.

Yeh the saints are down


The saints are down

It’s dangerous for you now
The saints are down
Do you know what thaqt means
Know it all

Every action is considered
Whether for good or for evil

You admire the strong

The strong are driven criven

To you acts of will are mere transigents
Let me tell you bitch
If it wasn’t for an infinite act of will I’d gut you now

Those you think strong

Never excercise anything
Other than what you admire.
Shit, their money

Strong is weak.

Your fate I will will

The saints are down
The saints are down

They’re down
?And not? Coming round
Yeh they’re not easily found
And they are buried
In the ground
Yeh they are buried
Upside down

Love is not the way


Love is not to wait
Love is not to wait
Love is not to wait

Saints are down

Saints are down

Saints are down

Saints are down

Saints are down

The Saints are down

Yes they are, yes they are

They are

You’ll never see them again No oo oo

Yes they are there when you found them

They can talk no more
They have no mind to say

It’s all misunderstood that we have lost our way

In and out
No bones to start now

The saints are down

The saints are dooo wn

The saints are down

The saints are down


Sunday 5 February 2012

These are not the Blacked and Whited made up iGREENBLiderbergers, mammee.

Apologies, it has been an unforeseen rocket fuelled weekend so part 2, which is fully bonced, will hit the pixels later.

However picking up on a theme from a little while back, get your heads out of the ovens in the nonCSI 1919-1969.

No way.

Go on then, work out the panda bear racket and who runs it? No lack of money to feed retarded, selected for extinction, rented out hot piss water bottle covers. No money for grit or pensions or surgery though.

Edinburgh burghers are Phukk D’Witzz.

Black and white or shades of clay warriors.

Practice run, for which those over primped pimped minstrels cannot get juxtaposed.

Friday 3 February 2012

It is the weekend however there is no music yet, just……Part 1

….some loose ends to sort out. A lot of this will leak into the other shop when I recover the articles prepared for it soon. For now you’ll have to endure a bit of a curate’s egg here for the moment.

A few wisps of serendipity caught my eye this week, the first of which was Wayne Madsen writing about a bunch that I had meant to take the piss out of after looking through my collection of Lupin III anime again, especially the nature of the character Inspector Zenigata. Bungling, bumbling, fiercely certain Zenigata, with a license to travel all over the world causing chaos. However Wayne did a better job of outlining the stark reality so I will limit myself to comments and addenda to his excellent article.

Here’s the start of Madsen’s article. H/T A-W-I-P  

“Welcome to the new INTERPOL – the International Criminal Police Organization -- a carbon copy of the INTERPOL that was briefly headquartered in Berlin under the Nazi regime. Today, INTERPOL, an international law enforcement agency composed of 190 members nations, INTERPOL, headquartered in Lyon, France, is under the control of Secretary General Ron K. Noble, a former Undersecretary for Enforcement of the U.S. Treasury Department. Under Noble, INTERPOL is tracking political dissidents while leaving gangsters and other criminals, especially those wanted by Russia, remain at large.

Noble was the head of the Treasury Department’s “Waco Administrative Review Team,” which covered up the actions of his Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms in their siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. That siege resulted in the deaths of 84 members of the separatist Seventh Day Adventist sect, including their leader David Koresh, and four of Noble’s BATF agents in a deadly shootout that was followed by the burning down of the sect’s compound. 

I deliberately chose the ending of that snippet to highlight the total abnegation of the ,so called, purpose of those trials by the modern religiokriminal infested RICO state, NGO and transnational corporate person. It was all a great big preplanned piss take. Part of the cleanup team after 50 year long wet job. Just like the cold war, exhaust the USofA corp., and the fabrication of the Holocaust. All constructed to keep the massive crimes sponsored by the RCE/LC and RCE/TA and visited upon 100 million Christians in Europe secret until time could kill those survivors who remembered exactly what had happened to them and who never got anywhere near the bitchboys and boybitch eunuchs of the MSM.

For it illustrates a hidden thing that I have never seen commented upon anywhere. If it is a given that here is indeed a concerted effort today to bring about a unified world under, for sake of example, a Rothschild 3rd temple made of all the worlds gold on the Mount? Then why does no one reckon that the same bunch of clowns are responsible for actually putting in place international arms of enforcement like INTERPOL and OGPU, supposedly dialectical, to carry out a common purpose. Commies and NAZIs the same types paid for by the religiokriminal banksterganksterskanksters in RCE/LC and RCE/NY with the adgenda of culling the non compliant.

