Monday 30 April 2012

Another leetel treat.

A blast from the past.

There is no real money any more, there is no false credit note in the blood streaming circulation, onoly hyperbearerbonded HIV means of exchange, there are no ono faked pixels being witnessed by us, only the pixels marked for out horus. There is no more onhonesty; just dealing with the devil’s Arsegrooved Activity Chits. More commonly known as pecuniary dysentery. The kind of innocent outcome that people who visit the turd kindergarten contract after too many unsuspected visits.

Unending hyperkinetic real fluid evacuation, peeing and shit peening of the devill’d fiat farture fracture failure  bowel’s bowl after supping at the watery sauce where bankers dump the dysenteric lucre; their markups.

What brings this diarrheareery drizzle upon us?

Well my secretive squirrel chum related to me several things over the Bow fuelled, Q flamed and smoked weekend. A weekend where I found the level of love and bitterness towards those of Pictish and Teutonic origins quite interesting from a visiting, assumed, Frankish perspective, that the game was UKIP first and then Tory second for the older generation.

That is the really weird thing about this whole mayoral election rig thing. The UKplc. Simper RCE/LC centric semper, is stuffed with persons who have no idea what this circus means. What is this double ended trap portends. Other than instinctive reaction.

Those who do respond get confused.

This is likely the last time we can actually see part of the meme used to enchant the, soon to be removed, products of older local Lamarckian selection.

Check the hue of those Masonic neck knots.

Cognitive dissonance is clear when one has a peek at the GGTs reversal of who was blue and who was red just after the Berlin death pavlova was consumed by the ravenous starved consumers of the west’s sweated cropped and stunted creatures.

Go on. Check the noose colourings of the clowns in the Hoose this past 20 years.

Friday 27 April 2012

Have you heard the one about the super cruising underpants in a stealth suitcase super natural bomber?

Like Penn & Teller it has nothing to do with what you see or hear.

Some one got his ex-landlords to tell us all he liked to tie himself up, so there should be no surprise he died in a suitcase. Never heard such bollox before? Well you’ve not been paying heed to British legal proceedings have you? What to make of it all? RCE/LC is a stage upon which the werecults play out their games and leave messages to each other and like double entendres in a panto we the children are blissfully ignorant. How’s about the cryptographer got offed as a little message to the local occultLPP to stop shadowing the organised humandrugrunners out of Stan operating in and around RCE/LC? (Notice the birds flitting around these three stories.)

All of a sudden like we get to hear that all this bomberstuff was half inched. Quelle surprise!!! Imagine that. 30 years of spending trillions of fiat dollars and all we get is a bankrupt USofA corp. and 100 or so combat coded superbombers. It couldn’t be an age old routine played out by the Ba’al Hammon worshippers could it? The old weapons tech., gold, state usurping, slaving cycle played out over the millennia again and again and again? Then today we find out that these guys “UAE-based F-22s A Signal To Iran“  are deploying into the traitors’ chamber, the back stabber’s stage, and we are all to get skittish again. How’s about one of them drops out the air all unexpected like. How’s about the Putzza Express have been asked to deliver a special package for inspection. Especially since we’ve been groomed now for a while, all of which we’ve forgotten, to expect just such an occurrence.


Thursday 26 April 2012

Hand me a glass of Scotch.

Or more correctly, I’d like to sup some fiery distilled sippin’ liquid originating in Speyside, from out off a transparent tumbler fashioned from a hyper viscous fluid.

You see it all depends on your point of view and command of tongue.

So we return to the kernel of truth, the immovable, incorruptible, religiokiminal free measure,IFI, that this here numpty fashions from time to time for your illumination, couldn’t resist that.

By far remove these measures and metrics reflect the real world’s state of phukkedness more accurately than anything a bankster approved rating agency or government department full of boybitch and bitchboy jaffa-eunuchs could provide.

So with the good of the common weal in mind I will introduce a new metric to allow us to gauge and measure the complete state of utterkantkuntedness of the dump, formerly inhabited by sentient inhabited carbon based life forms, the toxic waste suppository, known for some weird reason as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Yesterday the fiction factory released an unreal double think set of phoneyfigures at a time when the geriatric criminal, Rupert the dead children’s phone hijacker, was being given a Stalinesque shine job on the GGT at the Levyson show trail und McPuke children’s party. Don’t forget your unhappy bag; you are getting phukkedover with extra bukkake mayo in your eyes and no gherkin up your shitter, just yet, again. I mean if they cannot hide a manipulated double dip, read recession ongoing since 2000, within their extreme, system breaking, made up, ersatz stats then guess what?

So now that scene is set I wish to introduce the new metric from my purest of ratings agency, specifically to aid the stripy pyjama’d inmates of the world's largest open religious prison to get a grip.

