Tuesday 31 May 2011

You opened your..

..unmeasured yapp.

Didn’t you?

The THING you supposedly rail against loves you.


Whenever a yank opens its re-educated trap you got to look behind the poor peasant to see the sovereign.

Fuck off.


Windmill handed foundation…


He wants to discuss “how these heaving mega-metropolises feed, protect and move their citizens.

Andrew me old pork pie, mein Schweinfefleischerstrudel, you’ve got it wrong.

Only because we were given cities again were the secret cabal able to start their great enterprise.

Only by having these aligned, constructed, artificial spaces, could the iCSI get started.

Caves were so passé, the RICO RISC SET needs cities in which to hide and to kill their subjects.

Go on then smurphbuggerer, try and start any revolution and killing spree without a city. Only when the population are settled like livestock can the slaughter be entertained.

Every city is cast under a spell, you flyswatter.

You know that, don’t you?


Monday 30 May 2011

There is a reason why we are under the sun.

Image source.

“Slash your future”.

Image source.

That’s what they said and they mean it. They said it using a smooth, lady voiceover.

“www dot direct dot gov dot uk, slash your future.”


Buy debt to get an education and spend the rest of your life as a baillif’s or debt collector's, recoverer’s, organ stealer's bitch. (That is what the NHS was for, muppets) No paying job will be at hand because there will be no work soon in the mega cities and no chaance of starting your own business. Of course in the advert the “government” provides the loan. No mention of the government selling the student debt on at 25 pence in the pound to loan sharks, whoremasters and spivbitches.

Bearing in mind that the government is getting out of the government business, one has to ask what it would need the money for? Oh of course, to hand over to its overseas, charity and foundation carpetbaggers.

Government is now a machine for taking wealth from the people to give to the slavers.

Nothing less and definitley nothing more.

Not for dollys though.

I tried, unsuccessfully, over the weekend to persuade my mates that Baby P was the victim of systems equality.

In Systems Equality Theory the individual is atomised though surrounded by tendrils to probabilistic egalitarian, diversified quantum systems. With rights and due care. The covert tendrils can switch the overt, public, ones off. Then the system gets reorganised, re-polarised, and the individual disappears, to order, to command. Think of Baby P being in an quantum equality bubble with no one really caring except the magikian all seeing harvesters.

Think of all children in care being like Schrödinger's cats. Are they safe? Only if you, the individual look, can you bring the child to safety and decide whether they are alive or defiled and buried somewhere foul.

Baby P is a Schrödinger's cat.

RICO SET. Need I say more.

Systems equality theory can explain the oft noted DIcke Keystone Cops Syndrome Theorem.

Covert SET views us as harvestable commodities.

Any way no one was biting.

I’ll continue to work on it though.

95 years out and still no sign of the end of war!!

Covert SET.

Think about it.

Saturday 28 May 2011

How can one put it….

…in order to not dispell your preconceptions?

Barbie toyed?

Tenured manured turds.

Total waste of space.

Men and women.

Women and men.

We will draw iron.

For that is the age of this world.

And we will take your heads off.

Can you stay?

Something reached out and touched us. If it could have killed us all it would have done so by now.

Can you remain when all have gone? Can you sustain independent thought and belief, alone?

Can you face?

Why has it not killed us all?

The past opportunites have been optimal.

If you found yourself abandoned, finally, after your toil, with all the gold, ubiquitous slavery and infinite power. Would you be happy? If you, alone, had all the weapons of mass destruction at your command would you be completed? If all feared your existence would you be at rest?

Are you fooled by gold?

May flys away again and the deserted beach of winter is sought beyond the heat of Augusted. So sad the realisation that once again the best part of the year has been locked away.

Beautiful deepest green extending to my far horizon. Never ending. I wish to stretch time to its standstill.

If you find these thoughts and suggestions unsettling or weird, then good. However don’t be getting all fandangoed and expectorant expecting me to suggest that you go over to the dark side. Don’t be thinking that I’m about to go MKUltra on you and ask you to be good.

No, I just want you to consider a couple of things. That’s all.

The only thing that is over unity is us.

If it could have kilned us all it would have done so by now.

There is no value measured.

Are you too shallow to be drawing any depth no matter what floats your boat?

Are you fooled by death?

It is afraid.


It will be worth the candle.

Friday 27 May 2011

RICO jets and the GWOP. Pt 2

Global War on Peasants.

One of the ways that the controlled merdia and retroactively applied hysterya writers tried to explain how beastly the Japanese were to their subjects, comfort women, and prisoners, Burma railway, during the war.

A war that was staged to teach the uppity Archipelago Autochthonous dwellers a lesson once their top lads had dissed the Rock/Roth and RCE/LC. A war designed to end near the 33rd parallel by nuking the Abos into oblivion in a great sacramental fire devoted to Molloch.

One of the cover stories fabricated to make sure the local peasants didn’t get equated with the systemic eradication by a higher life form, of all others on the planet, was to explain that these scum Japanese soldaten were the lowest of the low, the bottom rung of their society and that once they got the whip hand over someone all their inherent Eevility sprang forth upon their hapless victims. Especially when it came to having these yellow savages lording it over the RCE Übermensh. Übermensh who suffered even more privations because being such technlogical paragons of the advanced RCE systemic hi-tech killing machine, they didn’t know how to prepare simple food stuffs properly.

Now I won’t go any further on this tack other than to ask who ran what in the Far East to accrue vast fortunes in the 19th/20th centuries, killed vast numbers and part of the collateral damage was the trafficking of women and children for sex? Go on, gowwan, gowwan, GOWWAN!!!

You see iredeemable slanty eyed peasants. It is their fault to have become victims.


Another of my favourites from this pile of so called study and in reality just academic excrement, which I’ve mentioned before @Art School Interview, is the past behavior indicates future behavior bollox which only seems to apply to serfs like you and me going for a job. Or any victims. If you do not demonstrate a slave like mentallity then you are to remain jobless and your lineage to die out. Unemployment is deliberatley engineered in at so many levels of the economic ecosystem. Unemployment visited as death. The famous picture of Phan Thị Kim Phúc kind of encapsulates that latter thought. Either dead in the paddy fields, your children napalmed and orphaned, or sweated to death in the Reebok shop if you survived. Either way you are off the land. And the lie is given to that pretentious academic shit about job interviews. To bring people to that state of menial mental atrophy you have to kill their leaders first.