RCEs nominally monoheathen and stretching their tentacles into all three branches of monoheatenism. So who’s to say that the geezers sitting in the big house didn’t drum up the three, admittedly, different branches of Môn heathenism and the false dialectic, 1500 years ago with a similar purpose.

Each of the creatures controlled or controlling the pace of human development through the magic of alchemical finance and sacramental voyages. The real question you see is what was the religion, if any, of the geezers who handed out the idea of monoheathenism and tied it inseparably to the magic of money through an original crime scene deep in Babylon and Ur. This is the original crystal, the seed, of social engineering around which everything else is arranged. Destroy that and there might be freedom for all. Though this is not without its counter intutitive outcome.  I believe the goons know much more than we will ever know about ourselves. Their might be some truth to the upper limits of the two populations. Slaver and free. 1 million despots and 999million serfs OR I billion free persons. I know this is counterintuitive because both are eugenicist outlooks.

Anyway back to the Nazis, the BIS and INTERPOL both staffed by NAZIs before their original backers steamrollered the muppets from Germany right on cue. The Commies, COMINTERN and KGB, both stuffed with khazidroids before their original backers bankrolled them to take the Soviet Union down. Both lots of dialectical daleks performing a similar social engineering purpose with full sanction from the funny money printers. The purpose of it all? To steal all the independent wealth of the peoples from Hamburg to Lemberg in the years 1939-1945. The religious imperative of the funny money clowns who worship the alchemical finance if the confiscation and/or destruction of independent wealth. This is an important factor when weighing up their next move in the modern world. Everyone reckons that they are seeking to thieve the oil and use it to wring more tribute from the human population. However just consider that they might consider it a time to drop a new dark age on the western world now that the remaining free precious metals are concentrated in India. Destruction of the oil reserves and or technical knowledge in extraction thereof might be the preferred option. It has been done before in parts of the world to get rid of the non-compliant, though the reasons vary. Rome circa 400AD and China circa 1450AD.

As an aside, when I was a lad getting instruction in classical civilisation the lessons would from time to time note the following curiosity, one of those “mysteries” that the mature mind now recognises as the redaction of knowledge and the in your face piss take. The mystery is always stated along the lines “Greeks so inventive, curious, enquiring, creative, artistic, genius. Romans utilitarian, industrious, bloody but lacking something. How curiously different the two great western classical civilisations. One following directly from the other”

Well you and I know that the two “western civilisations” were at heart completely unalike. Greece was western, Rome was oriental despotic. Rome was spiritually dead. Rome was not western. It was 
a vehicle for Ba’al Hammon.

Problem solved.

If you think this is irrelevant to the modern world, this battle over 3000 or more years between western genius and the dead hand of Ba’al Hammon then you better not read any further. You worship Ba’al Hammon, the child sacrificing, and the killer belief in the alchemical debt as money scam. You are irredeemably invested in the original crime scene.

A great run around the Greek, western mind, has been in play for at least 2,500 years and continues to this day. I’ll take you a little back in time to illustrate this proposition. I’ll take you to a where millions and millions, soon to be 100 million persons, were being killed of by the heroes of Ba’al Hammon and a schism of faith was revealed. Ignore the arcane references here because this directly impacts how the so called ABM shields protecting Europe will fail.

So WTFU up and pay attention.

As I mused in Dates to rememberbefore and after 9/11 the USofA corp. is due for a good doing soon, a symbol will be taken down after a decade and half of heathen debauchery. The basis of the society there is going to get a Sergeist moment.


IN ENGLAND there has appeared a book by Nikita Strove, Christians in Contemporary Russia,[2] in 

