Wednesday 30 June 2010

Centripetal or centrifugal

From the second best album in the world ever.

To translate what you’ve just seen and listened to.

They are poor but very rich. Those who still remembered the Orthodox Church teaching got genocided in 1746.

Whitby. 1082 years and still not vergessen.

If you are still with me that means you know the Babylon centre gangsters operating out of an affiliate of the Rome branch finished the Boyne. That is/was/will be Occidental.

The question you’ve got to ask is.

Where is/was/were the Oriental branch?

Then once you’ve got your head round that.

Where is the new branch?

The ships chronometers are resynching again.

How much time left?

Heads up.

William Gibson and Black Ice.

Good thought line AdamS. Can You Visualise 21st Century Conscription?

If there were another big one I think TPTB would do their best not to involve the rest of us directly because the war crimes that would result from the execution of their business plans cannot have free witnesses. All witnesses must be bought and paid for and have a real stake in the outcome. Conscription, a people’s army, is not in their plan. If anything a decoupling of their interests and our herd like grass munching will be encouraged.

However I think that we will be conscripted to work in some capacity that means all the equality boxes will be ticked.

What that means is that the deaf, dumb, lame and blind will have as much opportunity to get flat lined as the A class men that got wiped off to oblivion in WW2. I hinted at how this might be done a little while back, just search “mind snapper”.

For the rest, the more dead bodies littering the planet the more soap piped into our homes. If you don’t accept the soap you will lose your home. Just watch it is coming. Stick your head into reality and you’ll get it knocked off. Stay in unreality and enjoy the unthoughts.

However there won’t be too many of us dead.

After all they still need worshippers.

Narcissistic mental bastards.

Tuesday 29 June 2010

Department For International Development

Those of you who share a BOW here will know my opinion on just what the Dear Leader is. He’s our Rock/Roth Pyongyang puppet. He’s there because the Boys in the Big Room want him there to cause trouble at the appropriate time.

Certain little signs give the game away. Firstly he is a narcissist. He’s got stupid hair, stupid glasses and a fucked up sense of what’s good looking to wear. Even if he was given a good hard Gokking he’d still look like a turd in a tuxedo. He loves cinema and theatre and thinks himself a top notch fantasist like his cousins in Hollywood. Fuckkwitz.

Just like Stalin’s top movers and shakers, they thought Uncle Joe didn’t know but he did, the Pyongyang Couch Caster has a big fat Swiss bank account. Oh yes, all good Commie bastards have one of those. He’s most likely got an insurance scam running on the dead people that get tilled back into the soil in NK when they croak it in the fields. Don’t worry Little Moshe and the Cleggerons will get us to that paradise as well soon enough.

So this heaves into view showing how the Steven Spielberg of NK fiction fulfilment fills the coffers.

Foreign Currency Earnings Constructions in Africa

So on a hunch I wander over to the DFID and head to P9 DFID Document Building our Common Future in Sub-Saharan Africa

Oooohhhhh its not a clear cut case but whose running the DRC desk in that shithouse?

They better wake the fuck up.

Oopart 3

More things to ponder.

Here and here.

Remember this is in the first island chain defence wall.

So my eye travels to Pyongyang and thence to Beijing.

So which one goes down first?

Which part of the first island defence line crumbles?

Well if I were living in Manila I’d be a tad more twitchy than if I lived in Taipei or Seoul.

Just a tad though.

To see you must stop. To stop you must be blinded.

I’ve been struggling for some time now to keep the simmer from blowing into a fully fledged caldera.

That is hard for me since the words, so long suppressed, just keep emerging from the pitch black.

Trying to remain as objective as possible whilst ignoring the output of the weaponised-media complex. An output which is 24/7 and doesn’t stop conflating and confusing the issues that we really ought to address in the clear light of day.

What we have here is the theatrical finally overtaking reality. The stage is now the world. Oratory has defeated logic. Fiat is made flesh.

For example Spidey et al have been battling this little item who is one of these. There are many of these little info weapons seeded throughout every thread and discussion just waiting for the command to muddy the waters.

Just think of that.

There are thousands and thousands of wage age people with nothing to do all day but fart around their keyboards tapping rubbish. They have as much influence on the flatulence as any group of the digestively ruminant.

Only intergenerational protected foundation money hidden in charities could keep that wind farm going.

Today this heaved into view on one of my fav sites. China Closer To First World Standards In Defense Electronics -- Washington Times swiftly preceded by Panetta Says Afghan Progress Slower Than Expected -- L.A. Times .

That took me back to a sunny summer afternoon, 21 years ago now, in a lovely pub in a little village on the other side of the M1 to Big MK. I was enjoying a meal with an ex RAF fast jet pilot who was regaling me with tales of mixing it over Arabia and of conducting long distance covert drops from large transports. Tiananmen Square was very fresh in the memory then. As we ate our meal and drank the fine wine I remembered a quote which I believed attributable to General Sir Hope Grant at the time of the Second Opium War, that his idea of Armageddon was the United States and China at war. I remarked during our trenching that it would seem inevitable. That there was simply no other way to read the Runes if one stepped back far enough from the day to day and stared hard at the map.

However I didn’t appreciate at the time just how much help would by required getting the Chinese State up to speed so that a good long fight could be engineered at everyone’s expense and I didn’t realize then that the map would be TPTB’s secret map.

What we’ve just experienced, since the panda fuckers turned up, is 40 long years of slowly leeching everything from the West, esp. USofA corp. technology, and handing it over to the slavegansters to get their State into a proper state for Armageddon. With each passing year the number of traitors working in the USofA corp. administration increasing, each year more and more enemies of the USofA corp. population being trafficked in vast numbers in to the country, generation after generation of Quislings and Fifth columnists stealing everything that used to be the citizenries birth right and trashing all and every institution that used to hold the great country together.

(Bwahahahahahaaaa hahahahaaaaahahaaaaaaa. Fuck me I nearly pished myself there. The dump is knee deep in Israeli and ChiComm, same mould, spies and this turns up. Oh you lot must think we are fucking thick, just like you, fucked witz.)

Both states are Thievery States. One steals its population’s money; the other steals its population’s lives. One a servant economy, the other a slave economy. And of course sitting up above the whole shebang is our funny money fools hiding in Switzerland. The Swiss Barmy Knife Ponzi Scheme fully staffed by the dregs of the 4% of human beings that are psychopaths and love shanking people year in and year out.

This is not a new state of affairs since the great crimes inflicted upon humanity during the Big One were the by-product of slave states at work, the seed bed of the EUSSR. Remember the crime is itself a front for a deeper hatred at work. Always look beyond the crime proferred to you in order to see the fatal slash.

I sank a couple of BOWS with my Bulgarian chum at the weekend and he explained to me a little insight that he had gleaned from the current fiasco. He explained that the single driver of economic activity in UKplc is the refurb of public housing stock. We’ve taken Changing Rooms and turned it into our main economic raison d’être. Fuck me. I knew we had nothing to trade in international markets apart from exotic financial products, i.e. sleight of hand, but that put it all into clear perspective.

UKplc. used to be a nation of doers, a technological tour de force and equal of any, any time and anywhere. Now it is swapping out bogs and bidets!!!

“Wait up INCOMING!!!!!!!” I hear you cry “You have missed the new series on the ToffeeBox that showed us our new sub last night. That’s top notch stuff; we’re not reduced to whittling sticks, dabbing woad and slapping wattle on the hovel just yet!”

