Friday 26 February 2010

“Going Nuclear” Prof Wang Jisi this week.

If you’ve been to GV’s shop, and others, to get the latest on Farage giving our unelected ShmurphMuppet from the land of institutionalised child molesting & snuffing a good stuffing, you’ll know that Belgium has a slightly manufactured taint.

I.e. it is not a “REAL” nation at all but just somewhere to allow the European powers to have a scrap from time to time.

This got me thinking. Very dangerous activity that.

So once again here’s anther slice of the world viewed through my non linear optics.

Those of us who remember that just before Maggie was taken out of play she had voiced some concern over the unification of our square headed chums will have a strangely familiar sensation these days of forboding. Maggie’s concerns are all but forgotten now, no wonder they gave her a shiv in the back.

The reunification of Germany is hailed as a great triumph of Western Democracy. Anyone remember Fukuyama’s trash?

So with a couple of decades to look back on just what can we see of the obvious concerns that Maggie had about Chancellor Cabbage?

Well just like Belgium we had some manufactured sovereignties back then, one of which I remember Brian Walden giving the once over and telling us it would crack up just after Tito pegged it.

But no it had to wait ten years until the Fourth Reich pitched up and set about the unfinished work of the Third Reich.

Zo, Czechoslovakia, gone but not forgotten. Yugoslavia, gone but not vergessen. Eh bitchboy?

How many dead?

Other artificial sovereignties?

Iraq? How many dead?

Pakistan? How many dead to come?

Almost everywhere in Africa.

In fact anywhere with a great big straight line delineating a settlement between great powers in the pre 1930s era has to be suspect.

However one special place always catches my attention.

It is the mirror of West/East Germany from the disaster that was the 20th Century.

North/South Korea.

I know what you are thinking, surely the S.Korean’s will baulk at the cost of reunification. Indeed you are correct they’ve signalled that many times.

However you are not getting with the vibe, the non linear optics.

Remember that we are dealing with a Darwinian approach to global control. N Korea has always been left to the tender mercies of a Hollywood loving mogul, for a purpose. If the West had wanted to stop the experiment that is NK it could have ages ago at any time.

How’s about reunification in what we would think of as being in reverse, i.e. to the detriment of the legend of Western globalist values of “freedom and democracy”?

Today I read that Soros’ old mukka Singapore Rogers reckons the Pound Sterling will be dust in 8 weeks. I also read today that the same time frame is mentioned for USofA corp. getting stuffed, I believe that Citicorp will be restricting withdrawals from accounts there after April 1st; you will have to give 7 days notice!!!

Whether this happens or not, how much time will it take for S Korea to start experiencing massive dislocations as global trade collapses further and the price of food sky rockets?

Who’s going to be fittest to survive the coming chaos? A society that has had nothing and regularly culled its population through starvation. Or a metropolitan based consumer society hooked on Gucci and shin lengthening surgery?

I know the meek are supposed to inherit the earth but in a Harry Hill fight who would you put your money on? The starved peasants marching south into a devastated land which to them looks like paradise, or the guys queuing in outpatients?

Think this is nonsense.

I give you Poland 1939 another artificially constructed sovereignty that we let the Soviets and the Nazis carve up. We let them carve it up so we could sit back and enjoy the spectacle of genocidal slaughter as they finally turned on each other. The plan kind of solved our balance of payments crisis as well.

Setting NE Asia on fire would remove the supply of consumer goods into the global economy massively and so play into the Green agenda smoothly. It might also solve some outstanding debt issues.

Did Professor Wang Jisi have a Freudian slip there?

Who’s fat Schultzey?

GV has got our man Farage out giving Van Rumpy a doing.

But who’s fat Schultzey? Did he drop out of Hogan’s Heroes?

What Fat Schultzey doesn’t realise is that the dog that barks fascist is the commie dog that stays silent when the killing starts, ask Sherlock Holmes.

And who’s No25 and No26 behind the Pres.

Soooo The Prisoner.

Mr F’s best line,

“We don’t know you, we don’t want you and the sooner you are put out to grass the better”


I’m also glad Farage got Daniel Cohn-Bendit name dropped, a fat rat from the sewer.

He’s got NOAHide, Frankfurt School and Alinskey written all over him.

Farage is also very much on the mark when he says Rumpy is perfect for the job. Just watch a smiley little smurph face get the institution up and running with all its dark powers covert, then suddenly the real deal will pitch up, like Stalin, and start using the secret powers to take out rivals and then us.

Farage needs a body guard.

Thursday 25 February 2010

So Gordon how are our defences looking?

As I remarked a while back the real plan to nuke the perps during WW2 used delivery by ship for the big stick. No other means of delivery was thought feasible until Boeing/Douglas et al got round to using the research they’d been penny fed during the thirties on big long range aircraft to go after the competition that led to the B29. So from about 1943 the plan shifted to airborne delivery.

My Bulgarian mate mentioned a drug smuggling story he'd waqtched on Discovery when I bumped into him a couple of weeks back but it wasn’t until I read this below, that the full import of these developments hit home.

The Battle For the East Pacific

So Gordon I’ll ask again how many frigates patrolling, how many Nimrods sniffing, how many pairs of IR/NVG binoculars watching?

What’s that you said you foundation bitchboy? “Adequate funds..planning,…change. Diversity..inclusivity …PFI… bollox mumble arsebark….yada yada…zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

We are in great danger.

Who will rid me of this troublesome priest?

The cry goes up from the Satanists at Goldman Sachs where the CEO thinks he’s doing god’s work, what a sanatorium. A temple to phallus worship, just like the Pharaohs they still think they are.

Go Max, go baby!!

No wonder MK had to flee the States.

Max Keiser and chums on Greece pt1

Max Keiser and chums on Greece pt2

It is a sad indictment of what we are spoon fed that places like RT and AJ are my preferred watering holes for snoos presentation.

Still the priest leading this ceremony doesn’t know his catechism as he cannot read us through a bar chart consistently! I’ll bet when the spunk attired hotshots of the news rooms know that MK is on their slot they shit themselves and draw straws, they know a career ending incident has just gone asymptotic on the probability front. Though more likely they bully some poor intern to take the hit.

On an aside has anyone seen that bozo Kashkari anywhere?

