Tuesday 31 August 2010

Soda Stream

What happens when you put benzene in the bottle and oxygen in the machine?

Max you card.

You are running a machine. Aren’t you?

Naughty man, but I like you.

Phukkin’ A Max.

I wonder where the cocktail is headed?

A Curio

That was then, 1985, a quarter of a century ago. Part of “ A RAND NOTE. AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY OF THE OPEN LITERATURE ON DECEPTION, Zell Stanley, December 1985, N-2332-NA. Prepared for The Director of Net Assessment, Office of the Secretary of Defense”

That would have been prepared during Casper Weinberger’s time there. Remember Iran-Contra?

Now then imagine you added 25 years and the funny money machine into this mix.

Remember the funny money machine has never lost, ever!!!

Go on then, go on….got it yet?


A great big symbol saying “We have abandoned this place for another”

Partial answer.

Monday 30 August 2010

Just remember to look up……

…as you step from your home.

9/11, 7/7, Madrid, Beslan, remember they engineer the weather so that a perfect television ceremony and festival can be used to traumatise us further.

Don’t believe me?

Well everyone knows about WTC1 & 2.

Those out here who are clued know about WTC 7.

What about the great big cyclonic storm just off the USofA corp. east coast on 9/11. Very near New York City.

No one mentions that, do they?

Kept the skies blue and clear.

Didn’t it?

Amongst other things.

Perspective Part 2

Fausty gave us Part 1 a little while back.

And now this chap has also been out and about showing us all how to get it in true perspective.

Here’s a little piece on him from CBS recently.

Here he is doing his thing on would you believe it…..

China’s Got Talent. Three yesses? Oh yes!!

H/T the Farm

Sunday 29 August 2010


I don’t know why but I have the funny feeling that the next big one will be a return to stasis.

Unlike the last one which was a massive war of manoeuvre designed to introduce, post bellum, the logistics needed to move massive numbers of people around the planet. Not troopers, get that, people, families.

Specifically into the West.

Look at all the fuel that was consumed as millions of tonnes of weaponry steamed, burned and banged its way across the planet. Look at all the millions of troopers deployed. Look at all the dead people reduced to pulp and ashes. All by manoeuvre.


The predatory fat boys and girls sitting in great big “built environment” sheds in the Nevada desert, near the gangster town, are laying back directing death onto unsuspecting persons going about their lawful business.

No one moves apart from the robots. And the dead, jerking their 30mm way down the highway in graduated bits.

So why do I think there will be no movement.

As I’ve said before the lethality space is universal now. No longer can it be contained and jarred. No longer can non combatants be slaughtered without combatant loss. No longer can combatants decide the level of lethality enforced on the opposition. No longer can innocents be protected. All space is now lethal to all. Where can one flee when the robo-fleas are swarming?

Therefore I reckon that the burger and Dr Pepper fans reclining in their Eazeeboys deep in Nevada will have to be secreted in sterile wafer fab standard facilities when the next big one kicks off.



To clear the land and commit the living into mega cities protected by scalar shields.


Go on, who could use a scalar shield right here, right now in the holy desert?

Saturday 28 August 2010

It is time you lot had some of...


This and..


Where is the H?

After that have some Frank. Oh yeah.

Skrypto ready?

Dark Lochnagar, Rab you've called on this before. And anyone else who wonders why we are handing over money to developing nations whilst we are rookit. Have a listen.

Thank god he’s got a bit more cheerful, sorry less morose, but at least I don't fall asleep on him these days.

Got to be one of his best.

As usual skip the first 3 mins.

Then listen very, very closely.

Friday 27 August 2010

Heads up Updated or C17s and Xenophon’s Anabasis

Here are troop numbers deployed by USofA Corp. in Iraq/AfPak as best as can be figured.

H/T Solari

All I can say again is. C17s. Can we afford the fuel?

When the USofA Corp goes belly up there will be noone defending The West. We will be wide open to actual occupation by opposition armed forces rather than their immigrant fifth columnists.

Xenophon’s Anabasis.

All UKplc troopers home right now. No questions asked.

Thursday 26 August 2010

Arthur C Clarke

Dropped over at Coyote Prime’s shop and he inadvertently gave me an excuse to put something out here I’ve been dying to mention for ages.

Was Arthur like H.G.Wells, a foundation pre-programmer? Or was he something independent? Either way I always enjoyed his work.

Here is a great piece from Hoagland’s shop about Arthur.

And here is the Black Knight Satellite.

Now why would Steven Hawkings have gone all alien on us recently?

What are they grooming us for?

Staged alien invasion?

Well let’s invert that whole thought line and go here to read about imprisonment or as the Anonymous Physicist terms it, Mankind’s Quarantine.

All of the above is wonderful stuff in the finest sense. And you need to wade through miles and miles of deliberately thickened, viscous propaganda before you can glimpse the Promised Land. To find the real deal or at least things that you should not know.

Now I don’t know about you but I smell TPTB paying to hide the real gear behind fanciful malarkey. Just like 9/11.

So that must mean there is a real deal hidden in all the 9/11 malarkey.

Did the aliens do it?

Or earthbound monsters?

Heads up.

Tee hee I enjoyed that.

Wednesday 25 August 2010

Heads up.

This hit town today.

The thing not mentioned here is my recent heads up on Yom Kippur. That would fit the bill.

If it kicks off that is when it will happen.

You see the vast very recent bunkerings of fuel by Israel is not their fast jets going anywhere.

No, they know that trade will collapse. No tankers calling to the West with fuel. No bulk carriers of wheat and food. No goods. Nothing.

This bunkering is insurance.

Whilst they suck up to their new bestest buddies the Chicomms and secure supplies from the East.

More insurance is the massive ABM shield left by the Juniper Cobra excercise.


Oh Joy.

I never thought I'd see the day.