Well at a billion smooth and 14 years I don’t see anything other than a tax payer funded, black project covered and deliberate attempt to steal more money from us. I also fail to see the tradability of such malarkey. Don’t give me the IP stuff either because we all know that trade secrets are what keep you employed and the West has had all its IP nicked under the guise of globalization, freedom of information and accountancy standards. If you build katana then you’d better find yourself surrounded by thousands of other artisans and manufacturies turning out knives and forks. So the big U-boat may be a beautiful katana but no one is churning out metal workings round here; they are all down the Commie, centralized and command economy food distribution and rationing outlets like Teccies and Sainsbugs chasing shopping trolleys around the car park. That chums is not metalworking.

Another final fantasy is that the town where the razor sharp folded steel is being put together seems to have got itself stuck in the lack of social mobility grinder. If we take the scene before us, to its logical conclusion, after ten more generations these highly skilled artisans will have formed a worship based belief system focused solely on the undersea and their Morlock like neighbours will have decoupled themselves from the hi-tech priesthood and be gamettically non viable.

Is this the plan for the West writ small? A high priesthood worshipping in secure facilities, gated communities constructing wunderwaffen for the elite whilst the bulk of humanity is decoupled from the knowledge their forefathers used to wield and weld?

This is where the caldera comes in. This is where you ask that final question. The question is “Has someone taken the piss out of us?” and is the “us” about to become the minority, indeed the endangered, in a spook infested dream world where the players, actors and puppet masters are dreaming an evil willful vesper of delusion?

Could it be that rational man is being removed from reality by the Darwinian logic of supplied intelligence?

Just chew on that thought.

Is the universe causing our mental processes to go mental?

On that I’ll call a halt here because I can see from the remaining mind burp on the pages below that this is going deep Lalaland.

If this thread continues it will be over at the other shop.

Monday 28 June 2010


ZGR has posted up a very important document. You must copy and digest.

It is by my old mukka and not quite Scot.

I’ve been watching this bitchboy for quite some time. He’s managed to get any rivals taken out of play and he is a heavy duty creating history Foundation enforcer.

What you are going to read is how they, Rock/Roth, intend to play the next few moves. I know it is the true blue version because the bitchboy is having a solid gold, cast iron, copper bottomed metallic mixed metaphor of an academic reputation hammered together so that his works will be prescribed reading if you want to join the club. They cannot afford for him to be wrong since he’s going to affect generations of students to come.

He is quite literally writing their history for them now on cue.


As I keep telling you that is all TPTB have to do all day apart from check their brood mares and lineage.

Go on enjoy.

Sunday 27 June 2010

Saturday 26 June 2010

Café Kultur

A long time ago in an A-Z far far away, your correspondent got to know the underground smugglers of the ground.

For the dealers knew that the youngsters were on their way and laid their plans from overseas.

Blair and his witch coupling sprayed their scent over the wide world and thoroughly entranced by the chamber musik of Kool Britannia the baby boxes arrived through the birthing station known as Heathrow. Through the midwife known as Victoria. Through the preplaced larcenous USSR and EUSSR money vaults run out of the Floating City.

The musky scent of channel no11 free money drew all and sundry. Why did the weirdly named non government tax farming outfit known as HM Revenue & Customs, an agency of communist thieves, not ask to see the paperien bitte?

Well the tax farmers sprayed investicide and invited them in of course. How else do you explain the complexity of what should be simple? Government known by all and administered by simplicity.

Everything else is a scam field wafting a big red baboon’s arse to be inseminated.

Bringing the joy of tiling and bush meat as an Etruscan would despise and the Greek would remove.

So the question is?

Why did the Café owners in North London know in 1997 that there were a shed load of foreign babies about to be born here?

Don’t worry all will be klaar soon.


Friday 25 June 2010

Control und UNcontrol 2

5 Years.

1962 Gave us this. May 8th Pathet Lao forces attack Phoumi Nosavan’s garrison in Nam Tha in northwest Laos. The defenders flee across the Mekong. 15th Kennedy sends 5,000 Marines and 50 jet fighters to Thailand in response to the recent Communist attacks in Laos June 23rd Souvanna Phouma forms a new coalition government in Laos with the neutralists, Pathet Lao and rightists all having seats in the cabinet.

1967 Gave us this. April Australia deploys 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment to join the First Australian Tactical Force for Operations in III Corps.
July It emerges that out of the 464,000 troops in Vietnam, only 50,000 can at present be used for attacking ground operations.

1963 Gave us this. June 4th GVN creates a committee headed by Vice President Tho to resolve the Buddhist dispute. 11th A Buddhist monk, Thich Quang Duc, burns himself to death in protest against the Diem regime. The incident shocks the world. 16th Following negotiations, a joint GVN-Buddhist communique outlines details of a settlement. However, no responsibility for the May 8th incident is affixed and the agreement only papers over the crisis. 17th GVN crushes further Buddhist riots 27th President Kennedy announces that Henry Cabot Lodge will replace Frederick Nolting as U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Vietnam (RVN).

1968 Gave us this. 27th May Thailand announces it is to dispatch a further 5,000 troops to Vietnam. 27th June Marines start to withdraw from Khe Sanh. July General Abrams takes over MACV from Westmoreland, who returns to Washington D.C. as the Chief of Staff, U.S. Army.

Dave you know and I know that our troopers are there because USofA corp is your Rock/Roth bitch. Always was and always will be as long as the Beast from Jekyll Island holds sway. What have you been let in on then? Barry is here to cause maximum carnage, in many respects he resembles a 1930s dictator like Adolf. You know Adolf; I believe he may be a distant relative of yours in the Rock/Roth line.

In many ways the lie of the land when viewed through my particular nonlinears is a rerun of the baiting of Germany. From the Great Exhibition until 1945 the plan was to bring them out of their shell and through a process of deadly osmotic knowledge channeling they just about did it for your daddies Dave, didn’t they?

What was the body count Dave? You should know. Go check your grand daddy’s ledgers. Triple entered.

Casting my NVGs on this filthy black scene Dave, I see a process starting June 1950 to bait a China that we will not recognize soon into a similar adventure. The land is emptying and all the people are being brought into the central slaughter houses and most efficient eradication zones called cities.

Now I know Dave this is a much more massive adventure, your family should know they’ve been knee deep out there for ages, however the compression of actuality most probably makes the time frame similar for the task to complete.

So what do you know Dave?


The Bosphorus carriers should be complete by then or thereabouts.

The X37 should be flying free by then.

What don’t you know Dave? Well I know your unknowns to play with a USofA SecDef’s words. You don’t know that the game being played is thousands of years old and like a great arc being struck the two poles are about to be truly brought together again.

China should have integrated the tech handed over by successive USofA corp. Presidents by then. All on The Floating City’s orders and be ready for its social tensions to burst out into the wider world.

And Dave the secret protocols should be ready for activation. You know the ones Dave. The ones that, we, the vulgar don’t get to hear about when the treaties and pacts are signed. Ever noticed how thick those treaty books are? Who gets to print the phekkers? And all we see is our chosen chimp, that’s you Dave, putting their bloodstained hands on a death quill and strike their moniker on a selected page.

Dave which bit of the secret maps did you get a whiff of?

Dave I don’t know if you understand what you are knee deep in but you should be warned that the die was cast long before you got your heart’s desire. The Georgia Guide stones are a reminder of how many of your bloodline there used to be. The number tells us that the autochthonic were a tiny number back then. Your lot thought them to be shit, didn’t you? However in splendidly Darwinian fashion the meek inherited the earth when almost all of your descendents got wiped out. Didn’t they Dave? You are part of the rehabilitation of the project. Globalisation has allowed you all to play the game again. The great big switch is about to be thrown and you think that we don’t know.

