Thursday 24 July 2014

Apiru Clue? Updated. And other stuff.

I clocked that the link from NTS  for Apiru Clue? for menorahphallusworship was broken a while back.

Today this turned up “Now then now then boys and girls, MasonicPhukks Phallus Worship Together. Ahhhh.”  and reminded me that I really ought to do something so here we are.

It also reminded me of something.

"Rabbi Joscowicz said he thought the bishops would have understood the 
pain caused to Jews who were forbidden to pray in the presence of a cross."

So we’ve got the new UK Foreign Minister, who must have a control file on him somewhere in Inner Temple/Langley/RCE-TA. A tape showing him likely slitting the throat of a drugged crazed underage orphaned ladyboygirl in Palam Bang whilst cavorting naked in blood.

Here is the toady standing behind a pagan stick decorated by donkey dicks talking bollox about murdering heathen!! WTF!!! GGTF!!

As I said earlier, nuke the dump from orbit.

Apiru clue?
Earlier today as I was wandering through Northerntruthseeker’s shop I stumbled over this gem.
“Good research. Various historians have unanimously agreed on the Judaic origin of the phallus cult. Archeological findings have confirmed that the first menorah, was constructed using a donkeys penis.

What is the Menorah? The Menorah is a phallus based icon representing permanent erection. It is the prime symbol of Judaism because it represents male dominance of a patriarchal religion. Jewish feminists are fools to have a menorah in their domain.

The donkey penis inverted is the exact size, shape, curvature, thickness of the menorah. Animals with large penises have trouble maintaining erection so the curved semi-erect donkey penis that seems flaccid is inverted to represent ultimate male I say that the menorah is actually phallus worship, because the shape of the menorah is exactly shaped like a large penis. This can be seen clearly in the older reliefs. Modern versions have been stylized, thus it is not so obvious.

Sigmund Freud, was among the first people to have understood this. He invented psychoanalysis as a technique to discover how our subconscious sexual desires manifest into art forms (especially repressed sexual desires). So is it surprising that a militant patriarchal tribal culture obsessed with supremacy, attached itself to a multi-phallus emblem as a primary expression of itself? An extra large penis represents the ultimate symbol of male power.

Sigmund Freud founded the psychoanalytic school of psychology. Freud is best known for his theories of the unconscious mind and the defense mechanism of repression and for creating the clinical practice of psychoanalysis for curing psychopathology through dialogue between a patient and a psychoanalyst. Freud is also renowned for his redefinition of sexual desire as the primary motivational energy of human life.

Hotdogs over the fire. Cooking meat on a stick, is how the primitive man existed for a long time.

Possibly the first menorah, was a donkey penis attached to a stick. Because of fierce competition for females, two dongs were attached to a forked stick and so on until the seven headed menorah became the ultimate fertility symbol. The Jews are obsessed with the number six and the number seven. Believing these numbers to have magical qualities, they create holy symbols with seven phalluses. One in the center, and six splayed out to the sides (Also a nine phalluses modernized version). An erect penis is a perfect visual for the life force and vitality, only a healthy male can achieve an erection.”

I almost choked on my Elevenses.

Is it the dusty donkey drivers? The mysterious Apiru?

As the author notes, “I would even speculate the origin of the menorah is not even Hebrew, it could of easily been appropriated from another nearby pagan culture or one tribes fertility symbol adopted by the group.”

Good hunch I’d say.

Always keep in mind that everything, absolutley everything, is mysterious or clouded or obfuscated when it comes to us, the vulgar.

I’ll wager they know exactly who was who.


The only jews involved in the German labour camps were the terroist/criminals helping round up stock to populate stolen land in Palestine. Or the highly paid jews stealing Reichprotectorate SS technology for A Bombs to be built in Dimona because their coreligionist donkey dick worshippers had failed in Manhattan.

That is what the 6 million magic number is for. Stay away the truth is deceit as usual with the donkey cock worshippers and their criminal families.

BTW as I have said on several occasions the original inhabitants of the slaver coast never seemed to amount to a hill of beans anyway before they got phukked over by the Roth Cru in 1947 anyway. Typical Mediterranean Chaldeans, good for nothing but scratching their arses, slave trafficking, drug running and thieving. Never actually working.

Nuke it from orbit.


Wednesday 23 July 2014

Why would they start WW3 here at the pummel horse?

Well they wouldn’t, so get your jodhpurs down, bend over, stand by for a rough brokering and stop whimpering. Take it like you were taught in all those leadership courses. BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!!

