Wednesday 28 March 2012

Thinking on bankster time scales yet?

Who’d been given too much funny money, explosives and free grain from USofA corp. then? 

New Holland. Haarlem?

Who’s got phukk all time to do other than phukk around heathen Venetian stylee?

“The man who fought the Romans was known as Gaius Julius Arminius. He was born in 18 BC as Erminaz to the Cheruscan war chief Segimer in the northern Rhine valley. The Cherusci were a Teutonic people which meant they were a society of free men who practiced democracy and held criminal and civil court.


Do me a lemon!

Softlee, softlee, softlee, fleece the monkee.
Image sorcery. Real estate.

Anyway, punks.

Have they been killing us for 6 millennia or only 5? You’ve forgotten in all this IniWiiiPoxdexcrement excitement.

Haven’t you?

Do you fell lucky?

Or can you stop pissing yourselves now?

I go north again soon.

Tuesday 27 March 2012

All heating up nicely.

Image source below.

What happened to the Russian Emperor when he did’st phekk up the plans for USofA corp. take down?

Who is currently getting all tooled up with the latest stolen kit, designs and tech. for a mission?

Guess who is getting target designated? Guess which bases are getting painted?

I know only those who think like a bankster will understand the apparent contradiction there in that last question. So, to spell it out for you. In the coming age of USofA corp. perpetual indebtedness, where the trillions that need to be serviced to the Rock/Roth funny money machines mean that there will be no more tax money for new kit for grunts and flyboys. At a time when the heathen’s favoured slaver state can, debt free, start to make moves on the impoverished. Those bases are designated targets. As I said a while ago when Boorman tooled through the area.

I’d get the phukk out of Darwin.

Anyone who thinks that Singapore, founded as a drug running, NOAHide pirate base, is not going to turn coat at the correctly judged traitorous moment to cause maximum harm to USofA corp., lives in a blank world of ignorance and idiocy.

As I said the plot thickens and the script is playing out just fine.

I wonder how many rewrites it took to engineer this chapter in the heathen play.

Oh phukk get ready to duck Jakarta, they will wait for the point in the script to be reached, though. Just when you might think you’ve gotten away with it.


Sunday 25 March 2012


Had a loverly day and the music was gong.

Secretive squirrel was down, so we pushed the boat and killed the 1500 piece puzzle.

Never let it be said that the hunger of the many outweighs the starvation of one.

JPL and magik.

Jack Parson’s labouratory.

Then the valley.

No wonder the tree rodent went off with a chit from matron.


Friday 23 March 2012


How old is this struggle?

How old are the watchers’ minions?

“JOHN OF PLANO CARPINI, who visited the town in 1246, described the surrounding countryside as littered with skulls and bones “

Sounds just like the aftermath of another heathen raid, where for centuries afterwards, that peculiar topography was remarked upon. Skulls and bones.

For those too thick to get it, that means the countryside, fields and lands were deserted. Everyone got unalived and deaded.

Just like UKplc and USofA corp. toaday.

Thursday 22 March 2012

On the small pleasures of life.

Such is the nature of false accounted ersatz hours in today’s deliberately chaotic, delirious random imagined walk, that there is little time to appreciate the simple things. The kindnesses given without pre-thought, after, sought, compliment or return. The singularly unexpected joy in the art of reception. Such an event occurred yesterday and did verily warm the cockles of my heart.

OK I know what you are thinking. You’ll be expecting some sort of reference to being in receipt of a shed load of rocket fuel from the secretive squirrel, won’t you? Well though it pains me to say so, I know that I have been negligent in my continuance of the right roister I detailed at the other shop a year ago, well we’ve swilled gallons of the finest cider, electric soup and rocket fuel in the intervening period and my thoughts on that day have developed a great deal. You must know about the geezer getting a heart transplant and acquiring new skills and tastes. There is something that the clowns educating, programming and confusing us hide that is quite simple. That which they seek to occlude.

We are sacred.

We are not animals, though the fools who would be our self appointed leaders are.

That pointed question is however a discussion being readied for the other shop.

So, no, there was not a load of 8% organic perry on the doorstep upon my return. Having said that the secretive squirrel has moved onto alcoholic ginger beer and root beer. Root beer tastes like Granny Moran’s lung tincture and embalming fluid. ARRGGHHH!!!

