Saturday 30 March 2013

Just an aside

H/T JW via Sherrie

"The tipping nation is Germany, which has had its fill supporting the slower wasteful debt-ridden Southern European nations. After cutting the cord, they will embrace the Eurasian Trade Zone. Evidence is the numerous heavy rail facilities that begin in Russia and end in Germany for commodity supply. There are two Germanys, one with old corrupt ties to the West, another with traditional reliable ties to the East. The Western camp is given light by the press, while the Eastern camp works behind closed doors shaping the next chapter."

Expect gulag USofA corp soon.

I reckon that Brasilia has the best chance to host the BRICS central bank, just a feeling.

Tuesday 26 March 2013

More on Patton’s 3rd Army

Bradley’s boss had never commanded anything larger than a side order of fries in combat, yet there he was overlord of all allied forces on the continent in the west. How did that happen?

Well if we remember that the so called Korean War was in reality a Police Action, then we can perhaps describe the Overlord in Europe as a Political Action. For Ike was a smooth operator with very powerful sponsors in the RCE/NY bankster kabball. He got the message about what was required of him when he got the top spot.

Many have reservations about Monty but at least he was consistent. Berlin or bust.

So let us look east at the other dupe. Did he have any inkling that he was being baited? Did it ever enter his murderous devious mind that Berlin was not the real prize? He gave the job of taking the capital of the Reich to his two best. Zhukov and Koniev. A finish line marked through the centre of Berlin, which Stalin pockled, delineated their assault armies areas of responsibility.

All the while everyone for decades later is scratching their bonces wondering why Berlin was left naked by GRÖFAZ?

Well then well then boys and girls, where were the Nazi best then?

If I look at their finishing positions, when the gunfire and sniper finally stopped, I see 2 strung between Dresden and Prague. 3 on the Czech/Austrian border at Maissau. 12 at Linz. 1&9 at Steyr. 5 at Furstenfield on the AustroHungarian border. 10 at Schonau south of Prague.

So why weren’t the hardest, best equipped (via the SS military/industrial complex, known as the slaver camps) units defending Berlin against the commieyahwehheathen.

There was something much more important to be done.

Defend the Reichprotektorate, the SS tech. play ground, until someone from the west came to pick up the goodies.

Have a look at this. 

Can you see the arc of 12thArmy group? Right into the SS research lab.

It didn’t stop after the G&S had stopped and Patton was dead, oh no, there was something in there that we wanted.

Early 1946


At this point, even though we are concerned with weapon systems here, we change vector and examine the event a decade before when the ultimate weapon system was snuck into the Reich.

When one examines the events of the 20th Century it becomes clear that the one thing responsible for ALL the dead people in Europe north of the ziggurat line.

The ability to print unlimited fiat cash.

So now I am going to confuse you, however before I do, remember whilst reading the following the the Reich ran a PEACETIME economy until 1943. Now for those of you too stupid to get your head round that statement. What kind of economy have you lived in whilst NATO has killed millions and millions all over the world this past two decades? Got it yet?

Oh yes Hjalmar Schacht, kriminalbankster agent of destruction, no wonder you never got your neck stretched.

He is the clown that facilitated the planned removal of the Germans after almost 2000 years of seething hatred against them.

The power to create fiat money is the most powerful weapon system on the planet. It is designed to drain the life out of everyone on the planet except those who wield the weapon.

Monday 25 March 2013

On morals and business ethics.

“The new deal is worth as much as 780 million US dollars (£512 million) over the next five years and includes a further order for IMX-101 munition that is seen as a safe and effective replacement for TNT in artillery rounds.”

“Last year the company became the operating contractor of the Radford Army Ammunition Plant in Virginia, where BAE manufactures a range of propellants for military munitions.”

“to produce environmentally friendly propellant for the Army’s Modular Artillery Charge System (MACS). “

““Our partnership with the Army on the development of this state-of-the-art artillery propellant reflects a mutual commitment to environmental stewardship,” said Nolan. “We are pleased to be a member of the MACS team, which is working to improve both our nation’s defense preparedness and our environment.””

