Wednesday 28 September 2011

Ancient Phoenician Pharaoh Phooarrrhhhh!!

Image sourced.

Who comes two tapping?


Ten years and counting.

USofA corp., only you could be running such a gout banquet.

Way back. Then.


You clowns need some Consommé .

Look through the clear soup.

Will that sustain you?

Atomic USofA receptors of a good what? Of a good? Audited by the failed RCE/LC four? What more can be said of you?

You have never, ever, stood up.

Just laid back and surfed the cuff.

Or do you need some sauce Diaspora Bernays to persuade your fouled fool foul appetites?

We may leave you behind this time and you may never rejoin us.

Away we go.


We all live in a big country.

That is us.

Unbounded but defined.

Get the fuck into them.

And again.

You were not listening were you?

Phukk D’Witzz.

Even you can do that?