Tuesday 31 January 2012

Licensed thievery or UKplc what use are you?

Here in the Easy jet borough, the NOAHideaway, creatured for larcenous heathen backed by NOAHide intellectual property law……….  

Telephone Collection Scam Related to Delinquent Payday Loans
12/01/2010—The IC3 receives a high volume of complaints from victims of payday loan telephonecollection scams. In these scams, a caller claims that the victim is delinquent in a payday loan and must repay the loan to avoid legal consequences. The callers purport to be representatives of the FBI, Federal Legislative Department, various law firms, or other legitimate-sounding agencies. They claim to be collecting debts for companies such as United Cash Advance, U.S. Cash Advance, U.S. Cash Net, and other Internet check cashing services.
One of the most insidious aspects of this scam is that the callers have accurate information about the victims, including Social Security numbers, dates of birth, addresses, employer information, bank account numbers, and names and telephone numbers of relatives and friends. The method by which the fraudsters obtained the personal information is unclear, but victims often relay that they had completed online applications for other loans or credit cards before the calls began.
The fraudsters relentlessly call the victim’s home, cell phone, and place of employment. They refuse to provide to the victims any details of the alleged payday loans and become abusive when questioned. The callers threaten victims with legal actions, arrests, and in some cases physical violence if they refuse to pay. In many cases, the callers even resort to harassment of the victim’s relatives, friends, and employers. 
Some fraudsters instruct victims to fax a statement agreeing to pay a certain dollar amount, on a specific date, via prepaid visa card. The statement further declares that the victim would never dispute the debt. 
These telephone calls are an attempt to obtain payment by instilling fear in the victims. Do not follow the instructions of the caller.
If you receive telephone calls such as these, you should:
§                 Contact your banking institutions;
§                 Contact the three major credit bureaus and request an alert be put on your file;
§                 Contact your local law enforcement agencies if you feel you are in immediate danger;
§                 File a complaint at www.IC3.gov.source 

(Note, whilst researching this load of bollox I got a shed load of DNS failures, curious or what?)

After searching far and wide I could not find the local news article relating to the scam run out of an office, dingy and ugly, on the Great North Road in the Easy jet borough, which relates to the above FBI notice. As usual it is likely expunged from the ausphart like the killer khazidroid from Manchester. Britain’s greatest mass murderer, all toned down and poured down the memory hole, who fronted for an organised gang of NOAHide compliant contracted killers.

So read and join the dots.

……………there is an especial welcome for the moneyed criminal. Remember this is the NOAHide borough that cannot provide education to its natives, it cannot plan for educational needs, it is blind to the baby boom that the public park café mafia girls could anticipate and make plans for. The result is temporary classrooms, sheds, so much for the “built environment” shit, that the so called best primaries are using to sweep the problem under the carpet.

Of course the only persons that interest the clowns infesting the Easy jet borough soviet are the criminals from the Diaspora Mafia, clowns from the Libyan mafia who need an LSE doctorate ghost written, Ukrainian mafia, OPEC Masonic bretheren, religious fakirs and stipended mentalists waiting to turn their countries to mush. For these diseased vectors, if they breed and acknowledge the wean, the “public” school, which is brain wash reinforcing zentral, is the educational terminus. The utilitarian “public’s” schools are never going to see any mafia lucre splashed in blood red across their no parking zig-zags.

All you will get if parked in front of the falling down public school dumps, name changed or not, though some special schools are lavished with unending streams of taxed payers’ lucre, and you can guess the demographics there, all dialectic and Tavistock, is a parking ticket, sorry “mafia demand”, to hand over some money you do not have, is public debt based on no thing. I repeat. No thing.

No one has money, just debt and credits, and yet all that UKplc business wants to do is import persons who will have no choice but to mug you in a so called uniform. Stalking the streets in gangs to find those non compliant, unfortunate enough to have a crisis, emergency, every day unplanned for event and sting them for a demand for lucre that does not exist.

How come these gangs of licensed thieves roam the borough doing nothing but steal money, like crocs steal wildebeest lives at the few river crossing points, and then sit on their fat unproductive arses yapping into their mobile phones after a fattening, target driven day fleecing the public?

Well that is magic.

UKplc what use are you?

