Monday 29 February 2016

HWW:RI pushes back deadlines after delay on submarine infrastructure

H/T gentleseas blog

RI pushes back deadlines after delay on submarine infrastructure

Don't know about you but the recent revelation from the retarded mentalists who worship black rocks that they have opened up the SAMbox for any and all freaks paid for by US Fed reserve notes to dip into and loose off, makes the shootdown deliberate false flag much more likely. With the very recent mystery aircrashes related to the area we have been prepped.

I read Malaysian, Sumatran, Timorese potential fronts for ISIS to operate under as well as the usual MILF and proxies. As a long shot, excuse the pun, we might even find German ChiComm operators coming out of Singapore.

I don't suppose that anyone has noticed that the most populous "muslim" country has been left out of all the hooplah that is the unnatural mating going on in BRICS.

Anyway it is not looking good.

Tuesday 23 February 2016

HWW:Zither A Zippe de do dah Dither Z.

Spin up the isomers and the centrifuges of deception, the clown Kingdoms of Phukkwittery have come out to play.

There we have it. The HWW is bookended by two collections of fuckkwitz farting in close formation. What a stinking bunch of banksterkhaaants!!!

NK could have been taken out by an SAC equivalent of Operation Manna in 1955.

SK could have been taken out by one drop of sarin in a camel fart in 1945.

But no, the clown kingdoms had to be kept malfunctioning until they were required in the stage play of PanISISTempest.

Anyway I notice that the Jimmy C is back for “repairs” after the SSN equivalent of a trip to the shops.

What gives in the bookends?

Friday 19 February 2016

HWW:US, Indian Navies Planning Joint Patrols in South China Sea

US, Indian Navies Planning Joint Patrols in South China Sea: Officials say they're drafting ideas one year after leaders agreed to expand naval cooperation and ensure freedom of navigation in the SCS.

Whether or not this comes off the problems are only going to muliply. Traditionally the area was a RN beat until the whole engineered conflict of the early 20th century got out of hand. Plans extant in the latter half of 1945 had RN fleets recovering the whole zone, not Nimitz, but two big sticks put paid to that and the whole commie insurgency using nationalist cannon fodder took hold of the area.

Anyway to put it country simple and inverting the analogy.

Imagine that your old right of way where you strolled unhindered had been enclosed whilst you were laid up in hospital with two broken legs and smashed hips, so several years later you send your cousin to re-establish the abandoned right of way. Only the new management have built a massive lido complex smack across the now vanished pathway.

Do you think the security guys are going to be pleased as the hikers in their muddy boots demand access across the pool side and down into the clean waters uponwhich the floating cocktail drinkers are sunning themselves and listening to K-Pop?


Friday 5 February 2016

HWW:Why Turkey Chose, and Then Rejected, a Chinese Air-Defense Missile

Why Turkey Chose, and Then Rejected, a Chinese Air-Defense Missile: Ankara's decisions say a lot about what Turkey wants from the U.S. and NATO, if only the West will listen.

Who always looks after the Turk/Islam interest within Europe? Who is the bestest chums with the ChiComms?

Who has never been wanted in Europe, indeed it is an out of place artifact with its freedom and shit, ever?

So which bit of USofA corp is going to get shafted in Europe by UK don't these highly paid clowns get?

Monday 1 February 2016

HWW:USAF Stands Up Space Mission Force to Counter Russia, China

USAF Stands Up Space Mission Force to Counter Russia, China: The service is reorganizing for battle in space, but threats may be progressing faster than fixes.

All the gunfire and sniper on the deck is but the footprint of the boundless wreckage strewn orbits where the last satellite standing takes the whole shebang.