Friday 30 September 2011

Marxist Business Administration

Image source.

Please use Fagin’s inspection method here, especially on the words, management team.

There are no teams, only executioners in the closed system.

MBAs may need to cease their non conformist, reactionary, counter culture, iGREEN, traitors to the revolution, farting around on their open air exercising with scaffolding and get themselves indoors more often.

They may need to start believing in something other than heathen group think.

Do you think he deserves a General Electric 6Σ from shithouse zentral?

I know, I know. He didn’t blow enough people’s heads off. Statistically non valid like SPSS for SSADM.

Just to throw a bone to you thick Business Frankfurt School Chicago goons. Indeed they would have used capital inputs to automate the process in USofA corp. Hold on that is your spunk drenched phantasm emanating from Naziland. Hansel und Gretel econimaginfictiobolloxhollohoaxolyingology.

So could these fuckers get ISO9001?

No they made a great big mistake.

It was all fiction.

Documentation non compliance.

Are you getting modern business yet?


Slaves, execution, theft.

All 6Σ and all spelt currectoly.

All compliant.

The MBA eunuch.



During the period 1938-1945 the heathen were officially afraid of witches.



I wonder why?


Wednesday 28 September 2011

Ancient Phoenician Pharaoh Phooarrrhhhh!!

Image sourced.

Who comes two tapping?


Ten years and counting.

USofA corp., only you could be running such a gout banquet.

Way back. Then.


You clowns need some Consommé .

Look through the clear soup.

Will that sustain you?

Atomic USofA receptors of a good what? Of a good? Audited by the failed RCE/LC four? What more can be said of you?

You have never, ever, stood up.

Just laid back and surfed the cuff.

Or do you need some sauce Diaspora Bernays to persuade your fouled fool foul appetites?

We may leave you behind this time and you may never rejoin us.

Away we go.


We all live in a big country.

That is us.

Unbounded but defined.

Get the fuck into them.

And again.

You were not listening were you?

Phukk D’Witzz.

Even you can do that?

Don’t look. Do NOT look. It is porn.

New bird at Snohomish.




Though not quite as comely as the apple of my eye.



Both myself, the secretive squirrel, and the nullset black duck agree that the word “British” is being deliberately removed from the global lexicon.

If you do not agree then you are in all the best setsenses of the word, ignorant.


Where I live, just off the Great North Road, I have a bellwether that lets me know just how the global economy is doing. Conversely it allows me an independent metric of just how deep in the shit we all are.

Our fault. No one else.

The index of my ersatz S& Poors, love the poors bit, right in your face peasants? It is a commercial property which used to house an offy crewed by a good natured Okker.

Your correspondent used to spend a great deal of time in there, when I had money, perusing the whiskeys and on the odd occasion getting delivery of a specially requested dram. It was too much effort to head down Covent Garden way.

For those of you unaware of these off licensed premises I’ll just state that they used to grade their clientele by three categories.

Kind of Bloomberg like.




Epicures, boozers and scum.

Mine was a GGG+.

It shut down just after the Red boybitchescrew, all Gok’d up and Triny and Suzanna’d as our bestest mates, heaved into view in 1997. That was it! The good old days of the Tory wilderness were over. The calm before the shit storm. It has remained vacant to this day. Even during the so called boom years of Glayket Gordon Brown, war criminal Tony Blair and the cleek of sterile menstruation known as the babes, the doors never opened again.

Even the Romanian crisis, how fucking long can that crisis last, charity shop is still open. Further grist to the money laundering/ human trafficking mill.

So here we are in 2011, 4 years after the wheels came of the PONZI scheme, as designed, no accident that and we are still getting a load of bed rewetting crap from the Mandelbrot set. You know the Set. Hanging out with the Roth at huge homes we are excluded from but are given the privilege of paying for.

Make no mistake the useless fools that infest the corridors of power of Her Majesty’s cabal in the Smoke are still bending over the soft furnishing for a good reaming. Infinite evil in a finite space.

So what is the deal?

Those with no work are deliberately getting shown the door of oblivion. Those employed are getting subsidised existence for their skill sets.

The deal is that we have been left fallow. We will remain so until the newest importation of clients has come of age to be used by the controlling interest.

Here is a little something to stick in your pipes. Do you remember the opprobrium heaped on the Irish when they remained neutral in the last big one. Do you remember the entire name calling aimed at Dublin when the MSM was full of STAVKA/PRAVDA/NKVD sourced fiction about the holocaust? Remember? The neutral Oirish bastards! Do you remember when the Orange Free State and environs were neutral in the war to end wars? Do you? King Billy bastards!!

I think the muppets in Her Majesty’s watertheifdom have been told to keep out of the next big one. To remain neutral. The reasons are complex and I might get round to explaining at a later date, however we are so far removed from the scene of the next big one that all we can do is spy and write and transmit shit out of the GGT that PRAVDA would have been proud of. Stinking Big Society bastards!

London is the UK.

There is no more England, Scotland, Wales or Dumnonia. London is a multikulti shithouse full of operatives to be used outwith the next big one, as always. In a sort of non combat, though dragooned in national service, comms and control clerk and Special Forces accountant sort of way. To work out where the next big one, run out of London Zentral, will be, all you need to do is look at the imports.

Russian speakers and Arabic speakers.


Tuesday 27 September 2011

Reduced Instruction Set Constitution

I may be slow and stupid however I’m not thick. Even I get it after enough time.


Who would want to be a leader of anything approved by the Roth/Rock hirelings and the menagerie of diseased boyboys and bitchbitches? Who would want to be part of any of their leadership programmes? Whether it is ComIntern, Tories or LibDem? I mean could you keep your meal down whilst listening to all these so called proto leaders toadying and brown nosing? Barph zentral!!!!!

The Tories are determined to have a minority candidate leading us into the third decade of the slave millennium. Cleggeron, the foundation bitchboy, wants to nurture a shed load of inhabited carbon based life forms that can get his diversity quota signed off by the EUSSR degenerates & communists who are looting Europe from Brussels. You know the clowns that never want to work a day in their lives. They rather you fed and pandered to them. I could work 24/7 shagging satraps on a casting couch, would that be hard labour? No; that would be Babylon California.

Look at this.

