Thursday 23 January 2014

Pheewoops, it is hot out there.

China has been allotted a plot in the heart of the Maldivian capital to open its embassy.
Chinese embassy currently works out from a rented complex and the plot has been allotted to it to construct its own building.
The plot with a land area of 3,920 square feet at Majeedhee Magu near the National Stadium is a stone’s throw away from the Indian High Commission.
China had opened its embassy in November last year in a rented building belonging to the family of former Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed.” 

Started to issue VISAs as well.

The Chinese embassy in Maldives has opened a visa section in order to allow Maldivians to get Chinese visa directly from capital Male, local media reported on Friday.

Speaking at a ceremony, Foreign Minister Dhunya Maumoon expressed her gratitude to the Chinese government for opening the visa section and noted the significance of the facility's role in furthering trade and investment between the two countries.” 

“The country of 330,000 Sunni Muslims attracted some 1.2 million tourists last year, officials said.”

Sunni eh! I wonder, I wonder, who’s supertankers will be protected as they ply their way from the Gulf homebound?

I’d expect Diego Garcia to get taken out pronto.

ChiComm Marines and friends in 2012

By James C. Bussert

Missions seem ambiguous, but preparations for opposed combat landings are not.
The People’s Republic of China has developed a marine corps for maritime and amphibious operations. However, instead of being designed to invade Taiwan as expected by many Western experts, China’s marine corps appears to have been created for SouthSea expansion. A major upgrading of weapons, structure and support is making the Chinese marines an increasingly viable threat to nearby islands.
A unique People’s Liberation Army (PLA) marine corps likely has existed for only 25 years, rather than the 40 or 50 years believed by some scholars. Although China has claimed the existence of marines as a threat to invade Taiwan since the 1950s, these forces probably did not exist before 1980 other than as sailors and soldiers being trained in amphibious landings. Even today, China’s marines still lack the personnel and naval assets to overcome the challenges of an opposed landing against a prepared Taiwan defensive shoreline.

In addition, China has other Taiwan strategies that for its goals are better than launching an opposed amphibious landing. Covert economic isolation by submarines and/or mines is one such approach. China does not want to destroy Taiwan and its infrastructure with intermediate range ballistic missiles (IRBMs) in the Fujian area of the Taiwan Straits.” 

Tuesday 21 January 2014

The GGT as trouble making Apiru Agents.

I’ve mentioned this before.

Dan Cruikshank got a pre Shahkin A recon in before we torched Iraq in 2003.

Clarkson et al did for Syria via Top Gear three years ago

What do we get on the GGT? Russia On Four Wheels. Kicking off in Sochi!!!

The Beautiful Island is stepping down its troop levels now just as the ChiComms get ready to land Marines!!! Philippines is getting ChiComm Marines whether they want them or not!!! Japan is getting ChiComm Marines at a 7-11 near them soon. USofA corp is lead by the kind of clowns that tried to take Norway Commie in 1939. RCE/TA is the ChiComms bestest buddy in the Mid East and the Turks/Saudis/Pakis/Persians and assorted slaver ne’er do wells have jumped ship onto the goods ship SS Slaver Tongs.


Friday 17 January 2014

A Flash Pt 2

Cont from A Flash Pt 1

So what is really troubling me here is causality of those casualty figures above, 700,000!! This important for if the dead geezers were to be shipped home only to have their crucifixes removed from their headstones in cemeteries across USofA corp. then there would have been trouble long before the designer trouble. I mean real trouble of the running out of Dodge kind for a bunch of lickspittles who never fought for anything and always take and steal everything. The early adapters and adoptpros of Môn heathenism, Yahweh’s expendables, spinning chicken soupier troopers of the yin and yank, of the perps/victims Janus myth.

Remember if your fellow tribeheathen can print all the money in circulation you get to publish as much of anything as you want. It is called psychohistory.

So; as an antidote to psychohistory, let’s have some forensic story telling.

When Hog Wild got taken down over Hungnam in 1945 did someone in Washington DC get that Stalin, Palace of the Soviets, feeling? That certain nagging doubt that they were not getting the real big picture. Did someone suddenly realise that the future was not as they had been lead to believe?