I also didn’t complete the body count on my Monday post on Oligarchy.

I forgot to mention the 7 million dead Yanks that pitched up during the depression that you don’t hear about.

Kind of like white slavery.

Expunged from history.


Wednesday 24 February 2010

The Story of Gordon Brown

Finally released after a period of 75years the truth can be revealed at last.

From the UK Public Record Office February 24th 2085.

“In 2007 Gordon Brown became UK Prime Minister, a well known media relations twitterer. On his first day in No10, his staff watched Brown go through a transformation into another person, this one cruel and cold; but the mood passed. The next evening, however, the cruel mood returned, then again faded away.

Brown was also plagued by insomnia, and No10 got Mandelbrot to come back from Europe and hypnotise their boss, opening up a Pandora’s box. Gordon had apparently had an abusive induction in the Scottish Labour Party, and had developed an alter ego named Dennis.

During hypnosis Gordon also revealed his contact with a “Dr Greenspan,” his regular hypnosis sessions with him, and the injections he had given him of what he had called “vitamins.” He spoke of having to sign a government security oath, training in espionage work that he had undergone at a CIA camp, and his experiences as a split-personality trouble maker, manipulated through hypnosis and drugs, and plying his twilight trade under a number of pseudonyms, like Second Lord of Bantustan, First Lord of Totally Fucked and the best one PM gone AWOL. He also recalled being tortured with electric shocks by Federal Reserve men over the contents of one of the Red Boxes he carried.

Gordon Brown spoke of being one among several CIA zombies who were tortured at CIA headquarters in Langley Virginia. Although his memory from that period had been blanked Mandelbrot clearly remembers episodes when Gordon would spring upright out of sleep and shout random names like Balls, Bananaboy and weirdest of all Angela.”

With apologies to the memory of “Long John” Nebel by way of Jim Keith

Tuesday 23 February 2010

CCTV and shit arschitecture.


I hadn’t intended wandering in here today but it just caught my eye.

“CCTV building fire trials underway

A Beijing court began hearing the first trials yesterday involving alleged wrongdoers connected to the massive blaze that damaged the multi-billion-yuan China Central Television (CCTV) high-rise one year ago.

Beijing No 2 Intermediate Court said yesterday it had received a case filed by local prosecutors against 23 suspects charged with causing accidents with dangerous materials.

Among them is Xu Wei, former director of the national TV network's new headquarters, who prosecutors said decided to store illegal fireworks and hold the grand display on the building during Spring Festival last year.”

The move backfired and the fireworks ended up severely damaging the 30-story annex tower.

Those charged include six other former CCTV employees and six former employees from the project's construction company.

Lovely, I thought someone had torched Big Brother Zentral in Beijing, but it’s their equivalent of Goebbels’ Gobshite Towers, GGT.

So what else got me twitching? Well I thought I sniffed, as well as burning gunpowder, shite illuminist initiated architects. You know Frankfurt school adherents. Disciples of the Images of Man

Oh boy the neighbours complained when the shit heap went up all right, and who can blame them. Lovely pictures though.

“Neighbors ask for remedy after CCTV tower blaze

BEIJING: About 30 residents took to the street in eastern Beijing Tuesday morning, demanding compensation for damages to their property during a blaze that seized a building at CCTV's new site early this year.

The anguished residents from about 30 households near the landmark new tower of China Central Television gathered at around 8:35 a.m., putting up posters demanding compensation from the CCTV and protesting against "forced relocation".

Police officers were seen at the site to appease the protestors and listen to their complaints.

The residents complained of damages to their property in the February 9 fire that engulfed the complex housing some CCTV facilities as well as the unopened Mandarin Oriental Hotel near the futuristic tower of the state broadcaster.

The fire was caused by a powerful fireworks show put on by CCTV.

The burnt building and CCTV's main tower were both designed by Rem Koolhaas's Rotterdam-based Office for Metropolitan Architecture.

However before the fire the locals reckoned it was a load of gratuitous barph inducing lopsided fanny sputtering shite anyway.

“Much ado about CCTV tower's naked truth

You are unlikely to have missed the new CCTV headquarters if you are a Beijing resident or have visited the city recently. But has the structure appeared to you as male and female genitals?”

So they were literally making cunts and dicks of the locals and, excuse the pun, stuffing it in their faces and ramming it down the locals’ throats!!!

Did you catch the clue earlier about the perps.

Dutch architect Rem Koolhas.

What did they say about the locals?

“But Ai Weiwei, leading architectural designer and curator who has a copy of Content on his bookshelf, said it was a ridiculous joke, created by people who do not understand architecture and a section of the media that has not bothered to find out the truth.”

That’s correct peasants. Fuck off!! You are not initiates and YOU don’t wander around the world in the latest spunk covered creations from the catwalks or swill champers with pince nez parked over your beak. And we’ve been to UNI!!!!!

Here’s the lad and his “TEAM” have a good look through what they’ve been designing at our expense and just start ticking of that great big check list of Rock/Roth inspired public space trash paid for by us and the “correct” organizations they’ve hung out with. (They’ve even fucked about near the GGT)

Rem Koolhaas

So after tales of almost torching a $735million pile of glass shit, what other piles of expensive glass fecal matter heave into view today.

Well fuck me with a hot wire brush it’s the ECB

“At last the European Central Bank has started work on a new headquarters building in Frankfurt. It will be huge (a conversion of an old covered market), expensive (the bankers will struggle to keep construction costs under €500 million — £440 million) and architecturally ambitious, with two leaning towers. Critics say that it represents a kind of hubris, a celebration of the swollen power of the eurozone at a time when it is facing its biggest crisis — banks across the world, infected by the "New Modesty", are scaling back their building plans. The ECB, by contrast, is putting up a secular temple.

The question that nags EU leaders at the moment is who will be the temple's High Priest? The incumbent, Jean-Claude Trichet, is due to step down next year. The decision on his replacement is a political one and should be taken by this June. So the lobbying is hard, and, as usual in Europe, involves Byzantine calculation about quotas: north Europe versus south, big countries versus small and — it was ever thus — unstated German interests against unstated but blindingly obvious French interests.”

So who are the darlings of the catwalk shuvving this half billion pile of occult inspired symbolic bollox into the Herd Attention Space.

Here they are.