Monday 30 January 2012

I wondered why shit ovaloid billboard yankee adverts were polluting my k-space.

Image source

The girls are to tour viral central and harp their herps.

(If you get the shaton, chickenshit, rung necking spectators, billboard, early 20th century, early 21st century creativists' middin, forced fois grass adverts then you know your place, fattened fowl)

No kidding, talk about pimping, the groomed, the trideflora'd, the vestal testibuled witches.

No doubt USofA corp is getting preped for some bad news now that the ballless, eunuch, soon to be dead, fat, Swiss tooled, princeling is in charge of the stupid hair, stupid shades and stupid clothes PALE.

The PALE. A managed space where eviloids are cultivated in sterility.

This is interesting though. H/T ROK Drop.

Friday 27 January 2012


Image source

Pay attention, Enjoy.



I love the great big plants that the USofA is getting seeded with from the most entertaining, unlicensed, off premises, jester.

"There's a gang Ive just joined Theres a gang Ive just joined Three million strong youd agree Four million strong youd agree Enrollment was easy, so easy Getting out proves to be the difficulty From lands end to john ogroats From lands end to john ogroats They are making ends meet Mending holes in their coat Fasting and feasting on bread and margarine Burning dreams build upon buried hopes United kingdom - youd better ring them Youve a solution - you better bring them United kingdom - united kingdom Youve a solution - you better bring them Opportunity, I guess they all came and went Finding it hard Finding the rent youll find it funny With your finger running down Situations vacant In school he was an athlete Now hes not so self-assured "after all of these o-levels is this my reward? " Theres a silent majority, thats seen and Never heard from charles i, charles ii To charles iii United kingdom - youd better ring them Youve a solution - you better bring them United kingdom - united kingdom This busted, rusted, upper-crusted Bankrupted done and dusted No-man-to-be-trusted united kingdom Proud to stand beneath the union jack? Happy dealing up a no ace pack? Polishing black boots Priming the riot squad There go I but for the grace of god Covering up the agony with mindless entertainment Youll be happy when theyre ripping up the pavement Bringing down the axe on steelworks and foundries Someone said love knows no boundaries Close your eyes and think of england Lie back and think of her United kingdom - you better ring them Youve a solution - you better bring them"

United Kingdom, what are you?

Thursday 26 January 2012

Rasputin, Uncle Tom and Barry

Blood in the water. How come only the USofA corp has a fourth estate that cannot do anything other than place wordy words in circulation devoid of hard facts and infested with made up fakiry? How come the Pulitzer prize winning courtesans have suddenly gone silent? The answer has to be that the USofA corp has been morphed into a pleasing form for the banksterreligiokriminalistas.

If ever you were to ensure that your chosen heathenoid got to spend another four years doing bloody sweet FA then the jesters of the court of St James will do the trick.

There is a reason why the west was torpedoed in 2007, don’t be thinking that David X Li was acting all ChiComm wise and that the Rock/Roth weren’t in on the scam. If you remember back to what happened to Croesus, he got his skin ripped off, then the penalties for non compliance are plain to see. No one in the west today is going to be non compliant and that now extends to the general populace who have been selected for passivity. Like extras on a great alter, the individual is now a bit part player in a production, they do not know of or are aware of the overall context.  The great enterprise.

In a previous post I ribbed the Scots, in particular the fishy ming, about whether they are really serious about independence.

Let us examine this exquisite vignette a little further. Would the persons inhabiting Anglia minor really have the wits to send their deservedly elected piscine perps into the big cats den? Is there something uniquely free amongst the remainders of Hibernia and the descendents of the Picts? 

The Picts, for ever on the extermination lists of the soldiers of Babylon, just like the descendents of Bóroimhe are to this day.

So then the question. Will the free inhabited carbon based life forms north of the border make a break for the….erm…..border?

Excuse me again whilst I linger over this delicious scene. 

Having parked their bikes, the cartoon captain haddock twins' fingers stuck in dykes, ascend the great marble stairway to tell Emperor Cod that the Picts are going to break free from the iron rule of gelt. Can you imagine the faces of the faesces? Can you?

