Monday 31 May 2010


I’ll give you my answer in a good kicking you bunch of phuckkwitz and journeymen layabouts.

Go join the mediocre and the artistically shit upon swindle singers.

…….off colour.

Rich How they revelled.

Wealthy Unworldly

Draped in jewels Like their traitorous enemy

Celebrated like nonentities. Never mentioned in death

With people of copper Whatever colour

Afflicted by their unjust blows Never touched though slaked in blood

And unjust their fate seems to me. Unjust their rest

The men who died unbeknown The terrorists who are unflow’n

To Albions fickle fealty. All sleekit slatterns.

Fled these shores.


Shak In Ah

20th March 2003





Criminal Distraction?

Saturday 29 May 2010

Oh Phekkin’ Phekk!!!

The man has a good case. As I remarked a while back the point will come when the only way out of this mess is to go and kill the guys we owe the money to. Like a murderous thief we’ll wriggle and scheme to get our way out of the bind but always be willing to draw the knife and stick our creditors.

If the selling of weaponry is another way out that means the biggest mutha’ phekkin’ conflagration ever. How many cruise missiles can be bought for 2 quadrillion dollars? That is a shit load of targets. Who’s targets and where?

Enjoy the brief read.

“Is the U.S. Government Planning War to Quell the Tide of Economic Unrest?

By Gary D. Barnett

In my opinion and in a word: Yes!

* “READY FOR WAR,” “U.S. Military told to get ready in Korea Standoff, Obama orders commanders to prepare ‘to deter future aggression.’” By Drudge and MSNBC
* “U.S. Begins Massive Military Build Up Around Iran, Sending Up To 4 New Carrier Groups In Region” by Tyler Durden
* “Clinton: Korea Must Face ‘Consequences’ For Sunken Warship”
* Homeland Security, Northeast Intelligence Network: “The Syrian Missile Crisis: Threat of War Very Real”
* “The Expanding U.S. War in Pakistan” by Jeremy Scahill
* “Yemen, Latest War Front?” by CBS News

These are but a very few of the recent headlines about more U.S. war, but the Iranian and Korean situations are the most dangerous, and the threats against Iran I think the most real.

United States wars are virtually all wars of aggression, so it is quite evident that U.S. wars are “fought” for reasons other than self-defense. That means there are ulterior motives involved that are not related to moral behavior, but instead to nefarious intent. This is a disturbing revelation, and one little understood by the American masses. It is one however, that if more understood, could literally blow the lid off the notion that the purposeful buildup of the military–industrial complex is for the defense of this nation! This thought scares the life out of those in power who need to keep the populace scared to death at all times in order to propagate their crimes.

Our economy, as is the case for much of the rest of the world’s economies, is currently imploding. Since all major economies in the world are based on valueless, un-backed, and worthless money, this situation should have been evident to the mainstream long ago. Of course the failing economy is just one piece of the puzzle, but it is most definitely the most important piece. With a so-called vibrant economy over the past decade or so, even though it was based on lies and deceit, and was a complete sham, the general population was easy to control during these so-called “prosperous” times. With the real economy now being exposed for the fraud that it is, and the real risks becoming more evident, the once complacent citizen is now becoming angry. Because of this, the evil U.S. federal government must find a new method of fooling the masses into believing in “their” government and country. War is the obvious answer, as war solidifies the putrid and false nationalistic worship of the peasants more than any other ploy.

In my opinion, any bad economic news, any exposure of the current economic fraud, any sovereign government risk of collapse, any higher unemployment or excessive price inflation, will anger the majority and vastly escalate the government’s need to start another war. It cannot afford to let the situation get out of hand, as there are many more of us than there are of them, so whatever becomes necessary in the mind of government in order for it to effect its manipulation and control over the people will be implemented. If that is a purposely orchestrated and unnecessary war, then so be it.

The openness of these plans and the blatant steps being taken by the federal government to protect its power are disturbing to say the least. Even with this openness however, most are still in the dark. Since 2001, our civil rights have been for the most part destroyed. Laws have been enacted that allow the government to capture and hold indefinitely any citizen it deems a risk, and without the possibility of charge or trial. Legislation to open and construct holding camps [see here] has been proposed and plans to implement this process are being prepared for today. Martial Law is now not just a possibility but a probability. This government in my opinion is at the same time preparing for both Martial Law and war to quell the tide of possible civil unrest due to economic instability or collapse. This is astounding, as both ends of the spectrum are being covered by Leviathan’s planned course of action. This should frighten all of us!

This time around the false flag event(s) leading to another war should immediately be scrutinized and brought to light, and those who expose the forthcoming government and neo-con lies should not be considered conspiracy nuts, but rather truth-tellers and heroes. I am warning you in advance, as so many others have done before me, that the next war will be pre-planned and calculated. The federal government’s actions are no longer hidden, and the motive for its criminal and murderous behavior is there for all to see. Obviously, those who now rule over us are confused and dazed, but they are nonetheless prepared to do what is necessary to keep their position of power intact. This government will not consider the means, but only the ends, so that justification will then become more palatable to those so easy to fool.
The dangers of this situation are tremendous. A war with Iran will upset not only the entire Middle East, but the whole world. The terrorism risk due to blowback will increase dramatically; this in and of itself helping the guilty government to perpetuate the crime, all the while gaining even more power and authority over us. Not only will many more innocents abroad be murdered, but many more Americans will also have to die as fodder for the cause of the elite.

These situations are not accidental but designed, and they are designed so that the few can survive in luxury, while the rest of us suffer. When will the common man come to the realization that government in a now totalitarian society like ours is not of the people, by the people, and for the people, but that people are of the government, by the government, and for the government? Only when all individuals are sovereign and free, and in total control of the State will this paradigm shift back to its original design.

May 27, 2010

Gary D. Barnett [send him mail] is president of Barnett Financial Services, Inc., in Lewistown, Montana.”

H/T Deep Journal

Friday 28 May 2010

USS Jimmy Carter

"sensors and undersea vehicles for naval special warfare, tactical surveillance and mine-warfare operations."



From Jim Willie

"The new Northern Euro currency is finally in its formative stage. Contracts have been forged. Relationships with the more independent Central European central banks have been arranged. Market mechanisms with the commodity markets have been delegated to Finland. A role for Russia is being planned, source of many commodities. The timing of the new Northern Euro is planned for June 2011, with perhaps little if any formal news releases. The key element of the new Northern Euro will be its gold component. Permit a Jackass conjecture of a 1% or 2% cover clause, meaning $100 million in Northern Euros could be redeemed for assets that contain $1 or $2 million in gold bullion. The new currency will be born in crisis. One must wonder if Saudi crude oil will eventually require payment in Northern Euros. Maybe it will contain not only a gold component but a crude oil component."

Thursday 27 May 2010

Kim chi Surprise

Ever since Clinton dropped over to take the hostages home last Aug or so, I’ve been keeping a close eye on the traffic in and out of Korea.


Well when you have full spectrum people like Clinton and Kissinger dropping round there you know that the Mob have been sending messages or giving instructions to their goons for something.

So what’s bugging me right here right now.


Korean rig
Korean subs
Korean ship
Korean torpedo
Korean ship
Korean sub
Korean torpedo
US boomer….



You know me I’ll bend space-time to join two dots. However I’ve decided to take the art form into a new dimension of offspinstrangeness. I’m going to create my own dots. Oh yes straight from the aether like Horus.

Everything after this point that is in brackets exists in Lalaland.

The Gulf rig was South Korean Hyundai built, (North Korea sent it’s top espionage Kim chi frogmen on a one way suicide mission from an NK ship that left Havana). The rig is toast. The Gulf is soon to die.

About a month before hand an SK warship sank, blown in half, near the NK/SK demarcation line, in an area festooned with minefields. There was a big Military Exercise being carried out at the time we now find out (and there may have been a US sub sunk.)

OK here we go. Remember the Minot nukes that went missing from the B52? The B52 that was the last ditch effort by the NeoCons to plunge the planet into ruin. Cheney’s last gamble. That was stopped by the USAF chain of command stepping in and doing its job.

OK what if we shouldn’t have breathed a sigh of relief that it was all over? What if ( there was a converted boomer well within cruise missile range of Pyongyang ready to nuke the Dear Leader’s film sets and someone stopped it at the last minute?)

Either way there is something very fucking weird going on with a Kim chi flavour.

Especially when you realise that the Rock/Roth Corporate Entity in South America, home to the largest fresh water aquifer in the world, The Rev Moon’s hideaway and new home to assorted Rock/Roth extended families, is now ready for occupation.

(The international signal that this is so was given by Bigelow.)

Wednesday 26 May 2010

Formosa calling & Deranged Arsebarkers on Heat.

Back to my favourite unvisited Isle.