My Erse Index.

The MEI aims to summarise in one easily remembered phrase, note the innovative step at this here unthoughtschool, no letters for us, just real wordy words. Don’t say you aren’t getting treated like adults here rather than ignorant, illiterate children as at the criminal vowels and consonant alpahbetti spaghetti twisters at Fitch et al.

So here are the ratings and their brief codex.

Paradise On Earth.

No phukkin’ idea. It has never existed. Though perhaps the idea of the Greek golden age might approximate.

Trumpton Unter Chiggley.

A children’s fairy tale land of happy Phukk D’Wittz as brought to real life by the GGT's Watch with Mother half a century ago.

Opiate Pastoral Idyll.

Easily recreated on canvas by 17/18th century English artists, purveyors of unreality to the gentry. Today the likes of Patagonia or secret parts of Hertfordshire would be representative.

Null Und Void.

Best imagined as the abandoned Garden of Eden or a deserted tropical island’s highlands.

Shitty Picture Show.

Well run federal republic with a shed load of problems heaving into view. Imagine USofA corp. circa 1950.

Nut House Cacophony.

Anywhere with any other form of central government, other than a Shitty Picture Show, infested with religiokriminal banksters. Think Weimar Germany.

Unbelieving Totally Phukked.

Think Imperial Russia around 1905. USofA corp. circa 2007.

Ever Gone Forever.

Imperial Rome or Renaissance Italian city states.

Phukked Once Again.


Special category for UKplc. Totally Unaware of how Phukked it is. In fact the pigsty manure pile is so far gone that a new word needs to be created to be used in this very special case.

How about


Only in a nation that is TPnP, sorry I’ve gone all S&P on you, could this lot get reality time for their crime management schpeil.


Tuesday 24 April 2012

What is wrong with this picture? A road trip part 10.

Thanks to the Zionist Gold Report AKA ZGR for the heads up about patriotnurse.

One thing that I forgot to mention in yesterday’s outing was the CEP of those tallboy drops. Under ideal conditions. So you can work out for yourselves who was talking bollox when it came to strategic bombing in wartime.

Talking of bollox, do you reckon that the Mi-Hi geeztrice are in deep therapy after carrying out one of their toughest ever wet jobs? I mean how much Castrol GTX did they need to pour up themselves to slip the fool in? No, not the lad in a suitcase, high packing density shit for brains. Phukk me! Can you imagine the foreplayand sweet talk as she set about another mission over a blacked out enemy territory!!??

So let us start in the check out queue in Morrisons when I was up north, which is where this outing got its impetus. I’d dropped by the Ayr Morrisons for a pack of my favourite breakfast fry, potato scones, on the Tuesday only to have them all scoffed by the girls Wednesday morning and yours truly left potato sconeless. So on the Friday, just before we headed south again, I resolved to load up on the scones at the Killie Morrisons along with Garner’s pickled shallots and other tasty Scottish goodies unobtainable in the dry goods rationing stations here in the Smoke.

Now before I go any further I want to highlight CAF’s idea of a Slow Burn destruction of the west rather than the big sudden Kaboom some expect. I concur although with the caveat that the Lamarckian marked worshippers of Ba’al Hammon did it all before a long time ago by sucking all the precious metals out of the west and then it did indeed all go Kaboom when the Teutons rampaged through the Western Roman Empire. What did the Ba’al Hammon murderers do then? They wandered off to start another Ba’al Hammon creature in Mecca and hid in the swamps of the northern Adriatic.

Slow Burn or Kaboom? That is the question we’ll be considering during this outburst of breakfast waffle.

So there I was about to check out and the till operator decided to change the till roll. I glanced round the store, the little lockups next to the café where you can store your shopping as you sip a coffee and eat a cake or two. BTW at the local dry goods rationing and rip off station where we do our shopping in the Smoke you ain’t going to park your arse too long enjoying the puff pastries and catpoop coffee. Two hours max stay time and then you get clamped. Phukkmuppets!!!

As I was waiting, a policeman sauntered past the checkout rank heading to where? Tazer a granny, pistol whip a recalcitrant toddler, render an illegal alien a UKplc subject of her majesty? No.

“He’ll be off to get the druggies their fixes” quipped my till roll stuffing newest chummy. I looked at her and raised a singular Roger Moore. She noted the slight movement of eye ruggery and took it as an invite to elaborate. “Wouldn’t want to compromise their human rights, would we?”

Well how to handle this sudden piece of Pharmaceutical info? The Lead Pill Pharmacy will actually visit the pharmacy to take collection of ersatz psychotropics and other mind bending concoction substitutes and deliver them, ice cream van stylee, to the needy. I said nothing other than a brief “Yepp”. I was on holiday and the Apoplectic Anaphylactic Shock Ninjas for the Apocalyptic Removal of all Stinkingcommiephukkwittery Everywhere (AAS’N’ARSE)/ Ba’al Hammon Autochthonous Perversion Section (BAPS) were not recruiting. When AAS’N’ARSE/BAPS are north of the border again we will be recruiting, looks like fertile territory.