“Construction of the new premises of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany, to start in spring 2010

The Governing Council of the European Central Bank (ECB) informed today during a press conference about the positive outcome of the Europe-wide public tendering procedure and announced that therefore construction of the main construction works for its new premises will start in spring 2010.

Following the announcement, Wolf D. Prix, Design Principal and CEO of COOP HIMMELB(L)AU, said: “It is always an exciting moment when an idea becomes reality. We are very pleased about the decision of the Governing Council of the ECB that the new bank headquarters will now be built. I believe that it is not only an important building for us, but also for the European Union, because the building will be one of the important three- dimensional signs of the European Community. I am also proud that we will realize the project without any curtailments or compromises within the given budget.”

In 2008, the Council of the European Central Bank decided for a tender process with distinct invitations. The first eight packages, namely main structure work, site work, elevators, facades, roofing, height-access systems and mechanical and electrical services, were sent out to tender over the course of 2009. As reported during the press conference, these eight packages consist of 44 lots and constitute around 80% of the building costs. The bids submitted by construction companies for those first packages are within the budget. The contracts with the construction companies will be signed early next year, with the goal to start the main construction works in spring followed by the release of the remaining tender packages.

COOP HIMMELB(L)AU won the competition for the new premises of the European Central Bank in 2005. The project is located in Frankfurt’s Ostend and will be built at the site of the Grossmarkthalle (wholesale market). At a height of around 185 meters, the double tower – with its polygonal shape and east-west orientation – has a striking profile that is visible from all important reference points in Frankfurt’s city center, as well as from the river Main. The imposing form of the Grossmarkthalle unites with the vertical profile of the towers to form a significant ensemble that considers both the local urban design environment and the general urban spatial context, thus creating a tension between Frankfurt’s banking district and the Ostend area. The opening of the European Central Bank is scheduled for 2014.”

Utter crap, all forced to look like shit despite itself. All to make sure that we peasants see the images of our New World Ordure and know our place.

All put together in “competition”. Yes competition between initiates.

Initiates who know the occult angles, sacred alignments, the Ben Ben Birds, Columbia, where to put the Sun, where to put the stars. The dates to start placing the foundation stone and where. How many bodies to bury in the foundations, think I’m kidding do you? All the ceremonial.

That’s why a bloktrix whose mum was a fishwife from Aberdeen didn’t get to design anything near you.

So whilst we are on the subject lets look at Brasilia again.

Oh yes, 2060 the New World Order capital that is a fuck off big HAS.

Monday 22 February 2010

Oligarchy; immune to Change. Why?

Now I don’t want to worry any delicate flowers wandering past here but you are now poor. Now that’s what I call change!!!

This is going to be short essay, but it will take you years to dig your way through the rattrap. Soon no one will have a personal pension just a state handout, all savings gone, not even the Rock/Roth, they’ll just be foundation whelps. Very rich foundation whelps granted.

From “The Myth of the Rule of Law

“The Clintons. rise to the White House was fuelled by the Iran Contra operations
in Arkansas. The drugs and arms transhipment point in Mena Arkansas had
allegedly been one of the most significant operations operating under the aegis of
the NSC .s Oliver North. Some said that as much as $100MM a month of arms
and drugs f lowed through the airport at Mena Arkansas. The stories and
lore.whether about the goings on or the deaths of the many people who tried to
stop or expose them.took up thousands of pages on the Internet but never seemed
to work their way into the .official reality. of national TV and newspapers.
When the Clintons arrived in Washington there were numerous efforts to
investigate government narcotics trafficking and fraud. Sally Denton and Roger
Morris probably got the closest. Their article on Mena was pulled by the
Washington Post at the very last minute, eventually to run in Penthouse in the
summer of 1995. But the journalist who finally broke through the nation.s mass
denial was Gary Webb. And he made it through thanks to the Internet.
a medium much harder to control than the broadcast or printed press.

In August of 1996, the San Jose Mercury News broke Webb.s story of illegal narcotics
dealing by the US government, targeting South Central LA with crack
cocaine. The story was told from the point of view of Ricky Ross, the legendary
dealer who built the market in South Central. And what an incredible story it was.
While the San Jose Mercury News was not a big deal inside the Washington
beltway and in New York media circles, it was a very big deal to the new
markets growing up on-line. It was known as having the finest website of any
newspaper on the World Wide Web. Its location in Silicon Valley meant that
the techies read it and to ok it seriously.

When the News broke the story in mid-August, the story was serialised in a
relatively short form, as news has to be. What was different was that the News
website crew to ok the time to scan in thousands of pages of supporting legal
documents available to read or download from its website. By the time the
various intelligence agencies and major media centres had organised and
succeeded in shutting down the story and getting Gary Webb transferred and
then essentially fired, a rich network of alternative and minority radio stations
and internet news sites had downloaded the documents and covered the story.
All the kings. horses and all the kings. men could not put Humpty Dumpty back
together again. Thousands of Americans had copies of the original documentation.
The evidence was hard. The allegations were true. The story was now out
of the control of the official reality cops. The Internet created a vehicle that
was helping America come to understand that one of the most profitable
businesses in America might not be run by black teenagers and Colombian
warlords, but by representatives of their own government.

America wanted the Dow Jones up, and Hamilton Securities. Community
Wizard threatened to provide a hard link between Gary Webb.s exposure of
American intelligence.s narcotics trafficking connections and money laundering.
In the corridors of power, there was no contest. The Dow Jones won.”

Catherine Austin Fitts has a lot more to say about where all our money has gone, ever since the pension money started to flood out of USofA Corp. for China in the 1990s, and before. She’s called it “Tapeworm Economics” , go on have a peak. You’ll be in there for days and days.

My intention today is simply to remark on something remarkable.

In 1913 the Federal Reserve was set up to bring stability to USofA Corp. So suitably disguised as the guys in the white hats what have the gangsters really done since 1913 whilst hiding in the sheriff’s office.

1. Financed Commie foundation bitch boys and dispatched them from New York during WW1 to kill the occupants of Russia who didn’t think appropriately.

Then once the Commie bitch boys were established in their murderous regime they exported capital and technology all the way through the 30s, WW2, The Cold War and then brought them home to Las Vegas in the 1990s.

