Monday 29 September 2014

One Bitchboy about to get visited by the Lead Pill Pharmacy?

Time expired Swiss finished ASSET.

Kim Jong-un disappears as regime in dire straits: Duowei

  • Staff Reporter
  • 2014-09-28
  • 11:56 (GMT+8)
North Korean supreme leader is all smiles during an inspection to a Pyongyang factory on Aug. 31. (Photo/Xinhua)
North Korean supreme leader is all smiles during an inspection to a Pyongyang factory on Aug. 31. (Photo/Xinhua)
The real reason North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has disappeared for the last three weeks is more related to politics than to his ailing health, claims Duowei News, a US-based Chinese political news website.
The 31-year-old Kim has not appeared in public for more than 20 days and missed a parliamentary session for the first time since becoming North Korea's supreme leader nearly three years ago.
During the Sept. 25 session Kim was absent from, Hwang Pyong-so, the vice minister of the Central Committee of Korean Workers' Party was appointed vice chairman of the country's powerful National Defense Commission to effectively become Kim's second-in-command. According to Duowei, this appointment was supposedly forced through by Kim as it did not have majority support from party officials.
Hwang's appointment completes a key reshuffle after vice marshal Choe Ryong-hae, Kim's former No. 2, and defense minister Jang Jong-nam, were both removed from their posts in the politburo of the Korean People's Army in May.
While North Korea's state media later admitted that Kim has been "suffering discomfort," Duowei claims that the real reason Kim has not been seen since Sept. 3 is because of dire instability in his regime. Citing rumors circulating in North Korea's political circles, Duowei suggests that Kim may have already been placed under house arrest by Hwang, who forced Kim elevate him to second-in-command as part of his plan to eventually usurp Kim's throne.
Kim has struggled to keep his regime stable since coming into power in December 2011 following the death of his father Kim Jong-il. Ri Yong-ho, chief of the general staff of the Korean People's Army, was forced into retirement for unspecified health reasons in July 2012, though Duowei claims it was really the result of an internal power struggle between Ri and Choe.
Since Kim executed his uncle-in-law and former No. 2 Jang Sung-taek last December for treason, he has continued to place more power in the hands of Hwang, though it appears this may have been the wrong decision if Hwang is indeed planning on staging a coup, Duowei said.
However, Kim may not have had much choice given the pressure he faced from his uncle and Choe, who have been likened to North Korean versions of China's Zhou Yongkang and Bo Xilai, powerful officials with some degree of control over the national military and security forces who have a different vision on how the country should be run. The retired Zhou was officially placed under a graft investigation in late July, while Bo is serving a life sentence for corruption and abuse of power.
Complicating matters further are rumors that Kim Jong-nam, the eldest son of Kim Jong-il, is continuing to qustion the legitimacy of his younger brother's rule. Last September, Kim Jong-nam reportedly sent his son, Kim Han-Sol, to the renowned Sciences Po in Paris to study English, law, politics and international relations, raising suspicions that he may be laying the foundations of a coup in the future.
From China's perspective, it is clear that Communist Party leaders have little faith in Kim's regime. Duowei states that China has clearly been unwilling to back Kim, turning him down for state visits to Beijing three times in the past year and siding with the international community in opposing North Korea's nuclear tests.
On Sept. 9, Chinese president Xi Jinping sent a telegram to Kim on the 66th anniversary of the founding of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. However, in contrast to the telegram sent by Xi's predecessor Hu Jintao in 2008, the telegram made no mention of Kim Jing-un's predecessors, his father and grandfather Kim Il-sung, when describing the achievements of the country, preferring to refer to the more generic umbrella of the Workers' Party of Korea instead.
Xi Jinping  習近平

Which of these two delivered the instructions RCE/BS stylee?

Friday 26 September 2014

19 and Allison

In the Hi-tech whizzbangery of RICO infested defence budgets designed to kill the West, everyone forgets that the whole VTOL malarky was the province of the poor and destitute. Now adays the warped concept is compounded by repeating the 1930s mistake of impoverished banker bankrupted societies feeding their soon to be enemies.

F35 is a weapon system achieving its aims of destroying Wetern TacAir. US Marines are going to be in big trouble should they be sent back to defend big Fruit's plantations when ChiComm 6G robots are overhead.

Great comment on ELP.

Eric Palmer blog: Lacking confidence: November? Interesting. It was supposed to be October. They don't sound confident either. Carrier cat and trap work should only verify w...

"Also missing from Pratt & Whitney --- an explanation of how the F135 was supposedly able to produce it's claimed 43000lbs of thrust by 2005, when the F-22's F119 engine (an F135 with a clamshell nozzle) had only just been qualified to produce 35000lbs of thrust in 2003, despite having been in development span of over 17 years.
Yet, an extra 8000lbs of thrust magically appears in the F135 only 3 years later.
The Saturn/Lyulka AL-31 family of engines also raises doubts that an 8000lb increase in thrust in just 3 years is possible. In 1981, the Al-31F produced 27700lbs of thrust; it's latest iteration, the AL-41 of 2010, produces 33000lbs of thrust. The GE F404-400 produced 16000lbs of thrust on it's introduction in 1978; it's most recent development, the F414-400 of 1993, produces 22000lbs of thrust. The Klimov RD-33 made it's debut in 1976, with 18000lbs of thrust; by 2001 it had been developed into the RD-33MK, with 20000lbs of thrust. The GE F110-100 debuted in 1984, with 28000lbs of thrust; the current F110-132, introduced in 2003, produces a whopping 32000lbs of thrust.
Now consider the pounds of thrust gained per-year of development for these engines, and see if something doesn't look right;
F100: 176
F110: 210
F404~414: 400
AL-31~41: 182
RD-33: 80
F119~135: 2666
Somehow, we're supposed to believe that the F135 gained 8000lbs of thrust from it's immediate progenitor, after only 3 years of R&D, when the F110-132 that took 29 years to gain HALF as much extra from the F110-100. Also, there's a bridge in Brooklyn I've got up for sale."

