Thursday 28 January 2016

HWW:Kerry visit to help “eliminate doubts between two countries”: Chinese FM

Kerry visit to help “eliminate doubts between two countries”: Chinese FM: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang said he hoped Kerry's visit would help 'eliminate doubts between the two countries'.

Who said that the World Island was the limits to ambition?

Who is not to say that this guy was talking rubbish over a hundred years ago.

On a cold London evening in January 1904, Sir Halford Mackinder, the director of the London School of Economics, “entranced” an audience at the Royal Geographical Society on Savile Row with a paper boldly titled “The Geographical Pivot of History.” This presentation evinced, said the society’s president, “a brilliancy of description… we have seldom had equaled in this room.”

And he knew it, just like Zbig und cru.

So our foundation bitchboys are likely just checking that their watches are synchronised for weedkill.

By the time the hyperlittoral war is over the ScientologyMormon Synod Moonbases and Patagonian Bahai’I Mars colonies will be directing their energies to the stars and sending aid back for the chosen few that survived the wreckage of the World Island, perhaps.

Wednesday 27 January 2016

HWW:Lumut Naval Town, Malaysia: Royal Malaysian Navy submarine refit facility now ...

Lumut Naval Town, Malaysia: Royal Malaysian Navy submarine refit facility now ...: KOTA KINABALU : The Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) Submarine Base now has a fully functional Scorpene Class Submarine maintenance facility in ...

Tuesday 26 January 2016

HWW: Uh-oh. Exercise Cobra Gold 2016 to begin February 9

Pacific Sentinel: USA: Exercise Cobra Gold 2016 to begin February 9: By 1st Lt. Courtney Caimona, U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific BANGKOK, Thailand -- Thailand and the United States will co-host the a...

"This year’s Cobra Gold will consist of three primary events: a command post
exercise, which includes a senior leader seminar; humanitarian civic
assistance projects in Thai communities; and a field training exercise
that will build regional relationships." 

Really? NSS!

Sunday 24 January 2016

HWW:China Defense Blog: Professional China-Watcher Article Of The Day: Ba...

China Defense Blog: Professional China-Watcher Article Of The Day: Ba...: proudly presents Andrew S. Erickson and Joel Wuthnow's latest China Quarterly article "Barriers, Springboards and...

Let me de-nuance this for these clowns.

The ChiComms know that de facto space authority is directly proportional to the surface area of this planet one controls. Ergo the rapid, soon to be espresso, reach out to put in place an island defensive chain is NOT analogous to the US concept of 1st/2nd island defence chains. It is a force projection strategy into the space lanes.

Lovely bird. Half way house between a Jaguar and a TSR2.

Friday 22 January 2016

HWW:Resources New Caledonia


Luck bottoms out for Australian mining magnate Clive Palmer – by Melanie Burton (Reuters U.S. – January 21, 2016)
MELBOURNE Jan 21 Larger-than-life mining magnate Clive Palmer was riding a boom in mineral prices less than two years ago and had become one of Australia’s most influential politicians.
Now, rattled by a slide in commodity prices, the colourful and often controversial tycoon’s grip on parts of his business empire is crumbling and his political ambitions have also been dented by defections in the party he created.
Other Australian mining magnates such as Gina Rinehart, one of Asia’s richest women, and Andrew “Twiggy” Forest have also seen their fortunes plummet. Palmer’s problems came to a head this week when his embattled Queensland Nickel (QNI) refinery called in administrators after sacking more than 200 workers.
Palmer did not return calls seeking comment but fellow Queensland-based independent lawmaker Bob Katter described him as a “survivor” and said it was too soon to count him out, particularly if he could get state or federal help for his refinery.
“I knew him from when we were both kicked out of university as young blokes. And believe it or not, Clive’s been in worse holes,” Katter told Reuters.
Palmer told Australian media QNI had been forced into this position after failing to get “minimal” assistance from the Queensland state government.
For the rest of this article, click here:

Thursday 21 January 2016

Go tell the Etruscans

SNAFU!: F-35's latest war winning edge? Cognitive Electro...: via Defense One. The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the most expensive weapons program ever , won’t justify its price tag by outmaneuverin...

"Then Cleanor the Arcadian, being the eldest of the generals, made answer that they would die sooner than give up their arms. And Proxenus the Theban said: “For my part, Phalinus, I wonder whether the King is asking for our arms on the assumption that he is victorious, or simply as gifts, on the assumption that we are his friends. For if he asks for them as victor, why need he ask for them, instead of coming and taking them?1 But if he desires to get them by persuasion, let him set forth what the soldiers will receive in case they do him this favour.”"

After c2500 years the gamers know that all you need do is sabotage Cleanor's weapons at the forge by killing the fires ever so lightly.

I cannot think of one weapon system that has delivered for USofA corp since 1970. Indeed since 1970 the treaty of Rome seems to have put the brake on USofA corp successfully.