2. Financed Psycho Nazi bitchboys to thieve power from the German people and set about killing off those who didn’t think appropriately, export capital and tech. to Germany then set about killing off more Russians, under guise of WW2.

Although there are indications the Fed boys may have lost control of that one.

3. Financed child shagging ChiComm and drug dynasty foundation bitchboy Mao Tse Tung all through the so called Long March and struggle against the Kuo Min Tang then let him kill of a shed load of Chinese who didn’t think appropriately.

Then promptly decanted all the USofA Corp. pension money and even more tech. into ChiCommland post 1970s.

For what purpose?

So if Ron Paul is suddenly giving it large about abolishing the Fed. That means the scam has moved on. What is to replace it? Who’s in their sights now for erasure from existence?

Well, those who don’t think appropriately.

Do you?

One thing that we will be able to say with confidence is that the past will mirror the future in certain blessed places where there will never be a rogue gunman, or psychopathic gang of revolutionaries stalking the unwary.

Harvard, Cambridge, Rugby, Princeton, Eton and their ilk will never change in this ever changing dystopia. I wonder why they should be so immune to the contagion.


Is someone giving us a hint to stay away?

Just wondering.

That’s all.

Not a terrorist attack, of course not.

Just get the fuck off peasants, THIS is now private and the oligarchs do not want the sweaty peasants on THEIR fast train to MittelOorope shared with anyone now the fast link to Waterloo is up and running.

Mind you Al Qaeda could take it out; instead of other targets that would really stuff it to a decadent West like,……………..ooooohhhhh lets see………..GGT. Yes GGT brings pleasure to millions by letting them exercise their phones and phoney democracy, yes stick a tube of anthrax up a celebrity's arse and wait for the fart to kill.

No it has to be something totally demoralising, for we really couldn’t care if a load of dancing, prancing, attention seeking clowns choked to death, not really, what with their charity phone ins and swanking all over the world to great places that we scum are barred from.

No it needs to have a Beslan Bedlam quality to it.

It really needs to rub it in how helpless we are.

However there’s no danger so long as Skrypto and the Hoody Hugger stay on song.

Sweet dreams.

Sunday 21 February 2010

Want to put Gordon’s death tax into perspective?

What these clowns really want to do is destroy any linkage between hard work and success.

That’s what it boils down to.

Satrapy and servitude for all.

“Abolition of all right of inheritance
Example … Death Tax Inheritance taxes are already astronomically high. In 2001, estates over $1million are scheduled to be taxed at 55%. So we are already moving steadily in this direction! There is a presumption that this is a tax only on the wealthy. How will this change under a Fabian President?”

So go on then Hoody Hugging Dave, Mad Mentalist Skrypto Gordon and all you other light weight paperweights what’s so different about you?

H/T Canada Free Press.

We’ve also got New Zealand pitching up as well on this one.

One World Globalist Stench.

The New World Ordure!!


Saturday 20 February 2010

Dutch govt. ditched.

Looks like the Dutch will have their lads home pronto instead of fucking around the back of beyond on a fools errand.

Dutch role in Afghanistan in doubt as government collapses

Paying attention Gordon?

Then what’s the body count you foundation bitchboy?

You might think you’re a hero but we are just waiting for you to marry your horse?

If Chossudovsky is anywhere near correct then what the fuck are our forces doing parked in the middle of Injun territory? At the end of a logistics trail that we are too penniless to afford? What’s going on between your ears Gordon? Are the bot fly larvae setting up home there?

No wonder my grandfather spat the name Ramsay McDonald, your name is not worth spitting.

CSI Nuke.

This is a beauty. H/T War News Updates

Obama Signs Nuclear Forensics Bill

White House Press release.

Once again into translation mode.

Barry wouldn’t know forensics if it shagged him up the afterburner singing Yankee Doodle Dandy.

Barry’s a street hustler responding to his master’s demands. So why would Barry’s masters want this now?

Well obviously a nuke is going off somewhere, or at least a radioactive device.

All nuke material comes from atomic reactors and all reactors have their special signature of isotopes and isomers, this fingerprint will be forensically identifiable. So if there is a big bang in down town Buenos Aires the signature of the Perm reactor supplying the nuke material will be IDed and then our Especial Fuerzes can pay the perps a visit. In theory of course.

The academic courses will be used to produce adherents and disciples that guarantee results that comply with official legend. Don’t think CSI here, this is political; we are talking CPSS-NKVD/NAZI-SS.

Scenarios for the use of these alumni?

Overseas to fit up a mark. So if Pakistan nuked Mumbai then the forensics could confirm the Pak nukes signature. That’s foreign policy control and blackmail. Though actually Myanmar lit the big stick.

Domestic, to frame a mark after a false flag. So if Detroit takes a big stick Iran can be put in the frame through rigorous independent scientific research.

I can see the course work being prepared already, the important stuff being kept out of the way and the doctored material being modularised. The graduates will then march off into the sunset intent on bringing the bad guys to justice with a flawed education.

Don’t you love madrassas? They’ve done it to medicine, Nat phil. and put witch craft on a par with astronomy by “researching” climate studies, psychology and economics.

Hey ho.

Friday 19 February 2010

The Minot nukes and other stories, where are they?

We should be 3 1/2 years into a major conflagration and just like 9/11 we should be looking at a criminal rather than paramilitary/terrorist operation. Just like 9/11 someone in 2007 laid bets as put options that the stock market would be rocked by soon to be enacted “events”.

There were lots of dead bodies surrounding the Minot event but someone bravely stopped the “hit”. However it did not stop the WMD going missing there, i.e. stolen in a heist.

“Why the dark thoughts INCOMING!!!!!!!?” I hear you sigh.

Several things have caused the mood although I’ve had a good week, unexpectedly, since it is half term hols here and daughter and her chums have taken over the asylum. However the toing and froing with children meant that I got to catch up with a couple of my mukkas.

Firstly I caught up with my Bulgarian mate and got some more info and background on the nuke smuggling vid I posted about earlier in January. We chewed the rag about Libyans he met long ago who pitched up to buy fighter jet engines. Soviet techies commissioning nuke plants, Ukrainian mafia “supplying” spare parts and getting anything you want if you’ve got enough Shekels.

Finally I asked the rhetorical question that had been stalking our conversation.

