Tuesday 21 May 2013

Mea culpa

Watching the retelling Saturnsday has destroyed me.

Balletic and extreme airmanship, the querty is insufficient for my emotions.

My thoughts are dead, too much to tell.

I will return when my anger is subsumericed and relinquishes my grief.

My apologies to you but the Queen’s English does not suffice my wording.

Love to you all.

When the hurt is burned out.

Cya soonmetime.

Tuesday 7 May 2013

Chastise is coming

FM!! Everyone in this shit house slaver state of indebted, indentured servile economy serfs is afraid to go up a step ladder. GTFOWI!!!

I am 10 days early but I want you to consider this singular achievement. The operation that no one else could have performed. No one. An operation so difficult that the best of the best of the best were stretched.

Dropping approx 10,000lbs with pin point accuracy in the most elegant display of balletic airmanship ever witnessed under box control and nachtjäger/flak.

Once the musik stopped the game moved on.

The message had been delivered.

When we get to the night of the op I hope to drop the dam.

It is the least I can do.

Wednesday 1 May 2013

Destroy time and enjoy

5 centimeters per second?

How do you fall?

Or as I tramped the infintitentile treasured fallen, the beauty of this infintite expanse of joy.

Full stopped fractile.... for ever.,,,,,,,,strange atracid acrid.

I love the fall.

They will be gone soon.

Delivers the showers again