“Under NHS guidance introduced across England to help doctors and medical staff deal with dying patients, they can then have fluid and drugs withdrawn and many are put on continuous sedation until they pass away.
But this approach can also mask the signs that their condition is improving, the experts warn.”

“Almost two thirds of NHS trusts using the Liverpool Care Pathway have received payouts totalling millions of pounds for hitting targets related to its use, research for The Daily Telegraph shows.”

LIBOR, horsemeat, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afnamistan, etc

As I have remarked on several occasions here, I once sat through a series of lectures on « Business Ethics », and could not believe the utter mind bending nonsense that the clown was spouting. Having been lectured on the responsibilities of the corporate officer and wandered through several accounting courses I knew this was bollox.

Any sentient being watching the shit, service economy ( for that read servile and tenured in slavery), all you will see is an iGREEN bombardment of adverts telling you how much one can save if one takes up their, T&C’d, services. All the while the border floodgates are open in a country that cannot heat itself when a storm hits.

There is a fat git that will save you tonnes of lucre on your insurance. There are service providers who save you tonnes of iGREEN fiat sponds on your energy bills, there are supermarket chains printing their own drinking vouchers promising to save you 5p on your mega taxed petroleum based volatiles.

Any one will know that the corporate officers in these outfits cannot damage the profits their organizations deliver. It is illegal to do so.

Ergo these markets are all rigged, their profits are not affected but we get poorer. Logic compels us to this conclusion. It is the purpose of so called business to do this to each society it infests.

Why? Well just run it through the grinder. We the consumer will SAVE X amount for whatever product or service we accept. If there is a low inflation economy, really, if there is a LOW inflation economy, which I have never witnessed, in this shit house then there will be two solutions.

These Investors in People, ISO compliant, 5/6 Sigma, Total Quality, just insert any buzzword a business graduate or person would spout out it’s arsehole, will drive down costs or generate a disguised general inflation. By disguised inflation I mean devalue the currency.

So cost cutting. Horsemeat burgers which were labelled as total fucking magic, top quality bollox. I didn’t care, just before the storm broke I fired up a winter Q and noticed that me burgers were a little drier than the other brand, if they had labelled it part nagmeat I’d still have wolfed them down. But it is the Alan Greenspan/Clinton taking the piss out of the people attempt to massage the inflation figures. If one was used to eating ribeye steak and the costcutting of your employer meant you got less and less each year in your paypacket as the price of meat increased exponentially, the supermarkets can substitute lesser grades of meat as the process continues. Rump, shoulder, chuck, beefburger, beef/horseburber, horseburger, shitburger, bread, sawdust, shit. That is the progression in every activity in this satanic economy.

Everything in this so called free market is rigged and everything we see on labelling is lies.

Do you now trust the iGREEN labelling that the carbon tax imposes on us? DO YOU?

All to make sure they can state our toxic government’s official figures in the arsewipeMSM that we live in a low inflation economy!

At the other end of the spectrum our buddies in the faux central banking scam, like Mervyn King, can evacuate their bowels through quantitative easing and flood the place with money, devaluing the currency, and increasing the costs of material imports.

I think this was called money printing and it was what got Maggie elected in 1979.

Ahh full circle we come. Tories hating money printing in 1979, Tories loving money printing in 2010.

So that is how every business can claim they are SAVING us our devaluing money and the corporate officers do not get arraigned for breach of their duties to the company.

Mind you they will still find that inflation hits them, it is just that they will have twice as much lucre in their pockets to recompense them when finding everything outside the country, like Palam Bang ladyboys, now cost twice as much, in sterling terms, than they did 10 years ago.

We however will be stuck in this dump, unable to leave because of massive travel tax, eating dirt and dying in harness.

Everything about business and its ethics in this country, and the wider west, is toxic to mankind.

Let me make it quite clear, you business muppets. You will not get your mind round the following statement because the reptilian part of your brain has been enhanced by your so called business training.

Ethics is what allows you to kill humans with no conscience.