By 1913, America's economic growth both at home and abroad required a more flexible, yet better controlled and safer banking system. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 established the Federal Reserve System as the central banking authority of the United States.

Under the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and amendments over the years, the Federal Reserve System:

• Conducts America's monetary policy
• Supervises and regulates banks and protects consumers' credit rights
• Maintains the stability of America's financial system
• Provides financial services to the U.S. Government, the public, financial institutions, and foreign financial institutions

The Federal Reserve makes loans to commercial banks and is authorized to issue the Federal Reserve notes that make up America's entire supply of paper money.

As I said at the other shop. Why is it always Canadians? What is special about that place? Canada almost seems like the brains of North America. Always messing with brains literally and figuratively, like the skull cracking Nazis. Member of two commonwealths. Maurice Strong’s stomping ground. Full of empty spaces and the pig farm.

I always wondered why Chicago cops had the chequered bands on their uniform caps. Then I read about the Bronfman/Capone angle. Then the penny dropped when I heard that the Chicago broadsheet is Royalist. So why should we scratch our heads when one of her Majesty’s Kenyan subjects ends up as POTUS?

Anyway back to Europe and its constitution.

How’s about this?

On 25th March 1957, two treaties were signed in Rome that gave birth to the European Economic Community (EEC) and to European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom): the Treaties of Rome. The signatories of the historic agreement were Christian Pineau on behalf of France, Joseph Luns from the Netherlands, Paul Henri Spaak from Belgium,Joseph Bech from Luxemburg, Antonio Segni from Italy and Konrad Adenauer from the Federal Republic of Germany. The Treaties were ratified by National Parliaments over the following months and came into force on 1st January 1958.

The integrated weapon system that lies behind all the MSM bollox about the shadow banking system views the Fed and the EU as mere transient blips in its fantastic history.

And so we come to what I was driving at about the Bomb Line a little while back. Notice that treaty signed in Rome, open city, home to the Phoenician Bishop of Ba’al Hammon. EURATOM. EUWHAT!!??? Did they think we wouldn’t notice after all these years? That’s been a roaring success then!!

From Waihaus to Panmunjom, all was captured by the good guys. All the secrets blasted by SS evacuation teams, captured or handed over to the Roth and their agents. The whole crime scene taped off and made secure. Hiding atrocities of the past, unless officially confected and sanctioned for MSM use in the captive west, and atrocities to come. Just as the psychopath of steel made sure all and every captured or freed ex-Soviet was executed by the advancing Reds, so that no counter narrative could be heard within the Red herd, we substituted transportation to cure our official narrative problem by making sure all those who fought the Killer Marx Brotherhood were handed over, all of them no exceptions, except the chosen few, for liquidation by the Roth stooge’s Red Inquisition in the concentration camps and gulags.

“So what?” you may ask”We were free.” Well you reduced factoid muppet, from the bankster perspective we were corralled and ignorant, just the way they like it. Look at what you believe about who the good guys are in Libya! Look at what you do not believe happened during the so called liberation of the slave state in Kuwait! Open you eyes.

Let’s try and bring you up to speed, though I do have to say I am being unjust. I know that by 1945 you were well and truly tired of it all and simply wanted the shooting to stop. However our enemy never gets tired and is always well rested to consider another fine day’s psychopathic. Why do you think that nothing that prepares the progeny of the world rulers ever changes? Change is a sign of looming impoverishment when these clowns speak. Impoverishment in mind, material and spirit. Go on then. Rugby, how much change? Ravenscroft Secondary, Barnet. How much change? Now here I will not be at all unjust if I make a comparison. The scion of those British lads who came home to rest after being dragooned on Empire missions around the globe for 50 years would have done better this past 20 years concentrating on fact and not on cheap consumer baubles from the east. No plasma screens, no DVDs, no SKY, more freedom and wealth of all sorts. The scion of the guys who decided to bomb Imperial China into serfdom, through careful preparation and anticipation of future conflict they’d finance, is sitting in No10 doing to Libya what his family helped do to China a century ago.

Change anyone?

Behind the Bomb Line all the really tasty research that lead to successful lighting off of critical masses had been handed over to the reliable emissaries of the guys who paid for each and every fizz of the work to be carried out in the first place. That was one of the aims of the Bomber Command campaign. To shepherd the research and facilities out of bomber range and into the hands of the advancing Soviets when the shooting match inevitably came to a halt. So no B29s.

To get back to ignorance again, I’ll wager that all the German work was well known by Allied Intel. Allied Intel= Banksters. Remember Herr Abs mentioned previously. Everything that was going on was in a ledger of accounts somewhere, especially the “black” accounts. All these ledgers are transparent to those wearing bankster goggles. Non linears. The one place where I do wonder if the Rock banksters were in the dark though was behind the Bomb Line out east. Now that you know that the Bomb Line has nothing to do with bombing, per se, and more to do with making sure that the tasty, accounted for research, was handed over to the correct Red bailiffs should become clear by now. So you are no doubt thinking “Bollox”. Well it may help to illustrated that all was not so well known by the Rock to consider two items. One, the Roth intelligence station and two the MacArthur dash up to the old Imperial Japanese atomic research sites in 1950. I see that as someone waking up. Kind of like Joe, Man of Steel, had woken up a decade before.

Now you know why I would scoff at EURATOM. A reduced instruction set community of scientists, bureaucrats and engineers all merrily spinning in the hamster cagewheel whilst the guys who were on the free side of the Iron Curtain were plotting our liberation in the 15 years or so after the shooting match stopped.

The EU of course would swing directly into action once the Red Army Operational Maneuver Groups had got to Porto Fino and Oporto. EUSSR. That was the bankster’s admin system all set up in preparation for the glorious day of liberation.

“You are havering again INCOMING!!!!!!!” I hear you groan.

Maybe, but let us consider a couple of little items that involves Patton’s old army beat down near the Sudetenland. Remember Patton, who wanted to roll eastwards and remove the Red scum from the earth? Good lad. Well of course we could and would have if the banksters wanted it; we made the Red war machine move after all. However Patton didn’t get the simple fact that he was on the unleveraged side and the Reds were on the liberated turf. He was got rid off in an accident because he wouldn’t have stomached the special ops to be carried out in the ReichsProtectorate immediately after the allied armies retreated back to the agreed finishing lines, leaving huge numbers of Europeans to die.