Of course this scum frame of mind does not apply to some people who obvously just had a mentalist episode. Some people just are not peasants and no pattern can be discerned in their behaviour past,present or future. Some are spotless, setting them up for release into the loony bin cushty number at most, or were moral paragons who were set up. I mean this DSK geezer was no mere Dandy Gandhi, no highwayman he, disregard the pseudointellectual bollox about past behaviour=future behaviour and by corollary present behaviour being an indicator of past rapacious appetites. I'm sure that DSK, what is your real Shatanic handle china?, has spent all his waking hours since childhood studying facial reconstuctive techniques and, all crypto like, he and his top team perform reconstructive surgery in the poorest countries of the world, not destructive debt nuking of the peasants. So just because he slipped on a bar of soap and his distended member got stuck, all accidental like, up a peasant’s fuckslot or shitchute is no indication of his real character. Not for the Saintly DSK a life of godless heathenry, robbing the poor even poorer and the defenceless even more naked. Not for him and his religioKriminal extended family the spunk drenching tumescent smell of weilding death dealing power by proxy, through the weapons grade good offices of the monetary system WMD known as the IMF. No, not for DSK the blasting of clothing off of terrified children by the spreadsheetKriminal napalm and terrorist special drawing rights. No DSK is in his quite quiet reflective moments is a stylite, and simply wishes to sit upon a large pole, erected in his modest gaff in Tribeca where he will be praying to Ba’al Hammon for forgiveness at getting caught and set up by his own team. The godless gooned muppet.


The sewer just keeps on agoing when you look at the bent tart touted as the paragon’s replacement. Another Mollochite and Ba’al Hammonic child incinerator. Let me guess, Lagarde is another secret do gooder who is heavily into gynecological deconstructive procedures and, all quietly like, is going to flit around the world in a great white jet helping the poor with their child bearing problems. Whilst holding down the top spot at the Infanticidal Mollochian Fantacistfascists. Yeah, just like this no good bitch. In case you missed that, no good, evil witch. Here’s another one.


I can’t resist it I’ve got to get back to some maps and the RICO jets. You’ve had enough Global War on Peasants for one outing.

Updating Ever wonder why we’ve been ratted out? we turn again to where the big one is going to be played out. How many peasants still on the land out there?

There are a lot of naval hulls getting put in the water out round the South China Sea and a great deal of time is being spent excercising the troops. Right now the ChiComms are at a once in a decade peak in miltary person power. If they are counting on using them to muscle their way out they need to do it now. They’ve been given our stolen pensions, our stolen technology and more important the dual national goons infesting our systems are feeding them intel.

As I mentioned earlier there are multiple distractions to keep an impoverished USofA corp occuppied. Pun intended. The South American peasants, though important when this lot have finished creating the new Khazars, are not on our radar at the moment.

There are a lot of peasants still down there, south of CochinChina, and there are massive numbers still on the land. Even after the counter-insurgency/insurgency/genocide cleared the area for the Zaibatsu to limber up and lumber. Huge numbers in the Indian sub contninent and huge numbers throughout the Archipelago and S.E. Asia.

Now I’ll save us a lot of plodding through academic bollox.

Have a swaatch at this. Here’s a good one highlighting a likely flash point on the Thai/Malay border. Here’s the latest member of what would have been parked in the Tonkin Gulf yacht club 40 years ago. Yankee or Dixie? Doesn’t matter. What perturbs me is that close to 110,000 tons can only field 44 strike aircraft. Now I know that we have a great tradition of the thin red line but that is more a feature of criminal rationing exemplified by the UKplc. USofA corp’s ability to influence things out in the South China Sea is going to get worse when the RICO jets pitch up.

Trying to get your way with the ChiComms and their Al Quaeda terrorists from a bankrupt and ineffectual military/industrial/congressional complex won’t wash with a region knee deep in Commie kit and Islamist nutters. However that is not the game. USofA corp doesn’t bring Coca Cola, candy and democracy anymore. That is the stuff of legend. Paris 1944. Not Manila 2012. USofA corp brings death and destruction. As will the ChiComms. Will CommiCola be a hit in Vientiane or Pattani?

We don’t need to have our heads up our academic bungholes like the professional madrassa whores to know that the war/tech/economics/religioKriminal powerplay needs the rest of the peasants off the land down there pronto. Plus ça change!

ReligioKriminalCapitalism & relgioKriminatheistCommunism hand and hand like inseparable terminal lovers. Breeding killer queens to colonise the planet.

There is a lot of lefty, righty, greeny, athiesty, religiousy crap that we’ve just wandered through. I’m not arguing for or against, I’m not trying to say who was right or wrong. I’m not even trying to be logical.

All I’m pointing out is that we’ve got ourselves mired in a great big weapons system that kills peasants everyday because they hold a piece of land. The weapons system takes peasants, kills them, sticks the survivors into sweat shops and then taxes them to extinction. That is the history of UKplc 1700-1950. The killers are religioKriminals and they are in our midst. Everytime we wear sports shoes we walk on the dead. Everytime we listen to MP3s we hear the dead. Everytime we eat out, we eat the dead. Everytime we are taught about fictional death we ignore the death of millions. There is only one system and we feed it.

I’m not being morose, just stating the obvious that the MSM do not want us to think about. The controlled media and academia lie about.

All systems are now religioKriminal and RICO.

The kriminals can be seen every day and their offspring haunt the best schools and colleges. We do not want to be part of that system or cystern.

We need to start to make our own judgments and decisions every day. Judgements free of the universal RICO systems. It doesn’t matter if we get it wrong, nothing can be worse than the 24/7, rolling genocide we are now part of. A small mistake on our part means missing a meal. A small participation of our part in the RICO systems means dead people everywhere. Start discriminating and bit by bit we will stop the homicidal systems. It won’t be easy, it won’t be cheap, it will mean our death, but that was going to happen anyway. Show solidarity and stop buying stuff from thousands of miles away. Killer consumerism is like consumption. It is a disease of the past.

It may sound weird but it up to us to bring back systems of romance even if in slow motion.

Globalisation has done wonders for us.

God bless us, we are all peasants now.


Thursday 26 May 2011

A few points to note RockNATORoth heroes.

Image source.

When this thing hits your OODAloop a few points to note.

It will not have cement in its nose.

It will not have concrete where its gun should be.

It will not have ground crew robbing airframes to keep it in the air.

Its pilots will not have rules of engagement designed to achieve designer chaos and confusion. And nothing more.

Its crews will not be limited to 1 hour in the sky per year because of fuel rationing.

Its crews will not be killing civilians.

It will have all the ammunition it needs and its pilots will have all the kit they need.

Unlike every aerospace programme paid for by NATO tax payers this thing is going to darken the sky, quite literally. They’ll be coming off the assembly lines like the marketing propaganda from the RICO suppliers here in the west used to draw animations about for the F22.

You lot are becoming the sad fat creatures of satire and propaganda strips, the caricatures that populated the tales told to motivate us, remember? Us, the guys in the white hats, to fight the bad guys in the black hats when the cinema was B&W.
FFS!!! The place has become a shit heap.

Just a thought.

Wednesday 25 May 2011

RICO jets and the GWOP. Pt 1

Image source.

Isn’t it good to know that the iCSI is alive and well after 5000 years. 5000 years of stealing people and their hopes and futures. 5000 years still to go. I told you that if the garlic munching, snail swilling swine got involved in a shooting match that it would turn into a shit heap. Didn’t I?