which he, like others also in the West, in general approves the activity of Patriarch Sergius, even comparing him with Sergius of Radonezh and Patriarch Ermogen. [3] In the West Patriarch Sergius is virtually considered to be the savior of the Orthodox Church in Russia. Such an incorrect evaluation of the activity of Patriarch Sergius is based on the fact that Western researchers are not familiar with the underground facts and manifestations of the life of theRussian Orthodox Church. The roots of the profound ecclesiastical crisis whichhas now been revealed were laid precisely by Patriarch Sergius.” 
The most obvious target in USofA corp. is the constitution, a traitor will appear to confuse and obfuscate the demolition of this final, almost gutted, symbol. It may functionally be irrelevant to do so but ceremony demands that it be done. Who will it be? Well from what I’ve seen of the circus, the deliberate choosing of mentalist and unattractive zombie candidates, in the Republican party, the word is on the street to get the illegal alien back into the white house where he can burn more tax payers debt financed taxes on jetting around the ghetto that will be USofA corpse.
Now that may seem terminal to the nation but fear not, the plans of the heathenoids always contain the seeds of their failure, they really do suffer from the eternal sin committed at the original crime scene. No other possibility exists.
Here’s another little item that when I read it’s full implications caused me to put a little fact that I came across a little while back about one of the current crop of heathenoid oligarchs skulking from Russian justice, in place and to modify my reasons for the designer destruction of the Soviet union. It might be Beresovsky. I won’t give too much away to note that this criminal really wanted to be a cosmonaut (If you recognise this bitchboy’s true identity, please drop me a line, the article in which I originally found the ref has been expunged) he could not fulfil his ambition because by then, the 1960/70s, the Soviets had introduced quotas to stop the khazidroids crowding out everyone from the choice careers and professions.
Anyway more on that later.
So back to CCCP 80-90 years ago.

Now let us fast forward the best part of 20 years when two things have occurred.

Uncle Joe realised that he’d been used.

He was making plans to unify the nation for the great struggle for existence in the Cold War.

All of a sudden the churches are to be given a bit more leeway, but…..

3. This ‘Church’ is KGB

When Stalin decided to present a fake, Stalinist ‘Patriarchate’ to the people, he ordered the surviving handful of Sergianists to make Sergius their Patriarch (Sept. 4, 1943) and placed the whole new Soviet ‘Patriarchate’ under the direction of head of the Commissarate for Repression of Religious Cults, NKVD [proto-KGB] General G. Karpov and his “Council for Religious Affairs.” So, the head of the antireligious arm of the KGB (the Commisarate of Cults) and the director of the new Moscow Patriarchate’s church administration were one and the same man.

According to the “Fundamental LaAffairsw of the Soviet Union”, the Moscow Patriarchate (until 1991), “is under the control of the Council for Religious Affairs” and its system of regional and local officials, all of which are composed of antireligious Communist Party and KGB leaders. KGB General Furov, the head of the “Directorate for Russian Orthodox Church Affairs” and a governor of the CPSU/KGB’s “Council for Religous ”, reported in 1974 to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union:

“The Synod [of the Moscow Patriarchate] is under the control of the [CPSU/KGB’s] Council for Religious Affairs. The question of the selection and placing of its permanent members was and remains completely in the hands of the Council, and the candidature of the non-permanent members is also agreed beforehand with responsible members of the Council. All issues which are to be discussed at the Synod are first discussed by Patriarch Pimen and the permanent members of the Synod with the leaders of the [KGB] Council and in its departments, and the final ‘Decisions (Opredeleniya) of the Holy Synod’ are also agreed.”

In essence, the Patriarchate neither elected bishops nor made decisions until after the KGB/CPSU Council had told them what the election outcome or decision would be. Every official statement was co-authored by militant atheism’s chiefs and every one of the bishops was the appointee of the KGB/CPSU antichrists.

Likewise, commenting on how his own ‘Metropolia’ (a 1947 schism from ROCOR, now called the OCA) was decreed canonical and autocephalous by Moscow ‘Patriarch’ Pimen, Metropolitan Theodosius candidly remarked a few years ago: “Personally, given the political situation of the Soviet Uion at that time, I am amazed that the autocephaly was granted at all. How the Russian Church was ablen to do this, how it negotiated with the Soviet Government’s Council on Religious Affairs– these are things I did not ask’ (June/July 1995 issue of the official newspaper of the OCA, “The Orthodox Church”, p. 10). [The supposed grant of autocephaly from the real Russian Orthodox Church was in fact a payment from the KGB/CPSU to these American schismatic bishops in exchange for the Metropolia’s surrendering to the M.P./KGB control the Japanese Orthodox Church and offering a promise of silence and collaboration with the antichristian U.S.S.R. KGB Colonel Oleg Kalugin states flatly that through this the OCA became heavily infiltrated with KGB agents, doubtless, uniformed in klobuks, crosses, and cassocks.]

It was the KGB General Kuroyedov that ordered the Patriarchate to join the Ecumenical Movement and the W.C.C. [about which we shall speak further below], reporting to the Communist Central Committee in 1960:

“The Patriarch accepted the recommendation of the [KGB] Council [For Religious Affairs] concerning the entry of the Russian Orthodox Church into the membership of the World Council of Churches and evaluated this as a major action of the Russian Orthodox Church in its activities abroad.’”