A world war, a real world war like the one kicked off in 1508 or the final war for European succession kicked off in 1913, is the result of an antipodal Weltanschauung on the part of the victim.

So the current shouting and deadly shuvving on the boundaries of the decrepit Europeans is nothing but a side show.

You know what I mean. Out in front in the car park a rumble is breaking out between the pixies and the locals whilst the landlord is round the back torching the boozer. Meanwhile in a town in another county a family gets taken out by a gas explosion because the landlord’s employer’s father got dissed.

So who are the pixies, locals and landlord in the current ruckus dreamed up by the castratedpriestfoundations and bitchboybankster unthunktanks? Remember these paid for clowns all share the same world view involving boozers and the entertainment to be had there. No antipodal thoughts at all. I mean we wouldn’t be getting the lads and lassies to break each other’s faces unless they were from the same inclusive societal reengineereddregs and putridpetries would we?

What we have here are the thugs representing various godlikebanksters having a nice little internecine turf war and pyrotechnic panic to distract from the real rumble, the actual newworldorder, which was issued around 1970.

Now don’t get me wrong here. This is going to be bloody, all pub car park fights and hits usually are. There will be dead pixies, locals and the odd landlord face down dead in the asphalt soon enough but his is not the religious schwerepunkt.

Look at this as a side show, kind of like the Irish civil war 1923 or the Thai/Cochinchina shootdowns of 1941. Perhaps Spanish civil war. How do we know this to be so? Well let me enlighten you.

On the stage representing various actors’ guilds of pixies, locals and landlords we have stretching from Hawaii to Vladivostok to Hamburg to New York the many rotten burned out corpses of the apocalypse.

All elected/representatives in these Unions, states, countries and pirate bases are bankster bitchboys, Washington, Tokyo, Moscow, Brussels. You name it they’ve got that BIS worldview. Bankster bitches to a man, money worshipping vacuous tarts to a woman. All inclusive, fully diverse ideologilunatic asylums and sheltered psychopathic hideaways.

All their MSM are ciphers and goons in the pockets of the banksters, truly vile boybitches to an androgyn and soulless empty bitchboyvessels to the last harlot. Not a true word uttered by any of these stinking turds in suites and dysenteric concrete blondes.

All their military are eunuchs firing blanks in overpriced, always late, underperforming projects. The Jaffas of oblivion flying around in clapped out old tech. Impotent in the face of nothing.

All their governments are blackmailed by a judiciary that practices black magic jingle jangle boys and girls, now then, now then do you want to disappear and get rendered down in a septic tank in Eire.

All their populace are sterile icourtesans, kept ihemaphrodite, ibitchboy and iboybitche pets of the iboudoir that will ibelieve anything. Anything that the invisible hand feeds these toy mutts.

So why would the eviloids that print the funny money want a real big one to kick off on what is nothing but a multi, multi million square mile 18th hole and clubhouse? UKplc is the very special room in the club house veranda where the pick of the bitchboys and boybitches simper all day.

Well they wouldn’t and won’t.

That was so last century. It might be entertaining to have some of the Zioghillies, Nazicaddies and assorted hangers on get into fightclub fusticuffs in the Gaza long grass, Ukraininian rough and Chaldean bunkers. But nuke the monoWeltanschauung club house? What!!! Shatter the karma, man!!!! Halt the buggering of minors and the helpless sacrificial burnt offerings on the altars!!! Are you a fucking mentalist?!!!!

So where do we find the geezers with the antipodalWeltanschauung this century, that the Teutons used to have 2000 years ago, where are they today?

Well despite the best attempts of the filth that Abraham’s monoeviloidgoldworshipperslavers have spewed into their societies by Jews, Muslims, commies and Christians, all disguised by commerce, they still live. They still live in Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia and India. The latter two are going to be getting their club houses blasted to phukk tout de suite and pronto Tonto alrighty.


One does not tool up a nation of 1billion plus to send them off on a fire mission in Iceland. One matches the problem and capabilities, alignment of human resources to the business strategy for those of a beeyatchMBAboys bent reading here. USofA 1940. ChiComms 2020.

ChiComm marines in Malaysia soon. Why do you think their planes keep getting phukked with? Who’s going to take bets on MOAB in down town KL soon? The SE Asian Weltanschauung is non compliant.

Thursday 17 July 2014

MH 17 17 07 14

Who was on board?

The Harem curtain is coming down further.

Who does their route planning?

Out of Amsterdam eh. As secure as my garden shed door.

Once again the ChiComms are getting the invite.

Wednesday 16 July 2014

You have got to be shitting me!!!

I phucking love this bit.

