Monday 28 February 2011

Where do these fools work in the pirate ship to get so much lucre?

Part of this canister of crap is on the Tithed GGT 2night.

You have to ask two things about 21st century UKplc.

1.) How British is UKplc?

2.) How much education can these people actually take on board?

Cameron might be correct in abolishing education completely. Older societies would never fall for this tired old shit which has been going on for 2500 years at least, in the Aussie Phoenicians’ basin. In mature, affliction and disease resistant societies you have to do this and destroy all property and food supply to kill the chthoniclearned.

Funnily enough just north and east of the line where the oxen plough could till the land after the Roman legions had departed, all that happened.

The Ziggurat Line.

This degenerated obsessional theft with food and land is the level to which property ownership(?) will reduce in the UKplc until everything is communitarian. Thanks to Prescott and his Victorian packing densities.(I’ll bet you never missed a gear change whilst on illumined, wooded, wildley, widely chosen lands).

However the stealing and killing machine’s eternal tax will be handed over to the unlanded and nonpropertied gods. The chosen soiled unearthed.

Market clearing will take care of it all, right here, right now. As planned. BOOOOOOoooomm!!!!


D-Wag D Dawg

First they gave us Big Dawg and the creepzoid videos.

Now we’ve got D-Kitty to worry about.

These things might get smarter than us but they’ll never be intelligent. Having said that they’ll be the last things “alive” on the battle field, feeding off the fallen.

Now that is a scarey transhumanist prospectus.

Saturday 26 February 2011

Pious Pirate

There is no point bitching about glass ceilings as you empty your flute , barren you would terminate us. Sinking the last glass over the unborn and unalived.

Opus Dei Bitch.

Conforted, comtraband, smug druggling agent of death.

Enjoy your shut iCSi.

I know you won’t get it until you get of your knees solventress.

Thursday 24 February 2011

Monday 21 February 2011

Back on the trail.

Pompeii where the aboriginal houses were sub divided as the population became poor. Immersed in Rome.

Smaller living cells.

What CAF doesn’t reveal is telling.

Enjoy the smaller world of Victorian England USofA dorph.

Sunday 20 February 2011

Massive Ordnance Penetrator

Two big reads.

Tarpley on Egypt. Significant for his lack of ChiComm analysis.

The sore spot of Aus to gettting left out on a limb again, i.e. abandoned by the RCE/LC, makes their whiskers very sensitive to ChiComm malarky. I intended posting some of the content used here in another item relating to Intellectual Property, but that can wait. When one reads the doc in conjunction with a very well informed “an omnibus” commentator that ELP has picked up recently “Look at the crap we’re _still_ playing with: Ballistic ordnance, across the board. That won’t do for a tinker’s when the next hotwar introduces APS+ like defenses that combine single-staring MAWS sensors and 1,500ft warhead/fuze detonator rockets capable of defending surface hardened buildings from close aboards by 2,000lb class PGMs which are suddenlyl ‘airburst’"then the following conclusion would seem inevitable.

30,000lbs of some dual penetrator, i.e. occluded dirty bomb, is only going in when the air is clear of all opposition. That could be stand down, not necessarily a shooting match.

Where though? Iran, Lebanon, Pakistan?

Friday 18 February 2011

Space Clities of Mars. Part 2

So after putting up with all that rubbish on the gogglebox yesterday, tonight you can stare pruriently at people’s suppurous bums and orifices with selected dermic and gastric complaints, the weirder the better, to keep the unaware, unaware of where the neutron bombs will fall, amused. After all the mindablation had been neutralised by hitting the off switch and pouring myself a massive cup of char, I settled down to catch up with my favourite bloggers and catholic commentators late yesterday evening.

As is my want at this time of year, after New Year, I thought of all the poor slobs forced to march, march and march through February, through the blinding snow or cold to their deaths. Like these guys.
I think of the real people who were really starved to death and killed by Khazari Sonder Kommando.

A common sight among the Armenian refugees in Syria. An Armenian child dead in the fields within sight of help
and safety at Aleppo


Like these people. Unwanted by the banksters. Witnesses to be removed from the CSi eternal crime scene.

Can you imagine anyone other than the contused and confused in the west falling for the MSM Keystone coppery that always accompanies these episodes of Khazari commie psychopathy. All confusion, no one really knows what happened. Perhaps it was the Innuits, they always cast envious eyes on The Pale. More witnesses to the iCSI original theft of human hopes and lives, gone. Officers, clergy, professionals, intellectuals, artists. All gone.

I wonder who did this then? The slobs from the One Million Pound drop? Or this? The Skye Gentlemen's First Eleven? Nah! These slobs were knee deep in both. Youz gotta getcha a Nobel Peace prize drenched in blood before youz earnz youz bonez.

