Thursday 19 January 2012


I love these kinds of word spellings. They give the game away to the speller and the drug to the brain dead.

"The behavior of the British in the Farhud remains a mystery, since the British ambassador, Kinahan Cornwallis, refused to allow British troops to enter the city until the pogrom was over. This may have been due to reluctance to interfere in Iraqi internal affairs, or to fear of getting involved in street fighting, or to reluctance to risk British lives for what were not vital British interests. British records are sealed until 2017. [12"

Always so many mysteries in British history, like a warlock was in residence casting a deadly amnesiac pall over the ignorant aboriginals and the over keen student of script written history.

The cast of actors should give one pause to reflect on the shiney big mirror directing blinding and binding hatescripted produtions from the theatre of make believe into our jelly moulded day to day CorrieEnders ersatz real life.

Just what happened and just what is really happening now.

We may never have been to acting school but make no mistake we are all bit players now unless we get the difference between a closed theatre and an open production.

What year was this then?

" The British began landing troops on April 16 or 18 at Basra"

If you are getting this then you will not be surprised to find several Nobel Peace Prize winners tumbling out of the whole theatre of the absorbed and absurd.

Can you name them?

During my absence I had ample time to trundle a few stray thoughts across the bows of my chummies and I believe they now get the premise espoused here on many occassions that the fools infesting the West are delivering "tribute" to Babylon, just like many millenia ago our forefathers were harvested for Ba'al Hammon and his rabid disciples.

How else can you explain the fact that all our so called leaders are scions of the death cult.

Go on name me one that is not!!!

Enjoy the cast of characters from the Farhud.

Remember this is when the encaged, endentured slaves on these islands were rationed and queued. Propagandised to believe that they were backs to the wall and weak. No room for freedom, willing slaves in the apocalyptic production of the directors of death. All written to hide the crime scene. All produced to distract the unwary. Remember this grim tale is presented to you by the same clowns that don't want you to consider how come another nation, supposedley on its death bed, could launch troops, with us, into Iran. Two, on the canvas, nations invading another country. It sounds like a WWF outing, yet no one notices, pass the passive pop corn.

The British; selected for inactivity, passivity and fantasy. As I've said before, one day the whole world will be England.

BTW Scotland how come you haven't noticed something fishy about the current your leaders swim in?