Saturday 26 June 2010

Café Kultur

A long time ago in an A-Z far far away, your correspondent got to know the underground smugglers of the ground.

For the dealers knew that the youngsters were on their way and laid their plans from overseas.

Blair and his witch coupling sprayed their scent over the wide world and thoroughly entranced by the chamber musik of Kool Britannia the baby boxes arrived through the birthing station known as Heathrow. Through the midwife known as Victoria. Through the preplaced larcenous USSR and EUSSR money vaults run out of the Floating City.

The musky scent of channel no11 free money drew all and sundry. Why did the weirdly named non government tax farming outfit known as HM Revenue & Customs, an agency of communist thieves, not ask to see the paperien bitte?

Well the tax farmers sprayed investicide and invited them in of course. How else do you explain the complexity of what should be simple? Government known by all and administered by simplicity.

Everything else is a scam field wafting a big red baboon’s arse to be inseminated.

Bringing the joy of tiling and bush meat as an Etruscan would despise and the Greek would remove.

So the question is?

Why did the Café owners in North London know in 1997 that there were a shed load of foreign babies about to be born here?

Don’t worry all will be klaar soon.