“Anders Fogh Rasmussen, its outgoing secretary general, said recently that Russia is no longer a reliable partner for the West.”

So let us have a squeak at the new proposed “partners” in need of our “protection”.

All sourced from the great big book of wonder, CIA WorldFactbook. Now then now then boys and girls jingle-jangle uhyou-uhyou-uhyo, remember the origins of our favourite drug runners in The Farm, Langley. Gehlen’s FHO and US OSS/Mi6. So secret societies, occultists, nazi/commie/zionist triple agents, degenerates, butthole surfers, psychopaths, murderers and assorted mafia eviloids funded by RCE/LC-RCE/NY.

Here are the prime examples of state meat on sale in the Forum.

In summary. Three shit holes from the non state of Yugoslavia  bombsite. Yugoslavia; a bastard unstate cobbled together from the wreckage of WW1. What pedigrees!! The other shitehole run by a tie eating gangster bitchboymol trouble maker who tried to kick something big off in 2008 with the help of the boybitches in RCE/TA by attacking Russia. A terror state.

So WTF do the inhabitants of UKplc, who can look forward to cheap mongaloans to finance a flight out of one of our many spaceports soon, have in common with any of these backward mafia statelets? BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA phukk me what a shitheap!!! BTW don't forget to stay indoors in case the invisible bombs powered by your fully charged cell phone goes off in your face in a country made safe by our ever vigilante security services. Wingardiam in camera.

While we are at it let us have a look at the recent history of the older members of NATO. Remember NATO was there to protect us from the devilishly fiendish creature invented to haunt our every waking hour by the liars operating out of RCE/NY. RCE/NY who handed all the money, food, fuel, weaponry and technology to create their Frankenstein’s monster in the first place.

UKplc started WW1 and WW2. Used chemical weapons of mass destruction post 1919. Deliberately set up Poland for liquidation in 1938. Invaded Norway 1940. Invaded Persia with the USSR 1941. The original WMD terror state. Took the piss out of all its subjects for 50 years, 1905-1955. Has never stopped talking bollox since. Home of war criminals and general ZioStooges Blair and Brown.

USofA corp. False flagged the war with Spain. Invaded Iceland 1940. Committed genocide against the Pilipino peoples early 20th century. Bombed every mud hut and bamboo sunshade within range from B17s, B 24s, B29s, B50s and B52s for decades. Smart weaponed every paracetamol factory, goat herder and wedding party in existence. Dropped two black magic devices on church goers on behalf of ziofreeks ceremonially using their new toys from the Reich. Carried on all Reichsprotectorate human experimentals and UNIT 731 living human animal experimemets, devised many of their own and now run a open border ziobanksterGulag behind an electric fence. Betrayed by its zioPOTUS since 1913.

France. Clapped out has been all through the 20th century. Centre for mid East terrorist operations. Likes to hide behind mommie's skirts.

Netherlands. Did nothing except provide the core for the crack SS 5 division 1943-45. Stooged on both sides during WW1 and WW2.

Canada. A nothing.

Oh did I forget to mention UKplc that every waking moment you experience is covered by a great big Big Brother psycho mummy D Notice. Every thing you fart is GCHQ’d. The pirateportal at Heathrow cannot operate without importing millions of terrorist and criminal family networks into the country to keep the property bubble going? Did I mention that fact?

The UKplc; a club for child killers (now then now then) and where to be taken into care is to be sentenced to become a plaything of the deadmeet societies (boys and girls) and gentlepersons slaughter houses by Appointment to the Crown (who’ll fix it for you). Did I mention that fact?

Perhaps the prospective new members ought to sigh relief that they are not going to be invited in by an invite they daren’t refuse for protection.

Oh I forgot to mention that the associate NATO member, RCE/TA, which will have us all racing to its defences, the turdbucket, if it pulls another false flag, 9/11stylee, in down town Haifa, is nothing but a fire base terrorist training camp sponsored by Rothschild and created/staffed by terrorists out of Pripyet/Reichprotectorate and RCE/NY from 1919-47.

Go go NATO!!

Nuke the phukks from orbit.

Tuesday 15 July 2014

Vague in the Hague about Haig

Now then, jingle-jangle, boys and girls.

No debate about the government calling an election exactly 5 years after going over the top last time, synching with the European gulag, How come?

What does he not want his name associated with? Or are the pickings much greater outside the Westminster trenches?

100 years after starting to kill off the natives here in Ukplc, is it "genocidal mission accomplished" now?

Jingle-jangle, boys and girls, who's star has gone and fixed it?

Monday 14 July 2014

No Shit Shylock; you SemiVenetian Count!

