Thursday 30 September 2010

Proximity alert.

London calling.

If you were a money sucking epicure where would you want to have run over to maximise your pile of hash over the next 150 years?

This is a management issue.

Two centuries ago they moved into managing millions of people in a killing zone and extended collateral. 150 years ago the management competency moved on to tens of millions still in the killing zone. After that management needed, in best public school boy tradition a massive attrition to absorb the new technology, then management competency could manoeuvre hundreds of millions in the kill zone and death zone collateral.

70 long years ago.

That is where it all stopped, a hiatus, before management got back to books and theory. Bright lads and lassies reckoned they could at last handle billions in the magic warrior lethality space. A huge attrition is now beckoning as they gain more hands on experience.

Now the tended and nursed ritual littoral has a designed weakness.

Scunnert you were correct, I think. I was off by several thousand miles. Akira you were correct, I called the island dweller wrong.

Freemen regard the slip into a half dimension and then like some freeked and freak show Xeno’s paradox never into null.

My eye falls here. All the demographics and the history. All the personalities. All the signs from the liars’ window say now.

No one can stop it.

RCE/TA has its soldiers already on the ground.

Wednesday 29 September 2010

What is in it for them?

Are you waiting for the sky to fall in? Are you tense, nervous, fear wracked? Do you wake every day under a dread pall?

Under a spell? Under a man made grid dissolving your thoughts and will? Caging you with invisible bindings on your thoughts and emotions? Nam Shub’d without realising it is technically possible?

The stage now commanding the Herd Attention Space is unbelievably huge and complex. In the good old days the whole mindlessness intentional spectacle could be managed within the Coliseum. Then the farce escaped out into the world causing mayhem and destruction where ever it went. Today the scam is once again controlled and captured. Packaged for delivery through the liars’ window. MSMing our minds.

With that in mind I think we can take a good look at the special staged space around the Dead Sea. The internment camp for those decanted from the Pripyet marshes. A rotten Rothschild trick on the prejudices of the fearful. From whom were they running? Catholics they’d killed and extorted for generations. Orthodox Christians whom they had genocided? Fascists who wanted lebensraum? Marxists who wanted anyone non Roth dead? Other coafflictionistas who didn’t want them dirtying their American shores since they knew the true body count numbers? Or do they just like picking trouble somewhere so they can live like commies and have free fiat cash shoved at them for terrorising the oil wells by playing for all sides of the panalectic as usual?

What is in it for them, who ever they are?

Just like the good old days when Cleopatra’s Semitic offspring would revel in the slaughter of the extras in the Round House, so today there are dead people all over the stage. All those images imagined into our attention space, convenient, pre-packaged, rehearsed slaughter bites and method atrocity vignettes.

All encased in a prophylactic engendering outrageous inaction and a spastic bawl over all our days. We are not supposed to do anything about what we are prescripted, just accept the inevitability of our powerlessness. Heaven forfend that we should even twig that there is a script and want to gain editorial control of it. If we did then we would be marked as a woodpecker noncompliant. We would be a dangerous thought generator and potential spell breaker.

How much trouble would it have caused Czar, financing the show, if one of us had stood up during any of the spectaculars and made it quite clear that we thought the Kaiser’s lineage were nothing but a bunch of whoremaistering dusty donkey drivers with a psychopathic antipathy and homicidal enmity towards all of mankind.

Well by my calculations there would be one of four reactions dependent on whom and where you were in the venue.

1. Your mates would take the goatskin or amphora containing the fermented vegetable juicings away from you and tell you to sit down and stop embarrassing them.

2. As 1. above but if you were unlucky enough to be clocked by an informer then you, your mates and all family members would be wheeched away in the middle of the night by the Steel Bladed Pharmacy. Just like in Venice much later.

3. As 1. and 2. above, however if you were in the upper ranks of the administration or the senatorial classes, well career over and open veins in the bath. Ruin if you are lucky. Just like USofA corp. today.

4. If you did it right beside the Big Guy he’d look you in the eyes and ask you a very simple question. “Do you have any real power?” Then you and your family would get wheeched. Just like USSR and EUSSR.

The net result of the outburst is as nothing to a system resilient and resistant to such perturbations.

Maximum Max reckons that because WWIII has ended with the admission of Goldman Sucks et al into Iran then the great big shadow settled over our everyday lives, woodpeckering away at us, has been lifted. Oh if only that life and death in the great screen written production were so simple Max.

Iran inviting in the thieves has not resolved the issue. The issue of why one single group of self selecting script writers should arrogate unto themselves the mission of getting all of humanity purged of diversity and freedom such that one single belief should remain? That belief being enforced slavery through homicide and poverty.

We live in the 21st century and yet the prevalent ideas for the raising of humanity from the current mess is stuck somewhere before 1000BC and the guys responsible for the whole eons long mess are trying to dupe us into following their kindly proffered solutions.

They think that we haven’t noticed that they are trapped in an amber prison, the hermetic memetic, of their own rationed rational. Their obsolete bent. They have called this ancient fate upon themselves; they love it and succor it in their schizophrenia.

However this only goes so far in explaining our conscious experience in the theatre of blood. This is the active part of the light show which keeps us, the invited audience, enthralled in a scripted, repetitive cycle feeding our five senses. Do not ever dare refuse the invite though.

The word farting that Freud & Bernays are supposed to have released upon the world to such great acclaim in the early part of the 20th century was not some sort of random germination of accreted knowledge and discovery. It was a staged release of ancient knowledge relating to the old wisdom of how the human herd behaves en masse. Indeed of how it was designed to be and do so.

There were two objectives in mind, pun intended. Firstly the creation of a class of mind engineers and tinkerers staffed by the lazy, work-shy afflictionados. Secondly preparations of the regenerated mind grid lock over humanity by the woodpecker. Which will, in the aggregate, modify human trends caused by the constantly changing celestial alignments and/or generate certain traits within the human population beneficial to TPTB.

And inevitably we come back to the secreted, corrupted priesthood hidden deep in the temple vaults where the gold and silver was kept, the forged receipts concocted and the oh so secret schools guarded and horded their preciousssesssss.

The sacred geometry and the astronomical forces that conditions humanity’s local response, in the aggregate, to gigantic tides sweeping unseen through the universe. When those forces and alignments are judged to be most propitious, when the woodpeckering has modified our local psychology just so, then and only then will the Dead Sea Death Merchants be given the sign to start their dusty donkey caravan of hatred.

