Friday 27 November 2015

HWW:Get ready,no stopping it now, it is inbound.

Expect ChiComm forces wearing UN berets in peace "keeping missions" soon. Kurdistan springs to mind.

China Defense Blog: China unveils military revamp: China unveils military revamp 2015-11-27 08:23Global Times Editor: Li Yan Party to restr...

As alluded to in the last post.

" "Aside from that, we've also learned from countries such as Israel
involving military logistics support and civil-military integration.""

Wednesday 25 November 2015

HWW:Chinese conglomerate buys $460mn stake in Brazil airline | The BRICS Post

That will be Brasilian aerospace tech. transferred to ChiCommland then thanks to RCE/TA. Air Chicomm in South America for use in The Phillipines and the hyper littoral soon?

Chinese conglomerate buys $460mn stake in Brazil airline | The BRICS Post

Tuesday 24 November 2015

HWW:China Defense Blog: Photos of the day: J-11 of the 6th Air Regiment, ...

The BAe/LM money burning nexus cannot deliver anything worthwhile this past 30 years. F22/Typhoon/F35, all bespoke product is expensive crap, designed to be crap, conceived as sabotage programmes and signed off by 5th columnist politicos. AND YET, there they are skulking around ready to cause trouble in the Littoral.

China Defense Blog: Photos of the day: J-11 of the 6th Air Regiment, ...: Spokesperson: Chinese, Thai air forces deepen cooperation via joint exercises Source: China Military O...

Defence contractors as agents provocateurs, lap it up western tax paying dupes.

Monday 23 November 2015

HWW:Pacific Sentinel: Think Tank: The grand strategic failures underlyin...

The fact that there is no boycott and/or blockade of the world's biggest fascist childmurdering slaver state tells us two things.

1. The way of life of that state is to be exported.

2. All other previous blockades and boycotts have been nothing but fiat gangsterism hiding in so called ethics.

 Pacific Sentinel: Think Tank: The grand strategic failures underlyin...: Neil James Most public discussion and media commentary—and seemingly all the political and bureaucratic dissembling—about the 99-year...

I do wonder why the persons currently inhabiting the west have not worked out that they are considered enemies of their commercial and political states?

Friday 20 November 2015

HWW: Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard Released After 30 Yea...

Nickel monkey, Pavlovian moneymuppet and dime spastic out for being a truer traitor, released by the AngloMaoist administration community organising (trouble stirring) gangster boybitch Alinsky scholars.

 War News Updates: Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard Released After 30 Yea...: New York Times : After 30 Years in Prison, Jonathan Pollard Is Freed, but Not to Israel WASHINGTON — Jonathan J. Pollard, the American ...

As I said at the other shop all one needs to do is keep feeding in the lucre and the appropriate unthinking response is guaranteed.

Off you go the the terrorist fire base in Roth's rothbotbitchboy little live firing range in RCE/TA then you predictable programmed bitchboy.

Tuesday 17 November 2015

HWW:Enter the Dragon.

Xi, Obama arrive in Manila for Asia Pacific Summit | The BRICS Post

No Bruce Lee, no Jim Kelly, no John Saxon in fact the cast of NATO perps looks like Han and Oharra. Mind you the clown with the stupid stagename spent most of his formative years in Indonesia as an extra for a major walk on part.

Anyway with Modi and Xi fully briefed by the drug runners in RCE/London City this past few weeks expect our NATO perp to line the ducks up in a battleships's row while he tries to save his ISIS bitchboys and associated mercs from getting the heads kicked in.

Friday 13 November 2015

HWW: There is a reason why....

...all these old birds are still flying.

This is after all early 1940s airframe/propulsion conceptions made real, still flying half a century after last manufacture, stoogeing in the early/mid 21st century. It is like a Handley Page 0/100 lurking near a flakturm!!!

As with Swedish battleships in 1940 or shore bombardment in 1943/4/5 you will not be going anywhere within the true lethality sphere.

Still until then they make great big blackpoppropaganda cartoon flags/ unreal stage props/ false calls.

The ChiComms have been given their business plan and associated correctly aligned media strategy the green light in RCE/LC. Anyway Mulacca is open for business.

So what ever happens it is scripted no matter what we see or are told by the PotemkinMSM and Marie Antoinette's altMSM.


Thursday 12 November 2015

HWW:Chinese Scientists Unveil New Stealth Material Breakthrough - Defense One

Chinese Scientists Unveil New Stealth Material Breakthrough - Defense One

I don't think Rufuk has a clue in the comments section at Sol's shop. Rufuk is unwittingly describing USofA corp. in 1939 before the introduction of UK engine tech and German Hi-tech immediately afterwards to massive human robot systems.

The ChiComms have been given a license to make use of all the west's treasure, remember New York financed all the USSR tech., chest of tech. for a purpose so they do not need to be creative. Only obedient.

Anyway I do have to say that it looks like the ChiComm equivalent of a MilSpec Burt Rutan is happily at work somewhere in the Gobi faking prototypes.

Wednesday 11 November 2015

HWW:Prized Singapore

Prized Singapore

Nice little vignette about the time server island country that is RCE/SI.

RCE/SI is going to be fabled when the really Big One kick off soon. I would expect a massive IAI dome complex to be in place already.

Tall building syndrome and water.

Tuesday 10 November 2015

HWW: What is the penalty for treason?

Further seismic after shocks of the the 21st century's Bomber B fiasco.