Two of my very favourites having a bloody good yakk.

Go Max go. Go Stefan go.


Tuesday 24 August 2010

Salt Time

We at the North Finchley dohyo are packing the sacred clay, getting the power water sorted and salt shaken.

It will soon be time for the big boys in the nappies to hit the sacred clay.

All seems quiet leading up to the Great Tournament, unlike the disgrace we brought on ourselves last outing at the Nagoya Basho.

I haven’t seen a banzuke yet but we hope our hero, the great Kaio, will be there. Still Ozeki.

Oh to be back at the Kokugikan again for the Aki Basho.

Then afterwards out with friends drinking Aki beer and eating outdoors under an Aki sky.

Perhaps next year if we keep our noses clean.


Monday 23 August 2010

Boring Part 12 of ?


Here is the great man again.

And what a century it was.

All the dead people everywhere, except. Where?

More souls are alive now than have ever been, more to die now than ever was, but that is for another day.

As you’ve no doubt noticed there is little action at my shops. That is for two reasons. I’m visiting chinas to keep my mind stilled. And I’ve got to try and make some sense for those who read "Is your tea oot? Part one.", at the other shop.

As you know I’ve also taken to walking a great deal.

I strolled up to a good, in fact very important to me, family’s home on request and invite, to chew the cud. I also got by accident one of my favourite treats. Large donner kebab, all relish, heavy on the chilli sauce and freedom to the beer chiller. Loverly.

As I wandered back from my mate’s place late this evening I gazed up, as is my want. And the fulled moon shone like a great phase conjugate mirror in the silky obsidian stilled night sky.

Aircraft striving their highway through the cool air.

Cars made their way down the secret short cut paralleling the Great North Road.

I gazed into the empty filled blackness.

My thoughts returned to a conversation I had with my pal, Tim the tube driver, on Sunday. In part of our wide ramblings, details yesterday, he remarked that the future seemed bright. That we would not fail. The knowledge is out now. I concurred, though I did wonder if our spirit needs refired and that the control of the bad guys being removed might mean annihilation, again.

Will all the great treasures of the past be gifted to us?


Can we remember?


Can we save our memory of what we can be?


We are and always will be.

As DL remarked today.

Yes DL we did it all before many, many years ago.

James Clerk Maxwell got no Nobel recognition, how could he? He got Heavysided. That is what Nobel is about, Heavysiding all human thought.

Ever wondered why?

E=what? Nobel muppet.

We are in charge. We are TPTB. All of us, no matter how many there are. The more the better.

That is what they hate. Us.

Bring it on. I cannot wait for the, at last, New World Order where we can create everything we love.

That kebab was loverly.

Sunday 22 August 2010

Total Xenobollox Paradox

I yakked and Tibeted with an old china today, long time no speak.

And he introduced into our conversation, which ranged through tube strikes, air strikes, Fartjet and Easyflug, traitorous union leaders and complicit captains of industry, UKplc being taken out by the monotheist phekkwitz. The lazy current of the universe and the devious cunning of the perverse. All the dangers to humanities decent intercourse. To humanity’s peace.

Heathrow as a deer park. Fucking the queen. Ziggurats in the park.

Go on; check out control towers at airports.

He referenced ……

The untitled.

As he said, and I hope he is reading, “If I got out of my seat I could never get to the room’s doorway”.

Now this is one of the items that I’ve spotted since childhood as a great example of,

“Well fed, lazy bastard, inbred, workshy, too fucking smart for their own good fuckedwitz, unquote. Human beings, trenching fat fuckedwits being too lead for their own good. No wonder TPTB takes us down. Though we never give them a clue.

Zeno you muppet. What is your real handle? When I’ve got to the room doorway I could never get back into my seat. Fuckedwitz!!!!

Xind you I have no trouble getting to the fridge to pull another chilled Zube.

Now if you’ve stayed with that so far, you will get a flavour of what is to come at the other shop.

All the above resonant out farting has brought me to something I realised last evening.

Last evening I had a great time watching fart factor over at another friend’s place. Her daughter had come back from a week long weapons camp and we wanted to mark her very recent birthday by letting her have her way.

Her recollections of the great week reminded me of an old, old mukkha who spent his holidays tearing around the fast lanes of Pakistan in fast cars, and then pissing off the UKplc cops when he got back here. Forgetting the world is not his.

Speedboy spent time at weapons camp in Pak, went on pilgrimage to Sicily and Bosnia in his whites, on recon.

Now how do you spell that?

The rumble is going to have dead women in uniform everywhere…

Heads up.

Saturday 21 August 2010





Friday 20 August 2010

Heading home

Went to visit a china last evening, he and his family are off to the sunshine, sand and sea. So it was the last chance before school starts again to get some gaming time in. Nazi Death Zombie Uberwagen ParaFlakTurm 7 or something. Anyway it was just an excuse for his son to show the old gits how it should be done and for us two to have a good swalley.

One of the things that got me really intrigued was the level of detail in these games. Although the Yanks never got near a flakturm the detailing was incredible, just like The Bocage in another of these PC games. It got me to thinking that the remote warriors of the uninhabited battlefields are already trained and are aged even less than teens.

I did warn you that the fuckers are planning to put our children out to work again. Chimchimcheroo.

So after slaughtering god knows how many cans of the amber nectar and knocking off Nazi Zombies it was time to hit the highway.

Much later than the previous evening when I had a great curry and finally got to watch Hancock.

No this was after 1 am. It was gently drizzling, in fact even lighter, a mild precipitation. That last stroll had been mainly north to south. This one went essentially west to east and the funniest thought struck me.

There seems to be a structured darkness to the street lighting in Barnet. Now I know there is a selective cutting out of the street lighting planned/initiated in UKplc since we have been robbed. However this if you know where it is, Northiam/Southover, cutting over the Northern Line at Woodside Park and then up to the Great North road, is a wealthy part of UKplc. Yet there it was as I strolled home in the deep night. Individual street lights out in a pattern, deliberate?

