Tuesday 21 January 2014

The GGT as trouble making Apiru Agents.

I’ve mentioned this before.

Dan Cruikshank got a pre Shahkin A recon in before we torched Iraq in 2003.

Clarkson et al did for Syria via Top Gear three years ago

What do we get on the GGT? Russia On Four Wheels. Kicking off in Sochi!!!

The Beautiful Island is stepping down its troop levels now just as the ChiComms get ready to land Marines!!! Philippines is getting ChiComm Marines whether they want them or not!!! Japan is getting ChiComm Marines at a 7-11 near them soon. USofA corp is lead by the kind of clowns that tried to take Norway Commie in 1939. RCE/TA is the ChiComms bestest buddy in the Mid East and the Turks/Saudis/Pakis/Persians and assorted slaver ne’er do wells have jumped ship onto the goods ship SS Slaver Tongs.