Sunday 8 May 2011

God bless the Lame Cherry.

LC has been on my shop's bloglist for 2 years now. Ever since the first day my original dump fired up and I started dumping my arsebarph and green smoke all over the ausphart.

LC has been commented upon several times here and at the other shop but never has he yet really got as in synch with my thoughts as he did today.

No one has commented on this, and I have swaatched every mil spec and other blog and site out here since the vagina monologues started last weekend.

He nailed it bang on here.

“…blew it up and left the tail complete.”

That thing is not only a stealth tail, that thing has some very special tech. that will allow the ChiComms to hammer together the high spec rotorcraft the hyper littoral war will require.

I don’t need to say more.

Take it away LC.

Child Abuser Barack Hussein Obama