Wednesday 4 May 2011

Who’s taking the piss out of whom?

Homophobic hate crime?

What kind of father would give away his lovely, educated daughter to a gay?

Assisting the dealing in WMD?

Tell me Kristalina who’s going to make sure none of the money goes to put Pak nukes from China on Saudi missiles from China. How much fuel is the Pak AF going to spend on aviation fuel and bombs there then?

BTW EU muppets just how much free dosh is getting handed to the ChiComms in waived iGREEN taxes? You know ChiCommland don’t you? The slaver Commie state where Clinton sent all the jobs.


More WTF?

Yet more of an interminably long list of WTF ?

Just who is poor around here?

Noone East of Aden then, all their cash hasn’t been stolen by the Rock/Roth banksters.