Yes we do Dave, and the Cypherman at your shoulder isn’t smart enough to take our eyes of this ball.

We’re watching you Dave; you talk shit and walk crooked. I know what you’ve seen and it is too late Dave. We know and are now shaping our universe.

That Dave is the power of 7 billion minds. Your Lot have been scared of this moment haven’t you?

I love waking to the smell of Burning Naphthene and Palmitic Acid in the morning.

Every day another unknown made known to us.

In a gunpowder room…

…what do you not do?

Do you walk away?

Do you run away?

Do you stay and watch?

Do you all rush into the room?

Do you strike a match to better illuminate the ruminates and room mates?

Well you certainly do not pack the room with firestarters do you?

“If our forces get consumed on the pyre it will not matter to TPTB. Our troops will be fed in until a critical point is reached that the funeral pyre for the region reaches self sustainability and then we’ll be out.”

As I said a while back the more troopers in the country the more dead bodies to fly back, their cadavers packed full of drugs.

This is not a war it is a business plan.

Anybody know where the jets stop off?

I know you do, just czeching.

Heads up.

Thursday 24 June 2010

Just a tickle on the spunk cheeks..

..but you will understand this.

From the utter rubbish that is MSM and GGT.

A separation of the ways is unavoidable.

Yet they have no idea why.


Don't get me wrong the other non bitches are just as likely to kill us.

Bitchboys and fags for the Rock/Roth.

What's on film with you lot then?

Menials for The Puppy Fuckers in the Big Room.

Tuesday 22 June 2010

A brick smashed through my window today…

…and this was wrapped around it.

GP's 'anguish' over Baby P care I love the “nine” courses he’s subsequently been sent on at vast expense to the rest off us, though cheap compared to a life, however nine different courses connected to child protection!! What are these courses? Who attends them? How many more courses “connected to child protection” can he be sent on? I’ll bet they were all workshops, designed to deny the attendee the education sought.

Most importantly, since it is Haringey and I smell Common Purpose money scammers, who provides the courses? Who approves these courses? Who dreams these courses up?

If these “courses” were anything like the courses my nursing chum got sent on, the lucky troughers would have been parked in a nice expensive hotel near Heathrow and watched a bunch of preprogrammed “Stepford” moderators dish out modules and waste time on a massive publicly funded beano.

When I unwrapped that little item, what did I find beneath?

Saudi doctor who failed to spot Baby P's injuries is 'unfit to attend disciplinary hearing' and 'flees to Ireland' in suicidal state

Sabah Al-Zayyat, which witch courses did she not get sent on then whilst lavished by taxpayer funded contracts in Haringey? Was she fleeing to Eire in the hope of getting the “workshops” on identifying battered weans handed to her on a plate over there by the Irish version of Common Purpose?

(Haringey=Yeah grin)

Two points I feel that reveal the total bankruptcy, and danger to us vulgars, of the “people professions”.

Firstly if I were on a 747 flight I’d be damned unimpressed if the pilot addressed us saying that he couldn’t land the bugger because it had suddenly gone all dark outside. He hadn’t been on the appropriate, diversity, equal opportunity, quota’d, common purpose approved and supplied workshop on landing mother fucking big bits of aluminium when the common purpose dissin’ non compliant disrespectin' sun has gone down.

Secondly if the two professionals involved with baby P had been Caucasians and the dead bairn of colour then this would have been all over the equality and diversified MSM. Or something very much like it.

What we have here is a racist, supremacist, elitist pipeline into our professions that has successfully sought to exclude aboriginals and deny access to redress this imbalance. The destruction of all the ways that UKplc aboriginals could better themselves has been hijacked and they will now be removed. The main vehicle being education which has been stuffed full of soft professionals who don’t know shit but can tick all the boxes for the certification authority.

Everything in this country is being taken apart bit by bit so that all that remains is chaos. All the ladders are to be kicked away and the current administration is setting about that work with industry and concealed glee. Whilst shrugging their shoulders and saying “Nothing we can do the economy is buggered”. Of course the economy is buggered dipsticks! That is what removing industry was all about. Leaving the soft professions ripe for a fascist new charity state in all its diversified glory.

Monday 21 June 2010

Mind bend and the U bend.

C4 has a non debate ahead of the “Emergency” budget.

The real emergency of course is not addressed. The real emergency is why 300 of our lads and ladtrice have been blown to smithereens helping the Rothschild Corporate Entity, operating out of Tel Aviv; prepare the ground for their ChiComm mates to come in and take over the oil and minerals in SW Asia. That is the real “EMERGENCE and EMERGENCY”. Make no mistake all the orchestrated bollox and screaming and yelling over the past decade or so has been deep cover for the RCE Tel Aviv going Oriental.

Tonight it seems like we have CP graduates fronting and opinionating here about cutting government spending. As a sop we hear that we might get Council Tax frozen. Well if local councils deliver nothing that is an infinite rate of inflation. Smooth punditry to clear our minds of critical faculty. A tame audience voting!!! Bwahahahahaaaa. Don’t make me fucking barph.

LSE rigged? Either way these slobs are not British.

A British person, a true Brit. Someone with a name like Ethelred or Arkwright would have stood up and said “All the money has been stolen, all our pensions, all our savings and all our wealth. This is just an exercise in mind grooming and obfuscation”

“Go find the thieves and stop telling us we are facing cuts”

For the cuts do not exist.


Money is not real.

Budgets are not real.

Profits are not real.

The great universal spreadsheet where we are all pigeon holed in our glorious static diversity is but a construct. It is not real.

Your life is real.

What is being proposed is a theft of your life.

All the rubbish theorised, pamphleteered, promulgated and propagandised about money and economics is just a game played on the unsuspecting to steal all, part or future of lives, lived, current or as yet unrealised.

Amidst all the change that we experience can I remind us of one thing that does not change?

The lives of the thieving super rich. That never changes. Why?

Because they thieve our every breath by convincing us that change is necessary.

Don’t believe a word that is said on this subject Ukplc. When they start down the false trail that is traitor led unions withdrawing labour just remember that the opposite side of the coin is the withdrawal of fiat money and real wealth through theft and gerrymandering by the boys in the Big Room. They do it over and over again wherever they turn up.

The boys in the Big Room smoking cigars and fucking puppies with hammer dildoes. Bitches the lot of them for they cower in fear of the slightest chink of light on their putrid beliefs.

No kidding. What else do you think the unlimitedly wealthy do with their time?

The only reason they have time is because they stole our lives.

All 300 of them.

All UKplc troopers, every lad and ladtrix, home now.

No more theft.

Friday 18 June 2010

We live in a tranquil evil.



You have got to be shittin’ me!!!!


Told you.


Now with the likely use very soon of Ballotechnics to really muddy the waters, excuse the pun, you can appreciate just what a hell hole we’ve been led into.

Go on stand back.

Are you sane or unsane?

Are you afflicted or free?

Repeat after me CO2 baaaad, neutrons gooood.

Carbon Baaadddd, Uranium gooodddd.



Any dissonance yet?

Do you know what our philosophy of money is?

Do you know what profit is?

Do you know for whom our world is run?

Can you spot the gangsters from the mobsters and the mobsters from the banksters?

Here’s a clue. These guys are just street punks. Soldiers.

If you are looking for the real deal then you’d better start looking for the unnamed and get the hell away from the MSM and nonMSM pronto because the ordinary punter will tear you limb from limb if you disturb their quiet pre slaughter mindjoy stun.