You can be sure that, within the solid gold palace, Roth will have constructed a tribute to his favourite industrialists. We will call it the Blokhin room and pink boy and caviar girl will be getting introduced to it quickly as an example to the clowns, in soon to be UAV’d Pict land. I wonder if there will be a ceremonial apron being worn for the executions?

The above will never happen because there are some thoughts which have been expunged from racial memory. Thoughts such as why were the troopers with the iron cross so big and the lads from the Gorbals so small, scion of ricket infested rats.

I’ll bet the fishery farmed guy will never dream of doing a Schacht

Can you imagine how many special forces would be deployed near his bothy if he wanted to introduce a debt free bawbee? Go on Salmond do us a favour so we can turn theorem into theory. Establish the free bawbee.

Nah! They’ve all been shown the films, as Carling said, and been to the retreats where the specially chosen go to betray their people and get their interests and morals scrambled. Just unlike Croesus. If you’ve paid attention to the, as yet unfinished, Bomb Line series, then you will know that the only NAZI society in the world today is ChiCommland. Everyone bangs on about the three nations that do not have Roth central banks and forget that it is not about central banking; it is about killing persons who are non compliant. North Korea is a free banking zone and yet is enslaved to the Roth by starvation, banking by other means. 

You got to wise up fast chums.

The real arbiter of human development is the trap of money. Just look at the way it works when everything is being stolen. Moneydebt is created by magik from nothing and flooded, larded over to the sorcerers of banking to flog, force onto the dispossessed and hungry at a shamanic multiple of their nominal window. So 0% goes to 5% goes to 10-50% and if you get really fucked over 2000% at the payday loan theft. However let us keep it prudent and simple, i.e. when the Babylonians are not in charge but simply an immigrant refugee minority getting ready to take over the system.

By the time you get notes/credits in your pocket there is already a 20% hole in the commercial intercourse. Even if you are the most genius of business persons, and not a slaver, you will never ever acquire as much lucre as the clowns running the show. If you are a slaver then you are monoheathenistoccultreligiokriminal by bent, chosenite. The 20% hole in economic activity finances the true economy. The crime scene’s progress through history killing all non compliance.

Go on then Sturgeon, how come Lenin, Trotsky and the assorted killer clowns were knee deep in fancy money and the boys on Clydeside were TB’d and poor?

You phukkin’ muppets. Go get to phukk you Phukk D’Witz.

Scottish independence?

A collection of boybitches and bitchboys parked in an expensive masonically architected, overpriced, built environment cattle shed, hall of ordure.

Anyway back to the NAZI state of ChiCommland. It has been given a licence, a licence for what? 

Compliance of course.

There are free persons out there having their own thoughts and they will be getting a severe administration from the Lead Pill Pharmacy and Medicine sans Frontiers plutonium. All delivered at hypervelocity and stealth. 

Who is going to be doing the administering of care? 

ChiComm forces who’ve been training non stop whilst the fools in the Pentangle, where the auditors were assassinated, have been burning out their troopers and hardware for over a decade now.

Who is going to stop this? 

I apologise for the Marxian inevitability but you need to know that this crap is not new, it is old and planned for millennia. Marx just got lucky in being given the chance to fuck around doing bugger all but regurgitating magik.

By the time we get to 2016 the office of the President will be ripe for eradication like the Emperor of the Russians a century ago. Made a mockery of and discredited in a typical Alinskyist scam.

By that time the hyper littoral war will be raging.

No one will leave UKplc except by Rothschild’s leave. Have you checked the Berlin Wall travel taxes?


The fools that scrape a living in the UKplc keep Roth’s villas all secure via English heritage.

Do not expect anything from the clowns parked in Anglia major, Anglia minor, Anglia gael except compliance.

They’ve gone heathen.

Wednesday 25 January 2012

To all those who were driven or marched to their deaths by the monomentalistheathenoids.

We will not forget, ever.

When dealing with the heathenoid fantacists, the great trick is always to take their imagined slights and transfer it back to its proper place, on their victims. Fiery furnaces and automated slaughter houses, yes the places where the heathenoids ruled. USSR 1920-1960. China 1947-1972. Not NAZI Germany. USofA corp circa 2020AD.