That is what is in it for them.

Control of the market in misery.

Proselytising nihilistic chaos and destruction, evangelising self and selfishness, making the world safe for their monomaniacal jinn.

Tuesday 28 September 2010

Sustained virulence.

Once again everything that follows has nothing to do with God.

Again everything that follows has nothing to do with pure markets.

At last my noodle has cleared. We had some real live commie chums round our shop this weekend. Oh yes real flesh and blood commies. I’ve mentioned them before. One couple is ChiComm. She was a real life commie party poster girl, oh yes commie royalty there. He and his family were banished into the wilderness during the 1960s and froze their nads off in a hovel near the old Soviet border for years on end. The other couple are Madrassa USSR commies. He is Byelorussian and she is a Muscovite. However the Red flag was not flying that evening.

Never will be.

Fuck that for a game of soldiers.

These guys are glad they’d managed to make a break for the border. Their children are a delight and proof that the evil fuckedwitz are on a hiding to nothing with their NWO.

UKplc might be going down the U-bend but there is no one here, yet, that will kill your second baby as it presents itself. No one here yet going to stick an AK47 in your ear hole if you get in the way of a Khazari oligarch.

So whilst the gentlewomen got on with a bit of yakking the manholes did what they do best. Got some serious Bowtime in and put the world to rights.

Russia has a succession problem, just like John Company after Henry VIII. Putin is in trouble. The Medvedyev goons are going to go for the slow bleed. The goon that runs Byelorussia is a Kim Jong Il type Foundation bitchboy. Like Belgium he is maintaining gaming country. Manoeuvre.

If a close look is had at Gibraltar, Malta, Cyprus and Kaliningrad we end up back in the slave labour camps. RICO slavers. The slave labour camps where the Kapo system was given free license. Who read the Kapo riot act? Reds. Commies. Regimented and well organised by fiat fancy money.

It is amazing what you can do with nothing and theft. Slow theft of lives. Creeping over generations and then when the correct numbers of fools are born and the instability is riotous. Lead Pill Pharmacy through the oestrogen bullet.

My ChiComm fellow swiller remarked hat when he was out in ChiCommland this summer he sweated his bollox off. The irony was not lost on us. He could not fully describe the pent up desire, the dam bursting pressure, the beseeching of ordinary Chinese to burst out. They have money flooding out their gates.

Gate in, gate out.

Fiat fancy money. The kind that worked in the slave camps.

Count the dead. How many? Where are they? Growing fine GM crops on the blood of millions?

What you will never read is that the epicentre of all the killing in 20th Century Europe was a Khazari on Sephardi ethnic cleansing. Deep in Lebensraum. Deep in Germany, the Reich’s protectorate; the killing, under a foundation theoretical cloak, was Talmud. That’s correct, for the slow of picking up the WTF is going on. Primary afflicted on primary afflicted. Blue on blue. All in the midst of a secondary afflicted stand by and tertiary afflicted bloodfest. Atheists are too stupid to understand anything, limited as they are; buy hubris.
If you get that then you will not blink when Kashkari turned up with his arrogant begging bowl.


Go on then.

Define money.

Define Semite.

Define profit.

How long can an organism survive in an environment polluted by its own toxicity Gyorgi Schwartz? Oh yes you were deep in the oven with your daddy, weren’t you? What is your real handle? How does Ba’al Hammon know you? How long can you run before all the selling out runs you down? For ever is the answer and you will die safely tucked up in bed with your loved ones around you closely watched by your minders' minds. A golden mattress and a silver pillow, they better bury you bitter deep. Schön

A mobile organism can change location to a fresh killing field. A static organism must induce a flow of fresh nutrients and evacuation of poisons by expending a constant effort through creating a self sustaining flow.

What happens to you and me if an organism achieves both divine states? Shitting all over where ever it has been and sucking the life out of the ecosphere from a fixed position of poison.

All is timing. If you pay heed to the dates and the heavens then your mind will create an action space tailored to your success. No retribution. If executed properly.

Will the Noosphere die?

That is the plan I believe. A plan within a plan, a plot within a plot, a schemed plan plotted many millennia ago now.

What to do?

Ignore the fucks?

Do you dare ignore their kind invitation to partake of the endless festival? Have you the wherewithal to refuse the ceremony, defy the ritual, and anathematise the worship? Do you? Well get ready to be lonely. You are indeed different for you defy your god, your maker. You were made for this purpose. Why do you think you are always railing against the system? Your mind is unquiet. You are woodpecker noncompliant and stick out like a sore thumb.

A tall poppy?

The drug dealer’s scythe is coming to cut you down.

CIA is godless.

The Satanic trinity has no where to run.

Money. Afflicted. Profit.

They do not exist.

We exist.

Got that?

We exist, everything else does not.

Sunday 26 September 2010


Think about that infestation involvement with combing out the fit.

Building a tower of genetic failures sustained by iron lungs and trick medication.

Gone in a halved helical,


We know who is on the long gun…

…and now we know who handles the most powerful hand gun in the world.

Sometimes you got to ask. Is she working for the NWO? She makes so much sense.

Enjoy 1

Enjoy 2

Four saddles are empty.

The quest continues.

Friday 24 September 2010

Satan’s Song

Finally wrested control of the PC, just, and so fired up the slintermong and hit DL, GV & Harry’s shops in no particular order of preference. Harry immediately chimed since I’d just watched one of those shit Lloyds TSB animated adverts and realised I’d thought the thoughts that Harry wrote. Thieving NOAHide bastards.

Then the goddam awful Flagon’s Pen heaved into view. And I was off again.

Somewhere in the deep past UKplc brought back to these shores a pestilence. A boat landed at Calecut, Cochin, Lagor, Siam or Cachuchi and brought back something that would work without fail until we were brought under its control.

UKplc has been taken over by something alien to our polity and creed.

The signs and symptoms are everywhere.

At a trivial level we have NOAHide courts predicatively programming us on the magic window. Dragon’s Den, X Factor, Masterchef…the list goes on and on. You don’t get anywhere here through excellence you only proceed if the Star Chamber lets you through. You are a supplicant and beggar and üntermensch. That is the antithesis of UKplc’s alleged fondness for meritocratic advancement.