Morals are in the exclusive possession of HUMANITY.

U Phukk D’Witz!!!!

Sunday 24 March 2013


Or why westerners are being reduced to penury by usurious satan worshippers.

Have you noticed one thing that is never mentioned in the current MSM boke/puke making reportage about the theft of Cyprus?

Now then now then now then boys and girls. Go on, well I’llgive you a clue. They stole the Northern part of Cyprus under our careful watch ages ago. And now they are bestest chums with the Chicomm slavers and are patching things up with the pirate base RCE/TA.

Krugman speculates that EU/Cyprus might do an Iceland. Oh phukk me!!!!! These Nobel laureate bitchboys who have equation envy are Ba’al Hammon’s favourite sweetmeats, aren’t they? All academic and rational and reasoned, cute cuddly beardy tenured uncles. Now then now then now then boys and girls. What do you think would happen if EU/Cyprus picked up on uncle’s innocent suggestion that they drop their knickers?

Last year a massive explosion rocked the island and I wondered “What was the “message” behind that occurrence”?

Conditioning? Threat? A real “accident”? Groooooming?

Don’t forget there are two criminal NATO/ “RCE/LC” spy bases on the island, to conduct ops from.

So who do you think would like to rape EU/Cyprus?

SOP, all designed to ruin the atmos during Christian holy days.

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Monday 18 March 2013


Their panzer grenadiers were renowned, reckoned and famous. When 5 was in the line there were going to be dead kommies everywhere.

X corp., as heralded.

“After the landing at Inchon, X Corps attacked up the Korean peninsula on the left flank of Eighth Army. However, it was withdrawn to prepare for another amphibious assault, this time at Wonsanon the eastern coast. This action proved to be a mistake on two counts. First, forces of the Eighth Army moving by land reached Wonsan before the assault went in. Second, it proved to be too far for UN forces to go .[citation needed] After an administrative landing at Wonsan, X Corps, now including the US 3d Infantry Division, advanced inland northwest towards the Yalu River with the First Republic of Korea (I ROK) Corps made up of two ROK Divisions in the far north or right flank. The US 7th Infantry Division was in the center and the US 1st Marine Division (MARDIV) on the southern or left flank of the X Corps attack. 3d Infantry Division was initially in reserve. As elements of the I ROK Corps and 7th Infantry Division closed on the Manchurian border, the 1st Marine Division hesitated and became bogged down in the vicinity of the Chosin Reservoir (Changjin Ho). The Chinese Communist Forces choose this moment to intervene en masse in the war. They crossed the Yalu into northern Korea and engaged 8th Army and X Corps across their frontages. The Marines were on both left and right sides of the Changjin reservoir. Regimental Combat Team 31 (RCT31 AKA Task Force Faith) of the Army's 7th Infantry Division replaced the 5th Marine Regiment on the east side of the reservoir in a piecemeal fashion with only two of its maneuver battalions in place before heavy engagement with the enemy commenced. X Corps was strung out along many miles in sub-freezing temperatures with the ROK troops and the 7th Infantry Division to the north in contact with enemy forces. Regimental Combat Team 31 was too far from its parent Division for support and without organic tank support and its third maneuver element; it was decimated by the onslaught of the Chinese. The 1st MARDIV fared better and with remnants of RCT31, Army Engineers and X Corps support personnel, began its move to the sea moving through elements of the 3rd Infantry Division (Task Force Dog from the 7th Infantry Regiment, and a reinforced battalion of the 65th Infantry Regiment ) who provided flank and rear guard cover for the withdrawing units. The 7th Infantry Division in the center and the I ROK Corps on the right flank also began withdrawing to the Hungnam beachhead. The Marines withdrew through the 3d Infantry Division with intermittent contact with Chinese forces up to Sudong. The extreme temperatures during this period caused the majority of the casualties for X Corps. The Marines managed to reach the safety of Hungnam first, where the 3rd and 7th Infantry Divisions and I ROK Corps provided perimeter defense. The Marines were evacuated by the middle of December, followed by the 7th Infantry Division, I ROK Corps and the last of the X Corps' elements. The 3d Infantry Division was last to leave the beach and evacuated on 24 December 1950.
For intrepid service during the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir with Chinese Communist Forces: U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Don C. Faith, Jr., having assumed command of Regimental Combat Team 31 7th Infantry Division, for actions during the period 27 November through 1 December 1950, U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel John U. D. Page, of the X Corps Artillery, having distinguished himself in action during the period of 29 November to 10 December 1950 and U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sergeant William G. Windrich, Company I, 3d Battalion, 5th Marines, 1 December 1950 were posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.
Receiving the Medal of Honor in person: U.S. Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Ray Davis, in command of the 1st Battalion 7th Marines for his actions 1 through 4 December 1950, U.S. Marine Corps Captain William E. Barber, in command of Fox Company 2nd Battalion 7th Marines, for his actions during the period 28 November through 2 December 1950, U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Robert Kennemore, Company E, 2d Battalion, 7th Marines, for his actions during the period 27 and 28 November 1950, and U.S. Marine Corps Private First Class Hector A. Cafferata, Jr., Company F, 2d Battalion, 7th Marines, for his actions on 28 November 1950.” Wikisource