What is going on? There is no shortage of guys to maintain the street furniture. Woodside Park Station was heaving with white hard hats and orange fluorovests as I trundled on over the tracks.


Thursday 19 August 2010

The Feast.

The Stewards served all of us awful.

We complained, objected, and resisted the fake money avarice. Usury and enmity.

However the bill was signed in little numbers by death.


Tuesday 17 August 2010

Six years and closing.

I know plenty of mukkas from the old Soviet block who think we in the West are blinded and stunned.

We do not see the full horror of the CCTV’d great unified spreadsheet within which we have inversed ourselves.


We worship death in every day and every way.

If the killing stopped we could not immerse ourselves in Fart Factor or Big Muppet. No; we’d have to toil. Our masters do not want our toil for they are workshy fopps. They want our worship.

Six years and closing.

The great trading day is ending and the shutters are coming down. The shops are shut.

Heads up.

Monday 16 August 2010


Long time ago, now

Sunday 15 August 2010

Ohh pkekk me......

I was going to leave it alone today but….

..although I am letting my thoughts foment, these beauties heaved into view.

Now I do not know why but I see this joining the cobra. It just fits some how.

And there is the strange hangerings . USS Bonne Homme Richard? WTF?

As usual my love of the turners and burners will not be quiet.

This big beauty is in development. What has that great mile long bomber hall in Texas that pumped out so much weaponry for shipment out to Uncle Joe and the ChiKai شيخ‎, got to offer.

It killed off its greatest achievement over 20 years ago. It is going back in time, seemingly. Like steam giving wind to sail.

It bought out the Corps. And moved the headquarters to Soetoros’ Alinskyist mobster zentral.

Just like we did in the 1960s. Anyone reading from either MiG or Su bureaus will know the irony, in that. I see our original work. TSR 2.

What is left to us? Flogging off the old stuff like F16, F15 and F18?

F15 1960s

F16 1960s

F18 the swollen steroid enhanced bastard of Jack Northrop’s 1950s vision. 50 fucking years of flogging shit. It is like the French Air force before 1940!!!

What is going on? Are we retarding?

The Darwinian dynamic requires de-humanization and that means this inhabited flying stuff is out the window in the wind. The real lethality space requires uninhabitation.

However uninhabitation has its own greater dangers for you and me and our children.

England for fucks sake get up. Rab? England you schooled the roost but never were allowed the whip hand, we saw to that, as did your innate decency.

Don’t chuckle brothers for the open flank has allowed a great danger to us all. How to square the circle of freedom and unity. I hope that everyone realizes that we are being forced into a great tumult.

Stop pissing on the English.

I think they are great. I love their bye ways and their deep dark green lanes. Their quiet ways.

Just like the Gael. I love the bleak deep green outlook.

It is the Floating City that poisons all our wells.

Finally some of the best music to get our ears round.


Heads up.

Saturday 14 August 2010

Your choice fuckedwitz..

Who can have done…




And blamed


Look at the blue skies. Nothing else. Where was the storm?

I ask to awake you to a higher evil.

Do not look at the obvious. You are being invited to a theatre.

Ritual, ceremony and worship.


Just time for a quick one today since I’m working on another outburst but the English language is not up to expressing that which I wish to convey. Oh to have been born a Gael or Russ, true masters of spiritual expression. That’s why the afflicted hate them so.

Anyway clock this from Willy Loman’s shop


I also note that Notsilvia Night is blogging again intermittently, though taking no comments.



Friday 13 August 2010

GREEN, gmat, RED

All the same shit. Oh fuck me you regimented fools. Worshipping the non existent.

Go on take Mao’s little red book with you every day. Brain dead. Worshipping the god of death.

Or love the NAZI pandas.... Human haters and lovers of stupid things. Go on, ask one of their mature to tend to your elderly? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAAAA

Same clowns you fucktard.



Go on, I dare you.

Dots in the distance.

Ten years since Kursk and thousands of
miles from the Pripyet marshes.

All before 9/11. Check the 2001 entries here.

C do you remember the swimming
pools and orchestras stuff that got accidentally leaked?

Do you remember the giant Buna plant that never delivered a drop of oil and yet consumed massive amounts of leky power?

Remember I posted that all this I.G.Farben malarky took until 2001 to wind down?

And now to suraci.

What was going on that day?

Hei Hu Quan is correct there was an op on that day but where? Locally or internationally? Zimbabwe? Thailand? Who in London was going to get

There are shades of the pig farm here

The dots are all there though the joining will take a great deal of warping.

We can do that.

If you are going to quit...

...and then get arrested whilst bonking your brains out.

Well go for it Steven Slater.

Made my day. :-)

Thursday 12 August 2010


In the workshy narcissistic commie world nothing is knew.

Wednesday 11 August 2010

Navigators, salt of the earth.

Non sequitor?

I’m going to have some fun today because the future will be harder than we can imagine and the race can never be won. It is ours to lose though, make no mistake. Anyone awake will be targeted for unawake. No mistake.

Non sequitor, my arse!!!

I’m the black sheep though. I never Navvied but I have cut the peat and ditched. I spent one summer high in Argyll over Loch Fyne, never seeing the sun, cooling my Alloa ale in the pools of the burns, deep in the forest and the peat.

I’ve been so cold on Scottish moors that I had to wrap myself round the machine’s exhaust to get some heat. I know what hard work is and I know what drives the fools in the current. I know they fear a sweated brow.

So it is with great pleasure that I found the Navigators are hard at work, though with bigger wheel barrows, picks and shovels.

Come on the Navigators of Korea, Formosa and all points east. We know you are awake give us some feedback.