Butler-Sloss steps down from child abuse inquiry

Or put it another way.

Who knows what is what in this idiot's land of mirrors and rets watching failures dressed as big men in pyjamas kicking around a dead sheep's bladder full of air and broadcast to soon to be dead childrens' wretches.

Innit simpes?

Monday 7 July 2014

2020 the year of the ChiComms

China Now Believes That It Can Defeat The U.S. In A War

A Chinese Type 071 amphibious assault ship. Via Chinese Internet

China Thinks It Can Defeat America In Battle -- David Axe, The Week/War is Boring

But it overlooks one decisive factor.

The bad news first. The People's Republic of China now believes it can successfully prevent the United States from intervening in the event of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan or some other military assault by Beijing.

Now the good news. China is wrong — and for one major reason. It apparently disregards the decisive power of America's nuclear-powered submarines.

Moreover, for economic and demographic reasons Beijing has a narrow historical window in which to use its military to alter the world's power structure. If China doesn't make a major military move in the next couple decades, it probably never will.

The U.S. Navy's submarines — the unsung main defenders of the current world order — must hold the line against China for another 20 years. After that, America can declare a sort of quiet victory in the increasingly chilly Cold War with China.

Read more ....

My Comment: This story was actually posted a few months back .... I guess it is making the rounds again. As to the Chinese belief that China could actually defeat America in battle .... I first noticed this trend on my last trip to China about two years ago. I remembered posting in this blog my incredulity that such an idea was actually being accepted by many in China's political elite .... but that is a belief that is growing.

As to the U.S. submarine advantage .... it is true that they can (and probably will) sink a major part of the Chinese naval fleet in any shooting war .... but I doubt that the Chinese will use their forces in such a matter. The Chinese will use air assets to move their forces, and will try their best to avoid this submarine threat ... unless of course we read reports in a year or two on the Chinese investing heavily in anti-submarine hardware.


Rhaegar said...
This is bad news, hope china dosent get stupin enouth to start a giant war in Asia.
How wil the new borders on the Chinese maps influence their realtionship to Vietnam, Japan, India and the Philipins. 
How is the oil rig conflict betwen China and Vietnam going? Have the Vietnamese tried to regain "face" yet?
How "agressive" is China on exspanding its border?

“Now the good news. China is wrong — and for one major reason. It apparently disregards the decisive power of America's nuclear-powered submarines.”


“In 1939 "Tukhachevsky's doctrine" failed to support national interests in two ways. Doctrine was not based on strategic requirements and the doctrinal requirement for free thinking leaders was not consistent with the atmosphere Stalin had created. Many of Tukhachevsky's ideas were developed from the tactical level up to the operational level. The ideas did not start from a strategic situation and work down to tactics.82 The result was brilliant doctrine that was not based on strategic requirements. Over the years strong leaders, such as Frunze and Tukhachevsky, had influenced strategic thinking.83 They ensured there was a link connecting strategy and doctrine. As the influential leaders were eliminated, Stalin easily influenced the surviving members of the High Command and drove military thought.84 The surviving military leaders failed to ensure the Red Army and doctrine kept pace with changing national strategy. The other breakdown between national strategy and doctrine involved the role of initiative and creative thinking in the military.
The doctrinal requirement for initiative was inconsistent with Stalin's general mistrust of bold, independent thinking officers.85 Tukhachevsky believed commanders had to think for themselves on the battlefield. Commanders had to demonstrate initiative” The Soviet-Finnish War, 1939-1940 Getting the Doctrine Right 

Got any idea what are the prime objectives of any sub commander or flag officer in the coming big one? What will keep their jobs and guarantee promotion? The officer ranks are being purged as we speak and have been for some time. Do you think dead ChiComm slavers in the water might do it? Do you think a victory will do it? Nah.

The great big WTC7, the Frankfurt School elephant in the room, the jewbredRED intellectual turd in the punch bowl, the usual Marxist anti-success closed system Talmudic bollox is……..

When the ChiComm super stealthy AI/non nuclear fleets within the second island defence chain are ready to complete their firing solutions and queues, the USN drivers will be looking over their shoulders at their political officers and commissars shore side.


All the dead and defeated US boat crews will be diversity compliant all righty.