If you got your head round the idea of the original crime scene then you’ll realise that I do not distinguish between war, religion, economy or technology. They are constituent parts of the godless system handed to us on a stinking plate of our forefathers remains. Everyone loves a system. It means that we can evade repsonsibility, escape culpability, point at others and hand over the blame. We love it, this murderous game. We are, if not careful, just like the stereotypical and apochryphal Nazi standing miles away from the piles of dead people. Removed and satisfyingly distanced from the iCSI by the technology of the system. Only following orders?

So with that in mind I’m going to put on my spirit glasses, not the bankster goggles, the spirit glasses which are always full. Filled by the fools who stole everything that night way back in the temple bowels and cryptic places.

Let me tell you what I see . I see a shed load of cheap ChiComm 5th generation jets turning up soon. I see the stalling time about to come to an end. One quarter of a century of defence expenditure has now exposed the USofA corp to potential sudden attack.

How did that happen?

Well traitors that’s how. Look at all the cash spent and what has been delivered. I’ll just use a crude measure to give you a flavour of what has happened.

From 1990 to 2010 the USofA corp, the greatest aerospace nation on the planet has scuppered every hi-tech replacement programme it was developing and had the tech espionaged and handed over during the most sterile, make work, protracted and painful developmental programmes on the planet.

I cannot think of one single programme that was handed over in the numbers, to the spec. and to the project schedule that was paid for. It was all part of a long slow de-industrialisation process disguising the setup for another war and theft of miilions of lives and zillions of dollars. What happened to programme management skills in USofA corp after 1990? Did you suddenly get amnesia half way through you capability maturity modelling? Did PRINCE2 suddenly go all princess on you and you forgot about GANTT and got on with your pedicures?

What has been delivered in 20 years?

160 F22s. 300 examples of the biggest waste of carrier deck space since the Cutlass. I mean get real, this thing has been a baboon’s big red arse since they tried to make a sows ear out of this little beauty. 200 or so wank rotors that need to be watched like a hawk in case they contact the earth dramatically. They really need bigger rotors and better turbines.

Just to rub it in, today the flight line in PAfnamistan sometimes looks more like Da Nang or Khe Sanh c1969. C130, UH-I, AH-1, CH-46, CH-47, CH-53. To put that into perspective it would be like fighting the Battle of Britain with protoWright flyers!!!!!

WTF? Treading water, stalled. Marking time. Waiting for someone to be brought up to speed. Waiting for the tech, war, economic nexus again. The iCSI ritual.

I’ll tell you what happened, and there was no way you could know it because none of the project tools or methods will give you the training to deal with it. Someone turned on the RICO button at a decision stratum way above the programme level. That automatically stretched the programmes in time without any engineering faults or redesign required to deliver hyperinflated product. It is an old religious system played over and over again.

Go on then. USofA corp now has a massive budget deficit, as desired. Do you think there are going to be any fundamenmtal technology breakthroughs allowed now? If anything threatens, if anyone or any group look Tesla, Wright, Hewlett or Curtis like, then the sacramental interest rates will be applied to the business to stop or curtail any such societal developments. How do you think the Nazis got so far so fast? A special note from banking matron that meant they could be free of the massive brake on human development that is the bankster dragster. The fiscal drag which in reality manifests as intellectual and spiritual chattelling of the whole of humanity by a bunch of temporal perps and criminals who are scared we’ll all wake up and tear them down. Isn't it ironic that the proof we need to get our heads round what we are experiencing in to be found in Naziland? That is another reason there is a big magic six million number hoisted up to scare everyone away.

It isn’t just the USofA corp that has this RICO problem.

Don’t snikker UKplc, what did we get for all that cash we spent under the careful prudence? That’s correct the world's fastest delivery of EasyMix.

Back to those jets. Those who know about the flying machines parked in RCE/TA over the decades will understand the Walter Raleigh/Francis Drake aspect to the shindig. The gig started with old Nazi kit supplied from ex-SS factories. Moved onto French(ex Nazi tech.) and British kit, after they’d started killing the British. Stole the French kit from Switzerland using the Rothschild network. (A note here on cognitive dissonance. If you hear of a top secret, ultra secure facilty getting its security breeched there are two things at work. 1 you need to be told so that they can broadcast a message in the clear to others. 2 you are being groomed on another separate psyops so you don’t make any links.) Then once their dual allegiance operatives had got USofA corp infiltrated the gear came from there in vast amounts on the cheap from the 1970s.

Can you see a pattern? Yep. Just like Wattey they don’t care where the kit comes from. Like pirates they don’t want to make the gear, they want someone else to do so and then hand it over so they can tool around under a false flag of conveninece. Whatever the ChiComm equivalent of AIPAC is you can be sure it is wining and dining the top brass red child slavers in Shanghai, near the airport I’ll bet, with the best imported hot sex and cold blood running, slaved bitches on tap. All to make sure that the kit is handed over pronto because the F35s are carrion crows, not birds of prey.

This is where the spirit glasses really come into play.

If you remember a little while back I speculated that something was intent on removing archeological evidence by bombing and causing chaos throughout the arc running from Macedonia to NW India. Part of the plan is to keep certain nosey parkers out of the remains. No more digging in the sand. Don’t be surpised to find a radioactive curtain decending over the Indus. Do not be surpised to find the Eastern Med becoming a no fly zone. The remains are to be buried under ash or Islam.

All facilitated by the air pirates in RCE/TA changing their kit supplier.

Which brings me nicely to the synthesised Global War on Peasants. Now don’t be getting all riled there. I like peasants. Peasants are diverse, essentially egalitarian, parochial but not prescribed and certainly not schytzopsychonauts of the Abrahamic djinn. I’m a peasant.

GWOP facilitated by the Muslim Brotherhood Roth/Nazi/CIA assets.

As an aside, you will note that no mention is made in the above that Zbig is a psychonautRushatingsckrypto and unbalanced homocidilstmentalist, not one, and that at the point where the USSR was to be taken down, the population of the USSR had got Khazar wise and started to put the mudering scum in their place. Well, for example, turf the muppets out of crowding the best university places. There is a lesson to be learned there for USofA corp., either way though you are going down. Ron Paul will look forward to running New Mex Tex for the Hapsburgs once he’s diverted you into looking at the Fed.

So lets have a look at what’s happening in the GWOP.

(Had to help a mate out today. Will finish tomorrow)

Tuesday 24 May 2011

Policing the Peasants.

Image source.

Oh run around screaming and yelling.

Oooohhhh ooooooooooo!!!!!

Woe is me, woe, woe, woe.!!!Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!

I’ll bet you nothing will be mentioned about this though?

Will it?

Because there will be lots of screaming and yelling to keep our eyes of the ball.

The Rothschild religious police are on the way.

Monday 23 May 2011

The nipples are going up just a PLANned.

Image source.

Didn’t want to say it again. But I told you so.

However whilst the world is staring at the magician waving his dick around in the lime light no one is watching the ChiComm sleight of hand run insurgency fronted by Pak/Iran trained islamic nutters out further east.