Bring it on.

Adam Cathcart

Michael Turton

The Sweet Potato

ROK Drop

The Western Confucian

Shu flies


And one of my very favourites.

Let's slip this one under the wire before Clinton's secret ChiComm police swaatch us.

We are all Navigators.

We all sweat.

We need you.

The fight is on.

Heads up.

Tuesday 10 August 2010

USSS Curtis Le May and USSS Roscoe Hillenkoetter


I hope you enjoy.

Go check the details. The reason this is all high theatricality is that there is no ceremony. Ritual I grant you, but no ceremony.

Someone always pays for the lies they spin. Usually an innocent fuckwitz.

Notice this fucker has not opened his yap. Expert my arse. Parasite more like. Too many book deals lined up until his retirement paid for by you and me from the slowly released secret files.

If you want to see this arsehole in action go over to the Project Camelot archives( Hint you are looking for Exo politics, BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAA fuck me). Talk about a collection of chimps, he’s on a recon mission of course as he has not been seen since.

When I see a fucking great antigrav warship land and ask me to go for a pint at the end of the Universe I might reconsider.

Heads up.

The madness knows no bounds.

Language purification education”!!!! I’d give the fucker a good boot in the stanes!

What with everyone getting killed by GREEN weaponry and the military getting it’s lullaby’s sorted so there won’t be any need to charge at the opposition, you can sing them to sleep I suppose!!!

Is there no one in charge any where on this planet that hasn’t been put through a Common Purpose CHEKA re-education and anti-reactionary card carrying STASI course?

Fuck the fuck off you bunch of workshy cunts.

Monday 9 August 2010

Boring Part 7 of ? Or The Disposition of Forces and The Transformative Medium of the Great Uninhabited War. Part Two.

Remember if you will a little item I gave you a heads up about last year? Remember? Hopefully the realisation of just what a load of arsebarking horselloonery the whole idea is got through.

I mean WTF? A GREEN battle space? So what does that actually mean?

Imagine being in a wedding party in some far off tribal area. You know the kind of area, remote, insular, agrarian, just like Norwich, families interbred, no one goes anywhere except to a religious festival, but not far because the muppets are dirt poor since they are not in the fiat money Ponzy scheme. In fact just the area that the CIA/MI Hi/MOSSAD like to come in to cause trouble and set up patsies. So imagine the lads let of their old muskets as whatever passes for tribal ritual goes on its merry way, harming no one actually within the fiat money Ponzy scheme.

Or imagine you’ve been out with your mates and got 16 pints of Guinness down your neck and decide to have a leak over the hedge in a field near Thurles.

High in the sky a sensor picks up the noncompliant emission of, you’ve guessed it, killer gases CO2 FFS!! and other products of combustion. They might even have a fix on the amount of flatulence the wedding party is causing as they revel their way through the peaceful day. In fact the nosey creeps keeping an eye on all this most likely have a non compliance notice ready if the bridegroom goes for a second emission that night!!!

Once the sensor has picked up the unGREEN festivities, a thousand miles away a GREEN hyperkinetic munition is readied on the GREEN platform of a GREEN battle group and the GREEN light is given to launch.

Within minutes the GREEN munition strikes just as the wedding party are getting ready for the big handover as daughter becomes wife and KABBLANGGGG!!! Everyone is dead, the hills echo to the sound of GREEN death, land slides are triggered, many outside the kill zone are deafened for life and the area becomes famous for the three headed children and no legged dogs that populate the area for centuries thereafter.

That is DU GREEN.

“Hold on a minute INCOMING!!!!!!!” I hear you murmur “You just made that all up!”

Yes I did and there is more to come, it will get even weirder now that the muppets in charge of all this lunacy are known.

You see the predisposition of the forces arrayed against us is homicidal psychopath. They are predisposed to kill. The NOAHide suicide gang. They aim to get us to kill ourselves for their pleasure and leisuretime so that they can get back to the alignment of genitalia upon astrological terms.

As those who live in UKplc will know there is a great deal of hoo-hah about the coming cuts in the Armed Forces. The RAF will be reduced to building Airfix models of spitfires and the Army will soon have to exercise on bicycles around Trent Park!! Oh and the RN will be reduced to two four acre flat tops which will most likely be turned into night clubs.

Do not panic, stay calm and remain indoors, all is well.

You see I detect an echo of the complete mechanization of the British Army before the Second World War. All the horses got shot long before a shot was fired. Something the Germans didn’t do because they weren’t planning on a massive cull of the human population.

Here is what I see going on.

In the uninhabited war, where there are no witnesses to the war crimes, the administrator (commissars) in the command unreality generation centres will need to be convinced that the war is being prosecuted with the fullest GREEN compliance.

Got that?

Couple that with what I said in the previous outing about the lethality space encompassing ALL the battle space and collateral space if chosen.

What we have here is the prosecution of NOAHide by machines. The fools are actually getting ready to uninhabit the battle because it is too lethal. Which provides the muppets with the ideal opportunity to kill off any target deemed non compliant by the algorithms running the war. That includes us.

That is what all the GREEN munitions and GREEN battle fleets and GREEN aviation fuel is all about.

Now for the devious part. A great many will not fall for this shit so there will need to be created a GREEN Commissariat, steeped in GREEN, purest of the pure and they will be empowered to take away our lives if we do not comply. Why? Well there is a war on fool!!!

A GREEN war where the forces of GOOD GREEN are struggling against the barbarians who will swamp us with their flatulence and wedding parties if we don’t let the robots kill them all.

And through this whole process the transformation of mankind into a Transhumanist nightmare will proceed. Augmenting the human being by drug use is currently common place for long endurance military aircrews. So expect cyber enhancements like exoskeletons, sensory fusion and enhancements, even part replacement before trauma.

This is what we face and unfortunately it might be our turn to get the stuffing like the Russians before hand and the Chinese.