Today the ZGR posted this lady’s opinions and right about 3 mins we get back to the drugged out crazies and solutions should the slow burn go non-linear and it is suddenly Kaboom time.

Which brings me nicely to this Alinskyist muppet on a moped. He’s a printer’s ink sniffing lucre addict. Let us garnish this vinegary plate of vomit with some facts Georgey. The IMF is a gankster bankster kanker front designed to impoverish the world for the Ba’al Hammon selfselectors hiding with all the gold and silver they can steal. The current so called financial crisis is an engineered event brought into being by the IMF/WB and associated academic goonsters in Frankfurt/Vienna/Chicago etc. If it can be engineered into being, if you really were representing the persons who voted you into office, it would be engineered out of existence pronto. If all the services that ordinary persons in UKplc paid for and need are to be eliminated, then how come the LPP are doing pharma house calls when GPs are not? How come you and your cohort of disabled, for there can be no other explanation, you must be addicts and mentally, morally and ethically disabled, Phukk D’Wittz are unable to actually do anything about anything at any time and any place OTHER than shit all over the persons inhabiting UKplc? How come you cannot discern the difference between war crimes and defence? We can, why cannot you clowns?

Why is it you are determined to destroy everything that ordinary persons in UKplc have bought with their lives and money over the past 100 years? Well you are all indoctrinated agents of destruction operating with a Reduced Instruction Set Criminality that is why. You are worshippers of Ba’al Hammon and you’ve most likely been selected for.

Another interesting vid from the patriot nurse highlights more of the good works of the mindbent addicts in New Labour. The knight of high packing density housing solutions, who occupied the ODPM, can rest easy now that he is not longer a target for swallows or other special ops. birds of the night wishing to change his oil and check his fluid levels. YEEUKKK barph central, I wish I hadn’t committed that to pixels. His work continues apace here in the Easyjet borough. Every house that hits the market in this part of town gets demolished and a block of flats replaces the original structure. His colleagues in crime who oversaw the import of massive numbers of disease ridden slaves to displace the natives here in UKplc are also happily junket rewarded now that the country has been destroyed.

As has been remarked on more than one occasion by more than one commenter the UKplc government is unfit for our purpose and is a clear and present danger to our health, wealth, safety, security and family.

So slow burn or Kaboom?

Well to flesh this tale of destruction out further we have to take a look at the most evil moron ever to have sat on the pan in No10. That is correct, the rancid reeking prince of high speed rotating machinery. The man with the 30,000rpm moral compass. You and me, we know that the current conventional philosophy of money is ancient and a con job. It is an ever expanding religious crime scene and no one operating in that space escapes the logical outcome of being an accessory to the only crime ever committed. To be a finance minister and to be ignorant of that fact is to be incompetent, sounds about right for most of these so calledministers in the west, at worst to be an idiot. However the Nokia chucking Mentalist is none of these, he is a 24carat magikian of the black arts.

Let us look at one particular aspect of his crash and burn spiral of death for UKplc.

That one word has the NWOAGENDA21UN mark of the beast all over it and the pill popping scryptoid alkaloid abusing fiat funny money addict loved it. Everything was credits in a world where all the credit was soon to disappear. Let us consider what the Fabian creep did with real money. He gave a shed load away, he made gold tax free for his billionaire sponsors


, he taxed silver to make sure the scum couldn’t get a break and he introduced the meme of credits and stipend replacement of real money so that we would not resist the proffered UN handout that finally steals our freedoms. His masters also wanted the credits meme introduced so that when the crisis hit and the next load of trained chimps got into power their removal of all credits would seem sensible to the stunned, groomed and prepped aboriginals in UKplc.

Look at UKplc now, two years after the psychopath got his clammy fingers prized from the levers of power. The criminal syndicate in charge now is setting about flogging of the remains of what is a gutted nation, all under financial stringency and fiscal responsibility cover. The body politic is about to go rabid and the propaganda ministry is getting ready to keep our attention away from anything substantial. 15 years after the incompetents took over No10 there is nothing left of what could be called UKplc. I can just see that first meeting when the money power sat down the new incumbent and told him what was required of his administration, or else. 20 years since the grooming of the incompetents really got started.

Slow burn or Kaboom?

CAF’s thesis is valid, however if we stare closely at UKplc we see a mirror of the situation just before the last big one. The country is now stuffed and staffed by the foreigners required to carry out a massive psychological operation against a target. This time there will be no armies, navies or airforces operating out of airstrip one, this time the spooks will be running massive psyops from the RCE/LC bunker complex. Dire movement restrictions on the aboriginals will be put in place, rationing from the dry goods stations will be enacted, useless eaters culled and the newly imported talent will get their chance to get validated through trial by fire.

