Thursday 3 June 2010

Deal or no Dead. Dead or no Deal.

Early yesterday I tried to find a little item I came across a long, long while ago.

I sussed the same search gods, you know the ones that Ba’al would like, as when years ago I was trying to look for the process of describing the experience of being a total and utter enjoyable cunt. I got Andrzej Łobaczewski pronto Tonto. Black Rum & Blackcurrant all round. Aaarhhhh!!!

I had stumbled over Political Ponerology. Someone was there a long while ago who’d been knee deep in the Affliction.

This time I’ve busted. It is gone. Or my magicakl skills in finding the hidden in clear sight have deserted me. It was five nuked computers ago now I think. I’ve lost count. Perhaps the onboard has degraded its schmooze with the out there.

What I searched for yesterday described a phenomenon that was critical to the survivors of overwhelming propaganda and mind stun.

I could not find it.

This was as near as I could get. Reactions to Fascist Propaganda . Notice the long term recon mission on this one referenced from 2010. No Reactions to West India Trading Company is ever elicited. Nor reactions to East India trading company Propaganda. Oh no. That would be like looking at Royal/Dutch Shell NOT BP and a fucking humungous endless supply of oil. And it is secret. No moneee, no knoweee, like a mediaevil guild.

(Also note the Berlin Wall. Just like I found out here on the Ausfahrt nearly twenty years ago. USofA corp. Get in and wander around. Look near the fascists in Europe and the shit costs money, and it is shit. You ever been in a Uni? Fuck me!!!!!! The dumping grounds of the world. All monocultural tenured fiat money chasing shaman.)

As far as I remember the gist of what I was after was that the victims of a hose piping of total bollox simply ignored the hosepipe and went autonomous. Dangerously so. Free. Freemen. Creating their own reality.

However the handmaidens that are forever mine, Synchronicity and Serendipity, came to my succour. Just as the gunfire must have started.

………….The force of propaganda is a direct attack against man. The question is to determine how great is the danger. Most replies are based on unconscious a priori dogmas. Thus the Communists, who do not believe in human nature but only in the human condition, believe that propaganda is all-powerful, legitimate (whenever they employ it), and instrumental in creating a new type of man. American sociologists scientifically try to play down the effectiveness of propaganda because they cannot accept the idea that the individual--the cornerstone of democracy--can be so fragile; and because they retain their ultimate trust in man………….

………….Total Propaganda
Propaganda must be total. The propagandist must utilize all of the technical means at his disposal--the press, radio, TV, movies, posters, meetings, door-to-door canvassing. Modern propaganda must utilize all of these media. There is no propaganda as long as one makes use, in sporadic fashion and at random,of a newspaper article here, a poster or a radio program there, organizes a few meetings and lectures, writes a few slogans on walls; that is not propaganda [of and by itself; it needs the systematic method of the techniques in the mainstream] ([yet another example of the pernicious attempt of recent--21st Century--attempts to push the idea that ALL persuasion by independents with comparably tiny resources is BAD/propaganda, while mainstream persuasion is Good/simply informational--ed])……….

…………Continuity and Duration of Propaganda
Propaganda must be continuous and lasting--continuous in that it must not leave any gaps, but must fill the citizen'swhole day and all his days....Propaganda tends to make the individual live in a separate world; he must not have outside points of reference. He must not be allowed a moment of meditation or reflection inwhich to see himself vis-a-vis the propagandist, as happens when the propagnda is not continuous. At that moment the individual emerges from the grip of propaganda...
The individual must not be allowed to recover, to collect himself, to remain untouched bypropaganda during any relatively long period, for propaganda is not the touch of a magic wand. It is based on slow, constant impregnation. It creates convictions and compliance through imperceptable influences that are effective only by continuous repetition. It must create a complete environment for the individual...The slow building up of reflexes and myths ([re: "reputable vs. disreputable" information, "professionalism", etc.--ed]), of psychological environment and prejudices, requires propaganda of a very long duration. ([re: being forced to trust in the value of Western professionals as with Africans in today's AIDS crisis, which could well be something similar to the introduction of Small Pox in blankets given to the American Indians as an extension of colonization and control desires. Another example: In the USA during the 1960s and '70s, people in pain being coerced to trust in psychiatrists and professionalized therapists when their traditional modes of help--independent organization--was in the midst of being broken down by COINTELPRO in the 1960s--ed])
Continuous propaganda exceeds the individual's capacities for attention or adaptation and thus his capabilities of resistance. This trait of continuity explains why propaganda can indulge in sudden twists and turns. (1) It is always surprising that the content of propagnada can be so inconsistent that it can approve today what it condemned yesterday. [(re: US friendship with Iraq's Saddam Hussein in the 1980s, and game of hatred against him in the '90s; or G.Bush I's infamous "Read My Lips: No New Taxes" lie--ed)] ……………..

Do you seriously think that after dragging their sorry carcasses over the dusty plains, 6000 years ago, driving trains of pack animals between the cities of the two rivers there is any mistake?

The Meme has an indefinite lifespan in this age of the world. That is what it is designed for.

