Wednesday 23 July 2014

Why would they start WW3 here at the pummel horse?

Well they wouldn’t, so get your jodhpurs down, bend over, stand by for a rough brokering and stop whimpering. Take it like you were taught in all those leadership courses. BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!!

A world war, a real world war like the one kicked off in 1508 or the final war for European succession kicked off in 1913, is the result of an antipodal Weltanschauung on the part of the victim.

So the current shouting and deadly shuvving on the boundaries of the decrepit Europeans is nothing but a side show.

You know what I mean. Out in front in the car park a rumble is breaking out between the pixies and the locals whilst the landlord is round the back torching the boozer. Meanwhile in a town in another county a family gets taken out by a gas explosion because the landlord’s employer’s father got dissed.

So who are the pixies, locals and landlord in the current ruckus dreamed up by the castratedpriestfoundations and bitchboybankster unthunktanks? Remember these paid for clowns all share the same world view involving boozers and the entertainment to be had there. No antipodal thoughts at all. I mean we wouldn’t be getting the lads and lassies to break each other’s faces unless they were from the same inclusive societal reengineereddregs and putridpetries would we?

What we have here are the thugs representing various godlikebanksters having a nice little internecine turf war and pyrotechnic panic to distract from the real rumble, the actual newworldorder, which was issued around 1970.

Now don’t get me wrong here. This is going to be bloody, all pub car park fights and hits usually are. There will be dead pixies, locals and the odd landlord face down dead in the asphalt soon enough but his is not the religious schwerepunkt.

Look at this as a side show, kind of like the Irish civil war 1923 or the Thai/Cochinchina shootdowns of 1941. Perhaps Spanish civil war. How do we know this to be so? Well let me enlighten you.

On the stage representing various actors’ guilds of pixies, locals and landlords we have stretching from Hawaii to Vladivostok to Hamburg to New York the many rotten burned out corpses of the apocalypse.

All elected/representatives in these Unions, states, countries and pirate bases are bankster bitchboys, Washington, Tokyo, Moscow, Brussels. You name it they’ve got that BIS worldview. Bankster bitches to a man, money worshipping vacuous tarts to a woman. All inclusive, fully diverse ideologilunatic asylums and sheltered psychopathic hideaways.

All their MSM are ciphers and goons in the pockets of the banksters, truly vile boybitches to an androgyn and soulless empty bitchboyvessels to the last harlot. Not a true word uttered by any of these stinking turds in suites and dysenteric concrete blondes.

All their military are eunuchs firing blanks in overpriced, always late, underperforming projects. The Jaffas of oblivion flying around in clapped out old tech. Impotent in the face of nothing.

All their governments are blackmailed by a judiciary that practices black magic jingle jangle boys and girls, now then, now then do you want to disappear and get rendered down in a septic tank in Eire.

All their populace are sterile icourtesans, kept ihemaphrodite, ibitchboy and iboybitche pets of the iboudoir that will ibelieve anything. Anything that the invisible hand feeds these toy mutts.

So why would the eviloids that print the funny money want a real big one to kick off on what is nothing but a multi, multi million square mile 18th hole and clubhouse? UKplc is the very special room in the club house veranda where the pick of the bitchboys and boybitches simper all day.

Well they wouldn’t and won’t.

That was so last century. It might be entertaining to have some of the Zioghillies, Nazicaddies and assorted hangers on get into fightclub fusticuffs in the Gaza long grass, Ukraininian rough and Chaldean bunkers. But nuke the monoWeltanschauung club house? What!!! Shatter the karma, man!!!! Halt the buggering of minors and the helpless sacrificial burnt offerings on the altars!!! Are you a fucking mentalist?!!!!

So where do we find the geezers with the antipodalWeltanschauung this century, that the Teutons used to have 2000 years ago, where are they today?

Well despite the best attempts of the filth that Abraham’s monoeviloidgoldworshipperslavers have spewed into their societies by Jews, Muslims, commies and Christians, all disguised by commerce, they still live. They still live in Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia and India. The latter two are going to be getting their club houses blasted to phukk tout de suite and pronto Tonto alrighty.


One does not tool up a nation of 1billion plus to send them off on a fire mission in Iceland. One matches the problem and capabilities, alignment of human resources to the business strategy for those of a beeyatchMBAboys bent reading here. USofA 1940. ChiComms 2020.

ChiComm marines in Malaysia soon. Why do you think their planes keep getting phukked with? Who’s going to take bets on MOAB in down town KL soon? The SE Asian Weltanschauung is non compliant.