The signs were there for over a year before hand in 1944 and were evident a year afterwards in 1946. Well we can be sure that at the metahistory level there was no such dissonance. At the Schacht/Strong reporting level the accounting ledger would have needed rebalancing because something had gone wrong with the timetable.

The killing off of USofA corps independent population in the 1930s in order to create a dependent population was not as successful as hoped. There were still leaders in the USofA corp. who were not in the pockets of the Cru, though on the same page. I mean compare and contrast with today’s leadership. All 4 star decision makers 2014 are nothing but money shuvvellers to the corporates, corporates that deliver over priced shit compared to the foe, and POTUS is a bitchboy. USofA corp. is fully Apiru Cru complaint and that means, because past behaviour is a clear indicator of future behaviour, USofA corp. is going to get taken down by the Apiru Cru.

So with less than 30 years since the establishment of the Apiru Federal Reserve having passed, the USofA corp. was hauled online and sent rolling. The controls on the USofA corp. were massive in order to ensure that there would be no over stepping of the bounds assigned at the Meta level. Like handicapping of a horse, the race was fixed.

Weapons supply to UKplc and USSR.
Feed to UKplc and USSR.
Logistics and motorisation to Ukplc and USSR
Tech transfer to USSR via UKplc

On top of all that USofA corp. had to prosecute two full scale, full on hi-tech wars on land, sea and air AND research the Bomb!!! Yet still the USofA corps ran away with the show. Man the Roth, chief Apiru reps of the late sixth millennium, were pissed.

Tuesday 14 January 2014

A Flash Pt 1

"This smaller figure, however, was based on the assumption that the U.S. military would learn to counter Japanese tactics, and it neglected the fact that, as evidenced by the casualty ratios then emerging from Iwo Jima and Okinawa, the Imperial Japanese Army was likewise learning from its experiences. Thus, the "low" 500,000 number for total battle casualties, used widely in briefings, was a best-case estimate not accepted for strategic planning purposes, and it had no effect on the greatly increased Selective Service call-up, the expansion of the Army's training base, or the plans of the Transportation Corps, Medical Corps, and other U.S. Army organizations. For example, at the same time that the lower figure came into use, the Army Service Forces was working with an estimate of "approximately" 720,000 for the projected number of replacements needed for "dead and evacuated wounded" through 31 December 1946."

Although the screaming and yelling are long gone now, it is important to have a good look at what actually happened, not what we are told happened. Not what tenured manured manicured passivos of the throne room of acadekia are allowed to print and sing or sign. What actually happened and why. From our perspective, ignorant at third hand and kept well away from original documentation which D notices and secret archiving for 100 years have hidden, we have our intelligence and can construct our attempt at forensic story telling. This is not to say that one immediately hauls the ship through a 180 and sails in the opposite direction once the MSM releases a mind weapon into our ken but to navigate tortured waters in full cognisance that the true power hates us all and is on a mission of the psychopathic random walk. One must also understand that this massive slaughter of us is not the desired outcome. We are truly collateral not chattel. The reason why we must be told of our future is that the clowns know we are them, only not chosen or self selecting, and seek to mollify feed back looping into their ancestors and progeny through their clearer understanding of Lamarckian DNA hyper dimensionality.

Now I know you are rolling your eyes at this point. However consider this. There is currently a movement to project trauma experienced by past generations into present and future generations. Go ask a holohaux scammer how they intend getting the free cheques delivered once the last of the diamond shitters is dead? The crime scene can never be hermetic; someone always lets the cat out of the bag of sloth.

I mean can anyone really believe that the cigar chomping degenerate was the apex of his pyramid of murder? We are supposed to not ask things like “Who was above being supplied by him?” If Sutcliff and Savile were in cahoots then once again we have to look around at other cap less pyramid legends. What is it that the GGT forgot to mention? I mean if one takes a good look at the Pyongyang Lady Traffic Cops then we see the mirroring of the GGT front in UKplc. Go this way and do not demure.

Another cap less pyramid story is the Shipman mass killer. Operational in the same area/same time frame as Sutcliff/Savile. Who were they all fronting for? Which collection of body part snatchers procured their services as either direct agents or distraction and cover?


Oh I’ll bet you wish you hadn’t started reading here now!

Epping Forest 1942/Yellow Stone 2022

iGREEN execution squads are expected on the other side of the Harem curtain as well.