There must be a Kaboom coming soon otherwise the Rothschild estate, formerly known as UKplc, will get torched from one end to the other. They need a crisis so large that the aboriginals will get parked in the dark, conditioned and then re-emerged into a new world with a nicely scripted history for them to swallow once again.

So Kaboom it is.

And with that we head over to the other shop to examine some more of just how this psyops is sustained and promulgated by tight knit incestuous moneyreligious families.

Monday 23 April 2012

There is a big fisherman in the Indian Ocean now.

I’d love to know her routing, did she sneak through the shallows off Hainan and Malacca? 40 years or more ago a USN SSN did the trick and scared the shit out of the unsuspecting local fisheries. Very shallow waters.

The Big E continues her majestic, if expensive, progress and all the world is awash with cash that no one can have.

All the Fed phantasy fiat inflato, go on get the L&H clip now, presses cranking worthless ersatz gelt into Paddy Power and the turf accountants at home in the Geezer’s big house’s drinks cabinet known as Goldman suckers to you and me.

In the past fortnight or so Maximum and The Brighton Belle have each provided, in their unknowing way, another false clue as to what we can expect.

Currency war declared and the heathenoids hiding in Patagonia eh?

Who’d ‘a guessed?

Who would have thought of running away from the lethality sacred space.

And who would, all fiat like, decide that weapons of reduced instruction sacramental lethality are to be used?

Compare and contrast the issuance. The German jews were removed from history because they became free, they became European. And now Europe is to be erazed.

The destructive technological power’s weakness was never so clearly illustrated to me than when I stood looking up at the skeleton years ago now, and found myself thinking that a tall boy would have removed this icon from existence. I was disappointed in the lack of obliteration. How can that steel still stand after getting the biggest stick chucked at it?

Well, since then I’ve come to realise that war is nothing about victory or winning it is a Lamarckian selection live stock yard, driven by the gold buy and blood.

BTW if you ever have the time and space let me just state that the best feast my peepers were consumed with was around that city. The word does not exist yet to describe her beauty fully.

Friday 20 April 2012

Photees and Imaginedeered Eyerenderings

Loverly night shots.

All reminds me of a photee I saw in a book, read a long, long time ago about US naval air power, of a shipman sitting over the deck edge of a carrier, Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club, F4 secured behind him and a vast cumulus towering on the sun setting horizon. Can’t find it now though I drew it.

Viene una tormenta.


Thursday 19 April 2012

Bikers of the Apocalypse

Just wanted to add to the GGT Obi Wana Biker Shirley BoremanUNESCO death riders hit list.

No coinciddensed Midway reality realty?

Just a thought. Why is he giving a Black Panther salute?

I always liked these two dudes when they had a license to ridethe world. Then they got their choke chains pulled and had to do penance in UKplc until once again they got a 5000 mile license to Rome. Which they didn’t visit.

If the GGT come to your town GTFD or GTFO!

Wednesday 18 April 2012

dead Baby face

Before or after,


Enjoy the


Any questions?

What is wrong with this picture? A road trip part 9.

There I was parked on the sofa, fisn’n’chips and bevvy in hand late last Thursday and this heavedinto view.

I was crème crackered, having spent the day in the saddle from 7am to 10pm with a minor stop in Inverness and a quick keek at Urquhart castle to see if Nessie was in residence and there I was at the close of the day pulling on a pint of rocket fuel, happily ensconced in front of the idiot’s mirror, and my defences were down.

Those were two subjects that are sure to get me swearing at the tube.

The complete waste of space that is the Jester of London and the sudden need to give JCM some air time.

So let’s start at the beginning.

The previous evening I had been swearing at the tube after another day’s swanning up and down the A77/M77/M74/A71 in weather, with the radio on. All these stories being promulgated by the MSM about crises here and crises there, starvation and disaster, gangster families like Kofi and Moon spitting all over the Mid-East, Obi Wana Big Dick’s new film about fly fishing with a multiple Scottish estate owning Yemeni slaver. UKplc school children that cannot spell, cannot count, cannot read and cannot do anything other than wait to be displaced. When you are driving up and down the major road arteries you get plenty of time to think. All these events that are engineered to keep one from staring too hard at what is really going on. In UKplc there is a drought. Imagine that. In a small island surrounded by water, where some regions are constantly under down pour and the purveyors of H2O milk the herd of fiat cash non stop; here in the dampest country on earth there is now a STASI license in effect for the local informers to start practicing their sleekit trade of shopping up their neighbours show trial stylee. The world is awash with 0% fiat lucre and yet none is to be found for anything that UKplc subjects of her majesty might require, like a nationwide water grid. No money for the scum and if they do get some instruments of debt in their mitts they have to shell out over 1000% to the pay day loan sharks.