Now then now then now then boys and girls, smell anything yet, sniff a bling rat? Would you like the kikommie media darling to fickz IT?

Or are you phukked?

Patton’s famous 3 .

5, 3, 3 and X, what is the theft?

In the remainder of European civilisation we must understand that there were great feats accomplished by relatively poor Europeans in a jealous and lousy world. This was one of them. Notice Europeans killed no persons with the.

Hypervelocity of my hyper vacuity, hyperviscousity ambered life flees, stilled for ever, leave a red leaf, if you please, I never want anywhere high however I still fell in my free stasis.

Leaf a Red Leaf, if one would so want.

I hit the dirt alone, with no help, ever.

My way, stay away.
The thought came free as day broke in Japan, with my favourite amber blink.

Stare away.

This evening we left our house and strode into the weather together to class…

..and as each footfall splashed this evening, we conversed. We chatted about the day and her chums, the minutiae of a peaceful day.

We headed, down, through the rainfall, under the downpour, our journey planned, our terminus determined. Slow but steady on our course within the cloud’s heavy tears.

Through the puddled, badly paved, pot holed and drainsought fluence, in this, in this, in this drought struck realm of horseshitburgers. That is correct, only in this shithouse, drowning in water, could there be a water crisis every year and no shortage of dead horse!!!

What a kuntsructed piece of shyte!!!

Down hill we swept and reduced ourselves, brightly lit in park, our light, no clown around here can provide street lighting in 21 century UKplc. Onward we ploughed and continued to her class.

I left her there for 1 hour and continued to my billet. Wet and dry.

The secretive squirrel and I picked up on a little bit of spice I chucked into the atmos last Frigtag.

Be warned. Do not, after a hard day without repast, break your fast at 23 hundred hours on the tube system. Oh no!!!

Razor gangs, violent misogynists, rabid heathenish atheistic rabbis, child porn stars, rapists, faux elastane burners can have their space, but you break open a hot Cornish Pasty and OOooH err missus. The sharp looks.

So that evening I opined with the heavy weaponry. 203mm.

Mind weapons of mass destruction.

I had ranged up my two marks with a zero probabilistic centre of error. It hit the fuckers; as I peripherally clocked the expensive shoes twitching and the boybitchstare from the flank at 3 o’clock, on the phone telling her coaxially, juxtaposed breeding partner’s issue the boybitch would be home soon.

Oh yes, I hit the two kuntstruck graduates but they cannot say a word on their PRChina slaver stated sourced electronic orgasmatrons. Communicate all your shit you mindphukked D’Witz, I wouldn’t believe anything your hive mind said. Their world is a lie; any move is career death. Bitchboys and boybitches.

As I tucked into my pickles, rice and salmon. As my chum hit the second pasty, the girls got their J2O, the ladies snoozed and we were cheery. I opened up the unhappiness valve.