More unwanted that were to be normalised unalive because the psychopaths infesting our decision making processes are full of Beelzeebub’s Ordure.

Once I’ve had a little wander through all the dead people I contemplate the modern fools and their fads. All the delicate little flowers that have been selected for by the Darwinian process of blowing half the world’s poor population to hell. The remaining meat sacks must be super men and women. Mustn’t they if they've been through Darwin’s scientifically proven trial of life?

My arse!!!

I’ll bet you not one of those poor slobs up there in the assorted Holocausts ever had lactose intolerance. I’ll bet you not one of them had an allergy to cats. I’ll bet you not one of those long departed souls ever, ever pleaded as she fell to her knees, as she wept over the still warm bodies of her parents “My magnetic wrist bangle!!”. I’ll wager not one of them asked for their inhaler.

I can just about guarantee you that there never ever was a single person who hadn’t had food for a couple of months, ever, ever asked if it was hallal, kosher, blessed or jedi when a saviour finally offered them sustainance!!

When the poor slobs building the death roads, death railways and death camps were being worked into their graves, I’ll bet you not one ever stopped to worry if they had sinus problems caused by glutin intolerance.

You see lead pill allergy, the fear of the Lead Pill Pharmacy, dread of the CHEKA, Gestapo and the Young Soviets all these terrible afflictions upon humanity, they tended to concentrate the mind wonderfully. There is no space in the mind for pretend illness when Lucifer’s human death squads stalk your every moment.

I’ll bet no one ever thought, as they fell from their knees forward into the lime filled pit, with half their skull blown away. “Oh my skin allergy!”

I’ll wager that just before anyone you can name, who was about to get an empty shell casing hammered into their foreheads. I’ll state without fear of contradiction that just as s/he was being asked to sign the document being sent to his/her family to pay for the bullets being used to kill her/him, I’ll bet s/he never quipped “Oh, copper, it brings me out in spots”.

So when I look around at the conning blue badged cripples and huffing and puffing fat bastards, the choking wheezing clowns that have been selected for this world I find myself looking through the small adds in places like gumtree hoping to find something like the following.

Assist rqd., 2-3 hrs wknds, no exp. ncsry. Apply quoting TPTB.

For when I get that interview, I can be persuasive, with the 6 women that control everything and explained that they’d really fucked up, I would be more than happy to volunteer to press the button and slaughter the lot.

The Hordes that breed psycho Allergies and Eating disorders are but a figment of TPTB’s fuckwittery!!!!!

When the darkness had cleared a little later I found myself listening as usual to Maloney, Chapman, Morgan et al, the precious metals guys, to get my daily fix from the baloney. I was wondering whether to add another blog to my favourites so got into the dashboard and there I saw it. Stats. I’d never clocked it before because I’m rarely in there.

Oh boy thinks I, time to drill down and start slicing and dicing. Find out who comes here and how often apart from the mentally toughened regulars.

And that’s when I made the most unexpected discovery. Most of the traffic to these two shops, I haven’t checked on The Stoker, arrive via the two most unlikely google queries.

“USSS LeMay and the USSS Hillenkoetter”


Now either I’ve picked up a load of Gary McKinnon campaigners at this shop for some reason and a bunch of religious obsessed with pudenda at the other shop or I’m being stalked by a transdimensional obsessional random query monster!!!

And now you know why the obtuse title to this posting which I had to break into two pieces because I was called in for my dinner.

I’m hoping to up my stats by attracting the kind of waste of space that you get heaving into view here at IUFOC 2011. Have a swaatch at the list of speakers. They’ve got the look. That same look you get from old Soviet COMINTERN delegate lists. Shit scared not to go off message or they are out on their ear in the gutter starving or being visited by the LPP for a prescription of extreme lead pill allergy. They are at a great big foundation sponsored event. If you look closely you will see one of my favourite home boy foundation bitchboys will be standing up and spouting bollox. Grooming the masses along the foundation line. Anything just so long as he never, ever has to do a single day of work in his life.

I’ll finish this load of mind barph off by making a little observation. Just like Michael Jackson, just like George Best there are occassions when the market is demonstrably not working. It is being warped to deliver sustainance and fine wines to the loathsome allergied and sensitised wastrels of the world because of deliberatley engineered failure in the system. I’ll bet there a gallons of camel’s milk, whale’s milk, dog’s milk, donkey’s milk, horse’s milk and any other phantasickally expensive staple and luxury that you can think of because one of the clowns might die from an allergic attack @UFObollox. When IUFOC 2011 can have so much lavished upon itself in the midst of global hunger and death, when it can cushion itself and feign that individually and collectively they are powerless to alter anything, then you know we have some proof that the whole exopolitics crap is foundation, i.e. ultimately Rothschild, funded. Just like every other COMINTERN meeting.