It’s actually not just the economy, stupid


Oh yes don’t expect anyone to be turning up to stop the bad guys now that we are in a post-democratic age.

I also found this an intriguing post from MT’s place about dual loyalty in the China trade . Cheer up Mike we’ve been dealing with that for centuries. Just ask David (Moses’ seed) Cameron.

Oh BTW. Has anyone cottoned on to the fact that the Lillibandfan, commie bitchboy catamenial failures, are proceeding apace with their alternate mission plan to smash the Labour party to pieces, ensure maximum bloodshed and usher in the age of rabid belief systems to UKplc?

Just as I‘ve been warning about. Look at the menagerie of token fuckedwitz, brain-dead inhabited carbon based life forms and unsexedpuppyfuckers that have turned up to show that diversity is about to lead to pyrrhic-adversity and caustic-love.

What else do you expect from COMITERN spawn? They love watching countries burn. It is all they’ve ever done. Keep an eye on the Tampon Bros., when they and their families get their passports checked at Heathrow and they fuck of to stir trouble elsewhere, that’s when UK will catch fire.

Hey ho I told you so.

The Getaway [ADDITIONAL]

Listen very carefully.

In the stillness and deep silence ringing in our misery silo we can just, just about, still hear it. It has long gone but the access to power that it demonstrates means we can still feel the vibes coming through the air into our viscera. That expensively tuned and engineered music, using the finest of materials and the F1 knowhow, the bark of the Getaway Car.

In the 1960s UKplc that would have meant a Jag. In the USofA corp. 1970s perhaps an old police special. Today it is an Alan Greenspan manic mania plutocrat Panhard.

It is the best that extreme wealth can procure, it is driven by the best mechanic in the business and it shows that the mission is complete. All the money has been stolen.

How do I know it exists?

Look at these recent events & pronouncements.


1 trillion bucks to cover the fiasco in Greece.

Election of Barry Soetoro.

UKplc told to educate our own cheeldren because there is no money for schooling.

Massive disasters all round.

Military bananas. ADDITIONAL FYI H/T UrbanSurvivial


These are the signatures of a getaway cover story. They are placed to keep your attention away from the smell of burnt rubber and the sound a massively powerful V8 heading over the border to safety.

We are not going with them.

As Chapman put it on Saturday “It should interest you to know that my Intel source inside the Fed says absolutely no later than November the banking system should implode. Presently 75% of banks have problems and that the top 5 banks will take over all the others in a general nationalization. There is tremendous fear and uneasiness in the banking world.”

That means a Bank Holiday. The destruction of global productive capacity. Perhaps even food shortages.

You, me, everyone. We know who the four men are in that car.

Don’t forget.

Tuesday 25 May 2010

Dohyo News.

Clean sweep in the Summer Basho for the yokozuna.

Our mentor and guiding star Kaio defended his Ozeki rank again.

So it's back to sweeping up the clay and salt once again, putting the mawashi on a two weeks spin cycle at 70Deg and sitting down to some well earned chanko nabe.


Monday 24 May 2010

Go on have a look.

For the first time last night I stood and watched something weirdly illuminated in the Barnet sky. I've been looking at the night sky for decades and have seen precicely nothing, zero, zilch, void that I could not explain.

Until last night about 9:30pm.

Compared to this though, it was crap.

H/T George Ure.

Sunday 23 May 2010

BOGS life.

Beyond Organised & Government Systems

I.e. you are exposed to RICRO.

Racketeering Influenced & Corrupt Rabidbeleif Organisations

What used to be called religion, and deep in the secret schools still is.

You are on your own.

No money?

There never was any money.

Got that?

No debts.

No profits.

No accounting.

No reckoning.

Just conning.

Render unto Caesar

If you could be bothered running through that shit you might realise that someone had got wind of the ancient temple scam.

There are no debts. There is no money.

There is an unbroken chain.

The question we should be asking is not why the chain is round our necks.

The question is.

“Why after thousands of years of clearly demonstrable fiction are we still afflicted?”

Don’t worry someone will come up beside you in your deep distress and whisper in your ear.

“Come with me.”

Affliction beckons.

Saturday 22 May 2010

Days I didn’t and days I did.

Two chums who do not know each other. Other than hearsay, have recounted to me the same tale.

One at Bowtime whilst looking through the past team members of the First XI trying to find an old time member who had been a squash champ.

The other whilst wandering through fields of crops maintaining rights of way.

Both reveal the same mark.

The Mark of the Yeast.

Unsightly Commie fiction and open to infection.

Delicious though it may be to some. Grinding the population down to dust is not the point of life.

If, as I think you know, there is no such thing as money. Then you will have to ask yourselves what is a pint of profit.

As an aside you will notice that the Post Office, Royal Mail, handed the treasury half a billion squid, in readies, pronto, on schedule, no questions asked. Then Phukkwitz the Majic12 Dragon Lived by the Sea and threw Nokias at the ceiling y ceiling turned up and the black went red and the certified shamanic bean counters morphed the imaginary numbers over night into dangleberries, or blackberries, it is all the same, utter nonsense. The high priests of finance made all the bad black numbers become good red numbers with a flick of their wandering penises. And lo it was good.

Profits are nothing other than a measure of the inefficiency of any enterprise rooted in the imagined world of fiat finance.

The larger the profit the less efficient that enterprise is.

Or to put it bluntly the more RICO is being forced down our throats.

This brings us to the yeast infection in our unitary tract.

That is only there because we allow the fuckers to stick rusty ball peen hammers up our orifices. Targeted hits day after day on the anvil of nothing.

That is magic.

Friday 21 May 2010

Some Bands

When the world was young and I wasn’t a fractal wordshite. Some things made sense.

You could see the No1s coming into view on the playlists and hear the melancholy on Jimmy Saville’s old geezers club. Dirty phekker.

However as long as I remain entrapped in the hell whole that is all encompassing gravity bound, I will never understand why these lads cracked up just as they were about to become mighty.

Not just once but twice. Fer phekks sake!!!!!

It was a toss up between Wednesday Week and this beauty. Enjoy.

Then again I could have chosen so, so many. A Woman in Winter, Working For the Yankie Dollar or Into the Valley. I give you this. Says it all.

The music comes early this week because all is about to become dark.

An evil place beckons and into it we will wander.

However before that a last supp on the ladle. Have another great swell. A libation to the great box woods perhaps, either way I smell fire and recasting.


Constance Time.

You just know when the good ship brackets and straddles the target there will be one almighty boom soon. Their main belt of best Krupp cemented will be as tissue.

We know all organisations are now wholly RICO so this is just utter crap.

Go C go. Enjoy.

Thursday 20 May 2010

Event Compression


H/T The Far-Eastern Sweet Potato

“INTERVIEW: Education key to healing: genocide survivor
At the invitation of the Parent Teacher Association at Taipei American School, Cambodian activist Loung Ung, author of ‘First They Killed My Father’ and ‘Lucky Child,’ was in Taipei last week to talk about her personal experiences as a child under the Khmer Rouge. She sat down with ‘Taipei Times’ staff reporter J. Michael Cole on Wednesday to talk about history, trauma and reconciliation

Taipei Times (TT): Talking about the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) — better known as the “Khmer Rouge Tribunal” — some people have argued that we need prosecution before we can reach the point of true forgiveness for the 2 million people who were massacred in the genocide. Do you agree with this view?

Loung Ung: What’s true forgiveness? Is that even possible? All these standards and all these arguments from people with feelings of justice and true forgiveness, this is verbiage that really isn’t going to be possible. Whether it’s the ECCC or the tribunal, truth and reconciliation or the ICC [International Criminal Court], I don’t think we’re ever going to be able to find a method to give Cambodians true justice and true forgiveness.

It really is about education. This is an opportunity to centralize information and to use it as a tool to educate the next generation. [Cambodian genocide researcher] Khamboly Dy just came out with the historical textbook of the Khmer Rouge era. That was only two years ago and it is now being used in school. When I was at the tribunal last year on Feb. 17 — the opening of the tribunal — I was talking with students who didn’t know anything that was going on.

TT: For countries like Cambodia, and to a certain extent Taiwan, that went through traumatic periods, what is the role of history?

Ung: History has to be known, it has to be passed on. It is very much relevant. In the west we sometimes study history in a way that is very disjointed and disconnected from who we are today and who we are as a nation. If you look at the history of Rwanda and what happened to the Hutus and Tutsis, and if you look back 50 years down that road you realize that what happened in 1994 [genocide] is very much connected to that past, when the Belgians came in. With Cambodia, Taiwan and the Holocaust, history needs to be taught because it’s our umbilical cord to each other. When we’re disconnected from history, it’s mere facts and events, but the role of history is to go beyond that. We must personalize history in such a way that we become more connected to it, then we give it more relevancy. Then it’s no longer something that happened in 1947 in Taiwan, but something that happened to their parents and how different their lives are today because of that.

