Monday 16 May 2011

sizaNi or Square Heads

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As I said a little while back The most evil man in the world reached out and today he left our surley bonds again. This passing of an age gave me pause.

I remember an old PC game where one of the wonders of the world was listed as the Apollo programme. Even then the implication of that little bauble struck me. All the civilisations of the archetypal wonders have gone. How long until the civilisation that gave us such a wonder as Apollo was gone?

Back then I never would have entertained the idea that I was musing about the wrong civilisation.

So the most evil man in the world, knee deep in the buffooonery, espionage, occult bollox and sex magik that gave us the JPL. Home of the solid fuel rocket motor.

Two boosters went up today. Crowley’s evil twins? And the space age is gone.

Over at spooked’s place we are reminded that the, seemingly, final part of the moonshot debunk hit the streets. I have to admit that I’ve enjoyed the series so far though not agreeing with the authors premise. I do however concur, though for different reasons, with the anonymous physicists argument about imprisonment. That little pickle will be rolled out over at the other shop.

So what’s my beef?

Well, and this is just a general observation, USofA corp citizens would appear to be defenceless. Even more than the Romans the USofA corp seems to be a jaffa civilisation that plays host to the zombie fungus. Not only is its bible a redacted, redaction of a highly edited, selectively pruned and fictitous body of work. Not only does the whole society approximate to one huge unholy failed stage school. Not only is the pursuits of its inhabitants entirely ritualised. There is nothing there apart from food and Babylon.

The idea that there is an active and independent critical faculty at work there is laughable. So I’ll take MacGowan’s lunar series and Laurel Canyon, to be enjoyed and absorbed, but I keep in mind always the market that it is aimed at. How can the country that brought us Glee expect anything that is to be consumed there to be taken as anything other than a bamboozled state.

Harsh? No. At least it isn’t UKplc which doesn’t even have a religion. All UKplc has is a fundamental belief in rationing.

What is of fundamental value within USofA corp is food.

I know I’m going off track but bear with me we’ll get back there soon enough.

The fundamental routines that underpin all human activity are the crop cycle and the criminal cycle. As I’ve mentioned before I don’t think it was coincidental that at the original crime scene, all of a sudden, from out of nowhere, arable farming was developed. People who bemoan and rend their clothing these days about everything going RICO don’t understand that criminal activity, based on family, is the fundamental transactional activity that defines the political economy. The west is simply being absorbed after a failed jail break.

The funny money, war, mil. technology repeat cycle of human development, overlaid with slaving, precious metals recovery, trade sacramentals, needs food. No food surplus, no war, no societal disruption malarkey and no revolutions. USofA corp has bankrolled the killing of 100millions and 100millions of the Earth’s population because of its food surlpuses. Ironic isn’t it?

Now before you get all expectorant and tell me I’m talking through my ausphart let me just say that USofA corp has been so lucky not to have evidence of this process manifest. Other countries have not been so lucky because of their having been more anciently populated and being host to this process they quickly saw it in action. Irish famine 19th C. Indian famine 20th C. Just because you live on the land from where the system needs the feedstuffs doesn’t mean you exist to that ancient occult system. No you do not. You are collateral. Just like the North American Indian.

With the funny money machine working away how else do you think that the USSR got started and lasted so long. Lenin didn’t come over all prescient when he stated that the USSR would last 70 years tops, he was getting the inside track from the guys running the show. With the money and food surpluses from USofA corp at hand they reckoned they’d finally kill off the Greek’s belief systems in two or three generations. They’d done it elsewhere in previous centuries. They were so well sorted they even got another belief system wiped out at the same time. However that second system was so strong it ran on through the technology dynamic and finally got killed in 1970 or so.

Anyway let me continue insulting the good citizens of USofA corp. Just like the Romans USofA corp has not really developed/invented anything. Unlike the Greeks, the Romans were sterile. Ergo USofA corp. Bread and killing systems, not bread and circuses, that was Rome. No wonder there is a complete usurption of the Republic. The guys that spent 2000 years trying to kill off the Greek mind and the German mind are happy now. All their world is at last a stage upon which they can perform their ritualised nonsense. That is what I saw as the last flight of the shuttle Endeavour left. STS 134. I remember 30 years ago Never A Straight Answer were telling us that the shuttle would run like a bus service. Up and down, up and down, up and down. I make that up and down, wait 3 months, up and down, wait 3 months… an average of four flights a year.

I remember there was going to be thousands of F22s, hundreds of B2s, thousands of LHX and gazzillions of F35s. No; someone’s been stalling for time. The crime cycle has been doing its work nicely.

One thing I do agree with MacGowan about is that we have been going backwards. We are de-teching.

Placing the non-linears on my one good eye and switching to night vision bankster mode what do I see?

The USofA corp didn’t go to the moon. The Germans did. They’d been at it since 1910 at least. That’s how I know we’ll find the landers and flags up there when we are allowed to return. Though the society that gets there will be unidentifiable to you and me. Von Braun and his buddies used the USofA corp industrial base to switch over from their old Peenemünde technology, that’s what the Soviets flew, bundled rockets, to liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen. Having decided to kill the German mind our criminal goons still couldn’t stop the square heads hijacking the USofA corp industrial base until 1970. Then the mystics killed it all and the sex magikians at JPL got their big fireworks off the ground.

I see the same forces that turned SE Asia into a rebellious dump in the 14th century at work today. At a time when the Chinese had sucked every last bit of resource from its satraps to go out and explore the world with its great fleets. The same forces that had turned the whole of Chinese society into an Abrahamic dump. Those same forces have been hard at work killing off USofA corp.

When else in the history of mankind did a healthy society decide to stop and regress? After having explored the wonders of a great forest, decide to stay indoors from now on and masturbate? Only when the affliction turns up and the original crime scene cyclists gets to work.

With that in mind I can make a prediction. No one is going near the moon in boots again. Not for a very, very long time. India, China, Europe, USofA corp, whomever. Forget it. All the money is to be spent here in a great big war.

The guys that ride the crop cycle and the criminal cycle need us united in one unfeasably melded unamind. That is what the MSM is for. That is what the foundations are for. The tower of Babel is being rebuilt. We are not getting off world until we all think alike. That process will require a primitivisation of the planet. A necessary backwardisation. Cultural amnesia. Extinction of nonreligiokriminal compliant belief.

Now that’s what I like about our faux diversity and manufactured inclusivity culture.

It really is occult.