Roth Wahabiists and Rock Zionists; a toxic brew

Jewish collaboration with NKVD and Soviets - I

 The NKVD Executions In Poland
When Russia Occupied Poland in 1939
The Jewish population was mainly from Russia, and Poles never fully accepted them. When Russia invaded Poland the Jews were like hungry dogs in front of a butcher shop, and now the shop door was open. This wasn't about Communism, or Bolsheviks, it was simply shipping off the intelligentsia, and wealthy Poles to Siberia, and grabbing their possessions.

What was it really like?

Only recently, on the pages of Rzeczpospolita, did there appear a lengthy article by Professor Tomasz Strzembosz, a distinguished researcher of recent Polish history and especially the period 1939-54. Strzembosz's article demonstrates the actual role of the Jewish population in eastern Poland in the years of the first Soviet occupation . The discussion to date, declares Strzembosz, "overlooks the most important fact: what happened in Jedwabne after the German army entered the area, i.e. who, when and in what circumstances carried out the mass murder of the Jewish population of Jedwabne." Strzembosz analyzes in depth the behavior of the Polish and Jewish populations in the years 1939-41, especially the initial and final periods of the first Soviet occupation.
Jews Joined With NKVD
"The Jewish population," writes Strzembosz, "especially the young and the urban poor, participated en masse in greeting the entering [Soviet] army and in introducing the new order, even with guns in their handsThere are also thousands of testimonies to this: Polish, Jewish and Soviet, there are the reports of the Armed Combat Union commander-in-chief, Gen. Stefan Grot-Rowiecki, there is the report of courier Jan Karski ,there are accounts recorded during the war and in the postwar years.

Jews Executing Poles
What is more, the "guards" and "militias" springing up like mushrooms right after the Soviet attack were in large part made up of Jews. Nor is this all.
 Jews committed acts of revolt against the Polish state, taking over towns and setting up revolutionary committees there, arresting and shooting representatives of the Polish state authorities, attacking smaller or even fairly large units of the Polish Army (as in Grodno). . It was armed collaboration, taking the side of the enemy, betrayal in the days of defeat."

Organizers of the red terror

The Fifth Column
So it was in the first period, when the Polish state was still defending itself, when our army units were fighting and it seemed that not all was lost. The Jews then played the role of a "fifth column." Later, things became much worse. Strzembosz cites the conclusions of Dr. Marek Wierzbicki as to who implemented the Bolshevik terror - of course the NKVD and, before that, the Red Army, but the miscellaneous guard formations and militias played a decisive role on an everyday basis. And their ranks were primarily filled with Jews. "Polish Jews in civilian clothes, with red bands on their arms and armed with guns also play large part in arrests and deportations.
 That was the most drastic thing, but for the Polish community another glaring fact was the large number of Jews in all the Soviet agencies and institutions. . in the period September-December 1939, numerous arrests took place of those representatives of the Polish population who before the war filled high functions in the administration and political structures of the Polish state or who were very involved in community work. The local Jews, members of the temporary administration or militia, provided extensive assistance to the Soviet authorities in tracking down and arresting them."

Jews Picked Out Poles For Execution
Why did this happen? What were the roots of this terrible hatred toward Poland and the cruel revenge on Poles? "It is true," writes Strzembosz, "things were not going very well for the Jews in Poland. but still, Jews were not being deported to Siberia, shot, sent to concentration camps, or killed by hunger and slave labor. If they did not consider Poland to be their homeland, they still did not have to treat it as an invader and join its mortal enemy in killing Polish soldiers and murdering Polish civilians fleeing to the east. Nor did they have to take part in designating their neighbors for deportation."