So when Goebbels’s Gobshite Towers started to spew forth with the day’s chosen news that we need to be groomed with, I stated the obvious.

There is no global financial crisis. There is an entirely satisfactory engineered impoverishment of the west. Who’s got all the money? As usual not Europeans. As usual the slavers and lazy bastards have been taking tribute from the donkeys that populate these western lands and everything is right tikkity-boo for the child procurers and slave killers.

As for the aboriginals here in UKplc, who will see everything that their forefathers and gentle women worked for and brought into being getting sold off to persons who cannot stand freedom nor democracy, they still do not understand that their government is their enemy. Always has been and always will be.

I would ask one to examine just what this commie lying mentalist did for the country? Just what did this red puppet do for the ordinary autochthonous of UKplc? What did he hand the aboriginals from Truro to Thurso?

Well let’s start with the fact that the red swine knew he was not going anywhere unless he snuck into the Labour party, the commies don’t get anywhere unless they are backed up with airstrikes, tube artillery and RCE/NY counterfeit tokens of exchange and grains. It worked in Russia, Prussia, Hungary, Romania, Cuba etc. but he got the nod that it would not work in Fife!

Now look at the subject of his doctoral thesis. ‘The Labour Party and Political Change in Scotland 1918-29’.

Take these three items singly then.

The Labour Party. Well thanks Gordoom, thatis now phukked. You were knee deep in its destruction. Labour is now going to dry up and blow away, you did that. I did warn way before the last general election here in UKplc that we were going to see the rise of rabid belief systems invading the body politic here and it has started. Georgeous George is a stalking horse. Expect Sharia based parties returning a shed load of NOAHide compliant MPs to Westminster.

Political Change. Well thanks Gordoom;you’ve really fixed the country now! You’ve gone and created chaos and poverty for the native Britons for generations to come. Just as you were programmed to. You only really got upset that it was Bliar that was fronting the show, though any time there was a bit of turbulence you got all windy and couldn’t be found. You multi kulti commie goon.

Scotland. FFS! Gordon Doom you handed the country over to the foundation bitchboys and boybitches at the Scottish Nose Pickers. They’ve been waiting for you for decades and you’ve worked like a charm. Let us have a little look at the fruitsof your labours. Like any vassal the numpty will cling to its boybitchdom despite the abusive relationship. I am going to let rip on this foundation bitch because he illustrates so many of the things that are wrong with our so called leaders. Two of which are their erroneous closed world assumptions and their complete lack of, how can one put it?, knowledge of the wider world and real history. (If you or any of these other groomed for leadership phukkmuppets were put in command of me I’D PHUKKIN’ FRAG YOU!). Marineboy seems to think that Scotland is part of some sort of golden Nordic rainbow of small wealthy nations. He keeps looking at Norway for example. Well me old mukka Scotland has nothing in common with the Nordics in temperament I’m afraid now. Go on then show me your balls to go all Icelandic on the Rock/Roth. Nah; clients of foundations and the pirate state do not do that shit. If you fishywives ever did grow a pair you’d immediately print debt free money in a free state. However you cling to the hope that the EU will willkommen you, jah? So let me see now. Scottish freedom fighters, from a part of the UKplc that RCE/LC has long wanted to ditch anyway, for at least 50 years, will hand their free country over to another bunch of funny money printing religious extremist banksters in return for what? Laws enacted from commie zentral in StrasBrusselistan? Do you seriously think that the universal corpirates will let you have a red cent of oil revenues? Who do you think you are? Middle Eastern potentates? You’ll get Irish famined and Scottish clearanced again if you don’t bend over, you retarded phukkmuppets. Oh and just to verily phukk your closed world arsesumptions and view of real history up real good, do you really think that there will be an EUSSR to welcome you?

Tiny little Scotland all alone against a universal corpirate operating out of RCE/Circus. No UKplc. No USofA corp. Just NOAHide piracy as rule of law.

Just in case you haven’t noticed lads, in the days when the Picts were in charge in your neck of the woods, the battle lines were drawn up when the Germans booted the Chaldean Roman legions out of the Wald. In the two thousand years since then the battle between Ba’al Hammon and the aboriginals of Europe has not stopped. We kept breeding and because of climate change our lands became more and more productive, we developed new techniques to feed us and free us from the slavers. So my kippered herrings do you know where you live? Do you? Here’s the thing that will stick in your craw. RCE/LC knows you ain’t joining a Northern European EU. Nah. You lot will be told to sign up to EuroMed. BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA. Don’t you know the auld enemy has been worshipping Ba’al Hammon for centuries now? Why do you think so many Scots have been killed overseas in the past 200 years?