Let us change tack and then join some dots.

A long while ago at the other shop I noted that I had read the interesting fact that there had been a clear drop in political assassinations in the European body politic during the 18th century. I couldn’t lay my hands on the book and finally found the ref recently whilst rearranging the pile of printed dead trees around the hovel. P259, Europe 1780-1830, Franklin L. Ford, 2nd edn, Longman UK 1989. For the 150 years from the end of the religious wars to the start of the revolutionary wars all was relatively quiet. The author remarks but delves no further. Well yours truly always delves and wonders. Could the relative quiet be because someone was happy with what they’d got? Or too tired to pull another caper for a long while?

Well it was during this period that the geezers secreted in the bowels of the palace of Ba’al Hammon, on the seven hills, kicked off the Roth threat and prepared for Marx to write his crap about historical inevitability. Just to make sure you get what I’m driving at here, Calvinism and its crap is synonymous with Marx and his crap. Godless humanist shit for worshippers of Ba’al Hammon. Do as you like; the same crap is turning up again in the iGREEN creed. Dead people everywhere.

Once the ball was rolling the Assassinations started again.

This time however in order to get the desired effect these had to take the form of massive killings of people, whole nations and states sacrificed on the altar.

So dear readers have you witnessed any assassination attempts recently? Assassinations that are designed to traumatize the body politic and lead to the slaughter of even more people than could be imagined.

I’ll give you a clue.

Russia 1999, Russia 2000, Russia 2001 etc, etc, etc..

Why Russia?

Well they’ve rebuilt their churches and neither the Bishop of Rome, The Grand Muphty of Humpty nor the Rabid Cannibal Rabbis can stand that. They all worship Ba’al Hammon and Ba’al Hammon is a stranger to the Rus.

That crap we got this week showing Pharaoh’s Turnip faced moron and turncoat Medvedev meeting was all a load of arsebarph. When the GGT tell you it was all hostility and icyfrozennesss because the Ba’al Hammon mafia that own Chelsea et al, got all upset when one of their operatives got all intoxified at Putin’s assassin’s radio active hand in RCE/LC a little while back. Then you can be sure we are getting right royally golden showered from on high. You can be sure that all was sweetness and light as they got down to decoding messages from the boss. Whatever is going down the end result is to turn humanity into a bunch of stone hugging heathen.

Just to retack slightly. If, and I mean this most sincerely folks, if you were the leader of either Germania or Russia then would certain thought enter you noggin, certain naughty thoughts. I mean if the numpty that is typing this rot is able to put some things together imagine what the two biggest political brains this side of the Urals can do? One is a STASI quantum chemist, the other an NKVD colonel. Both will have been introduced to some very esoteric philosophies and beliefs. Both will know that what you see is not what you get. Both have thrived in the hive.

If you knew who and what had sent your peoples onto Ba’al Hammon’s fires these past hundred years, might you not think about revenge?

If my supposition is correct that the heathen have left UKplc for a comfier billet in South America and Shanghai then UKplc better beware. The way I read that little meeting in Moscow is orders being passed from Roth’s bitchboy to his Rusboy to misdirect any Russian attention away from an open goal mouth.

Roth doesn’t want his hunting grounds and pleasure palaces vaped.

If you think that a little far fetched then consider who Roth worships. Consider who was giving a good booting to Ba’al Hammon’s representatives in Byzantium. Who got called in to stop the route? Who then financed the Ba’al Hammon worshipping clowns to destroy any and all non Ba’al believers in Europe?

To decode for you.

Ba’al Hammon is the Reduced Instruction Set Constitution giver of the money worshippers. Russia, non Ba’al Hammon, set about giving the heathen, Ba’al Hammon reps, in the Ottoman Empire a good doing, good girl Katharine. The Turk then got their Ba’al Hammon worshipping brethren in UKplc and France to tool up and start rolling back the Rus in Crimea. This was especially crucial since the Rus had helped out the Yankees by sailing their fleets into New York and San Francisco when RCE/LC decided it was time to give the colonies a sound thrashing and get them back under Crown control. RCE/LC and RCE/NY then set about pouring as much money as was needed to rent a mob to destroy all of Europe behind the bomb line. And in case you don’t get the fiction yet the Mediterranean remains to this day a Phoenician lake dedicated to Ba’al Hammon..

When USSR was on its knees, supposedly, who got to send Soviet troops into the Persian oil fields because they were, then, fully Ba’al compliant? Why do you think that the only time the Russians got into the Persian oil fields was when their Ba’al Hammon operatives were in charge in USSR? Who was with them hand in hand?

Remember this is when we were backs to the wall and alone.

History? Absolute fiction.


Monday 26 September 2011

How many dead banksters do you see?


Image source.

Image source.

How many dead bankster bitchboys and their kept trained boybitch chimps do you see?

How many?

None so far.

However if you ignore the MSM then you know their next move.

Keep the lists up to date.

Always keep the lists.

This arse opened its mouth.

Look, laughing boy,I don’t know which side of the tide you came up the river on, or what banana boat you got dropped from, let me just point a few home truths out to you.

You are going no where. Your sire didn’t drop off a cross channel ferry in 1946 after spending his time farting around, running from any possibility of a fight, Europe when the NKVD und Sonderkommando were stalking the night. Your sire wasn’t a great big limp commie dick kidding on he was in danger. Draped in the refugee garb and stirring up trouble just before he legged it from town. Your sire wasn’t a great big ersatz intellectual thief in the night. You are not Roth rot.

Go on then Phukk D’Witzz, ask Dave or Mr Ed what grand dad did in Poland then, has the family got a collection of dead persons' gelt in their possession? Go on.

So when you opened your big empty shithole of a gob and suggested that eastern European immigration should have been capped I did wonder Bollox Features.

Who would you have welcomed in then muppet master? Would be second lord of the treasury.

I know and have worked with a shed load of those geezers and geeztrice you cannot stand and not one of them smuggled in chimp meat, assorted credit card scams nor did they sacrifice a lad, cut off his head, arms and legs and then drop his body in the Thames. Not one of them expressed an interest in burning the country down or imposing Sharia law. Not one wanted to kill and replace the people living in this country.

You useless, utter wasting, vacuous piece of detritus retarded bitchboy mentalist.