OK then if it wasn’t booze, I reckon you are thinking it must have been a shed load of ribs, steaks and finest Irish sausages for an upcoming Q. Well you lot know me too well, there is indeed a late winter/early spring Q pencilled in for the next weekend or so. Oh yes, clear black sky, twinkling stars, crisp night air and a couple of Qs fired up AND my new Q gloves which the secretive squirrel kindly ebayed for me when he half inched, by accident, my old Q gloves and then “lost” them. New pig skin Q gloves, poetry.

But, no, there was not a consignment of Kobe beef, quail and rabbit delivered from the two fine butchers that this part of town boasts. Both within yomping distance. One at Barnet Odeon the other at the bottom of Dollis Hill.

“OK” I know you are thinking, “if it wasn’t hooch or dead things then we know you like turnin’ and burnin’ stuff. Was it one of these? Or perhaps did one of these get craned into the back garden?”  Well yes, it would just about fit. But, no, as at the Kobe beef emporium, your correspondent can only stare in the shop window and drool, impecunity is the current state of affairs in a world neck deep in fiat cash.

Ever wondered why that should be? So much money and yet everyone is poor?

Well you are no doubt scratching your heads now. You are thinking “What else do we know he likes? It wasn’t electric soup, honey smoked hams or big boys toys. What else do we know he likes? Eureka!

Did the lads drop round?”

Well it would have made my day if the big lads had dropped round with a handful of salt, power water, sacred clay, a half ton of chanko nabe and 40 gallon drum of Kirin, but they are keeping a low profile since the ordure hit the fan and I don’t see them getting back to the Smoke for a long, long time. So; no.

What was it then?

Did you scrape together enough cash to get an oz of silver delivered? Notice that that heap of retarded crap, Broon, made sure that silver is taxed and gold is not. Did you notice that, the PhecalPhukk D’Witzzz? Well no; no semiprecious industrial metals were delivered to this here post code.

So what was it then?

My daughter bought me a book mark.

Now you are no doubt wondering why a simple book mark could possibly weigh more on the scales of my heart than all the cider in Somerset and all the TexMex in, well, TexMex. What could a page marker do for me that a fast jet or big geezers in tartan mawashi could not?

Eager for the heavy lifting?


Save this for the weekend.


Enjoy. H/T H/T


Two orders of magnitude.

Ready for the heavy lifting?

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Jackass Nation

If the fools that have no property could only see themselves murder now. No roots and when they get back home broken, all the economology positions for the broken are for ever filled by other murderers.

I think that UKplc is parkland, grazing pasture for emptied souls. Private parkland. You trespass and you die, murdered numbered.

If the untrained clowns that cannot handle their crate, jackass stylee, are unaware of the humungous mental horse power that went in to their survival? Then they deserve a true desert of deserted stinking dessert.

Then imagine the death breadth of the show courts to murder you with their breath, toxic brew.

Not for nothing are we read.

Are you ready for idiots driving legalese missions?

Are you?

They cannot help themselves, this is what they do.

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Which Taxbayers’ Bend George Michael?

HMR&C….no taxes their.

Which Tax Payer’s George Michael?

Off shore…no taxis there.

Which Payer Takes Payer’s George Michael?


Which Payer Takes George Michael?

What is the defecation of a tax payer?

Soon only property holders will empty their bowels?


Not the mortgaged. Not us, who are deluded by Derren Brown.



UKplc get ready for more Chaldeans again.


Stress tested and teased yet?

Good news UK plc.

You have finally achieved your unrealised ambition. Go worship some inflated bladders in the fields.

Thanks to the RCE/LC turning the kingdom into fractured rollingparklands and grouse moors you will not have to defend your hovel again. Nothing is yours to defend!

You are house slaves now; at best, you hope. Soon to be in the fields, feral or feudal chattel.


All those men who died to bring this halcyon condition can rest in their unmarked graves.

Well done UKplc.

Slumber well in your AGENDA21, gulag approved, 17thcentury cattle space.

Told you we were a RICO state. H/T ELP

Anyone care to demonstrate otherwise?

What a phukkin’ dump without hope for anything other than bitchboydom.

You will never move from your atomised space again.

Saturday 17 March 2012

7 sigma white rose.



Grovel before the mute UKplc.

Friday 16 March 2012

Stalingrad dorpf?



Why did the FAF not appear in the skys. Why did it disparu?

We will never be allowed to know why, after all the money spent, there are no fetid aces from 1940.

A clue is brewing here.

The long war is progressing nicely for the wielders of unweaponing heathen fiat weapons. Check the ties, getting more washed out as the red/blue gets green. Go on go back over the decades and check the ties, the knots.

“Thus, then, did they celebrate the funeral of Hector tamer of horses.” 