I hear the angels sounding the vuvuzelas.

Wednesday 16 June 2010

High Frequency Trading and Backdated Selling Part 2.

Met my banking chum again on Sunday evening and we picked up where we left off. In the interim I’d been having some BOWTIME watching Fußball and yakking with my Bulgarian mukka about this and that. On both occasions I had occasion to give it some right hand drive about insurance.

Social control through insurance.

The Venetians, in cooperation with the restored - that is, degenerated - Medici interests, began a major move into maritime and other types of insurance. These ventures live on today in the biggest business enterprise associated with Venice, the Assicurazioni Generali Venezia, one of the biggest if not the biggest insurance and real estate holdings in the world.

De-normalising society by the subtle drip, drip, drip of higher and higher insurance premiums to make sure you cannot do anything at all ever. Transforming your wealth into nothing in your hands.

Transferring wealth to where?

If the Californian Pension administrators knew all the money had left USofA corp. way back in the mid nineties, see CAF at Solari mentioned previously , then where did the money go? What did it do?

The conventional explanation is that our pension contributions are invested optimally by the free markets in investment opportunities. What were these investment opportunities then? Why are we poor now with no pensions or savings?

As a little aside one mantra we hear in UKplc is that private sector pensions are gone so the public sector better get ready for them to disappear as well. Let me simplify this for the thick then. House one was robbed because the occupants were distracted by a blocked drain and the back garden went to rack and ruin. Their next door neighbours were more vigilant and even though the pong from next door made their lives miserably and the adjoining fence rotted they got on with what they were doing. Now the landlord has decided to equalise the street and make it all equality complaint. If you know Alinskyism that means down to the lowest common denominator. All to hide the fact that everyone’s property has been sold off under the noses of the occupants.

Got that UKplc EVERYONE’S pension has been stolen and the MSM are agitating neighbour against neighbour to disguise the theft. See. Whilst we are arguing about who doesn’t deserve a pension the boys are hoping to complete the Getaway .


As always we are going to be running up against the Big Black Box that is Goldman Sucks. This is a deliberate slur because deep in GS there is a BBB that performs magik.

I’ll skew reference Arthur C. again. “Any sufficiently advanced level of technology will appear as magic to autochthonous peoples.”

For example AdamS at Politically Confused has put up a good item on ancient Indian belief systems, today.

Now don’t get too upset if I point out that we are the autochthonous peoples, savages, and the Vedic is Arthur C.’s high civilisation. “So what?” you are asking. Well if sufficiently large numbers of us start to ask “WTF? I was told Manhattan was the greatest human R&D project since toasted cheese and now I find that Oppenheimer was being steered in the ways of the hundredth monkey; well just what is going on?”

A similar legend is the Christopher Columbus bollox. He was hundredth monkeying as well; he KNEW there was something out there. He never went venturing into a void.

Getting back to the present the BBB is a factor in the off shoring so many of the jobs that used to be the wealth base of the West’s stable democracy. Places like Wal-Mart like to spin a tale of their being homely, self grown USofA corp. enterprise. Well look at the Wall St. lucre, our pension money, that went into investing in off shore manufactories for the Wal-Mart outlets as well as financing the Stores themselves.

As I remarked to my banker chum there is nothing, absolutely nothing, in the shells that are the locations where we worship every weekend. Unlike Giza or Notre Dame or Stone Henge there is no investment at these sites, simply entries in the universal spreadsheet that suggest some sort of investment was made with money that doesn’t really exist. These are uninhabited ghost sites where we worship for our food and water.

These are communist inspired vehicles for the destruction of our lives.

Let’s have a look at this.

S.E.C. Chief Promotes More Rules for Trades

What does this tell us? It tells me the money has gone and you and I are to be put under the cosh. No way are we going to be moving anything like capital around soon.

This is going to go into a very weird place but stay tuned.

Back to CAF

Why did Goldman Sachs sell such a large position in BP shares shortly before the spill? What about other unusual stock sales and transactions prior to the spill?

Also Shorting the SEC’s case against Goldman Sachs

What’s the BBB then that is supposed to allow the GSuckers to get a steal on their rivals. High Frequency Trading, basically SKYNET rules the world. See Second Banker Accused of Stealing High-Frequency Trading Code

GSuckers basically owned the BBB that everyone’s market plays were processed through.

And this is where the crime is used to hide the mystery schools’ hundredth monkey from us the great unwashed. In the BP case the idea is clear. Someone knew the rig was going to go down and sold out just before the event. Kind of like the BBB effect knowing the market plays, delaying the plays whilst letting GSucks play a fraction early and scooping the pot.

The Wall Street Journal once said of backdating: "It is roughly akin to being able to bet on the horse race after it is already over."

I’ve taken you to this place before.

Now I’ve got an itch and it won’t go away. Something is here in my hands. I’m good at finding the hidden in clear. It’s what I do. However just what the Hong Kong Phooey is it I'm looking at?

Is a something putting great big phekking dots out here for me to fall over the adjoining lines?

I quoted extensively from a document on propaganda exposure here which shows that we, the ones likely to be producing and reading this stuff on the Ausfhart, are the prime targets for mind stun. So what to do?

Well it may be bollox, but it is my bollox, and I hope it will at least get one more person looking askew at just what is going on.

So what is it I see in stealing seconds, back dating trades, high frequency trading and shorting the market. The language is calling to me. The ritual requires the secret to be hidden in clear sight.

I see an advanced technology based upon Cartan Einstein’s 1920's “discredited & incomplete” field unification theorem, initially successfully engineered by the well travelled Gabriel Kron for use in electrical machinery, and now after 80 years successfully reaching into the future and sending information back into the past on a strategic basis.

By the time Wal-Mart et al have succeeded in turning us into North Korea we’ll be autochthonous again and this will all be magik.

Tuesday 15 June 2010

Gerald Celente

Gerald Celente on Lew Rockwell's Show

We Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet

Change=Destruction=Travel Restrictions=War.

Three saddles filled.

Catherine Austin Fitts
Max Keiser
Gerald Celente

Three saddles left to fill and then it is time to take on the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Heads up.

Change? My Errse!!!

I’ll give you change alright!!!!

When do you know that your granny is not your granny? When the MSM tell you she is your granny.

“WTF are you on about now INCOMING!!!!!!!?” I hear you sigh.

Well let’s just scrutinize a few of the things that feature large in our life.

MSM. What is it? Well just a bunch of wage slaves cutting and pasting everyone else’s shit into not so obviously plagiarised shit. The whole process being fed from pipes like Reuters and PA, which in their turn are Information warfare systems coming out of the Military/Industrial/Congressional/RICO complex as Ike would have told us.

So MSM = perfumed ordure conduit into the Herd Attention Space.

Ergo, forget the Jimmy Cagney, Ginger Rogers or Fay Wray, hard bitten truth seeking journo of the B&W 30s movies. Think more incorrigible liar. Think Shameless.

How do you think that Barry Soetoro and his foundation sponsored freak show of a family could get to become POTUS? His granddaddy hung out with Maurice Strong and the Mau Mau. His mummy and her mummy were foundation funny money peddlers and Ford foundation boybitches setting up the centre of ops in the SE Asian Archipelago that will soon feature large in our lives. (Psst… Which US auto manufacturer managed to escape the Commie hug in USofA corp.?) So how does a guy with that pedigree and deep Weather Underground, deep Alinsky and deep Chicago Mob, get horizontal jogging with another foundation, deep Weather Underground operative to form the First Family of USofA corp.?