I’ll bet chipmunk cheeks isn’t sucking your balls these days. Is she?

Go on then you stinking pile of traitorous crap what are you talking about?

Nothing as usual.



A long time ago I would sit in my back garden, under the great eye, reading and writing. Luckily, being an anorak, I live under the London TMA so could clock the birds on approach to Heathrow. As well as the swifts darting high in the sky, beautiful little birds. Not as tiny as a kingfisher of course, which until I actually saw one in the Norfolk Broads, I believed to be the size of a pelican! Made sense to me at least. I used to live in fear, after clocking The Birds, of being attacked by a hoard of killer zombie kingfishers. Huge monster birds that could drag you away even if you pulled the old hornet skulking trick of diving under water and breathing through a handily stashed straw.

Anyway as I reclined, Ice Cold in Alex brew to hand, reading one of the most interesting books ever written, IBM could you believe, I watched the big birds dump speed and lower their flaps.

You filthy swine!!

Get your minds back on track.

So if you cast your peepers at that bird in the photee you’ll understand the frown on my brow as I watched the little birds, high in the sky, feeding off insects and the big birds, even higher, all of a sudden fucking with the rules of marketing as delineated by Moses. You aren’t stupid enough to believe that Freud’s inbred mutant family came up with it all by themselves are you? Sauce béarnaise is a poison to be administered to the drowning victim, liberally.

There they were, all of a sudden, graffiti’d. Someone had over ruled the marketing CHEKA of so many airlines and delineated a great big grey ovaloid on the under side of the fleets. Now this may seem trivial to most but if you know that marketing is all about making you forget reality and feel good about slavery then you will understand the power that the mind washed heathen have in our world.

To make you feel good about eating a turdburger and forget about sirloin, Alan Greenspan stylee. He and Ayn are stuffing themselves with panda steaks and tiger penises, drowning in fine wines, satiated with pleasure, whilst you starve for lack of sustenance, all the while they are watching reruns of your last moments, twitching in the dirt. That is marketing. That is reportage, misery harvesting for the misers. Usually staffed, in UKplc at least, by hobbyists who have a psychopath trait. NKVD anyone, no training needed, just a killer bent.

So back in 1998 someone was preparing the ground for the disinfo wars as I gazed into the blue.

Don’t believe me?

Could you be getting groomed for a great fire again?

Marketing clearing is what it is called.

What do you think London is for?

Sunday 25 September 2011

Saturday 24 September 2011

Phatt Phukken Witzz

Do you know what a Varangian axeman can do?

Watch out you stinking pile of Roth Commie Red Redundant shit.

Gordon Brown of the east, without the safety net of the good people of Fife.

BTW Greece and RCE/TA?

Bring me an axe.

Homeland security.

Thursday 22 September 2011

Phukk D’Witzz

Rothschild’s playpen, slaughtering chambre, child molesting und grooming yard has recently woken up to a bald truth.

It has been sack and cracked.

Everything has been removed.

The outcome of this realisation is?

De nada.

A great big eunuch.

Now your correspondent here has always wondered about the nature or nurture dialectic concerning iGREEN buttwelding y carpet München Gladbach.

Being of free meerkateer bent I don’t give a flying one what you do with your reproductive zones, restricted zones and free fire zones. Just so long as when you hit the spot you pay the full market rate. You don’t pay though in the arena of President's Working Group on Financial markets, you get subsidized. Don’t you?

You get a free pass, nay short cut through the queuing theory, when you turn up with a dyslectic erogenous zone. Everyone else subsidizes your adventures in the pink plaza.

Like all good communists it is just take, take and take. I’m not suggesting for a moment that there is a lack of dark pools of liquidity, just that we are running out of Laundromats.

And so the Laundromat question has come home to roost in Holland’s animal farm.

The PONZI scheme will not hand over the free readies that allow pornographers license to roam the land seeking free meals. For that is all that the UKplc economy has been good for this past 50 years. Free meals.

Have you noted the recent malarkey about the USofA corp. attacking the UKplc? Utter bollox. Do you seriously think that Roth was going to entertain the idea of Rock trashing his villas in this green and peasant land? What you see in that tail wag’s the god scenario is a remnant memory, re: USofA corp. military families, of where the real enemy resided. The political power in USofA corp. was really after eugenics and slaughter for everyone who wanted to juxtapose their sexual organs in such a way as not to produce psychopaths.

So we cum to the great climax.

Will UKplc do anything?


It has been selected for nothing like all good Darwinian systems.

Nurtured for inaction.

A big limp reconstructed plastectomy of a dick.

Wednesday 21 September 2011

Reduced Instruction Set Children

If “I was black innit” there would be a massive, innit.

You fucking muppets.

Welcome to slavery you useless arsewipes.

1000 years of killing you off and you still do not get it.

Get your lists up to date.

Reduced Instruction Set Cabal

The grass sprang

The trees sang

The sun waits as always the First time.

Once again we take a look at the next really big expensive, expansive war theatre. The hyperlittoral warsphere.

The enemy drunk

Life limp and wrung.

Laid down my text book, I was bored, and my studies were tiresome. The autumn sunlight, streaming through the windows splashed light on the hot, vast expanses of desktop. I almost slept. My eye rested and then stirred. On the shelf stood, in three volumes, A People’s History of The United States. Abandoning the prescribed, I left my reduced space, and wandered into the reduction of others.

I always remember reading about the attempt to genocide the Pilipino being described; now I know it was only the Christian part though. No change there, eh, when it came to the twentieth century and the race supremacists. I also remember one of the commentators out here remarking in passing that the enterprise was a typical Ba’al Hammon enterprise, like the taking of South America 400 years before.

Don’t forget that the rules set by the banksters will be set in such a way as to have delivered to them their desired technnotronic outcome. So as in WW2, no gas, so in WW3, no space attack. Gentlemen’s rules don’t you know.

However let us go back in time.

Back to when this all happened. All quotes from here.

“1900: PHILIPPINES. Genocide artist cum U.S. Army General Elwell Otis tries to deflect criticism of atrocities and torture by U.S. troops by claiming that the Filipinos who are defending their country are just as naughty as the Americans who have invaded and occupied it. Filipino leader Emilio Aguinaldo suggests that neutral journalists and representatives of the I
nternational Red Cross inspect his
military operations.