Oh and just in case you don’t know who Gary McKinnon is he’s a poor slob that swanned into NASA’s databases and had a little look around. He’s to be busted and yet every ChiComm hacker has a free pass and security clearance, indeed is welcomed with open arms over in USofA corp. You’d reckon IUFOC 2011 would be making some noise about the fit up.

Nah, like Trotsky and Banquo he’s unwelcome at the feast.

Space Clities of Mars. Part 1

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Wednesday 16 February 2011

On the trail.

Not all the saddles are filled yet, as you know. The one’s that are filled go about their business and from time to time they’ll meet on the trail. We had the pleasure of just such a serendipitous collision recently.

Who knows what they were really up to. MK might have been heading over the Rio Grande to visit the muchachas and Catherine trotting into El Paso for more fist fightin’, chewin’ baccy and sippin’ whiskey, who knows.


Comments and observations?

CAF let a big one slip out and it was allowed to melt away unremarked. Yes Catherine, space. What’s going on? I too am intriguied by the idea that the slobs have taken off. My favourite though is that they’ve knicked the loot and not Alternate 3’d it. However if I am to have any consistency within my musings on who’s up to the general briquelageing (I’ve just invented that word. The English language has some limitations which are exposed when dealing with the higher forms of conspiracy :-O) then yes Catherine the use of the stolen funds to re-engineer the lost tech. is a viable postulation.

Something else that the gunfighters mention is fiscalisation. Monetisation of everything including human life. When I was younger, before digging into the source of the problem, I noticed that money was a fantastic moral solvent. Drop any society into a vat of liquidity and watch it dissolve before your eyes. How does that work at the moment? Well the Universal Spreadsheet that is deployed by the spreadsheet terroriStasi. The same guys that staffed the CHEKA and the SD, the same guys that gave the intellectual window dressing to killing people in very, very large numbers for the Nazis and Soviets, these same slobs infest our public life. Each and every one of us is allocated our cell and the spreadsheet terroristas make our existence one long uninterrupted nightmare of fantasy and cooercion, until they delete out entry. Every system has gone RICO and psycho. Catherine is correct though. 99% of us are happy to be undisturbed in our cosy little goal. We’ve been coopted by design and we love it. Oh I’ll bet the poor slobs that ended up in Silesian and Siberian death camps also felt just as comfy as IBM went about its business.

Go on. Name one system that isn’t full of murderers. Equal opportunity, diversity compliant schytzoid homocidal dial a killer maniacs. All living in the sterile uniform monoculture their master demands. Their master wants child slavery, human debauchery and eunuchs like the good old days. Now that the world is neck deep in fiat lucre there are no more morals, no more checks and balances, no more good people watching the places where the wild things hive. In the fell places where the evil broods its pleasure no one ventures any more to do battle again because the human population has been gullified ( another new wordy word) into innocence in the face of demonic possession. Human society has been put into a solution where there is all pervasive nothing amidst glaring universal human suffering.

For example in UKplc there are humungous amounts of money that doesn’t exist being given to states that are burning off fossil fuels in air displays and military exercises. All the while aboriginals in UKplc die in the body part chop shop known as the UKplc NHS. Or freeze to death alone in their stinking hovels. Nothing changes. Wind the clock back 100 years and you’d have massive piles of lucre that didn’t exist being shovelled at Russia and Germany, whilst UKplc aboriginals broke danced to rickets and dwarfism. The funny money always gets stuffed into the mouths of the soon to be violently dead. Engineered unalive and totally Iron Mountaineered.

Back then all the refugees and political dissidents headed to safety in USofA corp where they set about destroying that nation. Now adays where are the refugees and dissidents, no they aren’t fleeing now, they are trouble stirring cowards getting out of the conflagration they’ve stoked? Well Catherine that takes us back to what you dropped.

Who was wandering around with the tech. to build the Alternate 3 escape? Who’s been sending out invites and Einstieg Durchlauf? Where might the departures lounge be for the few lucky Djinned elitists?

As I remarked at Bryan’s shop a little while back, if we stopped the excesses, importantly the joining in part, of the clowns in the 1st class departure lounge, if we stopped being seduced by their empty promises to accompany them, if we stood up and rejected the rubbishy trinkets and flashy, trashy baubles proffered then everyone would lack for nothing, though Champagne and Caviar might not exist. We cannot all be self obsessed genocidal communitarian goons thinking ourselves chosen to be Marie Antoinette or a Sun King.

We can all be human and free though.


Tuesday 15 February 2011

I’ve just noticed that…. is someone’s special day today.

What could we do to finally finish the murderous old bitchboy toady off? What to send the psychopath that has everything his people don't have?