Friday 4 July 2014


Built to the cheapest RICO standards, civilian/commercial spec, every aspect of the program technologically gutted by mercospys and yet many times over budget despite the cheapo build quality and general phukkwittery around its non role. Sponsored by two minority governments, as usual UKplc does not understand it is a primitive collective, that did nothing but kill massive numbers of foreign civilians, whilst doing nothing to stop the killing of its own subjects, through proxies or our own weaponry. The general public, or those that remain of it in the UKplc transit camp for criminal families and faux refugees, must wonder if the HMS QE/HMS PoW make work programme is another RMS QM /RMS QE? This ignorant isle for immigrant supremacists’ and a thief’s wet dream for degeneracy. This occupied island of the Rothschild pleasuredom in the torturedome has got a barge named today for what?

A group of slaved, serfed, tythed islands off Europe owned by ChiComm and Wahabiist slavers. Handing over tribute via its asset strip fronting parliament like plantation imbeciles. Staffed for the entertainment of privileged child killers and child slavers. Tittified by sex criminals and ruled by Roth pimps. A group of islands kow towing to misogynist, murdering, stone age anti democratic, anti freedom bitchboy and boybitch tools of the money creatures. A group of islands long since removed of its natives and aboriginals that cannot get its parasitical cryptocreep royalty lynched, has got some ironware ready to float to where and for what purpose?

For many years the whole idea has seemed anathema. UKplc has torpedoed the culture that made it a great naval power. Bye-bye fishing fleets, maritime commerce, ship building industry and press ganging. Hello spying, financing terrorism and general mincing around under servile nonce industry cover harvesting infanticidal money hawkers to the breast of intellectual property pimpswhores’ protection.

To cap it all, the promise of Rolls Royce motors powering its VSTOLairwing have gone to phukk as well. I mean as if it wasn’t enough to break all the developmental rules by dumping a new motor into a new airframe they went and screwed the whole concept by dragging dead weight and empty volume around the sky at high mach numbers!!!

When was the last time you saw a bunch of lactose intolerant, hayfevered, diversity compliant, criminal imported, Xfarter rejects storm a beach or take out a pill box, defended by near peer forces, covered by 9g 50ml aerodrug crash dummies flying espionaged junk?

So what is 65,000 tons of target going to do for us? What is a shit load of F35crap, the ruin of western tacair, going to deliver off target? What is the mission?

If I was an Al Qaeda/ISIS/Wahaabiist/OsamaBinliner disciple genius international terror mastermind I’d have used some of the money handed to me by RCE/TA and the training provided by HMGs armed forces and bought on the open market some of the weaponry looted by western mercenaries/homicidal maniac John Company operatives in Libya and taken out the whole shebang, kit and caboodle, piss taking circus aujourd’hui. I mean who is going to stop me? The RN? As I sat outside the territorial limits and popped off a 1950s vintage cruise missile delivered by the Fat Boy’s traffic cops via the non linear Sanguinal PyongYang Lineas ?

So the intended target cannot be for use against any standard GWOT perp, they can shoot back, it can only be for use in asymmetrical warfare of the kind practiced by the moral authorities laying down the statutes here in the paragon of human virtue that is the semitic play ground known as the West, since the Ba’al Hammon worshipping killerclowns schlepped out of the swamps into western Europe. That’s correct our dusty donkey driving intergenerational blood drenched cowards of the Calapsepilepticapocalypse. Always skulking in the money temples and secreting their breeding bitches away from sullying by the herd.

Let me see now, poisoned wells, rape, pillage, genocide, pox blankets and mustard gas for the natives, but where? Who has dissed the Roth recently and deserves a good twatting? Who has got all uppity and needs fuerzes espeziales inserted? Who needs irregular mercs and head hunter terrorists supplied from off shore? Who is defenceless under a NATO sky?


Tuesday 1 July 2014

He must have been reading my mind.

Clear and present danger.

Under the Maoist/Alinskiist/Broodmarelimpwrittedbastard the USofA corp has assumed UKplc's role of shit stirring/trouble making global garrison.

No Black Helicopters overhead yet.

For Poland 1939, read any and all on the first island defence chain circa 2020 when the Nixon/Kissinger 1970 agreement with the ChiComms runs out. Ever wonder what Vietnam really was for? Ever wondered why MacA got chopped for wanting to clear out the RCE/NY jewbredReds in RCE/BS ChiCommland circa 1950 with nukes?

Oh no, no nukie nukie the coolies. RCE/BS has a mission to perform after re-engineering. Can't do that with everyone dead and a signal given out to the Watchers again can we?

Anyway watch Singapore for the quick switch to RCE/TA and RCE/BS soon when Myanmar gets switched on. Dead LCS in the water just like PoW/Repulse. Wonder where the Brisbane line is now?

Black Trucks over Japan and Taiwan and Phillipines and Vietnam and Cambodia.

Black smoke over Guam.