TT: Can there be too much focus on past atrocities?

Ung: You cannot have too much focus on atrocity, but you can have too much focus on one aspect of atrocity. The Killing Fields and the Genocide Museum are valid places for Cambodian students and foreigners to learn about the Khmer Rouge, but what those places lack — you get the horrors and the atrocities — but you’re missing the heart of the people who went through it, the heart of the survivors who experienced it and the sacrifices they made so that their grandchildren could be there. Textbooks and the media sometimes focus too much on one aspect of the history, whether it’s for political or ideological purposes, and that’s not real, that’s manipulation.

TT: When I was visiting Cambodia in October I was somewhat disturbed by what looked like the commercialization of the genocide, where it has almost been turned into a tourism industry with T-shirts, DVDs, museums and so on. Any thoughts on this?

Ung: There’s definitely an aspect of that, but it’s very small. This happens everywhere. A couple of years ago, someone tried to open a Khmer Rouge restaurant in Cambodia, where they had blaring Khmer Rouge slogans and songs. The waiters would come in with their black shirts and pants and serve rice gruel and water. The government shut that down; that was going way far in commercializing atrocity. That’s part of the darker side of human nature. Those who commercialize it know there’s a demand [mostly by foreigners], even it focuses on a small four-year blip in 2,000 years of history. The main point of reference for foreigners coming to Cambodia is the movie The Killing Fields, so that’s what they know about the country, but there’s so much more to it.

TT: Can fixation on past atrocities hinder reconciliation? For example, the opposition party in Taiwan has often been accused of focusing too much on the 228 Incident and the White Terror.

Ung: Fixation on anything can hinder progress. If I were fixated on what I address in my book [First They Killed My Father] it would be a negation of who I am as a person because there’s so much more to me. When I was giving a presentation at TAS (Taipei American School), one of students seemed to expect that I would still be that five-year-old in the book. That said, fixation often does not happen in a vacuum — there are reasons for it. For many survivors, we felt that our voices hadn’t been heard, so we fought.

TT: You’ve lived in the US for many years now. What’s your impression of young people today, their understanding of history?

Ung: When you and I were growing up, the act of finding information slowed down how we absorbed it. Now information is moving at such a fast speed, this instant flood of information, we’re at risk of losing our ability to feel and to connect. In the west, it’s a little disheartening. We’re talking about the global world, and yet we look at everything else around us in a very divisive, black and white kind of way — Republican versus Democrat, Christian versus those who are not. And yet the world isn’t black and white. How do you interact with the world when you’re raised like this? We’re only paying lip service to becoming a globalized world. For young people, how you go from local to global is going to be difficult to make when the bridge isn’t being provided.

TT: To this day there are Americans, including diplomats, intelligence and military officials who were in Asia around the time the genocide took place who deny that the US played any role in the rise of the Khmer Rouge.

Ung: They’re in complete denial. It’s on record. The defining moment was when the US backed military coup to oust [King Norodom] Sihanouk from power in 1970 and put in his place General Lon Nol, who opened the door wide open for the US to come into Cambodia. This is not to mention the secret bombing campaigns that went on, unknown to the US Congress or the American people.

TT: During my discussions with reporters in Cambodia, I was given the impression that the conditions that gave rise to the Khmer Rouge decades ago — iniquity, poverty, government corruption — are re-emerging, which could give rise to similar extremism. Have you seen this in your travels through Cambodia, especially in the countryside?

Ung: That’s news to me. I go in three or four months a year. The international community is stronger there and there no longer is superpower interest in the country. I spend a lot of time in the countryside and I don’t feel that. There is more peace and prosperity there now than there was when I first went back in 1995. I feel safer now asking questions and people are more willing to answer, which to me says that they feel safer to speak. I travel everywhere.

If there was a sense of danger, my brothers and sisters would not let me leave their sight”

The universe took hold of what was supposed to be a completely different subject here. I planned that the title would relate to another subject. It will have to wait and join the queue. However the match was purely serendipitous, done on the fly and synchronous. Third time today.

The clocks have been reset. As Hillary the scorned and Barry the foreigner have reminded us.

What no one will reveal as yet is that it will take a little while for the process to stabilise. It will take a number of generations to bring the global societal belief pendula into menopause. Synchronised in untruth again. Through the trauma perpetrated on the people of this planet a unifying embalming is being enacted again.

What is it?

Why don’t these guys from Taipei mention the Taiping Rebellion ?

The largest holocaust.

Remember, before it is lead pilled from you, no one died in the paradise that was the Ukraine when the Stalin’s youngsters came to visit. Before the CHEKA could shave or menstruate.

Go on have a look.

Tell them to fuck themselves again.

This time they cannot run away. This time there is no where for them to run to. This time their dreams have come to nought. For they do not dream the scheme. They scheme. Badly. Freud, you pleasurably juxtaposed genetic mutant take note. Influence at a distance always has our feedback mechanism to kill the stupidly mighty.

In your pathetic little herding pen you’ve been cursed. Dolt.

We, unlike you, can choose.

We choose to tell you ancient, inbred, retarded, spiritually challenged, underperforming, profitless, medically intervened, overheads to freedom.


USSS LeMay and the USSS Hillenkoetter

If you’ve ever wandered around the Exopolitics bollox then you’ll have come across an old pony tailed bloke giving us a swaatch at what Gary McKinnon saw when he thundered into NASA’s Lalaland.

Now the time I’ve spent there has led me to two conclusions about the people who inhabit this sphere of Helium Hallucon.

1. The Brits are usually spybums freeloading from the free mealers.

2. The Yanks are usually phantiscists who never got out of role playing, roll playing and never needed to worry about feeding their fat faces.

The whole lot is usually nothing more than a load of crispy bedsheeting.

So GMcK is fitted up for deportation to the rendition centre where he will be processed into assorted flavours of meat based products.

What is GMcK?

Not valuable to UKplc. That’s what. He’s not part of the business plan. He’s been erased from his cell in the great big universal spreadsheet.

Subrosa and DL heave these into view over the past couple of days.

As I remarked at DL’s this is continuity of government at work, no change even though the administration of the country is supposed to have been replaced by the new bitchboys.

What does this tell us when juxtaposed with GMcK?

Someone fits in very well with the business plan within which UKplc has been integrated. Bearing in mind what I mentioned last year about war making being part of that business plan then we have a little indication of where there is going to be big trouble.

It is not rocket science. Where ever UKplc has recent immigrants from then you can be sure it will be burning from end to end soon enough.

Go on have a look.

Assault Mascot masks Murder for Hire.

DL said it better than “eye” ever could. (Sorry couldn’t resist that.)

This is just part of the great big “Turn everything in the public space into eye crap” and “Take a shed load of cash for doing nothing really” by a bunch of “Frankfurt schooled fuckedwitz”.

If one takes a good clean spy glass and casts it over the “Art” that has been so expensively procured by the public, sponsored by “CHARIDEE” or promoted through the mind synchsinks of the auction rooms this past century you cannot but come to any other conclusion that the sponsorship of a vast crime against the human spirit has been at work with the objective of making us blind.

Over at my other speculative shop I noted that the likely place to find the descendents of the priesthood sponsoring the sacred trade of the ancients was, today, in such places as the Doha trade rounds and their ilk. I reckon that part of their degenerate descendents, strut the artworld and creatives' invertedpervertedverse and is pushing this shit into the Herd Attention Space today.

Take a good look. Their realisation in 3D is crap just like their art was shit in the 8th Century BC. Back then their imagery was primitive and their conceptual genius was absent; just like today.

Utternutterudderotherotter sleeseypheekal arsebark.

The concept of “Creatives” in our society is diseased pollen in the wind. Generating in our deep soil to strangle our own artistic roots. We will have to stop and look very hard at just what every second of everyday consists of since every part of our lives is infected with a virulent all consuming self serving toxic void.

And this is all before you get into the deep spiritual and occult bent which really drives this agenda.

If you don’t get the connection between Goldman Sucks and this deliberate assault then you are lost to humanity.

Wednesday 19 May 2010

3 Flavours of Unreality.

I listened at the funny Farm last night to Kerry Cassidy and the SouperTrooper getting canned, no surprise. I looked forward to the second segment about Fulford. Which I just knew had to be a classic. So this morning it has been posted.

Here’s a little bit of background.

Maybank Singapore

Barry Soetoro

When Little Timmy Geithner and Barry played in the sandplaypits of Indonesia.

You want the first 54 minutes of the second session.

When three Flavours of Unreality meet?

Well the fruitiest of reality cocktails is spun out like The Large Hadron Collider farting special particles all over the mulitverse..