Torture in Jedwabne

Strzembosz proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that events took precisely the same course in Jedwabne itself. Here is one account from a resident of Jedwabne, Józef Rybicki, summing up what happened in the town after it fell to the Soviets:
Revenge On Their Polish Neighbors
"Jews who had put up an archway greeted the Red Army. They changed the old town government and proposed a new one drawn from the local population (Jews and communists). They arrested the police, the teachers . . . They led the NKVD to apartments and houses and denounced Polishpatriots."
The description of the tortures inflicted upon Polish conspirators by the NKVD in Jedwabne is shocking. The following is an account by Corporal Antoni B., a member of the anti-Soviet underground who was turned in to the NKVD by Jews:
they took me for interrogation, the investigating judge and the NKVD commander and one torturer came, and they sat me on a stool next to a brick wall, then I look over and one in civilian clothes took a stick from behind the stove like the kind in the walls of our tents, that long and thick, and suddenly they threw me on the floor and stuffed my cap in my mouth and started to beat me, I couldn't cry out because the judge sat on my legs and the second one held me by the head and held the cap in my mouth, and I fought back until I tore the cap to bits, and the third torturer beat me the whole time, I got that stick more or less 30 times, and they stopped beating me and sat me on the stool by the wall. I had long hair, and the senior lieutenant grabbed me by the hair and started to beat my head against the wall, I thought that nothing would be left of my head, he tore the whole clump of hair from my head . they threw me on the ground and started to beat me with a hazel stick, they turned me from side to side and beat me, and in addition two of them were still sitting on me and suffocating me and said that they would finish me off. They kept beating me until they probably knew that I couldn't take anymore, so at last they let me go. They beat me like a cat in a sack, and at the end they sat me on the stool and beat me with the stick on the arms." (from W czterdziestym nas matko na Sybir zesłali [In 1940, Mother, They Sent Us to Siberia], published by the Solidarity Interfactory Structure, p. 82).
I took this text from a collection of accounts prepared years ago for print by Professor Jan T. Gross. When writing his book about Jedwabne, Gross skips over the description of Antoni B.'s arrest and torture, although he quotes other fragments of this account. Why?
The facts leave no room for doubt: the
NKVD Ship Poles To Siberia
Jedwabne Jewsas in the entire territory occupied by the Soviets, constituted the nuts and bolts of the machinery of repression. Up to the last moment, they were delivering Polish patriots into the hands of the NKVD and preparing the next deportation transports to Siberia.


Polish Jews Were Ecstatic When Russians Occupied Poland 

The Targeting of Polish Officials and Civilians

Numerous testimonies attest to the prominent role played by Jews in the militias and "revolutionary committees" that sprung up both spontaneously and at Soviet urging. These entities often played a decisive part in getting the new regime and its machinery of repression off the ground. Their activities were buttressed by large numbers of individual collaborators acting on their own initiative in furtherance of the Soviet cause.

The Bandits Took Charge
Throughout Eastern Poland, local Jewish, Belorussian and Ukrainian communists formed militias and "revolutionary committees". With the blessing of the Soviet invaders, they apprehended, robbed, and even murdered Polish officials, policemen, teachers, politicians, community leaders, landowners, and "colonists" (i.e. interwar settlers) - the so-called enemies of the people. They also plundered and set fire to Polish property and destroyed Polish national and religious monuments. Scores of murders of individuals and groups have been recorded.
Robbery of Polish property took on massive proportions with the spoils enriching the collaborators' families and their communities.

One of the earliest and most hideous crimes was the murder of almost as many as fifty Poles in the village of Brzostowica Mala, near Grodno around September 20, before the Soviets were installed in the area.

Vicious Jews Killed A Polish Countess
A pro-communist band with red armbands and armed with blades and axes, led by a Jewish trader by the name of Ajzik, entered the village, dragged people out of their houses screaming, and cruelly massacred the entire Polish population. The victims included Count Antoni Wolkowicki and his wife Ludwika, his brother-in-law Zygmunt Woynicz-Sianozecki, the county reeve and his secretary, the accountant, the mailman, and the local teacher. The victims of this orgy of violence were tortured, tied with barbed wire, pummelled with sticks, forced to swallow quicklime, thrown into a ditch and buried alive.
The paralyzed Countess Ludwika Wolkowicka was dragged to the execution site by her hair. The murder was ordered by Zak Motyl, a Jew who headed the "revolutionary committee" - composed of Jews and Belorussians - in Brzostowica Wielka.
 Typically, the culprits were never punished. On the contrary, the NKVD officers praised them for their "class-conscious" actions, and Ajzik was made the president of the local cooperative. The racist aspect of the crime, however, is undeniable - only members of the Polish minority perished at the hands of their non-Polish neighbours.