Well these fat clowns cannot stand anyone telling them to go and fuck themselves, that’s why. Their whole outlook is a mendacious evil lie, they know it, and cannot have anyone pointing it out. They are after all just the longest running numbers racket ever.

Isn’t that so Al(What’s your real handle?)?

Sunday 8 August 2010

Boring Part 7 of ? Or The Disposition of Forces and The Transformative Medium of the Great Uninhabited War. Part One.

What is the global topology from the Rock/Roth perspective? Are we, The West, who have been the most recent generous host for these parasitical homicidal supremacist evil freaks, now, being abandoned because they have found a more convivial resting place from where to arrange the pleasurable juxtaposition of their reproductive organs and apprenticeships of their psychopathic protégés?

So what is the topology? If you remember the quotes from The Babylonian Woe describing the use of forged temple receipts by usurped secret priesthoods to send wealth to barbarians via the dusty donkey drivers that plied their way over the plains between the cities of the two rivers and beyond. If you remember that the fiat money bought the best weaponry which would allow the barbarians to come and destroy your society so that the great hidden agenda of slowly reunifying humanity into slavery by use of usury? Then you see the guys who run this show could not care if we lived in a barbarian wasteland or a majestic metropolis. Just so long as everyone is worshipping them.

If you have ever read or read about the book “A River Runs East” you will know that by the early 20th century the dusty donkey drivers had mutated into wall St bankers. Wall St Bankers who sent floods of capital and goods from the USofA corp. to the stinking commie NOAHide murdering Soviets. From the start in 1917 all the way until the 1970s. When Uncle Joe and his NOAHide agronomists were starving the Kulaks in their millions, Wall St bankers sent rivers of capital, weapons tech., capital goods, factories and the finest sweet meats to their stinking commie relatives in the Supreme Soviet and the CPSU.

Now why would they do that then?

Well go on then! Think it through. That is correct the big Red steamroller was going to move West. Now I am not saying that it would have worked in the 1930-1940 period, though just as an aside I would ask you to check the balance of forces deployed on the Soviet side vs Germany in June 1941. Now that should raise an eyebrow or two.

Certainly though the period 1950-1960 once the Operational Manoeuvre Group concept, mooted by Hitler to Manstein in 1941, had been thoroughly tested in the great emptiness of Manchuria in 1945 then the game was back on. Just check the Soviet Armies timetables from jump off to Portugal. Days not weeks or months, OMG!!!!

As I have stated before the Berlin wall did not fall and Perestroika did not change the USSR from superpower to dump in five easy pieces.

No. As I remarked.

However their cousins in the West were having a much better time placing their familial reproductive organs in pleasurable juxtapositions. Better places, bitter music, better food and bitter drugs. Las Vegas, Saint Tropez, The Beatles, Sony, Ferrari, Le Mans 24 heurs, endless beaches with babes, golden sand and water skiing, 2001 A Space Oddity, Michelin Stars everywhere the list goes on. What they did have, the most advanced scientific philosophy and concepts on earth, they couldn’t give a stuff about. They wanted to be on the beaches with their Western cousins just like it was before it went pear shaped way back in the 1890s.

So they told their Western cousins, “We’re coming over”. “Hold on a minute” the lads in the butt tight disco flares said “you can’t just pitch up”. WTF we need a narrative to keep the story unbroken and the scum in the dark or TPTB will verily fuck us up.

So they came in from the cold, and lo it was good. The narrative was Glasnost; their agent now runs a big green foundation. However the happy conjoining of those so long sundered was not good for the Russians.

It is the same guys, the dusty donkey drivers hawking their funny money around the world to destroy everyone and establish NOAHide.

So currently the same sheep shagging burro buggerers have stolen all our savings and handed the capital, weapons tech., capital goods and sweet meats over to the slave state known as ChiCommland.

Now a look at something that caught my eye very recently whilst watching the coverage of the recent RIMPAC exercises operating out of the Joint Force Base in Hawaii. I noted it yesterday. The big Air Defence destroyers are diverging into two types. The cruiser sized Type 45/ Hobart/Horizon etc. and the decidedly heavy cruiser Arleigh Burke derivatives. In fact when you take a look at the big Sejong ROK cruiser, 1 of 3, the throw weight of that one ship is quite simply staggering.

So what is the disposition of forces then that so intrigues me?

Well more history before we get there.

Let us go back in time and look at some of the oddities that to my mind give the ancient game away? The game being run on ancient protocols and worship.

In WW1 the Dutch were neutral. Rothschild lands. In WW2 South Africa was kind of, how can one put it, ambivalent? Rhodes diamond & gold, Rothschild lands. IN WW2 the Dutch fought for the Allies and for the Axis. And not just half heartedly. Dutch Panzer grenadiers were famous throughout the Wermacht for being very, very effective soldiers. In fact the cowardly speccy commie commissars clowns were highly relieved when ever SS Wiking was pulled from the line in their sector. In fact once the shouting had stopped after May 1945 in Europe, what do you think the Allies did with their Dutch panzer grenadiers? Leave them in open fields to die in their millions like the rest of the Wermacht Heer. Or did they cart them off to work in slave camps like the commie fools in USSR did? No, don’t be stupid. Just as Patton noted when his Army bumped into the commies and their NOAHide commissars, the real enemy had heaved into view and he knew we could take them down no sweat. Rothschild didn’t want that of course.

So back to our schmokin’ buddies. Well despite being part of the SS and despite having killed commies very effectively from the Caucasus to the Reich they were allowed to keep their insignia, force structure, small arms and discipline because for a very small period after the end of the war they were to be integrated into the Rockefeller force that would have taken down the Roth Commissars.

