Tuesday 23 February 2010

CCTV and shit arschitecture.


I hadn’t intended wandering in here today but it just caught my eye.

“CCTV building fire trials underway

A Beijing court began hearing the first trials yesterday involving alleged wrongdoers connected to the massive blaze that damaged the multi-billion-yuan China Central Television (CCTV) high-rise one year ago.

Beijing No 2 Intermediate Court said yesterday it had received a case filed by local prosecutors against 23 suspects charged with causing accidents with dangerous materials.

Among them is Xu Wei, former director of the national TV network's new headquarters, who prosecutors said decided to store illegal fireworks and hold the grand display on the building during Spring Festival last year.”

The move backfired and the fireworks ended up severely damaging the 30-story annex tower.

Those charged include six other former CCTV employees and six former employees from the project's construction company.

Lovely, I thought someone had torched Big Brother Zentral in Beijing, but it’s their equivalent of Goebbels’ Gobshite Towers, GGT.

So what else got me twitching? Well I thought I sniffed, as well as burning gunpowder, shite illuminist initiated architects. You know Frankfurt school adherents. Disciples of the Images of Man

Oh boy the neighbours complained when the shit heap went up all right, and who can blame them. Lovely pictures though.

“Neighbors ask for remedy after CCTV tower blaze

BEIJING: About 30 residents took to the street in eastern Beijing Tuesday morning, demanding compensation for damages to their property during a blaze that seized a building at CCTV's new site early this year.

The anguished residents from about 30 households near the landmark new tower of China Central Television gathered at around 8:35 a.m., putting up posters demanding compensation from the CCTV and protesting against "forced relocation".

Police officers were seen at the site to appease the protestors and listen to their complaints.

The residents complained of damages to their property in the February 9 fire that engulfed the complex housing some CCTV facilities as well as the unopened Mandarin Oriental Hotel near the futuristic tower of the state broadcaster.

The fire was caused by a powerful fireworks show put on by CCTV.

The burnt building and CCTV's main tower were both designed by Rem Koolhaas's Rotterdam-based Office for Metropolitan Architecture.

However before the fire the locals reckoned it was a load of gratuitous barph inducing lopsided fanny sputtering shite anyway.

“Much ado about CCTV tower's naked truth

You are unlikely to have missed the new CCTV headquarters if you are a Beijing resident or have visited the city recently. But has the structure appeared to you as male and female genitals?”

So they were literally making cunts and dicks of the locals and, excuse the pun, stuffing it in their faces and ramming it down the locals’ throats!!!

Did you catch the clue earlier about the perps.

Dutch architect Rem Koolhas.

What did they say about the locals?

“But Ai Weiwei, leading architectural designer and curator who has a copy of Content on his bookshelf, said it was a ridiculous joke, created by people who do not understand architecture and a section of the media that has not bothered to find out the truth.”

That’s correct peasants. Fuck off!! You are not initiates and YOU don’t wander around the world in the latest spunk covered creations from the catwalks or swill champers with pince nez parked over your beak. And we’ve been to UNI!!!!!

Here’s the lad and his “TEAM” have a good look through what they’ve been designing at our expense and just start ticking of that great big check list of Rock/Roth inspired public space trash paid for by us and the “correct” organizations they’ve hung out with. (They’ve even fucked about near the GGT)

Rem Koolhaas

So after tales of almost torching a $735million pile of glass shit, what other piles of expensive glass fecal matter heave into view today.

Well fuck me with a hot wire brush it’s the ECB

“At last the European Central Bank has started work on a new headquarters building in Frankfurt. It will be huge (a conversion of an old covered market), expensive (the bankers will struggle to keep construction costs under €500 million — £440 million) and architecturally ambitious, with two leaning towers. Critics say that it represents a kind of hubris, a celebration of the swollen power of the eurozone at a time when it is facing its biggest crisis — banks across the world, infected by the "New Modesty", are scaling back their building plans. The ECB, by contrast, is putting up a secular temple.

The question that nags EU leaders at the moment is who will be the temple's High Priest? The incumbent, Jean-Claude Trichet, is due to step down next year. The decision on his replacement is a political one and should be taken by this June. So the lobbying is hard, and, as usual in Europe, involves Byzantine calculation about quotas: north Europe versus south, big countries versus small and — it was ever thus — unstated German interests against unstated but blindingly obvious French interests.”

So who are the darlings of the catwalk shuvving this half billion pile of occult inspired symbolic bollox into the Herd Attention Space.

Here they are.

“Construction of the new premises of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany, to start in spring 2010

The Governing Council of the European Central Bank (ECB) informed today during a press conference about the positive outcome of the Europe-wide public tendering procedure and announced that therefore construction of the main construction works for its new premises will start in spring 2010.

Following the announcement, Wolf D. Prix, Design Principal and CEO of COOP HIMMELB(L)AU, said: “It is always an exciting moment when an idea becomes reality. We are very pleased about the decision of the Governing Council of the ECB that the new bank headquarters will now be built. I believe that it is not only an important building for us, but also for the European Union, because the building will be one of the important three- dimensional signs of the European Community. I am also proud that we will realize the project without any curtailments or compromises within the given budget.”

In 2008, the Council of the European Central Bank decided for a tender process with distinct invitations. The first eight packages, namely main structure work, site work, elevators, facades, roofing, height-access systems and mechanical and electrical services, were sent out to tender over the course of 2009. As reported during the press conference, these eight packages consist of 44 lots and constitute around 80% of the building costs. The bids submitted by construction companies for those first packages are within the budget. The contracts with the construction companies will be signed early next year, with the goal to start the main construction works in spring followed by the release of the remaining tender packages.

COOP HIMMELB(L)AU won the competition for the new premises of the European Central Bank in 2005. The project is located in Frankfurt’s Ostend and will be built at the site of the Grossmarkthalle (wholesale market). At a height of around 185 meters, the double tower – with its polygonal shape and east-west orientation – has a striking profile that is visible from all important reference points in Frankfurt’s city center, as well as from the river Main. The imposing form of the Grossmarkthalle unites with the vertical profile of the towers to form a significant ensemble that considers both the local urban design environment and the general urban spatial context, thus creating a tension between Frankfurt’s banking district and the Ostend area. The opening of the European Central Bank is scheduled for 2014.”

Utter crap, all forced to look like shit despite itself. All to make sure that we peasants see the images of our New World Ordure and know our place.

All put together in “competition”. Yes competition between initiates.

Initiates who know the occult angles, sacred alignments, the Ben Ben Birds, Columbia, where to put the Sun, where to put the stars. The dates to start placing the foundation stone and where. How many bodies to bury in the foundations, think I’m kidding do you? All the ceremonial.

That’s why a bloktrix whose mum was a fishwife from Aberdeen didn’t get to design anything near you.

So whilst we are on the subject lets look at Brasilia again.

Oh yes, 2060 the New World Order capital that is a fuck off big HAS.