No Black Helicopters overhead, MiB overheard or Black Limos stoogeing around this guy’s villas.

Stupid hair, stupid shades, stupid clothes and stupid grin. It has to be part of the contract they sign with TPTB in order to get their right bastard license.

No discomfort for this muppet.

Oh no he’ll die peacefully in his bed whilst the old and infirm in the UKplc NHS die in agony, offed by their carers on the quiet.

So happy 69th birthday you old, soon to be dead, fucker.

Sunday 13 February 2011

Second Island Defence Chain

ANDERSEN AIR FORCE BASE, Guam - A Japan Air Self Defense Force F-2 fighter lands here Feb. 5 in order to participate in the two-week Cope North exercise. The Japanese F-2 single-engine fighter has performance capabilities roughly comparable to those of the U.S. F-16. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Julian North /Released)

If I were living on the First Island Chain I’d be worried.

Where ever the GGT go chaos follows.

Love that camo, has USN Hellcat 1943 undertones.

Where are the teenagers, Sassoon to be dead? Drugged into the Two conflictions, one newborn innocent and sincere, the other elder of the magicians.

Saturday 12 February 2011

A long fucking way to go..


No one will remember the monitors.

Friday 11 February 2011

Fiction Factory/Faction Affliction/Figmented Filamented Firmament

For the first time at this shop I will state the two usual caveats.

What follows has nothing to do with God.
Bring the full nine yards, you’ll need it.

Welcome to a double dose in the crack’in’sanity where we’ll start in the past, move to the future and then transfer over to Lalaland later.

Oh yes I can hear the murmurs of disco content out there “Oh phekk me!!He’s off again!”

You and I, me and you, we and am watching a whole load of bollox heave into view all over the planet at the moment that makes one wonder if there is a meeting scheduled to take place that lights the blue touch paper. The kind of meeting that brings the match to the secret protocols that have been stuffing the fiat TNT and Ponzi gunpowder into every nook and cranny possible.
Now I am no fan of the future tellers and protocol spinners. Cayce, Blavatsky, Pike, Nostradamus et al, they all display one characteristic that immediately makes you aware of the smoke and mirrors job being played on you to hide the true smoke and mirrors job.

They never, never ever wanted for their next square meal. Indeed Pikey was a real fat bastard. That alone tells you the thing you need to consider; foundation bitchboy or boybitch.

They and their kind never ever had to worry about getting their hands on the magic money, the phantasmagorical lucre, shekels of the orient Ponzi scheme. Tokens, they all fell into their hands.

You and me if we decide to go off our scones, go trolley doolally and spout nonsense, we’ll starve in the street no matter how in tune with the celestials we really are.

Don’t get me wrong though. I never said they were liars. However I’m getting ahead of myself here so back to the setup in the early years of the 21st century, or whatever the true date on the secret count is.

Are we being groomed for a deadly fireworks party again? You know they third of fat bastard Pike’s shooting matches? Part of me says yes and part of me says no.
Let us deal with the latter part first.

Could the 7 billion souls on the planet, minus a small number of dedicated afflicted. You know the psychopathic onanistic autoerotic schytzoid monomaniacal ones that RREeaaaallllyyyy love to fuck over every second of every hour of every day because they’ve been hermetically genetically hermitically memed (chosen) by the Djinn all those thousands of years ago. The fools who think they are special. The bloated shephards and their fattened cannibal sheep. You know the ones. Could 7 billions minus a few hundred millions save the day?

Nah. Don’t be fucking stupid!!! Right then lets get on with it.

When I was small boy I read 10 Eventful Years, over and over again, in parts depending on what subject took my fancy. The events described were truly unbeleivable to a primary school lad growing up in the quietude of one of UKplc’s pastoral corners where the loudest noise to be heard was a distant train heading up to Glasgow or a cow backfiring. Yet my grandad assured me that it had happened, all that stuff, all those people, all those events, he’d been there.

A little while later I got the chance to listen to my uncle’s collection of Adolf Hitler’s speeches. Oh yes I can hear a few pennies dropping out there in ausphartland, or so you think. I was interested to actually hear what one of the world’s, so called, great orators sounded like. So even through the scratching vinyl on the old turntable I wondered what all the fuss was about. It just sounded like the geezer needed a fisherman’s friend to sort out the gutteral RRRRs. I made allowances for my total ignorance of the German lingo but even so I thought, oratory, you know it shouldn’t matter what he spake I’d have been moved in some way. Perhaps I needed to have been there I mused.
Today of course I realise that all the gusset wetting and hardons in his audience were as a direct result of national grooming. Population manipulation over 20 years. Conditioning of huge numbers of people to elicit a predictable outcome, a desired fate, in the aggregate. Yes I needed to have been there because the whole point of the exercise was to make sure that 10 years later I wasn’t there or anywhere else. I’d be dead.