Thursday 25 September 2014

Naval Open Source INTelligence: North Korea reportedly developing tactical nuclear...

Naval Open Source INTelligence: North Korea reportedly developing tactical nuclear...: North Korea is developing new missiles capable of carrying tactical nuclear warheads, a Seoul daily reported Tuesday, citing South Korean in...

North Korea reportedly developing tactical nuclear missiles: paper
SEP 23, 2014
SEOUL – North Korea is developing new missiles capable of carrying tactical nuclear warheads, a Seoul daily reported Tuesday, citing South Korean intelligence authorities.

The JoongAng Ilbo said North Korea has performed a series of test-firings of new short-range missiles since Aug. 14. It was the first time the government had detected Pyongyang developing a tactical nuclear missile, according to the report.

Designated as KN-10, the new ground-to-ground missiles are believed to be designed to carry nuclear payloads, the report said.

“We’ve come to the conclusion that the rockets test-fired three times since last month are new missiles based on their speeds and altitudes,” a senior South Korean government official was quoted as saying.

A South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman denied the report. “Our military authorities don’t have intelligence that missiles North Korea recently test-fired can carry tactical nuclear warheads,” Kim Min-seok said at a press briefing.

While strategic nuclear weapons are designed to be used to destroy large targets such as cities and factories, tactical nuclear weapons are intended to be used on a battlefield. They are developed by placing a relatively smaller nuclear payload on a short-range missile to destroy a military target.

Uyghur scholar Ilham Tohti given life, blamed for 2009 Urumqi riots
Staff Reporter 2014-09-25 15:27 (GMT+8)
Ilham Tohti is sentenced to life imprisonment by a court in Urumqi, the capital of northwestern China's Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region, on Sept. 23. (Photo/CNS)
Ilham Tohti is sentenced to life imprisonment by a court in Urumqi, the capital of northwestern China's Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region, on Sept. 23. (Photo/CNS)

The Uyghur university professor who received a life sentence for separatism on Tuesday was assigned blame for the bloody July 2009 Urumqi riots that killed nearly 200 people, according to court documents released from his two-day trial that has been condemned as a travesty of political persecution by international media outlets.

Ilham Tohti, who taught economics at Beijing's Minzu University, was sentenced to life in prison by the court in Urumqi, capital of northwestern China's restive Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region, on Sept. 23, just five days after his two-day trial ended on Sept. 18. The 44-year-old also had his personal property confiscated and his political rights rescinded for life after the court accepted the prosecution's request for severe punishment given his unwillingness to plead guilty.

Ilham Tohti was found guilty of spreading lessons containing separatist thoughts via his website, Uyghur Online, which published and reprinted translated articles–often from overseas sources on the other side of China's internet firewall–advocating Xinjiang's independence from China, including through the use of violence.

The court, which said it received 32 categories and 210 pieces of evidence, including witness testimonies, documents and video footage, said the website attacked China's ethnic, religious, economic and family planning policies and incited ethnic hatred by distorting the causes of a number of riots and disputes that occurred in Xinjiang and Beijing.

In his defense, Ilham Tohti said he set up Uyghur Online to eliminate misunderstandings between the various ethnic groups and promote exchanges, and that there was not a single article on the website advocating separatism. His defense attorney also said that Ilham Tohti's classes did not have many students and therefore did not have much of an impact.

One of the biggest charges against Ilham Tohti was that his "fabricated articles" and "manipulated facts" about government suppression against Uyghurs were partly to blame for the deadly riots in Urumqi that broke out on July 5, 2009. Official numbers place the total number of deaths at 197 and injuries at 1,721, though Uyghur exile groups say the death toll is higher as many people disappeared during wide-scale police sweeps in the days following the riots.

The verdict and sentence has been met with condemnation by Western nations, with US secretary of state John Kerry saying that he was "deeply disturbed" by the news. Both Kerry and the White House called for the scholar's immediate release.

The BBC likened Ilham Tohti to Nelson Mandela, sparking a terse response from China's foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying, who said there is "no way that these two people can be mentioned in the same breath."

"Some countries wave the banner of 'democracy' and 'human rights' and take advantage of the Ilham Tohti case to point fingers at China, and even raise the absurd request of his 'release'," Hua said, adding that China has urged "relevant countries" to immediately discard their "double standards" and stop interfering in China's internal affairs.

"I would like to remind you that no country would tolerate words or deeds that incite ethnic hatred, foment national separatism, and disseminate and encourage violence and terrorism. I believe your country is no exception," she added.

The Chinese Mission to the European Union on Wednesday also expressed "strong dissatisfaction" after the bloc criticized Ilham Tohti's life sentence.

