Wednesday 4 May 2011

What is wrong with this picture? iGREEN iCHANGE. A road trip part 7.

The learned and Reduced Instruction Set Criminals.

I cannot remember now who it was that wrote the following summary. It sounds like Alan Watt, though the intemperate language is so unAlan. AW is very careful not to say certain things lest he catch a Red Canadian Lead Pill. It may have been someone in the Incogman orbit, the white supremacist angle would indicate so. Anyway whomever it was this is the jist of their statement. A paraphrase but you’ll get the idea.

“Those men who went to war in 1939 went to war to preserve their nation. To maintain the status quo ante. They did not go to war to turn their country into a de-industrialised hemidemisemicommunist multikulti heathen shithole.

You see those men who strapped themselves into obsolete aircraft, rusting merchant marine, worn out old warships and primitive tanks, these brave men wanted UKplc to stay free as they would recognise it. Empire and all.”

I agree that is what they fought the bankster sponsored Wehrmacht and the comedy routine new religion fronted by Himmler for.

However not one of these matelots and Tommies suspected, I think, that they and their beliefs were to be gotten rid of. Sharpish like. Pronto. PDQ. Just like the erstwhile opponents were to be finally cleansed from history after the Varian mess 1900 years previously. Oh yes that is bankster time frames.

Once you start thinking like a bankster two things become clear.

1) They are a selective suicide death cult.

2) One can glimpse who they strive for and why.

So looking back, with my bankster goggles on, some of recent history makes more sense. For example the school text book version of the last Big One has the hordes of Hun storming all over the place and getting right royally whipped at the end because they were a bunch of evil bastards.

We’ll need to pick a place to start this narrative to try and illustrate the falsity of the above schoolboy history malarkey. A history mind you that pays big money to those who can do the mental gymnastics to keep that faux pony show on the road in the madrassas. Indeed these days there are good book deals and TV series to be had for the more socially skilled amongst this intellectual cadre. Who in their right minds would want to queer that pitch after collecting a PhD and a chair.

Anyway my random point of choice is Moscow. Specifically Moscow December 1941.

The Wehrmacht is stalled.

Let us have a look at the twin actors.

On the one hand we’ve got a bunch of killer commie Khazars who’ve been getting stacks of bankster lucre shovelled at them from the Rothschild Fed Reserve bankster gangsters in New York (RCE/NY). Machine shops, capital goods and tractor factories built to keep this worker’s paradise busy 24/7, all on Uncle Sam. Food stuffs shipped to them, because they couldn’t feed themselves, they deliberately killed their farmers (non compliant bankster wise; check out Anna Louise Strong), in this paradise on earth, all from the bread basket of the world in the North American great plains. Cultural exchanges and freebies for the CCCP card carriers and imprisonment for all the rest of the proles. Invites to hang out with top knobs at conferences and assorted shindigs. All this as they went about massacring people who didn’t think bankster.

And just what was this psychotic psycho murderer’s paradise up to with these tractor factories running night and day?

Aside No7. The legend that the Commie weapons plants were upped and moved to the Urals in a lightning programme without any warning in 1941 is total and utter specious bollox. For there would have been no need for a planned Uralbomber for the Luftwaffe in the mid 1930s if so. Indeed the legend has the same stink about it as the assorted Muslim geezers with Stanley knives taking down the Twins. The whoremasters must think we’ve all contracted syphilis through too prolonged contact with their MSM bitchboytrollops and boybitchhookers.

As I was saying, just what was rolling out of the skryptocrypto Commie tractor plants in the 1930s? Well tens of thousands of brand spanking new tanks, machine guns and warplanes. At that time I think the number of tanks in the UKplc & Frogland AG approximated to several dozen old bangers. USofA corp didn’t have any real tanks at all! Don’t forget that we had been plunged into a depression and there was NO MONEY, repeat NO MONEY. Anywhere. Funny how a shed load of it turned up, all miraculous like, to start flooding the world with Spitfires, P47s, Essex Class, Shermans and high explosives shortly there after.

Funny that.