This is NOAHide.

At a profound level we are being restricted in our movements, expression of belief and opinion, and our ability to protest and congregate. We are being proscribed our ancient freedoms by something else’s idea of how humanity should be constructed.

That is NOAHide.

Did you read about the store guard who throttled some poor slob of a thief to death in UK plc? Did you see this from USofA corp? What about this from ChiCommland?


Remote assassination by drone, shoot to kill, removal of work, slavery in London. It may be contract cleaning slavery but I bet they are ISO9001 compliant. Spotless documentation in a shithole world.

NHS & Cuts & Cuts?

All NOAHide.

It is all well and good to keep a close eye on the Rothschild Corporate Entity operating out of Tel Aviv and its nefarious activities. However remember that it is a subset of the NOAHide gang. The NOAHide gang would gladly vape the dump if it suited their aims. Whilst RCE/TA rests NOAHide does not sleep.

Latin America. NOAHide

Europe. NOAHide

All our economic activity is NOAHide RICO just like in the USSR and Fascist Germany. One great big stinking world dominated by nothing. Fiat fancy funny money. Leading every business a merry dance to Satan’s Song.

Go on then define profit, business bitch boys in the Dragons Pen.

Right then that’s that.

Thursday 23 September 2010

Mid life crisis?

Come on Kaio 6-6 is cutting it close with three days to go.

Bring it on.

I’ve popped the glucosamine sulphate, had the hydrocortisone injections and have a pocket full of Viagra.

I’ll be in pain when I come back so the liquid morphine is in the chiller.

The weekend approaches.


Wednesday 22 September 2010

“parents were forced to bury their children alive or were doused in excrement and urine, others were set alight, or had a nose or ear cut off”

Or how about?

“banned from the official canteen because they were too old or ill to be effective workers, so were deliberately starved to death” same source

Are you able to get your heads round the Red, Green & White?

How’s about this?

More farmers dead.

Maybe this might wake the dead.

That’s what they did when they were RED.

What will they do now they are GREEN? More of the same old same old.

More dead farmers & More dead farmers. Of course they love mammon as well. Barry’s mother was up to her neck in the microfinance initiatives out in SE Asia, all designed to clear the land by the financial AGENT ORANGE known as DEBT. Just thank your lucky stars they cleared our farmers in UK plc centuries ago and all they want is to pick our pockets now.

I know what you are thinking, KhazariJinn BitchBoys and BoyBitches, however be careful. Something is abroad that seeks for and chooses hermetic memetic tribes and curses them. Pray you are not a chosen one.

When they are WHITE they will be coming for us. For then the hermetic memetic priesthood will try to kill all thought.

They never tire of the hopelessness of their task for they are truly ignorant people and have no idea how to conceive.

Tuesday 21 September 2010

Peace Mission 2010


Kind of like…..

……Non-Intervention Committee

Kind of like stealing money from the tax payer to hand over to bankster criminals.

To paraphrase Harry it is all a load of bollox!! Don’t believe a word. It is all written in front of a mirror of evil.

UKplc hands over to USofA corp. Marines, really? USofA Corp Marines watch your back. This is not a rotation; this is a set up.

Nothing makes sense in this unreality bubble from which escape is to be made impossible.

So Peace Mission 2010 then? And the item that piqued my interest?
China Tries Long-distance Air Attack Mode in SCO Drill. Look where they were flying into.

Recognise any logistics routes there? The ChiComms are playing with their C4ISR toys here. An interesting player is the J10.

This reminds me. I came across some power curves for western fighters yesterday that made it quite clear that F18E/F/G and F35A/B/C will need F22 top cover should there be a shouting match. Now that is like Hurribombers needing Tempests, F84s needing F86s, F105s needing F4s. Getting it yet? So as I’ve said before the F22 programme has been run over the past two decades with a view to sabotaging the West’s defences. Unless the robots of death are ready.

Any clues who’d be behind those J10s.

So how much peace is breaking out elsewhere near my most favourite unvisited island? You know the democracy that our so called politicians will be selling out to the slavers now that we live in Mandelbrot Set’s post democratic age. Right up his Technotronic shithole.

Slavers in the South China Sea . Slavers off Japan. What about my favourite unvisited island democracy?

A little while back I commented on the throw weight of the big cruisers out there. Well someone has been planning for the missiles to start flying for some time now.

And what about his nibs with the stupid hair, the stupid shades and the casting couch? He’s off to South America I’ll wager to join the other war criminals in the bolt holes. You know the ones. Cheney, Blair, Bush, Schicklgruber et al who will be living it up down there as the arclights hit up here.

All because the criminals were allowed to steal everything for the Floating City.

Sunday 19 September 2010

Dear UK plc.

We are still at war.

The UN police action is still actionable.

I’m going to retire soon. As I said earlier.

Like an old mate of my daddy, I’ll be wandering around the freeworld at my leisure. Daddy and Herr Schicklgruber had a massive time going to Disneyland and chillin’. As Herr H used to say “Dead millions are as nothing to our mission”.

None of you cunts ever will retire. You will all die in harness. No pensions.

Tell me arsewipes. Is it better to die frozen stiff in Barnet after the utilities have been sabotaged by high frequency trading or to have lead pilled your way to a comfy bed, warmed by the skins of millions of the human herd?

Go on retards work that out. I’m off to the casting couch like my mate Simon.

Who’s the bitch now? Bwahahahaaahaaaaaaaa………..

Get this down you, you cannon fodder fuckedwitz, soon peace will be mine. Unlike you tormented fucktards.

I am made.

Fuck you lot.

Goons and supine guys and dolls.

Gold, Jim Willie and Maximum Max

Fantastic; the blood was in the water about a year ago.


Congratulations where it is well deserved.

The big lad has gone and done it.


Friday 17 September 2010

Over in the world’s most advanced gender imbalanced, bride kidnapping, and slaving gulag.

Apart from UKplc of course which cannot be bothered with all that crap and just lets its indigenous people die off and replaces them with cheap imports from anywhere. Don’t snicker USofA corp. Catherine has you lot sussed. You want “The Global Economy” in the Audio Excerpts, only 1min 47 but listen good y’all.