“If you can indeed tool up with a shed load of cash and get yourself your own personal nuke, how come no one has set off a big stick, that we know about, to stick it to us in the West for being filthy, imperial, warmongering bastards?”

After much scratching of our heads and banter we arrived at the following conclusion that a) there are no real independent entities that we categories as terrorist movements; b) there has been no crime commissioned so far that needed a big stick to go off. Yet!

Then later in the week I had a chance to touch base with my ChiComm chum. If you remember he’s the guy whose old ChiComm banker mate got a peek at the machine that steals all the world’s money whilst seconded to USofA corp. I caught up with his plans and he’ll be back in ChiCommland March/April this year with an idea for a film. We had a quick wander through UKplc’s troubles from a ChiComm perspective.

Basically UKplc is fucked. BUT, and it is a big but, there is a whole pecking order of fuckedness.

UKplc, or City of London and its hinterland, is calling in its marks. Iceland, Ireland, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania…who’s next? Only if UKplc runs out of others to do over will the piratical nature of this state become obvious to its serfs instead of being occluded by the subtle thievery pursued through UKplc body politic. The evening wore on and we all had a lovely meal inspired by the food he ate as a child when his parents, who were classified as being in need of re-education during the cultural revolution, were banished up near the Soviet border area of NE China to an out of the way village. So dumplings and sliced pigs ear it was, dipped in soy sauce and chilli oil. All washed down with a nice Chinese red. I did say inspired, not recreated!

As we chatted about the prospects for ChiCommland and what he hoped to get out of his next trip there, he said something quite remarkable.

“For the first time in history China’s leaders may actually be putting the interests of ordinary Chinese at the top of their priority list.”

I was chomping my way through a tasty though gristly slice of pig’s ear at that moment and remained silent for at least a minute. My first thought was “What happened to the golden goose quote?”

It may be apocryphal but I remember reading about a conversation between a French commie and top ChiComm decades ago that included the following exchange when the body count of the Great Leap Forward was being scrutinised.

FC “What about the huge number of dead comrades?”
ChiComm”What about them?”
FC”Aren’t you afraid of killing the golden goose?”
ChiComm” Comrade, Chinese history is full of dead geese!”

I ran that past my chum and he remarked that currently the ChiComm govt. is literally stuffing money into people’s pockets. The productive capacity of the economy “needs” people to spend money since the USofA corp. is busted. So right now ordinary Chinese people are getting pampered rather than gulagged.

The great unspoken danger for all of us is the destruction of productive capacity in NE Asia. If the Chinese factories shut then we may be pitched out of the consumer age and back into mediaeval darkness again.

So with all this to stew on I’ve been looking back over the years, hence the Minot Nukes. Someone might have decided that there was a criminal enterprise that needed a big stick or two to go off. Go off where though? Well that B52 was Persia bound I reckon.

Therefore the current “banking crisis=depression” that we are currently in is not “real”. By these perps’ plans we should be living in wartime lock down with all our normal commercial, societal and personal liberties suspended. No financial collapse should have materialised and the hammer drop should now be in play. What do you think all the restrictive legislation and CCTV investment is for? It is all useless in peacetime, however once the curfews are in force, just try wandering down the High St. a micro UAV will flame you pronto.

Looking further back what else has not gone to plan for the perps?

What about the mob hit & heist in Iraq? That went badly wrong because the paleo”WMD” were not present as expected and no matter how hard the USofA corp. sought, long after they should have left, there was nothing to be found.

Did Krauts Gmbh or Frogs Spa. get the articles out or hide them effectively?

Then we come to the daddy, 9/11.

All that evidence that got vaped. However that didn’t go to plan either. WTC7 dropped without being hit, all that SEC evidence gone, where did its airliner get to? A big hole in a field in Pennsylvania, where was the target for that airliner? How many other hits didn’t happen as planned that day?

More than ten years then, in fact the thick end of 20 years, of mind fucking us since the USSR went west. Waco, WTC, OKC et al in the 1990s, leading to what in the 2000s? Stock market failure, 9/11, Iraq, societal collapse, Minot nukes all delivered by Western Democracy.

Western Democracy which has been infiltrated and hijacked by globalist mobsters funding commie/fascist think tanks selecting empty shiny vessels to front chosen political agendas into which are decanted the latest “ism” to groom the Herd Attention Space to compliance.

One thing that we can say for certain is that TPTB will not allow ordinary Chinese people to have a good time that is for certain, this is an aberration because the plan is running late. Already the Chinese have been targeted with ethno specific bio weapons, middle class ChiComms are anathema.

TPTB rap sheet and modus operandi means that their first hit of the 2010s will be murderous.


The amount of MSM hype that is being pumped out with regard to Persia is unrelenting.

What do we know for certain?

Persia IS THE trigger target.

ABM systems infest the area and are tested.

Huge oil finds out with the Mid East recently, Siberia (predicted in 2008), Indonesia (Predicted 2008), South Atlantic (Brazil, Falklands), Venezuelan (off shore) and not forgetting the vast out of bounds untapped reserves in CONUS and Alaska...

Someone is fitting up Israel.

Torch the Middle East, stuff China, take control of S.American oil, drop the hammer on us at last and under wartime conditions re-engineer our society to worship the green?

Saturday 13 February 2010

AfPak looking even more unstable in general.

Eight Die In India's First Big Attack Since Mumbai

Attacks on NATO Supplies in Karachi

This does not bode well.

Would you like me to draw parallels….. no you can work it all out for yourselves.

Friday 12 February 2010

Can Capitalism Save Haiti?

Can Capitalism Save Haiti?

Where to start with this? I’ll just let it tumble out.

Capitalism requires free people.

Are we free anywhere in this great big world? No.

So there can never be capitalism.

However we think we are living within the beneficence of capitalism.

What do we have cloaked in the trappings of capitalism then?

A vast spectrum of virulent pathogenic toxic fads/faiths/fancies/fallacies all aimed at achieving godlike gangster control of the world.

Look at the discussion in the article above. Godlike entities trying to tell the Haitians how they should live.

Meanwhile no mater what route they take the Haitian’s will be screwed and the rest of us, as the next part of the sociopathic scam kicks off. Citi plans crisis derivatives. H/T PIGLIPSTICK

So there we have it, perpetual crisis is needed.

