Tuesday 10 May 2011

Hit or Miss.

Isn’t the moon beautiful tonight. Shining bright like a gorgeous phase conjugate mirror. Placed just so, no more, no less. Shaped to contact our eye.


Oh yes we were there once.

Well it is very easy to calculate but very difficult to achieve. The slightest miscalculation, the slightest perturbation and you could miss by thousands of miles or obliterate yourself in impact.

Remember that penalty you were going to take last week in the game? Yes that one. Remember how you missed really badly? That was a slight miscalculation on your part. Yes the bump in the grass was indeed a slight perturbation. Got it?

The Soviets found that out that it was very, very difficult to get it right using conventional Newtonian mechanics….

Oh. They were…

Well let me explain a little of the background.

Before you were born the world was split into good guys and bad guys. Two groups. Yes. Like cowboys and indians. Yepp. Or like Jedi and Sith.

No, Newton wasn’t Jedi or Sith. No, he wasn’t a Soviet. Hold on. Newton was a famous scientist. No, not like Will Smith.

Look, let’s just look at the moon. Yes it is very bright. There used to be two you know….pardon? Yes it is getting cold. I’m tired too. Let’s go and get some hot choclate then. Soon be time for beddy-byes.

You go in first. I see mummy is boiling the milk. I’ll just stay out a little longer and stare up at the night sky. Off you go. Watch your step. No I don’t need the torch, you take it. Close the back door behind you.

When I was his age the good guys were us. How the hell did we metamorphose into the bad guys?