Forget Gwadar the main move is coming somewhere on the Paracels/Sulu Sea axis with a side order of gunfire and sniper on an arc running from the Plain of Jars to the Malay/Thai border. Commie Al Quaeda cover in the surrounding states means there will be no time for anyone to complain about the big ChiComm move. Everyone is getting all expectorant about the ChiComm carrier, forget it, right now it’s the ChiComm SSKs that are the tools to keep what they are going to reach out and take.

One thing that we can say with certainty is that on past form the behaviour of UKplc is a good indicator of what characteristics the next big one will take.

E.g. we got out of coal and horse before the main play in the 1930s. We are currently getting out of inhabited hardware. I’ve speculated that the combat space now encompasses everywhere and that for the first time ever the lethality space now equals the combat space. There is going to be noone moving anywhere. Don’t get too happy, that means there will be no farming.

Look we’ve brought it upon ourselves. When a nation like UKplc can vote in a bunch of Eurorentboys, that was sosoooo obvious, and spend all day worrying about what a vastly over compensated big lad in pyjamas got up to with his lingam and a TVtart then I’m with TPTB all the way on this.

Bring it on, time to cull the herd of its wasterells.

Sunday 22 May 2011

Send in the Clowns

Image source.

Doctored Jeep.


Go on you fuckedwitz retarded RSI phantom'dstruckPhukk D’Witz bring me six million photographs.


Just to make this clear anything that has the TLA IMF associated with it should have a spent cartridge case hammered into its forehead. Its name traduced. Its body dispersed. Its cost to humanity visited upon its family in perpertuity, perp, and forever back in time to where they hive. Without mercy.

No excuses.

There are no decent IMF pukes.

Burn you phukkenwankenstiderbergenpiaonwankensteing.

NOAH retrogardesill'dleadpilled


Anyone you think is real is a Psalm.


Go on then where are the photographs of swimming pools, operas and light reigns?


Friday 20 May 2011

Attention all Sea Gypsies and Nomads de Mer…

….pile on in.

Image source.

Get your sandy arses over here pronto.

There is nothing to stop you.

If the aboriginals here even lift an eyebrow in your direction they will get locked in the slammer for infringing your human rights and acting in the threatening manner. The cops here have gone internationalist religioKriminal ganksterbankster Gulag archipelago Kaganovitch. They will do anything their unthinking response and reflex MKUltra’d brainwashing Manchurian candidate training will require of them without compunction. They hate the aborigianls. They've gone total Common Purpose as opposed to Common People.

You guys are quids in. Just make sure you DO NOT look in anyway British. The weirder your attire the better. Wear dolphin skin hats, shuv brillo pads up your arses and strike matches from your tits. That should get you some sort of UN ethnicity warranty and diversity cover. You will be bullet proof.

Just drop me a comment here and indicate which beach you intend arriving at. No sweat. Choose any beach you want. They are all open. Just don’t lift any drift wood. That is Crown property. I’ll meet you with a fleet of coaches, Soros will pay once I outline the plan though of course he won’t know about the cunning and devious bit, tsk tsk, and we can then set about filling every slammer in the country with banged up Celts and Anglo-Saxons.

Once we have achieved part one of my cunning and devious plan we’ll head for the most useless gaff in the country. A house full of inept muppets. The occupants are demonstrably a waste of space. They are an occupying power.

There you can defecate all over the garden and piss on every useless previous occupant pictured on the stairway. Remember all the fuzz will be processing millions of native scum. It will be a cake walk.

Remember there will be no one to touch you because

1) You are protected by UN human rights charter and can do as you like. The filth will have their hands full and the cells chocka.

2) I’ll get Matrix Chambers on standby, where their top slot gobbed gobshite will be pleased to pocket shuvvell loads of lucre to protect your precious EUSSSR given rights.

3) By this point the Celts and Anglo-Saxons will be going skrypto and retaking their country from the Venetian vagabonds and their EUSSR commie crypto cousins. No one will notice or care.

Finally I want you to use your world renowned tracking skills to hunt down a perp that has gone missing. Once we’ve found him we are going to make him wear a house maids uniform and introduce him to, the by now clawing at the walls, ex IMF head honcho in a locked room with a gay bomb set to go off at the first mention of endogenous growth theory!

Love and bullets.

PS Bring gold.

PPS Don’t drink the local water.

PPPS You couldn’t pick up some fresh tuna on the way?

Thursday 19 May 2011

No fire break, no fire brake.

This outburst is going to be a bit, how can one put it?, choppy. Hang on.

Image source.

Have you ever watched the flame front, say from a fallen piece of BBQ coal, a little ring of fire enlarge on short dry grass? Watched it spread out slowly combusting the long stems and any dried clippings? You may have, hands full with forks, tongs and fending of hungry pets, called upon the children nearby to just turn the hose on it or stamp it out if a mere annoyance. Of course if you haven’t tamped and damped the garden before hand, even in a North London garden, a call to all adults present to turn the soda streams and fizzy bottles on the burning orange lillies may go out. Either way control is quickly established and even the more experimental amongst us who delight in the slow, hopefully, progress of the flame front towards its eventual extinction can reflect that there are bounds to the flame front when the rational and careful are watchful (and prepared?).

What though if the flame front is never ending and would consume everything until the ends of the Earth?

That thought occurred when I looked at this image, of a woman?, (image source) being slowly chopped up. From the fingers and fatty bits, to the hip joints and shoulder joints, bit by bit whilst alive.

That is the human flame front consuming the clippings and dry stalks. A practice we thought we’d left behind when we became modernist iFaithful and iFatwa. A flame fronted for the banksters and high priests of money, the god baiting rabid rabbis, the mad mullahs and the fake fakirs shuffling into any appropriate iBelief handed to them by their godless god to stroke their iId and iEgo. This sight came again to Europe recently and will come again if we are not careful.

Their temporal flame, started millenia ago and now at the ends of the Earth for the first time in 65,000 years.

Where am I, where are we, in this great gardener’s barking Barbecue? In which stage of the fallow field, slash and burn cycle do we find ourselves?

Well from a purely personal point of view I look around the carbonised wasteland and see nothing but the green shoots of the heathen.

iHeathen. What do I mean? A little glimpse of the difference between heathen and non-heathen was afforded in a little ceremony witnessed in Dublin this week. The heathen sought to tamp out and extinguish the spiritual flame that had caused the temporal so much trouble over the past 800 years, finally. A final solution, which the heathen cannot get their tiny RISC mindsets to realise, is illusory. In another age the heathen used the CPSU, OGPU, NKVD, SS, KGB, STASI etc. to extinguish the non temporal believer. Today the IMF, World Bank, BIS, CFR, Xe etc. do the same. In the future it will somehow as yet unclear, though the method will repeat, be the young iGREEN. It is the exact same modus operandi. Get the young to focus on the temporal and get them to kill.