Ilham Tohti's sentence came just two days after a series of explosions killed two people and injured a number of others in several locations in Xinjiang's Bayingolin Mongolian autonomous prefecture. The attack was just one of many allegedly carried out by Uyghur extremists in and out of Xinjiang in recent years, including multiple assaults on police stations and public markets. In late July, as many as 100 people were killed and more than 200 were arrested following a riot in Xinjiang's Kashgar prefecture. This was preceded by a mass stabbing at Kunming Train Station in southwestern China's Yunnan province in March that killed 33 people and injured 140, and a jeep crash last October in Beijing's Tiananmen Square that caused five deaths and 40 injuries.


Hua Chunying 華春瑩

Wednesday 24 September 2014

Molesting British children as an ISIS/MiHi/CIA/Mossad/Crownassets cover story.

Goebbels Gobshite Towers Rosa Luxembourg FM Ilya Ehrenberg’s Pirate Radio doesn’t like to talk about gangs of Muslim slavers imported into UKplc to provide cannon fodder for dead persons in the ME 21st century stylee. Just like the importation of Russian members of the shatanagogue of Gog magog into London and NYC over a century go to provide cannon fodder for the dead piles of persons in Russia in so called revolutions. Revolutions=cull of those just too many so recently and inconveniently made alive from foul mudblood lines.


Eyes on: Celebrities child molesters and the politics of perversion!

Posted by guido Grandt

“…………..Remarkable that British politicians with possible criticism held back so as not to jeopardize the "independence of the national institution," the BBC……………”

And there we have it.

When the clowns were gaming out the scenarios and capability planning for the long plotted scattering of the body parts of locals over vast areas through HE and butcher apron, Blokhin style, in the fire base’s remit, the inconvenient truth about Savile suddenly burst upon the screen.

No reporting on Rotherham’s child molesting gangs, slaver gangs, drugging gangs and general Stone Age creepzoids imported from Chaldea so recently. Note not one of these families will have done anything to aid British men and women fight the total evil and world consuming menace of Hitler. Oh no. Yet they can come over here and enslave more British children than any Nazi ever did!!!

So no damage is to be allowed to the centre of filth and social engineering known as the BBC aka Goebbels Gobshite Towers Rosa Luxembourg FM Ilya Ehrenberg’s Pirate Radio by the revelations that cBBCTV centre, where so many Guinness World records were established by record spinners buggering weans, is a threat to the well being of the British people.

It is not in the national interest that it should be common knowledge amongst UKplc parents that there is a clear and present danger to the welfare of UKplc children by the members of staff fronting cBBC/cITVchildrens programming and adult current affairs spin and lying and propaganda hiding death and dead body shagging under charidee cover.

No wonder BBCshitehouse is run by controllers and programmers, so Orwellian in its filth thing think.

Don’t let anyone know that the cultured Marxist zoological garden housing MiHi operatives being groomed for trouble making in the Middle East are slaking their lust on UKplc children Pashastylee. All under crown coven cover.

Just remember that fact as the latest 30 pieces of silver taker and general panties down about their ankles self serving career oriented sex slave of the controllers and programmers tells you anything about what is happening in the world when the 10 o’clock Pavlovian bell brings torture to you and to dump some more vomited fiction into your living room.

Are UKplc public so stupid to sit and watch the latest load of made up JKRowling style magic money made weirding words from BBC rentboybitch and harlotbitchboy newspeakers when all they can remember about the BBC is record breaking child raping by the BBC, its employees, MPs, stars and the persons HMG has imported to destroy UKplc?

Well best not find out so the scenario builders have been hard at work to disassociate the BBC/UKplcMSM/HMG and our leaders from any bad vibes as the bamboozletron cranks up to splurge another shed load of alphabetispaghetti Jihadi groups on us.

I wonder if any knighted BBC disk jockey would have sexually interfered with a jihadi group, pop pickers?

Just like they did over 100 years ago when the Bolshie killer clowns were taking the piss out of us by starting a multitude of fake democratic parties, all the while rubbing their Satan funded hands with anticipation of the Red Terror to come.

Parallels? Oh yes.

Why do you think that the UKplc confidence trickster MSM pigs have put this image into your Herd Attention Space?

Just like cryptoMSM can never tell us that UKplc crown wanted these guys dead as a dead thing a century ago, plausible deniability gangster hit stylee.

Expect the execution of the Assad family around Christmas time, Christine Lagarde 7stylee, just to spoil the good will to all men. Delivered to you by the same RCE/TA/LC/NYshatanagogic actors financed by the very system that delivers milk and bread to your circus.


Tuesday 23 September 2014

No Shite Sherlock!!

Air strikes fail.


“Weeks of U.S. Strikes Fail to Dislodge ISIS in Iraq

BAGHDAD — After six weeks of American airstrikes, the Iraqi government’s forces have scarcely budged the Sunni extremists of the Islamic State from their hold on more than a quarter of the country, in part because many critical Sunni tribes remain on the sidelines.”