I’ve written a lot about Alinsky(ists) this week. Do you know where he got his inspiration? Watching the Chicago gangsters at work. You know the St Valentine’s Day guys.

That’s what we’ve got. A globalised, networked, all seeing gangster oligarchy forming. Organically that can only mean global decay once they have run out of people to menace and defraud.

I listen to LBC and the adverts for graduates are quite interesting. Did you know you can become an intern; some graduate careers actually may be paid. Well fuck me. I thought interns were unpaid slaves in law firms who clawed there way to the cushy partnerships where the money just tumbled into your pocket. Quid pro quo. Fair is fair. Slavery to tyranny. Or interns were sex slaves inside the Beltway spying and getting the dirt on the politicos. But to be an intern to sell double glazing? Well that’s the rot set in and slavery for food can only be a breath away.

There is another advert on TV showing a bloke snatching from a corner shop and legging it. Thief? Oh yes. The store owner is down a sale, repeat that over thousands of occasions and there will be small businesses going out of business.

Bloketrix click on a spreadsheet in an office far, far away and the algorithms rattle through the system and thousands of instructions are issued to recall loans instantly. Lots of corner shops are gone.

Same outcome, same root cause, criminal mentality based on funny money. Only the suites never get arrested.

Anyone notice that there hasn’t been a single suite booted into the slammer after the torpedoing of the whole economic basis of our lives? Don’t give me Madoff he’s taken one for the team, he’s small beer. How much has he stolen, 60 Billion USD? Petty cash.

On the morning of 9/11 2008 around 550 billions USD were siphoned out of the US economy, and that was just a small hit.

Go figure.

Thursday 11 February 2010

Why on 02/11/10 did we get 09/11/01?

The release of these photos today, why?


I have commented on many occassions, see Pantechnikon series at PhekA, that this multiple crime series is still ongoing. It rolls into IPCC which I’ve also detailed in the Wealth series here and on PhekA.

Why do we need to have these images from a totally corrupt MSM today?

Look away it’s going all turney and burney again.

I’ve been meaning to get this off my chest again for a week or two, ever since it became obvious that our armed forces were about to be amalgamated into one great big Euro enforcement hit squad.

By that I mean EUROFARCE will not be used to take out enemy nuclear subs or stealth bombers but to enforce CARBON350 rules.

A little vignette to illustrate.

You are a peasant in a poor land, you’ve scraped together enough wood to light a fire and crisp the dead rat, maybe poisoned, maybe not, you don’t care your starving, on a barbie. Overhead the Planetary Skin monitors all and notes that this is a regional phenomenon, you are not alone in crisping rats that day, and the algorithms kick in. Before you know it a Green UAV is over head and you are dead. CARBON350 limits are satisfied and the oligarchs can rest in their perfumed vomitoria.

Got the picture?

So after how many years of pouring squillions of USD into our military why have we got nothing to show? Remember how many B2s were originally planned, 100s. F22s, almost a 1000. ALX/LHX, thousands. V22, hundreds and hundreds. Typhoons, squadrons and squadrons. Sea Wolf. Astute. LCS.

I’ll tell you why because the money has been pilfered that’s why. It’s all been run like the construction industry, only really, really badly. Only as badly as you can with the biggest computers and the highest educated professionals you can get your hands on. Contract awarded, pocket half, run the programme on the rest, whilst blackmailing/bribing the legislature. The noises currently coming out of US warship building about dodgy build quality makes me want to stay a landlubber.

Every year the unit price goes up and the numbers projected to be bought goes down but the amount of cash pocketed never changes. It is disarmament by project theft. Just like Project Wembley bought all those villas in far away places but only one stadium.

So A400M. How many decades have I been staring at artists’ impressions of that then? Just like the Typhoon. Just Like the ATF/F22. Just like the JSF/F35.

Which got me round to doing a quick comparo.

The stats are all from Wiki

First flight a few weeks back Kawasaki XC-2

General characteristics

  • Crew: 3
  • Capacity: Length 16 m, Width 4 m, Height 4 m
  • Payload: 30+ tons [12] (60,000 lb, 27 215 kg)
  • Length: 43.9 m (144 ft)
  • Wingspan: 44.4 m (145 ft 8 in)
  • Height: 14.2 m (46 ft 7 in)
  • Empty weight: 60,800 kg (133,920 lb)
  • Max takeoff weight: 108 952 kg (240 200 lb, 120.1 tons [12])
  • Powerplant: 2× GE CF6-80C2K1F[13], 59,740 lbf (266 kN) each


First flight a few weeks back A400M

General characteristics

  • Crew: 3 or 4 (2 pilots, 3rd optional, 1 loadmaster)
  • Capacity: 37,000 kg (82,000 lb)
    • 116 fully equipped troops / paratroops,
    • up to 66 stretchers accompanied by 25 medical personnel
  • Length: 45.1 m (148 ft 0 in)
  • Wingspan: 42.4 m (139 ft 1 in)
  • Height: 14.7 m (48 ft 3 in)
  • Max takeoff weight: 141,000 kg (310,852 lb)
  • Max. Landing Weight: 122,000 kg (268,963 lb)
  • Total Internal Fuel: 50,500 kg (111,330 lb)
  • Powerplant: 4 × Europrop TP400-D6[45] turboprop, 8,250 kW (11,060 hp) each
  • Propellers: 8-bladed, 5.3 m (17 ft 5 in) diameter


  • Cruising speed: 780 km/h (480 mph; 420 kn) (Mach 0.68 - 0.72)
  • Initial Cruise Altitude: at MTOW: 9,000 m (29,000 ft)
  • Range: 3,298 km (2,049 mi; 1,781 nmi) at max payload (long range cruise speed; reserves as per MIL-C-5011A)
    • Range at 30-tonne payload: 4,540 km (2,450 nmi)
    • Range at 20-tonne payload: 6,390 km (3,450 nmi)
  • Ferry range: 8,710 km (5,412 mi; 4,703 nmi)
  • Service ceiling: 11,300 m (37,073 ft)
  • Maximum Operating Altitude: 11,278 m (37,000 ft)
  • Tactical Takeoff Distance: 980 m (3,215 ft) (aircraft weight 100 tonnes, soft field, ISA, sea level)
  • Tactical Landing Distance: 770 m (2,526 ft) (as above)
  • Turning Radius (Ground): 28.6 m

