Tuesday 1 July 2014

He must have been reading my mind.

Clear and present danger.

Under the Maoist/Alinskiist/Broodmarelimpwrittedbastard the USofA corp has assumed UKplc's role of shit stirring/trouble making global garrison.

No Black Helicopters overhead yet.

For Poland 1939, read any and all on the first island defence chain circa 2020 when the Nixon/Kissinger 1970 agreement with the ChiComms runs out. Ever wonder what Vietnam really was for? Ever wondered why MacA got chopped for wanting to clear out the RCE/NY jewbredReds in RCE/BS ChiCommland circa 1950 with nukes?

Oh no, no nukie nukie the coolies. RCE/BS has a mission to perform after re-engineering. Can't do that with everyone dead and a signal given out to the Watchers again can we?

Anyway watch Singapore for the quick switch to RCE/TA and RCE/BS soon when Myanmar gets switched on. Dead LCS in the water just like PoW/Repulse. Wonder where the Brisbane line is now?

Black Trucks over Japan and Taiwan and Phillipines and Vietnam and Cambodia.

Black smoke over Guam.