“I will bet all the assholes, who live in expensive houses, and send their children, on company slush funded expenses, to private schooling, i.e  gangster garten, have sought 6 Sigma, ISO 9000, Queen’s awards for export, investors in People and all the other compliance shit they try and con us with whilst hiding the horse meat under marketing bullshit!!”

Fuck me!!! You’d have thought I’d left an IED under their maidenhoods and blown the arms off a Panda Bear!!!! The carriage cleared and SQ and I enjoyed our badly needed breakfast.

There is NO THING in the COMPLIANT market that is other than criminal.

This evening, after I left the SQ and walked back to collect from class, I then explained the complex legacy of her heritage.

Paddy field and Bog, don’t phukking mess yaa kunts!!

Sunday 17 March 2013

I hit the deck.

As I lay there in my own blood, saliva and sweat, in the precipitation, in the cold, on the black stilled, hard surface, I knew I was finally downed. Not even Illustrious or Midway could have taken the strike. A G3 would have been sundered. And I went down.

I hit the deck and as I lay spastic, my thoughts were agonistic and apologetic. I still crunch the grit almost every moment, today my teeth grind the particles. What did I think as the road surface reached up to me and called my fall?

I thought about the kindness of my friends. The favours we had shared these past three days. The love of my fathers. The gentleness of my mothers. The caress of my family. I realised the stupidity of my speciality. I awaited the unending crunch on the ‘crete. I tasted the asphalt and drifted. The unknowned RTA.

This evening as I look at the face on the mirror, at the fizzogg, the bruised and contused mask, it is time to move and stop menturbating.

What was it that I smelled as I lay in my synesthesia?

The reason I fell?

I was thinking hard about what should right here as I walked in the downpour. The maelstrom that is my cogitative disorder is all consuming tarmac. The list and balance. I took the hit on the bow.

In order to orchestrate their ordure we must go back to the beginning. The thing that is a self organising state of monoheathenism and the fact that most, north of the ziggurat line, need to understand is that the line has moved north and east, to the Oder. Not the Danube/Rhine, as it was 2000 years ago.

If you can get your head round the timescales involved, you can understand why I lay in the European rain, bleeding.

Friday 15 March 2013

Another fine day in the Smoke.

Mes Braves  returnee, excuse the launguee.

SQ and your correspondent were out and about with the train and a good evening was had by all.

I really phukked off the brain dead when I got my chop sticks out on the Northtern Line.


The SQ did , I got a Kernoe, which I purchased with the clipped coin of the realm, WTF do these phkunts think they do all day?

Promote Horseshit burgers from, total quality, 6 Sigma, ISO, BS, investors in people, Queen’s award, and whatever Phukkwittery you toil at,


Frankfurt/Vienna/Chicago/Shanghai schooled poverty reciplie.

TOTAL Quality, BUSYness Ethics. Fuck you diverstied clowns of rent seeking kunts.

I remember the class of 1988 pissing around with the MBA scaffolding. Me, scoffing through the library window at them. I have listened to enough crap about business ethics and acuntancy to know that the little Marxist red book Talmudic scribblers infesting our so called mob space are arseholes. No wonder there is shit in our food. What about the labelling then? Am I supposed to believe ant shit about white good efficiency? Am I supposed to believe the iGreen figues on dead whales, of course not. The attentive out her on the ausphart will have noticed the obvious about the clown who made my friend shiver.

I do not belive a thing from whaever opens its yapp.

I kill all adverts, wank all over any spcpeiling mistokks and lie.

Enjoy the wordings, the wordlings are arzpproved.


Let me drift into the dust filled oblivion.

If ever you find my body, leach year leave a single red leaf at the sight of my Saint’s day for he was a fisherman on the seas of Satan.

The greatest theological discussion was last Saturday evening. Three were in mess and after the SQ, who had previously sabotaged my exothermic proclivities by getting another SQ, SQ minor, to fire up the Q, before I could lay hands on the accelerant, layed it all bare.