Come on now.

Get a grip.

What we are a party to is a move in the most extraordinary way to seal the fates. No escape; we work with it. Unless we step back.

This is revolution. Can’t you feel it?

The difficult 5-10% are about to get it.

Lead Pill Time.

What are the many flavours of the Lead Pill Pharmacy? Inquisition? Jacobins? CHEKA? Greens?

All of these charitable organisations hate people.

The fact that you are out here on the Ausfahrt reading this means that you are on the list.

I have often wondered over the years, as looked back at all the dead men, from my comfortable unquiet. Why not me? Why was I lucky enough to dodge the killing pill? Why am I almost uniquely gifted with an age of tranquillity and silence?

Why am I like the soul densed fool in the 2nd century AD able to drift down stream in my boat and despoil myself in the lands formerly Gallic then Semitic/Greek, now Roman, Soon to be in my ignorance, Teutonic, Islam..

Not peace. That would be too much to handle. However at least unlike the boy Beatles I wouldn’t be cowering under the descending glass ceiling of instant Nazi High Explosive mercury switched and proto Gaussed death.

Why the dead zone, the calm? I always asked myself.

Well now I know.

If you’ve being paying attention since this mind spew barphed onto the Plain of Jars you will know that the killing of unnumbered human beings, our fellow man, us, has been a constant theme.


One thing that a good a Scots education will never give you is the Answer.


The one thing that will be implicit in that process is a subtle tsk tsk , the English! Smirk. They are stupid and not well rounded compared to us.

That is no answer but it will stun you and leave you dead in the water, just where you are supposed to be. Years later after you’ve spent time deep in the Wolds comparing Laws, steeped in the Lakes comparing Lochs and wondering which bluebells are the most beautiful, just when you realise that the country is a wonder to behold wherever you are. One country, you realise that England was stolen from the English by the most subtle means and that someone high on a Torr knows that and always has.

When that penny drops you will stand back and wonder.

Wonder how far you can stand back. Just how far can you go? Well if you stand back with me, and you’ve had lots of time now, to make sense of this long range stochastic shit, the scene before us is familiar.

It is Biblical.

As a school child I would look at the sepia prints in the school library books of WW1 Coastal Monitors. Massive guns all silent, vast and broody. Which previously had been manic and cordite smoked.


“Why was the age I lived in so quiet” I asked myself as I stared at the clear blue sky upon which the Red Arrows and attendant big jet, returning from Canada, flew high in the sky over my house, leaving nearly stoichiometric contrails. That is Rolls Royce.

Oh yes I know what a real contrail looks like after decades of observation and study. Who’s been messing with the hydrocarbons then?

Why no dead people littering the line from Kilmarnock to Stewarton. Why the dead stukky in the waterbarrell? Things you wonder when you are younger. When you are really awake.

There is no time. All is infinite. The now is but an interruption that you are forced to focus all your life upon.

So my deepest fear was really when they will come to kill me and all I love.

They never came.



Once I realised that the English were marginalised in their own lands it took but and instant, twenty years or so, to appreciate they were host to the affliction and they had it bad.

Then over the last year or so I’ve asked myself if and when the affliction might leave.

Since the events of 911 there is a very high probability that it has left USofA corp. For them the last train from Clarkston would really find dead bodies strewn.

So what do we have here? Right here, right now.

There is no money; there is an automated process at work whereby the unification of mankind takes another bloody step forward over the crushed grounds of humanity. One has to ask just where people like Zbig Z. get their ideas that the rest of us are just detritus. That the rest of us do not deserve to breath. That we are scum.

That is breeding. That is inbreeding, juxtapositioning of poisoned reproductive organs for the death groan of humanity.

There will be only one outcome of the current miximatosis of the lemmings.

The Rothschild Corporate Entity, Tel Aviv Branch, is going ChiComm. Just like the old 1930s Manchurian branch.

If you got what I was banging on about in Jan, the furnishing of weapons tech to the barbarian as part of the funny money scam, you’ll understand what is going on when you scan the weapons fab facilities on the side of the Med that isn’t going under when the Euro bombs.

There we have it. Whilst the Talking Arse that is the Pestilent face of the Legislature tells you that work is good. Take a look at what we’ve been handed. Conning people, selling things you don’t need and wearing Chairman Mao’s little Hi-Viz jackets to make sure you are ID’d as a prole.

The killing is about to start.

This time there is no one to stop it. This time they are about to gyrate themselves into a blood bath of oblivion.

If the UKplc is still a base of operations for the affliction then we will survive. If not then prepare to die like all the other poor slobs over the last past 500 years that the koons in the Houses of Parliament; have been fronting for fops.

Stand back, do not join in.

This is nontrivial.

Do not join the game and they do not know where to pigeon hole you in their diversified egalitarian paradise.

That makes them afraid.

Afraid enough that they cannot venture into new territory.

And for that answer I invite you to revisit Eustace Mullins


It is all closing down now; all the education, all the care, all the structure, all the life that was UK plc. We are poor.

Go on then sell any thing other than your land and heritage.

You’ve been enclosed.