Which is comforting in a sinister way when I look at the great big babyish face of the current PM. When I listen to his words I know this is no orator at work. The guy is somo personified, measured in precise doses to the somnambulant population here in the UKplc comfort gulag.

This bland puppet and his phoney POTUS counterpart are fronting for a profound change, I think, mostly outwith the borders of the Rock/Roth riding and chase. I’ve mentioned it before. The NWO is to be static and the next shooting match will enforce stasis. As I’ve said the lethality space is so deadly now that movement will become impossible. Maneouvre warfare will stop.

Now don’t be getting all comfy if you find your Post code, Zip code or whatever postal system you use actually inside the Rothschild Chase or the Rockefeller Ranch. The Einsatz Gruppen und Sonder Kommando will come for you if you fall into the following two, soon to be gorey, categories. Free thinker and/or infirm. In fact the Lead Pill Pharmacy will have a hunting license to make sure you are terminally infirm pronto if you raise an inappropriate eyebrow. If the LPP don’t get you then the Sisters of Mercy will pill you when you fall ill.

At this point I’m going, sorry was going to allow myself an expletive filled sojourn blaming the muppets in Yankland for allowing an ersatz emperor, an illegal immigrant foundation bitchboy, onto the throne. The same afflicted bastards that came as slaves and subverted Rome have come as refugees and destroyed USofA corp. History never repeats itself but there are patterns. You know by now how I like to conflate Human Resoucres and Celente. Anyway glass houses and all that. They did it to UKplc 500 years ago and the yeomen didn’t know.

So what’s been wandering through my synapses then?

Coincidental, or designed, happenstance.

Around the time when the chap called Cook was sent round the planet by TPTB who else got his orders?

Not the first time such, to my non linears, things have coincided. Remember the spaghetti boy I mentioned a few posts back? Marco Polo (What was your real handle you Venetian muppet?) is a cuddly little wanderer who brought back one of Mr Heinz’s favourite tinned products, second after the Beanz. No more questions needed. He’s a sweet guy, just decided to go for a walk.

My arse.

Let’s have a squeek at what else was kicking off around that time. Here’s a little more background from two of my favourite workers of art in the non linear world. Tarpley and La Rouche.

Venice’s War against Western Civilisation

A Contribution for Nicolaus of Cusa's 600th Birthday: A Dialogue of Cultures

Now all those wordy words might make some baulk, so I’ll put on the babelbolloxphish and put it in the nonlinear vernacular.

Freedom is expressed through the hard works of the individual and realised in the wealth of the many. Freedom never tires, never sleeps, never makes unheeded play. Freedom is the only way to human completeness. Everything else is afflicted. Through the afflicted, whose most modern incarnation is the Rothschilds, everything that freedom cherishes will be stolen if the free allow the afflcited.

Got that?

Now I know you are thinking causality here. There are tenuous links, if any, between these separate occurences and
events described above. Well I agree. However TPTB don’t need causality, they just need long wave influences and trends upon the human herd that only they know about to accentuate or attenuate natural human behaviour in the aggregate.

For example everyone knows about the butterfly flapping its wings and causing a monsoon somewhere malarky. Everyone thinks, even after reading up on chaos theory, well…nah. Nope. Drop an H-Bomb in Antartica and get blizzards in Kent, yes. But butterflies? Get serious.

Well what if you were a high magician with access to the secret star maps. You might just decide that a certain point on time would be ideal to start a period of exploration if the subtle influences of the stars were affecting human behaviour in a certain optimistic way overall. Or you might consider it ripe for a real revolution if the star alignments, and local planetary geometry, were making the human subjects all antsy like. Just a little nudge from you on the fiat lucre and fractional banking tiller, you the high initiate of the mystery schools and you get what you want all unnoticed like and serendipitous.

Of all the weirdness that is taking place this past month or so the fannying around on the liar’s box with Soros’ variegated never ending rearranging of foundation assets into so called positions of power is most distracting. This is how you do a sincere revolution. No fucking about, badaboom. Not this farting up and down the hill and back again. What is going on at the moment smacks too much of this kind of distractive fannying around.

Indeed the general level of lethal farting aroundedness for the past 20 years in the overall area that was Babylon makes one ask about longer term trends that have nothing to do with rule by the mob but rule by the sacred. The sacred who’ve been never ending in their quest for things that they believe will take all of us to their paradise.
So I’ll ask you to slip on my nonlinears with me and view the ground there as the secret maps would reveal the topology to us.