Thursday 15 March 2012

More turnin’ and burnin’

The following is just camowank so go elsewhere if you don’t like big bits of kit heaving into view.

No other type of warship has taken so much pummelling and survived than the big armoured carrier. (BTW can you guess which ex hot rod driver andfamous ex Hanoi Hilton inmate is thought to have been responsible for the fire on CV-59?)

Have you ever thought that wood on a carrier, like steel on an expendable, is expendable? Why would, why fission? Why fusion? Why noting nothing? The squareheads had worked that all out 70 years ago. As Lavender Luck would have remarked, the Cold War, it was all scripted.

It has taken forty years to get over the 1970 Midway wobble; you are going over the side if a rowing boat passes us by, to get us to the Ford. That is a shit load of overhang.

On the naming of carriers one should care for what one asks for. I should remark that, like the Ark Royal of Force H fame, lack of fate doomed the best aircraft carrier design, all things considered, to abandon.



Do you know why USofA corp. won the Peacefool war? USMC and USN subs.

BTW where is the Jimmy C? Where are all the other big boats kitted out for SEALs?

Tuesday 13 March 2012

Maximissimus Max

What a classic.

Several things hitting the fan and making me sit up and pay attention.


Gordoom Broon.

Phillipines, one and a half island defence chain.

Odinga, Kenya, Uganda, LRA and Soetoro; as your correspondent noted a few days ago.

B.I.S. the Nazi bank, which fronts for the real fascists.

Sherrie; who I first stumbled over when checking out these geezers a couple of years ago. AdamS (WTFAU china?) must have been wandering down a similar path for he put Sherrie on his side bar around that time. Sherrie the only person to crack the arsebark that is half past human.

Then one of the geezers turns up in his, obviously favourite, shirt in Maximum’s shop!

If the realisation that the whole world is an imagined entity is abroad then soon amnesia will be prescribed by the Lead Pill Pharmacy.

All these good things your pixel driven retard has touched on over the years. Don’t be getting all fretful. Those who drink here, and at the other swillhouse, know my opinion on the true function of precious metals, it is purely hyperdimensional temporal. There is no money, no wealth. Just the unjust choice of the watchers solving their problem.

BTW whichever fan is currently wandering through the archives here, systematically, day by day, make yourself handled. If you are that keen you should be advised that my best stuff, current, past and future is to be found at the other shop.

Love and kisses.


This clown opened its heathen foundation sponsored yap again.

This is not Tragedy and Hope.

This is bollox.

How come (you know the answer so I’ll just pose the bitchboy question) these quackademics know nothing about anything?

How many madrassa’d muppets are walled up in empty houses within USofA corps?

Remember UKplc, you are all NHS prisoners now.

Monday 12 March 2012

Shadow boxing

From the mouth of the greatest fool in the red movement, open vowel, and defecate.

As a Scotsman I claim him the thickest Phukk D’Witttz since William Wallace. What a dullard, over read, arsebark!

Tsarion and Hancock give the game away when they, as an aside, state we are amnesiac.

These chaps do not follow through the frictional factional fiction implications.

We are systemically brain dead, Alzheimer’s spawn.


What is the shadow?

What is your shadow?

And why….

Sunday 11 March 2012

Black and back

Dead in the scream imaged sckrye .

Which witch piece are you touted?


Enjoy the childschremed frey and fley..

Do not tell me how to spell you phukkin pile of shitbill.

So much money.

Why so much cash on the planet and yet not one of us has any wealth?


Well let’s have a look at a much understood vignette from recent script ridden history.

Did you get the miss direction?

Got the miss direction?

A classic.

This sacrificial ersatz doppelganger was in charge of destroying UKplc’s people because he is a Wankchurian Handidate.

Never in the field of heathen conflict has so much been achieved for so many by so few.

Got it?


No, really.

All the world was a stage until the zephyr’d zebra brought colour unto our eyes.

Alchemy lies.

Saturday 10 March 2012

Curiously just after the gunfire....



....and just before the sniper.

Friday 9 March 2012

Being lazy..

...i.e. can't finish something.

So just to make me feel better I wanted to say.

I told you so.

And again.

Oh yeah! Popcorn theatrics are scripted in a huge escrot file parked in RCE/LC

Ready yet to consider why I kept banging on about the geezers with the stupid threads, stupid hats, stupid shades, stupid hair and stupid faces?

Fat boy shill will get a new necktie soon.

Heads up.

Wednesday 7 March 2012


Why do you think we reduced all the workers housing to ashes?