Any idea what these new sociopathic Commie machines might have been for? It cannot be too far fetched to speculate that there must have been a big Red Marxist master plan, similar to that of the Warsaw Pact in the 1960s and 1970s. The WarPac plan that had the Operational Manoeuvre Groups on the beaches of Spain and Portugal within 2 weeks of kicking in the door on the West German border. British chicken coups not withstanding. I needn’t remind you that so much was deliberately “losted” in the Big One so perhaps the pre-war documentation will never surface. Looking through my bankster goggles the pissing around in 1945 and the dropping of the iron curtain conveniently induced a state of amnesia for Europe as a whole, and left us prey to such fictions as the so called holocaust straight off the screen writers’ guild of America’s fevered imaginings. So I reckon that back in the late 1930s there was a plan to have us all speaking Commie bankster. Somewhere in Epping Forest there would most likely have been our equivalent of Katyn Wood. Never forget Stalin rolled through Poland in 1939 as well with full gangster bankster permission. Stinking Red bastards. So another load of non compliant unbelievers could get wiped off the planet.

As I said stinking Red Commie Rothschild bankster Khazi Khazari sociopathic schytzoid murdering skryptocryptopsychofreaks.

So we’ve got the USSR, a bankster construct, fully bankster compliant, speaking and thinking bankster and the previous belief systems, totally bankster non compliant, removed because everyone who thought non bankster was killed off by the OGPU and CHEKA Kazhars, run as a war economy, on the one hand.

On the other hand there are the Square Heads. The eeeeevil Hun. Here we find surprise, surprise another newly introduced gangster bankster compliant belief system designed to kill off the aboriginal belief systems of the Germans. All administered by the high priest Himmler. However the real sin committed by the good burghers of Berlin, Breslau, Konigsberg and Hamburg was to be potentially much better at being good banksters than the current initiates. Being hard working, inventive and scientific they were the potential masters of Europe. Not indolent, fat fucking rent boys parked up in palaces, brothels and gentlemen’s clubs just off The Strand or Broadway. So they had to be got rid off before that happened.

If what Tarpley says about the plan being kicked off in mid 19th century by Victoria’s eldest, sidelining Bismarck, then my bankster goggles fit their timeframes nicely. It would be only after a first war to drain the centre of Europe, again, that the killer blow would be administered. As Varus found to his cost the geezers in the Tuetoberg were well hard and not stupid. No mistakes this time round. Weaken them first and then remove them from history. Not a defeat on the field, surrender and then occupation. No that was so 18th century. No complete obliteration. That would of course need reengineering of the morals,modes and values of any future opponents. That’s right us, in the Hurricanes and Colony class cruisers.

Although not as well developed as the RISC recipe of Marxism, the Jesuit inspired mystical system adopted by the black attired chicken man, was brought in to replace all other forms of worship and had the very same outcome in mind. An atomised humanity forever bereft of any dimensions other than those required to fit into a perfectly proscribed space in the machine. Everyone was going into the machine eventually, god botherers, masons, intellectuals and especially Slavs. However two things differentiate the Nazi method from the Commie method of doing exactly the same work for the gangster banksters of killing off everyone who didn’t think and speak purest gangster.

Firstly the method, though brutal in parts of its dynamic, was to be realised through the example of leadership. Slowly at first but with increasing pace as the obvious “benefits” could not be denied. A realisation of all the 19th century UKplc bollox about eugenics and master race. Unfortunately Himmler and crew didn’t know that the banksters had other ideas and that the goosesteppers had very little shelf life. The brutal side of the regime was pure slavery in work camps, a manifestation of the Malthusian and Ricardoan theories long espoused in UKplc.

Secondly Germany was at peace, not war.

OK I know that 90% of those of you that have made it this far, that will be 90% of ten, are now rolling your eyes and thinking “He’s gone off his scone again. There we were, hoping that the relative lack of blogging was because, at last, Nannie McPhee had broken into the day nursery and confiscated all his playthings and he’d had some strong horse pills and a sound birching, to knock some sense into him, administered. But no. He has left the building.”

So to you, the remaining soul still staying the course, I would say this. (For USofA corp the relevant year would be 1992).