The funniest thing that never ceases to make me rage at this time of year, the time when I re-read books read many times and consider those who marched naked to their deaths by the early adoptors of monoheathenism is that just like all the best business shaman and economic fakirs will tell you there are many stages in the adoption of a technology within the, so called, market space so there are stages in the adoption on monoheathenism.

There are those who will talk and talk and talk and never dare drop the verbiage of obfuscatory learnedness when we all know just what was what, are they afraid or is their DNA causing them a metaphysical crisis?

It is important to integrate all spaces of human activity when trying to work out what these monoheathenoid clowns are really being instructed to do. They do love the divide and conquer crap. Moduke 101 of the heathenoid antihuman handbook of bad things to do to humanity. If you understand that their economomic theory and business theory is simply applied Kabbalah then when we have a stare at the business muppetdroid Everett Rogers and the bell curve we can take their magic and place certain strands of the monoheathenist scourge in their place.

So Abraham’s children and the psychonoughts of Moses are the early adopters, head start on the heathenoid trail.

Just as an aside here,  I beg forgiveness for not introducing certain ideas at the other shop by now which might inform your understanding of what is to come, so just relax and let it soak in. 

If you get Darwin’s bollox then you’ll have to ditch them because the complete picture requires the ideas of Jean-Baptiste Lamarck to be considered AND the more recent considerations of the quantum properties of DNA. That last bit needs you to ditch the concept of time and imagine hyperdimensionality. This is non-trivial so pay attention when it hits the other half full can of rocket fuel, it informs one of certain group traites and behaviours. T-stoff und C-stoff. Holostoff.

Anyway as you no doubt know by now if you’ve read here before, the Ba’al Hammon bishop of Rome, the mystic Mecca merchants and the rabid rabbis are all tarred with the one brush of monoheathenism. No matter what dialectic is deliberately stirred between and amongst them, they are all divorced from humanity and are obsessed with the fiction of their one god. Gold, status, rule and death. All wrapped in falsity and piety. They are anti-human.

After the early adopters we have the Rome/Mecca early majority, same bunch of retards. In case you are stunned and tazered by that last one let me just WYTFU!!

What is taken to be the Roman Catholic church is just the hiding place for the Chaldean/Phoenician child killers who took over the Roman civil administration after the 2nd century BC. That’s right, there were no native Romans or Etruscans left, they’d been displaced and outbred by manumission. Why do you think that the Roman imperium was so degenerate and typically heathenoid, they were middle eastern despots by culture, not western.  All the good Roman citizens were dead on the battlefields directed out of the throneroom in Rome. Is this sounding familiar to you USofA corp? So Mecca/Rome are just NOAHide semites killing the nonsemites.

The really interesting thing to note in this period of history 2000 years ago is that the early adopters got blown to hell by one geezer turning up and speaking some clear wordy words. It took Babylon 800 years to open up three new dialectics to destroy his good words, Rome, Mecca and Khazaria and that work continues to this day. 

You will never know anything about this world unless you work out for yourself the reasons behind Ireland and Greece today. And if you are really awake you’ll be looking around for the new Khazarias.

Anyway just to let these god bothering fool heathenoids know where they really stand in their hubris here’s some fine words from the Bard, who’s birthday is today, though there are deep masonic connotations throughout his life I still like the basics.

Is there for honest Poverty
That hings his head, an' a' that;
The coward slave-we pass him by,
We dare be poor for a' that!
For a' that, an' a' that.
Our toils obscure an' a' that,
The rank is but the guinea's stamp,
The Man's the gowd for a' that.

What though on hamely fare we dine,
Wear hoddin grey, an' a that;
Gie fools their silks, and knaves their wine;
A Man's a Man for a' that:
For a' that, and a' that,
Their tinsel show, an' a' that;
The honest man, tho' e'er sae poor,
Is king o' men for a' that.

Ye see yon birkie, ca'd a lord,
Wha struts, an' stares, an' a' that;
Tho' hundreds worship at his word,
He's but a coof for a' that:
For a' that, an' a' that,
His ribband, star, an' a' that:
The man o' independent mind 
He looks an' laughs at a' that. 

A prince can mak a belted knight,
A marquis, duke, an' a' that;
But an honest man's abon his might,
Gude faith, he maunna fa' that!
For a' that, an' a' that,
Their dignities an' a' that;
The pith o' sense, an' pride o' worth,
Are higher rank than a' that. 