Well that can only happen, if, when you look over at the comfy seat in the corner where granny watches Neighbours, you don’t see a turncoat imposter sitting there in the big slipper and pink duvet. You most likely know more about the bloodlines of the soap stars and their characterisations than you do about your own family. So what hope in hell have you got in spotting an alien in the top spot in your political system!!

You’ve been successfully fractured and denormalised.

Ever wonder what it felt like to be a peasant in East Germany or Romania or Albania. Ever wonder what it felt like to hear nothing but how great Eric Honecker or Enver Hoxha or Nicolae Ceauşescu were all day every day? Don’t any longer. If you are one of the few awake enough, you know you have that loving feeling right here, right now.

You will also recognise in the way these slobs came to the end of their tenures a distinct whiff of mob about the process. Just like the Boyne, when a Prod Mobster got the keys from a Pape Mobster, don’t believe a word of the legend. It was one mob taking over from their buddies without, in the main, any St Valentine’s Day nonsense to disturb the Herd Attention Space’s bovine tranquillity. Mooo.

In UKplc the artificial lifeform that is the CamCleggOsbfhart, City of London Chimera, hasn’t stopped talking about “CHANGE=destruction=theft” since it’s genetically modified green corpse oozed out of the foundation test tubes a month or so ago.

As you know many predicted that this hung parliament was what the Muppet masters in CoL were after.

It won’t last long. Exposed to the unkind romance that is UKplc having its liberties grasped away by deep cover NOAHide operatives. The natives will get Obstropulopolis, the famous Greek Ballet dancer, and unravel the Ravel that is the unnatural coalition’s DNA

However that is not outside the parameters of the plan. Always keep in mind that the Wombles that put this stuff together spend years strategising, scenario planning, contingency reserving and preparing for opportunity and surprise. Over and over and over again. They have nothing to do all day but be ready to cover all the bases. They don’t do any real work, unlike the rest of us in the HAS.

It needs just long enough to make UKplc forget that someone stole all our wealth over the past decade or so using Fabian Fascist cover and like Stockholm Syndrome victims we will associate with the poor banksters who stole all the money, as the MSM tells us that there is no more money and that we actually stole our own pensions. The pirates in the CoL will have MSM cover going on about the high risks they take to justify their rewards, about how the difficulty of their investment decisions means that there is no guaranteed outcome and how, since it is their money, we’ve no business to stick our noses into their business.

Well there are a couple of points here. One, the machines do it all for them. Two there is no such thing as money.

What we have here is a base of Mob operations that seeks to fleece the punter with real wealth, like those who worked and saved using their life as the engine of wealth creation, by engineering crises at strategic points in the theft cycle. Money is just a representation of that life’s work. Basically CoL has nothing but a machine to steal. It may have been otherwise in the past, but right here right now it is a massive theft engine.

CamCleggOsbfhart are here to take our minds off that uncomfortable fact, schmooze our Stockholm Syndrome and slide the next scheme and scam into place for the CoL pirates to piss champagne and caviar up the wall for another couple of decades. So no CHANGE there then, eh?

Real CHANGE will take some weird aspects here in UKplc. After the farce that was the General Election when nothing that really mattered was placed out in the open for debate, where people who wanted to cast their vote got fucked over, where non existent voters voted and voted again, the prospect of modernising the voting system got a great big high profile MSM boost.

Why? Well it is obvious isn’t it; we need to stop all that jiggery pokerry with a brand spanking new system that will clean up the old sleazy practices. Sorted. Sweet.

Of course no one will mention that what they really want to do is introduce some new modern 21st Century sleazy practices to make sure the result is a for gone conclusion for the Muppet masters.

Hanging chads, hanging clingons more like!!! This is coming to a polling station near you UKplc. One click of the mouse and the election is yours no matter who voted. No CHANGE there then.

The CamCleggOsbfhart is also getting it on strong with the commie food floggers on the Behavioural Economics front. Unlike Maurice Strong’s cousin getting into some primitive Behv. Econ. by starving Kulaks, this lot have to tread more subtly. It all comes down to making you do what they want and offering you no alternatives. A monoculture of no choice. The first stage got the smokers, now the boozers are for it. Some say this is Sharia on the move, which bearing in mind that CoL pirates will be trying to steal Muslim wealth soon by creating Sharia financial instruments, makes sense. However that in itself is just a cover for NOAHide. No choices, just do as you are told, or die. Chop. No CHANGE steady as she goes.

CoL is happy. CoL and Chicago are CCX.

GREEN cycle.

So any change then anywhere?

I don’t know; there is so much change that it has become a continual white noise of disaster from one end of the planet to the other. However since those of us not somnambulant in the HAS are in a permanent state of warfare with the Information Warriors feeding the MSM then it is difficult to see any real change before it gets terminated. This is not surprising since the opposition have an unbroken chain lasting 7000 years to fall back on. They’ve seen it all before. Gold and funny money. Theft and scam.

This is hard to call. Is there anywhere left that has widespread choice for the locals? Is there any where that would benefit from a good dose of unchoice and bloodshed? It would be unsurprising to find that use of nuclear weapons will be seen as the GREEN way of, reluctantly of course, waging war. Again I can hear your brows furrowing.

The lads in charge are clever, clever.

Here’s an example of how good they are. Whilst we were watching the Mob changing the guard in Eastern Europe, plotting to bomb Saddam and wondering what was going on in Tiannenmen Square the Mob was already plotting it’s move this century in Han occupied Urumqi. You don’t hear much about the protests there in 1989 do you? I’ll bet you didn’t even know there had been protests there in 1989 and I’ll bet the Mob was organising them with a view to the middle future.

So in 2010 whilst we’ve been gazing at sunken rigs, executions by piracy and a torpedoed warship the mob have been moving on their mid century plans using MSM cover I’ll wager.


Wherever it is, the driving dynamic, no matter how much chaos is caused, is to reduce choice and kill memory. If you’ve been paying attention to how I view the last big one then you won’t be surprised to learn that although navies, armies and air forces were flung together in massive annihilation the whole shebang can be viewed as a great battle of intellectual property. A war to get our hands on the German mind wealth. You need to check the subtleties of IP rights, who knew that patent law would not be breeched by both sides in a struggle to the death. Funny eh? Makes you wonder about the GREEN IP angle that all those lawyers are hard at work hammering together today. Just where would benefit from a great big GREEN war with no massive manoeuvring fleets burning hydrocarbons?

All envirofriendly fiendish war machines knee deep in Lithium madness and mood adjustment.

Philippines or Malvinas? How’s about a Brazilian Empire in SW Africa?

Now that would be CHANGE again.

Sunday 13 June 2010

Hugh….it was all for nothing china.

I’ve been a great fan of the massive mobile hair unit that is HFW. Ever since he was on the wild side cooking trout on the exhaust manifold of his Landie or skewering squirrel kebabs in the New Forest, where he drew flak from the Rangers.

I’ve been watching you Hugh, don’t worry. I got the hint.

I admired your smarts, getting C4 to pay for your move out into the country idyll. Not jealous, just envious that I wasn’t so sharp.

I’ve enjoyed all your programming and got the books and DVDs. I’ve even tried the nettle soup recipe. More garlic definitely needed there!!!

I enjoyed your campaign for chicken welfare, bemused at the attempt to square that circle as poverty for the masses heaves into view, as I chomped on my KFC bargain bucket.

I took the big hint in the 1990s Hugh, “self sufficiency because in a decade or more you will starve”, I started growing my own veg, staked out hunting (poaching) grounds in the surrounding counties, brushed up on my spearmanship and plotted the escape route away from urban centres.

