Friday 15 July 2016


Beijing Puppet and British Treasury Boss George Osborne Threatened U.S. with Catastrophic Financial Warfare to Protect HSBC, UK’s Biggest Bank, from Criminal Charges of Money Laundering for Terrorists and Drug Cartels, Loss of U.S. Banking License

“For those curious to see what the world will look like under the worldwide Chinese-British alliance, the last few days have brought some appalling revelations. First, a report prepared by Republican committee staff in the House of Representatives has revealed that the notoriously pro-Chinese British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne used the threat of a worldwide financial panic, systemic crisis, and economic breakdown to coerce Obama administration officials into dropping their plans for criminal charges against Britain’s largest bank, the infamous HSBC, for the bank’s role in the money laundering for terrorists and drug cartels.1
These events occurred in 2012 when the US was represented by Treasury Secretary Geithner, Attorney General Eric Holder, and Chairman Ben Bernanke of the Federal Reserve System. These feckless officials were threatened by Osborne with a “financial calamity” and a “global financial disaster” in the eventuality that HSBC or its executives were to be hit by a criminal indictment.“

Now let us not forget that the main oligarch drag was not the second Lord of the Treasury but the first. Who’s now stepped off into the shadows with a big red rosette with “Job Well Done” splattered across it in Mandarin. Camoron who’s family were in on the financing of the Sino-Japanese-Russo conflicts over a century ago are still there hawking their wares on the great mission to one world mungmuppetry for the retardogarchs.

Looking at that map a few unrelated things spring to mind.

Espied from RCE/LC’s tower in Canary Wharf, the view from the One World Mungmuppet’s penthouse window is satisfactory. To cause trouble in the region and further the business plan the bases in RCE/Macau, RCE/HK, RCE/Changi and The Sultanate make even the happy days of 1910 look modest.

The presence of RNLMP jurisdictoin in the MH17 take down link through MH370 into Batavia.

Kepulauan Natuna I have highlighted previously.

Somwhere in there is an RCE/LC-RCE/BS joint op awaiting.

Thursday 14 July 2016

HWW: Pacific Sentinel: News Story: Chinese ships sunk Vietnamese vessel a...


Pacific Sentinel: News Story: Chinese ships sunk Vietnamese vessel a...: Ahead of the United Nations Permanent Arbitration Court’s July 12 ruling on the Philippine-Sino case, two Chinese ships have rammed and s...

"China has hit back after a Hague-based arbitration court ruled on Tuesday that China has no historic title over the waters of the South China Sea and that it has breached the Philippines’ sovereign rights with its actions.
China has called the arbitration a “farce”. The US, on the other hand, called the ruling an ‘important contribution’ to resolution of disputes.
Chinese President Xi Jinping reacted saying China will not accept any proposition or action based on the ruling issued on Tuesday by the South China Sea arbitral tribunal unilaterally initiated by the former Philippine government."

Wednesday 13 July 2016

HWW:When Will US Air Force F-35s Be Ready for Battle?

Salvageable money burning RICO concepts inc. presents.

When Will US Air Force F-35s Be Ready for Battle?

Fit it with floats and go fishing.

Tuesday 12 July 2016

HWW:Pacific Sentinel: USA: U.S. to Deploy THAAD Missile Battery to South...

Pacific Sentinel: USA: U.S. to Deploy THAAD Missile Battery to South...: DoD News,  Defense Media Activity WASHINGTON, July 08, 2016 — Based on recent consultations, the United States and South Korea have m...

As mentioned many times here and at the other shop, these are SSMs in disguise. No reaction possible, MSM Keystonery proof, history men stuxtools to be given that Manchurian phone call when required.

It will happen so quickly that no one will be able to work out exactly what went down and who did what as real time history elides seemlessly into prescription and vice a versa.

Thursday 7 July 2016

HWW:Centre Stage

Upholding Freedom of Navigation in Troubled Waters And How The Chinese Stole The South China Sea

"Ignoring concurrent claims by other South East Asian nations bordering the South China Sea, China had also militerised  the entire area by garrisoning troops on reefs and by conducting regular patrols of the contested zone with naval and coast guard vessels. Foreign fishing vessels have been detained, survey ships exploring for oil have been harassed and even foreign warships have been warned to stay away from occupied areas. Skirmishes flare up very once in a while and have lead to fatalities, the most serious happened on Johnson South Reef in 1988 resulting in the death of 64 Vietnamese soldiers.

In the past two and a half years China had up the ante with the commencement of massive land reclamation at multiple reefs in the Spratly Islands creating artificial islands complete with infrastructure for long term military and civilian occupation.

Faced with such naked aggression and shameless land / sea grabbing, most of the smaller maritime nations around the SCS like Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei, with the exception of the Philippines, have so far managed only muted responses. Nobody seems to have the courage to even verbally challenge China on its errant behavior. This could be because China is among the top trading partners for many of these countries and is also a military super power on the rise."

Sunday 3 July 2016

HWW:Senang Diri: Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) proposes code of ...

Senang Diri: Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) proposes code of ...: When submarines move beneath regional sea lanes - which are among the most congested in the world - the crew better know what they are do...

Saturday 2 July 2016

HWW:Pacific Sentinel: News Story: Beijing makes new “threat”

Pacific Sentinel: News Story: Beijing makes new “threat”: By Tuan Tran VietNamNet Bridge – China's statement to withdraw from the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea 1982 (UNC..."HANOI -- Vietnam is looking to beef up its defense capabilities, particularly now that the U.S. has fully lifted its arms embargo against the country.

It is especially keen to enhance its air patrols to counter China, which has been building military facilities on artificial islands in the South China Sea. The problem is the hefty price tag of U.S. gear. As an alternative, Vietnam is apparently looking to buy cheaper secondhand aircraft from Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force."

Friday 1 July 2016

HWW:File under Fukkwittery/General/TASS-PRAVDA

How much do these slot gobbed mongmuppets get handed? Do you just place 10,000 US in the slot and feed them prepared scripts? They cannot really be "paid" or "salaried". Real free markets would insist on the "no free lunch" imperative. So how do these guys get to swan around talking bollox and swilling the best champers?

Air Force Officers Give New Details for F-35 in War With China

MAN! If I want reality here in the Prison MAX complex I do not watch the morning News on either BBC/ITN/RT/C4 or Al Spaghetti. I watch Channel 5 where Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank Engine and Little Princess give a better angle on the world than the Tavistockbitchbitches and botboys. LP has  an imaginary real life hobbyhorsey General who could have managed the F35 program well even though he spends all his time playing with little girls surrounded by adverts peddling children with clean sphincters. The cGGEEES stinks of the usual subliminal pedoangle inherent in UK Cheeldreens TV.