BMW driver detained after running over child

If you can read the names meaningfully and note that it was a BMW X6 then this final bit of info should complete the picture.

Shanghai 'caste system' in the making, 7 defined social classes & status

So he’ll be a V in an X6.

Just to complete the picture there is a holiday coming up.

I also note a distinct absence of elastane burners around town like Dohrn, Greer and any of the CIA front publishers from USofA corp. but then I wouldn’t expect any action now that they’ve done their wrecking job since they were all a load of self centered, attention seeking, trouble making, tenured, narcissistic empty vessel bollox.

Binjiang Shanghai

I remember Craig Thomas, 20 years ago now, tipping us off to what was coming down the pike. So much better at describing the private villas and state actors than Tom Clancy.

Wednesday 15 September 2010

Stupid hair, stupid clothes and stupid shades

I’m retiring soon so….

As my mate...... Mao...

....... ahhh.....

OK.... where are the….


H/T Kushibo

You might not see the obvious…

…connection but stay with me for a moment.

This clown has heaved into my view again and rattled my brain cells about a process I’ve commented upon at other shops and blogged upon indirectly here.

The coming stasis.

This supremacist, misogynist, polygamist foundation bitch boy kept running the Hegelian dialectic hoping we wouldn’t notice that he and the commies are the same guys. Just look at that skyline. He and his mates built it for his bosses as a UN experiment and the design blueprint will be all over ChiCommland soon built on money stolen from you and me.

Lights going out.

Gourmand Famines. A televisual feast of food and good produce as far as the eye can see. Every day and every night. Every channel and every flannel, all taking the piss before the hunger strikes on cue.

Rationing your GREEN.

Thick as fuck. Now that it is, at last, clearly revealed that 95% of us will never get a decent education in UK plc we should at least be getting it through our thick skulls that education is for the elite and they do not want us smart enough to start asking pointy questions about why they are the only ones allowed to travel to the sun kissed beaches. I draw your attention to North London.

Serfs in a dead service economy.

Let us join them all together then for UKplc. Flyboy there has been chosen to destroy the airports of Europe. How can you build new or maintain old airports when he’s sucking all the cash flow from the industry. Clue anywhere? Direct flights from London City to New York. So expect Ziggurats and Deer Parks for the elite at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted soon. Stasis, you and me we stay at home for ever.

Our Singapore fling there has been hard at his foundation work getting the prototype for the mega cities sorted. Oh boy has he done a good job and the design is exported all over the world with elite airports servicing the top 5%. UKplc, when the lights are out once the coalition bitchboys have told us how poor we are, just drink in that beautifully illuminated skyline with all those beautiful people bathing. Clue anywhere? Things looking tasty next door. Oh and what’s this? Told you, foundation bitchboys of the world unite. Remember we have a choice and the Malay people took theirs.

Oh UKplc you are going to love this. When we get our rations of rotten veg and marmite, guess who will be eating our finest lamb and veal? Why do you think the telly is full of foodie shows? Just to fuck us over and really rub our noses in it. Remember it is a free market system and if the market can get a better price in Tierra del Fuego or Shanghai, wheeech, away goes the dead lamb and dead cow. We starve because we are poor and rooket. Clue anywhere? Oh I think so, certainly from history. Here and here. Today this is our predictive programming at work.

Finally we get to the bit that Kreigsverbrecher Tony Ersatz Papist Bliar always loved to go on about. Educashun, educashun, educashun. The bit he loved was the shun bit. He hated the ordinary person. He, unlike Brown, could see the gates closing, the shutters coming down and the draw bridge going up, pronto. He grabbed that final opportunity at social mobility for himself and his family and legged it over the other side where he sits safe and sound gazing back at the proles as the new age of serfdom draws near them in a jobless serfdom economy. All those big houses that were suddenly allowed under the meritocrat's government. Upstairs, down stairs. All that money poured into selected state schools so that they were shiny and new to be handed over for free to exclusivist, supremacist religious zealots when the next administration came into power and told us we were broke. Clue anywhere? Go on UKplc look around us. When the lights are out and the roads have been turned back from asphalt to cart tracks just remember that there are no more yellow lines. All the lines have been crossed and we are free to act as we will.

Common denominator in all this? Go on have a guess, it loves serfs.

Ersatz Terminus

Last night I read a little something that let another penny drop. No! Rather the penny was already falling but the article allowed me to guide the penny into its correct place on the shuv penny board.

For a little while the activities of the Rothschild’s Corporate Entity operating out of Tel Aviv, which is no more than a hi-tech pirate base, has been stealing and selling western tech. to the ChiComms. Four decades or more. They’ve guided our pensions overseas after so called financial reforms were enacted and since 9/11 the base of ops has been looting money from the treasuries of the west, USofA Corp. especially, and sending the loot somewhere. ChiCommland mainly to build shiny new metropolitan bases to hide in.

Do you remember the other 9/11in 2008?

There are chronological inconsistencies here which I’ll put down to the usual disinfo artistry.

Look at all the characters involved supposedly panicking to save the good old USofA corp.

If we view them as agents of another power then the events make much more sense.

“$783 billion did leave US coffers in less than four hours” That smacks of the conveniently opened secret door that sank Byzantium!

Sitting in the middle of course is Goldman Sucks. The Fifth Column.

So when I read this, all became klaar.

Of course it is all part of the shift to their newest bestest organ stealing buddies and they’ll shed their Goldman skin by then, 2040, and take on a new form deep in their new home. Liman Sucks of Shanghai perhaps.

Remember they’ve been doing their jinn’s work, haven’t they?

So much for their plans though. They’ll not find it so easy a job as taking down USofA corp. because if you noticed when I parked Part 13 out here I had added an UNKNOWN 2.

You cannot escape the dialectic lads and you do not control this one.

Tuesday 14 September 2010


As I put it a little while back.

Compare H/T Goodnight Vienna


Contrast from Sep 7th

Now we can understand why there is so much that does not make sense in this world.

Everything we are invited to witness is a false construct. We are spellbound by highly paid MSM conjurers of the faux floorshow.

Try and leave the theatre and we will be ushered back to our pew.

Try and ignore the invite and that will cause a visitation upon us to review our case. Noncompliance and we are wheeched away.

Re-education is to be watched all the rest of our days.

To refuse the initial invite is to tolerated if silent in our conduct, for we will be denied access to sustenance and die away they hope.