Me and my Bulgarian chum have followed your example and travelled down and have caught fisheries in the Dorset area, simple rod and line off the shingle and grilled the little mackerel on the beach. Great!!!

Oh it was good to learn those skills Hugh, what great fun deep in the woods and fields with the youngsters getting some field craft in. Away from the psyops on the telly.

But Hugh deep in my heart I knew they’d be one step ahead of us all the time.

So they are.

Oh shit.

No more cuttle fish or eel pie now.

Friday 11 June 2010

Flakturm und Schräge Musik.


Have we fought all freedom away from us?

Have we welcomed all the weakness of slavery in its stead?

Critical mass is not just a matter of dithering dense metallic, it is a mental state.


And Bwahahahahahaahaaaaa……………

Followed by FFS…………….

Finally GTF talentless fools……….



Oh give me strength.

This was an INCOMING!!!!!!! production for the delectation of a very, very few who appreciate the irony.


High Frequency Trading and Backdated Selling.

Met my banking chum last evening. It has been a while since we chewed the rag and as is often the case so much the better for the quality of the yak.

He is puzzled by a phenomenon that I can only describe as “Vacant Business Model Syndrome”.

Let me explain a little. One of the clients is a new start up and is fronted by a big name in Westminster. The client is contracted to put in place a part of the customer spying process for one of the UK’s big high street food floggers. What puzzles my chum was that they didn’t seem to be liable for anything going pear shaped. They in effect have created their own business opportunity from nothing, got a contract worth millions on a time and materials basis, need not test their “work” to a certifiable level, hand it over to the business full of holes even though it has been “patched” from a big name in the software game and when asked of the business owners what was the basis of their business, got a classic reply.

They said “Basically ********* don’t need us”

My chum was at a loss to explain this phenomenon. The guys have been given a line of monies without any need to show competence.

Well I couldn’t resist the bait and I took it. Although not a software engineer I know all about NASA’s Shuttle Launch Software Team, Motorola’s Bangalore Research Labs and stage 5 of SEI CMM.

I remarked that there are no business models any more. If the three that front BGT can become very wealthy you have to realise that in an Attention Economy, see my previous on this, which is really a command economy you do as you are told and get rewarded.

Someone has been looking for the characteristics displayed by one Simon Cowell, found them embodied, and he is now rich.

Similarly someone wants something achieved in the UK food flogging business, what can that be?

I remarked that the legend that we base our society upon is a false one. Basically if I’ve got a good idea to meet a need in the free market I hammer together a company to meet the need. It is called free capitalism. As Gentleman John Harris will tell you, that is what tipped him off to the bollox. You do not get to start anything up unless tapped first.

When I was doing research into Management Accountancy and the Alchemical Accountancy practiced by the High Priesthood at places like KPMG, Accenture etc it was clear to me that the communist nature of that beast was obvious to all who wanted to see it. I have previously related me and my friend Stuart the union man’s thoughts 20 years ago when we were considering MBAs. GMAT; Chairman Mao’s little Red Book for the goons of Lalalalnd. We shied off and pursued non GMAT courses.

Similarly I asked, rhetorically of my chum, what is the most private thing that a business possesses? Its books. You know how I like the turnin’ and burnin’ crowd so when I was researching business I took a swaatch at Boeing. Supply chain management. Basically a bunch of Commissars turn up to point a contract at the business owners head and say “Open the books or else the bankruptcy court beckons”. They then decide how much of a margin you will get.

Notice you the business owner are now a party apparatchik, again I’ve explained the universal spread sheet previously, with political responsibilities upwards rather than down wards to your employees. Employees do not exist. Got that?

Once you realise this basic backdrop to doing business then you can understand how a business like the one my chum was dealing with can have “Vacant Business Model Syndrome”. These businesses are political and by extension psychological operations.

If you watch the development of knowledge based systems and expert systems. If you understand the dynamics of knowledge elicitation. You will understand the profound political dynamic that has been unleashed upon the business world. Which ultimately means the impact on us the ordinary punter is a great heaving wall of ignorance. Provide the correct ignorance though and you will be well rewarded with multiple breeding opportunities, sunshine and caviar.

My chum nodded and so we returned to the UK food floggers because this is a very illustrative warning example of where we are headed.

Viewed in extremis the dynamic here is to kill the suppliers, very important this, because that kills knowledge and memory. One of the objectives of knowledge capture in expert systems is knowledge safeing in sacred vaults only accessible to the initiated. This is clearly explained by none other than Arthur C. Clarke when remarking that a sufficiently high level of technological sophistication will manifest itself to autochthonic people as magic.

Once societal knowledge imprisonment is achieved the next dynamic is rationing of appetites.

If you don’t understand Tesco’s focus on fixed price booze supply then you will once you realise that the ultimate objective of the food floggers is to ration food and the essentials of life. They will decide who starves and who doesn’t and just like the Indian famines, see my many references to Gideon Polya, it will be blamed on the markets.

RICO business= COMMIES

Once again Maurice Strong must have a direct line into this process which is most likely to be at the COMINTERN meetings where the bitchboys get their blackmailed marching orders other wise known to you and me as Bilderberg.

There is a terrible parallel at work here with the old quip from Soviet time “They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work”. Now in the age of rapid change and ever quickening fashion cycles we could quip “They pretend to give us equality and we pretend to be free” This is a dangerous trap for it is a prepared position designed to kill our liberating habits.

Seven Stars of Excellence


Thursday 10 June 2010


There is more than enough of everything to go round.

However there is a shortage of everything because a very few want to spelt their time drowning in Champagne, gorging on Caviar and hiding from the rest of us in gated Communities.

Gated Communities to while their hours while we toil.

Within whine they can reveal themselves as gods and masters of the None for there is no fear of their god before their eyes.

What price do we pay that they,confected from that toxic diseased vicious trite,
may wallow in the misery of others?

From the cowering, towering, pleasantly sulphurous defecations of their stunted wills come psychopathic and schizoid RICO statutes of every kind to leech every last penny from our lives and into their lazy secret safely vaulted lives.

Here is something to make you feel ambiguous. Again.

Here is something to make you feel bad.

Here is something to make you numb.

Here is someone to make you sad.

And then there are the things that we do and the pathetic gods of None never can.

Here is something that will bring great joy.

Here is someone to make you smile.

Break out the party clothes, rejoice and celebrate.

They are their own worst enemy and they know it.

That is why they are chosen to fail always.

Purgatory is, uniquely, their greatest joy.

Go Max baby!!

Max Keiser does the thing he does best.

Reality Shot.


Wednesday 9 June 2010

Of Raids and Open Cities

I’ve touched on this subject before and would like to expand on the detail a little further. The reason being that the omens are not looking good for the healthy return of any of our troops from SW Asia.

The nature of the wars of the 20th C. that were fought over the land mass of Europe had some strange curiosities. One I’ve already mentioned is the Vichy line which laid an invisible demarcation on what was allowed in the prosecution and what was deemed ceremonial ground. Above the Vichy line stretching way into Russia everything burned. Below the line very little got trashed.

How to explain this phenomenon and how far to go back for the answers? Well if you’ve paid attention to the wafflings over at the other shop you’ll know all about the origins of funny money and the ceremonial that is sacred trade voyages. From this vantage a certain ethnic dynamic is at work.