Tin Foil Hats on. Engage Unreality Drive. Punch it……

When Rense, Fulford and iON collided.


Monday 17 May 2010

Horse Shit

Go on look at the shit on the roads.

Just like the shit on the Ausfahrt.

“Then, hastily, they made the barrow, posting sentinels all round, in case the bronze-clad Achaeans should attack before the time agreed. When they had piled up the mound, they went back into Troy, foregathering again, and enjoyed a splendid banquet in the palace of King Priam, nursling of Zeus.

Such were the funeral rites of Hector, tamer of horses.”


Tamer of horses.

Interesting that nothing has changed.

Just like ancient heroes the common objective is to get your name remembered for ever. In any object, fad, ism or killing dream.

Why is that?

So primitive.

Hector wouldn’t understand us.

We wouldn’t understand him.

Why is that?


9 years out and closing.

I detailed what I reckoned went down in groove town on 11/09/2001 in the Pantechnikon series of mindburps.

Instictively back in 2001 I knew that there was only two ways of going about resolving the questions raised that day. For I knew I’d been preprogrammed to respond to certain cues in the MSM official legend.

One was to stand way back and look at the event in its socio/psycho objectives and its occultic significance.

The second was to get right in there and work out how it was done. Note this is not the same as with what it was done. Once you look at the very simple signatures of the event the process used is clear and totally at variance with the official legend. That itself is a reassuring signal.

Everything else in between is a distraction designed to suck the unwary into the enemy prepared positions. See

Understanding Information Age Warfare
David S. Alberts John J. Garstka Richard E. Hayes David A. Signori
Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data
Understanding information age warfare / David S. Alberts … [et al.].
p. cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN 1-893723-04-6 (pbk.)
1. Information warfare. 2. Electronics in military engineering--United States. 3.
Military planning--United States. I. Alberts, David S. (David Stephen), 1942-
U163 .U49 2001
August 2001

Last night as I wandered through one of my fave blogs I came across this from a guy I didn’t know existed. Simple clear thinking indeed. RIP.

9 years out and closing. Oh yes if you don’t see the continuity of planning involved in this unending series of crises we are subject to, you are going to have a stupid look on your face when BOGSlife strikes.

Whenever you step out of your door and there is a clear blue sky overhead just remember that this is how it all starts to close.

Sunday 16 May 2010

From the No Shit Sherlock Dept.

Oy!!! You muppets in Westminster wake up. They might be ChiComm slavers but they’ve got some effective ways of dealing with bent politicos and officials that I’d like to see us adopt. Chinese officials told to be uncorrupt, people-oriented

I thought the rubber that was going to be needed keeping an eye on were the bullets and necklaces. Nope it is not. Check the phekkers pass ports. Anyone coming back from the world cup with an STD shouldn’t get treated on the NHS. 40,000 prostitutes heading for the World Cup

This is a bit like having Jack the Ripper congratulate you on your manicure and pedicure skills. China congratulates Philippines over general elections That's the First Island Defensive Chain under attack for definite.

Too late for us to take notice but the China-Arab Cooperation Forum sounds like a Roth front to siphon money out of ChiCommland once the West is totally bankrupted. Those camel jockies won’t be begging on the streets or having their homes repossessed. Unlike the voters here once Osborne has checked out the damage to the good ship UKplc. Here’s a clue Osborne, we’re dead in the water, we’re hogging and some Fabian scum has flogged the engine room off for scrap. Chinese premier warns of complications of financial crisis

Hey ho. At least we’ve got the final of Dorothy to take our minds off real life. Ehh?

67 years, 617, 16/17th May

When we were truly a great nation.

United. Obstinate. Focussed. Unyeilding.

Nuff said.

Saturday 15 May 2010

Friday 14 May 2010

The Tension

There is an unmentioned though very obvious schizophrenia at work in our world today. Obvious though not very often realised. Mentioned though not very often discussed. Cognisant though not rationalised. Enacted though not cogent.

Part of the role of MSM, marketing, education and life conditioning is to remove all stimuli that may cause us to reflect on the true nature of our experience.

The tension is ancient and has marked the most advanced civilisations to grace the planet.

What is the source of this tension, this masochism and subsumed discomfort?

It is the theft of life and lives.

A theft that operates at a safe distance. Into that dead space is decanted all the engines and machinery of the scam changing our perception and marketing our attention away from the real and into the imagined. For if we truly experience the fiction as reality how much easier it is to keep us from turning our attention to the evil at work. An evil that we are lead to believe is working on our behalf, so the blame can be placed on a false sponsor if noticed, but is really only using us as it’s unpaid ciphers,

Deep down we know that in order to have our fannies plasticised and our cocks pumped full of collagen somewhere, someone must die. In order to satiate our appetites and slake our thirsts we ignore the piles of dead, stunted lives and shortened life spans. Modernity has morphosed into a long slide into debauchery on a scale never before witnessed in our recorded history. We are complicity anaesthetised. Magically spellbound, held in trance.

Our forefathers who lived in such appalling conditions of workslavery 200 years ago would I feel join the others in seeking our fall. They would identify with the parentless child picking crop on far off foreign fields that they will never eat.

We instinctively know this.

Deep inside our souls the question is asked every time we buy air freighted chillies. How many dead?

Are we traitors?

We have never really bothered to inspect the nature of freedom. We have never bothered to ensure it is universally enjoyed. We have become cosseted epicures and deluded Marie Antoinettes.

In UKplc there has been a muddled and very wise suffusing of this force by an implicit deal being struck between the natives and the pirates based in London City.

Leave us alone and we will not look too deeply into what you are up to from your base of operations. Indeed there have been benefits having this dynamic hub of piracy parked on these shores.

However the weakness in this deal is now showing a deeper malaise within the UKplc political settlement.

Deep down UKplc might not actually care for freedom all that much. It might want to be left alone to go about its business unhindered but that is not the same as caring deep down about freedom. Freedom carries a price borne by the citizen which makes for a poorer life without plastic surgery and human trafficking.

Deep down UKplc covets the life of a Prince. A license to spend unearned money on sweet meats, fine wines and harlots. The life of a King brings too much responsibility. It is too sovereign and difficult.

We inflict upon ourselves and are complicit in The Curse of The Unbroken Chain. There are well rehearsed actors abroad in the world that have based themselves in this lovely little island and set forth to rape the planet. Successfully so from 1700 onwards. If they have left us and set up a new base of ops, and interestingly I now see some commentators who are speculating that that has happened, then UKplc will be getting the Raj job on it finished pronto.

I see no Ghandi on these shores or ever since, we’ve failed miserably over the past 500 years to complete the job of freeing ourselves of the scam. Always getting bought off. What happens if the throne is bankrupt and there is no more loot to buy us off with. All the promises cannot be kept but we must never realise or be allowed to wake.

I know that most of you don’t get the Nam Shub angle I bang on about.

I view the experiential assault we are inflicted with every day as meditated magic. So I’ll give you some proof that this is at work. During any modern political discussion listen carefully to the words and what is being said. They will invariably fail the Turing Test. 95% of people will not notice. No one will awake. The tension will remain subliminal.

That is magic.

That is today.

That is Nam Shub.

Once upon a time, there was no snake, there was no scorpion,
There was no hyena, there was no lion,
There was no wild dog, no wolf,
There was no fear, no terror,
Man had no rival.

In those days, the land Shubur-Hamazi,
Harmony-tongued Sumer, the great land of the me of princeship,
Uri, the land having all that is appropriate,
The land Martu, resting in security,
The whole universe, the people well cared for,
To Enlil in one tongue gave speech.

Then the lord defiant, the prince defiant, the king defiant,
Enki, the lord of abundance, whose commands are trustworthy,
The lord of wisdom, who scans the land,
The leader of the gods,
The lord of Eridu, endowed with wisdom,
Changed the speech in their mouths, put contention into it,
Into the speech of man that had been one.

Thursday 13 May 2010

Now I don’t want to get all mizz….

…on you chaps but.

Everyone is getting all worried about the FUKPIIGS . Total exposure in the latest little sleight of hand being described here , though I do not subscribe to all the analysis I'll take the numbers as read.

Now I want to warn you, this drizzle, drivvle and drivel is all about Brown. I hear you cry “Oh FFS sake INCOMING!!!!!!! We’ve just got rid of the phekker, move on, forget it, we have”.

You ain’t getting away with it I’m afraid you have no idea what is coming down the pike.

As I noted last Thursday “Cameron hasn’t had a reality break yet. He’ll get it when he’s summoned and a conversation along the lines of “You are ordered to form a government from the newly elected agents and keep the base of operations from burning. It is OK for Greece and Spain to burn but not here. Get on with it and stop crying. You’ve got all the resources of an oppressive state at hand!”