And this is where the big cruisers in RIMPAC come into play. It is not axiomatic that all parts of a nations armed forces will be on “our side”. It could be that ROK will go all big brother on us and look at the senior member of the family as being the source of guidance. Whilst the Dutch were laying waste to commies on their way to the Caucasus, their countrymen were operating in a Joint Allied Fleet in the Far East in what is now Indonesia. Funny old world. Part of the great, soon to be sabotaged, Rock drive out to the Orient by way of the Japanese who had dissed the Rock/Roth dusty donkey drivers operating out of Wall St.

This is where the OMG comes into play. Once we started to decommission all the Bomb Groups, Allied Tactical Air Forces, the supreme Bomber Command immediately after the shouting stopped, everything in Western Europe that we’d paid so dearly to assemble and started with the show trials, come on anything with a NOAHide commie “judge” in it is pantomime, then Uncle Joe saddled up and queered the Rock wander into the Orient.

Two nukes dropped on the 33rd parallel and it was over.

Ceremony, Ritual and Worship,

Do not diss the dusty donkey drivers of Wall St. For if you do we will summon great magic and change your world and you forever.

Rock dropped two bombs, ahhheeem one was German, and Roth didn’t have any. They had disappeared from Germany. So the Roth dual national agents worked hard and it all got handed over pronto. Balance resumed.

As always with the Big Sticks one must keep in mind that the owners of the things are not, never have been, never will be The West, government, you and me, ChiComms or Soviets.

The owners are Rock/Roth and they are ceremonial and ritual instruments.

Once the OMG had rolled into Korean that was Roth checking Rock. Check mate.

Now this is very, very important. So pay attention.

Watching over developments out East is a Rothschild corporate entity. The Rothschild Corporate Entity operating out of Tel Aviv is a youngster. So Roth didn’t use the OMG just to take on the Japanese. The OMG had to move very quickly through Japanese held territory to get to something.

Now by this point regular drinkers at this polluted well will know where this psychosis is going. Little twinges of recognition and familiarity. Japanese, Korea, WW2, Soviets, Rock/Roth.

You’ve got it. The largest industrial complex in the whole of Asia, Konan=Hungnam=North Korea, run by gangsters and Rock/Roth free Japanese military. What do you think all those huge dams up there were for, yachting? Right in the middle of it all was the Japanese Big Stick programme and I believe they may have lit one off, in NK, against a simulated Allied beach assault in the last days of the Pacific War.

As an aside again, one of the weird things about the prosecution of the Korean Police Action is MacArthur’s drive up to the Yalu that is supposed to have kicked of the ChiComms. Well I read MacArthur’s drive up to the dams as a Rock recon to see what was there or had been there, and the ChiComm response is a Roth counter move.

Have you ever considered that over the Yalu the great cannon met the half inch? Why? Why would German bomber destroyers meet Allied WW2 armed fighters in a great ballet in the sky?

So now the Rock and the Roth had the German tech.

The question that interests me currently is. Are the dusty donkey drivers calling the shots in ChiCommland? If so is ChiCommland a more attractive place for the Roth estates and private villas.

To put it bluntly is Prince William going to get a Lee bride?

If not then this short discussion on the predisposition of forces in the transformative medium may reveal what is coming down the pike.

From a Rock/Roth point of view the world is one seamless corporate entity from Seoul westward all the way to Babylon. The weaponry and the funny money can be switched from one part to the other without any trouble. East of Babylon and West of Seoul things are not so clear cut. Certainly India is not with the programme hence Mumbai hit. Commie unrest and proto Rothschild Corporate Entities on its Burma border. ChiCommland might have gone native? Indonesia is secondary.

A very close look at the Arleigh Burke & derivative cruisers, and this is what tweaked my nipples, and their other Allied buddies suggests to me that there is a split in the responsibilities taking place operationally where the vast littoral war within the second island chain of defence line will be separate from the hyper littoral war being run around the Arabian Sea.

With this in mind the forces predisposed are likely to be a smaller US Navy with all its remaining carriers in the Pacific and all the Raleigh Burke and derivatives integrated into a massive millions of cubic miles enveloping a massive ABM shield arching from Hokkaido to the Sprat leys.

The removal of the Atlantic carriers in not really a problem because NATO will have a flexible force of Spanish, Italian, French and UK flat tops sized for the smaller waters of the Atlantic and Med. NATO will also have a massive ABM platform parked right on the edge of the action.

Let me rephrase that. Roth has its corporate ABM platform fully integrated within the NATO operational plans. There is no need for huge cruisers in this theatre. It is all land based. Run out of Tel Aviv.

Conditioned by experience, NATO.

Now to get to the interesting bit. The transformative medium. As I mentioned way back when I discussed The Babylonian Woe, and referenced The Iron Mountain Report, war is a means of transforming humanity from an existing state to a desired conditional state with a view to establishing the permanent NAOHide state. Too true over millennia.

The rather obvious has been stated many times before but will bear restating again. The illusion of the ritual and ceremony that marks our lives like a metronome is of finite duration. Every so often Adam’s great invisible hand stops the metronome and lets chaos rule without check.

Recent discussions about how much of the UKplc’s armed forces will be scrapped gives a very clear portent as to what is being planned.

Firstly, armed conflict will become, again, the prerogative of the corporate enmity.

Secondly, the lethality space has encompassed all combat space as well as all collateral space, if desired.

The lethality space now encompasses all combat space it is ubiquitous, previously it was limited.

The first point is dealt with when I mooted the return of John Company

The second point though is of profound consequence for humanity. There is evil at work here. This is magic; this is conjuring the transformative medium to transform mankind.

It is transhumanism with an alchemical agenda.

There can be no doubt that the recent announcement of massive reductions in inhabited airvehicles is the result of deep reductions in the forward counting in the great universal spreadsheet where all exist.

What kind of confection are we facing?

A confection of cunts.