Shorts Belfast 1960s

General characteristics

  • Crew: Basic aircrew 5 (two pilots, engineer, navigator and loadmaster); in RAF use, a bunk-room on the lower deck provided sleeping facilities for a second crew, permitting double-crew operation
  • Capacity: 11,750 cu. ft.
  • Payload: 80,000 lb (36,288 kg)
  • Length: 136 ft 5 in (41.70 m)
  • Wingspan: 158 ft 10 in (48.1 m)
  • Height: 47 ft (14.33 m)
  • Wing area: 2,466 ft² (229.1 m²)
  • Empty weight: 130,000 lb (59,020 kg)
  • Max takeoff weight: 230,000 lb (104,300 kg)
  • Powerplant:Rolls-Royce Tyne R.Ty.12, Mk. 101 turboprops, 5,730 ehp (4,270 kW) each
  • Propellers: Hawker Siddeley Dynamics 4/7000/fully-feathering
    • Propeller diameter: 16 ft ()


An70 1994.

General characteristics

  • Crew: 3-5
  • Capacity: 300 troops or 206 wounded
  • Payload: 47 tonnes (2.25g) (103,620 lb (2.25g)) of cargo
  • Length: 40.7 m (133 ft 6 in)
  • Wingspan: 44.06 m (144 ft 7 in)
  • Height: 16.38 m (53 ft 9 in)
  • Empty weight: 66,230 kg (146,000 lb)
  • Loaded weight: 108,860 kg (240,000 lb)
  • Max takeoff weight: 145,000 kg (2.25g) (319,725 lb (2.25g))
  • Powerplant:Progress D-27 propfans, 10,350 kW (14,000 hp) each


Looks like we are buying something we already owned in the 1960s. We could also have got something better in the 1990s. And blow my windsock something newer and better has just been flown by our allies out in the Far East.

I know, I know all about that rough field shit, but we don’t put these babies anywhere near rough field, ever. THEY ARE TOO EXPENSIVE AND RARE TO LOOSE!!!!! We capture the airfield and then fly in. So the distances involved in all this NWO policing would tend to favour the Kawasaki’s better cruise speed and I’m sure that baby is being modest about it’s lifting ability. Anything with two 60,000 lb st big fans under its wings lifts bigtime. Oooohhh lets check the B767 stats. According to Boeing a 767-300 will lift 60tons, and an A300-600 will lift over 50 tons. So modest it is.

Another really annoying thing is the time wasted to do anything. KC-X and UK’s tanking.

Why don’t you Yanks buy up a load of wide bodies and plumb them with tanking facilities as a quick fix before the KC-135s drop out the air? Let’s see, the high desert is full of cheap frames, commonality?, wait for a whole airline to fail or dispose of it’s 767s and start rolling them through refurb.

And as for the RAF, PFI will simply steal your budget and not a drop of fuel will ever be tanked!!

Then she heaved into view again and one of my favourite songs ever.

God it hurts.

Evil incarnate.

GV has a nice posting of two stout chaps sticking it to our Commie chums in the EU, Messrs. Hannan and Farage. I noticed the ref to Maoists and got thinking. Always a dangerous activity these days, eh GV?

So back to my mate at the Munich Conference on Security who’s already helped me break reality over at PhekA.

So what does my eye settle on this time?

Well this part.

“Heads of military and foreign policy circles participated there to discuss the current global challenges. This year such prominent politicians as Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai, NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, Foreign Ministers and Defense Ministers of the leading EU countries, IAEA Director-General Yukiya Amano, the former High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy Javier Solana and other representatives of the political world elite attended the conference.”

Specifically “the former High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy Javier Solana”

Oh boy, who he and what he up to?

First let us apply the old rule when dealing with Marxists/Maoists/Stalinsit/Leninists/Trotskyists/Satanists, what you read about them is the opposite of what you get when it comes to the EU.

Common Foreign and Security Policy” That can only mean he’s going to break something up and make us all cower in fear as we get exposed to massive insecurity.

Let’s dig with what has Javier been up to recently. He’s just joined Brookings . If we look at the details of that item we find our hero “he has been a major figure on the world stage who has showed extraordinary leadership on such international crises as the Yugoslav and Kosovo Wars and the efforts to bring peace to the Middle East and curb Iran's nuclear program” Well lets apply the translator, that means causing misery where ever he goes. Kind of like Richard Holbrooke in AFPAK.

Let’s continue. What does Javier have a bee in his belfry about, sorry about the mixed metaphor but as you’ll see with this guy it is apposite? He’s got a right hardon for EuroMed, just like Sarkozy. Why? Well just idle speculumation, but if we take part of his anti-title and shine a torch up, I reckon he’s working to break the EU into two parts. PIIGS and UK might end up junior partners in the new Roman Empire run out of either Ankara or Jerusalem. That last point could explain some recent local difficulties in Galatia, Cappadocia, Syria and Eubea.

What else do we know about the lad? Fulbright scholar good lad, where? incl.Chicago, lovely. WEU oh that’s interesting. But what's that secret socialist stuff about?

That’s correct he’s a MARXIST.

What else? Well then my chum Constance Cumbey has a bee in her bonnet about this lad. So what’s the dirt Constance? Anything else Constance? What they rejigged his lineage because Occultism turned up?

Well then there we have it. Why can’t we have ordinary nutters in positions of power instead of utter otter other udder nutters with horns on? Moooo!

I’ll bet you The Mandelbrot Set and this guy are tight.

Julius Genachowski doesn’t like us. He’s not interested in regulating the channels or feeds, he’s after the content. We know too much now for his liking.

Too much about what our so called betters really get up to and what utter crap they emote.

Have a little read through this.

FCC Chairman on What It Means to Regulate the Internet

Trouble Makers.

What do you get when lazy malignant people driven and informed by noxious, vexatious and toxic ideology gain power?

“What king of questions is that INCOMING!!!!!!! “ I hear you sigh, as you wonder whether it is worthwhile recharging the cup for an even bigger caffeine hit.

Well the answer will inform the output from your correspondent for the rest of the day, and by the end of the day hopefully the Stoker will be a busy boy.