What some would call Israel, others RCE/TA, others Palestine is just an old firebase. Long since abandoned. Anything east of the firebase is just tracks and desert until you get to Babylon. Anything south and west of the firebase is tracks and desert until you get to Memphis.

There is nothing else there. No borders, no cities, no peoples, no political economy, nothing. It is a blank canvas except for the two poles named.

“So what!” I here you gasp. Boring to say the least, well don’t forget the nonlinears they work better with a bit more nonlocal and noncausal data, a bit more info to use them on.

How’s about this?

He decided to try to seize the tablets, along with collections of Persian antiquities at the Oriental Institute and other prominent museums. The goal: Sell them, with the proceeds going to the survivors of the bombing.

His plan, though, has angered many scholars who see it as an attempt to ransom cultural heritage — the tablets are considered as important a find as the Dead Sea Scrolls — and fear it could set a dangerous precedent.
“Imagine if the Russians laid claim to the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the original draft of the Gettysburg Address because they had a legal case against us,” says Gil Stein, director of the Oriental Institute. “How would we feel?”

How do things look now? Can you see a pattern at work here? Someone's after really old stuff. You see Nostradamus, Pike etc are not foretelling at all or predicting. They are telling us how it was on instruction.

Here’s a little something to help. Whenever these UN slobs give advice about a “problem” you know that the problem is supposed to be there for a reason.

in all the official languages of the United Nations, to submit to the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice at its eighteenth session relevant recommendations on protection against trafficking in cultural property

Again I’ll use the phish to translate.

We’ve got a pick list of ancient stuff our foundation bosses want. So hand over a list of your ancient valuables and their current location so we can “protect” them. Honest.

So just to join this meandering to its sister at the other shop. Just to get you all wondering about what is being prepared for us when everything is just so in the heavens when we are susceptible to the next big nudge, look through the nonlinears upon the secret map, careful now he doesn’t know we are here, and who’s bloodstained hand is directing operations?

Someone who has got more ancient artifacts to loot in order to put everything back together again, like when his master was young.

Someone who thinks he’s descended from Nimrod apparently. Nimrod, the mighty hunter. Ancient Nimrod

His hand points to Persia and does his master’s bidding.


Thursday 10 February 2011


…those who politley suggest that I may be a tad obtuse, nay obscure, nay down right opaque as a dim light in a locked box; sometimes upon reflection I think they may have a point.

All the TeeVee food shows are part of a ceremony to fuck our minds in preparation for the coming famine.

From my second ever blogging.

Oh to be a TV sheff. Must be like leading the gilded life at Memphis looking back at Set Tepi. All ceremony. Remember the butter mountain, the wine lake. Starving, it’s ceremony; all the cooks on the box are priests of the human harvest. Ignorant, unaware, basted, over relaxed shellfish Bastards.

I make that 20 months ago. Not bad, not bad at all.

I think it was 18 months ago that I also noticed that domestic bunkering of oil in RCE/TA was suggestive of a coming interruption of oil supply to the West.

I wonder if I called that one correct?

Wednesday 9 February 2011

Great Brown Stain.

GV notes.

BTW 9 months out, from the day his controllers finally wrested the levers of power from their Manchurian candidate's mentalist grasp, that one eyed fuckedwitz must be getting a lot of fan mail from his bosses congratulating him for a job well done now that they’ve had time to reflect on his handywork and the industrial strength horse pills are no longer needed to stop him burning even more fiat based debt under the still twitching corpses of UKplc aboriginals.

I always said there had to be a reason why he was told to take the election date down to the wire. He was told to stay because they knew the total trashing of the political settlement was to be carried out whilst we were all worried about a depression. Since his mission was to trash UKplc even 5 years might not be enough to put the place back on an even keel though!!!

In fact it will not be remediated under iDave, the wave of rent seekers is here to stay and in case you didn’t get iDave’s Munchen speech I’ll translate.

"UKplc muppets resident at her majesty’s pleasure before 1997, subjects today. Any of you get shirty about having your country sold out from under you and you will be treated as extremists and shot dead.

All rentseekers resident since 1997 know that this is the settlement. Not for you a win/win situation, bitches."

UKplc will never get put back together, it will evolve into a prison for those of us unfortunate enough to have been here before 1997. Brown will make sure of that when his new billet in the iGREEN funny money machine of the foundation pyramid is readied for him.

Don’t forget GV the fucker sold off the gold to cover internationalist criminal activity and rigging of markets. There are no free markets any more just RICO. Then the fucker took VAT off gold for his rich mates to pile into their personal pension funds AND slapped more VAT on silver so the ordinary punter gets fucked up the arse again!!!

The internationalist, dense as two fucking short ends, over educated and laurelled, traitorous fucktard!!!

Just had to get that off my chest, now back to what I was going to put up today.