Of course your correspondent is ignoring the trials and tribulations of P47s, F86s, Midways, M48s and all the other good things that good men gave to good men to beat the bounds of freedom. Now adays the infoworriers have got their hands on systems as theft theory and gamed everything to shit whilst drowning in liquor and stolen lucre. What a threat to global anarchic oligarchy USofA corp was to the creepzoids in 1950. All gone.

Unlike 1941 there is no time for taking a sows ear and making a diamond dog out of it.

Wednesday 20 January 2016

HWW:India launches 5th navigation satellite

It is all coming together at last after decades and decades of effort.

India launches 5th navigation satellite: The IRNSS space system, comprising seven satellites, would be an Indian version of the American GPS.

Monday 18 January 2016

HWW:China to back UNSC’s North Korea resolution

China to back UNSC’s North Korea resolution: Earlier this week, South Korean forces fired shots towards what Yonhap News Agency said was a suspected North Korean drone.

Time to turn the heat up.

Bad hair day boy better hope his man in London has bargained a rat line for him, unlike(?) Ghaddaffi or Saddam; like Idi hiding in Saudi expect some thing MSMweird.

Friday 15 January 2016

HWW:No ISIShit Sherlock!

Pacific Sentinel: Editorial: How Serious is the Islamic State Threat...: Image: Flickr User - AK Rockefeller By Prashanth Parameswaran A brief look at the bigger picture in the wake of recent incidents. ...

" The broader regional picture in Southeast Asia in early 2016 also looks rather
worrying. Video footage of several Philippine militant groups pledging
allegiance to IS has stoked fears that the group may be moving closer to
its goal of establishing a foothold in Southeast Asia (See: “Islamic State Eyes Asia Base in 2016 in Philippines, Indonesia: Expert”).

And on January 14, militants launched a gun and bomb assault at the center of the Indonesian capital, killing at least six people in what was suspected to be an Islamic State-linked attack."

With these experts telling us all about what happened there can be no doubt that ISIS will be used successfully to trash the whole area. How come they seem to be fully integrated with the plan? The expert/terrorist/financier nexus. The media/executioner/goldrunner complex?

Angie and all her regional colleagues are going to be busy.

Wednesday 13 January 2016

HWW: Crowded skies being ignored until an incident needed?

I know that very few pilots are as likely to be as skilled/lucky as Rüdel, so this is getting ridiculous. Are you telling me all these P3/P8 drivers are proto-Stuka aces? Fairey Battle v Me262 just about sums it up.

“Japan has decided to boost its presence in the South China Sea in 2016 with patrol aircraft making transits in key locations along those waters, sources have told The Yomiuri Shimbun.

According to the newspaper, the defense ministry and the Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) have decided that Japanese P-3C patrol aircraft returning home from anti-piracy activities off the coast of Somalia will make transit points along the way at bases in countries involved in the South China Sea disputes, including the Philippines and Vietnam.

Though the P-3C aircraft have long been involved in anti-piracy operations off the coast of Somalia, they usually refuel at bases farther away from the South China Sea, including Thailand. Now, while outward journeys would remain the same, return trips will prioritize refueling in countries like Vietnam, the Philippines, and Malaysia – all rival claimants in the ongoing South China Sea disputes with China.

Though the step may seem small, if it occurs it will no doubt be significant. Since the P-3Cs have advanced monitoring capabilities, their presence at these new locations will mean that they will cover a greater portion of the South China Sea, where Chinese behavior continues to be a concern for not just Southeast Asian claimant states, but major powers like the United States and Japan as well.

More broadly, as the newspaper noted, it would effectively constitute one way that Japan is contributing to the protection of freedom of navigation and overflight in its own way following U.S. patrols around the artificial islands built by China last year. While joint U.S.-Japan patrols in the South China Sea have yet to occur, the two countries have been increasingly coordinating their activities in the area, including by holding their first-ever bilateral naval exercise in the South China Sea in October last year (See: “US-Japan Joint Patrols in the South China Sea?”).

In addition, the aircraft, the newspaper reported, could also be part of broader bilateral defense exchanges in those locations. For instance, arrangements are being made for a February stop in Cam Ranh Bay in Vietnam along with goodwill exercises. As I reported for The Diplomat last November, during Japanese Defense Minister Gen Nakatani’s visit to Vietnam, the two sides had agreed that Japanese vessels would be able to make port calls in Cam Ranh Bay. However, Vietnamese officials were careful to clarify thereafter that it would be in the international harbor portion under construction rather than the naval base itself (See: “Japan Warships Could Visit Vietnam Naval Base Near South China Sea in 2016”).

The other locations mentioned were Palawan in the Philippines and Labuan in Malaysia, both of which are also significant in their own right. For instance, as I have noted previously, the Philippines is constructing a base in Oyster Bay in Palawan – located around 100 miles from the Spratly Islands – which could hold large naval vessels and house operational command posts with radar systems to monitor the situation in the South China Sea (See: “Philippines Moves Toward New Naval Base in the South China Sea”). The Philippines and Japan also just carried out their first joint naval exercises last year and the verdict on the Philippine case against China on the South China Sea is expected later this year (See: “Japan, Philippines Hold First South China Sea Naval Exercises”).