Now then now then now then what do you think the 3 thought?

It is all shit.

One got the idea of 3 being the prime number.

Their ages are 14,14,14 and all 3 will not be beaten into submission by monoheathenism’s phallic chromosome deficient agents. They will be guerrilla women and fucking dangerous. Make no mistake.

They know and feel that it is all engineered, all without prompting. Any shit from a cockedscribe and fannyspeller is slavery.

The last time I right was wrong.

Mea culpa.

If the written word is so powerful then why the stupidity of those who close their peepers every night and dream. If the reshiting of the word of Ba’al Hammon monoheathenism is not removed from this world then the huge death toll, tax, coming up is inevitable.

When SQ minor stole my Q I found myself in a trialectic with SQ and SQminor. I posited the idea that there will be a major religious, ritualist, ceremonial slaughter of such a magnitude as to finally change the bend of the world. I asked why the Welsh language was banned, the tartan was banned and yet today every phukking crap is approved by the shithouse on the Thames? Satan worship on a UKplc warship? Well you get the long agenda. SQminor dropped his blonde, smashed on the paving. SQ, who is a self arranging complex systemist, obviously regretted my accelerant deprivation, that would have shut me up. Dodging flames keeps one on one’s toes and shuts one up.

I looked at them, kicked open another brew, looked the SQ in the eye, remembering the witness he has of dead, and remarked that the Lamarkian urge requires the killing of the herd again now that we have achieved a global population of 7 billions.

The altar that is earth requires such a ceremony to slake the Satan Lamarkian monoheathenism. That is why all the iGreenies care more about things that will not clear their stools from their death bed than their fellow humans. Go on, when did a puppy or a whale or a polar bear ever stand night duty on a death ward of the NHS? Go on Phukked D’Witz!!!


We all met up again last evening. The secretive squirrel, SQminor, SQmaximus (who has witnessed more about the fiction that is west African dead than I can stand), our young women, the most stoic woman on earth, frogs, and thousands of others.

We were draped in the flags, our young women sent out a distress by accident, no maritime training yet!!! The Moscow militia almost scared the shit out of us during the 1812.We sang and sang and were moved to tears.

I am British. I hope to exemplify the best character of all those who have scraped a living here from Cork to Ullapool to Tenby to London to Melbourne.

I will wear our flags, when I choose, with pride and knowledge.

When we were singing Rule Brittania my garlic swilling friend nudged me in the ribs and asked me if I would do a solo of Oh Flower of Scotland in revenge. The Auld Alliance etcetera.

No, I would sing this and then seek revenge for this.

I remember.

Thursday 14 March 2013

Do me a lemon me old China.

Do you remember the old movies when the bad guys would leave a ticking, or smoking, patented time bomb. IP rights are so important!! The good guys are looking for it, like the georgeous magnetic bint tied to the railroad tracks, remember? The good guys were always on time because they knew that there was a mark to be found, remember?

Well the best time bombs, the bad guys leave around, are never recognised as such and the trains never loose their planetary timing. It is all ritual, worship and ceremony.

As I mentioned earlier the secretive squirrel and I have been deep in the black, literally outside firing up the winter Qs under the clouds and the stars, recounting and remembering and the things I remember come from a period before I was born. Yet they are echoing down the centuries on plan. As is my wont at this time of year I re-read Fey’s tomb, Armour Battles of the Waffen SS 1943-45, it matches my dark gravured bile nicely. Jan-Mar every year. And I wonder. I wonder about the trains required to move mechanised units constantly across Europe and the quality of welding of the P V. I wonder.

So there I was ordering the thoughts and the second triple JW miles in the air heading away from Perm and I parked the thought in a 24/7, 365 days a year bonded warehouse with care; and waited.

Then the second question was formed years later which I did not recognise because I was too stupid to ask that simple question “WTF happened to Europe?” Since then all the questions I need have been realised. As Chesty put it back then. “The situation has been simplified”. It is like Lorentzian transformations, one needs only to complete the idea once to be bathed in the light. The power to sieve out the millennial old shite is might.