Firstly the original sacred trading composition of the Mediterranean basin is Semitic and with the intrusion of the Greeks later in what became a known world struggle for mastery of the Mediterranean, the final settlement is mirrored in the split between Eastern and Western Roman Empires. That process took 1000 years approx simply to settle the score between Tyrrian and Athenian. Of course a lot of bystanders bought it, like the Carthaginians and Etruscans, not to mention the Celts. As an interesting aside, during the great struggle for the Western Med between Hellenism and the Tyrrians (Carthage) the locals in the Iberian interior (Celts) were viewed as thick as shit and not fit for anything other than slavery and cannon fodder. So after all this gunfire and sniper some new actors hit the stage.


And the Byzantine Empire was left.

In the West there was nothing. Though a slow mingling of the Roman and Squarehead West of the Rhine, Cologne being the marker post, began which would transform into a Christianity deeply flawed in its spiritual outlook. Again I’ve wandered through that part with a good look at who was the god of Abraham. This is a temporal religiosity. Its two brothers would turn up sharpish enough and start the age old struggle against the Greeks again.

So the Byzantine Empire was assaulted on all sides and disappeared. That’s another 1000 years taken care of.

So how does that leave the Med looking? Well curiously Phoenician. Sea faring City States heavily into gold, white slaving and peddling spices.

“What the phekk has this got to do with Dieppe then?” I hear you gasp and roll your eyes. I’ll get there just hang on.

Now once the inconvenient Truth had been got rid of the sacred trade voyages could get rolling again. And off they went on that sacred mission to bring the secret map back to reality.

However the Squareheads east of the Rhine were out of the sacred loop and wanted in. Also the inconvenient Truth hadn’t disappeared for lo despite the Red Heads being put under the, hopefully, terminal jack boot of the Moosilmans they’d fought back, good lads, and started to kick butt. Paying ransom money over to the Affliction is standard practice for these slobs, though these days it is called aid.

Well the Affliction now had two problems on its hands, the New Greeks in Muscovy and the Squareheads.

This brings me to the strange manner in which we prosecuted the wars of the 20th Century, esp. WW2.

The following will make no sense unless you under stand what I consider to be the Affliction and even then you have to use afflicted eyes when studying events.

Though Tarpley is interesting in this respect.

Firstly I give you Gallipoli.

I see this as an operation in two parts with the primary objective of making such a huge mess in the exit from the Black Sea that the Affliction bottles up the, so far successful march over the previous two centuries of Russia in booting the Afflictions representatives in Byzantium into touch, thus bottling up the exit until the Afflictions fifth column AND/OR the Kaiser take down the Rus.

The Affliction intends to kill two birds with one stone here and to start taking down its dispersed offspring by culling them as rapidly as possible and so weakening their vigour with a view to replacing them now that the secret maps are about to be replaced over the Earth. Think I’m kidding? The puzzlement and anger felt by the Anzacs at what seemed betrayal by the mother country during WW2 combines with the acknowledged programme started in the 1960s to de-white Australia gives that game away. Oh yes the foundation Bitchboy Churchill was working to a different agenda when barking on about the soft underbelly of Europe.

Secondly we move to WW2 and the curious case of our friends the dictators.

Mussolini Franco Stalin Hitler

A curious collection of our friends all doing the bidding of the Affliction. Whether they realised it or not is another matter. Let’s look at the two biggies then.

Hitler. This chump was dragged out of a beer keller and handed the keys of a tottering estate because of his common rhetorical skills. His skill in guiding his country through what were opportunistic moves that “alarmed” his neighbours was nothing short of miraculous apparently. Has anyone checked the telephone lines in and out of Fuhrerland to see who had access to the real maps? Just asking that’s all. You see some people’s telephone lines know no political boundaries especially in a time of war.

Talking of which Herr Karismatic couldn’t go to war, not really, because his political hold on power was to say the least tenuous. One wrong move domestically, he was told, and it was kaput. So his chosen method of war, the Blitzkrieg, was a political expedient. It was cheap. He needed to keep the consumer goods flowing to the population so couldn’t afford a “real” army. Not until 1942 did the Squareheads get into a war economy!!! Think on that. UKplc went on to rationing in 1939. Why?

Stalin. Good lad, he just kept on killing and killing and killing. That was his job and he did it sooo well. Took the available tools handed to him by the Affliction and set about doing a Byzantium on the Rus. Job not finished though. He did however get round to completing his second task which was taking the Squareheads out of the loose cannon game. Looked like they were nicely integrated into the Affliction after the gunfire and sniper had stopped.

Mussolini. What can you say?

Now the most interesting of the lot. Francisco Paulino Hermenegildo Teódulo Franco y Bahamonde Salgado Pardo de Andrade. Did you get all that? These hombres like the big nombres. Kind of like this guy, Francisco Javier Solana de Madariaga, and his sires that my chum Constance Cumbey keeps an eye on. El Grande Nombre here is nominally a fascist but you notice that he keeps out of the big one. He also keeps his part of the Affliction out of the hands of the Squareheads and Rus. Easier to do if you get the fascists to win the civil war. Guides Spain through the whole nasty business as a neutral (!?!?) and then is left to get on with it and restore the monarchy. What for? His most useful contribution is keeping the Nazi Rat Lines supplied with a stable base where business could be conducted free from gunfire and sniper. Then when the time is right the EU gets itself a nice big well connected pipeline into South America.

South of the Vichy line/ west of the Rhine. Where were the open cities? Again there is that whiff of Phoenicia here. Safe, unlike the Amber room in St Petersburg or Kiev or Kharkov or Breslau or Konigsberg or Chemnitz.

As an aside here I’m willing to bet that Monte Cassino got it because the hermetic ascetic is not Afflicted.

How about us then? What were we up to?

Well you know my view about us fuckwitting around trying to deliver an object weighing in the order of 5 tons to the Squareheads subject. Well I have to add Dieppe to the list. Seizing a port as a means of landing an invasion force into the Continent may seem a bona fide reason to attempt the raid but that legend is total bollox. If anyone could turn any conurbation into a killing zone by 1942 then the Squareheads were the lads to do it. So this is just another cover story. I reckon that the real idea was to seize a port (Hamburg?, Keil?), guide the 5 ton object into the port, evacuate and KABOOOM.

In addition in 1942 and even 1943 there was no way we could secure the required air superiority over the battle zone, that would require the efforts of the Royal Confederate Air Force's P51s and P47s to sweep the Fw190s from the sky in daylight over Squareheadland. Firstly.

(We were dreadfully unprepared for urban combat and would remain so for the rest of the war, for the legend to make any sense. Even today with news that the Marines are deploying the L129A1 rifle we get echoes of the ill-equipped British Tommy kicking in doors wielding a Lee Enfield rifle. We always have the wrong gun at the wrong time in the wrong place in the wrong war.)

Meanwhile our masters safe pleasuring in the New York Schräge Musik clubs after printing all the funny money needed to supply Joe Stalin with kit, knew that the Squareheads had the capability and smarts to actually win the high technology race. So a careful ballet of bluff was performed by both sides. Each move, one great big message saying to the other side “We know what you are up to. Look so are we and we are working out how to deliver it. So watch it” And all the dead guys lying on the waters edge or sunk in the briny or shot down in flames didn’t matter just so long as the Affliction got the result.

All the Non-Afflicted must die.

That brings me to this from The Sisterhood which I have seen reported twice now without comment or irony in solid opinionated blogs. If you know what’s what, this is COINTELPRO. So to unleash it raw is for me an eyebrow raiser. Now I won’t go into what that tells me about the reportage but it does tell me that someone somewhere wants to get us thinking appropriately. If you’ve followed this line of cocaine so far that means the Affliction is getting ready to rub out some more unbelievers and raise the kill rate.