Think back to 1997 when our saviour turned up. Think over what has happened ever since. There has been peace accompanied by a rolling series of operations. We have not been at war with anyone. We have not declared war. However the ammunition bill has been mighty. We have been at peace even though the bodies of dead troopers are paraded through our towns every week. We bury our fallen every day. We have been peacefully killing the aboriginals, autochthonics and natives all over the world, in the name of freedom. Bringing to them the peace of the graveyard.

No one in this country is in a bellicose mood. No one wants to go and napalm the foe into the stone age. Everyone wants peace. The politicos know that their job is to keep the flow of HD TVs, PS3s, Wiis and assorted good things crammed into our attention spaces otherwise we might wise up pronto, torch Goebbels’ Gobshite Towers and ask just WTF is going on?

This state of affairs will continue, this rotten peace, this stinking pax Atlantica, until we realise a gates of Moscow moment.

Then it will all be over and the security state will lock us down.

That’s what happened in the years up to December 1941 for the Hun. The Nazi state could only exist as a peactime economy because his knibs the little corporal was too politically weak, so his advisers told him, to stop handing over the consumer goods to the German volk. Shortly thereafter it got really serious and the White Rose gang , amongst others, got a call from the Lead Pill Pharmacy or off to help further Malthusian/Ricardoan theory in the slaver camps hammering together the Wunderwaffe. At last the nation would be cleansed of undesirables and everyone would speak gangster bankster. Nazi bastards. Gangster bankster scum.

Now I don’t know about you but I’ve always been much more interested in the advisors around the little corporal than the trim mustachioed, cousin murdering, sexually conflicted, Knight’s cross bearer himself. You see through my bankster goggles when I look at Europe aflame I don’t see UKplc under extreme travel restrictions and blacked out. I see a RCE/LC with a balance of payments crisis, as always, trying to sort it out with gunfire and sniper and, as always, fooling others to spill their blood and guts in the main. I don’t see the Maquis waiting for Lysanders every night. I don’t see barbed wire and Alsatian dogs waiting for Steve McQueen to finally get over the wire into Switzerland on his motorbike. I don’t see bomber streams getting cut down by Jazz Musik. I see aircrew getting shot down on the cheap by the same Malthusian/Ricardoan/Darwinian bollox getting played out in Manchester as in the Kapo camps.

I see 6 years of top knobs living it up on secret air routes into Switzerland, Sweden, Spain and Turkey. The air abuzz with rich connected inbreds getting ferried around in the fastest modes of tranpsort. Now I don’t know about you but that sounds like the usual 1920s social whirl for our betters. Sun and sand in the summer, skiing and schnapps in the winter. Oh and bearing in mind that we know everything belongs to the banksters who do you reckon controlled all the telephone lines and short burst radio systems in this shuttered down, blacked out continent. Do you seriously expect me to believe that the trombone out of the Reich Chancellory was not able to be connected to the BoE when required? The lines were abuzz I’ll bet with very discrete situation reports and sabotage instructions at the very highest level. Which of course included manipulating a certain WW1 gas victim’s ego and sabotaging his thought process.

Which randomly brings me to this geezer who has got a mention here before. Note how he swans through a charmed life and we aren’t supposed to do anything other than get bored and turned off by the technicalities of how he helped the Nazi regime fund itself. How after Herr Morgenstrudel dissed the RCE/NY banksters and their so called German Jewish frontmen on his election in 1933 a war on Germany by Judea was called forth and Herr Glockenschpeil saved the day by getting the Nazi’s their own magik money press up and running to lead the country to ruin and oblivion.

Well that is the legend. However you and me, me and you, we know that if the Herr Reichsmarkpeddler hadn’t been given a very special note from matron to do so, the RCE/LC would have had him visited by the Rotten Kreuz for receipt of a load of special heavy metal from the Pharmacy. Don’t we?

That brings us to the crux of the matter. In all the history books I’ve read, all the documentaries I’ve watched and all the films I seen no one has ever stated the obvious.

The celestial mechanic worshipping gangster banksters, working to a schedule, gave the Nazis a hunting license to fabricate their own Nazi money without the usual gangster bankster overhead because that was the only way to get the Germans armed heavily enough, quickly enough so that the ensuing Big One would be so destructive enough as to allow for the complete annihilation of the non conformist banksters and the unbelieving, frighteningly technically competent, aboriginal culture through total war and unconditional surrender. Only the Nazis didn’t know that and almost, almost got away with it.