This is no coalition, these slobs have had the frighteners put on and Brown has scarpered away from the new Ground Zero.

Prodicus has got his abacus out and pushed some balls around. He computes around £45 billions in current drinking vouchers.

Now those of you who know how the magik of fractional reserve banking works will know that you can morph any “real” figure you have into a wonderful necronewromantic multiple.

Here’s where Brown comes into the picture. His big mate Greenspan was gleefully transforming all official statistics and metrics into works of fiction to cover the rabid hyperbolic rate of multiple bunnyrabbit greenback breeding going on in the derivatives and FRB world. So if we take a conservative 100-1 conversion rate Browns £45 billion becomes £4.5 trillion. Woweee that is a lot!!!

Ahh but I’m not finished yet, that’s just the criminal manipulation of the precious metals market taken into account.

Now we start to feed that paper gold into the “real” economy, again we’ll take this conservatively at 100-1 again. Remember they may have been giving mortgages away to tramps in the mid noughties in USofA corp., but we should strive for sensible numbers.

That takes us to £450 trillions.

That is a big number!!!!

Still not finished yet.

Remember that Webster Tarpley has been banging on about Quadrillions in derivatives and other exotic, toxic nonsense entries in the ledger, for years.

Well let us leverage that by the sensible traditional 10-1 fractional bank ratio and we get to the magic numbers £4.5 quadrillion.

So you are asking what has that got to do with the price of KY jelly?

Simples, UKplc may just have removed itself from the international trade system as it all collapses and will have nothing to offer the new commerce when it gets rebuilt.

La Rouche reckons we may go back to the 14th century; check out his speech in 2007 as the crisis broke.

I reckon we could be back in 410AD when the Romans left. Just like then and the UKplc today all the precious metals had been syphoned out of the West.

Hey ho, we did all this with a little help from our friend Brown.

No wonder they didn’t want an election.

Iceland again

Notsilvia Night has been a little quiet of late, comments are off, however we can still enjoy reading about the surprise we gave her in Jan when we all wandered over and sent the Icelandic Pres a message of support.

Anyway this heaved into view this morning.

Bankers jailed, sued as Iceland seeks culprits for crisis

Notice how they have all absconded to live overseas.

I love the bit about “…human rights I enjoy here” in London at the end.

Why are criminals and gangsters the only ones that get their human rights looked after?

They’ve stolen all the moneeeee of course. How else can you afford the best Intellectual Property services on the planet?

Long John Silver would have loved it, but bigger and better pirates beat him to the throne.

Nothing is gonna change.

Things can only get bitter.

Wednesday 12 May 2010

A Crappier Crapper on the WikiWiiWorld?

The most advanced shithouse on the planet or the most retarded of the advanced nations. You decide. After the past week either epithet will fit I think.

So whilst the agents of destruction continue to turn UKplc and most of what used to be the first world into a series of gated communities set within a sea of Bantus let’s get back to what is really going down in groove town.

The Tories have got Sigourney Weaver’s little chum stuck in their guts and they don’t even know it.

Give it 18 months, 2 years.

Then there will be a sudden coming together of TwitMarxianii TwatTrotskyismistii TweetCommii Anallyretardii Euroluvvii in the centre spouting the most ridiculously rabid rubbish disguised as scientific truth to the most dumbed down predictively programmed peer reviewed bunch of WikiWiiWorld tossers ever reassembled...

Bye bye Labour, Bye bye Tories, hello shithouse.

The rejects are not going to hang around on the opposition benches of the Mother of all Parliaments now that she’s been turned into a haggard third world disease ridden old crone with dry dugs. Despite the monoculared ravings yesterday about how phekking wonderful it is here, though with challenges, they know that a country that cannot afford to salt its roads and keep its old from freezing during winter has been well and truly reamed up the shitter big time.

These clowns find the platform of UKplc too limited for their massive egos. I mean once you’ve hung out with our Hillary what can the opposition benches offer a lad with a tidy Barnet.


Watch this lot. Top censors and purveyors of fuckwittery disguised as progress and fairness.

The Mandelbrot Set

Milliibot & Milliibot, Lord Adonis, Lord Stern, Iivette Coopers

Where are they going now?

All of these shape shifting lying clowns and their buddies need a close watching.

They’ve not been turfed out? Oh no!!

They’ve been given their next mission.

What is that mission?

This should give a little clue I think.

Not content with shitting on us they intend burying us in Rock/Roth's great green graveyard of the undead.

Well lads I’ve got a message for you.

You can go and right royally fuck yourselves with a rolled up Nitromore lubed copy of Hansard!!

Whatever you suggest it is going to be a big fat fuck off from us from now on.

Phukkin’ A

“D. E. Reddick permalink

It seems likely that the Russian Navy did force ten captured Somali pirates to ‘walk the plank’.
Russia says freed pirates didn’t reach land

MOSCOW — A Russian official claimed Tuesday that 10 pirates seized by Russian special forces aboard an oil tanker last week were quickly freed but then died on their way back to the Somali coast.

The unidentified high-ranking Defense Ministry official did not elaborate on how the pirates died, deepening a mystery that has prompted speculation the pirates were executed by commandos who had freed a Russian oil tanker seized in waters 500 miles (800 kilometers) east of Somalia’s coast.

The official told Russian news agencies the pirates’ boat disappeared from Russian radar about an hour after their release.

“They could not reach the coast and, apparently, have all died,” the official said.”

H/T New Wars

Wake the Phekk up UKplc the days of careless freedom are gone. Our enemies are within the walls. They seek to kill any and all criticism of their sophistry and cryptic theft.

Go Spetsnaz go. Show the way it should be done.


Heads up.

Tuesday 11 May 2010

Once again Gideon Polya take it away son....

H/T Bellaciao

Yes Gideon all those questions that are never asked.



Well that should save the clowns at UK MoD a few pennies then, not to mention embarrassment. Well relatively.

In case noone had noticed Lockheed Martin has been pimping our tech. round the ChiComm’s borders for ages now.

This programme has been nothing but a great big internationally organised exercise in theft from the public purse and sabotage of the West’s defences through long established Israeli pipelines to the ChiComms.

You can be sure that soon a ChiComm 6th gen STOVL platform will turn up using all the tech. we paid for.

Heads up.


As I wandered through SR’s shop OR rattled a couple of brain cells. So I fired off the main part of what’s to follow here. You know me, two dots and there must be a crooked line joining them.

Somehow I just don’t see a single red cent of Falklands oil wealth coming anywhere near UKplc. Where do you think we live? Norway?

Perhaps through London City IF it is lucky.

British Nationality Act removes British nationality from any Falkland Islander who does not have a parent or grandparent born in Britain. Falkland Islands Government protest to British Parliament over sovereignty negotiations. British Parliament reaffirms 'paramountcy' of Islanders' wishes. Argentina protests to UN over lack of progress on sovereignty dispute. [1]

From around 2002

From Feb 2010

As mentioned earlier “Back in 1942 Argentine special envoy Goyeneche met Ribbentrop. Specifically at Ribbentrop’s estate in Westfalen on November 30th 1942. Goyeneche is looking for support for a forthcoming nationalist coup in Argentina. However the really interesting thing that Ribbentrop says is that keeping the USofA out of the Malvinas question is paramount for Argentina….

The 2002 source mentions an Exxon exploratory well in 1981, no further details given. There is also an interesting ref to the Falkland’s oil being geologically part of South Africa.

Anyway no mention is given in the prior art, due diligence, what ever you want to call it in the 2010 prospectus of the 1981 Exxon activity.

Nor of the reputed geological survey that landed on a desk somewhere in London in 1981 showing that projected oil reserves down Falklands way being significantly greater, by an order of magnitude?, than the Middle East.

So who’s in line for the revenue streams then?

My guess is that once there is no more RN or RAF, never mind spare USN capacity, someone operating out of SA or Argentina will be fronting for a bunch of lads mentioned in the 2010 prospectus operating themselves from their old homeboy turf in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Those of you who know what’s what here will have seen the $100 dollar per barrel figure bandied around since Vialls penned the first speculation on just what was what re Falkland’s oil.

Mexican Gulf incident and the killing off of US of A off shore drilling? Iraqi oil production culled?

Well just to make sure we are all clear on that. Those 100 bucks per barrel is for people with real moneee. Not credits, pension, child, disability or otherwise. Real MONEE from real work trading real things with other real people. No one who’s a serf is going to get anywhere near that oil.

Indian middle class, hundreds of millions of them. ChiComm middle class hundreds of millions of them.

What about UK middle class? Ooops.

Whatever will be left of UKplc needs the Green Ponzi Scheme to kick in. Ironic innit’? 13 years of commie profligacy just to give us an offer we cannot refuse.