Janusz Brochowicz-Lewinski, an officer cadet who attained the rank of corporal in 1939, was captured by the Soviets near Stolpce. He was one of fifteen Poles, among them a judge, a pastor, a chaplain, a teacher, and several civil servants, taken before an NKVD tribunal in groups of five and sentenced to death. Fortunately, his group managed to escape while being transported to their unknown execution site. The other ten condemned Poles were executed by firing squad.
Judges, Policemen, Teachers Were All Killed
While Brochowicz-Lewinski was imprisoned in Stolpcean NKVD officer made the rounds in the company of his aide, a local Jew who identified the members of the Polish educated class, now the so-called enemies of the people, among whom he had lived for years, by their occupation: judge, teacher, policeman, civil servant, forest-ranger, landowner.

Killed Catholic Priests
Equally despicable were the murders of Catholic clergymen carried out by roving gangs of Jews and Belorussians such as that of Rev. Bronislaw Fedorowicz, the pastor of Skrundzie near Slonim, and those of Rev. Antoni Twardowski, pastor of Juraciszki, near Wolozyn, and the latter's cleric, the Jesuit Stanislaw Zuziak.
A rabble of pro-Soviet Jews and Belorussians came to apprehend Rev. Jozef Bajko, the pastor of Naliboki near Stolpce, intending either to hand him over to the Soviet authorities or to possibly lynch him (as had been done in other localities). A large gathering of parishioners foiled these plans, allowing Rev. Bajko to escape before the arrival of the NKVD.

Henryk Poszwinski, the prewar mayor of Zdzieciol, a town near Nowogrodek, described the new order in his town:

... In Zdzieciol, a Jewish woman by the name of Josielewicz stood at the head of the revolutionary committee which was organized even before the arrival of the Soviet army.

Jews Executed Polish Police
The local police left town just after the Red Army had crossed the border. On the evening of September 17, I was informed that a band of criminals released from jail was getting ready to rob some stores. I called a meeting of the fire brigade and civilian guard and these two organizations began to provide security in our town. The stores were spared but the [criminal] bands attacked the defenceless civilians, who were escaping eastward from the Germans. The culprits stripped them of their clothes, shoes and anything else they had on them. Those, who resisted, were cruelly killed on the spot. Outside the town, roadside ditches were strewn with dead people.

... The revolutionary committee, which soon disarmed the fire brigade and civilian guard, stood by idly while all this was taking place.
In the morning hours of September 18, a small detachment of the Polish army still traversed Zdzieciol. It was a field hospital team transported in a dozen or so horse-drawn carriages. The convoy consisted of thirty soldiers led by a sergeant. The revolutionary committee attempted to stop and disarm them. The soldiers discharged a volley of gunfire into the air. The revolutionary committee ran out of town in a stampede and hid in the thickets of the municipal cemetery.
... In the afternoon hours of September 18, the Soviet army entered Nowogrodek. That evening the first three Soviet tanks arrived in Zdzieciol. The entire revolutionary committee, headed by Josielewicz, came out to greet the invaders shouting: 'Long live the great Stalin!' After a short stop the tanks moved toward Slonim. The revolutionary committee ordered owners to display red flags from their houses. The Poles cried like children as they tore the white portion off the [white and red] Polish flags.
... In the morning hours of September 19, a Jew from the revolutionary committee came to the town hall and advised me that I was being summoned by the committee to attend a meeting concerning an epidemic of foot-and-mouth disease which had broken out among some cattle that had been brought to Zdzieciol. Believing what I had been told to be true, I immediately got up from my desk and accompanied that man to the headquarters of the committee located at the other end of town. I had to wait about an hour before I was taken to the chairwoman's office. During that time I observed the true picture of the "revolution". Hundreds of people surrounded the committee premises; most of them were women who had broken out in tears and were wailing. 'Return our stolen property!' they cried. 'Release our husbands and fathers of our children!'