“Rolling Thunder 1965: Anatomy of a Failure
More than a decade after the fall of Saigon to theNorth Vietnamese army, the American failure in the Vietnam War remains an enigma. No one has convincingly and authoritatively explained how a military superpower such as the United States could be humbled by a small, backwardSouth Asian nation and forced to withdraw ignominiously from a war in which it had invested over 50,000 lives and untold treasure. The mystery remains in spite of a voluminous but incomplete historiography of the war and of the strategy that led to little but failure and frustration for the United States.1 Much of the available literature centers on a search for scapegoats for the American failure.2 Some ofthe senior participants in the war have written memoirs (often with an all-too-obvious ax to grind), but many memoirs of key decision makers have never appeared, creating an information void that still waits to be filled.3”

“How did the theory of strategic bombing hold up in practice? The amount of resources dedicated to the combined bomber offensive was immense. As much as 40 to 50 per cent of the British war effort went into the RAF and the USAAF consumed as much as 25-35 per cent of US industrial output. The USAAF grew to 2.4 million men in June 1944, or over a third the size of the US Army. The operational costs were steep. RAF Bomber Command lost 8,325 bombers and 64,000 casualties among their aircrew. The USAAF lost 8,237 bombers and 73,000 crew members which exceeded total USN and USMC casualties in the Pacific.[9] Additionally, an estimated 600,000 German civilians died in the bombings. The effectiveness of the bombing is still being debated. The United States commissioned a study titled “The United States Strategic Bombing Survey Report” (USSBS) after the war. The USSBS report looked at both sides of the combined bomber offensive and came to the conclusion that strategic bombing was a failure. Among the many factors contributing to the conclusion was the fact that Germany had a great deal of slack industrial capacity so that even at the height of the bomber offensive in 1944, armaments production actually increased. Another critical factor was the strategic air offensive against Germany was not a constantly pursued, single-minded affair in its execution. Bombers were diverted to the battle of the Atlantic, to operations in North Africa, to prepare for the Normandy invasion and to support breakout of the allied armies in Northern France in 1944. In fact, the USSB report noted “It is of vital significance that of all the tonnage of bombs dropped on Germany, only 17 percent fell prior to January 1, 1944 and only 28 percent prior to July 1, 1944”.[10] The Combined Bomber Offensive did have successes however. The most important accomplishments were the destruction of the Luftwaffe in aerial combat by the introduction of long range fighters such as the P-51 that could escort bombers on deep penetration missions into Germany. Secondly, the strategic bombing campaign diverted resources from the German army to home defense. The draining of one million men to operate the air defense network of the Reich was the equivalent of opening another front. The bombing also absorbed not only manpower but industrial production to include scarce petroleum that could have been used elsewhere. The bombing’s impact on morale was the least understood and definable aspect of the campaign. Certainly, there was widespread hardship and misery inflicted by the bombing but German worker morale did not collapse as Douhet, Trenchard and Mitchell had predicted. German workers continued to produce weapons and German soldiers continued to fight almost to the very last. Did strategic bombing win the war? By itself, no but it was certainly a factor in Germany’s defeat.”

Of course they fail. That is the whole point of them. The slow grind down of the dynamism of the west is what we have at work here. 

As I’ve mentioned before why have the slobs who sat around scratching their arses all day got all the cash after two wars fought by European men to save humanity? Remember all the crap propaganda that western societies got fed about the evil that threatened to enguilf all? Tellingly all one needs to do is check the people who never got involved in this dire threat to their existence. Their existential threat was so great they couldn’t be bothered to get off their arses and yet when the gunfire and sniper stopped they were all of a sudden around the UN table to load up their bank balances with all the free money provided by the dead men of Europe and North America.

Because there never waas any threat to humanity. Simply that Europeans had got too successful and were to be taken out by the clowns who do fuck all all day but scratch their exhaust ports and belch.

Any way even though it suits my purposes to list the failures above the careful reader of events, those divorced from the unreality of scribes can see that the bombing out of German civilians and incinerating of children on an industrial scale was a resounding success for the British. More on that later some day.

Anyway as far as anything involving the Maoist administered colonists from Kentucky is concerned it is failure all round again. As usual the Ho Chi Minh trail ISISstylee will be in full swing again directed out of RCE/TA. Expect dead NATO pilots soon, I include ANZUS pilots in this, since NATO now protects, stirs trouble, in the Pacific.

As I said a long while ago HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO REFUEL A C17????

Well it depends whose work they are being used to carry out doesn’t it.

Who is still sitting on their fat arses doing nothing, getting free money, tribute, as usual?

Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee

Nuclear armed terrorist bankrollers. Stone age evil peddlers.

Now if I were Dr Watson I’d be packing for a cold winter spent keeping watch southward on the Kalmych Steppe.

Naval Open Source INTelligence: Chinese warships in first call at an Iran port: Two Chinese destroyers have arrived at Iran's Gulf port of Bandar Abbas, in an unprecedented visit attesting to a new rapprochement betw...

Monday 22 September 2014

The Star of Africa; compare and contrast.

Of all the incidents, battles, skirmishes, subterfuges, special ops, down right phukk ups, deliberate defeats and general telling untruths about what was really going on and what had really caused the whole mess, not to mention who was the mens rea, the 20th century manifestations of the Babylonian Brew and Eviloid donkey drivers, of ultimate market clearing mechanisms 1939-45.One incident mid-war stands out. In fact this is not such much mid war as the end of the old war 39-42 and the beginning of the real war 43-45.

In this short interlude clearly everything balanced out.