Otis refuses to allow such a thing but Aguinaldo manages to smuggle four reporters,two English, one Canadian and one Japanese, into the countryside to see the treatment of American prisoners first hand. They report that Ame
rican prisoners of the Filipinos are “treated more like guests than prisoners,” and are “fed the best that the country affords". The four reporters are expelled from the Philippines by the U.S. as soon as their stories are printed. American prisoners released by the Filipinos tell other reporters that they too had been well treated.”

“The U.S. then cuts food and trade in order to starve the people of Samar into submission to their American masters. U.S. troops rampage across the island looting and burning thousands of homes. And killing. In its relentless que
st for justice, the United States slaughters tens of thousands of inhabitants of the island of Samar, virtually all of them helpless civilians.”

“American losses were trivial, 4234 d
eaths of which the majority were from disease. Less than 1500 Americans were killed in combat. Philippine military deaths are estimated at around 20,000. The number of completely innocent Filipino civilians killed by the U.S. in the process of "benevolent assimilation" is probably between 600,000 and 1,000,000. Millions of Filipinos were injured and maimed. Hundreds of thousands of houses were burned, hundreds of towns and villages destroyed.”

“Sergeant Charles S. Riley testifies ab
out entire villages being burned by U.S. forces and described the "water cure" torture
carried out by U.S. troops against Filipinos.
A.(The victim) was tied and placed on his back under a water-tank holding probably one hundred gallons. The faucet was opened, and a stream of water was forced down or allowed to run down his throat. His throat was held so he could not prevent swallowing the water, so that he had to allow the water to run into his stomach. He was directly under the faucet, with his mouth held wide open. When he was filled with water, it was forced out of him by pressing a foot on his stomach or else with the hands; and this continued from five to fifteen minutes." A native interpreter stood directly over this ma
n as he lay on the floor, and "kept saying some one word which I should judge meant 'confess' or 'answer.' When this unhappy man was taken down and asked more questions, he again refused to answer, and then was treated again.
Q. In front?
A. Yes, on the stone walk. They st
arted to take him inside the building, and Captain Glenn said, "Don't take him inside. Right here is good enough." One of the men of the Eighteenth Infantry went to his saddle and took a syringe
from the saddlebag, and another man was sent for a can of water, what we call a kerosene can, holding about five gallons. He brought this can of water down from upstairs, and then a syringe was inserted one end in the water and the other end in his mouth. This time he was not bound, but he was held by four or five men and the water was forced into his mouth from the can, through the syringe.
Q. Was this another party?
A. No, this was the same man. The syri
nge did not seem to have the desired effect, and the doctor ordered a second one. The man got a second syringe, and that was inserted in his nose. Then the doctor (Dr. Lyons, an American) ordered some salt, and a handful of salt w
as procured and thrown into the water. Two syringes were then in operation. The interpreter stood over him in the meantime asking for this second information that was desired. Finally, he gave in and gave the information that they sought, and then he was allowed to rise.
Private William L Smith corroborates Sergeant Riley's testimony and admits that he had assisted in the complete destruc
tion by burning of the town of Igbaras, a town of ten thousand people. Sergeant Edward J. Davis related other incidents of torture by U.S. forces and the burning of another town of twelve thousand people. Other witnesses recounted similar incidents.
Until recently, I had thought that these things (torture) were sporadic and isolated, but I have been forced to the belief that they are bu
t a part of the general plan of campaign. Senator Joseph Lafayette Rawlins

By a strict party vote, the Committee refuses to call other proposed witnesses, calling witnesses instead from a "safe" list created by the U.S. War Department. The attempt to hide the truth of what the U.S. is doing to the Filipino people backfires when the veterans on the safe list begin lecturing the anti-imperialist members of the Committee on the need to shoot and/or burn all Filipinos because of their "inability to appreciate human kindness."”

By chance I believe I have some piccies of this. Abu Graib anyone.

Completely unrelated; the last entry on the relevant page notes this re: Panama.

“William Cromwell is made the fiscal agent of the newly invented "nation" of Panama, a very profitable position. His law firm, Sullivan and Cromwell and its two star shysters, brothers Allen and John Foster Dulles, will go on to play the pivotal role in organizing the cartels and business deals which will eventually bring us Adolf Hitler and the Second World War.”

Now you know who met in Switzerland during the last big one to arrange the transfer of the Gehlen Org over to US care and the CIA’s European desk!!

Tuesday 20 September 2011

The Stranglers

Image source.

The integrated weapon system that lies behind all the MSM bollox about the shadow banking system views the Fed and the EU as mere transient blips in its fantastic history.” source Reduced Instruction Set Constitution.

I couldn’t resist having a little more play with the deliciousness that is the Caledonian Athenian tragedy that was the life of the party.


Gordon, the Golden, Brown.

My mate and I could never understand why there was so much palaver over the, so called, succession of the party boy to become UKplc prime minister. Even way back in the late nineties we just could not see the MSM required grooming of the masses that would have prefigured the rise of goldfinger. It was we felt, more than likely an establishment default position he’d be handed, once the war criminal was told to bang out just before the crate of state hit the ground in a fire ball.

So it proved. Kamikhazi brown trousers was left, alone, screaming at the, 100 octane soaked, controls as the fatigued old kite that was UKplc hit the ash midden in a fire ball of broken treasury, broken promises and contused passengers. Goldfinger Brown; the 20th hijacker.

What we really couldn’t get our heads round was the maniac hubristic ADHD Nokia chucking pill popping moron’s inability to see the setup. We could fucking see it coming from Trent Park. How come he just couldn’t see the leadership programme hard at work protecting their asset? What was wrong with the clown? Couldn’t he smell a vitamin K packing rat when John Smith popped his clogs? Couldn’t the monkey jiving SLP red mafia, north of the Cold stream, spot that their clients were going to be swept to oblivion if they didn’t wake up and smell the kaffir coffee brewing?

Obviously not.

Even after the dear leader was escorted safely from the crime scene and got his hearts desire to rejoin the flock of Rome, our manse scion, heathen predestined, didn’t twig. His fat head was allowed to inflate to monstrous proportions as his handlers guided him around the world stage, like a great big scary Grinch, to no purpose. All the while his handlers’ colleagues were putting the final touches to grooming the Rothschild’s’ agents for their moments in destroying the powers of the great British public in the soon to be finally establish Rothschild’s Chase, by the instrument of a hung parliament. The vacant bovine lots, that are the serfs resident here, didn’t twig that to get a hung parliament in UKplc you’ve got to start plotting decades before hand.