To stand outside the magic show and bullhorn without license is to be terminated.

The dangers of waking are non trivial.

To be awake is to be prescribed a dose of purest GREEN from the Lead Pill Pharmacy’s most toxic tincture of torture one day.

Monday 13 September 2010

Gimme The Salt.

It has kicked off again and our hero Kaio needs to therefore protect his Ozeki rank with 8 wins, the pressure is on. So we look forward to his return in November as Ozeki hopefully. Failure means retirement after a great career. Gambatte Kaio!!!

Hakuho is out of the traps and after Chiyonofuji’s old record alrighty.

Pass the Power Water and we’ll ignore the scandal for some, hopefully, action packed two weeks of big blokes hitting the clay.

Sunday 12 September 2010

On the long rifle is?

Oh yes. One of the magnificent seven is a master sniper as well as a close combat practitioner.

He is also a linoleum ripper.

On the water pistol is?

Now then where have the bad guys run off to?

And Paragut?

Welcome back.

Saturday 11 September 2010

Oil port

H/T Michael Turton

What is going on in my favourite unvisited place?


Muppets with no problems.

Muppet 1

Muppet 2

I’ll bet none of their miscegeny will be appearing in Cali Valley porn films unless by choice.

9/11 was not an inside job. The pantechnikon of reasons why. 10 of 10

Here they are on the 9th anniversary of what was as I’ve said before was NOT The New Pearl Harbour.

9/11 was not an inside job. The pantechnikon of reasons why. 1 of ?

As you can read there were at least 8 inside jobs running simultaneously that day. They were,

1. Snuff movie. Existential
2. Casus Belli. Operational
3. High level Illuminist Ceremonial. Strategic
4. Removal of evidence of Drug Trading money laundering through off balance sheet accounting. Operational
5. Hit on Pentagon auditors Tactical
6. Insurance scam. Tactical
7. Weapons system demonstration. Operational
8. Marketing promo. Strategic

So anyone that starts banging on about an inside job or not an inside job is simply not getting the subtleties of exactly what went on that day. All those inside jobs came together that day, refracted through the prism of the day’s events and continued on their separate ways to today.

Similarly if anyone believes that 9/11 was The New Pearl Harbour they reveal a profound misreading of past, current and future events.

For USofA corp. there can never be another TNPH. An event that galvanises the nation to action. If anyone is going to get TNPH it will be the ChiComms. Anyone going on about TNPH is mistaken or a Tel Aviv disinfo agent. PNAC, Rothschild agents, were predictively programming us. No more no less. Lying Khazars doing their master’s bidding with such evident glee. Go on then who is really behind that mosque then?

That is not to say that there will not be another atrocity in USofA corp., there will. However these events are staged to weaken the USofA corp., not galvanise it.

The nearest corollary to 9/11 I can think of is the first Russian Revolution of 1905 which set the scene for the final convulsions over a decade later.

Oh and why do you think USofA corp. you’ve been dished such crap POTUSs recently? In fact the one you’ve got right now is a Muslim alien run by Khazaris. The whole process is to discredit the office so you’ll go for the anarchy required to kill the office off when the Khazari commies make a grab for power.

Same as in Russia a century ago, Khazari troublemaking commies financed by Rothschild funny money operating on both sides of the dialectic.

That is their modus operandi, always was, always will be.

So take a good look USofA corp. 9/11 was another cut of many designed to weaken you. The cuts will not stop until you boot the internationalist, dual national, commie traitors out of every part of your system. And I’m not just talking about the shoe shine boys from the Rothschild Corporate Entity operating out of Tel Aviv. How can you stand for commie bitchboy Barry Soetoro shitting in the Whitehouse?

Thursday 9 September 2010

Boring Part 13 of ?

I will repeat more clearly the start of Part 11.

The following has nothing to do with God.

Here is the general layout of the lie of the land I put up back at…. The Lie of the Land funnily enough.

Hyper Dimensional Realisation

Local Moral Entity

Descendents of Enki

UNKNOWN (Though suspected of residing in or near secret mapped Babylon. This sacramental group restarted the Affliction in 5/7TH Century AD)

The Guys in the Big Room.


Mystery School Adepts


Goldman Sucks etc.

Large Corporations etc.

Now you are most probably wondering WTF is this doing over here when it should be safely parked over in Lalaland ?

Over here we want lots of sweary words, yelling at GREEN muppets, destruction of things with big bombs, Max Keiser and sumo.

I’m afraid Lalaland is about to take on another order of magnitude of strangeness and that things pertaining to the present I wish to say, might get lost in the mind warp that is to come over there. So over here the whole kit and caboodle heaves.

We are also going to take a trip into the future, not the past which is the prime domain of Lalaland. However before we do so I believe that enough steps have been trod and enough thoughts plod since I put that list together for us to make the topology more informative by expansion, slight rearrangement and most importantly naming. That is after all what we want. Call the fuckers out by name.

So have a swaatch at this.

Hyper Dimensional Realisation

Local Moral Entities.


Descendents of Enki= Gone, vamoosed.

TPTB=All Humanity and the more the merrier.

The Guys in the Big Room. =The Global Corporate Entity=metaNWO

UNKNOWN 1(Though suspected of residing in or near Babylon, this sacramental group restarted the Affliction in 5/7TH Century AD) Whatever “It” is it reports to the Jinn. UNKNOWN 2 Siam Jinn.

Mystery School Adepts=Religions


Goldman Sucks etc.

Large Corporate Entities/NGOs






Now this listing will change again as we proceed no doubt but you will notice that the important realization of exactly who TPTB should be has been named.

You will also notice that a vast number of layers here effectively, whether they know it or not, report to the Jinn. All the way down until we get to the dots. Then we get to independent layers who have been targeted by the above layers for annihilation.

Annihilated so that TPTB can never be realized. Why? Well TPTB, if we were ever realized, would change the universe. Oh yes we would.

Notice that the Mystery School Adepts are also identified and like all before, the new one called GREEN will bring nothing but death and misery.

Now lookee here there’s The Guys in the Big Room all by themselves. Well not really they are smoking cigars, eating sweet meats, swilling cognac and fornicating like fuck with steam driven ladyboys.

This is who we are after.

Who are they?