"Photographer Captures Amazing Time-Lapse Video Of Trident Ballistic Missile Launch

Tyler Durden's picture

Earlier today, we reported that just after 9pm local time on Saturday evening, a dramatic white light
lit up not only all of California, but stretches of Arizona and Nevada,
in what was subsequently revealed to be an unannounced launch of a
Trident II (D5) missile from the Kentucky, an Ohio-class ballistic
missile submarine situated off Point Mugu. But while the entire internet
was throttled under the weight of millions of snapshots and short
underexposed clips of the missile flight being uploaded to YouTube,
Facebook and Twitter, one person captured the whole event in its
dramatic entirety on time-lapse photography.

That person was Justin Majeczky, who was conducting time-lapse
photography above the Golden Gate bridge, when he noticed an unexpected
object in his viewfinder: an ICBM.

The result, first noted by Foxtrot Alpha,
is 3 minutes of breathtaking imagery that not only catches the missile
emerging from the horzion following its submarine launch, but
disappearing far off into the sky on its long voyage to the Marshall

How is that going to stop ChiComm take over of cryptocurrencies and the development of Tesladomes. The JPL will be a mushroom farm soon, F35 test hulks will provide sunshade in the Monthan Boneyard and the Tridents storage bins for GMO alphalpha on its way to feed Hainan fisheries FFS!

So in keeping with the retro USN knocking here recently. Ohio and Trident will be like taking on IJN Musashi with HMS Dreadnought(1906) in 1941. How are these old, and I'm betting not replaced before, boats going to survive with ChiComm unmanned SSNs hunting in packs outwith their defensive first island chain?(BTW their first island defence chain is what was US second island defence chain. By that time any and all F35s will be shot down and/or sunbaked)

All caused by burning gazillions of dollars in a BAe/LM/PW/GE/RR furnace.

Monday 9 November 2015

HWW: P-8I Anti-Submarine Aircraft Combat Simulation Vid...

SNAFU!: P-8I Anti-Submarine Aircraft Combat Simulation Vid...

I know, I know, I know. However in the spirit of yesterday's disparaging remarks re USN aviation past and present, here we have the equivalent of a Fokker Tri Motor in the Nth Atlantic 1942/43.

So what? if the P-8I can detect the stealth subs at launch. Who's going to halt Vampire attack on the fleet? Who's going to take down hyper kinetic attack? Who's got no base to return to?

BTW as mooted here the Maldives are being prep'd for helo/beach assault.

HWW: The Big Come On Pt 2......

War News Updates: Growing Worries On The Strain That The U.S. Carrie...: The USS Ronald Reagan The Hill: Experts alarmed at 'strains' on aircraft-carrier fleet The Navy’s 272-ship force is strainin...

Kind of like the British invite to IJ to cause trouble out East by removing effective UK counter force in peace time. One part of a multi pronged strategy of faked military weakness for cabal centralisation all disguised by an engineered depression.

Mind you it could be that the massive number of flat tops now skulking in the Hyperlittoral makes the USN CVNs super numerary. There are two giant helicopter carriers doing nothing in Rosyth which could easily get transferred over to RCE/Tel Aviv, hence cover the Med (see Bibi's visit to DC soon), and/or handed to STANATOFRC UAE to cover the Gulf.

Both UK/NATO builds/ships are easily crewed by two mice and a rat what with all the clever robo cyber muppetry that will make them burn like hell when hit by ISWs or go berserk when hit by an HEMP.

Just a thought as the USN gets ready to field more 50 year old fighter concepts from 50 year old decks.

Fuck me it is even worse than when the Devastators flew off Lady Lex!!!!!

Friday 6 November 2015

HWW: I've had my business plan signed off in RCE/London, so we are coming through.....

 .....get out of the way or else!

War News Updates: Chinese President Xi Visits Vietnam To Soothe Terr...: Chinese President Xi Jinping (R), who is also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, attends a welcom...

Thursday 5 November 2015

HWW:Pacific Sentinel: News Report: Armed Ethnic Groups Call For an End t...

Pacific Sentinel: News Report: Armed Ethnic Groups Call For an End t...: Kachin Independence Army (KIA) soldiers The leaders of 11 armed ethnic groups that did not sign a nationwide ceasefire accord with the...

Wednesday 4 November 2015

HWW:Brinksmanship in the South China Sea; Obama pushes back on no boots pledge in Syria; Did ISIS down the Russian airliner or not?; ‘Advisory drones’ in Syria; And a bit more... - Defense One

Brinksmanship in the South China Sea; Obama pushes back on no boots pledge in Syria; Did ISIS down the Russian airliner or not?; ‘Advisory drones’ in Syria; And a bit more... - Defense One

Now the ChiComms are tooled up and allowed to invest in the trouble making zone around Yankee/Dixie Stations, we move the targets in.

Keep an eye on the LCS sacrificial pawns in RCE/ChiSingapore. It is most likely these ships that will give the ChiComms their false flag excuse or casus belli if there is a less sneaky attack. The long mooted here, shootdown of a ChiComm A380 heading homeward as a provocation/false flag, seems to be playing out at the other end of the Hyperlittoral War with Russia as the mark.

That seems to bring direct naval conflict as the ignition event for the HW, though I am sure that the ChiComms will keep to the script unlike the IJ 75 years ago.

Tuesday 3 November 2015

HWW:HRNK Insider: Interview with HRNK Report Author Ken E. Gause on ...

HRNK Insider: Interview with HRNK Report Author Ken E. Gause on ...: Ken E. Gause at HRNK in October 2015. © 2015 Committee for Human Rights in North Korea (HRNK) About the Author Ken E. Gause is the d...

Just bear in mind that as far as UKplc is concerned "Human Rights" is now a load of bollox.

The UKplc is only interested in protecting the "rights" of war criminals, killers, thieves, lying propagandists, useful idiots, stooges and thieving war criminals....oh and don't forget the genocidal war criminals.....and thieves......did I mention war criminals and genocidal maniacs?

UKplc the intellectual property and poverty capital of the world.