So we will forget the Patagonian that has had white smoke pouring out of Ba’al Hammon’s arsehole this week, we will stick closer to home and get to the answer to the problem that finally lead me to understand what happened to Europe.

It will also give us a clue as to what the Marines were up in 1950.

X Corps. Hard core.

SS 3 and SS 5. Hard core.

One exploring and one deflecting.

Wednesday 13 March 2013

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I was high

High over the White Sea. I ordered up a double JackD and two shells of Cralsberg and settled down to read.

The book was Hasting’s The Korean War. 1987 edn. POLICE action me old china not a war!!!

So here I am this evening listening to Spingola and what comes to mind. Well the shit I’ve read and the shit I’ve not read.

I stopped reading the Korean Police Action after two chapters, not because I found it turgid, or the JD, but because I was puzzled. Turgid books I do not revisit. Ooops forgot about Fighter Combat Tactics and Maneuvering. R L Shaw. USNI 1985. There is my marker still, second attempt,  in p101 Fig 3-1 Guns-Only Angles Fight: First Phase.

PhukkMe!!! As usual with a USofA corp book the shelf price is snipped from the dust jacket by the UKplc importer but we can say with confidence the USD price decimal transferred exactly to UKPsterling. Exchange rates my arse.

Anyway talking of turgid there are indeed three pieces of shite I could never attack again. I even fought through Jeter’s Farewell Horizontal. Utter shite.

Econometric Models & Economic Forecasts, Pindyck & Rubinfeld. McG H 3rd edn.

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. Shirer 1983 edn

The Roman World. Boardman, Griffin, Murray. TOHotCW 1989 edn.

All three shite.

However Hasting’s book made me ask a question that the other lot did not. The other lot wanted to hypnotise me into a state of nothingness. I asked myself how can I contextualise this stuff and make sense of it. It was not my main occupation to do so, but there it was, part of the unfolding of the shithouse herring doors. One little dot about to be connected of the unfolding stench.

So twelve years to the month later I was once again high and ordered up a triple JW and started again. Over the White Sea.

And I got it.

WTF was X Corp up to and why did McC get booted?

An old quote I remember but cannot source is that the US Army left WW2 as the top armed force on the planet. Entered the Korean Police Action as a shit house and left it rebuilt exemplary. Entered Vietnam as a great armed force and exited as a shit house. Got rebuilt in the 1980s and now where is it? Is it a shit house.


X corp; what was that mission?

Tuesday 12 March 2013

It is the most wonderful time of the YEAR.

I cannot be bothered recounting the amount of shite poured into UKplc MSM since November.

You know.

LIBOR and horsemeat sum it all up. We are going to live to be 100 years of age! State pension for everyone! By the time they are shelling out whatever doe remains to the survivors, the stipend won’t buy a horseshit burger a month!!!

This country is kriminalzentral. Why?

Well just look at any business person and their so called Frankfurt/Chicago/Vienna schooled qualifications. Dragons’ Den!!! MBArseholes’ Cave more like. Anyone who believes in capital and money should not be allowed to be in charge or responsible for their own toilet never mind the lives of millions. Incontinent, incompetent asswipes.

So with the end of the tax year heaving into view you know what is going to happen. Well those who “work”, which doesn’t make free here in UKplc, will recognise this signature.

Approximately one month, 3-5 weeks, after the tax year ends, when the so called members of the Institute of Directors have pocketed their loot and sent it overseas or into a charity, when the crooks that infest accountancy have assured the clowns in HM Revenue and Customs….

….As an aside notice that no one pays tax to the Income Tax thieves anymore, notice the implied change in our status. We will not work anymore, we are sources of farmed taxation. We are to be serfs…….get accustomed to it again.

Anyway once the IoD incompetents and overseers have pocketed their fiat cash, a glitch in the matrix will materialise in the lowing herd’s cash flow to debt.

Guaranteed that this is a signature to be aware of. It has happened to yours truly 3 times this past decade.