Well let’s head into the future then.

Today the process that is driving our lives is an accelerated clearing of the global commons. An enclosure of the human spirit. It has been going on for centuries but once the mapping of our globe had taken place, again, the extent of the task at hand was quantified, bounded and evaluated and the great work was signed off so to speak to those who would execute the plan. So the process of integrating everyone in to one great big collective, feudal in nature, could be planned with precision. The process seeks to kill off anything, any person, any group and all belief inimitable to the process.

It is my conjecture that the unknown, to us, group executing this plan has a map, a secret map, of how it used to be and they intend to return to that place of paradise again way off in the future. They are intergenerational in their forward planning.

The secret map will not be anything we would recognize, it isn’t their version of OS Landranger 166, Luton, Hertford & surrounding area. Oh no. This thing will be singing to them as the celestial alignments change and the emotional conditioning of the human population is modified and warped by their willing devices.

You and me we plan from one week to the next. Not these guys. Their business plans are likely 500 years in scope. Why? They know where they are headed and nothing is going to stop them. Oh and they also have all the wealth in the world with which to shape history to their liking.

Way in the future I always imaging that, bearing in mind the Georgia Guidestones give us the old number 500 millions max, that at the head of it all we will see something akin to the bridge of the USSS Enterprise.

Here is the GGs inscription.

“A message consisting of a set of ten guidelines or principles is engraved on the Georgia Guidestones in eight different languages, one language on each face of the four large upright stones. Moving clockwise around the structure from due north, these languages are: English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic,Chinese, and Russian.
1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
2. Guide reproduction wisely - improving fitness and diversity.
3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
4. Rule passion - faith - tradition - and all things with tempered reason.
5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
9. Prize truth - beauty - love - seeking harmony with the infinite.
10. Be not a cancer on the earth - Leave room for nature - Leave room for nature.” Source Wiki.

As I have remarked before this is not a prescription for the future. This is a description of the past they wish to return to. This is their remembrance stones.

Let me explain by heading into the future. To go boldly where no man has been for a considerable period of time. Raised eyebrow?

On the bridge of the USSS Enterprise there is only one female and she is channeling. Everyone else is male and she, like the skryers of the ancient temples, will take no part in the strategy being plotted. The subsequent Common Purposeful spin offs are false. The reality of the future past is here to behold. Unvarnished and naked. Who do you think Roddenberry was? Go on check the dates of the NASA and Soviet launchings. The dates and times. The strange astrology and astronomy. The geometry.

The future is to be male and the female is to be removed from action. The current fad of equality is but a ruse to destroy any structured opposition to their advanced ancient beliefs.

What you see there is the ancient knowledge that men handle the di-Lithium crystals. When the old saw is drawn to our attention that when the mid-shipman is beamed down with the Captain and his Lieutenants, the mid-shipman is expendable, then you get a flavour of the planned USSS Earth.

Why the misogyny? Not the miscegeny?

The fools are trying to divorce us from our realization. That is the transhumanist agenda. They never have random sperm and ova.

We are different and yet we remain rooted in the universe. That very weird 8 dimensional reality which we are being removed from by planned diversion. The realization that only a very few seek to keep sole access to.

However they are fooling their soiled sullen sold souls. They are jinnbitchboys.

We are.

If you are getting this then you will see, hear, feel, taste, smell and sense the fear. Their fear. We can look so far back that we can finally meet Bertrand Russell planning the future.

Heads up.

Wednesday 8 September 2010

Grand opening ceremony of 14th CIFIT held in Xiamen

The ceremony to mark the start of the fair also saw the presence of Mr. Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, President of Iceland; Mr. Aires Bonifacio Ali, Prime Minister of Mozambique; Mr. Angel Marin, Vice-President of Bulgaria; Mr. John Dramani Mahama, Vice-President of Ghana; Mr. Luis Giampietri Rojas. Vice President of Peru; Mr. Delroy Chuck, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Jamaica; Prof. Arthur G.O. Mutambara, Deputy Prime Minister, Zimbabwe; and Mr. Miyegombo Enkhbold, Deputy Prime Minister of Mongolia.

Mr. Cui Shi’an, Head of Macao SAR, Dr. Supachai Panitchpakdi, Secretary-General of UNCTAD, and Rami, Director-General of WTO, were also present at the grand opening ceremony of the 14th CIFIT.

This guy got my attention. Dr. Supachai Panitchpakdi, Secretary-General of UNCTAD

If you read that UNCTAD bollox correctly “promote sustainable investment and development in the new phase of globalization” you will find that it, just like all UN initiatives, is a supremacist's wet dream. The deal is to drag everyone down to subsistence living except for the UN few, UNFU, who will swan around the world in luxury whilst the serfs tend to their needs locally. Just like the King used to do in his Royal Chases centuries ago.

Take a look at those muppets. That was all built with money stolen from the west by our banksters. Take a look at the attendees and the associated circus of advisors and hangers on.

As OldRightie pointedly asked. Is The World Getting Hungrier?

Of course it is because of the massive misallocation of resources, theft and down right evil pouring from the centres of Mammon’s gulag casino, as Max Keiser terms world economic activity. The way we run the world is for the benefit of psychokillers. We are collateral. Our political class is bereft of ideas, empathy, emotion or love. They are empty vessels that need torpedoing far out to sea.

What else did that UNCTAD shit say? Oh yes. “Some of the greatest minds and movers in the field of investment” Fuck off! You lot have no minds, no free spirit and no soul you checked them all in at the hat room when you first entered to worship in Ba’al Hammon’s evil pit.

If we got rid of all these useless Masonic meetings which are a global infestation visited upon the people of the Earth firstly, stopped buying death kit, stopped the funny money machine, Davos, Bilderbergers, CFR junkets, Olympics and assorted none events, if we got rid of all that crap and sent the lads and lassies involved out into the world to do some good then no one would be starving or ignorant.

No one.

Remember these slobs are not capitalist or interested in free markets. They are eugenicists, supremacists and communitarian at heart and want to rig a game to set us all in serfdom for ever whilst they lord it over us juxtaposing their pleasurable organs to beget the next generation of Pharaohs.

The last thing they want is 7 billions of us aware and awake and pointing at the fuckers in their stinking existence.

Commie bastards.

Monday 6 September 2010

Saturday 4 September 2010


Oh yes.