Then let us pray that come it may,
(As come it will for a' that,)
That Sense and Worth, o'er a' the earth,
Shall bear the gree, an' a' that.
For a' that, an' a' that,
It's coming yet for a' that,
That Man to Man, the world o'er,
Shall brothers be for a' that.

Tuesday 24 January 2012

Buck up.




How much of your life are you willing to burn?


H/T ROK Drop

If anyone in UKplc ever expects to be employed, rather than being in servitude, then Wake The Fuck Up.


Cameron, Millipede and The Gleggeron would cum in their pants to be caught in such a stampede swirling around their motorcade.

Get real, the NOAHide world is coming onto your doorstep pronto with the Lead Pill Pharmacy making a home visit, when did your GP last do that?, if you are non compliant.

Business is nothing but a highly disguised front integrating the original crime scene into real life.It never rests, 24/7thievery.

Go on then.

Have you clocked the payday loan scam UKplc.

Everyone has been made deliberately barrasic, so the solution? 

Payday loans to pay for heat, a roof and food. Clock the APR 2000%. The Kapo running the show is connected to the KAPO di Kapo who gets his fiat fanciful imaginary miraculous mirage funny money at 0% from the Fed.

All commercial intercourse is now RICO sodomy.

Just to take the piss out of us even further they've been grooming certain players for decades, how else could a barrow boy now be banking from space!!


@Hoff2 WTFU china!

You'll be on the Faan list soon if you don't watch it.

Another stooge out here has started with the Biderberger shit today so for the record which you've been remiss in maintaining here we go AGAIN.

Your comment is awaiting moderation.
If ever there was a clue to the very, very long range planning that the heathen are involved in globally and eternally, it must surely be the integration of China to what I term the “Original Crime Scene” the sacrarmament of debt creation.
I touched on the nature of this great enterprise recently.http://rangingshots.blogspot.com/2011/11/bomb-line-part-11-jin-money-creators-of.html
We are supposed to believe that there is a natural dynamic whereby every 500 years the leadership of the world swings from west to east and vice versa. That always ignores the complete continuity of precious metal trading and extraction which has gone on uninterupted for 10,000 years. That process is the foundation for the paper money Ponzi, always.
If one considers the current planned destruction of the USofA by driving the society to ruin and endentured labour through war-finance and compare the similar designer destruction of Imperial China 500 -600 years previously the parallels are striking. Mono-theist heathen money changers at the heart of the plot causing devestation in the neighbouring states and chaos and misery within the state.
The Roth/Rock are new kids on the block at this game are are there to keep our eyes from the hidden hand.behind them.
As for Bilderberger I’d note that they are finished, since we know them they are just window dressing and a distration now. Estulin is an agent, he’s got nothing to say and only distracts.
If anyone really wants to know when they pulled some weight you need to go back over half a century to the meeting at the Hotel Maison Rouge Strasbourg 1944 when Borman arranged the strategic evacuation of stolen Free Masonic loot under the guise of Naziism.. From what I can gather the Bilderbergers were convened to manage the laundering of all that stolen cash and treasure back into the economies of Europe. Being called into being to help their fellow funny handshakers get legit. Job finished by 1960.
What we will never get a handle on is the ChiComm equivalent that must surely exist today, though I have I think fingered some of the players by accident in other lines of enquiry.
“David X. Li. Those of you who have read about the 13 families won’t be surprised about Mr. Li’s family name, will you?” ,http://rangingshots.blogspot.com/2011/10/path.html"

There you are, get your head out of the ovens and start piecing it all together.

Oh and anyone else who has just noticed this past week or two that the RCE/TA is getting all jiggy with the Forbidden City has not got a clue about what is really going on. 
NOAHide compliant muppets.

Monday 23 January 2012

Phekkwittery is the sincerest form of phalateerily

Image source.

Horse soldiers check your six.

Did you ever imagine that your logistics were a death trainenterentrainment?

Stuck like glue for the next decade as you slowly smear the idiot's magic morrohorrorsilveredscreem.

Check your six.

Gently die unto no thing

Living Euthanesia

What the phukking shit!!!!!!