At some point late April/early May you will be given some sort of horseshit burger to consume as to why there may be a holdup/delay in your electronic payment of salary/pay.

No matter what they tell you, aliens ate my laptop/a tsunami shagged my dog who ate my homework/a special revelation from Satan told me to wank all day, whatever you are told you are about to be unemployed again.

The IoD empty vessels will have pulled the voluntary liquidation of the business pin at day 1 of the new tax year whilst you’ve been hard at work for one month. Each day greeting the boss as it smiles quietly at your ignorance.

BTW why do you think that the phukkedwitz Brown, the most useless use of skin and bone ever with his PhD in nothing, why do you think he raised national insurance rates?

You do not get NI back, unlike tax, when your arse hits the pavement outside the newly wound up businarse!!!

HM R&C are calculating bandits so if you think that anything is going to change when there is a Sharia complaint parliament, circa 2015AD, you are a phukkingphundamentalist'sarse.

Monday 11 March 2013

The Trialectic Dyslectis

Contagion as religion of debt.

Phukk me this brought me back to base again. What a bunch of CHEKAkunta we have here in the shit fed UKplc!!

I started this post then died and burned last year. The thoughts are completed unsad and unsaid, however I am Babelled und Bybelled. I cannot stop admiring the straight forward vectors of those who know the drive I regularly reflect.

Gangnam-Ohrdruf-Konan-OMG-Bikini and the Dams.

“I should not start a limited counterattack, which would be contrary to my military theories, but should wait until I can start an all-out offensive” Patton 1945

(It has been a festive four weeks here in the Smoke. Thanks Giving, turkey yum yum, then the festive day of my patron saint, then I crashed through the sound barrier to a half century on the same day, though actually the next day on the other side of the world, calendrically, I fired up the first Winter Q of 2012/2013 and then a massive delivery of books arrived, such that I’ve been reading solid for two weeks now. All of which was washed down with the widest range of ciders/cidres that me and the secretive squirrel could lay our little paws on.

All the while something kept beating wayaway at me reminding of terminus of one unsought thread, never conceived before venturing out here, 3 and a half years ago at the other shop.

Why was a Korean geezer suddenly all over the pop shop?(I’m not going to link a video because these things are now infested with shit adverts and I refuse to watch and I hope you do to). Go make your own. Then we find out the place is a knocking shopped indebted heathen yahwayspaced whore warren and got raided shortly thereafter.) All scribed in December 2012AD before I crashed and burned, again.

Yes I hit the barrier and the secretive squirrel and whomever writes here have been smiting the spirit of God.

After gallons of Magners, Crabbies, sho chu, ales, wine and rocket fuel we are still juxtaposed by dialectic. However we are making the moves.

No one else, it is ours. And we will unify the 3.

Self organising systems are strange attractors and we are the actors to destroy them all. Powerful in our state of destitution, though weak as the alchemistrymisty muse and gold breaker, brokered in the south sea of designed desireddessertified failure never realised as he burned the candle from the fakired university. Hasbarrat and lazy cloistered hauls of a madrassa. One can never name there quantum state.

From his unreal lights we get the complete designer phukkwittery that is UK plc, rabid nutthouse, no talented siphoning off of anyone else and theatrically creative with a limited life span. Like designer atomic decay.

There is a big spiritual MF war coming beyond the Brisbane line and it is at its core Lamarkian.

See the moon juiced fuelled arguments after the heathen have hidden away in Patagonia and everyone id contused, concussed and as always,,……fuck me I cannot remember the word!!!

Unlike some kuntturnipkritequs at other shops notiing the fine grammar shelll holes and maternal leter failings the speeling mistakes here are not mistakes. So do not pkukk.

You Phukked D’Witz, English is deliberately limited in its expression and reality.

Phekkme enjoy your love and your lives because there is a motherphukkin machine coming to kill all of us who do not love.

Friday 8 March 2013

Wednesday 6 March 2013


You read that corrected, innit!!!

T minus 2 years and cunting.

You read that corrected, innit!!!


Go on then, self erectthe correct.

Friday 1 March 2013