Friday 3 September 2010


More Maximum Max

This is just too good.

Two of the Magnificent Seven giving it some right hand drive from a couple of weeks ago.

Go Max go. Go Gerald go.

Addition to IFI ratings list.

Bill Gates foundation play thing and Woody Allen clone. A foundation “made” man.

You fucking muppet.

Fuck off!!

Bill Gates ZZZ---∞

PS Make sure you sign that petition to strip those two fuckedwitz gangsters of their Nobel prize.


Some times I want that juicy, thick, bloody rare steak and the rich ruby red wine. I want it bad. I’ll pop the pill for it, gimme the pill! What was it Rib eye, Sirloin, anyway it was a feast to my starving eye and the wine? I hope it was an Aussie Shiraz. I’ll sell my soul for dead cow and fermented vegetable matter. Some times.

When you catch sight of this you do wonder.


You do wonder if the remainders of humanity are not sheep, but trained dogs. Whelping and pining for their master’s attention. Eager to do the bidding, whatever it is, when the whistle goes. Kenneled and drugged.

In the 60s the whistle blew and the slob pups jumped. Now though there is no one picketing embassies or stoning consular cars. You can fuck over your populace all you like. The elastane burners and the protest marchers don’t care. Only if Jedward happen to live next door to your official residence in London do you get MSM attention. Is that humanity in a state of nature or prison?

We have surrendered our freedom for rights and the rights can be removed overnight by might.

How much thought is distracted from the task at hand by fripperies and inconsequential industry? How much mind meld went into this? That should just about give the thought police here a heart attack as they slowly bring NOAHide rule to UK plc by banning smoking, alcohol, meat and anything else that might keep us awake and aware of who’s pulling the strings.

Seriously; William, I don’t care if you’ve got a pilot light fitted and you and your mate take turns at blowing gerbils across the room by the power of your own digestive gases and lower intestines. I don’t care. Just stop kow towing to the Rothschild Corporate Entity operating out of Tel Aviv. And if you are even thinking of sending any of our lads out to the Peninsula again because the police action never stopped, you’ll be getting rocks mate. And it will be no more smoking gerbils for you.

Oh shit. Forget the pill. I’ll forgo that succulent steak and the heady wine once again.


Thursday 2 September 2010

Emissions Incandescence Test.

So the banks have been stressed tested have they? Why should we believe them? How do we know that the stress testers didn’t just park themselves in a 5 star suite in the Sheraton, order up caviar, cognac and industrial strength hookers, order them to get their kecks off and bend over and then proceed to throw paper darts at their starfishes? Is that a stress test?

Come on; let’s have a look at the rap sheet.

First of all Alan (I love Ayn) what’s your real handle? Grünspawn. The man who fronted for the looting of the USofA corp. It was on his watch that all the savings left the USofA for the ChiComms to build shining cities on hills and mud flats. It was his task to fill the ChiComm treasury with all the stolen money so that Pandaboy Kissinger could get the next phase of the dialectic kicked off. They love ChiCommland, it is sooo NOAHide.

Alan didn’t think we’d notice that when he rigged the inflator measure for the economy by gradually degrading the quality of meat in the basket of goods from prime fillet steak, through stewing to chuck, to burgers, to offal, to saw dust to chicken shit, just to prove that we lived in a low inflation world thanks to his genius, he thought we wouldn’t notice. Well we did laughing boy. We do not believe anything you and your mates at the Fed said or say. I’m supposed to have lived in a wonderful economic paradise of low inflation. Get lost MSM, get lost Alan, and get lost economic punditry. It was all a cover to steal the money we had, loot our savings and set the ChiComms up to storm the world and make us all speak NOAHide so that Alan, Kissinger and their supremacist mates can worship their golden calf in a NOAHide paradise. Known to you and me as HELL.

What next then? Oh yes as part of the cover story the rating agencies were giving their blessings to all and sundry. Moody’s, Fitch, S&P and now there is a new ChiComm rating agency Dagong Global Credit Rating Co. These slobs pontificate and their mates in the MSM and high Finance give them massive street credit. Dagong will be fronting for the same guys that stole all the money from USofA corp. pension funds, have no doubt about that.

Well they have been talking utter drivel now for decades haven’t they? These fools rated all the derivative swaps and “exotic” financial instruments AAA. All the rubbish that the punditry waffled on the MSM quoting these ratings to cover the steal. The theft. They are RICO. So after the implosion in 2007/08 after all the money had been nicked and their ratings were proven to be phantasmagorical you’d reckon someone would have gone round to their offices wearing steel toe capped boots and carrying a fire axe. And visited the most appalling retribution on the most useless consumers of free Oxygen on the planet. No, not a peep, they have done their job. The money has gone.

Even so you’d think that after they’d been exposed as nothing more than the brothers Grimm fan club for the 21st century, ridicule would be heaped on them for their complete divorce from reality. They are the financial equivalent of VIZ or The Three Stooges. But no, they are still allowed to pronounce and their signals are greeted with bated breath by the funny money professionals (hookers). How can anyone take them seriously and why don’t the governments of Ireland, Greece and sundry other countries just send the army round and do to their offices what the USAF did to the Chink TV station building in Belgrade. How can you let these incompetent hustlers down grade your rating in something that does not exist. RICO. The governments are RICO. Only explanation possible.

So as I said before Moody’s, S&P, Fitch, Dagong. You are not fit to rate my burning farts!! Fuck off.

All the measures that you and your mates in the financial funfair, the funny money circus, set in front of us as truth are nothing but specious propaganda. Utter rubbish.

Inflation Rate, GDP, GNP, Credit Ratings, Growth Figures, Unemployment Figures etc., etc., etc…

Bearing in mind that this stuff is all illusion then I reckon I can start my own rating agency and develop my own measure of GDP.

Which first? Well I reckon that my measure of GDP will be far more accurate than any crap the above goon show can possibly get their psychopathic, sociopathic tiny minds around.

Where to start? Well we’ll keep the figures in US Dollars for the discussion. My time and the time of those I know when devoted to the real things in this life, not the forged receipts from the temples, oh no real things like caring for others, things that do not get paid in the priest thieves imagined world, which needs an hourly rate. So to get a feel for that rate I wonder what a top Hollywood lawyer gets as an hourly rate. That has got to be one of the most useless activities on the planet and yet one that commands the highest reward.