... People who had been badly beaten occupied the corners of the room; most of them were refugees fleeing the Germans. The committee members, who were dressed in civilian clothes with red armbands and had Soviet stars on their hats, carried rifles or revolvers in their hands and competed with each other in brutally mistreating these people. It was a sight that I had difficulty countenancing.
After about an hour's wait the door was thrown open and I was summoned into the chairwoman's office. When I entered I noticed three rifle barrels pointed at me. One of the bandits yelled, 'Hands up!' I raised my hands and turned to the chairwoman. 'What have I done wrong? Why are you treating me like this?' Although she knew Polish well, Josielewicz replied in Russian, 'You will find out in due course'.
After being searched [and stripped of all my personal effects] I was instructed to move toward the table occupied by Josielewicz, the chairwoman, and by a Soviet NKVD officer. The officer removed a form from his bag and started to complete it. ... The last portion of the form asked for the reason for my arrest and imprisonment. Before filling it out, the NKVD officer turned to the chairwoman and asked what to enter. The chairwoman replied, 'He's a Polish officer, a Polish patriot, the former mayor of the town. That's probably reason enough'. The NKVD officer wrote in this portion: 'Dangerous element'.

After filling out this form, three committee members escorted me to police detention. In a small detention room built to hold no more than four people for a short period, there were twenty-three people who had been arrested. Unable to sit down in that crowded place, we had to stand one next to another the whole time. People fainted from lack of air and had to relieve themselves on the spotAmong those arrested were school principals, county reeves, village administrators, officials and various other people who had escaped eastward from the Germans, as well as a priest who often repeated under his breath, 'Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do'.
We spent almost an entire day in this place of detention. Finally, on September 20, we were put in a truck and taken to the jail in Nowogrodek. During the entire journey, which lasted more than an hour, we were lying on the floor of the truck used to transport coal while four Jews from the revolutionary committee watched over us with rifles in their hands. Every now and then one of them would warn us, 'Don't lift your heads, or you'll get a bullet in your skull'.
Along the road over which the truck moved slowly we encountered in many places Soviet artillery going in the opposite direction. Soviet soldiers would approach our vehicle during the stops and ask, 'Who are you carrying and where are you going?'
'We're taking Poles to the jail', the guards would answer.
'What have they done wrong?'
'They haven't done anything. It's enough that they're Poles!'
From Clerk To Head Of The Militia
In Baranowicze, Jews filled the ranks of the "red militia" and denounced Polish officers, policemen, teachers, and government officials to the NKVD. At night black box-like carriages arrived at the homes of these people. They were loaded on, taken to the railway station, and deported to the Gulag - never to be heard from again. Among those arrested with the assistance of local Jews, was the sister of Boguslaw J. Jedrzejec and eight members of her family. Her husband and father were murdered by the NKVD in Baranowicze; the rest of the family was deported to the Soviet interior in the winter of 1939–1940.

According to Nachum Alpert, in Slonim,

... A provisional city administration was organized in Slonim, headed by Matvei Kolotov, a Jew from Minsk. ... Kolotov immediately began organizing a "Workers Guard" (a temporary militia), whose function was to maintain order in the city. Heading this Guard was Chaim Chomsky, a veteran communist.
... And no sooner did the
 NKVD arrive than it made itself felt everywhere. First they deported merchants, manufacturers, Polish officers and police; then Bundists, Zionists, Trotskyites and Polish "colonists" and "kulaks" from the villages. Many inncocent people were caught in this dragnet.

According to Polish sources, Chaim Chomsky (Chomski), who took charge of the "revolutionary committee", issued a direction to have the Polish mayor Bienskiewicz arrested when he reported to work on September 18; afterwards, all traces of the mayor disappeared. A Jew, soldier in the Polish army, who found himself in Slonim for a brief period in September 1939 claims that the only Jews, who collaborated with the Soviet invaders were long-time communists: ... I don't deny that there were Jews - old-time communists - who disarmed Polish detachments, but adds, quite correctly, ... but can one blame this on all the Jews?

In Dunilowicze, a small town near Postawy, a Jewish woman by the name of Chana, led Soviet soldiers to the home of her neighbour, Jozef Obuchowski, a sergeant of the Frontier Defence Corps. Pointing to his wife she said, ... This is a Polish 'Pani' ['lady' - the feminine of 'Pan'], her husband is in the military.' The soldiers tore apart the house looking in vain for her husband, the sergeant. The Polish woman was taken away instead. During her interrogation, which lasted twenty-four hours, she was forced to keep her hands raised and was drenched with water until she passed out.