That is part of the heathenoid education broadcast to children in this heathendump.

When one has been reduced to the level of a ditch worm, whale shit or transhumanist transresitor transformer then one will gladly accept the stinking fish proffered from one’s handlers. Like a good little penguin atheistsas or sea sick scion sea lion of the amnesian farer of breaking, swelling vomit.

The GGT  have been softly peddling this NOAHide crap for decades and the end result is the Logan’s Run down the Soylent Green shute.

Not content with destroying everyone’s lives in 2007 by doing an Ocean’s 14 on savings since 1979, the clowns here in the heathen hive started to eradicate the aboriginals by digging up the utilities. 

Water, gas and lekky down in the coldest winter last year.


Flush out the abos to make way for the expanding heathen hive.

All disguised by contract law.

Contract law and tort.


The question one needs to require of one’s self is why are the lignes of one’s life so ancient?

Why should sacrifice of life be so important to the inbred clowns who never work?

Kill before born.

Kill before dead.

Kill at any opportunity.

Kill before inception.

Kill after conception.

Kill equals debt as intercourse.

Of  course.

Troll hunt?

Cunt hunt.

You are all awaiting the Iran burn, vampire.

You are never going  to see the seeds of your loins bloom unless you understand that the whole show 
is a panto.

ChiCommland will be oil independent soon.

Wake up before the GGT and the altMSM amuse you to slit your throat.

And the person’s you are subject to, UKfools, glittering subjects as objects of falsecitizenhood, dance on your graves again.

Got it yet?

Saturday 21 January 2012

Watch, tik tok, the sun.

Hapsburg heathen alert.

Caught up with my Tarpley.

Don't necessarily agree with what he says but he has this nailed.

Enjoy especially 50 mins plus.

USofA corp better get its arse in gear.

Chimniminee chimmchimcheroo who is going to enslave you?

Mexican Ba'al Hammon slavers you muppets.

Friday 20 January 2012

Playtime economy and Pay attention attension society.

Image source

As is obvious from the silence around here recently I've been laid low both technically and personally. I was just getting my teeth into a couple of things when the hardware took a direct hit on the main magazine, KABOOOM!

Then your corespondent took a poison pill and went down for a couple of weeks AND then just as I was trying to figure out what had taken out the barge I got hit by some sort of flu thingy. That was me down and as a measure of how tom and dick I was, December, my favourite month was a complete wash out. The month kicks of with my birthday, which bearing in mind I was born in another time zone and hemisphere I allow myself the conceit of  including St Andrew's day in my 48hours of birthday swilling, which is fitting. Even when I was a small boy I was never asleep on my birthday eve, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. Never. This time though I was tucked up in beddy bies by 11pm and fast asleep on all three ocassions.

By the time my family returned from overseas I was on the mend at last and found out that there was a low level form of pneumonia, antibiotic resistant, kicking around the borough and it is still here. I don't think that is what got me, though my near neighbour, when we dropped rounf the week after New Year to say hello, think, judging by the look of me at the time, that it was a cross between ebola and malaria, and that they were rather afraid that I might expire. Anyway my self satisfied shuvvelling of high doses of galangal, high dose Vit D and Vit C tablets to ward of the greebles as soon as September starts each year has been shown to be shamanic and shambolic.

So what with conjunctivitis striking immediately after Boxing Day I had plenty of time to think and listen to long discourses from some of my favourite speakers and researchers. Oh and come to some conclusions at last.

Those who read at the stoker's shop as well as INCOMING!!!!!!!'s two half empty glasses will know that the real question that I have always steered clear of is God. Everything that I have written is informed by several things that I have instinctively felt ever since as a small boy I sat listening to the service being piped into the area that small children were herded into at Christ the King. Firstly adults are lying self deluded assholes, especially men. Secondly the whole god bothering scam has a deeply hidden agenda.

Much later in life I read the oft quoted Arthur C bon mots that I have recounted many times here. So when I read JJ Norwich's history of Byzantium about 20-25 years ago now one of the things that struck me was the practice of the emperor to levitate on his throne when ambassadors from vasal states and tribes would present themselves. This struck the fear of their god's into them.