And so the plot thickens. 50 more parliamentary seats to disappear in UKplc and the rabid belief systems will be reinforced to cause more chaos soon.

Didn’t anyone notice? Didn’t anyone care? It isn’t as if the planning is subtle. Whilst Murdoch’s media was pumping out ephemera 24/7 didn’t anyone take care to beat the bounds of the kingdom? Well no actually.

I love it when someone else gets to wondering about what is what. You will know by now that your correspondent here has had his beady eye on the great illusion that is Barry Soetoro ever since Tarpley gave us a heads up in 2007. Barry’s kind of like Margaret Thatcher in so many ways. Absolutely not what you see. Golden Brown he definitely is but what was the recipe. Well at this here trash heap, we’ve looked at the Mau Mau connection via Maurice Strong. We’ve noted that his grand daddy served with UK forces in SE Asia. We’ve noted that his cousin Odinga is a fascist bastard, just like the rest of the family then. That mommy and her mommy were knee deep in phekking over the peasants through micro finance initiatives. That he spent a lot of time as a hiss elf, like little Timmy Geithner, out in SE Asia as a crypto/crypto/cryptomuzz/judeoKristian/cryptoheathen. That he’s an Alinskyist trouble making goon, well in with the Maoists, that he hangs with terrorists like the Weatherheathen and his academic records are verbotten und geheime.

Well some else has noticed that all isn’t as kosher as it looks. H/T ZGR.

Oh don’t be getting all conspiratorial on me. Golden Boy Pharaoh Cameron thinks he’s descended from the psychopath Moshe. The Roth think they are descended from Nimrod. Kaddafi is a Phoenician; why else have a boy named Hannibal. The Saudi Royals are nothing but slaver heathen camel jockey sand bandits. I take umbrage with some of the comments in that last one. The Saudi’s are Ba’al Hammon heathen, not Jews.

So back to the Golden Brown boy from Fife. How’s he going to sleep at night when he’s in his 80s and Glesga is under Sharia? How’s he going to look Knox, the heathen agent, in the eye at the Pearly Gates of Ba’al Hammon, how’s he going to take the fall?

Well laughing boy the clues were there all along, all the clues we, the scum you deigned to ignore, could clock from the wilds of Hertfordshire.

Didn’t you ever wonder how the Slot Gob’s Cheshire Cat could rest at night, after not performing coitus interruptus, when you all knew that he was the screaming front man for the drowning of what remained of UKplc with the heathen?

Nah of course you didn’t you were full of Marxist shit you useless historian. Why do you think her Maj. recently got all jiggy with the HitlerJungend geezer with the skull cap? Why no protest from the ghost of Lex Luther when the prelates of her Maj. were half inched to go and join the division of SchutzStaffell Rome?

Gordon I don’t think you ever knew anything, about anything, about history, ever. You certainly didn’t know anything about finance, political economy, economics, given heathen religions or grand strategy.


Monday 19 September 2011

Reduced Instruction Set Criminality

Now then where shall I place us in work, I know there is no real work anymore just attending the Pharaoh but humour me, in the great big globalised slave plantation then? CKRC? Nah. RCE/LC of course. Where shall we deploy these expensively acquired 6 Sigma systems? How to use the accredited non vocationals, the diversity assured, quota compliant blinkers of our non linears, our twin eye patched instruments of ignorance, in the, currently appointed, corporate clearing house for all of human misery? The place where all the pirate corporates and appointed trouble makers come to make play? Where?

Well how’s about living here, Cricklewood, where we can stand door here and play here. End up dead here. Now I’m not trying to say that all Romanian bodybuilding gangsters get executed mafia style in Barnet, however RCE/LC is built on the dead bodies of hundreds of millions and it may just be time for the crime wave to wash over its own shores.

So there we are knee deep in Mayfair mafia, at reception desk, when who should wander in the front door past our soon to be dead colleague…..?

Or perhaps I’m being too cruel to us. Perhaps a lonely gig at a robo kipping stall far away from the bad guys near St James’ palace. You know the kind of place, unstaffed at night. Just ideal for killing off of persons without a guardian or family. Just like the switch from signature to chip and pin, these facilities are designed by the same commercialreligiokriminal minds, as ideal for criminal endeavour.

Go on then, why was chip and pin foisted upon us? Firstly it facilitated the funding of members of the criminal underworld as they went about more important business, if you don’t think that the level of fraud in the system is their slush fund then you really are a fool. You might not believe in the tooth fairy any more but man, the gullibility of the herd is incredible. . Secondly it allowed the number of illiterates in our communities to go unnoticed at the point where they are likely to come into contact with the local herd, the checkout queue, and so keep the local herd ignorant of how many serfs the new satrapy was importing each year. Thirdly it dehumanised you. I love the clowns that stampeded all over the 1960s getting paid by the foundations to scream about rights and discrimination getting reduced to one number in 10,000. Asswipes. Do not let these guys be in charge of a kindergarten is the message. Oh shit the fucks have been in charge for half a century now and have put the housemates in places of influence and power. Go on then, how much consultation did you get before the flood gates were thrown open in January 2007 to Romanian and Bulgarian crime families? Fourthly the change removed potential witnesses from the system. I.e. it made a shed load of staff unemployed and highly unlikely to ever get an equivalent job in the rigged slaving market.

Now before we get all uncomfortable with what I have to suggest let us have a squeak at something. An internationalist cabal of heathen destroy the West in 50 years, converting free, generous people, in the main, to serfs and poverty. A gangster contracts the execution of someone who dissed her and the importation of child slaves. One of us has a failed indicator light on our vehicle.

Who gets their collar felt? Go on work it out. If you live in RCE/LC, live the dream.

Those wonderful robohotels are transit stations for the shipment of expensively suited couriers and just round the corner, at furthest, is one of those ATM free money dispensers for the approved gangsters and operatives of the system.