This is not to disparage, simply to clearly see things as they were, shorne of the usual word melange and foggy verbiage used by UKplc und BBC MSM to disguise a not quite victory, like when describing not quite theft of peoples money buy invoking the word “pot”.

The first inklings of my disquieted tranquillity was Jutland 1916, then the Battle of Britain, then strategic bombing. One by one the tissue of fairy tales disappeared in the rain of uncaring loose ends and careless official truth telling.

One geezer, one of not so many, parked at the end of an impoverished logistics train against the guys ordered to area bomb children out of their cribs, notice that no such thing happened to any children on Phoenician lands only on Native European lands, guys lavished with the best that the Empire could sweep from the ends of the Earth heaped in massive supply dumps swimming with the tinned fruits of theft.

Recently, out in the wastes of ChiCommland the theory that was spewed out of the 1980s imperium via USAF research is being readied for deployment. This is not an if but a when. The banksters do not bankroll you and furnish you with weaponry, their weaponry, unless you act. Just ask Stalin.

China Defense Blog: There can be only 5: This year's PLAAF "Golden Flight Helmet" airpower competition is underway -- instead of 10 winners, this year's grand priz...

To put this into perspective for advertaddledUKplc inhabitants who are just about to become retarded wards of Brussels or eunuch slaves of RCE/LC, I present this classic from the collection of traitors that inhabit no10/11 Downs Syndrome Strasse.

“Tony Blair has said that politicians should heed his advice that British boots on the ground in Iraq should not be ruled out because he had experience of taking Britain to war in that country.

The former Prime Minister said people should “appreciate” that he has learnt lessons through going to war in Iraq and listen to his thoughts on tackling Islamic State because they are “precisely” the same terrorist forces he battled during the conflict.
His comments come as Lieutenant General Sir Graeme Lamb, a former director of British special forces, said it is now time to “rule in” the idea of involving British ground forces in the conflict.

The former Labour Prime Minister has said air strikes would not be enough to defeat the jihadists who have taken control of large swathes of Iraq and Syria, sending in combat troops to fight Islamic State militants on the ground should not be ruled out.
Mr Blair, whose premiership was defined by the Iraq War, has said that although there may be “no appetite” for a ground fight it may become necessary.”

Only in the free west could war criminals walk the street freely. This holds true for the 21st century and the 20th and the 19th and the 22nd and ………

Thursday 18 September 2014

UN Protection and Monotheism Protection

Or 155mm HE terminal homing manna from heaven.

How many dead person and alive persons made suddenly unalive under UN protection? Well let’s look at the places where the UN has been protecting gentle persons before the grim reaper arrived.

Just as in all great detective stories the common factor, go on CSI Rotherham, in all murder scenes is the presence of the great detective, don’t you find that a tad suspicious? What is the common factor here with humanitarian crises?

If monoheathenist care homes for children are warehouses for sex traffickers/murderers then what the fuck is a UN refugee camp? Ever wonder where the criminals congregate? Want to disappear and make unalive cheeeldren? Join cBBMattelysney or a cBBCHARRIDEEE.

Anyway this news scared the shit out of me today.

“Pope Francis and Shimon Peres discuss "UN of religions' = the NWO World Religion = NEW AGE…

…..Former Israeli President Shimon Peres met with Pope Francis at the Vatican to give it a "UN of religions" propose to fight terrorism.
The Vatican said in a statement that the Pope and Peres led a "long" and "very cordial" interview on Thursday.
During the 45-minute session, Peres described the Pope's idea about an organization of the religions based on the model of the United Nations. The motivation for this is that religion is the main cause of conflicts in the world today, Peres said the Catholic weekly Famiglia Cristiana.….”

Ohhhh phukk me!! How have these guys got the time for this? Shouldn’t Sharon be making sure ISIS/ISIL/IS/CIA/MiHi terror forming operatives are tucked up tight and comfy in RCE/TelAviv hospitals being sung to sleep kumbayastylee? Shouldn’t the Jiggy Jesuit be getting ready to baptise Martians soon? BTW if the crypto from juntaland is serious then that is the first sacrament leading all the way to the Holy See. Any of you Catholics, crypto Chaldeans, ready to kiss Chewbacca’s ring? BWHAHAHAAAAA!

Imagine being subject that bunches’ charity!! Homeless, penniless? Come unto me and worship in the Stone Age. Hand over your young and fuck off and die. It is the last thing you would want is to be caught up in these freaks systems of slavery and unthought. Last thing they want is for you to be free and informed. No. Ignorant, poor and enslaved. First move is poverty. That is what commerce is for; it strips out independent wealth from a society using blessed funny money. Don’t give me any of those anti-usury strictures. When the religiobanksters of the monoheathenists turn up at your door they always travel together, one covering for the other. Hebrew, Christian, Islamist, Communist. They travel as a full spectrum, seamlessly integrated weapon system. This lot can and will survive a direct nuclear exchange. It is designed that way.

Imagine a planet far away having lived peacefully for millions of years and the New Jesuits turn up all speccy and studious. Imagine the peaceful scene. The occultedspy for Yahweh helping the merchants. Well all one needs to do is realise that once a critical mass of various flavours of monoheathenism had turned up over a suitable period. After books had been burned, Mayastylee, alphabets had been given, Vietnamstylee, famines had been organised, Irishstylee, laws forced upon the people, UNstylee, then a great killing of the natives, Jerichostylee, would have been engineered.