Cya’ll later…hopefully today.

Nimrod, the mighty hunter.

If you cast your minds back to previous output here you will remember the original 1930s idea for delivering A-bombs on target was discussed on several occassions.

Indeed the curious case of the “10,000lbs payload” was noted as being somewhat consistent with otherwise weird naval activities on both sides.

Narco subs have also been mentioned at this shop and the danger we face from the buggers turning up all unannounced.

So bearing in mind that when things kick off it will be at the optimal time in the celestial alignments and to a well rehearsed plan, I will ask again.

Are we being set up?

In case you wonder what that might look like have a read at this again.

Tuesday 8 February 2011

Rabbit Proof Fence.

The lads are back from manouvres, they’ve been practicing for a long time whilst we’ve squandered our borrowing power on nothing but mass murder.

So once you’ve practiced what do you go and do?

Apply your learning.

The foreign military leaders and observers are from Brunei, the Philippines, Tajikistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Russia, Thailand, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.


Remember I stated that the reason MacArthur is reputed to have quipped that he’d be back as he left Phillipine soil, after the Japanese had attacked, was because he knew what all the excercising by the US Navy Pacific Fleet had been about in the 1930s? He knew the funny money machine, the Federal Reserve, would start the money making machine, the King maker, spinning when the time was ready?

I wonder if Barry was awake to what was being suggested when Hu dropped by. Remember if the funny money machine has moved then the new city where the evil altars can hide will print all the money that it needs to do to us what we did to everyone else since the Bank of England was started.

Where then?!!!

How about here. The ground is quite litterally and littorally prepared. Some straws in the wind that there is action to come down that way have been tossing around for several years. The latest being here.

The Almighty Dollar was always Chinese. Never Yankee.

However the question still hangs out there. Are the ChiComm central bankers a bunch of Hjalmar Schachts? Have they been allowed to print their own money since that is the only way to to get the next big one kicked off on schedule with concomitant societal ablation?

Still cannot find definitive evidence on that one.

Other straws in the wind include, currently, lots of people prepositioning themselves in South America just like in the 1900 s and the 1930s. They always bolt to where there is no real shooting match going on. Just organised crime. That brings us back to the ChiComms and their, Iranian trained, sponsored terrorists operating in South America and trained in the Phillipines.

Crime Bosses and Central Bankers, synonymous.

Sunday 6 February 2011

Reduced Instruction Set Criminality.

Have you seen the smoke at Auschwitz? H/T Goodshit

Whilst the snow falls and the wind blows and the rain lashes.

Music to think by.

What, I‘ll grant you this is a Brobdignanian what, but still I’ll ask it.

What if we caused it all?

If you’ve ever read any William Gibson you’ll know where I am when listening to this from the Buggles, very smart lads.

Kraftwerk (Doesn’t the guy bottom left look like a faded Capt. Scarlet?)


That great Scottish blinker Smith was driving us all into RISC through specialisation. He was a smart turkey so how smart were the guys foiling him?


Thursday 3 February 2011

Did she say that to me…

…..a long while ago?

Whispered, unexpected and loaded?

Loaded with expection?

Expecting what?

I love you says it all.

All will not be.

Apart from you and me.

However all is not destroyed yet,

Then, what about now......



All unemployed.

No matter how many dimensions the camera'd bed sheet is stretched we will always bleed our freedom.

Fear is a fooled glass.

Matthew DeLooze

I didn't load this yesterday because it should be viewed in a quiet considered space.

I've always liked the chap, though never met him.

Just focus on Matthew.

Ignore the bitchboys and boybitches.

Enjoy when you've got time to think.


Wednesday 2 February 2011

Moonie Vanilla

Nothing is what it seems to be especially when it comes to public worship and contract idolatry.

Lovely place by the looks of it. I like the mayor’s name. Reminds the reader that we are looking at a logistics centre run by the ChiComms and the Iberian Semitic Musselmans (Phoenicians).

Let’s have a closer squeek then.

If you expect me to believe that the lad that gave us spaghetti was just out for a jaunt and a lang lauf, that we are to view his great big boy’s book of adventures as nothing other than a personal farting around by a rich bastard, amazing how rich bastards do nothing but fuck around on the highways and byeways barred to the rest of us down through history, then you know where you can shuv’ it.

So you must also forgive me if you expect me to drink the full El Cid Sol with a slice of citron without a good hard stare at the Mediterranean.

Spaghetti Western?

This is not fiction.

Three postulations to bear in mind during the following rant.

1. The Med is always, always, on the secret maps I hallucinate marked as Phoenician.

2. The plans hatched, reformed, speculated about here predate the existence of USofA corp.; ergo USofA corp is not on the secret maps.