So by 1945 the world had changed completely and a new age more compliant with banking laws was ushered into the west. Orthodox Russians gone, Teutons finished. Everything from Vladivostock to Seattle bankster compliant.



“OK smart arse” I hear, you the lone reader here thinking, “All you’ve done is made stuff up. What has that got to do with the price of cheese?”

Well as I headed out of that fore court in the Lake District and on into a squal I thought to myself that even though history does not repeat itself there are patterns that recur.

No matter how far apart the spacing. I make it 1939 years between the victory in the Teutoberg to the fall of Berlin. The celestial mechanic worshippers who hail out of Babylon and have manifest in many flavours over the millenia await the cycles to affect human behaviour in the aggregate. They have all the time in the world because unlike us who are engineered to be inconsequentially aspiritual, they can see the results of their beliefs in action. They really believe, really and truly, so much so that the drones going about their daily worship at the workplace and weekly ceremony at the shopping mall have absolutely no idea. So profound is the certainty of our ignorance. Our unflinching, unthinking conviction of our learned routine stupidity.

Aside No8. If you do not think bankster you will be removed from this world by a bankster created system designed to comply with their morals.

If any of the above bollox has any merit then I should be able to apply the lessons I believe can be learned in the past to the present, I thought.

Well if you read through the article above headed by Pinochet and Stroesser you should know that I’ve wondered if the ChiComms have been given their own hunting license. They are now fully NOAHide compliant. Much more so than the Soviets or Nazis ever were and are the Soros favourite model for all our futures. If that is the case, and their rise from basketcase to industrial powerhouse has been augmented by a lack of universal banker overhead just like the Schacht Nazis, then they are slated for something.

Taking down USofA corp? No, not yet. Though there will be a need to create manoeuvre room by rolling back the USofA corp influence in Asia. Anyway the vacuum that is consumer driven heathenism in USofA corp means that the population there are fully bankster compliant. Go on. When will they burn down the Fed? Not a chance in hell.

No there is one more civilisation that is in need of removal of its ancient beliefs and non bankster compliant population. Yes the Hindus. No matter how nice they might be. No matter how pleasant their company. No matter how much you might enjoy their cuisine. No matter how important their traditions and ancient scriptures. The crazy guys with the funny money machine need them removed. My bankster goggles see them as next on the pyre. I mean look at it from a celestial bankster perspective. These guys in Bangalore and Delhi are asking for a good pummelling. Just like the Imperial Russians and the Square Heads. They pay too much attention to other gods.

So back to us, descendents of the chaps with quick reflexes and huge moustaches, strapped into Mosquitos and Lancasters. Guys stuck on a bridge in the deep Atlantic with nothing but a mug of tea and depth charges to occupy the storm between outbreaks of utter melee. The geezers in the, never quite got sorted, tanks hoping not to get brewed up by Jerry. What about us? Are we home free because we believe in bankster scams?

Nah. What do you think? Whatever we go get shot for in the next one. No matter how much we hide in our drone sheds killing by remote. Whatever it is we try and defend, it will be gone when the shooting match finishes and so will we. We still don’t think straight. We still need to be Iron Mountained. We’ll be replaced by the newly engineered concensus sought by the fools with the phantom abacuses.

Aspects of this new human state are clearly manifest in the quietly running foundation scams. The basis of which is profoundly anti science and a rejection of technology. Those of us who believe in engineeering, sound scientific method and the benefits of technology are currently non bankster compliant I reckon. The celestial mechanics are changing again and their god has spoken.

As I’ve speculated before, because the lethality space will be so deadly and all encompassing next time round and the body count so huge, the human trauma will be so massive that Maurice Strong believes he will finally get us into our little shacks where we will be so scared to move that the iGREEN god will be pleased.

Maurice, Rockefeller, Gorbachev et al you can all go get to fuck.

You don’t scare me and I with 7 billion others despise you. How does it feel to be so unpopular you crowd of unstuffed muppets? We are going to bring a gown. A gown of our shared and distributed learning and only we can wear it for you bunch of parasitic fat bastards are unfit for purpose. With our gown we are going to leave you all alone with your looney god, all alone and redundant.