As for Labuan, which lies off the coast of Borneo, the United States and Malaysia had been in talks for Kuala Lumpur to host U.S. navy aircraft – P-8 Poseidon and P-3 Orion maritime surveillance planes – at the Royal Malaysian Air Force base there. Malaysia has been increasingly worried about Chinese encroachments into its waters (See: “How is Malaysia Responding to China’s South China Sea Intrusion?”).

As I reported in December, Washington recently reached an agreement with neighboring Singapore to deploy U.S. P-8 Poseidon aircraft there rotationally (See: “US, Singapore Agree Spy Plane Deployment Amid South China Sea Tensions”).”

Monday 11 January 2016

HWW:Myanmar Army Vows to Eliminate Armed ...

Pacific Sentinel: News Report: Myanmar Army Vows to Eliminate Armed ...: Myanmar’s government army has vowed to wipe out the Arakan Army (AA) in western Myanmar’s Rakhine state, charging the armed ethnic group ...

Here we go. Setting fire to the eastern part of India starts.

Thursday 7 January 2016

Hyperlittoral War Watch. T-4 and closing.

As I was saying yesterday

the idea that any paid for geopolitical strategist is any good is laughable. They are paid to make sure that the ordinary person has no idea how the real world works. Their bosses’ boss would make sure they were indigent and shunned if the did not. The 21st century equivalent of a CHEKA lead pill express delivery and lime filled pit in the Katyn Woods.

Von Clausewitz was only partially correct. He really needed to under stand money as sacrament. But that is another holy order of magnitude not for Apirutoady.

So today we will stare at the big picture as seen from the orbital weapons platform. Stare at the social engineering by other means that is about to be unleashed.

As I said years ago the US is effectively dead in the water. All manoeuvre powers are with the opponent and as such we need to ask ourselves what is their next real move?

First thing we can trash is the simple minded ideas, of Zbig the Polakphukkedwitz and his side kick Heinrich the blood soaked Nobel Peace Prize winner, about geopolitics. All they have ever said is studiously tailored academic bollox for the times they thieved in.

No; instead of doing a forensic and following the money. Do a psychoprofiler and work out where you would put the money.

The most important consideration here is that the POTUS is now a bitchboy traitor. No matter who is POTUS the armed forces are to be hung out to dry. You’ve already had the equivalent of 1930s Red Army terror clearing out the remaining nonboybitches. Right now there is nothing but a symposium praetorian slaked in sex at the watch.

In this regard I tend to the view of CA-F with regard to the ineffectuality of large complex man made systems. Useless to you and me but ideally responsive to those who have paid for them to display such characteristics.

If real estate is of value then it is not so much land as square miles of surface. Your foot print for the sky. SDI to you and me. Though not as Ronnie would know it. More as Nelson might. Blockade.

Anyway when punch comes to shuv the next hitting the beach move beyond the first island defence chain will be here.

Now I know you are all going puce and demanding that since I don’t know what I’m on about some high velocity lead gloving ought to be administered to your humble correspondent, however just wander through Sol’s excellent item’s comments regarding the 1980s and SSNs.

Do you really think that there is anything to stop there being a sudden shortage of reactor fuel in USofA corp in 2020?

Nope. Expect your SSNs to be compromised and at least one to get taken out under “mysterious” and “stealthily engineered” circumstances.

Where do you think you live? Dr Stangeloveland or Seven Days in Mayville? No. No. NO! You live in Carry on up the Kybermall!!!
ChiComm Marines are not to be interfered with, London demands it, out between the first island defence chain and the first island defence chain. You read that correctly Dum Kopf. Get up to speed.

The current strategy is not victory but maximum death, most likely by starvation by and through blockade, to engender a failed attempt at relief, to ensure more death and destruction of knowledge.

I know that this is mizz. However all we have ever had is scalable death and right now that worldview has reached the ends of the earth and its unhappy bounds are dissolved.

To make this as clear as possible for the temporal afflicted, the geezers whom the of the bosses of  the bosses of Goldmansucks report to hate all humanity.

This is an unhappythought but peace has never been allowed where moneyhasbeenmadeflesh.

Tuesday 5 January 2016

HWW:Lumut Naval Town, Malaysia: South China Sea tensions surge as China lands plan...

T-4yrs and counting.

Lumut Naval Town, Malaysia: South China Sea tensions surge as China lands plan...: BEIJING: China’s first landing of a plane on one of its new island runways in the South China Sea shows Beijing’s facilities in the dis...


An RCE/LC outsourced I?I? or ?S?S or whatever they disguise its name with, like Bolsheviks and Mensheviks in Russia, think tank and training house.