Another Polish "Pani", Mrs. Kwiatkowska, was arrested by the Jewish Committee on her estate near the towns of Wolozyn and Wiszniew, soon after the Soviet army passed through. The de facto local authority rested with such groups which had sprung up like mushrooms. It was they, who led the Soviet officials to their prey. Mrs. Kwiatkowska endured Soviet prisons until the end of 1949.

Witold Rozwadowski and his father were arrested on their estate near Kucewicze. The former was held interned in Oszmiana, where he was murdered by a Jewish colleague, who had joined the Soviet militia.
In Oszmiana, They Became Kings

... The temporary authorities consisted of Jews and communists ... who proclaimed themselves the commissars of the town.Power was exercised with the help of the militia consisting for the most part of Jews and communists. The Jews and communists served the Bolsheviks through denunciations out of spite and by betraying soldiers and police out of uniform.
... The militia was the terror of the population because individual militiamen competed with each other in their servility.

Monday 13 January 2014

The GGT has recruited some new crapcasters.

Like bored highly paid chimps in a cage. Shit flying everywhere and none sticking on the crims.

Misdirection Zentral, the home of Pavlovian Tavistockian Bernaise U-Bend crap, has been prepping the herd again.

Who today is Ickle Jimmy Savile?

100 years since the cull started?

No questions asked, accepted or given at GGTPRAVDA RCE/LC.

Tuesday 7 January 2014

On Flat Tops

So why did Etna set me wondering then, yesterday?

Well it was volcanic activity that really did it and the sudden dusty storm coming from an old dental practice nearby. The tooth pullers, a real dentist not a cosmetic play ground, have been evacuated for some years now. So HAZMAT and NBC suits, huge “danger of death” like signage, CSIlike taping and geezers in DayGloHiVIZ (note the new commissars do not have to wear the ideological/regulation garb) Mao’s Red Pioneerslike. Statements of workplace practice being red out by an approved CHEKAlike operative every morning, commiestylee. So with a MEGA housing shortage in The Smoke, someone has finally got round to redeveloping a prime bit of real estate. All in line with ODP Two Jags’ higher packing densities. What used to house one family will now house ten households. Just like Pompeii got higher packing densitied once taken down by the Romans.

This is one of the signs that after killing all our young men from 1914-1960 UKplc has been taken down. Just like whilst all the Roman cives were fighting and dying in the legions overseas, someone snuck in and stole their home land, so with UKplc. Go ask the bantams or the pals, go on.

It is all the usual mindphukkery of the thickery spread by imported degenerates.

A great example springs to mind as I clocked the blurb about a prog on the GGT shown recently. So let me see how much mindphukkery of the thickery you have imbibed then. Answer me this?

A collection of psychopathic clowns dripping in blood have hijacked the power of a vast state under an international homicidal doctrine. It is run by Red clowns steeped in Yahwatheistic holohubris. This collection of dysfunctional inbred colouredkillermonoaheathen will do to you what they did to your compadres in Poland.

Do you            a) team up and blow the mothers to oblivion
                        b) shit yourselves and await your fate in the woods
                        c) side with the perps and hope for the best.
                        d) take the piss out of your population.

Well if you watched the GGT and Jeremy Clarkson recently you would know that the Mother of Parliaments did c)+d).

How can one explain the fact that a bunch of state actor gangsters financed, fed, teched and motorised by RCE/NY, who made it quite clear for over two decades that they looked forward to dragging every one of the MPs, Lords, Bishops, academics, teachers, lawyers, policemen, office holders et al into Epping Forest and doing a Katyn Wood on them, could find British seamen struggling through hellish waters to deliver war material? British seamen that would find their scion unemployed after the piss take was over!

Go ask Moribund and his bro what side his daddy’s daddy was going to be on when the first assault craft load of CHEKA and political executioners landed dockside in London (soon to be renamed Karl Marxton) circa Dec 1941?

So what can one expect from a society that is nothing more than a temple altar?

As yet I cannot determine the actual metrics used by the überclowns in the backroom to measure and estimate the switch. Is it Darwinian in its reaction or Lamarckian in its action, this tripping of the breaker? However we can use an analogue to map the coming ruin.

