Monday 30 January 2012

I wondered why shit ovaloid billboard yankee adverts were polluting my k-space.

Image source

The girls are to tour viral central and harp their herps.

(If you get the shaton, chickenshit, rung necking spectators, billboard, early 20th century, early 21st century creativists' middin, forced fois grass adverts then you know your place, fattened fowl)

No kidding, talk about pimping, the groomed, the trideflora'd, the vestal testibuled witches.

No doubt USofA corp is getting preped for some bad news now that the ballless, eunuch, soon to be dead, fat, Swiss tooled, princeling is in charge of the stupid hair, stupid shades and stupid clothes PALE.

The PALE. A managed space where eviloids are cultivated in sterility.

This is interesting though. H/T ROK Drop.