If you can remember back to the events of the past decade you will realise that UKplc is no longer a functioning nation or society. It is a Rothschild Chase. A family hunting ground. Alton Towers wrote big. We, the great UK public, did nothing to stop war crimes being carried out from our shores. On the one occasion there was a mass protest it was ignored and then a little while later we got blown to smithereens on our public transport network to shut us the feck up. Can you imagine any large scale protest now? No of course not, whilst anyone foolish enough to go out and demonstrate was on the streets their homes would get filled with squatters.

Anyway today I don’t want to ask just what good the Islands formerly known as the British Isles are for, today I want to play with the fools who worship at the alter of quality training.

So foyer number one is in Mayfair. Through he door comes who?

Him, him or him.

This is like a bad joke. Moon, Odinga and al-Bashir walk into a bar and get knighted…boom, boom.

Now then what do we do?

Foyer number two is situated in a gaff only one stage above a love hotel, you will have seen their adverts on telly here in RCE/LC, just on the edge of a motorway services area on the M25, conveniently constructed with 3 independent routes of escape out through the motorway junction itself and a further 3 roads of exit leading off into the countryside past the robobarn, with a fourth and unmapped route for the discerning.

You or I, only one member of staff on the day shift, are just about to clock off and hand the travellers empty gulag over to the system when who walks in?

What do we do? What did we do? Did we do it again?

In the old days, some of these would have been to hand but not today. Let’s face it the organisation's root cause analysis slaves will have made sure that any attempt at homicide by their staff is in no way assisted by the material and fabric of any of their holding pens.

Even in the posh debauchery palaces of the West End you are not going anywhere after you’ve relieved a body guard of his Ingram during orgasm. Turn his bosses boudoir into a charnel house if you will, the hi resolution RCE/LC CCTV systems will hunt you down pronto. I mean this is not 7/7 nor are you a banker chartered psychopath like Kaganovich or Heydrich. You are nothing and how dare you bring your value systems into the iCSI space.

As I mentioned, why does it take so much crime and money to kill counterfeiters? Why take Al down with tax evasions charges? Well he’s one of the lads that understood the system. The whole business/commercial/banking edifice is a criminal construct. Only age gives it a patina of respectability. That is the current problem that the original counterfeiters face right now. The Child Killer’s Republic of China is still too young to take on the mantle of leading world criminal centre from RCE/LC.

However they are working on the legend. This will make you barph. The criminal rats from the Pripyet have a long and glorious history in what? Regicide? Destruction? Crime? Genocide? Yes, but culture? Don’t make me puke. All they are is Al Capones with some diplomatic cover.

Anyway don’t be expecting any sunshine and brightness at this place for the foreseeable future. An acquaintance had to visit 4, yes four, A&E in Barnet borough this weekend before he could get a Day-Glo shot of his broken bones. Death camp rationing at work. The Pripyet Kapos at work as Rothschild’s Kindergarten is about to get it right royally up the ass.

Saturday 17 September 2011

Justice lets you know....

...Show me the Whig.

Friday 16 September 2011

Weapon System

One of the interesting stories circulating in various forms over the past month or so is the total inability of the UKplc economy to deliver the benefits of the PONZI scheme to its , as they believed themselves to be, beneficiaries.

I mean, if you are knee deep, nay neck deep, executing a bloody bank robbery and the guys running the show are shown to be an illusion, after you’ve evaded all alarm systems, lifted the loot and escaped hot pursuit, what would you think when you tool up to Mrs. Easther Big, with the contraband swag, and get told that either it is worthless trinkets she’s sent you to lift or she just isn’t going to hand over the promised promissory. Then you get lead into an ante room by a front man , you feeling all confused like. Don’t you UKplc?

Now I’m not suggesting any of us are ever going to be given some in your face clues as to what is coming “Blokhin initially decided on an ambitious quota of 300 executions per night, and engineered an efficient system in which the prisoners were individually led to a small antechamber—which had been painted red and was known as the “Leninist room”—for a brief and cursory positive identification, before being handcuffed and led into the execution room next door.
The room was specially designed with padded walls for soundproofing, a sloping concrete floor with a drain and hose, and a log wall for the prisoners to stand against.
Blokhin—outfitted in a leather butcher’s apron, cap, and shoulder-length gloves to protect his uniform—then pushed the prisoner against the log wall and shot him once in the base of the skull with a German Walther Model 2 .25 ACP pistol.

The system we inhabit is so much more subtle than two tapping you, because there is more time to let things occur naturally. Self programmed with 6 Sigma systems and a misplaced care for polar bears will ensure the deaths of billions and the autoslavery of our progeny.


Well the religioKriminal clowns financing systems that nurture monsters like Beria and Blokhin are, in our age, financing systems to nurture killer bears, sea mammals and psycho primates. Go on then, go leave your incontinent granny in the care of a troop of chimps and see what happens.


Oh and whilst we are on about Roth/Rock and their lackeys and lickspittle scientists, if we don’t get the message and start hugging trees and killerooos, the flesh eating bugs and pandemics will be let out of the lab at around the same time as the humanmeat powered robots and the gorilla headed tigers and assorted other good things in the chimerical menagerie, hit the streets to hunt down the remaining savages in the sewer systems, cradling and coddling their few remaining Li batteries, a care never tasted by their aborted children, so they can watch a sacred episode of CorrieEnders on the holy DVD player to remind themselves of what real life used to be like. (I’m with the robot headed wolf pack in that fight, I don’t know about you! Slaughter the mockerfuthers!! Rip their worthless brains out of their worthless skulls. No short circuit of the aether will result. AWOOOOOO!!!!!!)

As I said the fools that inhabit, subsist in, the great Rothschild Royal Hunting ground that is UK Regis got a bit of a shock recently.

Let me start at the beginning.