I have put some of this guy's details up recently, Saul Alinsky and in context over in How Much Wealth? Part 6.

“What’s that got to do with the price of sugar, Sugar?” Well call me overly cynical but I reckon I detect a good old dose of Leninist/Trotskyist/Maoist trouble making in there.

What Saul’s hagiographer won’t mention is that scratching, scratching, and scratching at the sores always present between communities would be a better way of looking at this community organising. We are dealing with Chicago here. Organised crime. Gangsters. And though it is never really stated clearly, clearly a town of the Crown not the Republic.

As always with these Commies what they say is the opposite of their intentions, a theme we’ll return to with the Stoker’s next victim.

Community organisation really means community division, fracture and violence with the middle men picking up the rich pickings as the haves are targeted by the aggrieved have-nots. Imperial Russia anyone? Commie disasters everywhere? Ukraine? China? All the while the trouble makers, sorry community organisers, get to sit in the best houses, eat the best food, drink the best wine, basically live the life of Reilly after the killing has stopped, the dust has settled and everyone else is poor. Soviet Union anyone?

What the process does is create a market in agitated struggle, the market maker controls the whole process, and the appropriation of wealth is completed dispassionately. Dead people are a result not of malice but market dynamics. The market maker can sleep peacefully in a gilded gated community.

I wonder if our “community organisers” in the White House will prove to be any different.

That’s right Barry and Hillary and cohorts are Alinskyites.

What drives the Green agenda? Scratching the sores present between those of us who’ve built decent societies and those who haven’t? All disguised in a global tax, all designed to drive everyone into penury except the community organisers and their foundation sponsors who’ll be left living the life of Reilly.


Got that?

All UK Armed Forces out of AFPAK now, they are being used to cause trouble.

Wednesday 10 February 2010

Who is Maurice Strong and what’s with Barry Soetoro?

Well I’ve given you a flavour of Maurice the criminal and his psycho commie extended elitist family last Tuesday and here.

Here is an excerpt from his papers archived in Harvard

(Exam taken for course 1)

[Notes on Caltex Oil Company]: n.d.[Early composition book]: n.d.

(Includes 2 different copies on same topic; description of Mau Mau oath ceremonies)

When Maurice met Hussein?

“The left wants to paint the Mau Mau as yet another misunderstood group of oppressed victims. The truth is, the Mau Maus were vicious guerrilla fighters. Contrary to popular folklore, the Mau Mau slaughtered far more Kikuyu citizens than the whites they were supposedly rebelling against.

Mau Mau membership required taking an oath which was not exactly frat boy material. The colonial secretary, Oliver Lyttleton wrote:

“The Mau Mau oath is the most bestial, filthy and nauseating incantation which perverted minds can ever have brewed. I have never felt the forces of evil to be so near and as strong as in Mau Mau. As I wrote memoranda or instruction, I would suddenly see a shadow fall across the page-the horned shadow of the Devil himself.” (Source)

Little information is available as to the specific language of individual oaths, but we know that the process was taken seriously and had more elements of magic than politics. Kikuyu were under tremendous pressure to take the oath and join the movement.

Counter insurgency expert, Major Frank Kitson describes a Mau Mau body snatching raid:

“The gang, frenzied by the thought of blood, slashed around with their simis (a Kikuyu sword) and fired their guns. One old man, slower than the rest, was caught and hamstrung. He fell at the feet of his pursuers, covering his face with his arms to protect it from the slicing swords, but a mouse in a mechanical mincing machine would have had a better chance of survival. One terrorist hacked off a foot, and another sliced off his testicles to use later in an Oathing ceremony. A third gouged out his eyes with a staple and put them in his pocket for the same purpose. When they had finished, most of the gang came by to cut and stab the twitching corpse. They then licked the blood off their simis and moved off into the night, having first set fire to all the huts they could see.” (Source)

Other writers claim the oath was far more innocuous. However, a 322 page report by Career Colonial Administrator, Frank D. Cornfield supports the seamier version:

“By compelling Mau Mau members to violate not only Christian ethics but every tribal one as well, Mau Mau leaders deliberately reduced their victims to a state where a man who took the Mau Mau oath was cut off ‘from all hope, outside Mau Mau, in this world or the next. Cornfield found that to achieve this absolute loyalty to the movement, ‘ . . . leadership forced its recruits, voluntary or involuntary, to seal their oaths by digging up corpses and eating their putrefied flesh, copulating with sheep, dogs or adolescent girls, and by drinking the famed ‘Kaberichia cocktail’-a mixture of semen and menstrual blood.” (Source)

Sounds like an earnest group of freedom fighters, right? Again corroborating that Barack Obama has never known a normal person, his grandfather’s support for the Mau Mau was sufficient to get himself arrested. The struggle for independence from the Brits may have been a noble one, but not justification for the kind of depravity indulged by the Mau Mau. Longtime nationalist leader and Mau Mau manager, Jomo Kenyatta studied economics in Moscow in 1932. We are not supposed to make too much of that.” H/T CFP

Did Maurice meet any particular Mau Mau? Someone thinks he did hence the Mau Mau oath swearing ceremony being documented in his Harvard papers.

So what did I come across today that just made me go back and dig a bit further into things I had skimmed over looking into Maurice?

All I can say is WTF?

Obama’s Mau Mau grandad served in Burma against the Japanese.

There’s that S E Asia connection again.

His mother swanks around S E Asia and gets into micro finance there. Barry spends formative years being schooled there.

Here’s a good summary of the Pres’ pedigree, look at all the lawyers, law firms and law schools. Why do the commies always hide in the law? They cannot stand you being free that’s why and will spend their lives trying to enslave us through the law. Also look who’s listed as being in his group of bestest chums near the bottom of the chronology. Yepp Maurice.

You can bet Maurice and Onyango Obama met at a Mau Mau ceremony all right. It fits the commie itinerant psychopathy.

BTW I won’t bother with the Polish joke. That simply tells me that the commie’s giggling know the deep background we are not supposed to.

I was looking for some Maurice Strong stuff.....

.....and came across this.

Very, very interesting on sooooo many levels.

I like to read L LaR.

The other item I'll hopefully hammer together later.

I promise you if I can get another lead or two, you will not phekkin' beleive it!!!