So Gordon rest uneasy you phukkturd. Let us look at your finest moments. You flogged off our gold into the international crime syndicate’s Ponzi scheme. You got everyone used to the idea of credits and not real money because you are an arsehole who hates people with choice, the choice represented by real money. You let it slip about the “shadow banking system”, like we didn’t know already it had to be there.

BTW you two retarded scion of drug running criminal syndicates and nation destroyers, we already knew the Ba’al Hammon oligarchs from Russia come with no love, that is why they are in RCE/LC. To launder their ill gotten gains and pay no tax you phukkin’ asswipes. However as always with you two babyfaced stunted gangsters you take our attention away from the billionaires to focus on the millionaires. You Alinskyist Kantkunts.

Finally Gordon you flooded the country with Ba’al Hammon’s clients who will now be used to implement more NOAHide control and displace the abos further.

So you can see that I was a tad tetchy when the Scottish Right started to talk about mayors and JCM.

There was a thin faced Malthusian professor from the LSE; that is the LSE that gets MiHigh officers to write the PhD theses of Ba’al Hammon worshipping dictator’s sons, talking foundation sponsored shit about mayors. The LSE, a nest of spies and propagandists, giving so called intellectual covering fire for the universal corporate theft engine that is modern commerce and bankstering. I watched and listened and all the while I kept remembering things read long ago about how RCE/LC fought tooth and nail, successfully, to make sure London did not get a unified administrative body. So why now? Well, Alex are you reading here?, RCE/LC is dumping UKplc. Localism is rationing and poverty. The husks of what was a great nation is now to be plowed under and reseeded.

As for JCM, well he’s been mentioned here several times lately and at least once a year I make sure I post his quaternion equations for perusal by the good readers at this here trough to the watering of those who thirst for something different. My question now, is again. Why now?

I’ve written that to understand Kepler and JCM is to face yourself against the quacks of science represented by the Magikian Newton and the place man Albert. The latter two have the stench that should immediately raise the enquirer’s eye brow, left or right it is your choice, flair the nostrils and reframe the mind, the stink of MSM overweening fame. They are placed in our ken to stultify. Both, if you check, are Ba’al Hammon’s disciples. So why is JCM getting air time right here, right now?

Well just to quickly touch on the coldfusion and speed of light breaking experiments of recent decades we are being groomed for an announcement. Expectthat one to come out of ChiCommland.

So the telly got a good swearing at, I knocked back another electric soup and got ready to have a good kip before the 420 miles journey back to the Smoke later the next day.

And with that we wander over to put the boot into another foundation bitchboy Ba’al Hammon scientist. 


Monday 16 April 2012

Only you would know.


No B52 ever hit the Empire State, you muppet .

A B25 dudd.

I will bet a skinny ferret’s lardy fat bar steward that the future is scribed.

Just is when the turrets syndrome gets taken down.

Feeling free now?


Are you alive with an infected face?

Saturday 7 April 2012

Believe nothing sincerely and with blind certitude.

The ignorance of the micro aggregated infection to the multitude.

What is the vector?

That, which is needed to occupy the free individual. One slight mistake and the disease will infect the host. The old vector was human welfare. Today’s vector is animal welfare.

All have lost this battle so far, however that is because the xenomorph has been able to hide, skulk and fake need.

Like a fever ravaging its victim the affliction consumes the late adopters, though they are ignorant of what it is they believe in, the original meme bearers continue on to the next host and repeat their scam.

This topic has been pissing around again this past week or so.

So has this one.

The above referenced phekkwittery has been rattling around now, in various places and cyberfora, by paid agents for over a decade. Always with a Reduced Instruction Set Criminality of an arranged and confected fire work show to stun those who have long since left the MSM on the bog roll pile so that no question of arraignment need enter their heads. What makes you think that the soft tissue merchants aren’t pulling back sherbets with their nonMSM buddies making sure their scripts are in synch manipulating our soft tissues? 

White ninjas of the apocalypse are not going to arrest any banksters via Chinese secret societies, ever!

Just like the banksters' fabulous fables and their epochal theft, again. No arraignment. No MSM pointy questions. Just a degenerating state of perpetual watchfulness by the Lead Pill Pharmacy or State Employment Terminators to see who has converted approved publications into soft tissue and is sitting on the throne using their grey matter; as always the best place to cogitate.

So let us plug in the Babelbolloxphish and translate what is going down in the big picture so that one might spot the agents out here when peering in a finer resolution on such things as patsies, thermite and illegal aliens.