That is Racketeering and Corruptly Influenced Organisations for you.

HMG=Gangsters’ Molls.

Monday 10 May 2010

Funny funny impeculiar

BP, the company least fit to be doing anything related to oil extraction, has achieved the Copenhagen agenda with one act of sabotage. It is like the Kennedy assassination, you don’t have to “do” anything just relax the processes, procedures and safety protocols surrounding the “event” to achieve the desired outcome.

So the end result is more money taken from us through a global RICO regime administered on behalf of Rock/Roth.

If you understand how depressions work, George Ure gave a good description with Catherine Austin Fitts a little while back; you will know what is in store when you need to have a license to breathe. Again check out Maurice Strong and his sychobitch cousin shagging the commie agronomists in Stalin’s little holiday camp.

Yep your license to breathe will be removed and then you’ll die. Note however that the Black Angel’s chosen people will be skulking somewhere safe in their gated communities. Got that? “communities”, they love communism. Never ever will you get one standing on its own two hooves, always in gangs. Psychologically and socially they cannot stand individual freedom.

Talking of funny money magicians have you noted that The Captain of the Croydon Gentlemen’s First XI has handed more non existent fiat lucre over to something non accountable? Immediately after his party got booted into touch by the part of the country not knee deep in satrapy and bitchboydome?

I remember one of INCOMING!!!!!!!'s other 2iC moments when he pointed out that Urie Geller is indeed a great illusionist, so good that he’d magicked a stack of cash from everyone else’s bank accounts into his and made him very wealthy. Oh and the deep spook commie background of the smart memory metal bender meant he was never going to be living in a terraced hovel like the rest of humanity. Oh no why do these great magicians always want our money? If they are that great they could magic a suitcase into existence whenever they wanted. Well that caused a steely silence to descend alright.

The key there is that is if they actually did magic a suitcase full of greenbacks into their front room the real magicians, from whom Urie and his ilk get their operator's license, would sent the family retainers round to rearrange the functioning of his internal organs. When in the mob you don’t fool with the capo. You know your place in the family and don’t let on to the vulgar.

So when the fools that we elected finally get round to forming a cabinet and then tells us that the shit has hit the fan, that it is ordure, sackcloth and ashes from now on. The first thing we should do is send the then Chancellor over to wherever Darling’s dodgy dogging photos are stored and demand our lucre back.

That should help keep the important things running like an effective Border Agency armed with heavy machine guns and anti skiver surface to surface missiles.


L & K

The Stoker.

PS almost 48 hours out now and still no sign of the Time Team.

Sunday 9 May 2010

Mission Critical

Since INCOMING!!!!!!! is out on operations The Stoker has taken over the shop.

Hopefully temporarily.

Those of you who frequent Spidey’s place will know that last night a crack team of Time Commandos set off on a mission of global importance. If Gordon Brown could not be prised from No10 then a one way mission to remove him from time needed to be carried out.

It is not well known, but there is a Stargate in the top snug Talley Ho boozer, North Finchley.

The volunteer team comprised Fiercely Friendly, Mad Irishwoman and Strangely Attractive led by INCOMING!!!!!!! and set off from the Tally Ho North Finchley heading for the Scottish central belt in1950.

The last thing I saw was INCOMING!!!!!!!’s big pink bum disappearing into the ether. Not a pretty sight I’ll say.

Anyway the best of British to them all, brave men and women showing true blue.

Latest info from Wednesday 12th May 2010 is that The Mandelbrot Set most likely sent the Millibot back to intercept them. That means somewhere near Glasgow in early 1950 there is one hell of a fireworks display.

Now those of you reading that badly imagined fiction above might wonder WTF? Well that’s what we have in UK plc. Badly scripted fiction. Just like the crap turning up on some the outlets here on the Ausfahrt 1.0 that cannot see further than The Daily Mail. Getting themselves ready for the jump to Ausfahrt 2.0. Synching with the Star Chamber predictive programming that every programme on TeeVee consists of. From pleading for your life in beyond hope farter to groompimping underage cheeldren on west end proto musicals. Look at it. It is a Dunblane spunkfesters wet dream for fuck sake!!!

We are supposed to believe that having cast our votes in a rigged election we are now experiencing normality. The useless fuck occupying No10, a patsy for forces he doesn’t know exist, is trying to stay in power like some banana republic spunk junky.

Meanwhile the spawn of European commie bastards are working to put the full foundation bitchboy rainbow coalition into play.

One of them is hunting our heroes down in Cowcaddens in 1950.

These fools, their MSM compadres, their Euro masters and the Ausfahrt 2.0 hopefuls are tasked with discrediting every institution we have. Just like Russia a century ago was gutted from the inside before the New York money paid their psychopathic front men to start the holocaust of the Russian and Ukranian peasants.

We are supposed to believe that this situation which was sooo obviously being orchestrated years out is normal. A total fuckwittery and deliberate mockery of us.

This is change. I told you change=destruction. The young are lost to reality. They live in a twitter und tweeter angst of nihilism. They know nothing, cannot express any idea and are silenced no matter how much noise they make. Babylon und bible.

At this rate I feel a second team will need assembling at the Tally Ho to take out Salmond before birth.

Once that’s completed it is off into Zentral Europe to go bitchboy hunting.

Love, kisses and go fuck yourselves.

The Stoker.

Saturday 8 May 2010

The fields flash red….

…though the fields flash blue.

Have a look at the map.

Who will be feeding you?

Secreted maps.


Have you ever wondered why the scythe has not visited here these past few generations? If the base of operations has moved the scythe swiftly follows.

Always someone else’s babies.

Just look back.

Who starved?

Somehow the hoe is about to be set upon the Plain.

The fields. (When I read of Arthur)


I’ve given you a heads up on this.

If you don’t recognise a recon party you’ll die happily ignorant to the hymns of the unread.



If we exist then our mark is not of this world.

We are in a stricture of love.


Salza Time.

The tartan mawashi has been on repeat wash for 5 weeks and dry cleaned for 5 days now.

The zabuton are laid out neatly. The power water is chilled. The clay has been sanctified.

Huge phekking bucket loads of salt await the big boys again.

The game is on.

This is a banzuke for a coming new age.

Gambatte Kaio.

Hopefully the North Finchley stable will distinguish itself this time.

We’ve had enough Irn Bru and Spam pieces; we’re very hungry and want Kirin and a decent chanko nabe.

Don’t want to disabuse you, you useless fool…but

“Aircraft carriers are safe”

Even, and that’s a big even, if they get launched just a few points.

1. We cannot afford any aircraft that will most likely get canned anyway a la A12 of twenty years ago, when we were relatively rich.
2. Where are you going to get the crews from? The Services' personnel are rightly pissed off and will offski pronto once you’ve set up an altar to Baphomet to make sure you’ve ticked all the diversity and inclusivity boxes. In fact by the time you’ve finished, assuming they ever get launched, fitting out all the shrines, oracles and sacrificial Dias’ that your inclusivity targets will demand, and made them H&S compliant, there will be no room on the hangar decks for the birds anyway!!!
3. Assuming they get launched and you can squeeze some mission specific kit on board, they are not going anywhere. We cannot afford to fuel them, hulls or birds, by then because the Pound Sterling/Euro will only be acceptable as barter in the autochthonous tribal areas, Bantus, then inhabiting these islands.
4. If they get launched and if there is space for kit and if you can squeeze some fuel from dead donkey carcasses, oh and you can cobble together the world’s most weirdly diverse crew of matey transgendered matelotes then the effectiveness of the whole shebang will be zero because they won’t have any training in weaponry, just filling in forms
5. Phew…. yada yada… as above…. There won’t be anything left to fight over.


Well the ChiComms with their brand spanking new fleet of Mil Spec battleships and 6th Gen UAVs with highly trained, regularly exercised, homogeneous crews, non PC, in fact you’ll see just how non PC they are when they lead pill anyone in sight, mind you that is egalitarian, with specific objectives instead of the fucking around covering drug running and crypto homicidal objectives, will have taken the lot.

Just a thought Penny.

Friday 7 May 2010

The deed was done.

I put a big phatt X in the UKIP box. The Independent over the border in Chipping Barnet, despite our best efforts at personal lobbying, didn’t save deposit. And now it is off into Lalaland.

Gordon Brown, unluckiest sapp in Christendom, is currently experiencing the final few moments of being toyed with by The Mandelbrot Set. The Agents of Rothschild. Who in turn are The Servants of the Black Angel.

What that means for us I outlined 6 months ago.

They’ve got the message and hundreds of real Manchurian candidates will be in place ready to cause chaos by defections, adhoc grouping, shadow parties, contingent alliances, religious nutters and utter nonsense. The two party system will be cast aside and nothing will ever get done ever again.