Like beggars at a theft we stuffed our pockets and cared not for truth or justice. Definitely not truth, only staged propped in blood.

This is us. Stare in the mirror. We cannot shed our skinless whim. We are fake and construed.

Why did UKplc troopers not get a keek at the flakturms of Berlin? Why only the rabid savages of the Red Army which Patton clearly recognised as DNA dregs given life by USofA corp. tax payers and tillers of the soil? Why did no one ever care for their children? They who were borne orphaned. Why?

Why is everything small so huge and why are the massive so miniscule?


Why is the lab rat call centre measured as GDP and the gazillions pumped into the imaginings of banksters no where to be found? Why?

If 2 quadrillions of imaginings can lead to nothing, imagine what 2 thousand dollars each could do. Or better; divine 2 quadrillions by 6 billions, got it?

How can any one of the Phukk D’Wittz that talk econobollox on the fools’ mirror not do the maths is of course an occulted mystery.

Why did Hamburg burn, why did Berlin burn?

If Tommy had seen just how well the square heads were housed he’d have been even more pissed off than he was when he clocked the indoors bogs of the Dutch. That’s why.

And then he got fed the holography of well fed stripy pajama’d Kapos to really phukk him up.

So do not expect anything real from the witches’ subtle brew blown on Flanders fields.

“In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Tuesday 6 March 2012

It is going to kick off soon.

Image source.

The clown with the ball gag (pun intended) is going to get it in the Pharmacy.

Elephant walk?

Gold stalk.

Pot calling the Putin Black, racist barstewards!


USofA corp elections are just riggedchadfests, don’t laugh UKplc turdtyde.

H/T ZGR, if I wanted to dress up as a mash seam welder, off colour, one legged, opensphinctered retard from a screaming scamming eunuch factory I’d get no takers in the RICO borough, but laze around in Russia and suddenly foundation money will get you into the Herd Attention Saphhace.

If, and it is a big if, the square heads and the red heads get their act together then Europe might save itself and the Med be returned to a arid, molten, radioactive shit heap for the metal mickey money men to wallow in.

Go on Vlad, nuke RCE/LC, the world will lionise you forever. Think of it as an abortion, not killing.

Monday 5 March 2012

SPRINT or mort gage?

Had a good weekend and I am happy to relate that your correspondent did not fail us when the girls decided to pull a quick Dr Who knowledge quiz whilst I was practicing my drone and remote killing skills. Smackdown. Oh yes I dragged all the actors' names from my bonce, who’ve played the good Dr, and some more.

So payback time was 20 questions on Red Dwarf, both girls profess to be fans, which revealed a startling lack of knowledge or attention span for those concerned.

Go on then, what else did Pete consume other than a cow vindaloo and what was the outcome for special forces? (Pun intended)

Anyway, talking about Special Forces, have a squeak. Now that JC has been hit on the head and the gear got left behind guess who’s got a new toy to play with? Funny how the clowns here in UKplc have decided that it would be better to leave us open to nuclear blackmail than actually pay for real defence, mind you the Big Sticks, as I’ve explained previously, are Roth’s special sacred scary instruments.

Hey ho, only Monday and the entrails are looking suboptimal already.

Time to drape a carcass on the altar and see what the future holds, where’s me priestly robes of state?

Once all functioning critical faculties have been neutralised, what remains other than a meat sack?

Would USofA corp and UKplc be considered brain dead and just suitable for spare parts?

What would be a brain death test for these swamps of pestilence. I know hit the fhekkers with this and see what happens. The Fed is dumping excremental dollars into the world at 0% and still the religious beggars at these banks are stiffing up interest rates! WTF, WTFU Phukk D’Wittz!

Kind of looks that way, flat lined, switch off the iron lung and save some lekky!

Sunday 4 March 2012

The smartest thing I've read this year.

Image source,

Smacks with me.

"Jagdpanzer IV is not a tank, when you dispose the turret you can have more armor, aniway is not about the armor alone, the gun in the Panther was far better than the one used for III/IV projekts, including the sloped armor w166 drawing, the KwK 40 fired a 6.5 kilograms projectile at 745 meters per second, now the kwK 42 of the Panther fired 7.2 kilograms projectile at 935 meters per second. The Kwk 40 was useful in the Africa, mediterranean and Western Front, but after 1943 with the introduction of a new generation of soviet it was unsuficient for the battle in the East.

Probably a good strategy would be to use the III/IV in the west and the Panther in the East, I guess is too simple for many german minds of ww2."

Peace time biscuits are bitter.