Why? Well this is one of the great secrets of the mystery schools I think. We’ll explore some of the dimensions to that at the other shop soon enough.

So back to the temporal.

I, and I’m sure you, find ourselves starved in a rich land so recently cleared of previous inhabitants. Charred remains of former life forms lie all around. Yet there they stand the heathen weeds . Happy. Contented to suck up the nutrients from the ground, a soil enriched by the deaths of so many others' bodies.

Faith. What is faith? Well picking up on parts of my recent drizzlings concerning the square heads, I’ll give an unreal example of what iFaith is. If one were to drop, sort of deus ex machina like, one of today’s iHeathen into a night op during the last big one there would be a glaring exposition of exactly how empty they are. For only by contrasting in such ridiculous ways can they be ripped from their current societal camouflage and exposed for the empty vessels and hollow vassals that they really are. From that extreme we might glimpse a little of what real faith might be.

You would I expect find the iFaithful crowded in some sort of American basketball type huddle chanting a repetitive nothing and high fiving before clambering into their iFaith inspired crate of tissue to go get cut down by rationalist Jazz Musik. Ironic isn’t it. Rationalist with real faith killing the iFauxfaith brigade who live in a designer offworld. What is it about the human condition that makes people so unaware that their certainties are given to them by the heathen? What is it about these fools that they spend their lives unawake pursuing ghosts and, handed to them on a plate, spirits? Why do they like the Kool-aided Paraquat of life?

I know it is an unreal thought experiment but I hope it highlights two things. TPTB want to create heathen with iFaith. TPTB will kill anyone with real faith. TPTB cannot stand the competition because deep down no matter how much power they acquire in this world. No matter how many flame fronts they start. No matter how many times they reassure themselves through their own rituals. No matter how often they gaze out over the fields of fools that they created. TPTB are empty.

That is why me and you, you and me, we are hungry.

Back to Eire. I mentioned earlier in this week as I was taking the piss out of the good USofA corp citizen that UKplc can only believe in rationing. Well a little while back UKplc also believed in attrition.

When the scum that inhabited the urban UKplc were getting swept up with their leaders in the 1915 onwards war to end all wars. I’ll bet Beelzebub warmed his feet for years afterwards on the incinerated souls of the fallen after that. Scum? Yes unrepresented dwarves that stalked the wastelands of the big cities. Those that were not kept from the flames by trade unionists and the reserved occupationistas. Their leaders? Yes, public school educated morons that believed they’d been bred to lead and did so by attrition of the scum. All you need to do is have unfailing faith in your destiny and a limitless supply of scum to attrit. Then when victory comes you can congratulate yourself that your system was the best after all.

It failed. As designed.

Though in Ireland the remove and replace, as usual, didn’t work. The remove bit had been accomplished however the poor obstinate islanders were not replaced by the iHeathen. So the land was put on the back burner for the annointed day. That is what happened this week in Dublin. TPTB reckon the replace bit has finally been achieved.

Go on then. If you are aboriginal bog standard you are getting stiffed by the degenerates in the IMF. If you’ve just dropped off the boat, plane or train and are one legged, of colour, displaced, butt welding, seam welding, transwelded mashed turnip human trafficked rent seeking clients of the IMF then you will get free everything and assistance to destroy the kind nation that welcomed you.

I know that’s not how the Irish think in the main, but I thought I might as well put it out here, because that is how it is.

There is no way that a stable society can be allowed to exist in any part of the world. The sacred mission of the heathen is to destroy it all and replace it with a monoculture of iHeathen with its associated global iFaith. Temporal amnesia.

Imagine if you will a sound and thriving society. What would its first responsibility be? To replace itself and not destroy its environment. It would also advise its young to keep an eye out for the iHeathen sneaking into view as so called refugees and those displaced persons fleeing self inflicted pretend persecution. Isn’t it amazing how these poor slobs, these eternally persecuted, these poor refugees always have the readies to travel the world and get into university and advanced seats of power and learning withn two generations. Isn’t it? That’s because they are pawns of the spawn. iHeathen playpieces of the heathen god on an iMission and sacred journey to change the alive to unalive and remake the world. Finish the work that hadn’t been completed.

My erse.

The Irish knew that the moronic toffs and the cretinised scum were not for them and TPTB let them off the leash until the square heads and Romanovs had been erased from history.

Now don’t be thinking I’m being selective in my name calling here. Oh no. These Nazis, this Nazi’s nutter, and these fascist fools are all in the same boat as far as your correspondent is concerned. Heathen. They all spring from that one Djinn biased moment when someone decided it was time to restart the flame front with Abraham (What's your real handle china?).

Also don’t be getting all misty eyed and thinking l‘ve gone soft in the head and fallen for that windy old fart Zach Sitchin stinking schtick. Have you read the djinn serving crap he and his kind produce? Have you looked at the heroes from the pre old testament, redacted bollox, tales? They are a bunch of decantedkuntcants!! A bunch of reduced instruction set following, inflated fools. iHeathen of the mystic past. Not to put too fine a point on it iNOAHide criminals, just like the clowns today.

So be careful USofA corp. You lot are getting the remove and replace iHeathen two step applied. Just like the Germans and the Russians.

So back to my BBQ. As I watched the flame front I wondered. Am I in the scorched lands or the soon to be scorched lands? Or both?

Well somewhere someone is playing a musical piece that controls the aggregated behaviour of the HAS. There are a theoretically infinite number of movements to the piece and the flame front chorus comes regularly. The assigned role of the iHeathen is to bring the work to a halt at the designed state as soon as possible. They are to engineer this ending, this stasis, no matter the body count because they have been told to do so by the djinn. It is their sacred duty and holy meme.

They are temporal, by their deeds shall ye know them.

They are coming again.

Wherever they go the flame front rapidly swallows.

Their god is an engineer. Purely temporal and we live between the flame fronts always. It is our choice if we want to get burned or not.

Our choice not theirs.

What about us?

Wednesday 18 May 2011

Dirac Jamming.

Image source.

Something has been bugging me ever since I first posted about Juniper Cobra. How does the Iron Dome integrate with all this?

Something just does not seem right here.

I remember a long, long while ago an acquaintance relating just how hard real time software development was for short range missile defence. He’d worked on the UKplc’s Seawolf. I filed that conversation away. Now I’m not saying that the clever lads with the sharp pencils haven’t solved the computational horsepower or other problems since then, I’m just saying that it seems to be a very expensive nut to crack. What is the CBA?

Anyway as I was trundling through some def sites today looking for what the ChiComms have been handed next for free by the Rothschild commercial spy and religioKriminal espionage networks. Then I realised that perhaps, as is usual, Condi’s Rice Bowl is a cover story and that the solution is there in plane sight. As always.

I’ve mentioned Dirac’s sea before. As you know if you tickle his sea, just so, a mass equivalence can be stimulated from the aether. So if I’m correct in my musings there is a nasty surprise in store for anyone intending to retaliate. Not that it will stop the carnage elsewhere but at least Roth’s golden temple will be unsmoked.