There is also a more likely scenario to this Roth/Ba’al chinwag, it was a continuing liaison meeting for evacuating to the New Hebrew state of Patagonia sometime soon.

Now don’t forget that the ChiComms want to go Protestant!! Got that? Covenanters kicking in your doorstylee!!!! Phukk me as if getting offed by monoheathenists  (Grigori Voitinsky · Mikhail Borodin · Adolph Joffe · Israel Epstein · Mark Gayn · Sidney Rittenberg · Jakob Rosenfeld · Sidney Shapiro · Nathan Gregory Silvermaster · Solomon Adler · Michael Greenberg · Manfred Stern · Ruth Kuczynski · Eva Sandberg) the same lineage of Pripyet terrorists funded by RCE/NewYork (BTW expect Rock to get the Croesus treatment soon) that killed the Tsar, murdered at Katyn, blew up Wall St 1921 and like to shell children with anti-tank weaponry in Gaza,  in their tens of millions wasn’t enough. As if having monoheathenists stuff drugs down your throat as a matter of policy wasn’t a big give away in the 1800s. The Harbin crowd are going Calvinist or is it Mormon or is it SinoBahai? Either way it is a sign of death cult set up for more killing on a scale fitting to the resources available.

All the signs are stacking up for a move on unbelievers in SE Asia and India.

This is not a prediction.

It is their genetic imperative.

Wednesday 17 September 2014

Scotland and MILF and ISILondon and EUSSR

As the distraction of the Spanish civil war 21st century stylee continues the pieces for the billions dead Passion play to come are moved around the big board.

This phekker turned up and all of a sudden he’s into MILF.

Let us lay out the pecking order in this Ba’al stooge’s world view.

Alive people, preferably dead for his god= Jews, Islamists, Communists, Christians.

Dead people, definitely dead by his god= Anyone else.

In the alive people category his pecking order is as stated with a subtle discrimination between Catholics and Protestants. Germanics first onto the pyre.

So the clown in the skull and bones cap and the dress, who occupies an office that likes killing people, has stooged around the globe this past month or so telling us all that WW3 is started. No shit Sherlock!!!!

Note the Uyghur connection in this story and the Ho Cho Min trail logistics.

“Four Chinese nationals of Uyghur ethnicity have been arrested by Indonesian police on suspicion of being members of Islamic State, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the brutal jihadist group that claims religious authority over all Muslims across the world.”

Next the blood red hand of the papist puppet of Ba’al Hammon is most evident. Go on then who’s going to get excommunicated if they don’t tow the line.

“MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The president of the overwhelmingly Catholic Philippines proposed Wednesday to give Muslims in the south the ability to run their own government under their own flag, part of a peace plan aimed at ending a four-decade rebellion that has killed 150,000 people.”

Anyway as a further distraction let us simply round up the Scottish independence bollox.

I want a Pictish kingdom re-established using tally sticks as money. Fuck the flat screen tellies, you can keep them. We don’t need BBC PRAVDA or Coronation Enders predictive programming. We don’t ‘want our young mind bleached by Turkey Baster from the orphanage every day. Orkney, Shetland, Hebrides returned to the chthonic and shamanic peoples of old. Everyone else out. There that is what I call true independence.

Let me translate the campaign for those who cannot get their heads round the narrative.

Message to Scotland from RCE/London.

Get to fuck. We don’t need you now. Your young men have died for us and we are safe at last in our estates. GGTF. We are handing you over to caretaker administration c/o Brussels until you are fallow again. We are not, repeat not, handing any more money over to you under any so called settlement, we are keeping our pirate loot all to ourselves. We’ve imported a bunch of clients and serfs this past twenty years whilst you’ve been distracted so fuck off. Bye bye, hasta la vista, au revoir, nice to have used you. Now go and die. The only good Scot is a dead Scot. BTW the oil is ours not yours. Just go and check AGENGA 21 you tartan turds.

Message to England from RCE/London.

If you think you are going Tory any time soon now that the red scum north of the border are gone you are a bunch of phukknuts! BWAHAHAHAHAAAAA. ISILondonistan is here and Mancaliph is coming pronto tonto. Didn’t you understand what Rotherham is really all about you kannts!!


Message to Europe from RCE/London.

Expect to be blackmailed by nuclear powers soon. Why do you think we are making enemies of Muscovy again?
Just to make that last bit clearer. expect to be blackmailed by Tel Aviv, Mecca, Ankara, Islamabad, Beijing, Brasilia, Lagos in fact anywhere where religioracists rule.

Tuesday 16 September 2014


Just reminding you that everyone gets killed when the state disarms you. The survivors of the culling get farmed.


“ZOMO units were created on December 241956 under the direct command of the President of the Council of Ministers of the Polish United Workers' Party (PZPR, Poland's communist party) and first used in 1957. Their mission statement was defined as "the protection of the nation," and their main role was as a rapid-response police force, structured after and trained by the instructors from the Schutzpolizei of East Germany. Since 1972, the duties of ZOMO included counter-terrorism (including countering aircraft hijackings), with the elite Special Platoons of the ZOMO (plPlutony Specjalne ZOMO) created in 1978. As opposition to the communist government in Poland grew, the units were expanded to counter the growing unrest, and their role became more of anti-riot police. In 1968, ZOMO was used to disperse the student protests during the 1968 Polish political crisis, leading to the reform of the formation. In 1970, thousands troops from thePolish People's Army and ZOMO were used to quell the Polish 1970 protests, killing dozens of people and injuring more than 1,000.”