Well lookee here “Entertainment lawyers often work for a flat hourly rate, anywhere from $175 to $450 depending on experience, while others take a 5 to 10 percent cut of the related earnings for an artist or project that they're associated with. Some lawyers work on a value billing system where the cost of the legal services are based on the related earnings, but not necessarily on a fixed percent

Now that large figure I will inflate by an order of magnitude since I’m after the big boys to get $4500/hr. And because I’m after the really big guys, the ones who exemplify the getting tons of cash for doing absolutely sweet FANNY ADAMS I’ll go for the right hand side of their Gaussian distribution and take $50,000 per hour.

Now there cannot be more than 1 million of these creatures in this Ponzi money world so that leaves 6.848 billions of us that actually do real things in this reality.

If we take a fourteen hour day I make that a Gross Global Product of $1,749,664,000,000,000,000 or One and three quarters quintillion US Dollars

There that put the toxic debt into perspective you fiat funny money muppets.

Now then ratings.

I’m just going to invent mine with no further ado and apply it as I feel like. That’s what Moody’s et al have been doing anyway as they helped steal all our wealth.

I’ll call it INCOMINGS!!!!!!! Fartthing Index.

The IFI.

And I now pronounce the following well and truly given their lifetime IFI rating.

Alan Greenspan ZZZ---∞
Fitch ZZZ---∞
Moody’s ZZZ---∞
S&P ZZZ---∞
Gordon Brown ZZZ---∞
Barry Soetoro ZZZ---∞
UN ZZZ---∞
Goldman Sachs ZZZ---∞
Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski ZZZ---∞
George what’s your real handle? Soros ZZZ---∞
Maurice Strong ZZZ---∞
Al Gore ZZZ---∞

And you’ll never get a better rating even if you bring the Archangel Gabriel round with you and beg because it is my rating and I can damn well do with it what I want. Just like you muppets did when half inching our pensions.

Wednesday 1 September 2010

Another of the Magnificent Seven calls it out.


"I think that the drug business is a very old model. For the North-American continent I would take it all the way back to the Opium Wars with China, though I think it certainly goes back longer than that. But when the British Empire almost went broke trading with the Chinese, the way the Britons fought back was by smuggling opium into China that they were growing in India."

Go Catherine go!!!

An aside.

Akira has posted a remarkable document which has diverted me from the things I wanted to say today. It has caused me to pull together some of the thoughts I have not dished out here and over at the other shop, into what I’ve been trying to say for some time.

Akira’s posting has acted as a catalyst.

Anyone who really has looked hard and has ignored the academic foundation bitch boys, see Boring Part 13 of ? for their place in the topology when it hits the streets, will know that the second part of the machine cull of western man kicked off in 1937 in China.

The date you want is, now get this, 7/7 1937.

Got that?

That was when the Imperial Japanese army marched from Manchukuo into northern China.

What did we have to distract our attention around that time from this long anticipated event? That is anticipated by Rock/Roth.

Spanish civil war, Ethiopia and Anschluss.

Brought to you by the foundation front muppets Franco, Mussolini and Hitler. Now the only one of those three who really knew the big picture was Franco and his great work is being realised now as Spain gets into high gear as the prime conduit to South America for the EUSSR. Who else but a foundation muppet would hand over the reigns to the royal bloodlines again after all the bloodshed?

Go on then?

Some have asked if Hitler was a stooge. Mad, bad and in the pockets of the Roth/Rock. Goon yes and deliberately placed where he was to ruin the German nation; again yes. However a traitor, no. A traitor would never have listened to Manstein for Operation Order Yellow’s successful solution. No the traitors’ iceberg can be spied in such characters as Canaris and Göring.

So back to the Far East.

All the hulls of the fast battleships and the fast carriers that hit the water just around 12/7 1941 were ordered up way back in the FDR administration’s past. How come? You don’t just park keels on slipways for the fun of it.

So when the Japanese went over the top the weapons for their destruction were all ready in blue printed form in the great yards and the great plazas of their reconstruction were already on the ceremonial architects’ drawing boards. All that was required was a set up at the chosen place and time. 12/7 1941.

Take a good look at the weapons used in the Pacific. US carrier aircraft were rubbish compared to European theatre tactical aircraft. However those aircraft could be pumped out the factory door ad infinitum.

Go on then, it is 1943 and you want to take a wing of Douglas Dauntless’ over on a rhubarb into northern France. None of them are coming back.

Japanese weaponry similarly outclassed, though there was no manufactory to keep the front line swamped with material. Why do you think Japanese officers always had a sword? Their hand weapons were unreliable. At least they had confidence that the sword would work.

Hard to believe isn’t it? Japanese product is the best of the best in the modern world so getting your head round what I’ve just written should cause cognitive dissonance. Deming had yet to visit Japan back then.

Now we come to the really interesting part. In Europe USAAF 8th Air Force had really, really old kit. B17, B24. I’m not arguing with their strategy though, which worked once the fighters were in place. P51. I’m just noting that against the world’s most technologically advanced entity the USAAF “chose” to send 1930s weaponry. Out East USAAF 20th Air Force got the newest tech. The fruit of all the research carried out in the 1930s, B29, and sailed right up into the jet stream where effects of the winds played havoc with the top secret bomb sight's accuracy. So Le May brought them right down to the ground and fire bombed Tokyo to make way for the sacred architects’ plaza drawings.

Then we come to the Big Sticks. You know my opinion on the whys and wherefores of these ritualised devices. The world’s most technologically advanced instruments used against a people who had not really emerged from the Middle Ages. What does that tell us?

Can you see the mismatch?

Why weren’t the B29s and the Big Sticks used against the hi-tech, hi-spec Nazis?

Why weren’t the fleets of old tech. bombers deployed against the sword wielding Emperor’s sons?

Ceremony and ritual, that’s why.

The samurai guys had stiffed the Rock/Roth and were going to get it in the teeth.

Adolf and the boys were all Roth/Rock and so it was just a turf war between mobs.

And behind it all sat Uncle Roth Joe just dying to make every one of us speak NOAHide.

Thank God for the good citizens of the USofA corp., who most probably didn’t know it at the time, but for their existence back then we would indeed be right here, right now.