3. The split of the America’s between Portugal and Spain is on the secret maps though Phoenician marked.

So Manila where and what is it?

A litle bit of background about sea farers out East. Remember I have in the past postulated that sea voyages are a sacred undertaking (See the How Much Wealth series). So have a wander through this for a brief description and some ideas on structured maritime basing in the recent past.

Now when the lads chartered (contracted?) by the semitic(Phoenecian) Prince of Rome, turn up we get a bit of a logistics problem for them. Guess who?

Long haul from Manila.

Manila was where these ships to Acapulco were loaded with Chinese products. This brought a greater number of Chinese into Manila and other parts of Southeast Asia, where global trading was directed by a growing network of colonial powers. Despite the increased presence of Chinese in Southeast Asia during the Ming period, the ethnocentric tendencies of many Chinese prevented their integration into cultures and societies that were unfamiliar to them. Rather, the Chinese in Southeast Asia produced a subculture of exclusive Chinese neighborhoods and schools.

As an aside, did you notice that bit about non assimilation? Someone else has noticed very recently. I wonder if that is why the New Phoenicians in RCE/TA and the ChiComms are so tight . Remember the same memed slobs populate the world banking system and its replacement after all those thousands of years.

Anyway lets get back to Manila.

The voyage from Acapulco to the Philippines was a relatively easy one. By 1570, Acapulco became the trading port of the Manila galleons in the Americas, due to its excellent harbor, and overland accessibility to Vera Cruz on the Caribbean side of Mexico. Many treasure laden vessels brought silver from the New World mines such as the one at Potosi, Peru (now part of Bolivia), to Acapulco, and some of these vessels were also lost on the west casts of South and Central America. Leaving from Acapulco , in January, the Manila galleons would sail the usually calm seas to the Marianas using the favorable trade winds, and then on to the Philippines, which took a total of about three months time, though some of these Philippine bound vessels did wreck due to storms or other mishap, Until 1593, three or more ships would sail each year from both ports. Because the Manila trade was becoming so lucrative, Spanish merchants back home complained of lost profits and a law was passed in 1593 allowing only two ships to sail each year from either port, with one in reserve in both Acapulco and Manila. Even the tonnage of the vessels and their cargo was restricted under this new law, but these restrictions were largely ignored and were not enforced.

And the Chinese, as we’ve seen, didn’t hang around.

And adding a little colour, they stayed.

Some thirty to forty Chinese junks came to Manila around March of each year. The cargoes they brought included hardware, nails, pots & pans, gunpowder, saltpeter, furniture, jewels, and all kinds of foods. The merchandise that did not go into the Manila galleon for its eastbound voyage was eagerly bought by the residents of Manila. Some of the Chinese sailors and passengers remained behind when their ships went home, and they formed a Chinese community that grew rapidly; by 1600 there were about eight thousand Chinese in Manila, living alongside a few hundred Spaniards. Most of them became barbers, tailors, shoemakers, masons, painters, weavers, blacksmiths and other skilled workers, forming the middle class of Philippine society. To avoid paying the taxes levied on aliens and non-Christians, they took Filipina wives and/or were baptized. They sometimes joined the Church in disturbingly large groups; on one occasion, four hundred of them were baptized in one day. In 1603 a Chinese riot caused the Spaniards and Filipinos to panic; before it was over, 23,000 Chinese were massacred.

Looking at the world back then it was all joined together, globalised, using the best high tech. Chink Junks and 1500ton Spanish Galleons sailing, the old spice route and silk road pattering to the dusty donkey drivers eternal footfall. Most of the global population stuck in their static lives near their villages. The elites rubbing up against each other at the geographical limits of their power. Religion’s lethal virus spreading and mutating. Sitting above it all the funny money scam moving silver and gold supply & demand across the planet.

If we try and put those old voyages in perspective, it took 6 months out of Manila to Acapulco, then that means today a journey to the moon is peanuts.

What happened after that?

Well it must have been a shock to the elites to have new knowledge injected deliberately into the global system as the human experiment was to leap forward again. Just like when Alexander dropped the great secret about all the gods in every civilisation being recognisably the very same geezers, the last great mystery of the various schools.

Always the all powerful ignorant believers, played by the occult money power for the furtherance of uniforming the world. Who were the all powerful ignorant believers 500 years ago?

Who are they now?

Tuesday 1 February 2011

Where R the Big E and the Jimmy C?

Both mentioned at this shop recently.

The Jimmy C was likely stoogeing around here and here.

Where is she now? Curiously named after a nuclear engineer still knee deep in nuclear engineering.

As for the Biggest collection of nuclear reactors travelling in close formation? Well as befits her name she is expensively recommisioned to continue the sacred enterprise, though her captain was recently torpedoed in port.

Just asking?

That’s all.