Just before the old barge got torpedoed and went down to Davey Jones’s Ausphart locker, I witnessed an unusual occurrence. Unusual because for a long time the TfL have insisted that the London bus fleet get uniform old LT Redstylee and up to date with the latest mandated H&S systems, like disability access etc. The result is a spanking, shiny, gleaming new crimson fleet, in the main, of expensively acquired, at our expense, corporate property. So when a wheezy old nag heaved into view on the 221 route, out by the old Army barracks, with its coolant guts spilled all over her majesty’s highway, blocking the lawful progress of her subjects, I raised an eye brow. “Oooh er” thinks I. “The austerity regime means that bus operators are pulling their polished new bus fleets, for use by the more valuable weekday commuter, at weekends and leaving the endwoch scum to make progress on foot.” This musing was later confirmed as I headed up from the North Circ. at Colney Hatch, towards the old Friern Barnet Town Hall, which is now a gated community. Just like the new gated community round the corner, where Aleister Crowley’s squeeze got banged up in the Hatch nut house all that time ago, I do wonder if they sleep well at night. Anyway I clocked several other routes coming through the crossroads there that Saturday. They all had sunbleached old bangers on service, I mean one was almost pink!, all heading South Eastwards. “Weekend peasant service.” thought your correspondent. I didn’t think any more about it until London started to burn that very next week.

Whilst all the hullaballoo was going on, a little something was slipped out that I clocked immediately. Yesterday we got confirmation of something we already knew thanks to QI.

This is nothing new. When UKplc troops were liberating Dutch towns at the end of the last big one, they clocked the indoors khazis and other home comforts of ordinary clog wearers and did verily scratch their heads in wonder and determine to vote for a change at home. A change they really could believe in. So TPTB made sure their leaders turned out to be a bunch of traitorous commie muppets and decades later the country is a khazi. If you don’t believe me about the traitor bit, you haven’t been keeping up to date with past, current and future events. The faces fronting the TUC and the faces fronting every Labour front bench since 1945. Foundation bitchboy and boybitches in the main. If that lot of muppets who are going to lead the public services on strike this year aren’t Roth/Rock hand picked handmaidens of destruction, I’ll eat my own soiled jockeys.

Just to really put the boot in and make sure any and all fuckedwitz get the point. Dennis Healy, Herman Abs. Go join the dots my photoflashed DFreuds.

So let us review what we have here. The tax payers and death policy bearers of UK Regis have no jobs, other than 6 Sigma slavery, otherwise known as grace and favour. They can expect to become progressively homeless and more and more indebted, enslaved. TPTB have their paid political mob once more on the streets. (BTW could you spot the insurance jobs done under riot cover as well?). On a related note. When Brixton went up in flames all those years ago the fuzz were kept well out of the way for 18 months as one of the thoroughfares down there became a major drug nexus, all under gangster control. I’ll leave you to work out how that relates to the next London mayoral election. I will also let you work out how that relates to the basic modus of economics. It isn’t food. Why do you think that so much crime and money is spent killing counterfeiters?

The syphilitic whores that infest the Houses of Parliament do nothing other than offer up the subjects of Her majesty (If any clown on the GGT/MSM/Ausphart/HMG ever refers to UK subjects of Her Majesty as UK citizens, make sure to correct them most violently) So how does this get us to the Blokhin moment which must surely be coming.

Well let me move you to a small Lodge where travelers might rest a while on their journey. A great big phekking 1st class only, no scum welcome, ersatz diversity and quota driven slaver paradise. Remember fiat finance is colour blind, it is the only true diversity compliant instrument on the planet. So just down the road from a pikey camp where captives do dwell (funny how their habitual slaving traits are now outed), a franchise in serfdom. You, yes you, are meet and greet. You, yes you, are 6 sigma’d up the ass. At your own, yes you, expense. Remember investors in people is all propaganda. If, and I mean if, these so called business persons were not a parasitical class, then there would have been no need for London Underground platformage, a century ago, to have pretty tiled patterns to let the traveler, going about his majesty’s lawful business, know which station they were at because most were illiterate. Remember the bitchboy Adam Smith did speak some truths.

Off topic alert.

Well not really, I could never stand Shakespeare or Dickens as a lad. Now that has nothing to do with getting a damned good Scottish education. More to do with the stink coming from all the hoopla surrounding their staging on the GGT. I preferred to stick my beak into Ovid and Commando comics. What really irked me was that having been looking forward to Space 1999, UFO (The bestest Sci Fi series ever), 2001 and assorted other Martian chronicles type shiny and sterile futures, the London Lovies couldn’t wait to get all ragged up and miserable. So I gave it all a great big body swerve. Decades later of course I know that Dickens was always over in USofA corp. because the population there was, unlike UKplc, literate. Though not today in the colonies, since the savages have been reduced to grunting, which is one level above UKplc spawn who need special needs classroom assistants to drivel and drawl. Shakespeare of course was a Venetian plant sent to prepare the pirate base for selective literary and memicking.

Now don’t be getting all hot under the collar Venetian plants in UK Regis, I enjoy a good roister and picnic when the reduced Shakespeare company get jiggy at Forte Hall. I’ve also rediscovered my old Commando stash.

So back to reception. Who could we find visiting this first class spunk drenched, kripsy cremed sheeting, white world of rolled up 50 quid notes? What discord could you possibly experience in this world of wonder run by MBA’d retards?

16 September

Who killed the Israelis? I mean actually put lead in their still twitching bodies?

“The Black International, which operated under the name of the European New Order, held a summit in Barcelona on behalf of the Palestinians. The organization was composed of various Nazis and fascists from Nazi Germany, Vichy France, Franco's Spain, Salazar's Portugal, Mussolini's Italy, and the Greek colonels' military junta. The Spanish leader, General Francesco Franco, is believed to have endorsed the meeting. Two representatives from Fatah, the military arm of the PLO, attended the event. Reportedly, the delegates discussed raising money, organizing arms traffic, and providing ex-Nazi military instructors to help train guerrillas. A major endeavor was to recruit Caucasians to augment Fatah's forces in the Middle East and also collaborate in acts of sabotage and terrorism in Europe……
…..Several summits followed this event, including one held on September 16, 1972, barely ten days after Palestinian Black September terrorists killed eleven Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics. Six hundred delegates to this gathering reportedly cheered Black September to the rafters.” The shooter.

Don’t be getting all twitchy now.

You know it is back.

The question you gotsta ask is “Did they shoot 6 times….”


Thursday 15 September 2011


Only the lonely….

Watch the guy in the middle.

Barren London…


….knee deep in fine wines whilst millions die.

Sunday 11 September 2011

Did you see anything? Freud, Fraud Witness?

Or do you believe?

Either way you are getting a great big, gig, 10th anniversary, heathen, lead pill in the frontal......

CHEKA victim, you arsewipes.

Join the rest of the undead.

Phuk D'Witzz

Just checking... this shit still working?