If the dead can fight for two of the opposing three sides? See that is ceremonial.

That is part of the alchemical process to the transformative medium transforming man. The transformed man transforming the transformative medium.

What are the dimensions of our reality? What is the least part of our inclination?

I will continue this line of inquiry at a later date since this outburst has gone on quite long enough.

Saturday 7 August 2010

Fuckin’ A.

Have some of this.

The great thing about being alive is that you do not have to believe a fucking thing they say.

Autochthulu holding your ken.

Then smashing their skulls with your knowledge.


Heads up.


,, it onto myspace.


Pre-Disposition of Forces. Ante Bellum. Before the Wall.

King Sejong the Great class destroyer

What is the throw weight of a Zumwalt?


There is a divergence at work here. The planners in the peninsula and the archipelago put their platforms on steroids.

Have the ROK guys read the runes and got a blown in half corvette for their troubles?

The Europeans are expecting not to fight anything!!!! Go on launch a Chinese carrier killing ICBM at them and see what happens. In fact Vampire them and watch the floats.

The answer is of course to be found in Rothschild’s Corporate Enmity run out of Tel Aviv.

That is Fort Apache now.

And before you start anything about the stupid hair styled, fanny eye geared, couch caster child shagger in ritually starved Nothing Korea. A Rock/Roth trading outpost operating out of Pyong Yang.


He’s spawn of drug running Sassoon/Roth just like Mao’s fat Major General grandson, the youngest, fattest, faux Niall Forgotten (What’s your real handle?).

Holding carrier killing joint maneouvers in a fast food outlet, with a big bog, near you, fuckwitz. Most likely in an Ivy League Leaved stealth Madrassa.

I’ll bet they both have a chummy meeting at Davos soon.

Go on then which of the bitch boys is most compromised?

Thursday 5 August 2010

Oh hello..

..just got the heads up.

MT has been over at Tír Na Saor


Bring all the pleasure of the world to me.


We do is known.

Is analysed.

Everything is obscurely illuminated.

So why not tell them to go fuck off.

H/T again to the lads who have a none handled handle,

“The Mass Psychology of Limited Hangouts on 9/11

The Transparent Conspiracy by Michael D. Morrissey: A Review

The Mass Psychology of Partial Disclosure

The Transparent Conspiracy is a collection of essays written between 2006 and 2010, mainly about the 911 and JFK conspiracies and cover up, with a short collection of poems on the same topic. Morrisey’s latest book is a definite departure from other conspiracy literature. Morrissey has no interest in proving or disproving either the 911 or the JFK conspiracy – he feels this territory is well-covered by other authors. The topic of this book is mass psychology. Morrissey believes our government’s propaganda arm (whatever they call it now) is fully aware that a well-managed conspiracy cover-up can have a very intimidating effect, which can be very effective in keeping the public docile and obedient.

The Government Wants Us to Know

Specifically he argues there is major value (from the government point of view) in disclosing a limited amount of information concerning government culpability in atrocities such as the JFK assassination and 911. He bases his view on something he calls “Transparency Theory” – thus his title The Transparent Conspiracy. He says the CIA has long recognized that “telling part of the truth is the best way to lie.” They even have a term for it: “white propaganda.” Morrissey argues that for the government to brazenly commit criminal acts can be quite effective in demoralizing and alienating the tuned-in segment of the population that fully comprehends the corrupt nature of our government institutions.

He then lays out the hypothetical question: if the reality of the 911 conspiracy were widely accepted by the American public, would they be capable of doing anything about it? Morrissey believes that at this point in history they would be powerless (that they lack the power to bring the culprits to trial or even impeach them). Which he contends is a powerful basis for demoralization and alienation.”

I am still looking for the names and the frames.

What happens when you do not believe a single word of what they have to say?

The one thing I would add is that they are narcissists and need so badly to let us know what they are doing. Derived by admiring themselves, onanistically, in the mirror of our fear and despair can they realise action. Flushed when gliding their long languid stare over their reclining naked form then can they emerge into our world. Imagine if they actually had a secret, they would bust their seminal vesicles keeping it out of circulation. No they must ejaculate what they are up to right into our faces. Bukkake style.

More importantly of course they know that the rules are that we be given a chance to stop them in the certain knowledge that the Herd Attention Space is full of Occult Street Furnishings. Fixed, Rotating and Hidden.


Heads up.

Get ready to gut.

Wednesday 4 August 2010

Again into the garden.

Thankyou electronaut


Boring Part 5 of ?

All of the following needs to be understood in the NOAHide context. That means that crime is the meme and the way. Crime is natural and designed to divorce the base from the chosen with notHing in between.

NOAHide is the desired outcome. Rock/Roth love its attractions, are simultaneously repulsed and Roth love it's power to make them King of Jerusalem. Rock might just realise this when the ChiComms are used to preoccupy territory so recently acquired by Rock. There is a strong possibility that the RedRoth are near.

This is before it went tits up, from 2007. Forget the bombast and taste this little item from Rense.

Now fast forward 3 years and listen closely Pt 1 and Pt 2 and Pt 3 and Pt 4.

Did you notice that the whole thing has taken on a spiritual angle?

See what I mean?

So feel your way through this interesting aside.
Pt 1
Pt 2
Pt 3
Pt 4

Overwhelming our senses and yet never a kiss. Just like a hooker.

Ceremony, ritual and worship.

Tuesday 3 August 2010

Now Hear This….(Updated)

…stay on the ground. Do not travel. Stay indoors. Get the fuck underground and stay there!!!!!!

Thank fuck my nearest and dearest will have transited that airspace before this thing kicks off.

You just know that when the word “Joint” heaves into view that the probability of something going tits up will have increased by four or five orders of magnitude.


Remind you of anything?

Thought so.