Unlike the WarPac nations there are no longer any "good guys" with the white hats about to ride over the horizon and save the day.

Go on then, where are the good guys now?

All gone, all dead, all re-engineered into fools.

Can you seriously imagine another 500 hundred years of this shit? Week after week, month after month, year after year of worshipping at TeSaiMorrAsLid and football games? "Working" in hideous labour traps doing absolutely nothing all day every day. Conned into sitting in a open office prison cell being fed just enough ration vouchers to exist without causing trouble? Believing all the crap fed from the Wizard Of OZOMO and his MSM brain washing machine?

Can you stomach that?

If you can you are not human.

Tuesday 2 September 2014

UKplc is cunfested by phukkedwitz, thieves and war kriminals

This is getting heavily promoted on radio here in UKplc at the moment, so expect a big phukkup at the bank soon. FSCS

This is what would be known in the old days as a Nuremberg Laws warcrime scene. NATO SummitWales 2014

Cameron talks shit and the Child Protection Service waste money. Now then now then boys and girls where are the boys in blue when you need them eh Maddie?.

So let us ask a couple or three questions then.

  1. How many millions and millions and millions of people have the NATO member countries killed in 70 years or so then?

  1. How much money and how many lives have the RCE/LC based moneychanging houses stolen since 1944 then?

  1. Why is it highly dangerous to have UK authorities take an interest in your child and yet child killers, child stealers and child slavers can operate with impunity here in UKplc?

UKplc is a clear danger to humanity.

Quarantine the dump.

Đảo Phú Lâm

“Known in China as Yongxing Island, Woody Island was occupied by the People's Liberation Army in 1956, although it had previously been occupied by the Republic of China from 1946 to 1950, before going unmanned for six years. Facilities including a military garrison, coastal defensive positions, a runway, four large aircraft hangars, a communications facility, and municipal headquarters have since been established on the island, which is now the government seat of Sansha, set up in 2012 to administer the Paracels, Spratlys and Macclesfield Bank. The entire territory is disputed.”

We never take our eye off the main ball around here. So it is back to where the Yacht Club used to play over 40 years ago now. In fact now that the Big E has gone out of service the flat top connection has finally been severed.

The much touted pivot in US policy is actually a pivot by RCE/TA towards RCE/BS(Beijing/Shanghai). When USofA corp finds itself up against RCE/BS there is no doubt about who will be fed the deep intelligence and who will be sabotaged.

To make it quite clear to the voters in the false democracies, who only exercise every four years, consider yourselves riddled with Sorge networks feeding your every move to ChiCommZentral. You will be quite quickly given the message to keep out. If Roosevelt could draw you into a war by getting the battle line sunk at Pearl you can be sure that a Maoist like POTUS will keep you out by getting the CVNs and LHDs sunk at Guam. WTF do you think the F35 is? It is the first shot in the war.

Anyway with Israel’s pivot to Beijing now overt and the USofA corp being told to GTF out back across the Atlantic, Europe is fucked. EU and US are completely useless now so the time for a major move is at hand.

The training and equipment levels of the ChiComms are complete.

Malacca soon.

Monday 1 September 2014

So where were you when Cameron’s Chimphouse got hit?

The last time UKplc peasants got all uppity the special units took out a load of underground trains/a bus then a well dodgy sparky from Brasilia was removed from the Portuguese werke kreis, many subjects of her majesty had been stone colded and the geezers running the armed responses got promoted. Not so much a false flag, a pour encourage les autres masked ball.

Do you remember that there was a great big meeting with exercises being run, where the big boys were meeting to discuss bullock all? (

Well guess what today?

Despite importing massive amounts of slanteyeyedMoldavians, who are only here for the beer, UKplc is getting all uppity again what with the cuts on everything human for 50 years now and the increasing levels of DU in our, splendidly free of CO2, atmosphere. UKplc citizens of HM and serfs to RCE/LC are right royally fed up watching our fuerzes especiales, einsatzgruppen and homegrown faux jihadists using Bradford and Wembley as raped staging areas before setting out to kill massive numbers of our fellow helpless gentlefolk sheltering under the RCE/TA nuclear umbrella and friendly fire iron dome of fame.

UKplc is fed up watching wankers, from the leadership programmes acting like limp boybitches and cuntstruck bitchboys, spunking all over our daily bread.

So watch out for the geezers with the weapons grade prescription pads running drills and thrills using their Israeli training in civilian control when the mass murderers and war kriminals of the NATKRIPO turn up talk more megabollox this coming week.(

If you get your cops trained by cut throat pirates from the fire base in RCE/TA then expect a Katyn style handling of your local dissenters. Logic innit? Past behaviour is the surest indicator of future performance. Which bit of this pattern do you not get UKplc vegetables?

St Petersburg/Holodomor/Gulag/Katyn/Deir Yassin/Shatilla and Sabra/9-11/London 7-7/?2014

Remember it is 200 years since the Russians rode into Rothschild's Paris. 200 years of engineered phukkwittery and the pesky Orthodoxslavscum still exist.