The real killer app. hidden in the reform of parliament, that must surely come after the fiasco that was our Haitian style polling methods, will be government funding for political parties and their campaigns.

This has two objectives.

1. Cement any new alliances cobbled into place de facto, using public funds
2. Kill any independent dynamics in our body politic.

Quite simply if your views are not approved you get no representation. That leaves the approval system wide open to RICO.

No I’m wrong there, the system will be set up by RICO.


Heads up.

Thursday 6 May 2010

Normal Service will not……

… resuming @ any time.

Clegg has got his new minders and his ChiComm loving controller broke cover from secret networking with like minded intellectual property thieves and housework.

Brown has been shown the figures, you know the figures that Gehlen and Müller would have delivered in a different age. The secret agent reports on just what the proles really think at home and what the impressed slave labour gangs in the East are really up to.

Cameron hasn’t had a reality break yet. He’ll get it when he’s summoned and a conversation along the lines of “You are ordered to form a government from the newly elected agents and keep the base of operations from burning. It is OK for Greece and Spain to burn but not here. Get on with it and stop crying. You’ve got all the resources of an oppressive state at hand!”

As I said we know what is what and we’ll be getting nothing from the MSM court jesters.

One of the interesting things to be revealed from the UK blogging world’s approach to the election is that it is now obvious who our Alex Jones’ are. You know; the guys that are garnering street cred in Ausfahrt 1.0 in order to be the main establishment conduits in Ausfahrt 2.0. Our knew controlled cyber jesters. Very soon.

So let’s get back to business.

H/T ZGR for this on the Gulf drilling disaster . Note the clever obfuscation.

So what are Goldman Sucks doing right now with the insider info Gehlen and Müller have delivered to the Brown Bunker?

Make sure you’ve put a big fat X somewhere today.

No stopping us now.

Once more unto the breach…..

Wednesday 5 May 2010

Graveyard Boozers (yes even more) or Mad Cow Disease

As I’ve mentioned before we live in an Attention Economy. It is post industrial, post democratic, post informational, it is posted and certainly post traumatic.

We inhabit a clearly defined Herd Attention Space which is patrolled and guarded for our own good. As my mate and I met up for another Bowtime the next evening we mused on a little something that Fausty had put up last week and had caused me to comment on at her shop. You see we’ve got access to cheap, fantastic hens eggs from a farmer, very far away, who was taken into the dark places by the big supermarkets. Typical gangster ploy to get you dependent on them and them fuck you over. However the farmer told Commie Grocers to GTF even though he would take a financial hit and when Dairy Stasi came back asking him to reconsider told them to GTF again.

One of the interesting titbits from this Bowtime gassing was that free range eggs are not a state of nature for the hens it is a theoretical state of chicken mind. If you saw Jamie and Hugh getting knee deep in chicken shit a little while back you’ll know what battery looks like. So in order to throw the dumbass public a curved ball there are some non battery labels which are meant to make us feel better when purchasing our hens eggs. Clever little Commie Grocers though know that the hens which have a theoretical green space to run around in are couped up just like battery because a big cockerel is parked right at the exit to the miniscule green space. No one gets out, though their labelling is much more reassuring to us. That’s the Chicken Attention Space.

The Herd Attention Space is much more complex though the end result is the same.

Now what happens if the farmer in charge decides to stop it? What comes after the Attention Economy?

OK then let us try and define the Attention Economy. I first mentioned this a while back when describing a conversation I had well over 15 years ago now whilst doing some research on the subject of the Knowledge/Information Economy.

I was chatting with an American bloke with whom I’d corresponded off and on for a little while about mutual research interests. I remember as we sank our last beer he said to me that we did not live in a knowledge economy, or an information society, we never would. What we lived was the Attention Economy. Then he got on his Harley. I think shortly after returned to the USofA.

So that’s the Attention Economy. You know the thing we are parked in the middle of now full of thick fucks that cannot command the Queen’s English!!! Characterised by slavery predictive programming through the commissioning of controllers slipped into our living rooms all over the world in High Definition. An Economy crashing down under the weight of its own ridiculous presumptions. A disaster.

A place where anyone daring to talk sense is lampooned and anyone talking crap is lionised.

I don’t want to depress too much but the herd are not going to help. If you can get a load of mutts to electrocute an unknown, see Derren Brown, then you really must not set your expectations of mankind too high. Remember Barry Soetoros’ bestest chums in the Weather Underground want(ed) to kill 25 million white Americans. Now that is racist.

You see racism and any other ism is the past time of the idle rich supremacists who want to get rid of us all. What did the Greek Nazi say about coming back as a virus to wipe out the proles? His son swans around Davos representing British business. No one asks why royalty must do this? Why not a dustman’s daughter from Salford? I’ll tell you why because if she turned up at Davos all the other supremacists would shun her and sent a swift note up the secret grape vine to Buck Palace making it quite clear that proles, especially white trash, were not welcome. Bloodlines only need apply. What do you think Bloodline Bilderbergers are up to? Planning improved sanitation for the poor? Nah, laundering money through whatever fronts they can cobble together in any part of the world.

So you, yes you, the individual finds yourself in a chicken coupe with a big Cock standing at the only way out. What to do? Well fuckwitz at the exit is too thick and inbred to notice that his training isn’t up to it anymore. He may have graduated from the Mandelbrot School of Wizardry a while back with Magna cum Laude when his House master helped him graduate with a 4000W Black and Decker mounted Golden Hammer Dildo but he’s been shuvved so full of shit he doesn’t realise the coupe is rotted and the fence is down. The Herd Attention Space has fractured into 7 billion shards of light.


We know that their money doesn’t exist. We know that their religions are a farce, we know their politicos are phantasy, we know their supremacism is narcissism. We know that all the things they tell us we are to be brought to heal for are the signature of their behaviour.

We know that they cannot hold the show together any longer.

Every one of us, every day, on every occasion with everyone we meet make sure we do, say, write or demonstrate how false their prospectus for us is.

Do not pass up an opportunity to spread the word. We know. Just start saying it.

Subtly without malice. Truthfully and gently.

Remember we all suffer from a great trauma.

Heads up.

Tuesday 4 May 2010

Graveyard Boozers (cont.)

Once the choice of voting on May 6th were sorted it was time to look at a couple of the storm warnings out there. The things that party leadership debates were masking. Over cloaked and hidden from view...

So more zider was poured.

The first item and the issue that will decide all other considerations is that UKplc has blown the next generation killer fiat app. in the next Ponzi Scheme.

It is clear for all to see that UKplc cannot pay its way in the world and cannot service its debt. How can a nation of call centre staff and shelf stackers generate enough surpluses to service a Trillion quid debt? Even before massive devaluation. The wheels have fallen off the pony show. Someone, the ChiComms, came over to Copenhagen and stole the new Ponzi app. for themselves. We are not getting in on the Green scam as planned. Whatever remains to be administered in the AWG regional office in Londonistan will be crumbs from the table.

It was no accident that just when the ordinary person in UKplc got to sit at the big table that TPTB sold off the means of doing so. Every real job will be gone soon. Just list the industries that have been trashed to make sure we are unable to pay our way.

I’d run out of the Thatchers Katy so it was onto the Magners.

Fisheries, gone. Civil aerospace, gone. Automotive, gone. Industrial and commercial electronics, gone and on and on and on….. All gone. Not because we were expensive, or stupid or lazy, but because we got too uppity and the word went out to hammer us back into our assigned places through poverty.

You can be sure that on May 7th a quiet audience will be held and the Rock/Roth bitchboys will be given their instructions. Brown will be long gone to work for charity he says. Oh yeah like the Carbon Disclosure Project, a charity registered in London with 50 trillions or so under management, that you and Balls set up Gordon.

The Mandelbrot Set, Cameron and Clegg will have their cards marked all right and it will be made quite clear that they’ve got to keep the lid on the cauldron. That’s what they’ve been paid to do, they’ve got the best propaganda resources and instructions along the lines of this will be given.

1. Sell off everything not already flogged off.
2. Reduce UK armed forces to ceremonial level
3. Public provision of anything to be halted
4. Release all regions from central government control
5. Secure the London base of operations
6. Transfer any overhead to EU.
7. No retirement for anyone ever.

Think I’m joking.

Londonistan has imported the raw material that it believes it needs to jiggle its way through the next half century. If you don’t believe me take a wander in the area bounded by the M25. All the races of the world are present and will provide the funny money machine with the operatives needed as the world gets wealthier out with the West. It has cast a magical spell over the peasants and transferred the imaginary debt to us living beings whilst the faith based construct of it’s corporate body skips off without a care in the world.