The synchronised, long planned events of 9/11, (and 7/7), were subcontracted to RCE/TA, because that is what it is there for, wet job zentral; as a small part of a much larger operation reaching back in time as far as one can stretch. The best way to get a handle on the events that have lead to the bankruptcy of the USofA corp. and the invasion of Europe is to peer into the gloom to when the war criminal and panda squeezer tooled over to Peking, soon to be RCE/BS, and reason the framework of scheduled events. From that reasoning to perhaps sketch the outline, if not the detail of the near future.

Nixon, hapless agent, and Kissinger, peace bringing war criminal Apiru, tooled into a destroyed nation and basically told the Maoist muppets that they were next on the gravy train, so let up on the local peasants and get ready to play their part in the coming destruction. Symbology, ever so important to the wielders of ersatz occult, necessitated that the panda got squeezed onto the world stage; WWF grooming here of animals more deserving of protection than mere human beings. One of the clues that this instruction from the war criminals to their Maoist pets is indeed what happened is the complete wet flannelled and limp wristed approach that the west, collectively, took to sanctions following Tiananmen Square. All obscured and obfuscated by our MSM who could not tell us anything factual.

I would ask you to compare and contrast the current Iran fiasco where we know the colour of their toothbrushes and skimpies, apparently. Our MSM seems replete with prescient facts and figures about the most secret goings on in that loverly country. Well I can reveal here that they are making it all up for I know, FOR A FACT, that this lad does not have a tooth brush. When he reclines at night, after prayers, and rests his weary head, just as he’s dropping off in peaceful slumber, an especially trained ecclesiastical pygmy night humming bird gently pecks any foreign matter from the meek cleric’s gnashers.

And as for the skimpies. I have it on good authority from a gentlewoman of Tehran that the fair maidens there do not use such garments; rather they favour the use of specially trained, whitest turtle doves to roost gently and protect their modesty thus. Why else do those ladies always look so happy?

Lies I tell you!

All of it has been nothing for over 70 years now. MSM? Do you believe it is anything other than a sweated confection excreted from the mad brain of so called western, read NOAHide, rabid barbaric news peddling?

So with the message delivered to the MaoNAOHide scions by the psychopaths in suits, the age old modus of transferring technology for war fighting and gelt for the payment of war footing got under way.

Who was going to pay for all this?

The cash cow of course.

Having bank rolled the heathen to destroy Russia and then supplied the tech and gelt to the Soviets to destroy Europe; who else? BTW if you think that the murdering clown Lenin was prescient, or some sort of crystal ball like his coheathenist Nostrabollox, when noting that the USSR would only last 70 years, well you ain’t got a clue. By the time the Big One was over USSR was on a short leash to RCE/NY and under instructions for two reasons. Foment more debt in the debt free USofA corp. by playing along in the Cold War AND quarantining the massive crime scene that stretched from Berlin to Vladivostok so that no one got wind of just how many Christians had been wiped off the face of the earth by the heathen and their red Talmudist NOAHide psychopathy. So the grain kept getting shipped from USofA corp. to USSR until somewhere around 1970, just when you start to read MSM coverage of anti-Semitism in the USSR,  the plans were kicked off to reduce the USSR to rubble, strip the USofA corp. of freedom and independence and get the Terminarotten Panda up and running.

With me so far?

So what about the firebase in RCE/TA then?

Let us just look at a certain progression in the supply of weaponry to the pirate base. At the start it was Commie and Nazi tech that, usually from the Reich Protectorate (and there is a big clue to something that never gets mentioned concerning Auschwitz) , that kicked things off before switching to French and UKplc kit, though mainly French, that’s who’s tech they stole via Switzerland to build their Kfirs.  However when the cabal of terrorists got their arses handed to them by USofA corp. during Suez, remember that USofA corp. the days when you still were shining upon a hill, the firebase, under instruction from RCE/LC, got into the administration’s leavers of power. That was a prime objective of state policy, get agents into the USofA corp. government machine. Ten years after Suez you get USS Liberty, again you never hear about what the Liberty heard, war crimes being committed against civilians. Just like being back in the Pripyet and Ukraine. Soon it is USofA corp. kit getting passed over to Tortuga sur Med. However all this is just part of a great big pattern to be observed throughout history. Theft and more theft. Only as long as the USofA corp. can hand over the gear, is it needed; just as their replacement is being built up by the RCE/Circus through theft and trickery.

So within this context we place two events. One that has happened and one yet to come, though it is being put in place as we watch.

The statement of our loud mouth, why are we being fed this poisoned chalice?

And the Muslim Brotherhood Wahhabi (NOAHide) curtain descending.

Firstly let us look at part of the relevant statement. Like Clark’s statement you only need to ask cue bono.

Now I know you might not dig this, but this is what the Babelbolloxphish says to me about the whole episode. That bit about “scrub them off the Earth” is the give away. Sounds almost……let me seeee…ah I know…thatwhich was deliberately mistranslated for MSM enemission.