Friday 2 March 2012

A Loving Spoonful.

Under stress,

It is a Enjoy .

This is what happens when….

…you let Phukk D’Witzzs, who charge everything in their RICO lives to the tax payer, make decisions.

These things are going to fit out in the cheapest possible materials, see HMS Ark Royal vs. HMS Eagle for a comparison on wartime build vs. peacetime build.

Since we are likely to have ditched MilSpec completely to save money further, expect them to burn from end to end if ever hit.

You asked for it UKplc, from sovereign nation to satrapy in two generations.

Talking of HMS Hermes, she’s been exercising, something sovereign nations do, in the Bay of Bengal.


The world’s most lawless state.

Well according to the GGT and the Cameroid, scion of drug running gangsters, it is Somalia.

So let’s have a close look.

Answers on a postcard please.

Who has offed more women and children since 1990 than anyone else?

Who has destroyed the commercial intercourse of the West by creating fiat, fiat debt?

Who is ready to use weapons of mass destruction straight out of the traps?

Who, just like Nazi Germany (but without any of the benefits), have been invading territories under peace time conditions?

Who has been set up for a fall?

BTW if the clowns running this so called instrument of democracy, NATO, can get their fuel supply cut and their citizens/subjects frozen to death at home from fuel shortage, then the geezers in the skiffs must have been given a license to practice what they preach from matron at RCE/ZENTRAL. For if they really were acting independently those LPP drones from Djib and Mahe would have delivered a load of special pharmaceuticals to cure our headache.


Thursday 1 March 2012

OOooopppsss! Noodle alert.

From the ChiCommie party mouthpiece, their GGT.

“No South China Sea issue existed before the 1970s. The problems only occured after North and South Vietnam were reunified in 1976 and China’s Nansha and Xisha Islands then became the new country’s target.
Unfortunately, though hammered by China in the 1974 Xisha Island Battle and later the Sino-Vietnamese War in 1979, Vietnam’s insults in the South China Sea remained unpunished today. It encouraged nearby countries to try their hands in the “disputed” area and attracted the attention of the US so that a regional conflict gradually turned international.
China, concentrating on interior development and harmony, has been ultimately merciful in preventing such issue turning into a global affair so that regional peace and prosperity can be secured.
But it is probably the right time for us to reason, think ahead and strike first before things gradually run out of hands.
It seems all the countries around the area are preparing for an arms race.
Singapore brings home high-end stealth aircraft while Australia, India and Japan are all stockpiling arms for a possible “world-class” battle. The US, provoking regional conflict itself, did not hesitate to meet the demands of all of the above.
It’s very amusing to see some of the countries vow to threaten or even confront China with force just because the US announced that it has “returned to Asia.”
The tension of war is escalating second by second but the initiative is not in our hand. China should take part in the exploitation of oil and gas in South China Sea. 
For those who infringe upon our sovereignty to steal the oil, we need to warn them politely, and then take action if they don’t respond.
 We shouldn’t waste the opportunity to launch some tiny-scale battles that could deter provocateurs from going further.
By the way, I think it’s necessary to figure out who is really afraid of being involved in military activities. There are more than 1,000 oil and gas wells plus four airports and numerous other facilities in the area but none of them is built by China.
Everything will be burned to the ground should a military conflict break out. Who’ll suffer most when Western oil giants withdraw?
But out there could just be an ideal place to punish them. Such punishment should be restricted only to the Philippines and Vietnam, who have been acting extremely aggressive these days.
The Afghanistan and Iraq Wars have already set some bad examples for us in terms of the scale of potential battles, but the minnows will get a reality check by the art of our move.
Many scholars believe that the US presence in this area caused our inability to sort the mess out.
However, I think US pressure in the South China Sea should not be taken seriously, at least for now given the war on terror in the Middle East and elsewhere is still plaguing it hard.
The Philippines, pretending to be weak and innocent, declared that mosquitoes are not wary of the power of the Chinese elephant.
The elephant should stay restrained if mosquitoes behave themselves well. But it seems like we have a completely different story now given the mosquitoes even invited an eagle to come to their ambitious party. I believe the constant military drill and infringement provide no better excuse for China to strike back.
However, being rational and restrained will always be our guidance on this matter. We should make good preparations for a small-scale battle while  giving the other side the option of war or peace.
Russia’s decisive move on Caspian Sea issues in 2008 proved that actions from bigger countries might cause a shockwave for a little while but will provide its region with long-term peace.
The author is the strategic analyst of China Energy Fund Committee.

Oh deary me.

Heads down.