The tech is ancient and all I was doing was wondering where the clever lads at Sary Shagan, that had hammered it all together, had moved to. Certainly not a stinking damp flat in Moscow with Putin’s secret service guys blowing up the block.

"The London Sunday Times of 17 August 1980 contained information and a photo-sketch of incidents fo sighting of the testing of very large Tesla globes deep within the Soviet Union. The sightings were made in Afghanistan by British war cameraman Nick Downie. The phenomena seen were in the direction of the Saryshagan Missile Test Range, which -- according to the
U.S. Defense Departments "Soviet Military Power," 1986 -- contains one or more large directed energy weapons (DEW's).

Related info AdamS.

Tuesday 17 May 2011

You Fphukking What?

Image source.

0.7% of national income!!!

In law!!!

That is a poll fucking tax. When did we vote for that?

We are stoney broke and no corporation pays tax in UKplc so guess who’s pocket all of that is coming out of?

I told you. We’ve let the foundation bitchboys in again under Tory cover.

5 year plans are what COMMUNISTS and KRIMINALS do!!!!!! You muppturds!!!!

Let’s look at it this way.

If a generous nation were to devote a portion of its national income to hand over to UKplc. Say a self imposed kebab tax aimed at a target to improve our otherwise magnificent figures and reduce our methane emissions. If that peerless nation were to do what we propose then I would wander down to their embassy and yell through the letter box.

“Don’t bother! Our rep perps will piss your money up the wall on fine wines and duck hutches. Save your cash. Spend your hard earned just as wisely upon yourselves by getting laid every night by hyudraulically assisted phukksluts. We are a pariah RICO killer state. Don’t do it!!!”

This is my opinion of my government. One of the advanced world’s leading nations where government follows best practice. Where the rule of law is paramount. I know, I know. We killed all those millions and started all those shooting matches. But we did it following the rule of law, so we can sleep at night.

So Camoron and Clegamoron what am I supposed to think about these international institutions that will be handing over our lucre to despotic shitheaps then?

You know the international institutions that are typified by clueless gormless spychaopathic psychopathic pathetic sycophantic phantacist morons like the multiple Nokia jchukker or the multiple sex criminal maid fphukker.



Image source.

Got this lot dropping by.

“We really need writers badly. After looking over your article, we really want you on our crew. We pay $35-$50 hourly. Our leading people are pulling in over $90 THOUSAND per year, writing part-time.
Please swing by and see what we have to offer. http://write.ncsall.org”

Scammers, don’t touch. Only surpise is they are USofA corp. It should be a North London sweatshop/boiler room.

The give away?

I write pish and their implied association with NCSALL. A quick wander soon proved the smellofzion is not a mirage.

If you are reading here who+dares+wings I’ve followed your refs, the Ritchie Boys deadended, and can find no definitive reason why you should have remarked within

“There were 10,000 mostly Jewish German refugee psyops soldiers trained at Fort Ritchie, Maryland as translators, interrogators, military law clerks, patent pirates and disinfo agents that were sent back into occupied Europe after the war.”

with the precise and exact use of the words “patent pirates”.

Any further pointers?

Comments are going to moderation until Fri 20th May, noon GMT, if you care to comment.

Monday 16 May 2011

sizaNi or Square Heads

Image source.

As I said a little while back The most evil man in the world reached out and today he left our surley bonds again. This passing of an age gave me pause.

I remember an old PC game where one of the wonders of the world was listed as the Apollo programme. Even then the implication of that little bauble struck me. All the civilisations of the archetypal wonders have gone. How long until the civilisation that gave us such a wonder as Apollo was gone?

Back then I never would have entertained the idea that I was musing about the wrong civilisation.

So the most evil man in the world, knee deep in the buffooonery, espionage, occult bollox and sex magik that gave us the JPL. Home of the solid fuel rocket motor.

Two boosters went up today. Crowley’s evil twins? And the space age is gone.

Over at spooked’s place we are reminded that the, seemingly, final part of the moonshot debunk hit the streets. I have to admit that I’ve enjoyed the series so far though not agreeing with the authors premise. I do however concur, though for different reasons, with the anonymous physicists argument about imprisonment. That little pickle will be rolled out over at the other shop.

So what’s my beef?

Well, and this is just a general observation, USofA corp citizens would appear to be defenceless. Even more than the Romans the USofA corp seems to be a jaffa civilisation that plays host to the zombie fungus. Not only is its bible a redacted, redaction of a highly edited, selectively pruned and fictitous body of work. Not only does the whole society approximate to one huge unholy failed stage school. Not only is the pursuits of its inhabitants entirely ritualised. There is nothing there apart from food and Babylon.

The idea that there is an active and independent critical faculty at work there is laughable. So I’ll take MacGowan’s lunar series and Laurel Canyon, to be enjoyed and absorbed, but I keep in mind always the market that it is aimed at. How can the country that brought us Glee expect anything that is to be consumed there to be taken as anything other than a bamboozled state.

Harsh? No. At least it isn’t UKplc which doesn’t even have a religion. All UKplc has is a fundamental belief in rationing.

What is of fundamental value within USofA corp is food.

I know I’m going off track but bear with me we’ll get back there soon enough.

The fundamental routines that underpin all human activity are the crop cycle and the criminal cycle. As I’ve mentioned before I don’t think it was coincidental that at the original crime scene, all of a sudden, from out of nowhere, arable farming was developed. People who bemoan and rend their clothing these days about everything going RICO don’t understand that criminal activity, based on family, is the fundamental transactional activity that defines the political economy. The west is simply being absorbed after a failed jail break.

The funny money, war, mil. technology repeat cycle of human development, overlaid with slaving, precious metals recovery, trade sacramentals, needs food. No food surplus, no war, no societal disruption malarkey and no revolutions. USofA corp has bankrolled the killing of 100millions and 100millions of the Earth’s population because of its food surlpuses. Ironic isn’t it?

Now before you get all expectorant and tell me I’m talking through my ausphart let me just say that USofA corp has been so lucky not to have evidence of this process manifest. Other countries have not been so lucky because of their having been more anciently populated and being host to this process they quickly saw it in action. Irish famine 19th C. Indian famine 20th C. Just because you live on the land from where the system needs the feedstuffs doesn’t mean you exist to that ancient occult system. No you do not. You are collateral. Just like the North American Indian.

With the funny money machine working away how else do you think that the USSR got started and lasted so long. Lenin didn’t come over all prescient when he stated that the USSR would last 70 years tops, he was getting the inside track from the guys running the show. With the money and food surpluses from USofA corp at hand they reckoned they’d finally kill off the Greek’s belief systems in two or three generations. They’d done it elsewhere in previous centuries. They were so well sorted they even got another belief system wiped out at the same time. However that second system was so strong it ran on through the technology dynamic and finally got killed in 1970 or so.