Of course we know that the geezer born into the purple knew something the ignorant didn't. He knew about the technology of leaverage and fulcrums. Simples.

Zoh, burning bushes, talking shrubbery, slitting the throats of children and isolated revelation. No witnesses other than a traumatised, inappropriately touched boy. Apparently the children of the Book can trace themselves back in an unbroken chain to this so called event. You know what I'm thinking don't you.

If you've read through this you know I am thinking back to the original iCSI. The crime scene at the root of all economic activity in the West. A crime scene that has expanded year by year from that origianl crime deep in the bowels of the temple somewhere near Babylon all those millenia ago. Decade after decade, century after century, millenia after millenia slowly swallowing more and more people into the iCSI. Cleverly self correcting and morphing to its circumstances over the aeons. A social genetic memetic that never rests and right at the heart of it is the closed system of slavery, debt and precious metals designed cleverly to suck everything into the possession of the very, very few. I use that word possession in a very precise way. Got it?

Now I've been going off into territory that will be explored further at the other half empty can of electric soup I know, however I wanted to give you a bit of background for one of the conclusions I finally pieced together as the long empty days passed, so that when you read the sentence after next sentence you'll know where I'm coming from. The other shop has a serious unpublished backlog now going back for more than a year.

Atheists have to be the stupidest people on the planet.

They have no idea what it is they are being atheistic about in the first place. They are moreover toxic and dangerous and this is the kicker, they are actually being good little god botherers since they are carrying on the great enterprise first kicked off by the Watchers when they duped a lone flockmeister by use of their occult techniques. Phukkin' A you smart bastards.

When a cold eye is played over these so called three great religions of the world what is their characteristics? I will add the secular and atheistic as an integrated fourth religion of this death cult. There is the clue. The whole lot do nothing but enslave, kill, seek gold, destroy societies and any other belief systems. They seek to bring a heathen sterile monoculture to the entire globe. They are entirely obsessed with the temporal. They are mad and psychopathic, entirely mysanthropic, supremacist and elitist. They are entirely centred on the self.

Now this is not an attack on the individual but on the nature of these belief systems which are schizophrenic and dangerous to humanity as manifest currently in the religiobanker complex fronting globalisation.

And guess who's dining high on the hog fronting and jestering for these heathen bean counters and money magikians? That's correct the high mental horsepower ignorant athiest troop of monkeys.

"OK INCOMING!!!!!!!" I hear you sigh "What has this got to do with the price of fresh air?"

Well let me illusttrate what these Betrand Russells have done to us using polar bears and Scotland.

By the time these fools have indoctrinated our young the mature adult, like Parsley, will not flinch from behaving like an NKVD death squad, FARC execution commando or Einsatzgruppen. However the adult will cry like a baby when a teeny weany polar bear puppy comes on the screen of the magikmirror stranded on a big melting icecube like a Fox's glacier mint pisstake. The work of the religiobanking complex never ceases and Parsley will have either a modified version of the belief system or a shiney new one created to make sure that the religiocriminals are the only human beings on the planet. Everyone else will just be a rationed resource with a view of themselves as inferior to everything else existing on the planet. As I've noted many times before, when was the last time a polar bear wiped the arse of someone incontinent in a care home? What is the choice likely to be in this scenario? Tiger meets unattended baby, feed with formula milk or just feed? Go on then you athiest, transhumanist Phukk D'Witz go get to phukk!

Scotland, oh I love this one. All my adult life I've been watching the Scottish Nose Pickers skulking around with never a care in the world. Their oh so important parochial concerns never seeming to lack funding. William Wallace, The Bruce, Mary, Claymore, Saltire etc . Oil and whiskey. Tartan and shortbread. All fine by me but I could never shake the troubling feeling that they were biding their time really. That someone had a plan for them at the most propitious time. But who was really bankrolling them? Stipends from 5 million Scotspersons? Hardly. Something was fishy. Well we need wonder no more.

Let me draw a you a picture. When they've won the referendum or whatever hanging chad device driven show that the media will have been instructed to maximise the probability of the desired outcome, where will Salmond and Sturgeon be immediately riding their bicycles to?

Well let me draw you another picture to bring the answer to the forefront of your mind.