We are already being groomed. Cameron wants to let local people set up their own schools, oh yeah I’ll believe that. No what Cameron has been told is that there will be no money and London is not interested in educating the proles any more since the threat from rival states and philosophies has been seen off. Basically it is; “Here have the schools teach yourselves, scum.” Education is no longer about teaching. Children are a captive market at which is flogged services that a real schooling system would automatically provide as part of its core curriculum.

Once the election is over all armed forces will be handed over to European Command, bye-bye RAF, RN and the thin red line. The real danger to our forces in Afnamistan is a disaster that effectively culls any awkward resistance from serving personnel. Don’t put that past these evil fuckers, pawns get sacrificed for their great project.

NHS? Forget it. Soviet style production line clinics are the best we’ll get. The London hospitals will be on the usual gravy train though. My zider swilling chum recently experienced a really famous London hospital when his son needed surgery. Once admitted he was astounded to find that his son was the only English speaker on the ward. The rest of the beds were dominated by Saudi surgery tourists claiming to be family of UK residents!!! We’ll never notice when these beds are gone because we never had access to them in the first place.

If you expect to be travelling far forget it. One of the aims of road rationing is to keep scum out of London City M25. Slowly but surely travel restrictions will make people give up. Behavioural economics will nudge us gentle in that direction without our noticing. That is part of the volcano crap we are getting right now. Petrol at 2 quid a litre will do the rest.

Finally as the zider really kicked in and wore our ability to function coherently we came to the inevitable Secret protocols hidden from the children. All treaties have this stuff and you can be sure that it won’t be anything to do with Baroness Ashton giving Nigel Farage a blowjob if the Euro implodes. Oh no this will be something that involves handing over real stuff to people with Monee. Falklands? Diego Garcia? Don’t laugh this is how it really works, just go read some history.

It will be interesting to watch Londonistan detach itself from the rest of UKplc. The betrayal will be felt quite deeply by some. It isn’t a process of independence for parts of the UKplc. It is the rest of UKplc being told to GTF. You aren’t needed anymore. What we’ve got here is a multiculti Singapore being revealed. All the champagne and caviar will be reserved for it. All the freedom to travel, all the culture and shit art events just for them.

For those who don’t fit in, the poor, the young and the rest of UKplc it will be corporate chain gangs in a fascist NOAHide nightmare where selling your children is the norm in 2020.

This battle is not rhetorical, theological, logical, political, financial or moral. It is spiritual.

I’m afraid we may have been disarmed.

Graveyard Boozers.

Fido inspired the initial remark and the rest is history.

Got some good Bowtime in over the Bank Holiday w/e with a mukka and happened to remark, with Fido’s little piece in mind, that I’d seen another boarded up boozer down near the Tesco’s express petrol station in New Barnet. One more nail in the coffin of Britishness. Well says me mukka do you remember how the old crossing looked where the North Circular met the Great North Road roughly half way between East Finchley and North Finchley, down by the old TA centre and the Lido. At this point we got sidetracked onto the subject of Barnet council and it’s thievery regarding what was promised in return for the destruction of the Lido and what we actually got after the deals were done. Kind like the case of Totteridge & Whetstone Library! Anyway after a suitable period of harrumphing and parking some more zider we got back to the junction. Yes says I, I remember the SAAB garage was there. However it took them a little while to redevelop the junction. Even longer than the next junction up which was the roundabout where East End Road crossed the NC. There was a boozer there which is long gone. Aha says me mukka it’s the boozers that caused the problems. I raised an eyebrow and popped another Bow. Cue the history lesson.

The SAAB garage went but the boozer at that junction became a Graveyard Boozer. Isolated in the redevelopment as the carriageways for the new junction were snaked round the site. So a boozer was left standing alone after everything else had been torn down? says I. That explains the light I burped. During the period after the new junction was sorted I would take the 263 bus up to Barnet and in the winter on the way back there would be a lone light glowing in the dark where a cluster of buildings awaited demolition I thought. That was the graveyard boozer says my chum. He went in there once and the landlord reckoned he got five drinkers a week but they tended not to stay for more than one pint once they realised where they were! AND my zider swilling chum said; it is back. Someone has opened it up again stuck on an island surrounded by traffic!!!! You can’t just kill a licensed house you know he said. Once a boozer always a boozer.

What do you mean? I said by raising the other eye brow. Do you know The Rising Sun on Marsh Lane he says? That was shut down centuries ago because the landlord there was suspected of being involved in smuggling. Well the Great North Road isn’t far off says I, highwaymen and all that. Yes. However the son insisted that it was his right to serve drinks from the premises even if his old man was a bit naughty. The authorities compromised and for a while the booze was served through a hatch to the public. Then after a while it reverted back to a fully fledged boozer. Oh says I.

Do you know why it is so difficult to wipe a public house off the map? By this time my eyebrows were dancing around like a batman bringing Hellcats onto a carrier deck in a hurricane!!!

A public house is a fundamental part of the security of the realm!!!

That did it. I needed something stronger to calm the gyrating eye hair so I downed the Bow and popped open a little number I came across in ALDI. Thatchers Katy, right on the line between yumyum and electric soup.

So back to the history. Licensed premises are places of refuge and sanctuary for the traveller and are therefore part of the governance, public administration and fundamental fabric of our, English, society. You cannot simply bulldoze the things says my mukka. Now that got the memory going. I remember the Gorbals in Glasgow when I was little and travelling through on the bus, always seeming to have islands of some sort in the cleared areas. The pubs. Same for Scotland then pipes up yours truly. Gotta be.

Fido says 3530 pubs have been hammered since the Fabianstapo got into power quips I. That’s a hell of an attack on the fabric of the nation. In fact that is a lot of political and legal horsepower being deployed against that one feature of our daily lives.

Someone somewhere is digging deep into the political foundations of the nation and tampering with it. Who’s getting the empty boozers then? Who gets control of the land and what have they planned?

In a land that has imported racists, misogynists, religious nutters, people traffickers, child slavers, whoremasters, terrorists, supremacists, thief gang masters, economic rent seekers, medical tourists, midwifery plunderers and inhabitants from the stone age isn’t the fate of boozers a bit, well, unimportant.?

No; this issue shows that there is a force in the deep politics of this country that seeks to change us without consent into something we do not want to be dished. Somehow we’ve been disenfranchised by other means.

When was the last time you had someone in your family handed a business and 35 grand? Never in mine. All we’ve had is money taken as taxes and a financial system that swindled us. Want to see some people who have been so honoured? Head down to Hornsey the streets are paved with them. It was a Turkish guy who tipped me off, he cannot stand the PKK understandably.

Which got us to my mate’s current MP, Villiers. I’m just over the border in Vis’ old knocking shop. Philip Clayton is the independent contesting Villiers in Chipping Barnet and will be getting my chum’s vote. Clayton’s fed up with the current incumbent trougher. If nothing else says my mate we’ll try and save Philip’s deposit. He’d get my vote as well if I was voting in Chipping Barnet, but in my neck of the woods Finchley and Golders Green UKIP’s Susan Cummins will be getting the X since I’ve got no independent.

The Greens are skulking in the three Barnet constituencies as well. As you know I made it quite clear way back last summer that none of the three main parties were getting any of my time since they are just foundation bitchboy play things. Any policy that makes you dependent or a vassal of the state like Cameron’s Alinskyist tendencies need to be torpedoed on sight. The Greens are just a great big communist front full of fascists.

Greens, Soetoro, Cameron, AGW, Alinsky, EU, Mandelbrot Set they are all trying to make us poor and dependent through fraudulent representations. They are, not to put too fine a point on it, fronting for Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organisations. They do not want you to better yourself. They look forward to Oligarchy and perpetual slavery and dependence for the other 99.999999% of humanity.

They hate anyone standing up to them and saying “Fuck off, you are talking bollox!”

You know what’s coming.

That is NOAHide. I don’t want some stone age delusional belief system foisted on me by a bunch of religious nutters and their screaming gangster front men.


More bollox later.

Monday 3 May 2010

Orient and Occident. The Secreting of Maps.

Those of you who have witnessed the traffic out here on this part of the ausfahrt will know I’ve got two particular weaknesses that are not rational.



La Rouche

For some reason my unconscious mind just will not leave them alone and constantly surprises the conscious with abstruse connections.

So H/T again to MT @ The View from Taiwan for pointing me to this beauty.


Having worked through the Martinez interview a while back I found the following yak very informative on the subject of Walter Bowart. Out on the Farm. If you listen to the farm you’ll end up in the canyon.

Litmus I think is the connect.

This is sippin’ whiskey stuff so perhaps save it for the weekend.


Sunday 2 May 2010

From first principles

Tangerine Dream and Michael Mann

Never a better lesson.

From this

To this.

UKplc you’ve been robbed by the robbers’ owners.

Jimmy Caan you are not.

Heads up.