Anyway let me continue insulting the good citizens of USofA corp. Just like the Romans USofA corp has not really developed/invented anything. Unlike the Greeks, the Romans were sterile. Ergo USofA corp. Bread and killing systems, not bread and circuses, that was Rome. No wonder there is a complete usurption of the Republic. The guys that spent 2000 years trying to kill off the Greek mind and the German mind are happy now. All their world is at last a stage upon which they can perform their ritualised nonsense. That is what I saw as the last flight of the shuttle Endeavour left. STS 134. I remember 30 years ago Never A Straight Answer were telling us that the shuttle would run like a bus service. Up and down, up and down, up and down. I make that up and down, wait 3 months, up and down, wait 3 months… an average of four flights a year.

I remember there was going to be thousands of F22s, hundreds of B2s, thousands of LHX and gazzillions of F35s. No; someone’s been stalling for time. The crime cycle has been doing its work nicely.

One thing I do agree with MacGowan about is that we have been going backwards. We are de-teching.

Placing the non-linears on my one good eye and switching to night vision bankster mode what do I see?

The USofA corp didn’t go to the moon. The Germans did. They’d been at it since 1910 at least. That’s how I know we’ll find the landers and flags up there when we are allowed to return. Though the society that gets there will be unidentifiable to you and me. Von Braun and his buddies used the USofA corp industrial base to switch over from their old Peenemünde technology, that’s what the Soviets flew, bundled rockets, to liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen. Having decided to kill the German mind our criminal goons still couldn’t stop the square heads hijacking the USofA corp industrial base until 1970. Then the mystics killed it all and the sex magikians at JPL got their big fireworks off the ground.

I see the same forces that turned SE Asia into a rebellious dump in the 14th century at work today. At a time when the Chinese had sucked every last bit of resource from its satraps to go out and explore the world with its great fleets. The same forces that had turned the whole of Chinese society into an Abrahamic dump. Those same forces have been hard at work killing off USofA corp.

When else in the history of mankind did a healthy society decide to stop and regress? After having explored the wonders of a great forest, decide to stay indoors from now on and masturbate? Only when the affliction turns up and the original crime scene cyclists gets to work.

With that in mind I can make a prediction. No one is going near the moon in boots again. Not for a very, very long time. India, China, Europe, USofA corp, whomever. Forget it. All the money is to be spent here in a great big war.

The guys that ride the crop cycle and the criminal cycle need us united in one unfeasably melded unamind. That is what the MSM is for. That is what the foundations are for. The tower of Babel is being rebuilt. We are not getting off world until we all think alike. That process will require a primitivisation of the planet. A necessary backwardisation. Cultural amnesia. Extinction of nonreligiokriminal compliant belief.

Now that’s what I like about our faux diversity and manufactured inclusivity culture.

It really is occult.

Sunday 15 May 2011




Image source.

They were as tight as spray on jeans in a hyperbaric chamber. As exacting as a lasing cavity. They were, that night when I saw them at the Brixton Academy in 1991, my ideal of geezers with drums, guitars and a shouty frontman.

Goat as warm up act.

Everything smooth and noisy. Everything running to schedule. Nothing dropped. Perfect execution. All of us bevvied and happy.

Nothing out of place.

In the unreal world however things and thongs are different. Lie upon massacre upon genocide upon untruth upon fabrication upon lie upon murder upon lie upon fantasy until the root crime is met. The iCSi.

Things are inexact in the iLiarworld, Iquantum. Though measured there is a margin of error. Nothing can be stated with exactitude. Especially if there is engineered error. Thongs can slip and reveal a crack in the orchestrated madness. A starfish of absurdity. Five pointed, pentangled, dangleberries.

This is the background modus to our lives. Their desired buzz.

No amount of fingering, pencil pushing and lubrazol will get those loose ends, the unwanted hang outs back into the dungey cavity again.

So the actors, the trubadors and assorted masked ballers of confusion are called upon to muddy the stiffed waters. The Bamboozeltron is wanked up again within the Herd Attention Space.

“What we have here is a failure to communicate” the Common Purpose weal. Isn’t that so Cressida?

I don’t know where you think you live but I live in the world that does not exist in media coverage. In that world I can clearly watch and observe DIicke’s Keystone Coppery preposition at work.

If one were to dig enough, his graven theorem would be grave theory.

I know contract electricians. I know their look, their smell and their habits. I know the imported autochthonous sparky inphase. Have you ever seen contract electricians getting out of TfPL? I have.

As I said, Stan’s message is administered to others. The lead pill cares not where it falls, just so long as the canaries do not sing that there might not be amnesia in the gold mine.

I wonder who might have iBeen working on the ODIGO network in RCE/LC? That day.


Friday 13 May 2011

Again. I Don’t want to disturb your self satisfied dystopia but….

The new organisation must achieve significant running cost reductions, improve estate utilisation and drive further estate rationalisation and commercialisation opportunities. Through the sale of surplus land and buildings and other efficiency measures, the DIO aims to deliver savings of some £1.2bn over the next four years.

We are broke. So who’s going to get to convert our land into gated communities or barbed wire estates? Who’s got the readies to hand over to secrete all this away. Turn it into private pervertion palaces for their rich mates?

As I hinted yesterday who gives a flying one for some geezer who can turn out millions of ceramic seeds and get the arty farty commentistas to have a hissy fit whilst giving their gangster owners MSM cover. He’s knee deep in money laundering. That’s what modern art is. A cover story of part of international money laundering. That is why modern art looks, and in some cases is actually shit, and yet gets valued in its weight in gold.

Can you see a Standard and Poors or Moody’s link here? Any bells ringing?

Big men in pyjamas. Shit. Yet worth their weight in gold.

Khazari Mafia , Khazari gangster bankster bitchboy money laundering.

So as I said who’s got the readies to buy up our country and keep us in our hovels?

BTW UKplc are you not insulted that we have the smallest shitholes to live in, on average, in the EU?

iUK the stupidest nation on the planet. No wonder you welcome the iGULAG.

Nothing needs to change that you will notice. It will all happen naturally.

Go on then when you live on state hand outs how are you going to afford a passport to get out of the dump when the “agency” running the scam askes for £2000 to hand the thing over?

That reminds me of my cider swilling mate relating how his mother got her Nigerian driving license. Being a good old Brit she naively thought all she had to do was tool up to the Nigerian equivalent of the local PO and get paper work duly processed.


Luckily for his mother he quickly clued her in. She was doubly lucky in that at that time ordinary Brits had real cash. Not state handout commie Credits.

This is what you’ve got to look forward to internationally in the UN and any other NGO/NWO organisation.

If you want to know what iUKplc will look like in 20 years time for the ordinary Brit go read about what life was like for the South Vietnamese in 1976. Only for iUKplc there will be nowhere to escape to.

You WILL be iGREEN or dead.

Thursday 12 May 2011

Don’t want to disturb your self satisfied dystopia but….