Imagine the free people of Scotland, instead of moaning like today when the drug running family scion and his chancellor decide to take away the insubstantial fevered creations of the moonsluicing imaginings of Gordon Nokia Brown's financial delirium and downright mentalist fakirey, imagine they got up and demanded that they print their own currency. Imagine that they broke out, carefully stashed for generations wrapped in finest haggis oil soaked tartans, the claymores. Imagine the look of horror on the faces of the SNP formation cycling team as they parked their bikes in front of Rothschild's golden temple in Jerusalem. Imagine that long lonely journey up the marble steps knowing that you were going to never ever be seen again. Quite literally stepping into the den of the psychopathic athiest's magic kingdom. Alone.

That is what they are for, the SNP. To weaken. The religiobanker complex has been working for millenia destroying every site of rival power, that is one of their characteristics. When the great enterprise is complete their will only be the elite athiesticreligiokriminalmagicians and the serfs. Serfs powerless and atomised.

The whole process facilitated by athiests doing god's work.


So you are no doubt asking what was the point of all that. Well because I know that the foundations of those four religioillnesses is not God I am in no way going to be having any truck with athiests or athieism or their manufactured rabid belief systems. Its all temporal bollox.

Anyway it is the weekend chums so let us have some tunes.

Love them.

Look at me.

Laugh, laugh, laugh and guffaw your way to freedom's wholesome spirit,

Laugh out loud and ignore the false promises of the oneworldatheists and their minions. We are in an 
infinitely long spiritual war and these religiokriminals constantly feed us false battles within which to exhaust ourselves. Stand back and  look for the enemy's main force, watch out for their constant trickery and diversions, then put the boot in in any form you care, prayer, silence, action for others, whatever grows our soul and spirit. God they hate that, when we turn our backs on them and get on with our lives independently. Turn our back on the Attention Economy which is degenerating into the Playpen Playtime Economy.

Thursday 19 January 2012


I love these kinds of word spellings. They give the game away to the speller and the drug to the brain dead.

"The behavior of the British in the Farhud remains a mystery, since the British ambassador, Kinahan Cornwallis, refused to allow British troops to enter the city until the pogrom was over. This may have been due to reluctance to interfere in Iraqi internal affairs, or to fear of getting involved in street fighting, or to reluctance to risk British lives for what were not vital British interests. British records are sealed until 2017. [12"

Always so many mysteries in British history, like a warlock was in residence casting a deadly amnesiac pall over the ignorant aboriginals and the over keen student of script written history.

The cast of actors should give one pause to reflect on the shiney big mirror directing blinding and binding hatescripted produtions from the theatre of make believe into our jelly moulded day to day CorrieEnders ersatz real life.

Just what happened and just what is really happening now.

We may never have been to acting school but make no mistake we are all bit players now unless we get the difference between a closed theatre and an open production.

What year was this then?

" The British began landing troops on April 16 or 18 at Basra"

If you are getting this then you will not be surprised to find several Nobel Peace Prize winners tumbling out of the whole theatre of the absorbed and absurd.

Can you name them?

During my absence I had ample time to trundle a few stray thoughts across the bows of my chummies and I believe they now get the premise espoused here on many occassions that the fools infesting the West are delivering "tribute" to Babylon, just like many millenia ago our forefathers were harvested for Ba'al Hammon and his rabid disciples.

How else can you explain the fact that all our so called leaders are scions of the death cult.

Go on name me one that is not!!!

Enjoy the cast of characters from the Farhud.

Remember this is when the encaged, endentured slaves on these islands were rationed and queued. Propagandised to believe that they were backs to the wall and weak. No room for freedom, willing slaves in the apocalyptic production of the directors of death. All written to hide the crime scene. All produced to distract the unwary. Remember this grim tale is presented to you by the same clowns that don't want you to consider how come another nation, supposedley on its death bed, could launch troops, with us, into Iran. Two, on the canvas, nations invading another country. It sounds like a WWF outing, yet no one notices, pass the passive pop corn.

The British; selected for inactivity, passivity and fantasy. As I've said before, one day the whole world will be England.

BTW Scotland how come you haven't noticed something fishy about the current your leaders swim in?

Wednesday 18 January 2012

Open systems.

Closed systems.

Choose youphukkwitz.