Stand back, just a little more and the context reveals itself. No one asks

“What if the game plan needs such a disclosure BUT only when USofA corp. is too powerless, i.e. broke, to reach out and touch the cut throat dump? What if we are being guided deliberately into the trap of anti-monoheathenism”

And how wouldn’t the khazidroids protect themselves with their plan?

We are watching the cloak of protection descending as we sit and bitch about the bitchboys and boybitches. Don’t be getting all confused with the digging up the ground malarkey. That, as your correspondent has been mooting now for some years, is part of the memory enema being applied. For two reasons. One to make sure we are ignorant of our true past and all embarrassing items destroyed or removed from circulation. Two to allow the RCE/TA firebase to do as NOAHide has always done, make up given history.

That cloak of Wahbabiist Brotherhood gangsters will keep us well out of range of dishing the pirate base a good pummelling. As I noted a while back, a Harem Curtain is descending across the Med from Athens to Tunis. USofA corp. will be out of Europe soon and the EUSSR will turn green. Just as planned.

And deep behind that Curtain the RCE/TA will get on with taking the panda for a shed load of readies as it looks after the panda’s interests, its newest and closest buddy, at their end of the Silk Road. All the while pointing back out through the Wahhabi Curtain at those anti-shemites in the west who’ve woken up to what has happened to them this past 100 years.

Plus ça change , plus c'est la même chose.

So what can be gleaned of the future framework from this working hypothesis?

For me two things have been certain for some while, one of which I’ve detailed before is counter intuitive if you’ve swallowed the MSM crap, the other will never get MSM coverage because the panda is sooo cuuuttttte.

Iran will be tight as a tight thing with RCE/TA, just watch. It is not going to get destroyed, famous last words, because it is already NOAHide compliant. The other republics that are going to get creamed or have been were not NOAHide compliant. That is not to say that Iran isn’t going to get destabilised, however it will be of a different nature to the previous NATO lead slaughter. Go on chums think on it. Of the choices available, so called western democra-arsey, NOAHide compliant clerics, NOAHide compliant panda heathen slavers or Federal Republics; which of the two make the RCE/TA terrorist base puke and which two do they warm to?

Go on get a grip.

Secondly the cuddly little monochrome bamboozeltron shooteater is going to be getting all feisty as soon as the USofA corp. budget crisis parks all the CBG, MAG, SSN, SSGN, SSBN and combat squadrons on the ‘crete permanento.

Now at this point all who’ve swilled at the toilet bowl of the MSM will be thinking that there are two obvious outcomes here. Zbig's favourite outcome and a more MSM grooming type outcome. These being grabbing back Siberia and duking it out in the big blue beyond the second island defence chain with the USN.

Nah, not to say there won’t be fireworks on the first island defence chain or a little nose blooding in the air over Irkutsk.

I think the key is simply to look at the mission of the ancient modus.

To obliterate all human memory of those not NOAHide compliant.

To achieve that the method given by the Watchers is to secure the spiritual domain & secure the granary.

Confect the treasury.

Buy the leaders or kill them.

In that process destroy all structures, memory and castes not compliant.

Repeat on a larger scale until the world is wholly complaint.

Now those who read here will know that I’ve had the Hindhus in the NOAHide crosshairs for a long while. Whether they’ll get theirs from a Brotherhood NOAHide horde coming in from Baluchistan or not, the panda will be dropping ordnance either partly or fully in support of destruction of caste memory in India by local commies (Myanmar proxies).

The other nation that fulfils the criterion of non compliance is Indonesia. Too much memory there of how things were before monheathenism started its djinn given mission to kill everyone on the planet all those thousands of years ago. To that end the parking of US Marines in Darwin reads as a clear pointer to the MaoNOAHide slaver state, a big green light, to head for Malacca and beyond.

If ever there was a bunch of goons on the face of this planet that fit this epitaph then it is the nonMSMkoolaidsuppingfools who are about to be displaced from the west.

Same modus. 500 year cycles of civilisation my erse!!

Who hands that predicatively programming crap to us anyway?

Getting it yet?

Anyway over to other shop now to start getting further into the reasons for the core belief at the spiritual aspect of this war against humanity.

I’m off north so these two will have to do you until I get back late next weekend…

Tuesday 3 April 2012

More poured into the pig iron’d gold bars.

Image source to where now?

All is base, no thing precious, other than us.

In the UN21Agenda’d gilded shit heap topped with fool oil.

I remember from decades away, irony, no. Silvery.

I cannot find the South African Band, girl fronted, big hit in the UK circa 1978; just before the Wilhelm Gibson blast, so give me clue if you know.

Just before the Canadian psychonauts hit the scripted und schwerepunkt eject bec.

Only you and me now.

Just us.