Consequently, the Soviet ‘Church’ was officially incorporated into the W.C.C. in 1961. And it was certainly on the Council’s orders that the MP issued ultimatums to the Patriarchates forbidding their Pan-Orthodox conference of 1962 to discuss their agenda topic “The Fight Against Atheism,” the act of a truly faithful servant of militant atheism, one of many such services to follow. For instance, the immediate fruit of the MP’s entry into the WCC was placement of an effective block on any WCC discussion or protest of religious persecution in the USSR (despite the fact that Krushchev had just closed 80% of the few remaining churches in the USSR and issued orders [1962] to arrest all minors [and their parents] who were caught attending Church services). At the same time, the MP WCC delegates secured (from 1969 until 1979) over $15,000,000 in WCC funding for 3rd world communist revolutionary groups including the Viet Cong in recognition of their ‘Christian’ struggle for racial and social justice! In 1966, the Central Committee of the WCC (their chief policy-making body), declared that “American victory in Vietnam would cause long- range difficulties” and they called upon “the United States to halt its bombing of North Vietnam and review and modify its policy of trying to contain communism.” It also proposed that the West stop resisting and recognize the militant atheists also as legitimate rulers of China and welcome them into the U.N. and the Security Council, abandoning the claim of Chinese Christians and nationalists exiled to Taiwan. This and many other over and covert services to militant atheism and apostasy did the so-called MP render her KGB/CPSU council of masters under the auspices of the Ecumenical Movement.

The current Patriarch himself is a recognized, infamous KGB agent (codename ‘Drozdov’) and is cited in the aforementioned “Furov Report” as the most zealous for the Soviet cause among the MP bishops. The Estonian newspaper “Postimees” (of March 18, 1996) in “A Shadow Hangs over Patriarch Alexis (II)” has published excerpts from the KGB reports of the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic preserved in the local state archives, including the following KGB report:

“Agent ‘Drozdov’, born in 1929, a priest of the Orthodox Church, has a higher education, a degree in theology, perfectly speaks Russian, Estonian, and limited German; he enlisted (in the KGB) on February 28, 1958, out of patriotic feelings in order to expose and drive out the anti-Soviet elements among the Orthodox clergy, with whom he has connections, which present an overriding interest to KGB agencies. At the time of enlistment it was taken into consideration that in the future (after securing his practical work) he would be promoted through available channels to Bishop of Tallinin and Estonia. In the period of his collaboration with the organs of KGB, ‘Drozdov’ has proved himself in a positive manner, is accurate in his reports, energetic, and sociable. He understands theological matters and international situations well. He is eager to fulfill tasks given to him by us (KGB) and has already presented a number of worthy materials...After securing the agent in practical work for the agencies of state security concretely worked out, we intend to use him to further our interests through sending him into the capitalistic countries as a member of ecclesiastical delegations...” (In other words he was a vicious spy-informer-persecutor of any Christian who was not 100% pro-Bolshevik, helping deliver them up to the KGB and the firing squad or the gulag; also, note that the KGB decided, not the Church, that he would become Bishop of Estonia; having proved so thoroughly a tool of the KGB, it next wants to use him as a foreign spy and propagandist. Finally:)

“According to KGB archival documents opened briefly in the early 1990’s, in 1988 “An order was drafted by the USSR KGB chairman to award an honorary citation to agent DROZDOV” (the future Patriarch Alexis II) “for outstanding intelligence services”.” (This eager servant of the devil now heads the Moscow Patriarchate [consisting of other KGB agent-‘bishops’]!)
The MP is the KGB-Church, the Stalinist-Church, the Soviet Church, and in that regard it is worth quoting St. John Maximovitch’s 1964 letter “On the Expression ‘Soviet Church’”:

“It is not correct to speak of the ‘Soviet Church’--which is something the ‘Church’ cannot be in the true sense of the word ‘Church’--but about the hierarchy that acts as the agent of the Soviet regime. One’s attitude toward this hierarchy should be the same as toward the other representatives of this [i.e., the Soviet] regime.”

So, how today would one approach a Bolshevik commissar? Asking a blessing? Certainly not and so neither should someone seeking the authentic Church go to a Soviet hierarch or hierarchy that received their position by virtue of the KGB’s recognition of their merits as communist agents!” Source 

Just to shorten things for you if the whole doc is too much, the priesthood are all formally KGB agents from 1943.

Part 2 tomorrow.