And look what is just next door. That’s right the stupid muppet with the stupid hair style and the stupid Joe 90 specs . Who has most probably been handed sealed orders from his Rock/Roth handlers on when to let off his next Big Stick.


UPDATE Look where this is kicking off. They really do intend to let the laws of probability, combined with deliberate slackening of control and procedures, light the fire.

More Jeyes Fluid

As I noted earlier “And all their names and family names were taken.” The magnitude of the whole process can be further gleaned here “Project Vigilant and the government/corporate destruction of privacy

The GGT interview with the clown hacker is a classic. It really shows how the NOAHide crew have taken over everything we are fed from MSM and soon nonMSM. The hack clown has the stare as does the interviewing hack.

Just like Shipman’s wife and Captain Bob’s wife. The Stare.

Shipman stole the lives of hundreds of human beings whilst under full establishment cover as part of a larger steal.

Captain Bob started the stealing of people’s pensions ball rolling thus shortening the lives of those deprived of their savings.

All NOAHide.

IF you want to know what is going down just wander through any description of what NOAHide is.

Do want an example of how it works for you and me?

OK then only the NAOHide crew got the travel permits to swan outside the USSR NOAHide gulag. All disguised as cultural exchange, Olympics, Sport or Art etc. It wasn’t Communist belief that got you the perks it was NAOHide belief. That explains the body count.

NAOHide dead=0. Everyone else dead = 100 Millions

Getting it yet?

That is what the GREEN NOAHide shit is for. The Great GREEN Gulag we are building round ourselves panda bear cub by panda bear cub. Why do you think Rock/Roth love this made up crap? Why would a Rothschild get into UKplc parliament? Why would a Rockefeller get into the USofA corp. senate? Fifth columnist bastards.

And just like the young Soviets the young of the Jolly Green Giant will slit your throats without a care as they worship the cute cuddly pandasealdolphinyounglings.

The Affliction does not sleep

“Listen, and understand. That Affliction is out there. It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.”

Got it?

Monday 2 August 2010

Assistance to whom?

As you know the UKplc cannot help but shovel loads a’ money at other countries. The DFID kindly shows us where the money we don’t actually have goes. So the needs of the countries named in these documents must be so dire that even a bankrupt Christian nation like good old UKplc reaches deep into usury and hands over the sponds to the poor guys lying in the mud and obvious death dealing squalor of the autochthonic regions of the world.

That has to be the case isn’t it? I mean if you heard that a family member was knee deep in the sucking swamp of misfortune, up to their neck in the oozing pestilence of the shit creek then even though you were stony broke you would send them every penny you could scrimp together. Yes?

So how do you explain this then? Trade accord with Egypt and Customs code main issues of Mercosur summit. From which this tasty morsel reveals itself. “As to the trade agreement with Egypt, that country’s Trade minister, Rachid Mohamed Rachid, on a Latinamerican tour said he was very optimistic about signing with Mercosur.”

Mmmmm Egypt what do I know about Egypt and this.

Looks like we ought to be slapping travel restrictions and sanctions on the muppets until they get themselves dragged into the 21st century. They shouldn’t be swanking all over the shop with stupid crypto names now should they?

At least I don’t see Egypt in the DFID info. Do I?

Where are you Germain et al and the evil entity known as Bernadine Dorhn? Oh yes one a GGT and youngspunk flying addicted professor the other a trouble stirring Chicago professor who was deep in the Sinai last year stirring the shit for the peace convoys earlier this year. All deep cover operatives. Why haven’t you got a mass burkha burning demo organized for Cairo in the middle of Ramadan then? Because you are all a bunch of fakes.

Then we have Lula da Silva/Mrs. Kirchner bilateral meeting following the summit.

As you know doubt have picked up from my scrabbling I’m watching the vast ceremonial site at Brasilia closely. Watching to see it flicker into life and assume its intended role of leadership in that part of the world. It will take about a century to get it sorted so 2050-2060 is the target date for Brasilia calling the shots. This meeting tells us that we are indeed on track. Having trashed the Argentineans ten years ago their front men will be synching the business plans. Assuring strategic commercial alignment. Their commie handlers working in the background will be ensuring Argentina remains mainly agricultural in order to feed the guys getting the tech feed. Go on then name me a soon to be mega civil aircraft manufacturing behemoth, go on. Where did the tech come from?

Damn I forgot one thing.

UKplc we are not a righteous and Christian nation, never have been, we are a lost nation lead by soulless Beelzebub worshipping shaman. We are lead by a sham Govt. of stooges and the money that we don’t have that we give away goes to their RICO gangster mates overseas. Our whole body politic and civil society is enslaved to the Pirate Ship operating out of St Catherine’s dock in the Floating City. They’d rather line the pockets of their criminal crypto buddies in far off eternally accursed shit holes than make the ordinary punters life here in the slave state a little more free or comfortable. What’s the point of keeping someone in UKplc fed and warm this winter, it is better to have a comfy oligarch’s bolt hole in Tierra del Fuego stocked and ready to visit at public expense anytime.

Damn I must remember that before I get on my high horse again.

Sunday 1 August 2010

Go on lads.

There is so much wrong with this shit I cannot be bothered.

USofA corp mind stun at its most gold plated and best.

Infested with traitors and spies selling off others know how.

Don't get too expectorant UKplc I've been watching Eurofighter for 30 years now. Just like you betrayed your bomber crews by fitting .303s you'll make sure these guys don't have a gun.

Gordon you rank internationalist traitor. These realTyphoons and the best of the lot( Go on I dare you) had 4 cannon you tight fisted, globalist vacuous sellout turncoat traitorous sleekity spinless stuckup fool couldn't get one cannon on board. However you could get millions of your fucktarded money burning mates into the country.

Just where were you born again? Scotland or Shitland?

T50 has the look if you now what I mean.

That starved and spare but feral stare.

A classic.

Go on. You work it out.