The new organisation must achieve significant running cost reductions, improve estate utilisation and drive further estate rationalisation and commercialisation opportunities. Through the sale of surplus land and buildings and other efficiency measures, the DIO aims to deliver savings of some £1.2bn over the next four years.

We are broke. So who’s going to get to convert our land into gated communities or barbed wire estates? Who’s got the readies to hand over to secrete all this away. Turn it into private pervertion palaces for their rich mates?

As I hinted yesterday who gives a flying one for some geezer who can turn out millions of ceramic seeds and get the arty farty commiecommentistas to have a hissy fit whilst giving their gangster owners MSM cover. He’s knee deep in money laundering. That’s what modern art is. A cover story of part of international money laundering. That is why modern art looks, and in some cases is actually shit, and yet gets valued in its weight in gold.

Can you see a Standard and Poors or Moody's link here? Any bells ringing?

Big men in pyjamas. Shit. Yet worth their weight in gold.

Khazari Mafia , gangster Khazari bankster bitchboy money laundering.

So as I said who’s got the readies to buy up our country and keep us in our hovels?

BTW UKplc are you not insulted that we have the smallest shitholes to live in, on average, in the EU?

iUK the stupidest nation on the planet. No wonder we welcome the iGULAG.

Nothing needs to change that we will notice. It will all happen naturally.

Go on then when you live on state hand outs how are you going to afford a passport to get out of the dump when the “agency” running the scam askes for £2000 to hand the thing over?

That reminds me of my cider swilling mate relating how his mother got her Nigerian driving license. Being a good old Brit she naively thought all she had to do was tool up to the Nigerian equivalent of the local PO and get paper work duly processed.


Luckily for his mother he quickly clued her in. She was doubley lucky in that at that time ordinary Brits had real cash. Not state handout commie Credits.

This is what you’ve got to look forward to internationally in the UN and any other NGO/NWO organisation.

If you want to know what iUKplc will look like in 20 years time for the ordinary Brit go read about what life was like for the South Vietnamese in 1976. Only for iUKplc there will be nowhere to escape to.

You WILL be iGREEN or dead.

That is the SOROS, ROCK/ROTH and Babylon plan.

Wednesday 11 May 2011

Found myself watching C4 Newsfhart this evening….

Which is worse, dum dum lead or a geezer into bronze?

Well I’ll ask again.

Which is worse, cutting up a fellow road user or cutting up a family?

OK perhaps I’m being a bit obtuse, so once again.

Which is worse, crybaby latte bitchboy or your favourite slaveretailer?

Those of you reading here regularly, know the answer.

However just in case any newbies happen across this splurge of graffittinunc. I’ll give a very brief vignette for the further consideration of, in the thunderbox at a later, more free, loose moment.

Sometime in 2025 after the disasters stopped.

Parsley is iGREEN, one of the new iGREEN iPIONEERS. Parsley loves to be Parsley and looks forward to joining the rest of the iPIONEERS on shift in the New iWorld Complex. Parsley's task is very complicated and therefore arduous. Not everyone can be iPIONEER. Parsley is iPROUD.

Already pressed for time Parsley arrives at the facility, just outside Genoa, and swiftly settles down for briefing. Today’s remote target is in the southern Tibeto-Burman no fly zone, north of the mouth of the Brahmaputra. Familiar territory to Parsley. The autochthonic savages are still lighting animal ordure fires in that region and despite many, many times being asked to desist they refuse to comply with UN i-Statute. They are to be suppressed until extinction or full compliance. Parsley likes getting them in the evening when they huddle round for whatever disgusting shit passes for food out there. Parsley is good. Promoted three times in the past 18 months and Top Gun. Bucking for promotion and of course another 10,000 Soros to the credit account every Rock/RothNewMonth.

After a 12 hour mission in the saddle Parsley emerges from the suite’s weapon system interface. 100,000 of the stone age savages removed. Another big rainbow star on the side of the Parsley's seat next mission. Phukin’ A. Elated Parsley gets out of the boothe and heads for the shower hall. On the way, there is a bing-bong in Parsley’s i-EAR.

Parsley has got i-mail. Traffic violation. 100,000 Soros fine and two days out to retake the vehicle persuasion certificate of iGREENness. Bollox!!! Well it had been a rush getting into the facilty that morning. Damn, and a spotless driving license gone for good.

Oh well tomorrow is another day. Parsley will apply for transfer to go down town, into the alley no fly zone in Kolkata. Perhaps DumDum, that’s a hot spot where kills are rated two orders of magnitude more signifivacant. Parsley has targets to hit and is incentivised though perhaps no longer civilised. Oh yes!!! Defended of course but the rewards are so much greater. Who gives a fuck. No stinking traffic violation or bunch of shit shuvvelling primatives is getting in the way of Parsley ordering a baby-in-a-box for delivery 2030.

God Parsley loves the iPIONEERS. When SeeMoose is delivered it will be going straight into an iPIONEERnursery. Parsley should have got to 1 star rank by then and it will be admin from there on in. iSWEET.

Any idea what kind of nightmare world we are wandering into? This is what will pass for normality in the iSHITHOUSE of the world.


I’ll let the Stoker finish this off.

Tuesday 10 May 2011

YooHooo oh Europe, WTFU!!!!

Image source.

If what Tarpley is saying about the nuclear unbrella of Pakistan being extended over Saudi Arabia is true, then we now know what the rush to install and leave the hardware behind in RCE/TA was all about.

We are not supposed to think these thoughts because we are dumbed down MSM addicted fools but if you don’t wake up to the threat from Turkey, who’ll be getting Pak nukes on ChiComm missiles if we are not careful, there will be a furthering of the blackmail state we are currently imprisoned within.

Oh you think not! So when did you last think the unthinkable? That’s what the foundation think tanks do to make sure we are constantly on the back foot.

Turkey secular?

What you forget is that there is only a secular movement out in the sand box, faux of course because RCE/TA is rabid fundementalist Rothschild godsquad, the only reason that reason has been a strong modifier of rabid belief systems is because there was once a benign force at work in the world. That benign force was the decency of the ordinary USofA corp citizen.

Those good folks that got dragged into the Big One are gone now. So the rabid godsquid genie is back out of the bottle.

Look at this from Rothschild’s godlike perspective. If, as I believe, the sacramental weapons are to be used only at the most opportune moments under total Rothschild control (after all he paid for the tech. in the first place and he has ownership of them ALL, viewed from his perspective of course) then it is his god given mission to use them to further the NWO NOAHide agenda. His perspective is now, at last, global. His reach is unbounded and he’s gone skrypto.

Oh Europe, your bankers are not of you, they are of Babylon. You are under occupation and are going to be taken down. Just like Rome.

In the transition from Republic to Empire, Rome emptied of its aboriginals. The Roman citizen was killed far from home in the legions and their birth rate declined compared to the freed slaves from Babylon who inhabited Rome in the majority very quickly and then took power.

As I said earlier history does not repeat, but patterns do get recycled.

Go on, look at who’s in charge of the west now.

Where are your banksters from?

Got it?