Tuesday 24 January 2012

@Hoff2 WTFU china!

You'll be on the Faan list soon if you don't watch it.

Another stooge out here has started with the Biderberger shit today so for the record which you've been remiss in maintaining here we go AGAIN.

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If ever there was a clue to the very, very long range planning that the heathen are involved in globally and eternally, it must surely be the integration of China to what I term the “Original Crime Scene” the sacrarmament of debt creation.
I touched on the nature of this great enterprise recently.http://rangingshots.blogspot.com/2011/11/bomb-line-part-11-jin-money-creators-of.html
We are supposed to believe that there is a natural dynamic whereby every 500 years the leadership of the world swings from west to east and vice versa. That always ignores the complete continuity of precious metal trading and extraction which has gone on uninterupted for 10,000 years. That process is the foundation for the paper money Ponzi, always.
If one considers the current planned destruction of the USofA by driving the society to ruin and endentured labour through war-finance and compare the similar designer destruction of Imperial China 500 -600 years previously the parallels are striking. Mono-theist heathen money changers at the heart of the plot causing devestation in the neighbouring states and chaos and misery within the state.
The Roth/Rock are new kids on the block at this game are are there to keep our eyes from the hidden hand.behind them.
As for Bilderberger I’d note that they are finished, since we know them they are just window dressing and a distration now. Estulin is an agent, he’s got nothing to say and only distracts.
If anyone really wants to know when they pulled some weight you need to go back over half a century to the meeting at the Hotel Maison Rouge Strasbourg 1944 when Borman arranged the strategic evacuation of stolen Free Masonic loot under the guise of Naziism.. From what I can gather the Bilderbergers were convened to manage the laundering of all that stolen cash and treasure back into the economies of Europe. Being called into being to help their fellow funny handshakers get legit. Job finished by 1960.
What we will never get a handle on is the ChiComm equivalent that must surely exist today, though I have I think fingered some of the players by accident in other lines of enquiry.
“David X. Li. Those of you who have read about the 13 families won’t be surprised about Mr. Li’s family name, will you?” ,http://rangingshots.blogspot.com/2011/10/path.html"

There you are, get your head out of the ovens and start piecing it all together.

Oh and anyone else who has just noticed this past week or two that the RCE/TA is getting all jiggy with the Forbidden City has not got a clue about what is really going on. 
NOAHide compliant muppets.