Now don’t be getting all worried about travelling by tube, flying by air or having a piss in the dark. Everything is cool. UKplc’s club of inserted fool MPs has assured us that we are tikkity boo. Teresa May may or may not be qualified to run a cold water tap in a paedophile’s butcher’s shop, however she says all is cushty. Forget the Keystone Coppery around Savile/Sutcliffe/Shipman et al. Forget McCann 6 years and nothing, two JWs and proton therapy; instant handcuffs in Iberia. Forget billions of man/woman hours spent keeping the NE of England in lockdown over the past 30 years, Miners Strike et al; anyone could dial up dial-a-ride and get British children delivered running hot and cold.

Mind you Barnet Horse Fayre might well provide ISIS/MOSSAD or whatever MiHi/CIA MSM life sustained Frankensteinian creation with a valid target. Are pikey horses anti semitic? Are semites traveller insensivitive? Do the sand jockies hate the nag whippers for not using small slave boys? Might lead to a gypocryptoattack on the Mount then by ARSIS if there are actually any free terrorists in existence and not just a bunch of foundation sponsored criminal arseholes in drag.

Either way a country that cannot stop 35 illegals coming over in an ISO standard container or keep bleached condemned meat out of the food chain for school children and OAPs. A country that cannot stop its children being killed and abused by the state and its sponsored actors. Can that state can surely prevent nuclear weapons being smuggled into the realm by determined terrorists? Well if that state is the sponsoring body of course it is not going to shit on its own doorstep. Kill its people yes but not nuke the safehouse where the rent boys get slaughtered.

A country that uses loan shark practices on its helpless, fixes metal prices and steals money all the time, LIBOR anyone, and yet still proclaims free enterprise to be its mantra would surely be able to keep hit men, internationalist sekskriminlas, true jihadists and organised psychonauts of antiYahwehmonomoneim from slaughtering a load of us or taking out a much revered public figure, a la 1963, wouldn’t you?

Well apart from institutionalised hanging, framing, fitting up and general locking up of the plebes for no reason here in UKplc. Apart from infiltrating our own state agents into all organised movements to cause trouble, indeed carrying out terrorist events on UK & NIplc, and general gangstery. Where else would one get departed through the media of Polonium poisoning? Where else would there be no organised millietants shitting on the FGM crowd as they entered the country at Heathrow. No violentfemmes shooting out the tires of organised sandpimps in Yorkshire protecting children. Oh no all the empty sterile foundation poisonouswombs are farting around OxBridge picking up the nest generations of empty headed gangmasters for the foundations next genocide. Smart fucks!!!

I remember a Turkish geezer bellyaching to me as he sorted out our IT that the neighbours upstairs from him had been causing a racket that weekend. He hated them. They were Kurdish separatists celebrating. He then walked me up Hornsey high road showing all the shops run by recent Kurdish arrivals who had been given 40 grand or more each to start up their fruit stalls and delis. He hadn’t received a red cent to run his own IT services company. Man he hated them Kurds.

UKplc, the EU’s zoological garden. It used to be London, Gladstone’s zoological gardens. Ahhhh the sacrifice of all those men from 1914-53. Well worth the bloodshed.  Now the chimphouse is about to sally forth and cause trouble again in distant lands and lock down the natives here. What other bunch of brain dead organ donors would think they inhabited a democracy that kept them prisoner and rationed for most of the 20th century!!!???

Why, bearing in mind how knee deep in agent provocateurs, spies, paid informants, boys in blue, with the constant sound of blues and twos, why was it that the children in Northern England were preyed on, at will, indeed almost presented on a platter to kinderkillers, why were they and the women of Northern England so vulnerable and exposed to traffickers in filth. How come that UKplc was in the civil power’s iron grip in Northern England and yet one could traffic slaves to one’s heart’s content. How come if you want to hide your hiding goldenboy killing appetites the Channel Islands is the place to go? How come if you want to interfere with minors you stooge around the BBC kidding on you are a ham artiste? How come?

How come there are no demonstrations and downing of tools, no general strike, when a CHEKA dictatorship tells you that you cannot see something or hear something on the BBC.GGT/MSM.GGT. How come no sit-ins when a COMMIE Bolshie shit house at No11 decides to steal all our money and give it to a shit load of shit banksters? What is Quantitative Easing? Where are the Freidmanistas now? Sitting cushty that’s where?

Now I know that I like to push the boat out on the forensic storytelling havering but consider this.

If you want trouble in a body politic, indeed want it removed, then first accentuate the extremes witnessed by your actors. Massive broadcast foodporn by the MSM in the west and starvation world wide. Get the community organisers in to stir up trouble. Best people to achieve that level of misery in setting up the initial conditions for strife and then providing the killer solution is of course the money loving , lazy, inbred, ill read, lying, thieving, mentally unhinged earliest adopters of monoheathenism.

Have they drawn up the bridge to hide in the Americas as the rest of the world gets normalised? Have they ditched the west and freedom for their default setting of slvery and theft, donkey driving styleee? Have they invented a new mentalist belief system to shove down the throats of the coming survivors?

Who knows.

Either way they are full of shit as usual(, so get ready for some big trouble stirring leading to rationing of everything, including life, secret courts, NKVD type raids at the early hours of the morning, abandonment of the rule of law, arbitrary and fickle execution under the guise of pathways and other shatanic weirdness here in the sceptic isle.