However let us first look at the nature of the current crop of flat tops. We’ve got two monsters building, the Nips have two in the water, one precommissioning unit and another building in the dry dock. The Hindhus have two afloat and swanning through the Arabian gulf and one fitting out. Spaghetti eaters have two, garlic swillers have four, paella shuvvellers have two, the Ockkers have one and one building. The lads who love kimchi have one commissioned and the ChiComms have one pootling around the stations where the last of the gunfighters used to hit reheat 4-5 decades ago.

So what do they all have in common? They are not aircraft carriers afterall.

To understand that one should start with CVA01 and her escorts. Her escorts eventually got the ski jump and dumped the SS missiles. Any soviet derived design is a cruiser with aircraft. An aircraft carrier imparts the initial flight speed to her aircraft; the airframes do not do that themselves. So anything that is not a CV or CdG is a cruiser of sorts. So I keep coming back to what the hell is the largest floating airfield ever built doing occupying dock space in Scotland?

Well in a country that used to have an MSM screaming about a sitting government needing to go to the polls at this stage in a parliamentary cycle keeping schtumm this time round, then we can discount anything they have to say about the two behemoths in Fife.

Have you noticed that there is no clamour to discuss whether Cameron has turned yellow? Too chicken to call an election? The GGT and MSM have been told to STFU on this issue and concentrate on the water levels.

So with all the MSM bollox about the RN floating into the sunset on HMS Lizzy 1 or HMS PoW to bring pax Brittanica again to the heathen, otherwise known as kinetic intervention at a wedding party, being the meme to justify the rip off that is a contractors pig trough, we should look hard at what is really going to happen in the real world. With the current schedule of commissioning and the unlikelihood of them fielding F35Bs they will be part of some EU operations in the hyper littoral war. UNFOR attack helicopters and special forces infiltration. All the time that their EU crews will be at sea their families will be displaced by imported taxi drivers at home.

Plus ça change.

Monday 6 January 2014

On False Flags

If you were the lads in the big room busting open another box of the finest rolled tobacco leaf, how would you review your past century’s work? How would your report back to Apiru Zentral look as you warmed the schooner in your hand?

Well as an operative you have been trained and bred to see the world as a closed system within your closed world assumptions, so the best way would be to present a prayer sheet of profit. No losses allowed.

Here in UKplc there is a crisis. Always there is a crisis. Whatever needs doing there is a crisis within that system. Though there is never a crisis when it comes to sex slavery and procurement of victims. In that case the system works perfectly every time and place. The prayers of the perps are always answered.

Are the reservoirs bursting now? UKplc has been under water, unterzeebootUKplc, for months now. Are the reservoirs fit to burst? Well no one in the GGT or any other part of UKplcPRAVDA will ask the question. The best we got from a leadership graduate of some government front for any corporation stealing money, was to get some Marigolds in!!

So we can bet that in the wettest country on the planet there will be water rationing in the summer. No one will ask just what evil acts were perpenetrated upon young Humans in UKplc by eviloids like Janner et al, when the clown with the cigar was buggering boys under full BBC cover. Always a crisis, nothing works.

No one will ask just how come after we started killing off our young men in 1914 that the country is knee deep in the scion of those who never fought for anything? No one ever looks at the former so called 5th largest economy in the religioPonzi scheme and asks how come there has never been full employment in UKplc for over 100 years?

No one notices, as they strive for the 6 Sigma or some other TQM shit rosette, that they do not live in an economy. They inhabit an estate and as estate workers they better not say anything. So much for the land of the Mother of Parliaments and Free speech!!! One wrong move in the 6 Sigma, 5th column front, 4th world plantation bronze age shitheap and one is terminated employment wise and black balled forever. Getting that temple girl, stone age stylee feel, UKplc?

So in the part of the ledger marked UKplc the big lads in the ball room could mark themselves with a AAAA+, VG, A** or whatever shit metric is used these days to show one how well one has done in the thickery stakes.

UKplc: Everyone dead, all unemployed, unsanctioned enterprise dead, rationing in full effect, women and children unprotected. The country club is peaceful and open to all members. Full services provided and any appetite catered for.
Rating: AAAA+***

One could run through the great big spreadsheet and itemise every so called country precisely like so.

So what kicked this mizzthought stray from the happy place?

Mount Etna.