Which unbelievers would that be?

Well the Red Heads are still loose cannons despite 100 years of genocide and 100s of millions dead there. Could be? But they’re more likely to die off soon anyway.

The AryanTehran are constantly getting into the crosshairs, but are they unAfflicted?

What about the ChiComms then? Well they’ve got a bad case of non-orthodox atheist Affliction. So I’m afraid no.

Squareheads? Gone.

So who?

Well any of the above could form part of the battle space but the main target has to be somewhere full of unAfflicted.

Candidates are?

India or anyone waking up to the Affliction and no longer useful, like USofA corp. or UK plc?

So why are the Rus being touted as getting ready for war now that “suddenly” heroin is flooding into their country from Rock/Roth's organic vegetable patch in AfPak? Why not after Kursk? Why not after Beslan? Why not after Litvinyenko? Why not after Georgia 08/08/08? What is the agenda?

Is there a Ðiên Biên Phú moment coming for us?

The omens are not good. We cannot afford to pay our way and even when tax receipts were flooding out of Gordon Brown’s ears we dicked the Armed forces around and sent them into the field with shit equipment. What are we going to do now? The logistics are a nightmare, the supply lines are all vulnerable and we’ve got shit stirrers jeopardizing the Turkish route and the Russian routes, as well as training the Fifth columns in the Pak supply lines.

Someone is getting us ready for a tragedy and it will be pinned on the bad guys that are getting the early publicity shots. Remember TPTB don’t care about the body count just the end result. Our great leaders have taken us through disaster after disaster and when it suits them they’ll just leave us out to hang. Once we are satraps we are expendable. They’ve done it many times before, they have form.

They are the Perps of the Affliction.

Tuesday 8 June 2010

Get ready with the nettle soup recipes....

...and squirrel kebab relish.

There may be trouble ahead.

How does travel restrictions and currency controls, gold seizures and pension rationing sound?

How’s about……

“the complete marginalization of the United Kingdom. Its increasing weakness since the beginning of the crisis, along with that of its US sponsor, has created the possibility of a complete takeover, without concessions, of the march forward of the European project by the continental countries.”…..

……Oh boy, AND…..

“The Conservatives will play this card because, unlike the Liberal Democrats, they have sufficient funds to « finance » a new electoral campaign between now and the end of the year (12). But the most dangerous underlying stumbling-block is intellectual:”…..

From GEAB No45 Coup d’Etat.

So that’s the down side.

That is so bedwettingly predictable. There is going to be a complete abandonment of us. BOGSlife approaches swiftly. Get ready for the rabid belief systems and the shattered political party system.

The up side is that there is no more money for politically correct crap and the non jobs required by the CommieRICO state we’ve had shuvvled at us for the past 40 years.

Cheer up, this is the time for the non bitchboys and non satraps to start making plans for total freedom and independence.

Then the rest of the world can take note and the freedom cycle will start again with US leading the way.

Beelzebub didn’t show up so I’ve stuck the hat and tutu in the wash.

Raises eyebrow.

I was going to post some bollox about WTF is going on in Pyongyang and how that directly relates to our planned future.

However, if you excuse the pun, I came across this.

I give up!!!!! FFS I hope you all burn in hell. You fucking deserve it.

If you are reading this TPTB I now understand. It is the driving boredom associated with getting the Herd to leave their Attention Space that made you go bad and turn to the dark side.

Your solution to the boredom is to fuck them over, and over, and over. Chucklesome? I’ll say.

I’m fed up standing alone in the light whilst the bovine graze on endless fields of astroturfed soaps. I fancy some smart as a tack company. You know, people, demons, entities that actually know what they are about.

Come and pick me up. I’ll be wearing a red bowler hat and camo'd tutu, Tally Ho Corner 6pm sharpish.

Make it quick I’m anxious to start the new career pronto Tonto!

Slam! That was the closing of the final chapter in the book that was my life so far.

From now on no more Mr Nice Guy, you are all gonna die.

Monday 7 June 2010

Big Gulp

Big Wing


What is it going to be lifting?

Special liquid metals? Serum?

Anyway this should scare the shit out of you.

Abandoned Ape

So enjoy the discordant beauty.

Nothing will happen unless we allow it.

Remember, this is a contest of will. They cannot create, they can only still.

We can bring into being the future by our own actions.

We have habits; they do not and they envy our freedom.

Bug Hunt

MT has some beautiful nature studies from Formosa amongst other things at his shop. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

As we study the fauna closer to home there is a straw in the wind that says TPTB are schmoozing us. Someone was told to stop taking the piss out of the aboriginals and get the global, diversity, equality, quota'd, miscegenist crap to fuck.


Well with the theft of everything our parents and grand parents paid for almost complete and the removal of real work from the economy. They know that the slightest spark could send the country ablaze from one end to the other, we'll go Tonto!!!!

In case you didn’t notice, I didn’t see it, BGT were told to get an all white finalist show rattled together pronto because when the artificial life form masquerading as CamCleggOsb stands up to tell us we are fucked and that our government is now our enemy well….


Might just about cover it.

How else do you think they got so wealthy? They are not business persons; they are part of the priesthood and right now the priesthood has been told to make the aboriginals happy. Fuckedwitz.

Sunday 6 June 2010

Thanks Dave.

21 years ago you were correct.


The Higher

All ships chronometers are reset.

I would like you to consider something that I’ve been cogitating for a little while. It is a pattern of events and the question I’ll ask in its turn asks a question of the inhabitants of these Isles.

The question is who? was the NHS and expanded higher education, for?

In fact lets expand that a little further, if national insurance was indeed so, why the provision of credits. What about real money instead?

Let’s have a wander back to the 1930s.

From the legends passed down to me, long before they all died, from my racist, non inclusive, slave owning, rabid misogynist, warmongering, total fucking bastard, supremacist, undiversified and total wasting drug sozzled, layabout, workshy, feckless phekking retarded, unconditioned, grandparents, all they ever wanted was medical assistance at child birth and pain relief when it came to the end. And a fair break for their children, usually to be realised through education.

There then, that was a long sentence.

Here is another one.

A bunch of commie, workshy, jumped up, fucktard, full of their own importance, stuffed of shit, bereft of humanity, thieving, skulking, day dream believing, Lalaland rhetoreticians, word smoke and muse punned turncoat bastard, shape shifting, unrealdeal, phantom promised, homicidal, maniacal, psychopathic, schizoid, shit stirring, windbags noticed that UKplc and USofA corp. were nice places to steal.

That’s correct; the whole process that we have experienced in UK plc has been a slow cuckooing of our lands. USofA corp you are now.

My ancestors were really nice people. They never existed as far as the State was concerned. The killed no one. Starved no one. Sterilised No one. Waged offensive tyranny on no one. They owned no slaves. Oppressed no one. They were enslaved but free. Yet they built a wonderfully free society. They did all this because they had nothing but themselves and the love of their family. Wakes and punch-ups excluded.

However there seems to be a stench of death with the new guys. Burnt offerings or not. Crows entrails and tell tales. They love the state. It offers left/centre/right cover for their theft, murder and inhumanity.

The NHS and expanded education has only lasted long enough to get them feather bedded in to non jobs for life.

This is how you can put this kind of discourse into a clear perspective. Are you real or not?

Look long and look hard. After 100 years of killing and plasticpolitque the aboriginals here are exactly as they were.

Quietly fooled.

Are you up for it?


Saturday 5 June 2010


Once, very kindly, hinted I may be misanthropic.


I am simply a very keen student of misanthropy in all its forms.

I’m watching.